Thee Podcast Episode 186

Thursday, July 20th

This week we discuss hip new music and recap Saturday night's CageSport.


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I was actually villagers are you member of the original Major League. I. I companies involved when he said that. Oh now the original. Major week. The guy it's five all the things it when guys it's a home run the notes too high. We mean to side that would that you director of previously out in the outfield themselves of this giant argument at so many balls in the air. Well no gets caught it was so ridiculous just car owner of the hole seems kind of famous throw it to we need to. Even when I'm in June and I'm sorry I you know you're. Yeah I think you and I and this comes as we're at a restaurant and somebody dropped something. And on your microscope put that anywhere you out of Rochester sank did avenue and revenues and I'm. From one of the this way to Steiner told me so so when I drops on the right vice like. I'll open. Daily log into it podcaster at this isn't just any projects just any pod cast couldn't do this. If you. Eat. Contact him snorting the tests. Starting deep stuff. The storing these senseless and I'll. You'll let her Wear helmets no. Big clot that there was a way that. But village for the deficit for the hosts this here podcaster podcasts and all the land all the way the left of his life murder buddies always hear what he's somewhere in southeast Asia on two wheels driven in a cop out what's going on the fight is fought the results are end and the curse is broken early podcast making a run toward all time highs today is our boy's body MacIntyre beat. Julian juicy Jair Rosa. Sending traders into an absolute frenzy on Wall Street longtime CEO and CDP decimated today saying quote. We to best and we'll put the story isn't over digits gives people someone on the inside and did send out an awkward conversation backstage we'll find out that's it there. I agree that right back there on the we have still get the studio. You know water's cold it's all showed no it is back cover the producer and Betty T. The little closer to about it dead. We're both New Zune. Yeah dismayed about the on the one now. I'm the one thing you know beaver. Jesus Christ guys I look I've been harder lobbied for awhile what's and the ones that song DJ Khaled production. Bieber sing and hook. And you first give Cuomo Cuomo Cuomo wobble just tell me the hook Hampshire and a song. Multimillionaire. Congo wind here. And I don't know yet but the money don't. Anger. Tom Nolan yet I'm willing yet. It's not like that do it it's a smooth one anyhow Colorado from me goes is on there the chance the rapper kills it and then little wings vs we. My acting it's a song on the subject and talk to. A friend of mine's niece she's like nineteen in college and I was like hey. My being the crazy old guy here in the beaver or is this this she's a noses song so. Other but then to spot Shubert whatever came just a seat tell ya outside I consider the song summer I don't know yet with less. Ten other people are. See now. That's the other beavers opened do both those other two guys right in the beavers got popped up he is so much yet to get guys freeware yet but I. On the want to better. Momentous as he does pretty catchy. I'm not gonna let the media tell me this is how we do it on this thread don't Rico I was in man. They speak Spanish and a bunch nice that I understand now. That's cool. Your results. At dinner allies peace peace peace to his caddie of ten miles wide. No I think that's also down up and hardly a lot and at the downside that I'm now there's recording of it on the Internet. Definitely an event to say to each other I know my cousin ethnic. They devils let me down at ten miles I've known sought on Saturday though. They have to. Listen anything besides local. I yeah yeah I love the new royal blood on and you know I'm I'm not opposed but I certainly lean towards mobile there's a lot of it and yeah its. There's a lot of lot of really cool stuff happening right now here in Seattle play out on the new well blood a really love odd ghosts is you know one my third bans soup. And then you know Lotta you know bigger more well known stuff. But as far as like that it didn't you bands that are localized state coast and royal blood topped. What's might go to genre outside of rock. That's good question. All right. I just led the funky stuff that we listen to a meltdown you know whether it's lake. Is his more electronic or five alarm Volcker stuff like that the united they yet that's sort at that. Sort of stuff real cool palace of two is based mission bounce things fielder is good with sunshine and can move music didn't move to know so excited for meltdown my pandora now I have three station. One is Alice in Chains. Won his green is. In the other's future. It's like at that I have this conversation with some people can't is only a few what's actually been really like rap. Like super poppy stuff from a man this year riverfront in my RV but we're a bit of I should get tired of it like I got sick and tired of late but we're orally stuck in one genre I'm like man bring it back rapid pop. I don't care before I am Q what do I do think it's beavers. Did you heard any sparrows. Sparrow now. So I was gonna say hops and has a rapper and I'm really into right now that some 21 year old girl told me about you know school. And I know the name of so hot hot and has some good like very aggressive almost a battle rap like Eminem in his prime but. Expose is more like. Mike feel good rap kind of like Jurassic five or around we'll Dickie something along those lines signed into acting you'd like expose them. I just get out including people on drama. Must now from my concern. BT RAM periods in between yes and out on the west what's it about this. Whereas once solidly Gotti balance got broccoli that's pretty good cash receipt cash or she's not here. Kaspersky. Podcast machine. That is just like rap about being rich yeah kinda logo when she talks to me image literary my guest machine oh yeah I heard that it. I mean he is just fine. That's I think that's the thing lake. But I was talking about lake with our group or whatever just I'm just like I think sometimes I get at some of the rap stuff seems so much more tougher hardcore replete. There's also a lot of fun stuff going on like I'd put I like the ace up mob guys. So there's songs are fun but they are very aggressive yeah they had exile on diet now town that was pretty gala that was a rapid can pop. You know fairly aggressive be detailed it. I guess somebody got this here good milk doesn't have like that like that's what I liked about Emily you burning in there that night we listen I was up until bring Mansour that he wasn't with supposedly. The electoral burning again. Translation venerable out publicly were wearing the dragons the dragon came over and it started playing in back or cap for the opponent. And in the dragon turned off Maclin were right as we Iraq into it I thought. That time homemade steel dragon but probably the size of the school bus. Pretty cool it was pretty easy to be like yeah we're at 945. K crossing the dragon slayer FF I felt Steve rock. This via everything out there elicited straight out of a mad Max movies this thing looked like if you were just like scrap in parts of a junkyard and all you had this like. A little while there I don't know what kind doesn't say take we'll have no idea what kind of wildly used but. He set a welder and a go cart onion to make a twenty foot steel dragon. My round but only if these were trailing at that seriously. Do when he's in the truck and started playing in rapid poppies that we got so excited and then just late. He's got just a joke but it can't hold it came on before I know we're like stand up there all the music you guys have to learn song with Seattle yet viewed. Buchanan view and comes in the info packet. While compact. All right. Have no idea how we got to this point it had we have from I'm more like. So last