Broad-Cast Ep. 80 - "Toight Like A Tiger"

Friday, July 14th

Vicky B, Ooh Sara, The High Priestess Destiny, and Special Guest Amber read a listener text that leads them to talking about festivals; if and when they were or would be groupies and for what bands; they share their tequila horror stories, 90’s heartthrobs, what celebrities they look like and why Vicky is pissed at her comparison, and more!  


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Michael. Well again he liked the forgive mommy and. Let's go I mean girls she's doing is. I am. Cheney and I let you guys and regular mom look cool excellent iron if you like fell hard. Dobbs tonight on the middle. Like I am. And I mean heralding. Among via her big. But I have let the dogs that I think a lot of what they put it dog just attack that's why don't you they always like Evan. I would reads of them and I about this equipment they've Philly streets or like. Clearly bad things lifted the good the Java analysts and users out an example of yeah. Definite asset to the dash at the nab the nipple. And not devoid. Yeah yeah yeah. Welcome to another edition of V broadcasting. I'm maybe. We got food. Lucent. And we got the lovely deafening fellows is high resistance. And our special guest joining us. Mesa and he had on the podcast of aren't real good and bad. And I am he has. Hung around ban on. Or soldier on me now into the needles and mountain. Count your definitely not a deterrent. I could tell me is if I do want to know why you got hung over the. Four against all that and start you know getting into. Conversations and going on T engines that's the how can people contact us if you can contact us on FaceBook that the bride dashed as to whether it is to Graham that's the broadcast 999. Caller text is that C 5377860. To nine and or email us at the broadcast 999 at Gmail dot. Kong and that our body moose actually Texas again man. And it's and this time we're doing it in a timely fashion he gave sentiment I think. Kind of series is alien to us I decided to buy tickets to go to summer melt down this will be my first festival any advice on what to do or who to see if you're familiar with the lineup. Well wine and give me your other tickets that's very stark. And then C news crew and I think the best way to start is just to garner web site. Gained. Dead that's where I did from efforts and yet you're really into the festival I get jet at our eyes this idea is that if they know like some amount down lake its parent eleventh and it. So we have all summer melt down when they when I was Shannon what parent I was like old my guide. All right guys so four when I would do personally is starts. Making friends of people who are Brady do you double camping being in enemy is so we don't have the is that the gorge one. Or camping thing on now. Does ask the some amount down is is is a camping and it is it sends some crazy part of Washington Adam opera selections and yet and I know you do that campaign. Yes it this far away is that it is camping stuff and plan ahead save your money ahead. And something. Alcohol. And changes or issues but it does that doesn't really matter for onscreen and did not spray yes BM make friends that we make friends in if you think your were packing a prominent. And I. I don't I would you know make aligned I would go alone or meet other people here today yeah. That's as far as alone as Avago now have friends or take. A lot of festivals and are used in. Just for a pathetic yeah Afghanistan. And a that's ultimately. A look at like mammal or music but not like the big general ones to know like an impossible. You know my roommates are trying to get me to get authorities and the European restaurants and we can yeah. It was hot as balls medium ground area. Adding that you know I don't do well and he I crabby I get sick literally. How and yet I need it in the water are minute now I mean everything. And I got a call amber everything is all bad when Corey Taylor threw that's bloody Sharon and major honor. Bringing us up and he has I don't think Americans are Giles is coming in front of me as I. I detected a very high sodium content. I. Watched I'm. It just like him more and I like him nowhere in Lehman didn't summoned police. I had an offering an eye on things that you for every night watch on trying to Wear them in lake. Is on. Like there is such a good sport is one out it can't see my own and I am yeah. Like there's this weird like this is she getting like it's a little bit like not make out panic out there and yet that's. Makes he went he went and really cheek as she kiss on the cheek and then land for. And I and my wife feel about. Ring act and a tech appease just you know he's definitely an idea that I can I did a bad thing to you you know men. Yeah. I tell you likened it to an idiotic question every question was like. I guess elite inning on an absentee agony and I'm always thinking and the little girl shot questioned. Like you have a teacher in front of juniors and another. I'm not urgent now I think you and I don't allow same thing but I held off the side filming on the Internet I don't like and I. I mean I was working. We can't let passion here that as. Don't do if I am army prepares to like you said morale. Legal. Group B but kinda both of those and collective yeah single egg again push the demand commended when he affairs and like. Items or ache like on the M I'll say it like an amount Manila over Roslyn gonna video it would be deep line and rant there Simon indicates in teachers and. In China backstage element us and yes everything. I haven't seen one Miami. Like a very interesting encounter I had once so my first pain in the grass where I was backstage was my 21 for thinking Rust Belt on the twenty per at a it's well. I was I was knew I had only been working there for early officially on the show for less than a year. So I've only been like a part of the morning show for eight months at that point and where super nervous. And evidently. I didn't really drink and ultimately to be working doings of relief and my folks nurturing. In under siege again. I can't count ever and I can't tell us a drink underage on one hand. Allah that actually I'm pretty impressed. To drink more when I was underneath. The Marlins health care at the Catholic guilt and really turn up on Britney but I remembered Jan one of the gals we work way it means that it's like to respect them and get into. If you lose the idea that the and we do not going to man. Only in terms used in kind of our wars something along nicer terms used only death. I. And I think maybe that groupies from the group he's going to those we're not groupies out of Europe and campaign. Being on on that isn't a couple years later at another pain in the grass. G-8 is different hindered. Apparently and GT tort act at the station. It hinders them sitting and lenders party that's in the long run around with them. Much and accused and I didn't want to be additions to save them. Where you know because I. Mean yeah. We're oh no big like I was wary elegantly summing on the essence is that when these are talking like. Think things about me are would you now on our. World if your ideas and than a thousand miles above trying and somebody else trying to. Top. I'm out. Did risk. Minutes or less just like hey Alec at the lake and I guess I admit load Dickey at the airport like two weeks ago and I was so star stuff like you out of it thinking about like college of the bones of like. And a little about your music so bank in the Ukraine. I wouldn't be and it's more about like not about cookies and stuff that everybody likes him and make it here on inform us that Alabama I don't like Philly I think I have it is that motive for some video from Jose most of it. Bans both anthems and. I didn't notice with Chris Pratt. Is finally going to talk him and say like you influenced them because we meet in death. And they wanna they wanna go to downtown Iowa on the