MegaCast 07/26/17 "Worst Duet Ever!"

Wednesday, July 26th

This week we pay tribute to the life of Chester Bennington by playing the music of Linkin park throughout the show.  We also chat about staying the path, how important it is to humble yourself in life, and we discover the worlds worst duet by a country and rap star...ever (and it's not that Tim McGraw/Nelly song)! 

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Greater I think you have a let's do it. You up in Iran Iraq and clearly remembering rock of no greater. Ted we are now officially ready to rock. These men. Of equipment that's senior writer. The equipment the equipment that we're using right now on the. We only got ought to go on here yeah. Are you know what's microphone are you on its thirty I don't know. Right I'm on I'm still pockets are an idea what on the city tried talking our didn't know out there you are okay and I got it we're all set. Long story short we're moving studios and honestly it's like nobody gives a flying F about the studios that are still here at the old building. But we're here are trying to continue to do radio and also do podcasts in this old buildings. So baiting doesn't work. Nobody cares yeah and at this time a whole city. It's just sucks laughter overhears some like I can't be upset a Al old but like yeah it's crazy I mean like we're literally and we're looking over another studio that doesn't even have a board and it earned dollar anymore just a couple of empty wires and a couple of computer monitors this studio. Here's the crazy part for I don't know what like a good year we've been used mr. Cuban trying to get all the microphones work and they never do today. On the last day that we're recording in the studio all three microphones are working. But. We're only getting audio and one headphones channel yes it's recording of both challenge but it's just can. It's growing everywhere delegates and we again super radio nerdy but as I get closure equilibrium awful little bit when you can only a year at a one year. I'm in the weeds here with deep gas pump kids. Or. Yeah tickets. Well that's our branded drug David what are your operatives that are way if you are new to the major as we do push him to the way to get everything ready. To get our mind right and boy do we needed today as we get the heart race in the blood puppet in the brain functioning today saw an honor of Chester Bennington not gonna bring the room down by you know go into in depth about the passing of Chester Bennington from Lincoln Park but yeah. I think which is paid tribute to him by listening to some of his music correct all right so let's get ten. Two I believe your eyes favorites on how to say I love the soccer star jam. So let's get tend to Lincoln Park. You're like this tiger I think a lot of us. I think it's more big six or seven. Somebody remind you of your music you listen to it so I mean I've been getting from Cornell got a lot of time listening to obviously. Way too much of what were my wife was like stop listening to a solo record you looks at at the beach you know once we said it would be like this last week. Been listening to a lot of Lincoln Park to park yes I mean you're right it is weird because you know they got passed away yup but it's all some. Since it's awesome but he just remind you how much in music you like yep. So they act out of a bad rap from some real zoo yeah because you know what they they they broke big during that new rock. Newman then you know new rock and you rock god make the rap metal yeah kind of genre I kind of came and went rather quickly and now looks back gone negative anyone enjoys new rock or rap rock it's kind of like you're guilty pleasure. But they've. They persevere through all that because they had good songs right Chester could sing his ass off yet and might actually wrap. Yeah yeah you know I think there was a huge sting a bit of I would call them holes and a newer metal. Yes that you know like I menu metal yes but I mean right did that cross or CD which easy and stuff I mean it was great stuff. That's one of my favorite mashups is that entire record you park and cheesy was like it was just a perfect melt melt I don't know is just a perfect mishmash. A styles and just worked so well together yeah dude I mean. Like you say it's not awesome but in a way it is awesome that when somebody who's an artist. Believes and this is kind of you know passed the wrong Ted obviously had wanted to can be ready to smoke it with a win this studios falling apart. Plus it is cool to know that when you leave this planet. De your art. Who you are still coming continues to live on your feelings and this is that's got to be surreal if you're like god huge artist where millions of people bought your music. Consumed your songs. Well I swear by your lyrics and then when you're no longer here. That message is still there for everybody to consume yeah I. Total idiots that sucks he's gone but immunity of event eating at least his musical continue to live and I would imagine if he you know I don't know I can't answer that and anybody in the you know everyone's different but I would imagine anybody. Who knows that served their art we'll continue to live on has got to feel good knowing that. Yeah and the Great Lakes like you lasting impact all 100% yeah out all the yellow ball getting deep. We are. Take a tour so he was carrying. Eight ticks me. Today said talk. Follow your path. Now there's there's always going to be. Ups and downs in this mentally gone on height crank. But if you honestly believe that lake up top is worth the worth the high acre worth the view just to stay on act he's gonna mean an Indian. Look I'm guilty of it I think everybody's guilty I would you know end and it happened some time strength like happens noted it's. That's most of what life is right is the stuff in between though the really high Momo what's right. So under sailing you know stay in your paths on the recent disappointments and setbacks there also recent advancements in and some