week we have and Bobby Mack attack he's gonna take on June UG TJ Eros writes it. A rose is a great fighter Ultimate Fighter TV show he's all mad in 33 or four fights UFC and it seems like for like. Seat five and wander like five into it yet have a good record that kind of surprised he didn't stay up there longer. So anyhow so we gotta talk to and then you're seeing is good villain that Scott was saying that giant I can't say where you are good building. He is I mean the crowd tonight gets into you know the crowd's excited to see him fight. But you know like oftentimes these fighting against hometown. Guy and so yeah. Pre match play the part of don't rights that we. It's also kind of funny because without Carter withdrew its tenth threaten. Well Cisco no you know I don't know if I'd always go into and I'll love every second of it but it's okay right when I first it would take backstage during tonight's cat. Everybody's like oh hey we usually we heard good things the body lately you know everybody's excited you know Bobby was cool with that Michael. And nobody brings up Jolene title I kind of let it go and honesty problem bobbled. But its trainer Ned Obama works over at the sports station out. So he always had two CJ on his podcast make him look that up with a Mimi his students love. The bounds like on would have her like I mean here but it's cool. Felt like all right so then. I see Julie. Right he's over there these are taped up and he's really relaxes me and I'm like what's up right just given a couple of got us into Heath night. That in any came over on the podcast to him he has yet I Nelson gave bush exits. All right. And then like this kind of an a comfortable couple laughs but it's uncomfortable for me this when I realized. That's you know and I forget I thought his family lives around the area friends like they have heard that song comes on my. I heard that you've been talked kids. Do think how good. At this point then you think he got to just turn him and I keep my name match now the Pentagon. I. He says that I'm like I'll it's cool whatever that in his trainer and it kind of went his camp coming Yakima rich. Also does the matchmaking. For how cost reduction in each sport so stuff like obviously I really respect to eat. He's a nice dude would you just tell he runs an enemy Jim knows he's doing his daughter's like this super wrestler it's like seventeen impedes upon all the dudes all the time and like. Has this crazy work ethic actually killer writes I always like he with a brick rubble probably never enter active time so that hasn't been sleeping the top of where we're staying lean plate close to me in Cobb are now they were behind closed to pour in the office. And we're about as close is that share in Kabul about three feet apart. I think there are right. He has a pain manly yet he got everybody rooting for my boy my boy out their right now like when you hit my whole camp. I'll think hook that easily yet heard back and he's got. I don't remember what he says he's at this point what he's not release the violently he's not exactly one of those guys that moment. Connolly. A man like this and then use you know rupiah against him to. Says I told cops I don't know what to do to freeze up. And then I just read Hoover and kind of late bush show him what his shoulder to. Alcohol rich rich gas respected. It's got that bold move did you deserve a contract etc. did I did know. It would do pump my instinct was to initiate contact you to ease the McDonald friendly animal. Thought I can add to your bed to know garlic by about a punch should know mode but either Red Cross. Food grown ass man but. Since it. East and it's island he's the nominee and it's cool I usually go like the body of you are and everything I get it in easily that we just are talking easily you know what I wished he'd of this. It was our very funny that Jesse your boy it was a little worried for us and him and I even if like I can still remember my hands and hit distorted and it doesn't work. And after I might wish fellow of the new evidence do you think oxides and not funny. God yeah our does that views it as an attack now it. Takes you down a peg real quake. This let's just get slipped automatically like us. Yeah man immunize you got the beard that looks like give a strong chin banana differently in the Hong Kong. I go down to grow like he's the tree is innovate trainer yet. Everybody knows differently Google to throw down and he's out there. I'm right so now finally great data fights right. A lot of good action and there's there's knockout to tap out I did feel bad. The first fight Attica and it was like oh in three and a guy making his pro debut. And they were like 185 earth did you know they rehydrate your big boys. And they come out and just start throwing bombs. And I mean the dude whose debut it is is just handle on this other dude. And then as he finishes a punch they kind of missed his journals wide open is gonna hang in there. In the other two who just I mean clips of I mean it is an instant knockouts eighteen seconds. The it might start in the and I mean I'm pretty sure broke his nose to fifty. I mean it took over a minute to get up and of conduct and yeah I'd like uncomfortable I didn't think he tees he sees pro hootie view on the did not doubt late. There's a hell 182 flight often approached private. That starts tonight there's a bunch of good fights. The guy do what I do before announcing their mission there's an old seahawk player there that played University of Washington. Glasgow Glasgow was his last name I. God is killing me he was such a cool dude. Now as the nesby Glasgow. All right my needs are and remember now in the this brother was fired up man I mean he was six years old he's still got a much energy so I mean I'm backstage we chitchat for a minute and then in the cage and doing his introduction like. You know at university of Washington and let him to the Rose Bowl this and that you know. Who comes out you know so when you get in the fighting he has and just think this the first pitch into the her an earlier one guy had put up with the union at the start of a fight to like tap pants then get it you kind of cheap shot and punched him rated the testing pool. So my band just goes to get into an average IQ. Tests like. Would you do that she shot. I thought Hillary is going crazy by the way they got to achieve shouted and that joke now the other dude. It was fines it worked out that even back I interview him he's a lecture right this just after great fight. The room was pumped up. Attorney of my microphone my day's done I grab a beer in the back. Body everybody down UTC. Sorry but I have to those Favre story in the back drinking Beers a popular Roland. Yet you boy Bobby's great fighter but mean do we just some toughness in that right. To the point it's hidden in my head domain is due CJ just TE skinny not be beat now SuSE right to. They for a second here. Had facts I think it confidence is boosted corporate not a lot of you folks there was just a beer in the back. There's two Beers the Dodgers just gonna get an Al. Liquid courage homeland of us just so funny Saturday night people pumped to push that trainer damned if I. I. Back. My other buddy Eddie back to rumored return to it but. Let's finish its rich. Atrocity I guarantee you seventeen year old daughter to. All of us via the so I. So I get back to icing might starts they come out they're paying him. There's a quick takedown or whatever and then there's a solid exchange rate. And then. I am Bobby. Ricky and catches the man in Julian goes down I mean what did they even elected the classic like well. The wobble with me maybe you could tell like me and rocks right he at the switch and the body hops on effort double improvement over. So the arena and Bobby had so many fans Damien. You read it is going crazy I mean I literally like a soccer obvious stain and they're like oh my god I QB that just happened equally. It was unreal I think to the point of plate people were in shock. Think on the