same ice quality and the years later and I Ahmanson U recently and motivation like he made it out of town I canned him yeah I mean he's on the off them now I don't which usually that is me when it does it carry him a nice yeah our economy and and play. I just like weird about the tour bus the little cup years later we have pain McGrath at the Orange Bowl between immigrants. Whose screen is like two days and one day include. Constantin thing. Here is that just on Coolidge. I got up on stage at the gorge and introduce Alice in Chains. But the cry is like thinking about that that wow and you look out it's completely dark UCC. Of thousands of people. The lights are all flashing at you and I'm sitting here in my animals move for this A hole I possible left my job. Go moved Horry and with him to try to make his life because he wasn't feeling great about himself says he's wanna quit and start over somewhere else sounds like. I have this job in the can't do that and I considered him I was consider is considering it to make the relationship work and when I thought that. I did a picture of like a really crappy cell the attack. And it just like in that moment I am like no guide no nothing is worth giving up what you work so hard for. Like when I just a hair flip a right now. My with a one of my favorite moments is being there but I was hanging out with one of the ban monthly check and just BS in with the manager. And two to musicians finally know the analysts and film. Just chat with them in one of Guinea. Cost us ten online. You Akram like Nicole and we. Only reason I didn't. Only reason I didn't is because I had to drive back with BJ to our hotel was like 30 am because for us in Baghdad that. And camping recently. Half the staff went to. The hotel which is thirty minutes away and wonder action and the other half with all the boys. The exception of beating like men's room in metal shop awry in and steam and the other guys they had a house they rented global pulled my hair and Cotchery and you're just partying in I went about that you're helping move step back and forth but it's literally thirty minutes the other actions to get there from our hotel power. I think that yes but that night I was pretty tired as babysitters that appointment is Jelena is job not and I. Man. But I almost the hung out at his bandit yeah. I can't you BJ. I guess to be asleep or I honestly bunt over and I had you on his that there would be no sleeping. Your time and then what if I had access to simple what is it turned out like it. It's a band brother thing right like well. A fully bubble on the las Seattle's legal all of us. Batter down economic not a bad thing I really like to see their kind of kind of run it like an. And you alone John Solomon I don't I don't know it's not very permits. Like other people that you wouldn't want to musically limits they had met again and again aren't. Question that you get and you look at them in. You know like ultimately seem so high and everyone else compromise yet but what's the bands that you would be like if thousands situations like rag. No word and you're gonna live out your bandied not groupies out and it may be you have to get way. All of us. In your who what the band we like. Dinner with cooler here. Cover twosome but now like I think it would normally do surge but I don't know if I want line I think that that the drama usually hot too but I don't know if I want the other guys come I'm show and turmoil all of them. Yeah. That the equal as a team and you know immediately Hillary actually now ambulance. Volatile blankley yeah people he's only accessible. Trials you know. I don't know why is packed in 90 he's back out yeah. Now look at that what we've seen the dose but nobody really knows he would know the thing. He's just not it's he doesn't look like he he's looking. Whether you're. Like I had a policy and earning and I'm looking in my music listening yeah like I thought it might not even on the bag. Plastic bag yeah I think you look at. A man. Is an actual hold an LA and it goes on in like I think like honestly like outlet screw all of them just below a leg like if anything comes out of your brain that that's a good idea any late innings and Phillips at the Layla Barr comes at a well known and maybe guys maj dragons. And the only picking a couple of so you imagine Janet and a punch in a phase right now Whitman who you're. I have never out of the no bail and I mean that's fact. Until I see pictures that I Siemens concert naming it such an awesome show to go to go home injured as you know now from Ireland. Doing all. The guys from Ireland has not offered no but I'm just. No idea come about hopefully they're off. I was guys I would like Ireland and heart the reality that we did the. I'll cover your costs to move there is a figure out how to get a job at a house mired down there I've taught to do it. Look like an island Brooklyn where it or into signing him that you would never leave the job that you do this and I don't offer. Our country Kelly yeah that's a lot of guys. Any of them ever once all the linemen gays and Google. The band that's. So it employers or go to man my whole or you you know like eastern origin wet dream like comic guy. Actually yeah a lot of them like dominoes is shot gold dogs all the puppies they're all really attractive. Google's approach is. Yes it's a balance she's thinking bass player Lleyton. And you can back part I don't remember the other guy look like you just know to you know go play. Beckett Charlotte. Different you pretty simple and and earn then. It's just aren't any like. You know all girl like all grown groups all the girls Alex super sexy. Think as the at all except harmony like Al fun and want to point out I we have to have if they don't go out and fires so well. Obama went actually to. Answer that the other a little weird looking if I get it our all via. This people that I met. And Ali in these levees and opposite names with the celebrities and in the more I've gone to know them you think through the show in south. I realize. Oh my god I would only once has sexy because I awarded the cheese like near you you. You would drive me apple wall like just let's pretend must take fame out of the equation you as a person. I could not airline had actually if you're right his undying. If there they began there's so many. Ugly famous people but it's like cute I would so. Like he's gorgeous gorgeous but like him this guy. Like he does seem very damn and I can I dale Steve. I don't think it's done he's I think he's very deep but he's married he's hippies are real estimate is seen those little black a better area Barry had via ask him. Think these conspiracy theories which makes you sound. I think Eric. You don't do I don't think I'm not ironic. And this ability to put. Who's also says. Like update it broke my arm all drinking too much and I have surgery on Monday in all seriousness and make advice. Well all the good vibes share the love moves in for someone gets injured a lot drunk and so where primaries. I hope that with a good timing you have a good story an economic and business not your bad. Oprah's inference I have a good story that yeah. Favorite summer melt down bring a bag for you and me and it does make sure yeah it snows the lady like in the act passed the gets a bit about it. Is it is not really nice and I really hope it's not a Rihanna and mine is Wednesday. What is left of his yeah. I'm just picture in his leg Wyatt white dude and then just. Red lobster on one guy out at his guitar on the opposite of Pakistan. Well we are talking about drinking that let you send a thinly Texas if it was a colleague so reasonable played on the podcaster faced a precedent it currently is now in your really high end or anything after all yes. Blade I can't ads and what a whole thing and you would like to you you know get down. Yes that's not questions and but speaking of drinking too much in writedowns. We'll have