BJGN That '80s Podcast July 1989

Tuesday, July 25th

It’s July of 1989 this week and we take some time to remember the good times and bad, including Seinfeld, Turner & Hooch, and the Nintendo GameBoy.

Take a trip back with us through the foggy halls of memory to a simpler and crazier time, it’s That ‘80s Podcast with Chris, Brandon, and Pete!


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Your inner geek wants to come out and play but where to. Joined Vernon Wells the ultimate globe where you when your fellow geeks can hang out play games and just nerd out 24 sevenths whether you love our dvds and video games or are just a major fan of size flying culture Vernon Wells says something for everyone let your geek flags fly at Vernon whilst. Sign up today and see for yourself BMW duck club that's BMW doctoral else. Ladies and gentlemen geeks of all ages you are now entering Vijay chase each nation welcome. Yes it is BC's Keith nation this is that eighties podcast many with Chris walker walk or Clinton the issue is Diggnation. Here it is talk a little bit about July of 1980 not an end musically I think there's really only one thing to talk about. Paul's boutique. Zain home more than. By the big screen though weird Al delighted us with UH heavily delighted me was UH I don't vigilant you guys that same. When Harry met Sally weekend at Bernie's license to kill lethal weapon two turner and hooch it was a great great year for movies. Over on the little screen sign film premiered. We said goodbye with a tear RI to mr. Mel blank and in the game boy debuted so you know we had a conference. Which is nice out right guys. It's. Tried to spin the wheel fish first of all hope. You are with you sir you get to drink from the fire. With the young that he's podcast today of course we have. And the best American gets brain injury away. Our. I really am speaking of shaving. So desperate ask specifically because I don't what you both to read this thing to me how can go to all of us they want him OK so if you'd like to reach beyond a tasty creation. If I you can find all the podcasts and BJ keep the nation dot com. He can like us on FaceBook to search for BJ she's geek nation falls on Twitter slash what is the BJ geek nation. How are also on the instead Graham and the YouTube. That's BJD nations. I feel like you guys can do all the heavy lifting yourself on this one it's it's a lot of BJP nation spoiler alert just in the words beating ignition were pretty much it should all of this that your senate text to leave a voicemail 19802243353. Or you can shoot us an email. Atta BJ geek nation. And And since I know it's not only achieved if you want to listen to us on your Amazon echo you can just say Alexa plebe peak nation on the tune in at the duck. Now yeah yeah. Is there walker he DJ geek nation at DJ geek nation dot com address. You know if there's not there ought to be getting together we're I and I've heard if you type that in you'll break the Internet ya ya exactly also for that email subject line. Hey dude where's my eighties. I should go to the top but I think I'm I don't think I'm wrong you tell if I'm no longer so the only us. Padilla the only music we need to talk about this Paul's boutique by The Beastie Boys yeah. There is no more important record intra day I knew of 1989 I totally already leave me about this glad Aristide does I get Paul's boutique when it was sadness for you yeah of course you do because you're not eager to do I didn't. Actually eight died I had licensed to ill. Yup and loved it Majid without that her somehow I missed Paul's boutique like it was never I was never aware that like another album came out by them for awhile. Our parents didn't like it very much I think actually say collectively or eight feet. If your mom like Paul's boutique. You like legends bill because my mom did like us is bill at all you know but I just kept having the same you're just jealous monitor The Beastie Boys. The best car. On the outskirts. Obscured. Is it to me it's a really significant record it's a significant hip hop record it's a significant I think alternative record because The Beastie Boys were really starting to straddle a line you know they're gonna get checked your head which is of course sort of an alternative music classic more than it is a hip hop classic I think Pete play you're skiing destination it's a wonderful bridge between the two winning I think that's why it works so cherry king well. So Paul's boutique. Is so deeply layered with samples yeah that there are people who've done deep dives on and I must recommend if you're the kind of person who is under this you can go to Paul's boutique dot info. Which is just. Serve. Samples and references site for Paul's boutique and if that doesn't tell you a little summing up musicality this album. It goes deepened the Disco and R&B in the old funk and and early head pop. And lately it's it's insane one of my favorite