fifth they do they really you could see late. I don't know even like so lots of work on the production hole will that happen. Wow so does it it was a big oddity catch him in the right spot are just a great punch agreed upon yet. Tiebreak just. It. You know just a nice counterpunch column I mean. Like a movie dude right in the center of the cage hitting him with it was off. Yeah I mean he and in met at a whole whole crew with them and stuff everybody is going crazy problems that he will fare right. Now at this point. I I I'm not enough for me. I wanna tell Julien Haley don't slip late Pope but I'm not going back there are about tiger Chrysler. Could plan. You made your peace though right now on the other end. I think kept trying to overstep the bounds a little bit with the army and behind me and her her. We took were cut through tax to eight. Okay but that's about it. He was a great I'm just like oh my god and I'm so proud you just laid up for good did it dude everyone loves a winner. Right but I that would give him with a ten title like he's kind of like stepped through a couple back. But did know him he shouldn't he go and let them alone that's well. Does the Madison social faux paws really good time. It was dated but not in the Islamic. I you know I thought you would have been a fan of the shoulder push root for the bush yes. If an elite trainer. Clean. I don't know what they couldn't teach people to beat people up for a living man. Mostly this is a good impact of the Wellesley cal would respect that god voices to be arson push anybody. On a lover not a fighter. I looked like a fighter and accused me save. This is more of a bush you know just kind of hey man you know I love you. Did he strike you down I would say with the softness that I pushed rich. The other flip side of that would be hardness in which I hugged if the hornets will be posted on the shoulder and he just looks and knows. Don't touch me I don't know. I don't know I don't know what that's what I'm saying me and rich is such an intense do you have like when he was thinking that to me. I really did not know without a point if he was serious and I was tartan lake in my head back out Buick. This is entertainment you know that's I guess the Red Hook up the credit facility with people who were there was a couple of people watching I just. Cook and he sold mainly involved still out there. Rip off missionary who and what is it. Think about rich. Think of it caught me off guard I'm just glad my mountain do you guilt. Because unhappy about. If they you know that's the way they did you would you have liked but I don't get why he has to be the villain. I was like that and though and that's what a concept that Alice in my order. I barely been known to act and that's how scared I was I didn't have time to think I should look up under the bus just. Reacted with contacts and you're out of an optical. But I tell you yourself made a serious situation well it seems serious attitude now. For governor re. Jobs taxes and Phidget I don't use the situation. I'm Adam the apple puts you look at everything you rightly class did you take the base of the way to defuse the situation is detached and on the dvd yeah. Meant the false look into the but it. Just might. That's according to. The but yes seriously Bali. MacIntyre is Bob Beckett say enough week I was so pumped awesome these guys will testify in a Texan on the way Google's popular man now. Yeah also cheesy Jay's mom and listen to the podcast. Jennifer what am I mean for what it's worth just so I don't give data by Julie Jason. Amateur. Such as usual DC I don't case. And I grocery store like I mean the only reason it works as a bonus 'cause like he's a good fighter and he's had a pretty storied career up to this point in now. And so like merrily wants to see some stuff that's a pretty storied career they're under sang like you know he's like he's a good fighter. Mean even his best Russia your face Yakima dog yeah I don't know. Sorry man up all that would be awesome if you're a bar in Yakima I don't know why. You know Bobbie back Obama buttons that images that you mean a change. Did you talk. When you step outside right and you go for the shoulders bush after he got that you'd like but it shouldn't. Insert comment moved he could not pull up that I hit him with a Ted real quick. Did not diffused. The Carl could you but it. It gives them people there and I don't know man I mean at that point I'm gonna pool cue and just unified from my life. Man also. Here in Tacoma theatre time. 66. Street you're sixth avenue go to Salina get there early ahead only of Kankakee him. When I say early. He was here we got there in cape our usual waitress open the door and then he got like ten more minutes were open for a over the before we should point three their 49 ball. And then we get so we got three lamb shanks right. And then couple tables next to us we heard a couple both order on the right sorry we're out. And they were like literally had the feeling it makes exit date really on the weekend. Yeah I would on full like contact lamb shank I'd look at them do it. That he got interview where six. Are amazing admirer I got on so that we each have our own I don't even need a knife it falls off the bone. Which is true on our right we have probably could've shared that this is America it's good to just get a little gladness from time to time. It really suck if you couldn't get a lamb shank I'm so full. They are delicious. We have to talk to alliance with Turkey leg and yours you were talking Turkey legs now and I wasn't hot inter Milan. Her hockey now events. So hypocrite. If my friend works for this Mike I don't know we call like art seasonal of and company are custom ovens for restaurants and things like fifty to a 100000 dollars. Up in Bellingham that he stiffer action on Tuesday making a special public because of no technical. There's another market. Danced all the enemies over and now Ballard stone burner and they were gonna shoot this commercial. And I guess I got the last minutes one of extras bailed such Texans on offense from high schoolers like hey. Are you in Seattle like yup site and you a flexible schedule what are you doing at 130 like an hour from like nothing what's up. She's like could you come over and be an extra in the back of this oven commerce on even know she worked at numbed companies I was like. Maybe you'll have to do. Pensions like well it's you know like we can't pay you taxable give you free lunch and I'm you're just like you're an extra Symbian backgrounds like. Welcome come check it out. So I go over stone burner. And pull up and Alec all advocates a big production there's like multiple cameras bunch of lights is paid actors there the whole thing and it's decide OK cause I go in I don't see my friend. Talked and there. Production person whatever long story short. The only shot I'm going to be in his one Redick pan across the restaurant and there's a guy proposing to a girl on the milled restaurant. Behind them they seated six couples or six people three couples an individual tables. And the metal. Your boy. Turkey leg so the move Raddatz they can't ask restaurant is that just take a giant bite out of its charity tournament background of the guys proposals. It's just arbor. It's right by kings hardware again I don't know what it is. Do you actually it's a beautiful Russian made a great job of that kind of food they serve that you got a huge Turkey alone. I guess it would. I would describe as like me. Once in American continental but it's like really like a hunter gatherer type menu and then you pizzas and sent to. Mean I'm only in there twice now. I don't know but it's beautiful to the bottom of some hotel and has a brand new building in the may get a really good job like aging me enter haven't spent. Anyway the somewhere on the Internet I've never evens the middle eating the Turkey just as they panic roster boisterous. Dracula. And that's about as pictured you do and those people with lamb shank. Snobbery guy contact. I