things it. You know can help or hurt you hiking up this mountain but just you know if you trust your past you you feel it stay on. It's. I was like dirt Ted talks because then Michael how I relate that to myself concealment narcissism on the self absorbed they hold. Or maybe not I don't know talks are for you thank you they are that's why we created it is already in the listeners just for me you know how it impacts me eat. But it's funny you bring up follow your past. And even though there's going to be setbacks to continue to follow that passed because well we got an email and I read a lot of emails and maybe throughout this podcast will sprinkle some of the men are out. I come from Jewish is migs emailed day to sprinkle a man. Competitors says mixed. It's gonna sprinkle this sin and of course of doing now that have just another album can't restrict on that email and their tenth veto Monday nickname is. All bay banks and card tampered. Drew says a bigger Kobe don't dig as sorely as they mean no disrespect. But if you're hurting yourself why wrestling. I'm around your age I'm 39 years old any idea of picking up a hobby where you're risking serious injury sounds like an awful idea. I know you're a fan of wrestling but there has to be a deeper reason. Well well wow like this my doctor drew apparently I didn't realize. How can packet you go to his left front drew drew up we get us through the I never thought about it that way I just thought of Matamoros he really likes wrestling. And really wants to know more about it that he's putting up with some of the pain a bit I don't know are you deep down trying nurtures. Just about. Suggest you do know that I'm a number of BD SM I fear this is the best way to do and I like it was dudes are doing intimate and so what better way to do it in the squared circle rather. So I really brings it up because and I don't roundabout way there is a deeper reason that I didn't even anticipate. The initial reason was very on the surface it was. I'd love wrestling yet I'm not getting any younger and I've been afforded an opportunity. To learn under some very brilliant minds. Not only here locally but then not having up Jews are talked to people on a national level and pick their brains I'm like yeah why not to sounds like something that. I would look back on their regret and then the Mora did it Dumars on public debt and then. Oddly enough a deeper reason did happen. And that deeper reason is. And this is my I guess this would be a Steve talk. I think it's good and then realize this until I did it I think it's good to do things that you suck yeah. Because in a weird way. I think sometimes when we get caught up in our everyday routine and we've become good at our everyday routine if you do something every day whatever it may be you're gonna be good at it. Or bettered and you were a year ago. I think it's good to kind of bring yourself down a notch and humble yourself from time to time and an Odyssey that's what wrestling has become it went from being. I just wanna check it out I want to experience ticking bombs from running broke since. Know what exactly happens behind the scenes are title BR love magic in a way I would love to learn how to do magic sued in the way wrestling is magic and you know he's a way of suspending belief in making people believe that what you're doing in the ring is. 100% painful 100% this in whatever it may be so it I was initial reason but. Wrap a relatively quickly. What I've loved about it it's humbled me every single common that ring. And a sometime I'm going to pass this is. Held last wrestling practice I landed on my face my teeth don't feel right right now might teeth landed another man's shoulder. And and it hurt bad. And my skating can cuss myself trying to adapt I saw a big flash of white and I landed hard on my head. And you know I had to sit out the rest and practice I was mad because we're having a great practice I'm really enjoying it. I still it does get in the flow and then all of us and everything came to a screeching halt. And it was like at that moment on wanted to do in no way I was like I'm done with this why am I doing this myself. And then as this watch the other people and had an NN and the care that they had for a meal my well being. I've I've quickly created a diesel family of of people learning how to wrestle and our coach is well. And then I read I don't wanna quit I won and now I wanna conquer what just kicked my ass yeah so. That's that's when you say follow your path no matter what the setbacks may be. I mean I've been facing a lot of setbacks are doing this wrestling thing. And having a lot I mean I'm I'm I'm and I we talk about what some of the people on there tonight late twenties early thirties and I look to the mall when a guy's point blank he's guided study for awhile learned and a bucket seats. I mean the guy knows his stuff. Great guy a guy named Doug. And yes everyone around the room music hey will why you're doing it why are you doing resolve BSE and I'm like look I'm a little bit different and rescued like you guys have hopes and dreams of doing this. Possibly as a job worth not on a frequent basis where you can kind of travel the world are in the country and maybe one day W you'll note issue. You all have that potential annual I'm not there I'm 42 almost. I'm only doing it now really want to have one match and that's that's my goal and if I don't have it. Not know failure I mean I succeeded way more than I ever thought I would in this wrestling thing. But when push comes to shove my hope is that I can get good enough that I can go in the ring and have people watch me have a match and then be done. The only thing I think well two things number one I think to eat. It's a fear thing. Yeah I mean. It's like nobody else is around. Issue win there but you have that fear having to throw your body for werder hit those ropes on. On sore rear of already yup so I think that's a huge accomplishment in your own did you do conquering that fear yeah. You know and I I. I