electronic Curtis is meat beat manifesto and they like a layer in the air samples heavily they got nothing on Paul's boutique. This area and this thing is an all day sucker and I. I'm shocked that anybody could find everything in it it's it's it's yeah it's an emotional guy great great tracks all around Hayley he's got shatter act you know. Chad react to be prevalent haven't ago. That assurance that aren't I'm I'm really fly without hey man and then right you are the grand shake your rump shouldn't. Joseph well pop high plains drifter. It's a great album it's great talking to you like it. I get it exactly what what more you have to say about that so tangential to almost nothing men and ran from like two seconds here high plains drifter one of my favorite Clint Eastwood movies and gas that's a little early in my favor Beastie Boys songs see how that works in the if we could just cross the two together and it's just sort of over and done any minute it's great entertainment. And Chris you're not exactly wrong when you say the like Paul's boutique is the only album we need to be talking about mood mentioned just a couple of Israel shirt yeah do. Due to filler climbed. The good. Is my mom came. Time. If you go to the that's not the case you do everything and I I don't worry he's actually it's a good they have a band the big check on them and you know. Yeah super have one yet and I don't I don't know if I was really that aware of the until much much later in life Warrington dirty rotten filthy stinking rich hosting now backseat was all over the airwaves cherry pie and on that album. If I would reportedly took five minutes to regular bird I think church I was the title track on the moon wasn't that one now if you lose down boys have in big talk and sometimes she cry sometimes you press and they. Hey okay Eric LC all right. Now in this is sort of a little more musical episode for us because. We're now. Your personal ordinance they hear truth. Released the weird Al movie essentially mean that's what everybody calls its when you were yeah perjury and nobody knows what UH after exactly weird Al's movie UH Jeff came out dean in July of 1989 and it was all I needed at that time that was. I was I was talking you guys earlier about how. It came out and just a couple weeks after almost a whole month after that in 1989 which was or was middle in June yeah. And got buried and there are people to this day who who it tests strongly. That the only reason UHF didn't do better than it did. Was because it was up against that men and that nemesis this. Gargantuan juggernaut of a movie and an Iraq and rightly so I'm not trying to take anything or for bad image it made by any stretch the imagination but. I love UH. And I think that drew one who got behind it never one who spent money on producers in the end it and the studios and everybody was really excited that this could be a really really big summer hit. And on paper they're not wrong the problem is that man. You are knocked down a large torpedoed it and you know you got what you got which was not a huge box office showing for UH Jeff. But some Batman ruined UH I am not trying to point fingers that this son of a bit yeah. I look I can't Dem and I love this movie and actually Alabama into romance you know cover that directly you know events to mark the winner opponents. I got you unarmed certain UHF ever was going to be ahead madman influence or not I and I love UH I do I feel like good weird Al took his his sort of shtick. And today what does Mel Brooks dumb I'm gonna do that to you my sort of vibe and then throw it up on screens with sort of vignette can sketch and sort of farcical. Do. I'm assuming everyone who's listening has seen him if not yeah absolutely go see this goes is it's ridiculous and it's surreal and it's weird just to see weird Al sort of exploding. All over it and the don't fully makes sense you know that's why I like about it like that's it can mean that we still talk about the back to a city. I would do the mythical city of dispatched later like at 2.2. PP two. And Terry central and you say we know it's not something like this I must know it's not so what you got was at the basic premise for the. Movie was a young guy. With a lot of great ideas for television. Decided to set up what what amounts to a local access or cable access television show. Program I channel channel thought of it gets in on UHF so he's got programming he's got he's got like almost a Bob Vila style show. He has game shows I he's got a children's program. And all of these shows and it. Winds up it starts to do better than the network programs. Which is where your conflict comes from so your nick network exactly like holy got a torpedo this UHF guy he's already done what we champ Bernard Bernard murder we will have this and was that the ninth. And I'm struggling to remember I didn't get a chance to watch it before we came on no it wasn't