suppose Turkey legs rightly. That place it's probably good when you're like fiercer. And it carnivals. Yet fares. They always have a right but I'm never the biggest fan after what does that shake Turkey the united elephant ears corn arts yet. So when we were down relish you of one of the tailgate tours were tailgating right and we met this dude the night before totally blew it forget. Met him in the casino and music on you guys are down on the strip like come on my tailgate will take care. So we get there birdies out like a little when those little lake not little but probably. Think a fifth wheel. But you know like it has beer taps on assignment K examine and stuff there. So it puts her whole it's not in our view it's the whole thing called like you'll Florida's swamp what's Ellis use. Oh that's the real Death Valley the real that ballot and Clinton says it's you know she's. The epic epic. So anyhow so we're sitting there right and we. And I just volleyed on our ground and Richard could be years office K they put them. Purple dine it's all the Beers a purple whatever my dad doesn't pay price he's damned funny who. And then randomly there's a truck goes by there's guys in the back and they've got Turkey lakes that have been smoked and they're just individually rap music Turkey like circulate. After my dad gets on that takes these this place is amazing artist you don't know what to. I think the island the chip or Mike I don't wanna get a free Turkey put it. The air flow like wine when Plotkin percent of Capistrano. The crazy thing was echoed in blue gotta pay anywhere near food there's five of us. At least finalists were drinking their beer and stuff they obviously mean I think revelers Acadia got a deleted a McCain eager to you guys mind pitching in twenty. Yeah sure no problem in grisly eight earning well everybody. When it's funny what you podiums are no I just don't want me. The people like the this year I think every person here is straight in eaten at least twenty dollars worth your fruit. South may have now been very nice. Now Columbia says. Straight white male pickup truck after the gad damn they're friendly and south. There was some talk of maybe taking time out to do debt the debt farewell party. All right I still say we F date now on there yeah I'm scared to stop it. I don't rationing death data because that is via giant. Giant gaping hole in audio that on yeah you're exactly right it just makes me sound. Cooler when its own fate over prepared. You know it. That's good reason go to break that's one thing people never say about it. It. Right. Are we Roland we are and what's still real question what the hell are we talking about. Please to business as usual thing like get a good time to stop. Has momentum. Completely killed it pushes calls it right there. If you take it so many. Let's say you guys are right. If somebody comes up it's like hey thanks to meet you guys was in the podcasts like you can you you're one someone right now you're not together. It's like a couple of teams are a couple right the guy and a girl and McDonald she really committed a picture of you entirely sure. But then she kind of hangs out for a minute. Lake. Patel stuff that's out right real thoughts at all that happening over the weekend. And then there is like other people waiting like behind this girl right. He's cute girl. The late they were tough for me right site I thought it was I thought it was a polite way and I dislike just. A cool place to meet. And they generally putter head death. But I think for UK. With two. See that's something you never really know that now you now yeah hike. I did this crew hung out her brother all the time and he's you know it's not a small guy handsome you'd see all the time like. People would think she like you know I was with her but people would assume like he was with her and not approach or whatever like it freaked out I don't know. He December and our girls who do but I don't think girls realize that. He now. Like nice guys like us is generally Iraq respect the space like it's old and a commitment in items taken from a rude to Dina. As if she's the one out of five of them awfully. It yes it again how wished it was easier way to Parse that situation it's very difficult socially Youkilis is the podcast. I don't know of I might as vehement. But I Wilson either way now let him to recounting stories that there was some awkwardness. Because I'm telling you lake. The look on her face of this article nice to meet you got. So that and you are track coach O'Leary you wouldn't know total net at all. But the same what I said at your reaction now what was that route. And that's the question is like when she with a dude or she's trying to sub communicate to you that he gets an accelerant stand here. Who prefer a like I like that button up your way clear Monday evening and look fancy. He had deviant there it could produce you know like you know the original DP deepest the it gives you the sad thing is to get a blister with him late one night of marriage issues and I got a blister and what has sought to. Dude I'm double end up wearing a black ankle socks underneath address. He might be that are going to like a really thin like Adam ayalon he saw that. Slides our economy accent I'm psyched I want her dressed as of today and always have trouble with spyware like a much thinner. Sock from express is like their thinnest. Sockets pretty cheap sockets got Taiwan and yeah I just yet slides on that are part of the reason is its own that one Payer but they're minuses payers like. And I think women. Don't realize. And so. They get at this point well established by the women of better social IQ the man. Because they have more social interactions is more in tune that stuff at a with emotions everything so I don't think they realize. How thick we are. Like to meet you I'm an economic signals guys miss like I watch it all the time organizers missing signals left and right. I missed signals all the time and on totally misconstrue. How that goes into me like I was in her I just thought we are friends I don't know. And so I guess I don't think they realize how thick they need to land on for us to understand what they're trying to sub communicate. And vice Versa you know when guys aren't interest that I feel like. Girls can be buried like. Non. That's rightward. Turn around. Non non confrontational but they just like parents. Over enough advantage since I see both both sides of men misunderstand me signals. But we do. And now apparently offend. One way or the other right that's not usually an awkward quick. Mean is there a chance for reprisal. Now let's say she listens and cast you know. Which is so that I sounded really get an email NetSuite. Yeah or we get an angry email looks like they do that is my girlfriend you just being nice she really likes the Chicago thugs like this is still undecided it. All that is we're sorry. There are a lot of that tonight. You know it probably in the end it's probably played Julian doesn't have actually that's ridiculous hot Mike what do you what do you want content through red blooded American man to man out there. Me and push another man anonymous men and women causing trouble is that last lamb shank cut the naught land shark. Our accomplishments let's get it's an ego thing. I had so I've had so our problem is gone from bad to worse. I thought we had no emails coming in here today in terms that we had like seven are able they're now all going to spam somehow so. Anyway most of these are just warnings about Matt and his behavior. Soul or credible Creighton knows. Heads up F bomb near the end of the podcast 185. Minutes of before. Sixteen science. Hey guys does an F bomb near the end of 185. An honest to get out of there yeah. I the obvious that I I got to be partners there right here in an exciting night. Via voice on the roads are just quick quick you know boy you know and two DP jobs enough spot one point three broadcast ads it was a wanted to fire there is too old and marked it warrants. That