BJGN07-17-17 - Tabletop!

Monday, July 17th

BJ & Walker talk board games with Century Spice Road, Citadels, and Pirate King; the gang goes over some game design tips; Walker reviews Horde of the Dragon Queen for D&D; and we get the Geek Sheet with Vicky B!


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Your inner geek wants to come out and play but where to. Joined Vernon Wells said the ultimate globe where you when your fellow geeks can hang out play games just nerd out 24/7. Whether you love RPD's video games or are just a major fan of size flying. Let your deep flags fly at Vernon whilst. Sign up today and see for yourself BMW duck club that's BMW dot club. Welcome yes welcome to BJ's days geek nation and I and the reverend en Fuego across from me is Vicky Barcelona what's a think we've got prison walker mr. Bartlett if Amanda yeah hi yeah. BJ Shea the show's namesake year. Really. And apparently is on the fight end Manning the boards is a drop in G today we will talk about more games about. How to made board game off her back. And Chris is gonna toxin dungeons and drag the food awards he'd cheaply DTV yeah I think he how can people get old. Last I you can get a hold of us via our web site it is just BJ geek nation dot com if you want find other ways to listen to us. Check this out on the Amazon echoed to say Alexa played each nation on to an end. And you get us right there we're also available on iTunes. Just you know get a tour views since the trance he's. Like us on FaceBook by the way to get all your information and I post stuff on articles and on pictures. Just your your BJ she's each nation right there we also do life videos on their sometimes do so again in a tune in for that. Follow us attorney mr. Graham as well is there are really low and be nice sun and then. Okay NS attack Chile was a voicemail at one tiny 02 Q4 3353. Cents any non BJ geek nation at And check out the rest of our video of the U2 dot com slash B to B nation big not so much B key and let's get right in with the board game talk. Really PGA Dan what can TV has been playing way I'll play games are we talking about aren't made up on ever got everybody well I'm glad you guys as a matter of fact. There's a there's a couple of games out there. That Chris and I know about and one of them add Chris doesn't know about this one another cool. Black ya and that of course is a game called Cigna is centuries spice road. It's a it's a wonderful board game. And it is sentries price road if you were a fan of the game. Slammed door. I am dealers say you're gonna dough and think you're gonna dig this game because SA is separate spice wrote is the first in a series of games. That they're gonna explore history of each century and this one has spice trading and I guess is a legendary silk road. And this where people travel delivers spices. From the far reaches of the continent and they try to do it of course for fame for glory for money. And that's what this is about and this city this is a game basis got a lot of cool who a lot of cool cool components not you know not super amazing by. He had four bulls with the games you have stores already and it also way to pull stuff out a little surgery at the well you know you have components in like little little ideology chips and Chad's let me ask you got you know having the right kind of all the pull out of is nice it does help a lot and our buddy Josh says he's gray wooden balls I never kick started I thought I I yeah but I sent out why do I want to do that. Energy Tommy brings him and uses them Mike he always has such kick starter and via Qaeda only. So this game comes of their own ball so I feel good about that. And it also balls for different spices in the spices are. The currency in the game there's also gold pieces and civil pieces which act has basically victory point modest fires at the end of the game. And it is it's basically car drafting you've got deck and pool bill they got him manage media site collection. And the reason people are a comparing to splendor is that you are collecting cards that will help you get better cars which will give you victory points at the end of the game. In this game though the cards you collectors some deck building involved so you'll draft a card. And when you you then you can put it directly in your hand and you can play that card whenever you want in order to get basically. Either a a more resources or upgrade your spices so that you can then take those spices turn around him by. The odd different cards that will give you X amount of entry points and then at the end of the game whoever has the most or 2.2 wins. And that's that's that's how it's done. A nice modify or like some games whoever has a six particularly two point cards in front of them. I think they called the mar I don't know I figure they call those cards biomedical literature point guards at this point. When you have six in front view that triggers a gay man and then you have one more turn every gets completely turn. So like splendor are you can you know when you take the last card to put you over a certain point sorry like fifteen. You gotta be careful because other people could then take cards and make even get a vigorous more than fifteen she got to be careful how you play the game. And it's it's it's a fun game I think is even a little easier than splendor learn. While the and there's not a complex game that's that's impressive