another. Yeah I'm not I'm not an expected any day especially about the if you can olympians of tornadoes silver have a really good relationship with it. You know I don't. Like that shots entering a magistrate via any and it sideline cameras. No I usually yeah I know and I didn't have any primary anything. Stood up and you know boom Herron has he ever had it waited. You take an orange slice he put in cinnamon you. It liked you dip the orange slice in cinnamon powder. And they take your shiny suck on the senate side down for the feminine touches your time. The blood that does sound a little. Delicious it like pickle backs. You whiskey shots or even like I'm down in it just like in neutralize. The taste and it just like it's oldies but this is just adds enhance they think the flavor of the tequila. I went to tequila bar range and I have my friend ordered that Wednesday and best we specifically got a senate like to keep ahead in some cinnamon orange citrus or whatever. Alec a crappy. Six Kayla was a good a well made yet in it is the best thing you can do it for you circled. Like the tees that you don't change the type like. Gosh what major increase. Well ever he or. Oh yes disgusting taste like vodka like honey pot tequila and yet you get crappy vodka and you're just trying to get drunk or buckets he or anything at Stevenson. Org Sonya I would definitely knew about our there was apparently also because it was so hot it's without him on the they were not chilling news so it was like the shot was actually hotly and shoot it and I'd editorially and it was animals immediately on you know like what was got a hot hot hot. You know like. I can't do any silver away particular and I kind of went there haven't really. I lack what did you DO so I handle everything else there. The problem I was like it's been. Well pretty much where there. Are one of my birthday. I seek god inherently and bottled. Okay long ago. That mother at an egg at a France match and say hey yeah this is really there is I'll play I had a thing for why we used to. A year later there is still lemon and a Mike girl I thought well why. Did it ain't rough I don't know I like gold to. Unable to feel hazard. I used to yeah I was like. I like tornadoes Reppas on Alabama usually my goatee and a kind of is like anybody in the industry but. Idea switched. And even now hours at a conference wasn't the only drinks a ridiculous like Auburn silver and when I got up in the morning and I want to come over and I thought we had like I shot left in the model Hubble model and I was like I'm not on the burns it's weird to me like I'm not even like Hungary now I'm just like. The world's ills like I'm dreaming. I feel by an undefined. I out. Yeah I know I can't drink tequila anymore because the tax school lake and as an air force loses one bar right outside the base that we were allowed to like. Right there right after accountability right exactly like we did John can get back for accountability Justin's not insulate. We will go there it's like hellish shots of Blake. Tequila all the time Sammy. There a couple of hours so it's saw it on Friday so late it was like a school on Friday is those after class like from like six 6211. We had in that we it was the whole. The whole day until Sunday night to come back for Cambodia and again. So I'm so Friday night like we be like. Couldn't breathe through the nose in the league's elite that is get ready go straight to the bars on hats so much tequila there when time at bill like I got completely banned. From I don't know. I'm. Anything you might imagine why you know that's the problem but I woke up and I bit of text messages like Kelly had been an Italian bid like. All I remember it lake Buena Park my ground that the owners. As you'd like to do this time she's done as a Alex you design first time I'd done this not as. Well. You're saying you'd and he loved us so much I and analysts. So everything is did music on slick. I have felt like it was a guitar gas tanks and I think Kelly have not IXT beam and why I can interact I didn't have like I did and have a handle the thing is that a black belt and I mean what is a bad scary added. Chris Knight gets so you can't you don't like it but like if I bought us around are now on high it was tequila would you take it be like. I would seek one and literally will and that the getting on fire ball. From a pig for this event. That's now. The reason. I can actually drink the blogger anymore that was because in that year I had gone and hung out with who's now one of my best friends. And this is their first and he out in a non professional signings like let's have a couple drinks. And Ali you got around with us helping or was with us she Bob the whole crew around. And then I take another drink and she's like you know what let's hang out and I would never gonna do this c'mon let's hang out just stayed and I here at the office brought in a crash at the office. Just come like like hang out conflict fine bring on the shots as he Brian Flynn is the for a drink whiskey she got a shot I drink a site. Took a shot of whiskey in the deciding game ominous and a drink took a shot of top shelf rom. Shot of well round. And then proceeded to go upstairs and had drink vodka and then McCarty from the bottle and injuring more tighter. It sounds like my weekends. Kinda the tighter but at the line but like that ammonium and academics night I feel like that now and maybe one of the aides now you know like I never. And every and model the local urban. Hope they are relatively doesn't mean that you do these. Given the cavaliers yeah. The land have been after that could breathe easy it's so the next thing receivables suitable we won. Oh we'll turn the and we had a party in my house I had a drive from Tacoma back to Seattle prep the house for the party and and I think I was just gone I'd puke that night and made myself puke. Aaron but I had sound gross but that's Smart I don't let myself puke when I'm when I'm like I am bringing you I wish you plan Pakistan. It helps put the hangover like I don't keep the next morning typically. If I ever if you the next morning it's usually because the food poisoning plus I don't feel that I find yourself. Down those calories than meaning land. Who might and I enjoy it and we are not endorse the Q okay I have literally errors that you know knows there are best and a don't promote it. I am just saying we all think about its kind government and moving I think you should do and I think they'll think about it you know I just drank like three model line. Not enemy like. 12100 calories and it. Could. The maker of hair he's. Any hand of Alec mr. It is time. You don't talk about it they'll sit around such. And at that earned it. And yeah. Love story is jarring main problem unless. Hours ten hours at that adds up to that point of my life. And then I decided I couldn't do shopping for the smell of that to heal it made me like you linked makes my stomach turn had play. I was kind of doing a sell that thing for awhile because I had been seen way too many guys instrument time and over this and in a self deceiving for a couple months. And it had only been linked to months and as he and I but it. Not credit and ruthlessly diminish well. Lego movie sound them out practically right there you're not you know we Chris Pratt a little arm during so. I didn't realize that was Valentine's Day. Like hanging out and then he's not gonna go to drinks or food after me there's not going to be. Anywhere we can go the socket crowd op Friday night in Valentine's Day in the growth and earnings Lilly got some some linked fighters or whatever we went back to my house rant played boarding with my roommates. And I'm trying to chat insiders he needs like his demeanor Mike Phelan. I just feel so bad Fernandez the first time Europe light drinking after years after the yet they're not not sell of sell that means not having sex. Oh yeah I keep it up. And the weird to