is lake. And that we've won a vote he must he won out new gets dropping. Tournament the past few weeks. Love the show you a degree and work at best podcast on Lance all all the way and thank you job. Yen and the other ones I think are real so. Crowd guys you're about splits last I was wondering how much you make them I had to put a cigarette filter or correction. I smokes and split pot smoked some spots and I was younger there's just too harsh. Might have just been a young Willis. So they're definitely archer with the tobacco I don't put a crunch in mind and are you crutch. No of thumb five areas yeah Lotta people lost some fiber and really get Adam. The after awhile I tried it and I didn't. Who I couldn't. I hear role on that great with the crutch into start that's what five or does that puts the crutch in the paper. With the tobacco we even rolls at all but wants. I could never do that so I used to do is like roll it and I hope you know. Poke poke down them now these are them make put the on crouched in million has a lot of work and kind of annoying says this site. Kind of narrow down the mouthpiece a little bit and has made it work for the balance. Good talking gentlemen the who will Garrett Aaron yeah. This messages can be teal DR of what I originally sense not sure if I was spam to our our right ignore because my main topic. Is hot button issue wolf they this Johnson who are I didn't rig. Oh yeah. You were not ignored that and their side so oh maybe this is that crazy long one from like two or three weeks back are not sure. How do you feel Bob birth now that she's done drilling I think she's being recycled but I would love her to be used to drill and express hole through snow calling pass. House for saying email us at the podcast dot com it's too simple have been in my email on it compose. Also web pages very basic nothing on and identifies that it's the message senator for the Chris podcast all land of Lance serve the abrupt ending in the long till the hour. How fun ride safe just Biggio. I'm not out there. Go to got a iasis. This weekend I came out of the nine a nine time all. A ponder the vibe out tonight the sun was out Rainier was out stadiums are out the discount is there listen into the mother ship and it was just like such a cool Seattle moment of late. Birth the man take in this view away from me I love that. All of that drive that moment on nice clear day. It does is sell epic with between the stadiums the wheel and Rainier in the sounded and the Saturday he had just like. This afternoon players that had. The mother ship's data at Seattle music onus is thirtieth so stoked and now it's gonna go on some tunnel knowing it's too I honestly don't let it run on scooter. I bet I think I mean aren't parents yet might be the best view. On any road any meat says yeah it's probably got right the problem is it's. In death trap you know that things through a false idol when he heard prefer that I think is he asking and as we talked a lot of Bertha. Now that it's kinda dumb like. Mean I DE got done. Tickets any doubt about that I still kind of sucks and we really vote for Vista did it apartment phone case this time with one of the top attorneys. Over the weekend and a Clarence nodded over Ricans are last Monday and letting. Carolina from high school. Dudack cases crazy. Alison oh Bertha is going to Atlanta after. Driller might believe it's called hot. I don't area attacked a man magic city so if you ever you know. Do you know what we should hotly and I catch a Chanda also shunned upon. He's back by the way I don't know photographers and cast a 100%. Drop in hits. I'm desperate cases super cool fear insurance at all what's the case well it's all about so remember how to stock. Yes and they had to bring in Mike a massive. I crane data cut ticket cutter face off replace the cut her face which they are and how. Another one you know that I make pat I don't know how they did a good they had the board now hold down pull it out and that's what I was worried about happening in zone six. Bernie the market in the skyscrapers to that it happened there. Brit just there's just nothing you can do like to have an unprecedented and so anyway I'm so the whole case is about. Whose response so it hit a pole in a pipe water pipe goes down. That wasn't expected to be there and so the case all hinges on whether it's the city's responsibility for not telling. To drilling company that the polls are severe cut county and remember for not telling the come in the polls there or if it's the drilling companies responsibilities yelled top partners for not properly researching what might be in their way at that depth at that time. Soak in the city turn over plants in them a sense like this is in no way comprehensive. And so it's like. Well like how would they know whatever so. That thing that no one voted for it if pushed through anyway oh it's like being really poorly run behind the scenes of no communication. Yeah I'm just Panama to tax tax money this people. Gas so I think. I'm not a case and hang out and don't say about it's pretty interest and follow. Cook. Yeah look back on this island had to sounds even more infuriating I have some mountains and a whole lot of money to me and us. Yeah yeah. If that tunnel partners when Bennett's this city and the county site. Are they all their money. Yeah us. Yeah Kerry loses I agree. Go Kerry tunnels are. Yet the website Joseph all Allred since the second persons mentioned that. Does it college and easy as we shouldn't say email at the pot I guess I should freeze it differently cave to email us just go to the podcast dot com. But you can also send an email directly to email at the podcast dot com yeah I think the real problem is the name Mike TH EE. You can eat I'd done pot even when I explain its people could well I like to listen to it around us a call them my. Yeah means who weeks. Look for a little guy he's as my landlord today and he's like how do I listen mostly to just the podcast he was like look don's phone dialect he glittery tight end up podcasts music content. You could always do the west to decide to if you wanna do. Easement two weeks are referred to it that way. It's appropriate in Colton. From the East Coast. Now registered under your retirement two weeks ago and are now British number. Our along with your voice. This is the email I sent to Ted's email a few weeks ago. Another site and it's very easy how does give me an error message every time return descendents so I thought it was down has three's attempt tent he now. This is that I was referring to about the problems. No worries poise it's easy when it's working a lot of it and here's the email it into the lead you to stop order a nice to have McDonald's. You know late. Crust on top of that machining work and click and keep keep trying to send those details don't stop you give them a flurry that it. The more you want McDonald's I said I scream the more likely it is. They're not gonna have work to do about this in Texas was down in February 1 of a hot day is we went to 57 elevens for get a slurping. Never in my I didn't even know how many I figure per city there's one slippery tack right. Three different several of their walked into the slow beat tech was there working on the machines de La. Yeah I was insane but god knows that was one of the best servers and around my life I'm on it. Did you do other stuff. Now it it was just say all right the next seven Aladdin when I hit the third one. It was galvanize I was on a mission Howard on a ten of them plan gotcha yeah I am guessing it's easy to find a 7-Eleven texts from Texas. Settle some sort of Texas him on as I did not know that ice delivery shop I think they do a block ice aren't as somebody Japanese company now by and a great chain. We're one of them spoke here's the email I sent in case Ted forgets printed again smiling face yet but banks that clearly didn't have. Hit a lovely man sprays sun screen Sox. Every single time I used any time sunscreen I'm burned. Not usher if it since it's