BJ Shea's Board Game Alliance. Epi. 17

Tuesday, July 18th

Host: "Director" REBECCA Walker of Bj Geek Nation
Designer: Sean Epperson of Thing 12 Games
Chief Game Player: Josh Utley from The Omega Gamers

Dice tower awards

Monocle Society announced its partnership with war room and war machine to use "The Rules" for all there gaming goodness.
Sign up for the Beta at 

Josh: Alien Frontiers, Anachrony, Terraforming Mars & Burkes Gambit (Fail)
Chris: Clank, Sol: Last Days of a Star, Elder Sign
Sean:  Word Slam, Monopoly Gamer

Con report with Sean

August 5th - 6th 
MaricopaCon 2017 (Phoenix, AZ) 

August 17-20th
Gencon (Indianapolis, IN)

August 25th - 27th
Dragonflight Con (Bellevue, WA) 

September 1st - 4th
PAX West (Seattle, WA) 

September 30th - October 1st 
Geek Girl Con (Seattle, WA) 

October 21st - 22nd
Ge2 (Seattle, WA)

October 21st - 22nd
Central City Comic Con (Yakima, WA) 

"The Question"
"What is your favorite game with a "take that" mechanic?"

"Maneuvers that directly attack an opposing player's strength, level, life points or do something else to impede their progress, while usually providing the main engine for player interaction in the game. Usually used in card games, where single unforeseen card plays can cause huge swings in player progress or power."

Game of the Now: Century Spice Road by Plan B Games
Basic mechanics: Trade up 
Theme: buying and selling spices
Components: Cards, metal coins and cubes
Value: 30
Replay-ability: mid-high

Kickstart My Art with Sean:

Firelight: The Questing Card Game by Hobby Horse Games
A 2-4p card-based role-playing game for players of all experience levels, with 5-minute setup & great artwork. Play complete 5-act stories within a 60-100 minute setting.
$30 base pledge
7.7k of their 11.2k goal
Ends August 10th

Epoch: The Awakening by Orange Nebula
A highly strategic, fantasy-themed game for 2-5 players, with resource management and area control as the primary mechanics. Play time is 15-30 minutes per player.
$54 base pledge
40k of their 29.7k goal
Ends August 10th

Founders of Gloomhaven by Isaac Childres
A stand-alone city building board game of tile placement and action selection, set in the world of Gloomhaven. They are working out stretch goals.
$49 pledge (only one)
202k of their 50k goal
End August 10th

Star Realms Frontiers by White Wizard Games
The latest space-themed deckbuilding set.
$20 base pledge, $30 for the base + promos and unlocks
349k of their 100k goal
End August 10th

Who Goes There by Certifiable Studios (makers of Endangered Orphans)
A semi-co-operative game for 3-4 players, expandable to 6. 90-120 min game time. This is a survival game, with a license from John Carpenter's The there is a hidden role aspect. Players don't start off as an alien, but someone will be infected at some point. Will they reveal or hide out and try and infect others. Yes Josh, this includes minis. :) WHOO-HOO MINIS
$59 base pledge
163k of their 54k goal
End August 8th

Legendary Creatures by Eduardo Baraf
A deck and resource management game where you combine your creatures' abilities, magic spells, and powerful amulets in a race through four elemental realms. However watch out: as you maneuver for mastery in one realm your opponents may steal the lead in another and claim the title: Druid of Nature's Grace.
$39 base pledge
26k of their 20k goal
End August 3rd