think also it just makes you better for which you wanna give into on the broadcasting side note you know now here's the downside. I think it's gonna ruin a little bit of going to watch wrestling. No it hasn't but it's never felt I got out of the performers Baja of listening to people behind she. Oh god yeah all the you know I actually in my upcoming your idea podcast meet vs the world wrestling in this Friday I'm gonna put out my interview with Matt cross and I mentioned to him. But taking classes and all that and he really enjoyed hearing my story yeah and then he brought up he's like I bet now. You probably think other and a guy camera how he said but some did to the extent of you realize rather quickly when you start taking wrestling classes at wrestling fans have no idea what they're talking about Niemi is an insult to wrestling fans right but they think. Running the ropes is easy you bouncing off of that cable feels like a rubber band or feels like you know that you're hitting a pillow. NFL or following on the mat feels like you're hitting the falling on a mattress and boy oh boy that is not the case the smallest moves that we take for granted. Hurt like a mother. So yeah you're right admitted but when I was saying when make I watch wrestling differently now because now watching like a student. I'm oh yea I mean and nothing kind of fun I mean Evanston. Thirty years of my life watching wrestling one way for pure entertainment it's kind of cool to have a home in facet like I'm going back watching old matches. That I enjoy just as a fan and now my trying to like. I'm I'm I'm deconstructing them Nicole all he did that and the way he fed into that was by doing this it's been really cool and yeah. Cleaned the signs even just having to one matching did you haven't got the ability now. You which you've just learned so far the liquid near the ring announcer heal plate. To be part of the script now that Blake's I'm just gonna hit you or something yeah you gotta take a bumper you sort of seem like don't we also obvious so great I guess old Adobe up Adobe against the ropes and I would know how to run the ropes yeah or somebody could just point three net and I can take that bump. Yeah or body slam me. That's duplex. That's where I'm hurting myself so I'm not yet ready Burris duplex. Used to pushing dealer Jimerson flexing your soup like seeing me and having a very difficult time. I mean it's so weird to talk about the soaked but I'm just seemed you. It's simple but after it happened outlets and I would drew Steve why are we doing. I don't know exactly easy I bella don't know I might add them finally did feel like look I'll do everything but soup Lexus. But again that is a move that looks really for an easy and you know what the odd thing is for most people in my wrestling classes. They pick rather quickly it's hard move but they pick it up Elaine. I don't know yet I Leno might head Ted I was not necessarily the right way to do it our. Sure you're not condone certain number. I realize your gets thrown around written literate and golf us. I don't. Yeah she's this little weird when your tracks and wrestling are just dom I Wear are under armor types I would not just that might help not dressing like Amare wrestler like doubt be really really glad I've amassed a muffin top of I was gonna be doing that the government really uncomfortable and you're right I don't know why. Guess that's a wrestler what you have like a master it might some might like tassel arm bands and in a championship. An ideal world you just we're gonna singles. Right no and I'm wearing Allen under armour pants and I know where I'm dodgers' regular athletic shorts over a knee pads wrestling shoes not like the ones that you see like. Meg wrestling boots like amateur wrestling shoes like the day at furthering that I used to boxing tale yeah Bennett and got an even do some of the pro wrestler and if you watched a lot of more aware now what they like they look like shin pads. And they pull up over your wrestling shoes yet so it looks like doing boots read but they're not so some of those amateur wrestlers that are in the WWE. Which is really the next step for me as soon as they figure out how do assume plex yeah yeah. Duke tonight peace. Jack do you like your manager drew yeah. Seek which seemed like Bobby the brain he didn't. I was getting more of payment car payments. Might advocate advocate you might advocate. My name is Ted Smith that's right I meant. Advocates. First Steve. May sixth. Know at some point you have to say guy. A big problem bumps. Did we get back at. You know what else. Weigh your wrestler real quick I still don't know where I'm an old pair of my Dick flip guy T shirt that about you must put Gordon's sure I know you brought out joy ride and I like. I would get all the time of wild insure this Islamic Dick flip guy. You have to Wear it one night somewhere and I'll Wear my kingdom song style shirt that's Freddie mango lamps are I didn't. I see it taking a dom style wondered Joey Ryan's hundreds there's too far either really close or they're big fans of professional wrestling. Where are you get away on the Dick clip guy I don't know detonation it was chocolate and I was excited I was telling ID they shared. It's just hold it sit in my comes in what I can. Shirt unless it's a wrestling event I just wish these. Shirts we haven't. But I think I have. Some good guys who likes the flip it could. But honestly when sit in it for a long period of time who doesn't. Mean I'm with Jim but I just. Again I reiterate what air in my going to Wear that shirt. As. Woes at the hope that Jerry Rice comes back to town relatively soon but it could get a thoroughly your bag you know why don't we do bro I came across. A story about the worst duets of all time are right eye and an end and they came up with god made them I have the top three. The number one comes nowhere near as awful as the number two the number two worlds worst duet of all time according to this list. It's so bad and yet I'm shocked