this week if you use any type of cancer. I burned I'm not sure if since it's a spray it doesn't give you that full coverage of protection at a Zain any type of spur. Not saying that what's it say every single time I'm used any type. Literally does say that. Yeah. There's Tara Reid in China into battle either red spray sunscreen sides. Every single time I've used any type of sprays sun screen and I'm parents. This guy apologized that's only for my or read this email which they should wrote it. I servants and that despray does need to full coverage of protection were all wanting with a sunscreen sprays easier of course. What I've experienced as we pay for the convenience and pay the consequences. My favorites on screens from Australia it's called blue lizard. Now I'm sure you're wondering why the sense. Exits the bee's knees as the best ingredients and it without all that junk in great protection while still allowing your skin becomes Sunkist. Think I think Wal-Mart might area but I just ordered off Amazon. Anyway boys haven't emailed in for awhile and -- to give my son's in input and say hello you gentlemen for me in the best mood I'm always looking forward to new cast. So rejoicing. In the year of you do you boo and I have lost a total of sixty pounds Hala nice. Wanted to give you an update. Manager some personal trainers out there this dollar workout routine now on the use of clients with pictures and descriptions to people who are not clients. But still want to own personal trainer work out with a personal trainer. Sounds so strange now and typing but. And you get just around trying to sank. Maybe got to be a good idea for you I'd start. To branch out more. Again just idea I know I would love to know what you do you work out wise. To keep your bod and enjoy those who is the suites. Have a great weekend boys and enjoy the fourth stay safe now fun. Thanks for all you do. Where it's worked Jessica. Glad we finally got that email. Music of the sixty pounds that's great that's insane and think about like lifting up something new is sixty pounds. I can think of mica what's that it's called AM got to dump them did not. He or don't like we don't ask analog right. Now I can't think of and analyze what's like put Ziegler found thing like a barrel. And I'm always sixty pounds. That I don't know that I used dumb bells there's examples of cart's all time out guys down over a hundred count this like hey. Go pick that out that's that's how my keys that care around here and half ago so. Yeah fifty pounds Austin you had about a hundred yeah restart. Marat because they're close to four. To alert flirt with foreigners steroid. To use seventieth and that's got to that's life changing that's a completely different person yeah. Yeah that's life changing cheeses sixty pounds life changing too and I don't know what we stand now but. Measure warn against a sixty pound backpack everywhere you go mark upstairs. Through garnered joy and surprise tell people as I granite even drill away get some. For constraint on those muscles to support that extra way that you need it. It you know you need more muscle mass that I needed to support your joints pain free in your power and out of law like that's. That's the whole thing you know he's this year. The back low back pain in the problems you know. Pretty common. Ailments throughout the general population. Period and then two particular people are overweight it's disliked. Yeah the benefits of strength training even if you don't touch your diet are still pretty pretty monstrous. Yeah. Dick I think. Just for a lot of people it seems. So huge of a task and undertaken it seems impossible. And that book that I love and I was recommend a slight edge is just all about like just. Like just starting and working like a little bit at a time you know I think that's a lot of people don't don't get when they're trying to do on their own. We it's what are you going to be doing five years from now you have stopped working out again race mayor senator Reid doing it to take your time you've got. You know the rest seeking I got all the time in the world might as well do the right from the start and you know part of doing Iran I think is not biting off more than you can Q. It. A lot of fuels that that's that you want. Youth. Gone back and say Alan that's a whole culture and a dude there's billions and billions of dollars and you know. And marketing gimmicks supplements then you know magic pills and all this stuff on opposite all supplements about that. You know it now world there's all sorts of stuff that I don't lose your metabolism in this in Latin so much of it I think is. You know and a minute edge as effective but dangerous and exactly issue number I think that's a work back there people also died. Yeah so a lot of it's not in researched you know on top of it by you know they just the marketer you know. Safety aside. The fact that you know their promise in results that just aren't realistic on more healthy. Or healthy and yeah I think you know I think hidden weight loss surgeries or whatever like when you're done with that you're gonna have to have. And nutritious diet in place. Or that there's going to be major complications so. Getting nutritious diet and plays and then just keep doing that no happen naturally you have to worry about it. And that's our whole. Coulter goes like everyone wants everything yesterday yeah yeah. Mean. Take a pill feel better. House that you wanna white but human dirty girl. Does Turk. If you are paying out party girl yet but grownup could pick up one of those and then I don't have the house and the banged up party girl she doesn't. On the right she's only puts execute thus fell over I. But yeah. Don't spend my. That'd really good weekend. Friday night Lou elders. First to its cafe Turco. In Fremont. Kolb knows about it but I don't know Turkish Jews aren't really good. And and it's just funded to have a menu. Fit it all looks accurate and it's all of its all. God dear Lou say exploring. It's you know I mean Turkish food like we still talking like comments each warmly pay out that sort of stuff. I don't know how much swarm of now there's been a lot of lamb based stuff. On the date these legs flap red key days they've called. And he had just just all sorts of stuff and Dallas does really hear it Sosa out and out plays strike right by my house. And then Mara parents' house. And I'm out there offer sunset boat ride and. Two of the lakers is pretty epic men lotteries late in the dad said the water was 76. On those 82 and in the air. Cynic I jumped in pairs so and so and so. Dallas school today take pictures. Now I'm not this time but that was that was no no you want to be out I'd be out love my mom likes taking pictures. But I Yasser every once in awhile my dad fingers or bribe brought that damn camera and he gets out there and have some fun with it. I thought that. Not now that's it you understand. It at how. So well we went out there because look up Saturday. To go hide a net lately lake and at one do I get. Whether the name of the way it's supposed to go first saudis hikes backwards every time I never have any idea that there properly and I've. Generally there is a thing and like it's probably an Atlanta. Not happy am most leaks like there is like one way that people sent me I'm man. Boy I don't remember saying cold chuckling illicitly culture rather than like snow like I was smiling at them makes no right. I don't know what the I loved late precedent but I don't know of its late crests are running late. And a minute twice. Aren't I wonder it is late incidentally pretty sure it's late Cushman out there. You a bit and yeah in in the Olympics. Big gas you as an LA played connect net whatever was used crater lake new recalls of late creator bath now there is like. Connell how leg it's established maybe she's the first dude that says it. Set the tone. Sound Puget. So whatever whatever it's called. It was fun. Well with our body care mean he's been. He moved like over a year ago. Are our round a year ago. And moved back to northern California worries from and then went to Thailand to record an album music is a drummer and that drum teacher he teaches. A lot on the line. And so he's able to to travel and kind of be a little will be the digital nomad. And you know and train new aired T fuel drums through sniper FaceBook medium as do whatever and so. These guys he's been you know travel and they it was live and down in Dallas for awhile signs in like a year and he's back in town so got to hike with hand. And then on my friend Christine lecturing at the gym in and my girlfriend and her friends and so as big group of us. And is really cool to see Jeremy. Again. Most kept in touch real beard over the last year but you know be to hang out person was was really cool. And then got eaten alive by bugs in my upper body there. My shoulders and my arms. And then flying out of the lake yes go for a nice when there's a log Arnaud. 