me right. Anybody not having facts of the weird I don't united act on I don't I don't I couldn't use. A cannon. I mean I do not drink and I hit. Now I'm not so I'd still only a Lear like at injuring for awhile but on them like this and now. I have a problem. We. I tell you all like that PD you know Saks where you just like brown I have no I'm literally and actually tracking. You really feel on it. Fine but I'm not a not a I'm so over and here's the thing I was like I am not to confer yeah I thank god I check my site or mildly isn't working literally only need to you do I had in my house. Was that big giant bottles to. Pelz and I and I try. Not after having experienced the worst in my life two weeks prior. Where the smell app open and I couldn't. And Malone wouldn't look good and I'm trying to think shot that like each shot and I'm trying to push back the lawn and it was like then you know like he was gone about the thought it looked really about it I just like. And John Judd. I don't wanna make it look. Like you attractive yet. I called them you know these days now like any I see him every now and it's not everybody who. Karaoke bar that my body calls in the east to spring up. Hello all. I keep it cool I like the friendly and did do you like. These days. Rigidly despair as the game. He. The next morning I wake up like that's perfect. Will be. All of right now. NN. Day and hang out and played in and evens it up and others them off. Actually at the magic Jain. You can see the good luck to me. I know. And I am shocked at the magic. Shots I have when. Is that you're usually the movie. Okay so so far. It should have got to. That's that it the village cyclic every girl he would be right after issue with managed dating him you get married okay forcibly to push to find a one and I was it was I was its aid. I guess I'll girls are having sex with him. Just to you know find the 1 again I am mild despite an us from the other room beheading his pictures of that record. I. Kinda. And. And so girls would just have sex and I don't date like turn magically delicious sound data derivatives go well like yeah they they would have sex before and in the turned to meet the love of the liked it when I get married. And most I've I've dated have. Fairly immediately yearly shortly after met the girl leaned up marrying her like two girls after me so I know that I am here to me all the time but not an applause and plan. I'm busy with them in the me under the yeah yeah. Like he in my life Alderman an exit I don't wanna get my type and I'm not I went seem optically you stay here yeah. The client via pitchers don't I want. Like if a guy here is about a girls like crap on him millions trying to hook up like most guys. Alleys. I Hughes won another guy who ended up moving across the country for his girlfriend eliminate nine months. Somehow this very laid down to you hear him merry. Pretty much nothing Marion playing OK Vicki and it is an English Germany's Landis fruition. We have checked every hour with each other. And we can't each other out or we find true love after. Would like yeah Molina doesn't that Bahrain were just in the opposite yeah. Haven't. I'm really glad about that island like I does he bring him. Library my camera oh you mean that was not what the record out. I do I had my thoughts like that like all of sec different and they're you know and while it does. Appear in and I don't know I'm hearing I don't carry it. Now Hamburg and yeah like a rest like. Okay. Seven delegates are going to be an I don't I really I. Made my day to being used to like guest host via strip club DJ I okay we'll look at video but before. What has he Portland yeah I think commend you and means to me is he missed last study. On and you battling Thelma. Yeah now. Now. Secular I guess my buddy makes early funny ones he says blindly and when it. And it's like. Daddy you love. Yeah. (%expletive) It's sad it doesn't really awful but that's pretty odds that Rex I would don't beat me. I don't think and I do love went Natalie BG. I. They're always name yet beat in eggs yet colony I deal likely migs and Cody. Does their thing 32 and battle it logged on as accountants who he. Hugo. Well I got. Thanks so much I'm glad the amazing that is lingering over the limit. I already beginning to have the thing that wanted to talk about the vets find good like I will get into this thing can lay its pending in bothering me. So over the weekend I was working at them I had a job in at a and the Q a gay couple come in and one of the guys says. Oh my god have you seen the show girls you remind me L one of them and and think I'm not I'm not the British Australian check and whatever the hell she is I am not a I am not the really sexy whatever the one that was in get out. Yeah. Just doesn't work out Marjorie am known then I forget her name mart money Marty mining he's like a guy really pretty. Trashy really. And not about you actually tell us is that she's done she does stupid things she. Karina. And a classics and my friend exploit and yeah. They sued by the rounds in the first seasons. Our talent out OK she's just. Like she's really didn't see ditzy but she's very intelligent person you worked you know like the art stuff. And then then there's Lena Dunham Carriker can you remember her name. And I'm thinking. I and whole I'm I'm like I I reminded them that I'm never actually destinies so thank you should I lovely insults. I for up now bad enough to keep going out of that. Our hands. This year like I just before I knew exit. Will help lead and then plans you're just going offered character they'll let you know it does the device Islam can't it was. Just the area at sea that dilly we got accidentally whiter than me as I I try you know what's great idea that we don't like. The ball so high. I wouldn't say Aggies in other hand you think ally and now I'm curious that her character blank knows now. And haven't. Amy every now and show and she is in on the show and people registered hair from my kids. I feel like she is very much her character issue basis so on her. Actually she's got personally want and based it upon her car in Kenya that she play in title. She doesn't understand like she her she's telling apparent anymore money. And the likely need to go out and actually get a job job. And she's like well it's you know your guys' fault for not making me more responsible and yeah be happy that I'm not dealing drugs or something and she decently. She just all of herself. She's pretty steep she's she's very. Awful she's a human being she is the opinion on people like oh millennial. Car and she is what people are being. And that she went got a degree and then Mike wasn't really using and then she's it's all about what whenever she's she's doing that's not. The cool that you need to be able to branch and do other things she takes it very personally and attack again just gets mad and so in this kind of tell me I remind you are like as I was being really nice had a smile on a paper like me in the. Yeah. Until today. It's. Just. Adding your busting my parents working to develop a buy us a moment and they're complaining him. Bellini my parents for all my problems accountability work and I. Yeah it's like well I mean aside from being a little ravine having pets bouncing off them might look like and might be like that like. And yeah yeah that was sent to execute as. Well as average. There episode where she hasn't been awful by the way in the again. Your mind and you know exactly yeah I have I have ever said they know it pretty at this point. I know that and I as. I say whatever I'll turn in my that's what you'll like don't. It. Now how did yeah. I'd like I'm gonna get to and wherever it anyway and people like video elements that you might look like at first mind other like. Not like that yeah I'll just say thank you can bet that it is compared a good or bad to people comparing teen celebrity. So what it's a miners went summits like