it didn't end racism. And we hit back you'll hear that song. Go anywhere. You alarms me. Instant. Portion of summer are you buying. Walking barefoot yeah. Good morning lieutenant shoes of flip flops all summer like you decided to go check the mailbox on the corner. No sandals and shoes and just Europe under callous insensitive to injure Mir beat walking across the scorching hot. Parents involved and don't forget about The Beatles all the Wimbledon singles and an apology click excludes pain of dealing. Walking barefoot in the summer. Because you still think you're fifteen dork faced. I might have 99 problems but it's heads we'll still even one. Still a song that here and if you feel any kind of aggression. You put that on annual elevated so like a 100% more. And that's that's that's that's one of the match I was between Jay-Z and Linkin Park again we're trying all the bumper music are push ups all attributed Chester Bennington and unfortunately is no longer with us. The lead singer of Lincoln Park which is just us. Awful news but that's a dozen good duet. Willis Willis that was it he caught hybrid theory. Really drilled where were once a closer was on hybrid theory art that was on collision course which is Jay-Z. And the dirt off your shoulders. Yeah mashup is my favorite there's a whole bunch of good one to you've never heard it. Even if you're not a rap fan I think you'll really enjoy it because Jay-Z is perfect for a mashup with a rock group they're accused our wrap things. Just works really well with that but that's a good duet that's yes. If it there was going to be a duet. Hearing Chester. And easy going back and forth I'm under some board west. Well this one website actually was a YouTube some guy put together a list of the U ten worst duets of all time. No matter to go do all home but just to give an example the number one worst duet of all time I never even realized was a song. But apparently Sylvester Stallone and Dolly Parton once did a duet together. She got heard this before it was just like on some kind of a movie weren't they in a movie to get nonstop from I'm almost shooters on the my temper that really don't get it. Too bad comparing the only party to Rezko daddy did not part of its much hotter yeah during. Mama who should. I could follow here's a song or maybe this'll tribute in memory installed sweet loving friends. And that's. CN. So oddly enough like it's terrible don't get me wrong. It still doesn't sound bad. No he doesn't pardon so much heat. She has a few duets like that like that it's late. And now that's on the the very lovely song really would would dissuade them friends and what does that mean. You guys bang him. OK maybe not video wrong. He sounds terrible. Just seems weird let's take a duet together about how great friends we are. But number two dude. Yeah you're right like Ted I really good friends were not armed we should we should put on Iraq elbow and finally put on our mixed tape. I wanted to songs is just about how much we enjoy hanging out with each other. Just fine visits mean hello this if you look goes up three love and friends this whole. We've example that's why aren't you. So moon. Even. Golf course and Ed yes Christopher is up. The number two maybe you remember this song I swear to god I must have been living under a rock a few years ago. And complete the may be blacked out this song out of my memory I don't know obesity and get racism. It should have guy takes a guess is yes Tim McGraw knowing. No I have great guests a bar and not awful duet. You're OK maybe it's not good but compared to this. Hip pop country mash up that is a Grammy Award winning song hip hop. And country do you remember the song. Accidental racist. Accidental racist yes. Jesus now I mean eyes and features Brad Paisley. And LL cool. Many give you an idea before we don't know what they wish to listen to the song before we have about LO and Brad hazy talk about why they did the songs they played real I think our heart was in the right place. And we met the skip past a the first verse because it's really become the second verse is very gets. It's like as if like they've decided you know I'm a white guy you're black guy. You're gonna represent your entire culture on the to represent my entire culture and we're gonna end this Cold War. And and and boil buoyed today. It's amazing. Fuel and you're right. Hundreds by the same. Peace. No we're about to end racism. Tough for long you can worrying about why this time. Okay way. I'm votes down all. And they know. Lose and. I'm assuming that the guys that something that door of the races and he's trying to sample you understand this is accident or. Yeah pretty much since then nailed the songs premise from within the first line in the song record sounds like he did something racist at Starbucks in the hall with. Well sometimes is not necessarily you did something racist to maybe you're wearing some denied to be construed as being racist public defender flag it is racist or white put on your head I mean I don't know can be one of the other we don't know yet all we know right now he showed up to a Starbucks and there's a black dude working there I guess he hopes he understands. How he entered understandably guff port second ordered. And you can get a room. Mom. You sir a man. And I know he was the stars and bars it is where he just finished dinner and turn and up. Oh no I. More nervous. Time now. Remedy it didn't slow up just snarled. Bit is not an open in the room it's the battle flag for the confederacy. Who were treasonous bastards that want to keep slavery around this isn't. An elephant hello my bad this is where you're. Can I get a lot it's super hot I think it course white chocolate lob today. That's now dead. But a Levine traffic geno. In general. Learn. From my car. Story don't want to give me retirement is necessary in a breath in my mind was blown when I heard this song this morning that he's from West Virginia Jill West Virginia became a state. No I think educated instead they seceded