actually yeah I had aides say hey it's sometimes clicking you know you gotta sit there and go well there's there's there's the nobles and then know the energy get the right as some people get a little confuse with way all right so I have the jewels are put in front of me is the same as getting one of these tools over here had yet you yet this game. It's it's even goes quicker while you know areas and has an ice mechanical drafting the cars you you basically. Have to do like some games like small world where if you wanna get a card if you really if you wanted to get a race a small world he wanted to get one that wasn't at the top. But you have to put a coin on each one until you got the one you wanna do it this game has a similar mechanic you have to spend a spice cube. But he spiced Cuba's not created equal also sometimes if you are really want that card but I don't have any yellow spice gives it to the cheaper ones. I damn I don't have to sacrifice some more expenses by skews because I really wanna get that card to draft gaffes. Fun game so it's called sentry spice drug bust forty bus I mean get it on Amazon and it's up put out by. While we give Emerson now much sushi some credit and Fernando Suarez he's the artist. A plan B games are actually BI and and another guy wanted to talk about was a game caller did Chris and I played and it's an old school won its called so details and your role we play that together as a matter fact yeah that was I that was the first time I had ever played that game but it's one minute scene on the shelves for years until and I never played it either and didn't realize there was is old as it was and there and that's actually kind of a fun old school game where I can see a lot of people Agassi where some of the games got there their idea at all. And I'm looking forward over here trying to get the publisher. But Chris wanna tell people a little bit about citadel. Yes it has a little bit of one of our favorite mechanics which is a hidden identity absolutely not in the same way that we you have to try to figure out who everyone else's business owners of randomness of the start of each round Marie get dealt out these roll cards in each role. Lets you do a different thing which are trying to do is build yourself. A nicer place than anybody else has now city building basically building exactly. And each round you go you go up the line everyone every character every roll gets called out and you need to do your your. Regular action special action and you don't necessarily have to doing any particular order. And you can mess around with the state of the board and you theirs to be assassin who actually knock somebody out for around. That's insanity path now remotes are we tell them more about after that oh why the assassin is the key yet and and and it becomes super powerful that point and then the king I get to do his thing and there's that and and each what each one of us goes around in intern and does our little thing and whoever builds up the best. Bill that the best city and collects the most gold. Is the winner at the end of the game. And their colors involved and so the idea being is that each particular character. Does something for your color so for instance if your merchant. There in the you know you'll get bonuses if you get green cities so somebody sees you where green cities in front of you let me know if you draft emerging you can activate your green cities to get it to get coins. They figure. Also whoever decides to be assassin they CR you know they go we know what. I bet BJ's gonna be the merchant so I'm gonna assassinate the merchandise and then emergent doesn't get to do anything on his turn he's how little turn so you gotta sometimes blood people and you may love with the cars up front they may look like you might wanna take a merger but instead you'll take a warmonger or something else. And I get so frustrated when somebody goes and assassinate its and then they go all I I was hoping I get you what you want you should ask him. Should I react happily those sounds like somebody got to assess and all you want to once you have playing with Sean might have there was an app for the board game a lot you know Sean it does he doesn't care if he wins he just wants to make sure I don't get the. Exactly and that's and I just sort of a beauty have Achilles YouTube read we don't know each round we don't know who the other players are what role they take so it's. It is not as easy as me just saying I'm going to assassinate you this time via. You have to say that the role and BJ didn't take their role it is Smart about it. Then you know what I've just wasted my assassination on somebody else. And some poor sap over there is as games get mad holder grids across many many years now says and you kinda wanna tends to have anyone I was and you also if you're paying attention to the board and seeing their tableau you also really is much as you might wanna mess to somebody else in my guy I'd like MS and then it's obvious what he's gonna be doing but that persons in the lead. And somebody didn't do that we play the game I had an ivory you know was with somebody with the obvious choice and it didn't happen and because it didn't happen. That HD Shawn went. Now John John it was Josh Josh we're just what it yes Sean is again a winning you know you in Iran off I mean yeah it was it was it was a joke I guess when by the because of that