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Your inner geek wants to come out and play but where to. Join Vernon Wells the ultimate globe where you when your fellow geeks can hang out play games and just nerd out 24 sevenths whether you love our PCs and video games or are just a major fan of size flying he culture Vernon Wells says something for everyone let your geek flags fly at Vernon whilst. Sign up today and see for yourself BMW duck club that's BMW doctoral else. Ladies and gentlemen geeks have always is you are now entering feature chase he should. I. Yes welcome to be dishes Diggnation Manny is Chris walker walk leg of lamb or Vijay issues key nations. And I know some people call me director Rebecca. Do you have any story for another day thank you Denny. Our record with me is always generous and I think what games have hang tags and chief game player Josh early from the a mega game wears snake. Today on your Morgan alliance Sunday night beneath mr. Morgan went to the top deny that the David now gonna mention it in what surely I. Today on your board game like it's drew. And we're gonna talk a little bit about the dice tower awards. We've got some exciting news from monocle society are old buddies over there the Monica says such a society in the job done we'll talk a little bit about what we've been playing would get a we'll get to come report from Sean. How to run down a little bit of a flux flicks you Bowie have. Starting already and down our question this week what is your favorite game with they take that mechanic. And then of course Sean you're gonna give me all that kick starter and goodness are you having the will he but for now. Say get a WiMax. Can't find the button and there's somewhere now paging Max Max Max mash treaty do. They're aliens. Max may or may not have been up really late last night before coming to the broadcast this morning show only remembered today. Musician I think musicians exactly it is a wild madcap life for those guys out there but. For now Josh. Yes there are some people get all the that they wanna. Well they can check out our website and all the podcasts and BJ geek nation dot com like us on FaceBook to search for BJ Shea ski nation. Follow us on Twitter and Inkster Graham mr. Romo at BJ geek nation attendant actually always found that one nanny 02243353. Should listen email let me jiggy nation had to Find us on YouTube slash meaty patient. Or just sit around today cracks up completely nation on tuning think. Until I imagine people who don't have Amazon echo thing around their apartment their homes and just think Alexa. I don't play any nation until you're admitting nothing happened and it elect done. How could this isn't working well because it's more like the secret word used to collect. And well guys how we've been. I a have been fantastic. I feel like it's been almost two weeks since we got together and glory yesterday there or if they got. Do you really cool event yesterday actually don't often we we went over to Iowa to the skyway library read here's Seattle and they have all the game event and be invited to much game developers and you know worker konduz there and lady brings markers were there and and pathfinder society was their mean there's a lot of really cool stuff going on but I don't know what how to get feel about that event I really liked it. While I thought it was first time event yes I'm Maggie to where the library put it altogether that she's aboard gamer so right there she's awesome whom. And for a first time event it was crowded in here there was an an empty table in the house feels. All attitudes were great and there are some fun people are asking questions and learn and and was great because this was a lot of that this was a time. We got a lot dimensions yes we and people are hey what do you plan I know that game. At this event it was. So like monopoly that this looks more fun I know like yes you give it to right nothing. Eight thank you yeah yeah I mean that it it felt like there were some sort of more. I didn't wanna say casual players I mean these are just people who were apple having to be at the library and no force on our at all. Annual and exactly there in the country with a low we usually playing Bogle and end you know these kind of things that. But they were able to really get into the world of it name and you know Shaun little their demo winning and gar was their demo and made about servers and there was the a whole bunch of of of games and is there protesting their games it was it was a pretty fantastic event showing would you get out of him and. Federal vertical like we there's kids there there're people that were older I guess it broad range of genders and ages it was really cold The Beatles to from people. And you know getting to show of modern gaming. To a crowd that maybe wasn't quite aware of it yeah consumers haven't really fun time is really awesome. Up let's get to see no all the guys that I typically can hang out with like Gil fantastic factories guys were there and and that's. Just Vijay had to show up as well. Oh yeah exactly he's probably gonna coming here and a little bit net Telus well give us his full report from the event to me was their. Know pretty much all day we have FaceBook live battalion left after my how he felt an awful thing. But for now of course what some what let's just get ready to this guy says so she's got the Dutch terror list for me I have the next terror list for you today. As soon as it looks. And we are ready so I'll will save game of the year for last because we should get out yet that's the way it goes. But and not Erin now all the nominees has the awards are over about. It's the best are worked out for the air. Science okay totally agree with only half and I like he used there's been a lot of artists so they're doing sort of it it it's. For a board game to have what amounts to fan art. I think it's pretty spectacular for the life after the to the universe that they've created in him and when I've seen out there was pretty pretty spectacular stuff so I'm not present at all when we need that are was created prior to the game right so I mean that. Some inspires incurred and then gaming yet they made more. And then that best production this may come as a shock to the one guy that don't know. Mex verses minions. Slow I don't know where and when I look at all of us well how to get out yeah I mean exactly that's hard to beat size yes a lot of that absolutely. If if maybe Jamie just did because I know you're listening. Religiously at a if you do all your games like you do in the collector's edition. You'd get pass protection ever happy to have radiation are the best economy are you saying. But best cooperative game shuns them familiar with these yet. There's a madness second edition oh yeah driven one and it really. It started out as a one verse as many denounce the one is the app so you can focus on my good cooperative how were we going to get through this house of insanity again that's excellent. And really didn't look that up because I I haven't played the new I'm a technician aggravated with all our it has its. Yeah we just need to play it very well on the app helps keep. The game running C don't give any throughout per anything like that thought alpha that's not the enemy happening and I almost threw up a yeah I know that no ad is gonna take that away from me blitzes untoward he got back. Best expansion was to 700 tool pantheon okay then that. And every more yeah I know that that inflation was really really good stretches this year assumed a lot of expansions because of kick starter they came here's the game and can extensions yet. So it's not literally feel like expansion in my little dispute Korean men know there. Best family game no surprise on this one high school also. Was didn't win the and they they spilled adjourn this field can her religion Macinnis billionaires that I am not sure I don't have that information or information. And all feels he did too lazy to reach over to my laptop and look it up. That's what you literally like a foot and a half thanks for your listeners don't. Listen to this the level of a Malaysian this should we get the tech three team. It is there it. You are listening any 7 AM here in Seattle and well some of us that they're very good is that with the benefit of the living