from Virginia because even as we make fun of West Virginia for being dumb and stuff. During the civil war they said whoa whoa whoa you got poured on them do slavery being can we want out of Virginia. That's what you Gigi she is what's hurt yet. And you've already flood you foreshadowed another Mormon in the song and that is they do you address slavery. The Sonics is insane. Like. Now isn't insane that you wrote this song Betty given so called. Every single person behind the scenes. Somebody had to say dice. Not sure about this one. You have to put it on the album we're gonna change things Christians or. Gary. He can write history here. Now I mean I'm not a 100% opposed to this course. Like it's. I can understand the sentiment my guess under a lot of people walking on eggshells and it would probably be a lot easier people just talk things out. But Arab nations showing up what does Skinner shirt that's the confederate flag and then you don't get it. I hear yet. I just sorry I'm trying to. I don't know I know trying to help you made a song going all of those dome ought to understand people like. Maybe don't want to cut your confederate flag it's already quick kiss you that's that's that a hundred times the confederate flag flag the stars and bars. Is he battle flag it was never the flag of the confederacy. It was only used during battle it only comes to prominence in during the thirties and forties at the height and rise of the clue what's going in to intimidate black people. The whole idea of the armed as a wildcard turmoil and swear in mark you know it's racist. Our lives in my head a little bit because I wanna get. Also Canada how to get download part. Between us. Now here comes. Your the scratching yeah let me tell wells about the war games. Dear mr. Emanuel Lewis what is good for the world was real life you know when you're living in a good. Just cause long pants sagging doesn't mean I wanted to know how good. Just try to give you know we grew. Now when saves golden were still misunderstood. What was in there was sermons monster in the south the problem. Once you may even be a slave like memo couldn't feel like I'm new fangled jingle dogs and a busy life. Am playing downwind and my opinion is not only go to my guess we look guilty and just an incumbent not. My mom and Mike what AM Thomas saint lid hair when I see him grab bag and I think you win so. I can now. All right I. I'd adds I don't know how I LL have to apologize to a white got nowhere in the confederate flag monogamist judge yet LL I think it's okay would you judge to consider flag wearing go go just want to have a beer. Yeah we did we I'll drink beer I love beer put. Not the real drug get a little. Here comes the most part this is why as the world's worst duet of all time. And now he's busting into the chorus and LO is gonna sprinkle nor solve banker Joseph will hit pop ankle wrapped bags no rabobank. On the country sing Ol same. Thinks of course he's gonna throw in some rat yes all right. And it sounds like you live don't locals is not even listening to the music and usually just say something at poppy. It sits completely ridiculous. If you're just might do rag. I won't judge your red flag. All my bad races over LL give myself a pat yes. Got home. Do we not know about this song came out a year ago. God it's for the best we didn't. So it all in Iraq there's nothing wrong we've been private folder from the south I love the south and it's beautiful place it does it has. A bad history slavery but there's a lot of history to command this and how do you need pride for you from Georgia at those flicks is. But it seems like he's this or do you think we're trying to regulate it's okay that a wearing the shirt right. Also on the value what's the where's wanted to get in Germany had a good Brad Paisley Bridget had his awkward encounter in the name made a blank you made a hole saw America so feel better and called his friend LL cool James like you know why how your your bags so we can make this work. We're down. Yeah. If it continues. Harry. Relationship between the Mason Dixon so I. Hopes. But I'm not sound like he's not listening to disarm them but it just seems legs. Miguel just like. They record him on the phone I just got to sprinkle them whatever they want he just get sung won here he is he's probably having an issue but it had thrown him. Zoo is not all homes my great relax you but I'm convicted about this lately. All you. That got close we. Hey. Keep you Robert you leave. And so many. So many incredible moments in that song would also be dismissed. The whole list public I remember very. Good. Oh laureate Elie top selling our lips are sealed off. That's more offensive than the other ones. Well it's so hot yes I do have my buddy. His son whose body in my place hockey. Deeply through tri city Americans and hopefully he'll eventually get drafted by the it's one in the NHL he's still pretty these X seventeen or eighteen anyways. Or when he was. I think fourteen he got sent to play for an LA select team. I am and when you get when you're younger and you get some like with the T birds or the average solar tips are even younger than that you get sent outside of your own hometown. They knew of a bill that Stanley FM in host Hugh yeah to launch him so at the time. Hilary Duff who is our man she's married to think Tinsley and what's his name. Shakira many guy it's great hockey player but dad Mike Fisher. I probably I'll try to remember in the middle of my drive up busted in Vegas Lola cook okay I think so I think you're right yeah 12 issues married there were with him at the time. And he was the host. No it parent for my buddy have been nice. So he's good mom was Hilary Duff. How polishing in person I'll. He's a phenomenal and and also that made him rather popular with get a Boies on the team I can imagine who wouldn't want an egg. Where are we going to afterwards to watch let's go to evans' parents' house our average build a parent's house this go hang out with a a former NHL player which