move actually out because you know Sean was just like all of attorney you BJ god you are trying to get the guy there was believed now wellcare is like a delay. The itself but it is or what theaters it's a fun game so people get very angry at the game because of the fact that you know you go the assassin as you know and at -- regularly and there's a thief that steals your money is good to gas so so it's called Citadel's Bruno -- do any way if I duty and he's done a lot of games over nobody the big game and everything this is such an eight players is why I like him because sometimes a good party game yes I -- we impairment and I think get to act as we have we have I got to get a game night coming up that we may have money players. And I'm always looking for something that's non resistance that we can do yak on 2000. Gap power. Let's old in terms of as Florida is now and ask classical CNN and and I know they've got updates in and and expansions which has some people say makes it a little less hateful whenever but I love deficit. They got a little hate to lump. And yeah you can't end and really the small blocks you can get for under like twenty bucks oh yeah and they go so so senate cells and lose a game company. Says unknown okay OS muddy over there OK LA isn't ready yet mountain nano doesn't against you know BA anymore games are simply move. Well you would. I I didn't want to talk about guys I think I've got this policy. Aaron did that over there I did that over there all. This is a listener who brought this up and I should look at my phone because I gave it to him. Very quickly mod bad that I take its own dog but I'd he called pirate king. And it was recommended by Franklin H on Twitter and asked us all about it in since Mickey's a pirate kid. Instead I thought we check it out and so we don't have a game but I went and did some research on that basin and four game peak. And parakeet seemed to be game where you basin become a pirate captain is still on the Caribbean to try to become the parking by smalley cargo captured territories. And it looks like you have many different ways to try to get victory points in his game when a person gets sixteen points that's when they win. It's like about five point six is a rating the game looks to be a little old as far as how it does things like the board looks like an old school sort almost like guy AMR I not only Gloria let me ask you in the artwork looks a little old dad and is I think at the stores before the agony of course is umpire and I thought he wanted to and he got achieve but he said what what do you guys think governor right now you can get it from Amazon like for eleven books. That's that's no news or you knew for 25 agency Mikey hot commodity had a point but yes so if I mean something if you like pirates if anybody knows more about the game I think you know I I think that Franklin was wondering hey what do you think about it. For me I look at it I thought I'm not a big pirate fan and it looks like it's an older it's the style game in. I'm just you know I'm I'm kind of stuff and adjacent sukuk extra outlet hello dean I'm not I'm telling you it's it's it's getting that way I won't play shadows over Camelot anymore because I guess. A lot of people go real. I'm not about trying to get the three of a kind or straight or just sit dad I feel like there's just better ways to accomplish what shadows did you act done that already you played that sort of gains a great game when he came out it's just to shadows to me is just I don't think it last the test of time in my opinion anymore. There's other better games generals over Camelot and in my opinion other building and prisoners and that. Well I would love to hear EG nationals who have played Carrie king since LBJ geek nation did you know about com. Now you're talking about the fact that there are a lot of new games are here there's been a huge boon sorry boom of games coming out of the kick starter be just normal publishing means we've got a lot of friends who have been on here. That you know Al Hakim they're players aren't any. And I found this article and deacon sundry I think it's a really interesting and a good article because. I know some people have that their brains that I'm gonna make a board game is gonna be awesome I mean when we went to ETX. I had a great idea a quote unquote great idea about a board game in and I realize that it wanna put the work in doing very well our bodies Jeremy designed kick starter which we back to call the white box we had a lot I think I get a yes from people he basically came out all the components all the different things you do to be a person that wants to make games gap fit and this these are three really good tips that aspiring game designers should absolutely now. I'm the first one they say is to play as many games as possible. If you want about ST yeah oh yeah are you whereas I've always done this last time you basically need to be aware of what the market is currently producing in getting exposed to as many different mechanics as possible to play every type of game niche bit that that's out there even if it's maybe not one nature totally into like I'm really not into the hidden identity one yeah maybe just as the plane. Wow yelling at me know what I'm talking about Matt allow me and I super love Steve says the work replacement games but at the same point and need to play all those of I'm going to be designed