into weightlessness. Nixed. This came from a new designer. That was twenty Jacob for silliest swift tariff only millimeters so cocky and very good game us. They would move its best game in my small publisher. Role player. I have mountain I don't know start and at the moment when I have an editor of openness and I am however you kick starter Jeff finished and it went and made him a zillion dollars so outspoken. Being told back balance. Remove worship. California thing to both eventually can you copy someone has been teaching them the recent and a minority stereo who. Best party game captains and. And you. I play by the rules. Hey yeah why not. Do yourselves a favor ladies and gentlemen and actually play the game. Round up about seven of your best closest personal friends and enjoy your evening because I think I can verify that either really really great game when you put in the pool rules. And seems very hard to get eight people the other night this game has really worth it it's really where is it really is you know he unite Lincoln. Best reprint for their second thanks to our award mentions of madness a fancy plate mixing in addition. Best strategy game territory Myers let me another Harvard or Amare Marion. Best team in gaining dozens. Mars. So now that the captain's arm. OK. Got sort of that SI it like a particular review nominees for the eliminate I can question only I I did receive a theme in there would have had to watch him play I've intention to put myself oh now I mean I can see like how lucky it's dramatically appropriate but it we after it feels like it you do when you're playing layers and by the whole rules in your reporting in and you checking in in the AFC essar and no in all stop and go. He had the theme is there help our hands and on unarmed running man you guys is legit. Best two player game for Star Wars rebellions which I agree with wholeheartedly and strongly you over to my house to put that thing. That one and he reunion. On the table in two sizable enough but that's a aren't so aren't we Tony make him until the were put in a green and I don't think so. Now really unfortunately not ahead ami chip marks our deal and big vehicles sold. Most innovative game and captains are AA while hanging you have Mozilla one night again I didn't agree with them on that because there were some really good games on there of fastballs one yeah yeah and were nominated best as different controlling vast tandem and you. Was more innovative semi kept and so there was not not the captor tone wasn't good Hillary okay. I felt like some other ones actually may have edged out I think can be kept its owner got it just from being. Com when it's been more played yeah I'm more being more known death and that the possibility and I think the I think the the feel of it in the way that it appeals to people who. Who as we do you can tend to have larger game groups and needed that I mean innovative is a real goal. Specific. Adjective as I think that I think that come. I think what you do a whole episode on what innovative is so I ask what's this all along for now but let's put a pin in that for next and yes. Time now for the big one game of the year and this is Maria and against and just didn't you know I'm losing game. Oh wasn't as a grounds than than than you know the wait a minute here and I I really I really need to have this buzzer on my arm on the ready. Made us ask me that again was it. Let's get me a. John. Cooper yeah yeah. I could fit any houses yeah. You know it if it wasn't. Well and I'm listening down that list I mean I've if you went through your whole outlook comes on or about. I wanna I wanna him I want to believe that as cite Phil were Roger forming Marsden. And a are at the mighty apple my vote in right now for Ter for Mars you've closed who. It was I think it is set which deserves. It's educate it how aware of the great game what does it say about about our our jobs that I don't have any radio or excited. Sound effects to go to here we have her race and sound effect let's say it again okay dealers who was. You know no I'm here let's do safe. Hey you think we know what are your. It's I don't think there's nothing positive I got got all these buttons without affecting stuff and none of them are like. Clap being or cheers or her re rated as late as plagued the closest I can get to meet a if that's not the more you know I got up and we we do we're constantly patrolling Angelina. I'm saying whoever set of this so Mort is incredibly negative and that's not what I definitely will live in Jon and and years. And that's it for the next hour or well our industrial rat I mean in how is this this in the first year for the next hour we're who know they have been alive and do I wouldn't want equated to other you know trademark awards certainly if if it was a choice I was it was up to the you know people. OK. Okay. Oh Ali gets here yeah look there's a I'm really your mood. I and I got to spend that America. So what are our bodies over the Markel society of doing I feel like gum but good we've been. Well we've been doing a whole lot of stuff until we have to live stream that we did on twitch. I you know we talked to them about we would talk to them about the rules but we really love these guys in the do were incredible incredible work particular that got a really big announcement that we're a little bit of one of those toll on the on the people. Well there announced. Many became the way over warmer changes had their big conference for the year and former she miniatures. Me more room you know all out right and dad as part of there being hit a two do you. I then announced that war room partnered with Monica society. To upload. All holes there are teams and rules that boom we have very short amount and time again. Into the rules. Awesome and that. They announced that they they owned them not only they showed up for we've also showed off amount asking for rules of the south they showed off IK if I have this type of a unit. And I want to attack what are my chances of succeeding against you know this. And group Konami also assessing generally calculate your immunity are essentially give a thirty ruling and handsome well winning and show you over all your possible attacks if you do this. You have an eighteen point five actually do this year 33%. All over there and it. We loaded heavy skill that this is like move for us for a little masterful work of art has killed nearly and if anybody room. Named plays war machine part of war room. Dig consent for debated just go do Monica Sadie dot com slash war room next yeah I absolutely. I like to things. And but I mean I think because I mean it got I have. And him the Xbox one and Clinton I think it's really battling and going and not run or. You're in the first row and I maritime undermine him my lawyers use in that she. I had a walkman and it no but I am I think so I have. A GE theater here at smooth over before but I guess you're talking about what it means to be rich and how that's changed out there and himself walking anymore. It's 5050 so. I have Xbox one and I have the. I have lived the camera in there and then microphone set up and so. I walk around my living room and then walk around it's like to play ten foot across both on relief. But and I in I talked court Donna and I asked her to do things for me on no rest I mean she's fantastic. But I feel like I need to add another. Since you robot to my home now happily. Yes series 20 yeah and their theory here exactly theory she's on my phone she's on the laptop keys dominant top fortunately met the still to get the job done and I guess there's when you can do for your PlayStation broker who's a clue what the. You stood okay Michael and did it take I would everybody I'm completely legitimately had an actual Smith did a good thing removing at least it is for us all over this computers. Normally do here. But I do I do I need to get one of those so anybody out there listening who'd care to sponsor. BJ she's or you alliance and they sent me a them like there. I would take that he can hunt after wrapping up a kind of heartbeat nod and say oh there's a great things about your product. Not me on the train and the way to later if you don't know I'm Dave was just last week and they were like 30% super super that would be helpful eight days ago with the it's an antenna