tonight either it was that it was the main baggy from inner space that to us. Whose name is Steve here anyway. I'm I assume you're on this and I am three he's you have Kevin McCarthy every argue plane Carriker RJ Fletcher. You had some great. What became staples for eighties comedy you had the Tory Jackson Hewitt he will wheel and don't harbor or earn more should cruising with shoe cushion made great news presumably get are we don't talk about Margot Kidder to. That's different kind of creative different grizzly bear there aren't the point is. Michael richter might anyone a job the year and envelopes Emo Phillips silly Marty. Fran pressure French pressure in exactly this is what I'm sick but it was it was exactly was everything I wanted personally just because of the heat weird Al fan and this was his music. Turned into a movie. Yeah I mean you're in a weird. Way it is sort of weird alma movie. Emit it in the sense that like did this a guy who grew up loving TV and hands and I mean it's all of his passions sort of just prepare. In their in the comedic. Television you know no I I don't think Iran and I think Chris actually absolutely nails it with slits. It's weird Al the music from the movies no can't yet make it's it's less songs like it's those songs put up a movie kids are his purple rain could tell. I went directly. Oh man and I had advisory fee of celebrities that I in the movie they tried to get Sylvester Stallone further and the sequence. Am they went after Crispin Glover. To outplay the studio engineered the mad scientist dad and he didn't wanna do but he didn't suggest that he could be. Crazy Eddie a car salesman who is quote willing to pull the seals for a better deal. And they didn't they didn't more go infect the so. Crispin Glover just disappeared into the night. I don't on the island on the shoulder I don't know that's a good idea like what it would have made the movie better and did not just make a Willard reference for a couple of oh I'd do it. I walked out of exactly two movies in my entire life up. And I mean have to pay for Willard. I'm I am really glad this movie exists he absolutely incidentally generated a lot of comedic short hand I think between people who are third in the know if you look he walked up to anybody you start let's back to a city. Are you say supplies. Or I did I got a real clear brush I read you get nothing. Rather jet from the fire her views are dull it's all there they were teaching people how to fly. Andy do you know you're good but as we don't know that was hilarious that love that so. I I don't know one more thing and then he'd tell you told me that you were going to watch this before and the only place you can find it was the iTunes at the moment I'm sure it'll make the cycle through yoga stuff gets licensed through the night and ordered the blu rays and stuff for AM yeah I mean it still exists out there is on Blu-ray and yeah peace. Hit us what the trivia this. Well I think we kind of covered a tribute to them that we are not your fellow do we do your mood I would prefer another movie that I saw way way way too many times in the theater with a when Harry met Sally if you don't love this movie there something wrong with you you'd yes sign yes yes yes you're about you're not wrong. Yeah this is winner of tele I mean it's in what else do you need to say this is another one of those movies where I think everyone is culturally aware of it because it had. At least for me when I think about it is such a huge impact on everything at the time it gave us one of these most iconic and seminal scene ever. In movies I would she's only exactly. You say I'll have what she's had no I think everyone knows what you say I'd rather be when you realize who has been noon it was when he won the Davis during mound which is one of the greatest line here have very at all so good. But I imagine heavy impact of of of robbery and his mother. And there. Saying OK I'll have a she's having Alan read he's having just say that it Ed Murray won. Of a certain age and know exactly what you're talking about you can go to Katz's deli and that table is mark yeah they're yeah proud of it I'm not surprised. At all. I'm this was how I just I think that this woman was so well written solo directing you had type show performances. From everyone not just the two leads to you know Harry and Sally of course Billy Crystal and they're right. But I mean your your supporting cast as well he would view had DA Carrie Fisher was in there is the best friend Andrew Kirby both of whom unfortunately Aaron Miller with a spit. Just amazing it amazing performances from everyone and I think that's a credit to nor F front writing. As well as rob burners directing and in this movie just. Speaks to me. Do you know who we could've gotten instead of Billy Crystal and Meg Ryan no I don't there's a universe in which Albert Brooks and Susan days. Our elites in this room humor Susan day of