you look like some other random girl celebrity. I'd like yeah. And dons it did Noah actually nine. Let him get it straight up asked them one like it's a neat that's not the like that you just like we went what features that mine yelling why isn't specifically. What specifically did like that that every time so you clicks and so I do not look like neither are neither lake and slowed so that's of about how and it loses them all the time you look just like her mom but I like hated my my home. Well I think Aggies that you like. To me mom yeah. Animals jeans dad I put the there's only there's only way and you went and adopted it would discreetly and make that look just like my mother and excuse so yeah didn't do as an entity comparing I bet you mean then I was trying to think of you know like when I was younger when school. It was like every year. It was like Britney Spears and Mandy Moore ultimately like these guys obviously it was always guys that school and I feel like it was just like something that they would saint eternally. Hit on him yeah and Mike. I don't look like any of these girls. But is it like my little and other like this little white girl and they're like basically. I. I always told me like I'd so I don't like her but she's like you remind me of not currently. My duke he's gone insane can't look back in the days of your Miami of Amanda fine. And what it's just so we're duking it out Utley doing all the weird stuff all the time like OK but and I think. Ball getter but some of the think my cousin when she told me she be watching T academy Dionte Ali that in a bind my. Oh. Question whack at it and she'll get announced as it pleases you know what the hillbilly and yeah doing all of that it was on that they were rugged days of this sketch comedy show for teens in the colonial and I am so. How about that all that. Again. Did that I shouldn't. Faces a I got a man isn't it yeah. I love Lawrence I can and Arizona. At do you do do. Fact well I around the four different times yeah sort of David yeah. But no you know death seems even when I see pictures of little Vicky lake the command high. Oh yeah it happens accidentally got that you some pictures recently. You have presently does not know is really compete and we like doing stuff like bath like. He whatever obviously am just being weird that was I guess is that's their only others. Compares and again different. Against the Lejeune. I nowadays they get Taylor slept the food and as I that is not a bad news is I mean I banked on her Edmonds act that well. But it appeared. Yet I got to paying before from around I've gotten that a few times it yeah and a lot of yeah. Pattern my apartment catchy like got him like I. Think that there but the pink who union broke into Gaza as indeed. IRA and I really did an anomaly isn't get a penny a subpoena. Everybody got a pretty happy the and it and get. I guess the lack of I don't know McCain on them every body. They. Don't like that and irritation Angela is a man's thoughts on my name. It's not signing he's like my mind these guys easily see guys ITT. Which. Oh a little too young for him like when a manager at Amazon likes and even that is. Jonathan I didn't help Sarah. And aim. You on. Home improvement he was sentenced rather time but he mostly as you like rob as like in mind Joseph me firmly blocks inland. On it like all of them like I was really messed up like I'm like I'm Italian and I browsing OK I don't like him out here. I never like Jonathan Taylor Thomas thesis he looks like the white version of my cousin. Really does it ever again. It's a recent picture of him like Phillip and let's not too long and he's like super re looking. On his and is now yeah and it was adorable that you tell them you don't voice of young Simba on yeah. The this is cute little thing you. Not have a child and apparently. And I know there are about Arnie I'll mallet how are you. Can see how many miles relate. The signals baby right out and the many. I loaded up like four years leg like my mom like he can as we went went the other day that you that you the people passionately BB. Holly and I big red hot with him up and my. My brother in law of the Barney so my mom had a shooting her pajamas like one's white with Barney all over in the other one was like a purple with a tale I have my brother would try to Wear and she's like you're getting too big in the swearing house she hasn't hidden Phil as you can see it. Expect I'm not your and it now has his what dammit I just because brother might take on the she wants to keep them in the house that she and one Angelique losing gators do something which she wants it shots just keep an effort out for her grandkids but her. Just has that department on the order I was kind of our doll I love that thing film. I see them. A lot of time and I heartthrob and buy them the grade being again accused me it. Outlook. No one points. You just hate boring again I'm tickled this group Bernice and I never realized that apparently is now yeah. I am after I ever at the events never rapid. And not cool on them all the unlike. Blake thirteen 1415 starts to cool again like the little backpack that aren't here buried it or learn like. Mean I have a like known. And the like the rate is that where that yeah I did finalist a definitive ranking of the most important nineties teen pop heartthrob. You told your member Eric Von. He was in this Disney movie green in English in princess back it was at the princess. No. Afrique is none of those other it's like. Otherwise yeah I don't really good wide open ended quietly notable and are now do it now widow of the island now he. You were about. Yeah yeah. And I don't freaking hair like that we are likes wood to the panel you don't want strain that that one little story and the mind Easter I sometimes they see guys that I hair cut down on cynic. And yeah. I hear about it installed hail RD and yeah. And I love it. Like Mario Lopez on the list there you know back and that led by the now here. Well for eagle he was the brother for and boy meets world news older brother Eric. How GAAP. Zachary Ty Bryan is in home improvement as well. Is it. Anybody's name he was not I don't like him. Being. Nick Carter. In the picture the used as pretty and I think it. Eight Kim IR rooms and in oh and die right here until he beats eleven. Aaron Carter is close at RE. Want and think she's as you can this. Or Joey Lawrence to remember with a brotherly love. And they were they three Brothers yes that's that was not what it was originally out of knows that and I it was a yellow yellow number lot I saw him and so I just totally messed up my Mike up and this actually has still playing I think I remember reading an old Jett Jackson know Jonathan green if they can't just in time it wasn't it seems to have meaningless. Yeah it was it was the super hot black guy with like the hazel eyes who is like actually by Ayers and they are the last season and last season's scrubs. That isn't blue and yes Andre de wet did air wet nine. These things. I'm from yeah you thousands it was like the famous Jett Jackson and executed and did anchor. And so he wanted to live back in his hometown and be you know regular kid so they moved this like the shell and he is an action star. Canon accused secret agent in Atlanta for a he would actually agent ever remembered Pasadena and bits of like his show and they show him like dealing with like like staff. Like at me like I don't know real life out like girlfriends and stand his parents' divorce and stuff. Do you ever see the movie lady bug to keep them in 82 news about soccer team doesn't girl's soccer team and it had a what's his State's Rodney Dangerfield. And dads this this guy could some reason complete soccer and so they've put a wig on him and put on the girls team and the girls team better. You're watching what I did and kind of thing also OJ you guys occur on so he was heartthrob I passed away years ago. I have a