new game because you wanna see what might work for the theme which I will say or don't even bother after McNamee I don't think you get -- in -- for work or play bad I really if I play that game I say you know I think we're done we can't ever make a better game and that's a good point that they bring up as well it's like playing modern games has the benefit if you can't compete with what is currently on the market and you need to make you better choice of what you're going to do and get some real traction that way. Damage didn't and but then when it comes down to is if I'm if I'm specifically thinking about a worker placement their own trying to play. Our play that and I'm gonna play and immediately known commodity gonna played Tim in the mid guard. Animal and take the pieces. That works best from each of those and trying use that in incorporated minds and I only I'm not to borrowing something I'm. Trying to craft something new and I think that's the talk meant DNA testing and I. Another another good point on that went the next one is it should be playable with that you president. And it just makes it means that you have coherent rules that make sense. Oh and also means there are more than just in more than just that is clear writing. It also means that ensuring that the idea is a big game flow well and won't become bogged down with frequent rule books jacks or questions about what should happen. One of the games that I know that I've played that I really love but is really really tough on the rules was the world to smog her majesty's service. Because there are so many working different things going on. There are a lot of things that we just flat out forgot yeah and it's hard to do you TT get into a game like that if you have to constantly look at the rules to make sure that these. Are going to be happening yeah I am with the with smog at such a great game and that's why I love the videos that you brought there because of the gas say they're really really helpful. You know and smog is a game that actually is a beautiful game well done yet to challenge to learn how to play but once you figure it out you go okay. I mean Vicky and myself and Chris and myself we have band to play test events. Here in the northwest were really lucky because as a lot of game designers. And we do need to deflate us a lot of great games and then he would get bad guy and those like here's my game. And you literally could never play without him. And that the guy did it in this is not just one person we've had multiple times wherein they are not open to feedback about dude I'm sorry this is hard to. You need to figure this out 'cause I am never gonna wanna buy this game because of how hard this is and you have to be here to tell me. Are there is one occasion where that guy basically you bite the insurer action the dingy yeah he didn't have pieces you had a goal by pieces which were illegals. When you ask guys I don't know what I'm antsy ought to make your game and nearly via text are what this. And I can give me the pieces I need to play your game I have to go outside of the game and you have a part of copyright problems yeah. Whenever you have. And how you located at this anyway it is also this actually all leads into the last one as well which his plate test mercilessly. Which not only means play test frequently but it also means that. You need to play tests with other groups of people see don't get a hive mind thinking with just one group of people who and that also you need to make sure that. You can't necessarily fall in love with your design. So if fact it's something needs to be cut in order to give it a more manageable playtime they cut it. If it's a core mechanic that you really really love but it's just not working you need to change it to something else and you need to be open to be able to do that because if you're stuck. Tunnel vision and on your one thing that you want to happen in ye may just become a game that it will never give as you delighted day here's they'll tell you. And in an end in our play group I feel like this is that this is an issue and thank god that I'm in the play group a hole because adding any back here because in the Pacific northwest in the West Coast people are just too damn nice. And you know I have I have sat down in Israel about a buddy Sean who worshipping twelve games and he's a game designer himself. He comes to us because he knows. We will rip the crap out of his game yeah yeah I did it end but our buddy Josh our buddy Josh is a nice guy and I know and his party feels like I know the guys put a lot into this let's just play let's see what happens and I look at Josh is a Josh I know what's gonna happen the game sucks right now is what's gonna happen in an auto playwright. And I you know after I shot like well what about my game is about to bite your game is blah blah blah blah blah and I really don't play it anymore until you fix it in his outing by you listen yet and Endesa one thing he'd do have to listen but at the same point. I like that speculate what this game sucks but you also come back with the constructive criticism on call are as of why I react so if you're not having fun in a game. Tell the person why you're not how we just everywhere you what you get when America's John's gotta yeah course jumping twelve games. They got Dyson crowns thereof their play testing Dyson pirates who shall come to kick start as soon. And so