course I did early launchers on the larger trend a hundred and we are got a great idea. They also considered Elizabeth Perkins and Elizabeth McGovern. Molly Greenwald nearly got. The Meg Ryan park and she did actually in a place Alley in any stage productions and and this is what you know let's take the time machine back. Dude dude dude didn't you. This is what young Pete remembers liking about them all the girls loved this movie yet all the girls love this sadly so like oh it's it's legally and you. I'm new to brand name and telling. Cool call half. I'm going to be making BA we're not finishing that movie I guarantee and here the by the way real sweet note and we can move on okay all those little old couples telling their stories I love that those are true stories troops are there actors but the stories are true I really don't actually my only interviews and then had actors reenact the story I just I think that's real sweet meet him. Also I'm not entirely sure that there actors Eminem know that it says there I got a larva like. He so believes so believable if they're actors are great impact it's one of my favorite parts of that movie for sure is just the sweet old couples on stories you know a movie I found out is not very good for being growth Demeco if you can. Why we came to burn if are you sure can the brief legally with a whole movie's about how. Sure that's true we we shouldn't talk to one or we can Bernie's because. It's those very strange artifact of the eighties to read. Eight holes running around with their bosses corpse site note in research found at the two dudes actually did that in real life in 2011 they tell everybody kind of what they thought was passed out to the to come around and into the Mars in the strip clubs and Mike let him pay for every during. And it turned out he was dead the whole time combing and and those two guys were Chris walker and PI. And the dead guy was Brandon Giroux who won a birthday and we're still doing it. I'm a James Bond came back and looking at typical hook and you know. Master of the seller unfit the media and dead earlier. Let's talk about your team and you don't shirt committed to continuing. Careful yes I know what it's a better Segway than he had never seen that quite extraordinary and a fine line and rockets article. Timothy Dalton is great in Flash Gordon. An adult and is grating you the Euro area and was in license to kill a true statement. Stereo Timothy Dalton was great in Flash Gordon. He was supposed to be a darker bond this was supposed to be a darker bond film him license to kill and didn't find. I mean the subject matter was a little more realistic. Coming here are I've not realistic but I mean pat real per 'cause you had a drug cartel that was a thing that that I think we'd we'd get our minds around more than it's a megalomaniac who wants to make a laser to cut the world and if it was more more street level at that point I mean it was still James Bond. Being all James Mundy well it's rogue James yeah exactly exactly his license was revoked and he's off doing his own thing. The one thing that I give this movie come absolute credit for is introducing us to beneath judo or. And I don't know for sure what else. Mr. del Toro had done before this. But this was this was our my introduction to him at least in I think two the larger American audiences. This was there an election and so what you have from then on is just everything amazing that beneath it del Toro has done and I absolutely love him as an actor and I think he's fantastic. I'm Robert Dowdy in early year old are in the lead guy got rolling antagonist role as the thinking can. At least a Soto and god the last Khalifa soco Wayne knew them Wayne new agenda yes. Yes Durham activity turley quick he had. And in the video for pop and are for life slob and meet not pompano pro yeah yes I had billowing TV he her on Miami Vice Jesus I can't. Say words. I hear you Graham they're not the right indiscriminate Latin American thug. I'm more often than not he made his debut in the top Peewee yeah he was. And I'm not the porn movie the Peewee Herman the actual thing. I he was the doctors thought he was the dog just like I. Eighty million light emitted only how far we knew that our. Thought I did and I they're now somehow we knew I think every other sort of like blue this is not mindless CPU is big adventure in the Phillies team comes a huge huge removing my understanding Blake and especially for our nerdy kind like I don't I've gone back and I've I've I've corrected everything I'd never seen Peewee plan counselor but you figure that since then yeah I'll pick it. I watched Peewee on Broadway were just fantastic period chide or I have heard. I meant to watch at notre from him twelve times. And that's their review of license to kill cannot. I'm a a couple of great buddy cop movies came out in the enjoyment here or any of them license to kill negative but well let's