up and ask Chris yeah I had a bad guy whose immune they're getting together unless he's been met and so much stuff for monocle and for warmer. Team players how this is this is pretty huge John McCain because there's a massive. Army of war machine characters and I don't know if like their board games or an airman thing if it's everything from prior to press then. Yeah I mean that's that's a nice that is being. At that chomping man what a good guess you know yeah yeah and in a relatively. Really short amount of time death and we were just talking him out there and there's two on development and working on pushing and down and stuff. It's moving forward it's it's a thing that change. Meaningful good for them Kyle in the game well done indeed well done indeed what what Cunningham has been put in lately anything you wanna levering up in the terminal about. There had been playing quite a few games actually and on into my surprised face on I'd ever it's we weren't only on me a little vacation in the and I've paid when the news for fresh prince of only a moment first to get there. Really can't think yeah. And yet did you let her parents are really you know. And I get them king domino it and none plays. We haven't talked about the game I've ever had it's it's my wife's favorite game leggings and I don't know corner was shown to the point where you'll actually like hey you wanna play game my wife never asked me if I wanna play a game so I like to capture a locally it's. So she routinely complain about that it so there's that. We'll see we'll as a win for everybody says you wanna play a game you like youngsters have a they are now down nominal culinary and the ISS. I think. That's spectacularly you are my much that they might not not a not a big gamer. That when when she does say you know let's play a game like oh yeah yeah yeah with Israelis and that's a we just didn't buy into other games so like words slam was when we get to play it plays out. Saturday evening and that is a party game where. You have two teams meet again any number of players and one person assigned to the team is going to be giving you clues. For a word and the other team has that same word in there to me giving clues on their side and so each team can only look at their cards. And you have your cards are basically now owns verbs as it is and they believe prone and stupid and when she sail out of your teams and not take a look at the cars were like okay do word is maybe building Kaka and so. You'll word slam and then you begin. And the people identical givers can't say anything other than put carved up on this board and they can only put them on the board team kind of limited amount of space. To put always different clues into Bouillon out you know. Ideas like oh it's this it's this it's this but you can also listen to the of the team and trying to get ideas of what might be doing because. They're probably giving different clothes for her so it goes really quick is really fast they've got a much different cards for different levels of complexity. It was really fun and play the entire group a seven of us a certain there's a really challenging stuff there there's like some pop culture tightenings readership to guests. Luxembourg. Was one of the words oh my gosh it was so difficult Luxembourg is pop culture. Well there is out pop culture I think was one that's for sure it was a 101 dalmatians. Was like a pop culture might go to another difficult one to trend we're from Luxembourg to whoever it noted there never are following them follow him. If there's an exotic cheeses like Hamburg if this is a game by cosmos that is so years here in the one of the words and we couldn't trio what it was at first we just pitched it burning when Drudge for cart path what is correction fluid. Correction that again Ari what is correction fluid it's I don't mean he had Eric afterward Drake that way it's what gas gave no what I hear you coming from so they're using the European tour they are everything even though it going good it's like when nobody clarity to. Carport with another when nobody knew would have for good car car or IS and a lot of liquor for so you don't look fine and we got some nice timing with monopoly -- her. How is that I eat so there's a lot of mixed reaction to mr. blunt only Qaeda about it direct that you are in grammar and our armor. It plays like Mario Kart. And with a little bit of monopoly into it. But it's not long so it's or Shelly you and oh yeah no I mean you love Maria Elena and you have got to try to show them where you're shooting shells at people in your blast in them and they're dropping going dinner runner engram and goings. It's got a game clock on it so every time everyone passes go you'd draw a box and you have to fight that pots and went to get through all the buzz of the game's done. We played does that work in we did a four player game and 45 minutes how health. 45 minutes when less time anyone's ever played any type of monopoly game in 45 minutes never. Right to literally never and there's a little bit of strategy too because you're rolling and you've got two different procedural you were one for movement. And one for an action that you could to take so that might be like he's too green shell or shooting original or someone. And you decide which one you wanna do first and third bullet in this super deep that's a little bit of strategic choices to make in the game. It's a lot of fun it's very or Katie. But yet it's great. As it was so it's really cool I if I sound familiar to address. All right thanks so I think Sean Josh what are government. Well. I played. Smart macaroni. Good game then got to use the individual player boards the oversized. These magical science and that in that means everybody has something different that they can do some incentive many seems indifferent play a mind guy got no water generation. But I ended up with the most water because since I was forced to focus on it yet the only I don't got to get Nanjing are all right place mailing frontiers is very yachts. He'd. Yes we speaks theme we played it once before a cent fee if he's been know for sure our new addition coming out really soon cool. But our biggest things where we played care for Mars and Burks gambit. And found out we've been doing them all. Wrong OK I know the thing you brought this up yesterday and they knew when we were hanging that would BJ at the adult they game day and what exactly were we doing wrong with terror firmer if they feel like we had a pretty good luck on that game. Well. I am and I'd it's my fault now OK that sounds. Then number. Very rarely he was your father we're playing game room. Yeah. I hate two quick eye test 000. Thank you you're number one would meet soon tighten. No. You know that part where I. Said that there you can still do the says things to raise oxygen in and got authority Max out that the judge leisure you can still do those cards of course without pressure. Aren't the part we give points for yet not as true. To be very tennis ever part of the rule book and you know pay attention to hold whom they call me crazy and then I've never played without a broken toe and insert. And the regular sheets only go to ten on your Reese first generation. So you are for us used to accuse them marked so I am now either eleven. Or twelve or third if not it does not know owning a thirty. So if you drive around major fire us up we had a lot of resources maybe we like our. Yeah I. Interest seeing but on the flip side of that coin. We were all playing by the wrong group liberals so old and hanging and you know what I don't wanna be that wrong sort of go with whatever you remember output performance. Polygamy beginning. And he broke the game and I don't think that anyone we never had anyone just like run away with the victory for any one thing or the other so but that is that is interesting though. Since we all benefited a it doesn't in no way does this a change in my opinion in the game actually I still won't play. Had a couple minor things it was a major consequences Vanilla but. And then and number XM it. That's the not alien themed Internet team game bigger for. Wink wink mention weight when you get a nice you don't want easy put in your reserve Rick always when we come back for our term. Freedom is at an automatic gain posted if you're supposed