they're trying to come up with a way to actually incorporate both games. And which is really great idea yeah I so you know I again though just like with dice of crowns we or play tests now a lot with Sean yeah before they came out. And we went to Johnson and now I know I satellite since. We you know we recently played a game. And I'm I'm gonna tell you it's I began a wise because I. But Chris was there with me we played this game it got successfully kick started. They sinister review copy and I was like well if they got success oasis kick start this is amazing yeah we've played this game and this is a game that we are very familiar with the kind of game is no we're all looking each other like. Are you serious yet. How does get checked we I mean we've broken in five million broken and thought yeah that's another thing where we broke it and they're talking about on this is you should make every attempt to break your game how we act especially the closer you get to designs you shoot at plays sensed this is a place that's just -- way you'd try all the wacky weird beings and go outside of the board think well it says that I can do this what happens if I go and I kinda it's like palace borders on that this one because of the type of game it is it's in an arena of really good games so it's like okay you want me to take this game that I love and play yours even okay like French is like you say you want to play lords of water deep you'll work replacement game better I mean I'm not you want somebody else besides I was wondering if battery who does lords well or very good is an acrid saint yeah so these guys there play our game. We give them feedback. There you know the feedback was. Yeah well more or fix that with the expansion or well if you'll let alone or you play with more players I don't know I don't want to game I just thought to have to be fixed with an expansion it should work right now is the skating and that sounds like patching -- and video game yeah yeah heading out or you can. And got again a bunch of people from Boston in New York. To sit and later I am I because there will be another day I'll be merciless and we'll tell you more or even and I've seen this at the plate test northwest. Have anonymous fill out forms. Like something that someone can judge that's the bill how you do at north CIA is I ought to be an assault on their face all I know yes. I don't go well we've got forums I go waiting to form for me tell you why your game needs to be fixed I mean anonymous form let me help you right now at a because we have played a ton of great games to our standards are high yes you know they really really are because you know for rusty to play a game you better be damn good you don't wanna play game is that the for two hours and felt like you've wasted your time yet. And I know Sean Sean has abandoned some games I think history great idea we have actually play just as the games he's not brought back to us because I think he realized you know what does this concept this is not a good and I give Shawn a lot. Credit for that. So the message of the day listeners. Tell all your game designer friends to send us copies of their games so we can play test that it back and it's I would say the difference front with us though. Is that I know other reviewers because well that's not worry about other reviewers would name the game yeah I would tell you why it's horrible. That's not aware about it you know I mean and does at lake if you're trying to design a game then we'll tell you honestly okay here's workers are process. But we're not here to actually make anybody's day back is you know what somebody might find a particular game great that we might don't really. And frankly we haven't played that particular game enough to really know if it's broken but I don't have a desire to play again because I just feel like. Dot I thought I wasted like a good two hours playing this game yeah I mean it's not fun and I just. There are better games in the category and you're right there may be somebody who does resonate with that they're OK with these games and lo these type of games he got to find and expand your plate tasker beyond just one little group we saw it on Silicon Valley you win you they're making the app. And it was like all this is a great seeing any realize is not user friendly and well because he's only testing it with the people in the know and programmers that's why people like is the norm now people out there or don't that's why apple is a good company because they don't let engineers rights of the instruction manual ticket because he engineers know how to do it and they think everybody thinks like me doom and the regular average person sister goes I can't work this and apple gets that which is why they make everything so user friendly whether you think their products are good or not or an idea some people go. I like to have more workarounds and I wanted to be free I want to have a close source and it's like yell you know what I like I don't like like to spend fifteen minutes and figure out why my phone doesn't work if it hit and then I'd deputy demon turns into three days and being on the fall everybody I had an apple knows I that's why they make it easy. And I think you're game should be is as easy as possible to play no doubt about it so hopefully these tips to help you out and again if you're in the northwest and you are trying to designing game. Poker