traditional looking 1990s yeah I did. That is a very traditional means is Justin Timberlake which he had somber on the hand and Yemeni. And then I Fuhrman these. Yeah so on May first everyone was saying and these and get a nice that it out of an Ira I'm Gilbert being married and things like thinks he didn't figure downlink DJ didn't yeah I must benefit. I was goal of just an army and the Atlanta Braves get a B may play at a pace or just. Like I understood that I'm going to be in my movie could. Your dad. As a member Andrew PN he was apparently. Turned into this team get a seven haven't. What I blood. Seven have oh no I was caught the end of that time out of them proms and coughing on you and I. Finally clearly going to grow a little bit but not in the freak and I didn't add up and and mind. The heat not a thing that dad dad dad dad in seventh heaven got arrested for child my child molestation when they go and all yeah. A way to. I'm bill Crosby now that person. Thank Angelica Houston. And you're Keegan was the jerk in ten things I hate about you low against her I mean I only Simon that the fun not because he he heartthrob then in I would do naughty things to him now. Just apart and it all they back then and now they're elderly they're rock from the silence upon today's assignment to write him to incite and I'm attending the can't wait and I utopia. You're damn man who Freddy prinze junior I was not a fan of him I liked some as he began his life man could. Tonight I was and I know. Freddie and I know this way. Brad Renfro. Says heat like a hotter edgier version. Will Fred Hill he's the bad bitches will Fred L which is Eric from. When he twirled. Your mom has always baffled as to why your re watching Tom and Huck I guess you on the show and a apt. He you appear to use an apt pupil and it is. And sky and. I got beat yourself up and here today and how the question are pending. OK yeah I had I had ultimately. Four different archer faces he's been he's an Afro yeah. I confessions. And lake might lay LA down hole. And disease have a Hanson. His group the others together. Honestly I wanna sign came out I just started immediately to our enemy does so little anyway is like an area I was like. All of these type that the mile and girl get paid to do you know the girls. Mark Paul golf clear he was Zack from saved by the bell opening act and watch he's pretty. Leon Aron I'm Lennon and Lincoln did girls and I and roundabout way I am and is now looking now he would he's really let them back then he's I saw him and LA my Glock and all I got was he wearing so much make up like real way that they. Actually do it TV yeah. But like it that surrounded by Alex with care and are locking him he's very like you can tell and Anna is like. Think yeah but he could take all I'm like you and I actually Aaron that you know you obviously model many times you probably have to. We dealing with lights and everything you have to take it on to sometimes you I don't know because of a well that's what we heard about it they were telling him because you can see it yeah yeah it'll anyway. Acts he gave it may be so much is made easily by and on acme. When they gaga got fired at them. Together. Maybe they just know how to like put the lights on their shining extra light on him so he doesn't wash out and doing. I've never had Mario Lopez tell us to make it knows it doesn't exactly conjure it up and number it Will Smith. Yes in the apathy and now you mean. Alice like you can hire that honestly with Sweden's well I got. Well and indeed panic if you know I am a mile lake. But older guys attractive means. I'm sick of etiquette have been talking and eaten. Colin. Chandler guys yeah they all have baggage now. Yeah either that or if they don't like it that would add revenue and a whip like the arsenals dock insert in things really that they're gonna be like to have an old mindset into the garage I actually learned lately I've nature. Like bisexual. And I mean yeah in general honestly a bit like yeah everything. Thing at this eat either they're married elements of loads of the stuff. I tell us. I. Either married or hopefully ever of the kids or their Macs there's like emotionally unavailable and so. Stuck in there is at least there baggage makes you look like you'd expect. They may help. And I don't. I'm not. I can't shut that you we didn't have pretty proud about it. I know gave us why you single lenient and use them Nokia and it's never been mean and it and united aren't the that they asked the same thing they weren't you married in less than merely say I. Think it. I. You know in honesty I can't yeah I think it's. The key of dating. Spines of many who judge you less than you which yeah and then you've been Brian Philippines is married and I what's his face and what's your face Reese Witherspoon manner. It is. Did driver and DeVon salon all. He thought yeah there and I got I was mama's house where obviously cast with Christina Ricci. Gears now what at all how I want my favorites is I was really. So it's there only out of debt. All you and I believe it was an hour about the Canon ecstatic that I. Yeah and that will be without when you weren't like you shutout reconciling 45. I was and yeah he's got invited in and not you know so funny like this means. Ireland Italy and the only a year older I just wants a lot of TV easily and all these people who hate and I don't like. They get in now that I think the only thing I think and RT and number. Like that would let us and it just begs the good. And are in Aberdeen during her crazy thing is that all of you there are my Dan about my response ever to play. The great thing. Britain don't know how to have Britney confident about Cheney back then why did your mom to you know white had beaten. Me immediately at one night yeah yeah I don't want to girls ads in creepy now the thing about that you're dominant again it doesn't seem more normal to be their resolve many dudes there and I was confused and that's the first time I had ever heard on call and other personal high of art and as odd year out and it's just me. I don't know if she had touch. So she needs to get out of it. In the oval meanwhile prepare that's okay now Aaron. What I thought rigidity and throw the longest time silicon really embarrassing ease like that like that was as kissing like. We lost we do not somebody. So it's like I was so close you know I was so close like I could and you could see immediately unless Mangini pubic law and I look at them like opening round you can. Like I like like I associate that like the rain through TV is like a little kiss and that's bad so when I found shows like sex sells and following morning on me and my guide and admirers have lakes region that is it really practice skipping now like it's your. Not my average now cook up a lot of them in my Barney doll. I don't know. Everything I have in my mere wall. And again that now. Yeah. Right. My favorite posts as online and I hope to god state but they found one of those marital aids for guys but it's cheap like amount. He could care Thelma dead kissing machine I practiced on it. Apparently. Does it at the the winner. I don't think it's excellent yeah. Mayor only. Decline on the there on the radio Sarah. Typically. Old school ways say it laugh that's like old last night I'm gonna get you man near Adelaide. Because that's these the call McCain something you use your Marius and you'll be lowered dirty and Mary you know any time. Laid mayor and mayor it'll it'll handle mayor Harry had it cooking and I yeah. I have my marital aid to. Sorry that visual. Yeah. Yeah. Funny it is not making a very delicate cake. And you just like she she said adding that the next government and some cupcakes via and he this matter and oh yeah. Oh yeah yeah oh yeah we've credit. Like gates. And this is an Angel tree and he made it. And I hope they're not flaky and you blow. Away yeah. I'll tell you Jackson did as a program but we Sonoma