review the milk nurturing the noises to kill. Little bit too. And turn that she illegal woman to do you just raspberry lethal weapon two did you not hear me do it's fun doing even Pete can you I'd look and then did not I'm not a Mel Gibson fan 10 no no. Exactly in the end and I and I won't watch his movies anymore I'm not going back for this stuff knew that's fine he knows what he did that's right we are we all know what he did Antioch. But lethal weapon two solid film usually sequels suffer in some way or another forestry too far from sort of original source material. Lethal weapon Q I thought was great yeah. I'm I'm I'm when he goes up I'm likely to weapons tucking a guy who got Shane black's script. Right rights which means it takes place across. Like every chain like we and by the way side note it has Johnson at Oakland and it got to love Johnson and and David Warner. And take both and patsy cans it and let's not forget Joseph Pesci has executed. Joseph Pesci showing up on the scene sort of food. An unknown issue at that point is a rogue element I think at the time yeah and he really sort of I think fits in perfectly between Danny Glover and Mel Gibson yeah active already had this sort of relationship in the makeup of the gate bridge for that Leo Leo get you get it because Leo gets what every you need the EO. He gets yeah I don't I can't I can't I can't act up. I aim I don't think I've ever seen turner hotel with her. I think your. Fine I'll think all right I got in the claim to blow up. I can name that Winona on the guest you know there I've never seen it I've seen and it did maybe twenty minutes of this thing but I agree path and growing cable I've seen the trailer I think we're all culturally aware of this thing it's I think people love that we all feel bad for Tom Hanks. The yacht I've I mean I hear people tell me play in their top ten movies are Walt what are haven't ago pleaded much. Patrick did or didn't do it really. With Tom Tom Hanks was turner yet who was who should but don't are. They named the dog didn't. I don't here's a hard drinker or what. But dash look gooch I know he he ate up the inside of the car slaughtered all over everything always that that's what I know us a human the trailers for the Atlanta. I I. If you've seen more than the trailer for the Israeli. Sorry good good luck to yeah. Now I cannot I I. I I wish I wish I could say they're meeting guys didn't engage nationals right in you know memo now not on this let you know I better get your loses listen from the international you're better than that's OK look okay Craig T. Nelson was an original Doug Johnson was and it's it's Lou I'm I don't begrudge them the work I don't begrudge them their -- journal -- yeah it's a whole lot of familiar faces if you go into the Nokia that's ladies personalities are. This isn't it weird Tom Hanks aero before everything he touched turned to gold you know and he could make it a bachelor party or over or turned who train it was it was not awesome. And and despite of everything else you want to say about splash I don't think he was great in it. I really don't shots fine I'm just saying I'm I'm put out there wouldn't you say to you some pace is a national treasure February. Like. Yeah I was gonna let you put them be command and so I didn't get mad I'll be okay I do you can command of swear. Transitioning from of course there are moving into the to the small screen. A boom boom boom on him. Who cooked it and what's the deal with that you're playing Boone. By the way kiss your roommate here in central music. Go to those sounds those drums sounds from that team are in the know leases before drum module I used to own one. I got those test about the son's elegant but that. I don't know I'm no C I just assumed it was budding Internet. Don't worry. We signed felled so I didn't. Actually love Sein told when the first came on the I think that I I was a victim of popularity it's like why I had never seen avatar crew because so many people got my god damn faces and you're okay. Yeah. You isn't it. I'm feeling that's slightly different has his signed film debuts July of 1989 and I remember the show and I didn't I like the show Iowa I watched quite a bit of its. I don't think you're really holds up on repeated watching although for talking about sort of cultural zeitgeist if there yet there's so many things the audio yellow does a series guys in the you know there's a lot of. Re gifting and rag double dipping in and that it is huge as far as that goes. I didn't monitor I I do I didn't feel like it had anything for me and part of it was the hype machine was going behind it and everybody is available until then all this. But also I tune into a show. About what I realize now is a bunch of I'm over privileged. White people in New York City and I felt like dollars and 94. Well and here's the thing about the show its whole premise was if the show about nothing capture nothing