with the latest north when they're amazed how they're really really are amazing now keeping on the table top band here. Chris yeah you've been you've been playing a little dungeons and dragons he's actually there's a campaign and outside I'll never amount any night and I. As he's crazy kids with they're done is there to Reagan's. I yeah I yeah I was I'm involved only a dungeons and dragons group we play we play over Skype because we're all in and not only different to have parts of this city but in different cities. And I would just wrapped up the horde of dragging queen of which was the one of the first. Full modules to be released for for doesn't dragon set fifth edition in the inland in cult of the dragon queen. Do you you are on the trail of the cult of the dragon and what they're trying to do is amass enough riches and treasures and and magical items. So that they can hopefully some in Tia Matt from her plain hell I remember this year ask a common rule over over all fair enough by you know team that is she's the then did the demon goddess of dragons of all earthly even drag Gonzaga and isolating negative five headed dragon one for each of the colors and she is horribly. Bad ass oh my goodness TM that is really really something in the fight you don't actually get to fighter criticize my own killer and I yeah yeah I. We just got to level nine at the end of the adventure so. We start you that you start out and you are. Trailing the dragon called and you're trying to first of all find some information about where they're at where they're headquartered. What their actual IMO is because of the start of the thing you don't know that they're trying to bring team at the yours like oh there's some people ransacking this village oh please help us oh there's a blue dragon flying overhead order okay this is uninteresting place for my. My level three character generator and you guys are that and then. You you go a little bit further along and you start bumping into it is increasingly more powerful levels of the cult in those first you just dealing with random call this than you find one of the low level leaders in the oh well you find their main base of operations we get to fight a couple of good young dragons. In the mix and and basically what you you progress along until the the climax of the ventures the the the most important cult member. Who has a flying castle that is loaded up with treasure that they're trying to take over to where they needed dropping off so they can somehow pitching and. Kenya and hard venture the. Things change. And does so I finished up playing playing with him just the other night and in the likes in my in my care went from level three all the way and the very last thing we do to level a level nine and I came away. When they sent into broad sword death rates are a great sort. Now here's the thing that's ascend. They have you do it really good stats yup but sometimes there is not only a mind of their own day they can influence the player care dear oh. Playing good so they can be very bad. I model my my territories a just a straight up fighter off of bronze from Garrett drones are right now she's really pretty much in it for himself it's not about the coin it's not about the famous not about the glory he's just in it for the moment doing what he's going to be doing. He's he's chaotic neutral. Which means he doesn't he he really is opposed to law and rules and he doesn't care one way or the other about good and evil. No that's sort of what that means that my sword that I picked up. Is. Neutral evil. Earlier movies and extend it and. Doesn't care one way or the other about laws and things like that but it is an evil evil shorter our time I'm in the middle of the first like got I got picked it up just before we got to the final boss fight end. And it's our whisper into music. Here's what you need to do you needed just. And then after I I sort of hit and went in as a crypt I'm not an American. It says who has a really good hit my whole personal glory that positive affirmation I don't know as a fighter I think it's turned me into a killer oh yes superdome might into is only ten yeah I put on my output of my points and to strengthen dexterity but we are doing. So this is a good idea assured that I. Yeah yeah I'm sorry yeah I I'm I'm I'm a call you George yeah Georgia and into the topic I don't George. And so at the end of the day my assessment for this adventure I really really enjoyed it I had a lot of fun playing it. I played with a really good group of guys we were we were only three in the party though when I felt like if there were times when it was a little bit more. A little bit harder than it needed to be but again it was and his Rios I was fighter we had one spell Caster and we had one barred. I do my part and Taylor and I ya barred from the dealer and down. Yes elected I think rim when we get around to two going and actually trying to fight team and rest. Like coming here and now he's you do feel my. Larry is the same bad they're going have guys just mandate yeah did you could use some of the good here where it has seals. Owner wants so final judgment on this on the unit come and get an important upstarts I was I was really really happy with that awesome awesome well now it's time to get to ruin. She Swiss TV streaky we've been talking tabletop holidays I hope we've got some table top give cheap stuff well we actually. Hey