to keep its if you wanna keep it. You get to keep it that leaves ice on the table leg is the players much. Some more choices turn. OK look around the table because I have one guy in front of yeah and you can leave it there you re re earlier other one vendor side was which wanna I wanna keep myself a chance it'll I don't we were doing that whom or what we do we where we were just getting revenge as soon as though it was our turn oh owe you money is that now came out in the back in about and we were jarring I guess I don't think we should have been rolling first and then making that decision yet. But the vine as you can keep it for a long time since he get that check ID one and target as yeah a lot of those you're going to get our current Corso and out yourself. Well but sneaky sneaky as they. And alien in this special. Services guide me sympathizer who read the Internet and. He's our I don't wanna talk about ownership idea lame I have my list onion you oh remain on the well you're nice enough the other you can introduce me to clank. You can that game it's one that I've I've sort of had a my radar for really really long time and I've never gotten around to it really and he had. It's amazing yet I didn't need to play how you play know if not sure yet we got to play this game it seems like something did that I would have played a bunch of times right no I I just I just never had the chance I didn't know anybody who who owned it or. That is I didn't know they owned it at the time in the end I would on the plated and when I got to tell you America listed as a really really between its three counties parishes. Not after it's through his. Listen if I was to go to one of your houses and just look around and all the games you guys have and point out to everything that I hadn't played that we needed to we believe. That that's the weekend. I mean that's that's a week and all arguing that he had a theory hey yeah are you point to point. But Jack you're really liked it I mean I was I was very happy with the way I played I liked the I like the mechanic that that is that it's built into it the made it feel like a really like it like a dungeon guy I mean it was really fantastic as far as you know you. You when you move maybe make some noise maybe make a little extra noise based on whatever you're doing and and hey wake up today in an on honest alone joining cubes and this really fun game on the tension that than during the Q so you had. My uranium mine and finally putting a lot in there are part of the opposite the notion on him and a lot of and then I am and now than debt that play out there on winning everything I did they do you expect that Tucker because I know there's a tarnish on if you knew that that was that was. It's pretty impressive I mean I really like that one felt. On the piano played count the clank it out there if you if you like dungeons and dragons and all or any of those sort of dug their culture and the games. This is absolutely for you as a it was a blast they're really like that that we also had another Chad has the place sold last day of the star. Full leg for the suns wanted to go and this game beyond this level like no who went home. I was and I can yeah you learn. Yeah you're. Yeah we played the swim with the with the developers very early are. I think they he had just. Just gotten a game kicked in and they have the very first sort of rough draft that we played with and I just. Just the components alone and how far they've come since that stage we're plated the first time is is amazing I mean they're everybody's got their own ship. Everybody's pieces they're all all very uniform and very much. A like his and in the original woman played Vegas Ted would cut outs. And everyone's since since everyone was a different species. All of their ships looked different and I'm even though they did the same things like I have my I have my son never you have your son divers. And am I have my transmission to our your your transmission tower. That pieces actually looked different not just different colors but there are shaped differently. And inning game where you can go and use other people's stuff. That was a bit of a problem because it was hard I had always ask somebody okay what is this. You're building since you're building doesn't match my building or your ship doesn't match my ship. I need to ask you before you that I weight which won this huge. So they did is they threw that out and made everybody's pieces of the same shapes and stone different colors of course but. This one. I'm I'm trying to remember how far down a rabbit hole we went on it when we talked about it before but the basic concept of the game is there's a dying star and all of the all of the races. On the planet that orbits the star. Have basically even mind the start to death and now it's collapsing and it's a NC a frantic race to get as much energy out of the star before it explodes. And I move off to some other some other place and resettle. So you Spaniard turns. I had diving into the sun is setting up resource generators to basically to mining energy off of the sun and get yourself as far away from the sun as possible before it explodes and their old from the mechanics built into with that that simulate that and and this scheme is just. I know it's it's heavy strategy. There are. If there's only really only one or two paths to victory but the beauty of it. Is that mechanic where you can use other people's stuff and if you set yourself up right to where everybody needs needs to use your stuffing you're going to have an automatic I research generator. Because every time he's when your building to get something every time you. Every time they go through one of your gates you get something and it's fantastic. Yeah you know if they really felt like eighty. They thematically appropriate Euro. Yes but really heavy hero with the kind of strategy into those two words do not go to Jones Telerate. Again so I mean now as counselor and yet you really got the theme well unnecessarily that you're doing what you should be doing in the game. And gathered the Tracy to make her really kind of crunchy and and challenging. Yeah it's an audience I'd trying and it's actually champs it's an Osaka braves and gloomy now as I am Rumanian yeah are not. How how. Being donated to do we about it. I think in my in and then the other one that I've been playing a law. Lately is elders sign and I've I've been playing it both the physical game and about emotion of playing it on my Apatow this is one that I realize that I don't think I've played with human yet and it's it's a cooperative game. Again highly dramatic leads in the mentions of madness slash. Could to a murder scene and are. Are garner LG are more classical exactly so profanity played all these games have. Certain elements that are heard they are uniform across all the games even the games themselves are wildly different. A lot of the elements of the same innings some of the characters. Two things on the one if you wanna play never lose play with my daughter Kylie death. She's even roll song is good money after I came up. And I let her brother cards to justify dramas like all the horrible things I Tehran as a permanent change you and relate roasters took quite Macbeth. I'm Pamela for do you guys. They want is doing gun very good and secondly you know they have hampering. I'll have that hello again and all the expansion that makes airplane flights so much nicer up. Absent a fragmented that's OK you know Friday or early he says Patrick I think. We'll roll observed. I so you play as. Eight investigators trying to. Round up enough. Oversized his fielding gates to the other realms before the elder gods come through and just wreaked Havoc on the thing and you travel around different rooms you have to rolled dice against different combinations to defeat the rooms and or the monsters in just. It's a really fun coop game and there's not a lot of it it's not a complicated game at all I mean if you're really really basic and I just a light faded dramatically for me it really really works because I'm. I'm I'm really take it to them a thousand things like that from anyone at any time something like that comes out I I jump on that. Both cuts in the whole local crafts universe yet. And so are from or in this universe is in need the town or city