is cool in itself and no Hilary Duff is going to be their tail yeah. Oh man nemesis an awesome it's. Still a lot of redone and of your curious so why exactly. Brad and LO decided to do that song. Well that. That's not our lives are still current client. You can. I'm not really sure we were gonna find any answers but it was the idea that we would ask the question what did you get a very interesting quote she said talk this doesn't drive out darkness. Only like she did she doesn't drive out hate only love can press so what we talking about what the song is forgiveness and compassion. Look I know their heart was in the right place exactly but it boil voided it seemed to implode yeah. Yeah I was remain reviewer Ravitch and suited up on YouTube. And boy oh boy do you do commentaries are having a field day with it I can't match I just don't know where were we win this song came out why it was not on our radar. I'll now. Either all right Mo hard to that classic moment with LL cool. Brad Paisley yes let's get to Lincoln Park curry as just a ligament when we come back Ted I wanna find out how Bob if you have the potential. To become. Corporate head all right have a test for you are cool we'll see if you'll succeed or fail as a corporate man. I'm feeling in my fail if you ask yourself the success being a corporate man. Did you podcast Brock yet did. Make it doesn't back. You've done good by listening to Ted and Steve. A minute concert will be back. W boarded the birchard personalized pillow on line. You'll need the perfect LO that covers your problem introducing might share. The decorative elements that's on top of your total all tech and you throw on the floor when you go to bed at night Mike Shanahan has a patented build it maintains its shape. Which isn't hard court to do because I sham really doesn't do anything that's why they quality sham. Someone in the past that how can we make his bedding set really expensive and over the top that's when they said fellows aren't enough. Let's make a fellow that matches the comforter that never is used as a fellow plus Mike Sheehan comes with a lifetime warranty. You've never used it for anything. Warner might jamming get two for the price of one hitter what it should happen at my scam dot com that's Mike shared dot com theater code punishing him. And coming soon might duvet cover whatever the hell that it. I. You bring down your I have beyoncé is huge and it's time and Steve. Okay. Every we we got an email account of you've heard this this is Obama going on for river for we get to the whether or not Europe corporate man look a sellout. Com have you seen the new trend with dot asking serious questions and it side to ask her. I see a silhouette RIC a little silhouette of a man and he heard the response that she gives you finish off the soft ball it's pretty awesome kid there. I see a silhouette of a man. I don't know what you mean I I see a silhouette of a man all you build up our web search for all I did wrong. We don't know aggressive you bitch. To hell with you series what I. I found on the web for yellow crescent. Here and I see a little silhouette of a man. Skirmish scare and how much you do that can dad go thunderbolt can lightning. Very very frightening me Galileo Galileo Galileo Galileo Galileo fi gorilla magnets account I'm just a persistent. Nobody love. Loves me it's just a poor assistant from a poor family spirit it's like for the monstrosity. Easy come. Eco really let me go. Stella no we will not let you go let it go this Camilla we will not let it go let it go this guerrilla we will not let it go. Let me go will not let you go. Let me go out never never let you go never let me go oh no now now now now now now. Day him. That's impressive yeah this job here nice job Siri so article to a bench. It's fun. Well why is she asking me if I wanna call Ralphie May. Columns and often are usually silent treatment it's only need all the summits are going to do about it hey guys what's gone. Sorry did more than me in the call youths just not talk to series sponsor your bench what did you coming up edged. Our tent we got a big game to play. All right all right so this is clear is to see if I am a corporate person what's up its new server that was put together by some guy that works for an iron out what's the glass door. And it's a pretty good job recruiting her job finding website and they wanted to find out the jar again. Did infuriates employees the most so they came up with the corporate workplace jargon that employees hate the most all right so I've got the list of the twelve bombed. Words or phrases. That have waited the most I thought let's see how corporate Ted is to see if you know what those words mean. Okay you're army saw throw one out there like dogs for example touch base that's an easy one. Mean ads like corporate way of sailing let's have like. A meeting yes talk later yet touched base and psychiatric while we sit with me later. We only put so even if you see that a lot so a lot of course if we're going to play a game we have had the proper game to music. Oh yeah yeah and remember our July. Fireworks. Sex toys and our Chris oh. Enjoy music. All right Ted appeals court bring you are all right I'm like no we both start dancing again to help make the best song ever. All right Ted. Blue sky thinking. What if they got me. Corporate world I know that one blue sky thinking I don't know lake any any ideas. Heading into the blue sky you know. The reverse its creative thinking not grounded in reality. So you're sure you're right I don't know what that means creative thinking that brotherly love my segment which regular for the mega cash. You have a party on a boat crews thought they never gets to go on it for free and they run a fire companies like guys. And your podcast does well you have a lot of listeners can justify it. Reggie out of both crews say you can have a party with all your podcast listeners that probably won't go up the entire programs yes but that would be pretty awesome that we see draw 33 