and you're the guy like the kid from Mighty Ducks. And I'm going to hear a Philly we need some I need to realize is lucky for getting an aerial shots he and a news Q but the parents. I birdies you tell yeah a lot of spike and I got so you know I don't think Italy I've really liked it because search ranking. And you are an idol given that you now think about adding a couple of apparently. You remember watching that and I'm just growing up as the new project and line. Add it was thank you upper Connors somethings that you turn into leopard time I'm thinking port moment guys on my friend just sit me a picture. He did that it there's been eager and sitting here. Than an hour behind these men and how it ever having kids ever ever narrower now than I. They. Okay I drank by means of asking. A marital and do you have like a little on the amber they have like a bunny yeah Abumrad the rabbit around that program is isn't it and the let me I have the group on Isiah because I didn't expect a big version of the residents she area Barry Alley with the net like a week in its net netted me about it but. Do you see it right. Now the thing is like that chargers stopped working in those numbers specific charges like that a new charges oh. It's still in charge of the Atlantic I am advertisement if you're a real media room and a and a California I got got a nice not quite Allen does the anti body. Like 420. Brad my rabbit was like Newton yeah and I think it was like one of those like. The Beatles England yeah. Now whispered in the tonight yeah I like it that. Way for them. A self. Your fans have a place. Well let's I would like applicant that in my list of excellent and I lesson after his like. After we are opening adds adding get a shoot she told me in front of government like oh don't worry fairly we're gonna go shopping I don't like there's so many different kind I don't know. What it suits your view. Not so we're gonna go together and my dad about a like. I. I'm I had a year like some sort of sexy Iranian like that we always Buckley is on our depth so like. You don't know what it is you know so my guys it's that and the failure in opening like songs like different my brother I think it. Air. On. Our. We went together because it. That those few outward at those stores app in question by asking. Him and he knew you'd. And you. I that's fun. On the outsiders. An argument for this. It is music is. Connor you're. A boat up and down out like a I. I. Am not a lock it like this for professional. To a I your. That they would have asked me when I got her habit now is the size of the situation and eager to use them because one was. I had to use it every time he says I love. It wasn't even though they don't look why. I actually had a doctor tell me one time that like to but I kept going to the doctor because Utley out girl problems I retired during a lot. So I mean I stuck right so. So I go to a doctor for like that's what the second time that I asked the doctor up as much why you're doing at least hair and he's like well you do it as is the mind you the first never how to guide are now. And so we checks out situation and his like looking ahead and you know it just mean turn around cleaning things Larry he's like we did a very small opening in this week. I. Really want to your unit I'm just so why doc I mean I travel. Is this. At. We can't margins multi yeah. So now Michael. And author Robin at Texas house I still sometimes I am I wonder. Art in museum eager I'm glad and I'm not immediate meetings of the problem. Probably accept help offered your brother is I'm making Cochran keep forgetting pepper and tell you this this week. Yeah very awkward dream about I was weirdly it's not. Fantasy about no Tennessee and I woke up and just like no. I don't know how I'm back I was at times it looked. Like OK. Okay. Justin King is Brad and making Iran a red earth shattering Dan McKinney blitzer read it. So it doesn't let the guy you. Leave it up with he's like my my actual link but it had for years. He has monthan air travel be able to CNN haven't been able to see him damn I'm. On the lot and boat always you get they all know. And you're out yeah I would say I apologize because we wouldn't hit two minutes without swearing issue. And I ran wide and it is just like. More more comfortable and aggregate make them and you. I would note the room that backers to you know that would Holbrooke. And hookers in. And I think. Weird because it's like we're so used to like we're in Ireland routines every day at work it's like okay this sadness I come and do that everyone. Kind of on auto pilot I feel. And so in my dream was kind of the same thing that we were in like my parents' bathroom and Italy we auto pilot part of the job like OK we're just gonna shower like nothing whatever it's like. The that he asks that wearing a shower like works now are we in the shower in my downward finish our. It is yeah in daylight hit my dream like we get that which is weird that showers tiny it's I don't know how we both got down our knees. And seated to go into my favorite show and which it is very edit their own. But it was extremely wake up nearly. Both apparently. Three. Pretty them out yard run. Him about. I heard. A brief look like any of them like anything that we do it again this on my age I'm thinking. Remember having sex and. In. A bottle of tequila yeah. You're like why. I'm just. Before I tell us. Have. I know. And could it really tempered by its excellent work I can't remember. What he sadly but students again. In global public. And you don't don't have yeah. Well thank you. About it early we wake up from a dream he can't really touting here in Ringo like regaining it elect did that so we're about kids I have had dreams. And reality where I'm like ha. I can't. It is. Yeah hand and I make it and it got all the times I have a terrible memory and it Catholic Italy and a slight and held them this are ready it's darn I apologize a lot differently I'm like a imitate the thing that I've already told you this not mean I am tired marital that's the Ali talk about things I don't remember who I talked and ask them like. And tourists especially gaelic people and they are like at different dazzle people passed by me. Every ten seconds of conversations and I probably have had to see it how to do that with with view yesterday or is somebody in almonds and cancer and they think that I'm a little down lane LA. Where is the shower. I. You and I actually thought I I I thought like I would he would like in the sack. So I know. I'm not wanna do that is but it's like to complete her unease do and a plan. And hotly Annenberg dynamic in a very every camp like that I think radio blew my payment I feeling her effects. Designed to Cuba it's fine if I. I affects your brother you would've happened a long time ago because we would we had a couple whenever they never this is amazing that this isn't perfect time maybe it's blossomed enough to enjoy being on and each other's means. We could. I don't think it's tight one another nor I think we could put up with each other I can't put you know it's it's just exactly what else. I am. Where he's done. It. You get a really you know I ME ST yeah I like being creepy yeah. You when you're doing I like united thinking you know but I I finally I had back problems having done a chiropractor lately. When I've the got Alaska I was seeing which a month ago might have had sex with him since January. But I actually I don't yeah I did. Because I don't African arched my back in my they're positioned like I am I working you know I got it it's like working its light headed back out bats are you in Switzerland only as rivers and ailment not actually I. In my lap and rivers cowgirl clap. Reverse I have forever I'll tell jokes what time is why don't line and I did it together and I and I was. So back. Hi I was so ought to read them and like OK read them and like. I don't get higher average of ice yet I