of our content and in that. Elders or is the world we have. And this is in the museum it's it's this yeah targeted it's in our competes in the museum and it's just and then museum tell. It's on loan for any game that's part of the world a bigger broader universe and I call the endurance stuff all of you are comes to yeah I love I love universe games. ME two and this is then there's the investigation that's so I take it out if you are if you haven't John yea euros. What's going on in the world of the convention circuit old there's a hole. Had about a lot of stuff going on is sandy definitely gonna periods in GDP and yes I give us us like a but there's a couple good things like all right well you know and OK so coming up will this do this in calendar order for people all right comes. Corner of the people and the great thing about I loved calendar you know I love I love I love. You know calendar quarter calendar order then best teacher I'm with you can't blame anger management. Balloon. To order waddle. Moon an eleven minute remaining. So moving yeah we have Americo puck on net but I assure him people in Arizona. This is going on in August 5 and sixth. You can go to America pecans dot com. I bring some because. Think twelve is going to have an appearance that there so you just do it chickens out and we for legacy of about this. Convention floor I'm. I can't get another I want your I mean higher employee today announced and I die we're cheaper so for free his simply apply when you don't have room plane again hello while labeled with the Texas. Next up coming August 17 through the twentieth. Is the line net and the only Jann Carl Louie and hapless Minnesota I am the only thing I will be filing a full report was missed walk. Yes yes yes I sit soda. I'm man in his own an apple and this is that's the good. It is. I was returning soda but man it's it's on the border of Indiana and Minnesota if that is when he had to and does. It's. Oh my gosh. I can you begin to get through this anymore I don't yeah they're very close but I'm not Arabs and there was the selling out in there earlier the first year. Need be you can go to gen con dot com to find out more information this is a massive board game event be event yeah humans so. Massa and check out. Mix up August 25. Three between seventh. One of my favorites dragon flight con dad held view. They're very latest so fine it's on those kinds Ricans can hang out in game. 24/7 yeah you wants they don't have become all time million point 43 point 43 yen into an Bernardino on a Sunday event delegate therefore we have got a call from evil and go to dragon flight. Dot org for more information on the Internet to get tickets if you can get there will play in the fifth just be allowed yet to walker that hill filled Firestone. Rebecca got the cut but other western going to be there are so you can be a lot of games and begin to do to try and yeah my game you can man because of time to plaguing the latest request at a convention you have a chance to increase in actual. September 1 through the fourth is. One of the big events here in the Pacific north world. That back up to something that west world the world did these facts west prime ass Texas. And that's quest I'm Aaron. Yes mr. due west of dot packs of PAX. Site. I dot com. There were they armed and easily used sold out at noon. Buying tickets and that call on Monday won't be at the will call that it is not a legal Eagles though think that since Seattle a few of them yeah yeah exactly and and almost always spoke so there's web sites and stuff dreamed of an accident and all I can stuff so he can promise still give it to get in my custom built Mormon Symantec's is an awesome time. I'm world. Brokerage started her on what's great about packs it's not a con you spend money. Right not any vendors everywhere. This is all about the fans this is all about them going yeah. The linesman pretty quick they've really got it down to a smooth system there's panels there's concerts there's comedy shows. It's just trade case heard everything. Yeah I generally that's. Do you feed peaking if you wanna pony up the dough for the ticket realize that you're just gonna have a blast entire weekend and that's alien I don't have to spend anything else that lets you really want her. Next up. September 30 through October 1 we have geek girl kind dancing I don't know lose it can be a fun month. Aren't Ko over 21 through the 22 it is G two. News bad news. And I better come we don't have an option and that's where and there are other week where. Where are you have to be there but that's OK I guess that's a really good condition get a winter blast last year they're expanding the the gaming area this year. There was there was so off for a year one yeah this is packed yeah acting absolutely Jonathan Lester. You know it or not commit that's the power of being able to have your own the built in advertising platform and it's pretty spectacular and he's the station really got behind in the new way you get it's on just being honest on the million condoms. Drone racing its dodge ball out of combat hate and and I know you're sitting there is again I don't wanna play done well in public. Yeah it was the most it's a spectacularly. Crowded saying yeah in high gear he can lie to all watching it. He had just watched people him being in the face them the kind of honey I love that that's pretty spectacular show. If you want information about this one Disco tune WW dot GE to rely news and I will have links all the stuff to any in the in in the you have. In the description this podcasting and thank you right now but yes so that's that's actually I think it does have a Twitter message. How fun and I do this next one is why we need cloning technology agreed but. I move that is shared consciousness cloning that wing I can experience the simultaneously bananas are a gay so leave what he's referring to is that there at the exact same time as GQ a lot of it is central city comic con which I will be. It's no. I have a question for you and I said I mean because you are fairly nice to have been a real quick guy I think that it's in Yakima Washington Yakima Washington. Is this the first year for central city don't go negative I've never heard this year. Three how man okay it's growing. Fast at a Hollywood is that I just totally wasn't on my radar and it probably. Haven't the same time as another convention last year against I couldn't go to it but. That's that's spectacular I think the Akamai has its has a dimension now that is is the thing we can they even. I mean interest cities they just have ragtime and it's the only one that they do but those are the the tiny little towns over on the other side of the state him in relatively low population centers and it's and it's a spectacular that they get narrow console. But if people know Washington and organ are very similar in that we have a west side and any says yeah around very much and the east side really does feel like a different state in the west sides of having something over Pena Camara. Is great Kenya reasons growing so fast is because they need another pond that's a little more south than sensational can't. So it's great I'm too I love that small towns are getting big Kong's. He too has fantastic news guys really wonder if they wanna start trying to make this into more of like any. A con like on the east side or anything that I big. Emerald sea comic on level convention. And they're actually getting nicknamed people serving you show up and Arkansas. Last and we were there like this had a blast gaming all weekend. It's a fantastic event and people had to you know a ton of fun time there. And he can go to central city comic con dot com for information on that when. Nice well thank you for that John thank you for. Then the current Sean rom com non millionaires should Von gonna put you on got to come up with something over that but for now. It's as if it is coming your name brands in the current regular we're we've got something over there. For now though we are we win we have we let him we know Hamels. We did we totally didn't think literal wee Herman and Ramona. Sounds nice keys for the hucksters to. Moon. Moon not yet I'm not because we went ahead and we asked to leave gate national we answer a question that like we do. That would end the question this