ships. Who yelled you guys thinking was I thinking I'm thinking that now that would be awesome do you make of crude supplies donated amend your blood search result list after the coach that it. I TL one paranoia kind of got a right. How much a wash my site is still not not corporate. We're on a journey. Brought a journey yes. A Hamas Hamas and we're going to. No blue sky thinking you're gonna touch base about this journey. Open you're corporate way of feel like I know you're not happy right now that we're on a journey so we'll. I don't know we're gonna get there I means that the team the project has not yet reached its mission or objective all right guys I see you guys don't know. Pilots Fairfax. That's her game changer. This when you guys yeah I don't think it just doesn't get term for an employee they decide is. And dynamic or doing something crazy year fair game change we need I don't know and I got to scrap that term out of their game changer. Her face. Basically self explanatory isn't it it says the product idea processed it represents a significant shift in thinking. Or way of doing things really the big Mac was game changer. Truly yeah yeah absolutely I would hundreds and agree with that still ahead two different names of for the call the big Mac would they call it I forget. Depicts the pitted at two games. And some dude gave up immediately called the big match on the way into immediate. Though like at Jacobs is always a big Mac. Right he was like he assisted and then it was like he was like fifteen years later filing McDowell the art critics of that assistance. Did you try to give us your name and of course the guy he gave would you want in it was like here's my idea and you know that assists tonight I would hope. Did you work your way up some kind of corporate chain wherever it may be probably know McDonald's after that incident. And had a great successful career yet but more often than not I feel like that person probably. Did not live a very comfortable life hope the rest of their life. Cringing every time. Somebody talked about a big Mac. Paul I don't know I can live a life Brad negative feelings about a make big match coming up I think eventually acampora a big Mac O Mick mix match cause that's. That's Bruce guy thinking changed there's a mcdonalds being renamed diverted the big match. Have you had the counselor. So that working with who reads yes it's an awesome it is I felt so guilty about it but I did it on Friday night it was also the state. But you heard the latest that led to. Yeah Taco Bell taco moot because of next oh hundred that's right over those drops do very eat out. At the McDonald's that now like other companies like we gotta get some some Monte foods to. God says it's a brilliant idea and I love the fact that like they're taking you home and insight do you want to talk a mode. Tell ya want taco mood. He did a motive for murder. Take me to talk about a little darlings just give me some tacos. Or go home so I mean in the northwest could we gotta talk a timeout. You would think or talk about Omar most. Omar is also a girl Natalee. Now know they typically closing like a normal but I still say taco time Taco Bell two different urgency I love both of them yes there's certain tally. You want taco time then there's times or at least a little late thing I want chocolate ones that's great the other is a hooker. No I need to ask anymore questions I think based on our conversation and neither one of us. Could ever be corporate versions of ourselves a hole I even prefer I think he speaks about Jesus Christ out of here. We were talking to get food to record. I think do you compare him that's worth a look at a much yeah yeah African nailed it do you. I think the get a funny escorts to break. Merit but let's just that this news again. We've already determined that you're not corporate Ted. Hello anybody ever I mean since. A no brainer. Dot shower meeting a meeting to share ideas with without considering practical limitations he thought shower too mean to diminish our I hadn't thought. Applause I had the shower and I wish tracking yes I totally know it knew he meant Miguel of this study is in the shower. I look that bad that I'm not a big Redick guide but I do like Bishara thought some credit I will say look it's a weird way to open a conversation but hasty may have thought much in the shower today. Right plea to me that means here comes a great idea to a lot of people these picture mean aching in the shower thinking about that now right because you're only condition that like especially with the opposite sex. Earth if you're into same sex security could also apply but if you are talking to somebody that there's an attraction you say hey I had a dream about you more from the not to eat. Think that you're going down a road of sexual like of course should dream canady dreamed generally have been guilty of it back in my single days that was always the icebreaker on our MySpace and AK. Added green dream about you dot dot dot and then you get replied. And depending on the replied that bitterly throwing out they'll fish in the water did you get a bite. Or they like oh cool. The united okay Obama's gonna share or sometimes you flip the script and then do you know they knew that you wanted to go down a sexual wrote no like oh really peace and I would see this come up what do dream that was completely boring like Gerald said not a couch watching TV amino sacks. And then they're like that's it. Yeah a memory banks. I've actually done it tonight. That I have said to somebody who is my buddy's wife placate your my dream last night and it's on me and other do you want the houses like no no. Just all of us I think it wasn't a big deal but it like hasn't worked him out of my mouth. You were right drew much like the lunar base like what I mean it was of them we were naked soldering cocoa butter already good about my buddy's wife having a dreamer she was her true to it yet about the religion just like I. That's so walker I shouldn't of opened with