1520 yards out there now and swim out around. It was really cold who's not not 76 degrees I've met before and after it aired here yet. The calm Alpine lakes and you get a the media wiling to get in there has been from glacier goes great do you use super hot outside a great time. And then. Saturday and good north bend our grow personally it's actually got the blackened salmon Caesar salad. I'm although EG that whole menu looks good man I digress out last time I was there Roland backed. Went back to the comfort and a delicious ness of the blackened timbers semen Caesar salad. And then it. Saturday night. I mentioned when such ten miles wide that surprised that it's their land how united and blues club. Litsch. Amanda hardy opened up and then Ben Smith and grant so you have Bell's Amanda. Mr. we we took a nap after the high Sheen got their got their little later than where I'm sorry but still. First shoot straight. He. As they and he should be in LA for awhile let's you know let's go to solar glitch there appears did not. Yeah. The so. Missed. Ben and Ben Smith and friends stooges about Ben Smith a juror from heart and it's like Jeff Rouse of there and Jeff Angel and Kathy morris' is that you bunches Seattle musicians Jim with the drama from heart which we've been pretty sweep. I guess that kind of overslept on the NAFTA it's fine. And then. On Sunday edges to hung out and ate junk food which had Nazis got Pete. Knowing god ice cream knowing got candy. And and what else to be here later. The united remembered Sunday yeah yeah like it was so funny America's late Sunday. We go to pat Nazis. I can't remember if I out of this I think Arafat specifically smoked weed oh refer afloat to before all that and Noah to REI. And then having Nazis are preacher has smoked before pass that she's I hear remember. But then. Let's get more we've been that I wanted to spoke before I got ice cream. And then right after ice cream we your go to bar tells Ted Brady candy section and so wanted to get high for that to it and still high from like. When he minutes before her to fire guys because they. This Sunday ma'am we're event yet so yeah I get it how many games and get some time this Sunday night. You order something neatly half of it goes look more like army the other yeah says there's Superfund and yeah no leaks are really gives yesterday that needles and down song was out now as dope and then. Went to work and got a text from Mariah and ten miles Biden is vague but. People over his house last night for barbecued actually I saw that picture actually had time in my schedule tonight goes to some friends during the week which pretty sweet. Is quick and rush but is it really cool so yeah it's been opinion weakened its start the week to. Nice now. I saw that picture thousand yeah yeah yeah she's test actual squad has tech squad Wednesday it might imagine there right. I was also latitude you telethon that later rates Wear a hoodie. Matt still sleep with him we was insurance yes university listen Seattle teachers. Now from rescue club hasn't done it in my hands. And I would love that. Pets question Revere those shirts or preparation. Yet. Talk. The end. So as a barrio today I'm tired and this guy. And I got in over my head quickly much. Actually it. So like. So send this guy and he mentioned some amount going to school in Boston I was like okay cool it's cool boss into. And he works of the Paul Allen Mike the brain research place on something union are so. Time until we start like talking about just how crazy the human brain is in brain science 19. And I was like where. Richie study and in Boston and and like he seems to know like a ton about. About neuroscience really into it as okay cool as a producer in Boston College to bomb. Which armored for underground and then I got my Ph.D. in neuroscience Harvard. Yeah I'll look at those slain that is so basically like Pattinson there Eleanor yoga right. It's started to them and you know like retired about neuroscience and I was just like. Trying to like us ask a budget questions just like tunnel like a little bit. I knew about it and 19 and it just site. And it's just so far in over my head like he was just. You know he is again ninth degree black belt and Micah second degree yellow belt and -- like. We use so far into the world narrow sense I get I barely even relate to them it's like early in the current station he was like. He seemed to know a lot of on neuroscience and most post thanks mend coming up at. Students did Steve from Harvard etc. via the job topic this because this week is out. What do you have a conversation way above your pay grade every email us email at the two we use podcast dot com tornadoes on the tournament seeing. Me podcast also to me is when are you gonna commerce Haitian way above your pay grade. And how did turn out. Mean I can get into a lot. I. I hate. As I like you know a mile and showed just enough. Yeah and deserved to be dangerous does region that the problems are racing he probably G it is like oh man this guy knows something about me it's. Yeah I think at that point it's like. Now we're good for cocktail parties and quick actions my stick and move he had just yet but it does the few times that that gets that way the conversations like. Didn't feel dumb I haven't had. I just knew that forgotten about I don't know the rest you're talking about Paula government buzz feed man ansari who broke Bible remember anything else warming. Pop science can I brag about revival. One of the founders files meals to old miss and he actually replies by Reagan tweets all the time of rat. I'm trying to remember a good example of the conversation to weigh in my head to see and beyond your depth map. One it's kind of fun me Liz. One had just started as a trainer I've literally won my first five or ten clients. She. Has that so as it turns out she. Was working with another trader whose good established trainer at the gym. And they started dating suits she stopped working out with him. You know city he didn't have to view it may have sued bin have to deal think conflict of interest or whatever and she had lake. Two sessions left issues is burning through them veto with whoever they assigned to allows me bring new trainer no experience whatsoever. So I you know I do my best ailing start training you know QEU. You don't know that much. And there's a lot to know in the field you know and there's a lot of information. That comes at you before you take your test yet certified. So the bill that's the way I went to it and obviously guys go to. College and stuff and then you know they have played a much better analogy yeah I did not I did not have that background. And so you know I knew what I knew and you know putter putter through. A decent word out what is very right. Bro bodybuilder bass lake. From my background right that pumped from the and so I think it's the end she has a couple questions. Well like I remember I didn't really know. The real answer archive. BS the little bit Ernie and I describe time breasts through hadn't changed the subject deflect a little bit or whatever