was setting up at. Viable lake there a deal lap charity hands and it always doing like he'd be sitting captured and that I would be straddling him. They seem you know I mean and that seemed perfect him sitting up. And like I would be my hand them count him on the ground not just in a perfect. Hi hi yeah I but we are doing it laying down and then like ceiling down and then I was on top but like facing my. I could get the right like in it was gone and I couldn't get a hole. Yeah. Like. Kylie get excited and starts pumping him in nominal you just lack the money deal I get off in a lot of fun. It's so can you do that though when you're facing him not that we know probably in doubt pleasing. He's leaning down daddy that's totally can't do that I can do that. I am really good at the reverse granted I don't I don't have that worry of light. Being subconsciously you're seeing on each end you know everything's like my favorite I would rather be reversed how yeah I like flying over and then he. I feel like. When we absolutely. Utters when you're like yeah. Leaning over and asked act them out when interest early Elaine down like you've archer backs year but those like the heart saying let's see Virginia lighten them what I want to I wanna get like my roomy they're like. I'm glad I like that animal to might might Wear my daddy is it almost like an attic. Back bedroom gonna have a good cool Italy peak unions like kind of instantly equally curtains and stuff hanging down. But no wind at like some sort of gram bar like a rope and I don't alcohol you do that like it's. Because most of time your Kelly call and what in my holding on to hold him bootable that's my head and holding a hair can be. They cling onto my hips are sometimes if I'm close enough I'll grab the wall site and get Mike down and. Now the want buys that. I didn't I am writing this chairs like up and down. The great and anchors cowgirls are like ice. Totally see your. I. A and I and I. Think. Because you're inclined you someone mad but you can't refer to block people out couple that not all the a I. I ever nervous. I am. I used to be in an environment sounds like when they like but it's like one ST I absolutely you have to remember that led by what they like horrors stories play. People now in late night. They believe. All toilet behind that and I guys rob and telling randomly due me you know and I mean enemy Eminem and I got Allah that I. There'll yeah. Are wondering on the fingers at them. I don't. I don't know. You know what there's one guy like you need to win my. Second daily the second time. Hunt ducks it was of a breeze you know occasional hook up he would say staff flag and I that your mechanic or the doesn't do you know this activity a certain. Activity MI. The pro you can just ask me if you want to do that yeah he's a guy that you hear too much of it is a utility could girl to do that ethnic. And I'm growing liability than an amber yeah so what I turned it that if things now I. And I don't like doing and he used I am I get what you're trying to go body in normally that please most girls alike but I tend to like it but you have to give me notice our. Like weed the hook up maybe 23 times a year if that like it was just like iron there occasional thing ahead of the game but he really drunk students and has great giant. I forget Kelly that's like Donald all of don't know either yeah and a mound now should be. I think the argument my ex boyfriends are like yeah. Well. Look I don't talk to him anymore. It's McCain has no. This. Any new. Those announced today and unbeaten you have Mac. App app. Diet. Ams. Every time we look up like and we we seen to that okay. Shower area of sheet everything. Is Christina I like I see you in two hours I got to go home and get everything ready. Are there like I'll Wear your body replied I literally prepared the body and I get them like that doing it I adding I gotta have I notice that and and that air do that's the thing I've noticed I only tried to news. Let any better when you're here because you got a smaller area in the flow. I think I'm getting seem all I. I just like I don't generally try it for about area like in a small Catholic by. Like I curious and always and drug in my OK let's try it and then it's like they usually guys dirt and Utley now doesn't work from the whiskey situation. And he all that's that's not in work. Out an old Barry. Very ready at. Ella just come out and hot you know yeah. I don't. I don't unintended. I haven't O line my boyfriend and Dan and meet her at. All. You get did using little ones and to do that at the same time is currently pregnant ex. And now I don't know how to live that eased for now I'm on nine today that hit. Just like all. He and it. Practice you can't you do have to practice the ports and like hair growth and Roland and that it takes like fifteen times before. You do it to like what devices house you're going on Medicaid I don't two hours prior. I don't think that's what I read I Google as well I think like I've done with different is it and it like. The first time again and with the first. Game and via and a nine act by different like. Nine. I don't know I like that and I look at the bigger our life probably. My booty got tight end like I think that town where I. Haven't learned about my. But you know about. Doing right now. As did. I don't know that north east and it is a. It is that I spreading and just and I can't have people that's the privacy of my life like a friend pat friend of mine. What would you suggest the only money dude like guns you're gonna need it's can't save it there's that island. You. Known Lou the easily annihilated but I don't like I think. That you have too much that puts a lot more I think. Sticky I know they'll run to right our night at least McCain why. To get a cheap stuff. Was that. Added that it at least I go together two of the sex story which we just talked to people at the sex and he's a also any meaning me and me and you merit leader anyway. And I don't castles in the Capitol Hill. Counsel at the facts. And out of currently it Donald and got the engines. Irony if anyone has got. Out an outlet not sticky because it's gonna get it gets grow and I have had a really good as it's. I think there's yet you've by the way do not you'd lose the ideally you'll vastly and if you're using condoms. Could that will break the content. One embryo down and gasoline and oil bike coconut island that. And I am. I I'm instantly shot I probably count as a nation and I could be wrong and we also were using condoms yeah I just know that I could break contact they're never like. Because once it obviously is that it goes like having no oil in. That's in so here but you can EU. And premium. Look and let them. It. If it's not happening and it and been an adventure in segment and a utility that. She enters our banana and sugar should never up that area. Because you get infections will. A nasty cut into bananas and I thought he would make Bigelow from the and all did you see there's a big old woman did that she used than necessarily be inside a giant to red and you can opinion. And did you give an account I boyfriend now and me we I would totally. Now. If you've. Like mainland now a big hole the it plays a deaths and ran until the early decades if then again I actually am running around blessing for. Please just stop in this actually longer podcast and we've had lately you ran into them and leave it at the I. Eat. It every sadly as innocent Graham's bid. And he. Actually a lot of and I like the I don't forget to contact us and anything that we talked about the date is let's get your opinion. And heartthrob. What kind of lubrication. And buying that you agreement to dot tour buses groupies that yet here and then apparently Yahoo!. Yeah. Now if you had an orange has a beacon radio celebrity and who is that you know back then I think we've let that zeal to them. Indeed hit as those trees ran until. And he.