time is what is your favorite game with the quote teeth that mechanic and I pulled the I pulled a description from a BGG that that was that's extinct. And informative and perfect filmed every that he right now. I think that mechanic is hitting him includes maneuvers that directly attack and opposing player's strength level of life points or do something else to impede their progress well usually providing the main engine for player interaction in the game. You really using card games were single and forcing card please can cause huge swings in clear progress or power. It was a really sixteenth there was a lot of deliberation I really enjoy that sentence and it ended and it made sense because we if I had to like explain I take that mechanic to somebody. I would just say anything you do that messes up another players. You know game but I really like the way they put it all feels like now I know more. A. In. You're welcome. OK okay what did you find people out data what are well there's no question and then before we go to Lou I'm looking analyst who we think about I got a preemptive. Heads up plan and email sent to me of show on its list of his favorite take thinking oh not at a duplex and want to run a government. There remember this is Sean blitz yeah okay go ahead my hurried a lot of time into our position on his list of favorite take that game right. Pandemic okay ghost stories. Legends of Andorra in a flash point higher risk yeah. Forbidden island and or desert. Defenders of the round and legendary encounters. Any legendary warriors most of my grandma. A. Woody. Woody story. Oh boy you mention flash point one of the times we've played fast played a front. You know what if I play as a firefight here I'd gone and who's an arsonist let me backtrack just a fact after I let her know you -- on their own moral grounds gonna try to do with your abilities you know they can magically try and really tanked and drop the building on everybody. And we got the last turn. And it. I like well just let you guys though I could drop the building and kill everybody here and in the game. I I'm not doing too and and escape NB the only survivor or a kernel. But that he doesn't make you do I would do it though. Thank god you're Zito now I love a little bit analyst Charles I'm out here and he had as we sit and I don't know you don't understand that's her big. For those revealer now yelling and I don't know radio gaga. Sean does not know what cooperative mean you know so I had to do. When you know that they thought the game. He tries to kill us all to somehow take the win for himself. It's what you like I know we're supposed to we're together and all of us make didn't have a good time here but how can I Whitney. Brian what can I do to ensure that I come out on top did not play pandemic legacy Jewish home and don't play any competitor I cooperative with Sean because she's gonna go poorly. Oh euros or ten cards guns were totally fighting aliens well boy what a pretty shoot you who. Paint can nice. Nine Kai hung in the face hugger so I can be and really play the game is is is out there the game has been made and we don't need to play test this to break is shown just play that game for got steaks like immediate generally ranks smashed my. Ship it to BJ is the guess precisely what I'm talking about. And this and and hey it's BJ's. Brendon thanks fine because then he'll just go straight back to you and now. Now shut our Josh and I are playing game by ourselves is hosting a player game or there abouts dangerously did you guys. Each other in a cooperative or whoever payment. Then they may in the rule in there that you could do that. A mineral what was the word together. That they put on the front of the box to an 80 all the anyway. Everything raiders got and I know it is actually in the know you're the you're actually have a list of favorite maybe probably broke his brain yet I assume my dad my every game I've I've I will figure out a way going to go to jail your arms can give you this card you know. And we. Having game I do but I am missing in my until the end. I could at expel wars munchkin and loads of water do you know addiction though wars. Is. Pretty much all take that yeah. Com there's not a lot of surprise. You can do we're gonna need the full name and game. Moment in this country that the sub epic spell wars. The battle it melts skulls fired as it is guiana this and that that's the thing I know the first run and I. I don't remember what the name of the second one was about I am both. And they are they are spectacular they're do you you're casting spells of one another. In the most insanely. Careens the combinations in and just go the way but you're both together is pretty spectacular and amazing they just. I think this is protect and amazingly eight times were back to its spectacular for our. It's amazing methane anger and so it's pretty much all take that I mean everything you're doing is testing fell to one another and and things that there are some. There are some surprise element to an like that a lot munchkin of course. You know you think you get yourself set up you're going to be taken on the monster or whatever and then some of the well now it's two monsters are now with a giant or anyone you fight this thing or I'm gonna take your. In two do away or whatever it is you can't take my in my in my boots have bear the and what. Players that person. I'll. Tim I'm making him take that he had no business improvement it's not mine it's on the guard and then who thought. And landlords water deep is that is for the most part guys. If it can play like a like me like a solitaire but the bleak indeed take that mechanic that is in the game is one of my favorites and you're you're giving. Somebody else a mission that they have to do you do burn off some of the resources and put on her game a little bit and felt. And one of the along the ones I just I really love that particular one not that the hole now after the game had a lot of take that in it. But the one that is what it does have built in is probably my favorite. I. Machinery plant. Loved everybody get knoller and guys on the ship and I'm gonna talk a move and a motto. Move her off volvos and man you know I knowing. But my favorite is definitely current thinking on her because that's all they game ends oh yeah and knowing that he. He would sounds weird very rules leery to say you you needed do strict timing rules but in this game. Having those strict timing rules makes the game yeah absolutely it's not and meaner aggressive thing. But you have a blast Meehan like I can do this right now I never really messes with everybody is Africa or when the whole table turns against you in menu block color alliances and then they knew that. Riot police don't yet and that's that's fantastic. Our Sean credential what's the mine say it's a split. And I feel like I had adding another game because I like a little self serving I'm just happy Arab Dyson crown does it incorporate this does. This area and the ability to this load daggers upon someone and and her new get them to go no go give Toledo going to be like dipping here's your neck your body year. Your period is going to be the Euro rough and enjoy it. I decide love so much the other one is Emmitt have. Hairs that is a wonderful you. There it could easily dementieva is a game where your building up our resources on the ships. And then your suing them to places so you can get more points. Or are just watching her I wanna go ensuing that ship was now means that yes because you can sale any ship you know I have to say oh ship that contains your goods you can close a little citizens and took place where. Maybe he really didn't wanna go look how terrible it is so fun begins really easy to learn and it's actually was up four it was a nominee for whom English Bil or was this yours. He was so good in you can just. Mean he still points stages. What brought up. When that game so much. Heroin the what are the nationals have to say they're quite commencement renowned kind of quick sweet Dan Trimble wants is. Lost. It's not back down Trimble says he lost the king of Tokyo. Dad are rare although it hasn't been. Yeah definitely making a Tokyo because it's just King of the Hill yet so yeah. Enders Russell history I'm the boss playing at the time the mosque guard. Sparing us. Bringing