better. And every episode it's about nothing so I know that both viewed as not really fans that the book where their parts of it that like. You connected with Rupert with a few light part of his dad yes and I think the way I like it mourn now. I have gone back and watched everything and of course learning to love Larry David like I Curb Your Enthusiasm actually got me to watch on that makes sense. Yeah but time and of course without. Where David there's no time told. Really I don't know there's a Jerry Seinfeld he didn't make campaign and he really existent to them or thing is now than it did Larry say it is George to stand as like a 5050 match right there a breakdown. Signed filled trivia notes just a couple of real America recently I knew I was gonna ask him I knew I knew it my book and Miata and the pass. Not so secret that there is a Superman in every single episode of science okay delegate like. Like I either hear another statue action figure or like a similar thing he'd Jerry's and don't love Superman who did not or has tucked away and you know. I didn't want to one little girl that's okay also there this soup good Nazi guys based on a real guy OK and can actually track down those real soup recipes you know they're great oh yeah. It's not a game two is Brandon. How little you know what is the game is the game boy that debuted in July of 1989 okay. This way. You keep your eyes on peace break fine Blum nine and eight I can't I can't land that was really good thank you and not only not only was that game boy spot on. But for the game boy tetris shows up. And actress. This is the game changing his show and game yeah the biggest. Oh boy it was a big game this isn't the biggest like best selling video game I think of all time. We're gonna say it was no no I had. Which makes it is true why in my opinion what we say of law that's my what I loved about touch I have it from like an eighteen year old who did the research on this one or misty told known to the research on this one sure. Do you remember being in team because yeah our vital artery surgery and as they did you were on the golf team and I know you guys must do experiences to ensure that. My mom liked tetris now we know where you. It was sad that now and everything else that was the cultural even late day it was yeah Aniston. You know Yaron well when your mom is cracked down on as you are. I don't know nobody gets any hassle for playing at my house yeah. I still wish I think there is lose because it speeds up to her level yes and I was wanted to be like hey could we may we like. Just keep going like to slow it down my accomplice slowed mattress up. And and as I've just been sort of shown a fact tetris hit an 84 when I'm talking about. Tetris 89 it's for the being more detail yeah exactly we had been out into more hands I mean Michael better and more and like those two things I think it's I. It's tetris for the game boy that launched the game boy. Hard right it was a Mario game that seemed that it should've done it yet. No this was it was that gesture yeah what what we were buying in with 400 and then a handful use live have a little photo printer thing. Yeah I think what's and learning was phenomenal I didn't I didn't I didn't have that from I'd I'd never how to game by had to borrow someone's or further measure yet who's next time you're playing can crush on the toilet sink clear lucky stars yet I will because the game boy wanted to be that for your take a picture now I don't know how they please don't take a pay no I'm all right. What are grown and we're speaking directly beard you're not stop sending pictures. Guys do you think we anything we pretty much put a bony fish at least this I think the don't think July of 89 is saying look smell like Mel Blanc passed away yeah I usually go and who. Buck what's running here. Yeah that videogame straighter came out a lot straighter. I don't even know if that is so there's two versions of Strider and a couple dump this incorrect yeah there's an arcade version of them is the home game and the home game was different than the arcade version and that. I never I don't think. Oh yeah it's and I only similarity but different the arcade is much more stylish interest. It's sort of this this futures ninja robot spy thing I have time you know what yogurt and don't even go low ZW your home they would but strategy does show up in the cap cumbersome zoom marble games so much. Carol thanks guys and I love that story your next time. By a money. See it. Your inner geek wants to come out and play. But where to golf joined. Vernon Wells the ultimate globe where you when your fellow geeks and hang out play games and just nerd out 24/7. Whether you love our TV's video games or are just a major fan of size flying deep culture Vernon Wells says something for every one let your geek flag fly I've heard in whilst. Sign up today and see for yourself BMW duck club that's BMW dot clubs.