I'm when things are things some margin me so very the purely a new box again Chris that's our if there is a new car against humanity game. It's I'm listening. Not that different is the IR. OJ am and try to get as many its current against humanity for her. Of course I don't need it IP blocks can I not exactly the same game. Except you know it costs by dollars more. Yeah. I am an eye black it's a but at. Gay bars and he has these cards are going to say it ain't so this is kind of jab at the so called king tax that. It's apparently like it when he fifteen study from the new York city department of consumer fetters. Examine five different industries and 35% of the product categories and like. Found a women's products cost about 7% more than men's brought all right freezers and evenly when I look at Harry die at in the hair dye islets Catholic why sky is like some remarks when women uses sixteen. Yeah makes sense to me. So yeah the introduced us to new card packs as well for five dollars each. What is another one in oriented add on called period pack with. Incumbent Jerry demonstration themed card day. Credits and an idea worth while we were all honor appearing in path. And then they also came out the week packet contains thirty cards about Canada us. Hours well. And yeah I think that that's pretty funny but going on with president Kennedy if you don't know which how would you not know at this point you know the biggest party game out there at this point you can buy it anywhere you cities listen to their site to where you had to get on Billy blue list yeah I mean don't you tell you we have more in stock inning you can buy yours now he get it and you are partying Amazon. All those places you can go either site in downloading imprinting go to king goes down or print it from your house computer. And cut them out yourself and do have my target not yet seen the target I'm very surprised because he knows that that sits in an adult oriented game and -- yeah like I got so they did code code words and code words after their cocoa and code names out there aren't that time as well yes that is a target exactly -- follow all right and I I guess the -- charity he I want you that you target are right now until and as adults have our games there as well so there is a lot of people are they can put outs their own cards and insanity gay like birds in that it can be captive for because obviously can make money what about credit which govern crimes against humanity humidity our president just community gathering I guess I'll have to. Ask somebody actually came up with eight Disney theme to dish in Intel's family friendly this is all I want it is. Not okay will he's a guy yeah yeah guards relates to be a little wordy Leno goes on milk crap company. And PG thirteen yes Eric so these are the black cars like when you play does that up the straps. Something stumble list of Disney's necessary sequels are explained to Bradenton that's. First time aerial thought Blaine was blank at a minimum risk and let it let it. No blank never bothered me anyways. I'm back oh for crying and Julian. I. To Disney I have unrealistic expectations about explained who who we it has been but it. My child who was ruined when I saw blank who can me Tarzan you blank. Nice every Disney villains plan includes blank and blank. Movement and you know in order to boost ticket sales Disney is making me land dedicated to blank. Needs and then the last 1% of cards blank is how Walt Disney like to. Unwind contacts Mary and I see your Armenia the other normal cars ago I know as I didn't realize I had my favorite record and an early got some good ones do you know bush and I. I hear the white cards yes. Let's just say girly parts burns from Libya and Fatah. 90 boy kind of burns I had a band he's dead mother a bad. Go about sharing of any grand. Theft or owner of the worst. Of course team owners private time with his bells oh yeah Doreen though lesbian finish while okay. The vibrating. Things and Andy's mom's bedside table wow okay wow. I'm three illegal laying claim over everything the light touches that I thought a plane that. Jean's heart is in the wild jungle sex adventures aren't. Donald. Yeah I don't know how did you hello I'm dying on deck in the field of Donald to act. We're not going to talk about Andre at. And our airline is sneaking onto the scent of a hundred or mall dummies if it's with peanut butter on your mean. Mike O'Donnell and Donald Powell. I want I don't know felons you know let those that defend made wines that really do hit the corrective five win at cards used humanity and US have any ideas for Disney themed ones lettuce now can I and there they go yeah I wanna read that on guard against and his tweet or FaceBook but what I know I mean I don't. Click go by on here. Wow always after having sex dolls left. Yeah Max. And e.'s wild but a. It's happening and yeah that is actually coming up that idea from the dirty comic aloft for all gloss over life gone off to a look it up it is not easy for work good news amazing. Until next time stagnating. Your inner geek wants to come out and play but where to. Join Vernon well speed ultimate globe where you when your fellow geeks can hang out play games and just nerd out 24/7. Whether you love RPG some video games or are just a major fan of size flying culture Vernon Wells says something for every one. 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