a match and Sons of Anarchy. Overall yeah mathematically that's a good hole in the game. Next we have Kyle king keyed don't we know him yeah historical society Russian roulette. It literally right over whoever is surname it's them I'm missing something here. And we Larson says. I really like games without take that mean he is very don't know yeah they're not for everybody Eric beavis munchkin and the next big deal yeah. Benjamin Alvarez of late mission red planet Emo tip which. Yeah I don't. I am I Alvarez there you go read you Lyndon. Yeah and he says his fears of Italian which also. My hand below that means so much. Me and things that sell they don't. Apollo. Commissioner climates in the Spencer's got. Awful Fennessy children about death of a fairly new wanted to advocate Sarandon and when that's when the very bright but we haven't which has a brilliant. It's a fast paced game card game where you are trying to put together a story with an antagonist protagonist plot point and a lot of cutthroat. Take that with your neighbor all you're to have this when you have that tells a really good. I Joseph Myers says innovation because the the take that opportunities are many and varied because a game can turn on a dime because you can share. In your windfall with your fellow players at the expense of one or more. Unfortunate victims I expect fantastic yeah part Winfrey says broom service you have to have an herb leave axes. I'm the boss uses a take that mechanism but instead of beating angry you end up laughing which is always. And that's always that's that's exactly well at the cook's quick aside their with broom service creation played for in terms of the car game with Vijay and car insurer friends and that definitely is like the so to take that in their game is if you're playing cards as the the brave which then you get more of resources essential. And if someone else follows that up with the card the match at the same color you don't get to see it just gets turned over. Food and then the next person plays that same color they don't give the players of that it's the last first and get overly defines who's gonna get what. And we had a number of rounds where. Currently some things like as you play in the yellow which and then also meeting goes it screw you buddy and played the yellow originally. AB jays get you ready to play the yellow and not just because he did to regularly keep that chain go into. Next TE Steve. Any copying down there. Maybe there's been any good he really loved him yeah move around everybody should do you know if you're breaking. Austin David. Soon artist in him two time. Yeah I yeah oh yeah I'm glad turtleneck back into the beginning yeah. Michael Mayne says Domino's. Ferdinand and drew capitan though this mash up. Oh yeah and yet that's the name chief John Charles Gelman dwarves in trouble. Michael Roger employees year round and pass protection. And Aaron. Sturgeon ills has finally popped which I had not played but I cannot wait and there he knows really cool snap. All right and that's what we haven't from the Facebook's take effect FaceBook you know next week's question yes came when I can Muster a much and also picked fifth. I'm feeling BJ my fourth segment is gonna get cut again it looks like the only thing that we can we don't have time port but ensuring that flux yes. Old movie. And I made its way to title together well played. Social art I think tactics are recorder is gonna have to be quick starter corner this week so let's hear it must visit last OK so frequent are both. Fire relates to the quest incur game by hobby horse games. There's a two to four player card game at some role playing game where we using cards. And plays pretty quick it's 660. 200 minutes long. And that plays over in five acts and you put together your characters really quick and the the art in this game is really cool and the stories that you can create based on the stuff is actually pretty fun. We have she had a chance to meet these guys and there are great group so I recommend checking this out there currently at some point seven came near eleven K goal. And thirty dollars for the based clutch. Next up is he buck. But the awakening in my orange nebula. Is a highly strategic fencing team game four to five players who treaty yet is when resource management area control his or her mechanics this game looks awesome. Playtime is fifteen to thirty minutes per player which seems about average furthest I type of game. I have get a 54 dollar based pledge. They're forty K of their thirty Canadian goal so there blasted through all their stretch goals this and ending August 10. Next up is founders of gloom David and I believe. I. We Rachel you're telling me your name is now a university and you is an anti terrorist game. This standalone city building board game. Tile placement and action selection and it's set in the world the blue haven. They're working on lock the stretch goals of mean yeah he dropped this in within the first day it just blew it out of the water. Very around over 200 K right now. Oh updates of their 286 K they're good DK you'll he actually was surprised to be blasted two things that quick so. Which surprised me because everybody's been talking a gloomy even. Undergoing a one pledged there it's the 49 pledged 49 dollar pledge which is a really good price for game like of this waiting quality there. Star realms frontiers by and large dog wizard. Only so much so schema so good this is the latest SP themed deck building set Forestar Ralph's. I when he dollar for the base pledge of thirty. For the base which plus Promos and unlocked so we really wanted to throw you wanted to be thirty. They are destroying it as 388. K another 110 goal I mean yeah I believe my surprise trays on the right. So a lot of the stretch coldest up there in the army unlocking such pretty cool now this ends August 10. And who goes there by certifiable studios. This is the group that did endangered orphans what does that mean durable game. I'm waiting to get market starter Covey now you say a normal game it's as endangered or firm yes that's who you thought the duckling game was adorable new there are giving them an incentive repute to show no sold the blackened out Huskies to so who goes there is a semi cooperative. Coke and oh did you know. Does this work DeVore players expendable to six plays in 9220 minutes. I it's basically the things actually get the license for this junker just carpenter's the thing yeah accidentally have been named characters in this. And they are style is amazing yeah I think this like kind of cartoonish ourself our good things cleaned crazy America web comic art. Luckily a really cool menus after unlocking because they're at a 163. Mile east of there fifty for a giggle yeah I mean I said many serve. 59 dollars for the base pledged discipline ends August 8 Nesta did legendary creatures. By Eduardo rare off. So this is a yield deck and resource management. Where year of combining creature abilities and magic spells. Amulets and you were recently trained to be like the best I'd Trudy wizard. And I in the game. There's a lot of ways you can mass of people have got these really cool wooden peoples in the game all right. Amazing art in the skins game looks fantastic. It's quit playing games. But there's a lot of strategic choices and things are gonna make in this. It is currently at 25 came to twenty K goal also with the clintons is going to find highly remit of check this out girls are really great guy to. And yeah he's doing a record game and and that's easy for quick starter. And now. DJJ oh no no no no if I don't get to talk about flex BJ doesn't get to coming here and sound off about no hot because I know and that's our desire you know I've already put the ultra music that is it. Sorry buddy I get stuck MMI thing you don't oh yeah we you're number one with me to take dead BJ. Well I. And delayed ice. Your inner geek wants to come out and play. But where to. Don't join Vernon Wells the ultimate globe where you when your fellow geeks can hang out play games and just nerd out 24 sevenths whether you love RPG some video games or are just a major fan of size flying deep culture Vernon Wells has something for everyone let your deep flags fly at Vernon whilst. Sign up today and see for yourself BMW duck club that's BMW dot clubs.