it. And then at the very end of the sessions he tells me she has. Ph.D. in kidneys geology he can seize. Ons yeah because like. And you'd be surprised right through that whole time right. Fair enough I thought would do is pump muscle. And leaves the fashion. Missed. I. I mean I remember I hit I just remember vividly. Having her do. Calf raises because you know it's a par like a full body and I just never have any work their cabs out now life. Ever there's. I think so yeah there is there's remember volt advertisers yesterday questioner correctly answer body knows you know just kind that. Presumably you know it may get sound Smart if you can and you know move past it and trying to lighten people show up blatantly. But yeah like I definitely would have sounded veering news especially known to have back then backtracked. Yeah your bluff and she Sonoma royal fleiss got now. China they have a great example just can't think of it. Dario it's downright Friday morning they'll give you a walk and you know yes I definitely getting some sounder soccer conversations threatening jump like track go lower. Jake called back in the day and deftly caught it and had a job I mean I'm friends with those guys I've played C league indoor it's like. I get a lot of they were talking in specific. Touched technique like I can't answer that question and I I guess 442. As I had a lot of misconceptions. About people thinking that. I have control around here. For people tell me how I should be playing their band to play in this standard red and white man. Yeah. It's is. That's those are not some of those are not my decisions but I think yeah I get I get if I get some leeway here in their vote like. A work in in a box for sure that is not established by me and I think pins are different than my talking your way. What do you mean. Like talking my way little area here in earlier and that conversation Billy they kind of puts you in it rather it's different than like. Ukraine played well lately he's talking about him like. Jimmie and like I was determined to updated HM sounds Smart crypt duke currency. Now that thing out as they have beating right now yet duke trust and now I'm still our Billy Reynolds I'm still a black but yeah. The scheduled to much they eat their money cowboys Lotta Lotta speculation he had just heard that I've no idea that means not speculation and uncertainty in the market very volatile and into our blogger snapped. Well I don't think. Mac published in a statement. Very little. Things that they as money encrypt a currency and you know I got in Britain right before everything peak. And made made few bucks than I've made a few. I would consider savvy moves with good timing. Polite very little research behind it. Savvy or lucky because savvy to me implies that you do. When you bank how we doing overall pick it up or down dog and everything's down because I'd there was no it's not to have respect couple. We're like early on a theory and was just going crazy. Going up like 10% a day like crazy jumps all right a month straight. I got a little bit of that action but light coin was like holding steady. Around I think it was like fifteen or some box as night like Wednesday gonna jump incited others investing more in light corn and patiently. Then at the area which was like bad hot ticket there it was just skyrocketing. On a little bit and pick corners well and then like Koy jumped. 30400%. Or something and to about 51 yeah my left is John McQueen guesses about fifteen outback ally in the mid forties that there has been jumping around between forty and fifty. On but. So like there was that and then there was another time where. You know like clothes still kicking ass and was still up but if the aryan had taken a dip areas and so that I. Sold some light point zoos and an all time high and bots and that the area which was down you know 30% from its. All time hire whatever was. So you know there's been a bit a little bit like basic strategy I would say about it. I don't understand the technology behind it as well as a lot of people that invest in it and and prior have more educated guesses bit. The super heated YouTube videos that are like fairly short break it down but I as critical technology I don't understand it fully I got her cell blocks photos videos on. But a lot of that is what the stock markets are investing company that generally. Yeah I can understand physically now works yet and like I CEOs of like the pink sheets right now I mean its sixth straight wolf Wall Street action gone on the news and its pomp and I'm an initial court offerings yeah holes I don't write a new ones easily yeah are going splits. Ryan is that Galicia kind of it's like our follow on August 1 it's just like how they wanted to do decline in the future whether they. Gap basically like what are you gonna make it so you can do more transactions faster or more transactions overall. My thought stars of the blocks more now or how much you're there. My thoughts are you know it's I just think it's really interest staying with the current state of the world I think it's Gunner it's gonna do well in some capacity. And this is still a good time to get in even though it's like all. Well right now there it's well and there's uncertainties and I think even those. You know month or two ago and everything was an all time highs I think even if you got in that in your planning on holding for five to ten years you'll be set. Angry about a 100% so that's usually I try to trade Sox to as being something in me like over the long term and if you wanted the short swings of that fine media that's. If you get stock kind counseling you can just hold but now. Yeah exactly that that's how I've been playing my wants everything started tanking had just held it in. Try and sell it and try and you know get lucky and swap from one to the other sell off some bitcoin for more theory and whatever. I just figure I'll I'll whoa what who happens. Yeah over like that and more young so we're like a twenty or thirty year time horizon in the Gaza pretty good yeah. In their stock talked. Yes a crypto carrots currency that were present in government. But about two right now. They're picked it together found an example if he did all right a day a man. With that said you guys gave way to strategy and when I'm don't buy. Or sell the pod cast by Dick calling now. This thing and it's really really cheaper on the third well I'm already got is juicy. Any of us. He calls me and you know he knows then you just don't really think I'm their friend Marty question you know I've that I am their front. You know you were so busy not bring up the curse and dedicated so much mental focus that that you didn't even consider the fact that IK. Whatever you say about that other professional MMA fighter. As a decent chance of getting back to a one way or another like I've done we've now reversed the curse k.'s sport always tweets out our podcasts. We have fighters on my. Just him I don't know everything about that fact you know I. I don't know if out of the fact that if you CJ has sweeter by it if he does or someone in his camp does. And they fall located sport I'll here's the podcast and I can beat us up you know that much. Yeah diet to hear that you. Need another scare you cannot have our move a company like dude. Do you think Ted guys intimidated considering I was a bad bounce in Ted. Bounced out of the building for I think it's never felt like 86. I believe next week will be back. I'm not positive at the station is moving. So honestly I'm not sure I'm not sure the Mandarin is going to be much. You were in the new building it should be fine but there's chance it might not be so we should be back next week. I feel 70%. We don't bang out in my setup with the likes to need. Means ghetto that works and we'll figure out either way big gallery at a my hair I have for now yeah there's 186. Oh and you learned a lot this time they're actually can be awkward trying to wrapping up a buffer MC TP a comedy at Britain's meat podcasts to your.