that but let's talk about escorts. Well OK so I think you forgot I wasn't forgetting. Texas did an escort story I wanna listen. So. She thinks how to set this ups. We were talking similarly oh cool did homey this easier to digest. Nobody liked the other day who mentions of how we got to talking about escorts him. And hookers in this in that course since I've been the bunny ranch how much the expert right. But I just mentioned how does lake. I always have this at this theory that you know. I don't know I know anyone that does dad has done crack you do that they just would never ever tell you. Yeah man I wonder who my crew friends. Has done crack. Object flying into me I still do it. I have an America presented to make you some. Our own. That's right I'm not sure people do it all the time on the scene experimented your brain more Jack guy probably did you crack. Thanks it was guy. Anyhow we are chubby dude we're talking to crowds escorts or whatever and I was like yeah lake sometimes you just don't know is that there's. There's escort service is all over the place militia in that world you never know who. To that I was same like yeah there's an escort you and we all know now and they're like what to announce late yeah like I've met before like I'm better at an event we have listened had Lego. When I met her it didn't dawn I mean who she was into us or talk it to work mostly all men and it seems more Europe more. So it is a different person that you think you don't know I I've realized that rather quickly yeah yeah I noticed the funny part is that we both have a friend that is. Price of a girl I'm don't escort. Yes yeah I think the girl talk about price you've probably seen on Twitter too as I mean she's big devastation yes I do know you're talking about so just think it's weird lake. I know Scott is it almost is excited for her phone music did one pro Jim follow me. Getting you know could justify a better person I think judge Dana I never mattered person. Yeah well that's coming off guard position late and so how much it cost you can be happy it happened did you think about it yeah us. I mean maybe. You think it's a new situations. Would you get like a radio discount. I don't know hiding preach it now now you're here today what can I get to this I was just so called talk about you on the mega cast does a very nice body. This Henderson got small top and like dude I doubt it I don't triumvirate who mariners bodies is very nice body look who's talking about a cross talk is a scene that. Decide did you hear this problem fine moment from our president. It's so easy to act presidential. But that's not gonna get it done in fact I said. It's much easier by the way. To act presidential. Then what we're doing here tonight believe me and I said. With the exception of. These late great Abraham Lincoln I can be more presidential. Than any president that's ever held. This office that I hit. He's Jack. I don't I know but I. I don't care which side Jauron but he's kind of making it he's making a mockery of being the president of the United States that lied summed it up best. Oh anybody can go to remained on the best defense and what are you even seem. How is the president not have a speed trader how does nobody just pulled aside and go read this speak. She dude nobody pulled aside like why do you tweeting. Stop tweeting. It's just surreal and if you can't fit and you know 140 characters maybe you shouldn't treat it. He had hoped for for for sorry no immediate Arianna by your hooker talk. Hole I just. It's like you can't say anything about trump without lake make America great again people come attacking him like on this live Roma's and that it's like sorry. I know a lot of good Republicans who do trumpeted jackass than he's making me office looks silly. Arsenal not he bet that moment right there are I don't care like if any president said that you have to all collectively agree as a country that was pretty stupid. Mr. gnome governor when he was like going on this whole tournament. But they realize it was going to be this hard to be president. It's always that Palin let me give this CEO of Entercom radio. I know full well that's going to be a very typical Joba would go after you sure how bad can it be. And then do it for a couple months and I got to realize is going to be a hard job running a company. It was a last time I don't care who you are any bosses said I'm fine with you deciding to change stuff you don't need a replacement. It just makes no essentially that look I get it in a lot of people always you know did not natural people which is Republicans in general do not like the Affordable Care Act I understand Matt Wright but just seems to conceal liquid got a repealed we got. So is chipset it appears. The deal players right now there's no rush late in the Bible which is kind of repeal it now like. What would world does this make sense if you don't have a plane and. It's almost like this are the expectation on themselves to appease thank you said the make America great. Version of a Republican person eerily like you knew last duke quickly make this over. May disc and so that way they can say Harry's accomplishing everything he said he would. Without even having a plan in place your right you have seven what you have okay for sure you have three more years three and a half years yeah. Don't need them you can probably figured out a few months some kind of an alternate. Plan that might not make everybody happy but it releases something in place of. And the Russia stuff is just dumb stuff wire would make you know the whole world looking at you right. Now we're gonna take another seeger meeting without talent like. To sing Jesus dude less funny than meet talk and listen Lindsey Graham who's a Republican he's is that all the time he's like I don't know why he won't shut up about Russia just leave it oh look there's. And apologetic and everything that he does. And he just doesn't give two flying asks would you let me think now and why what them Powell make him look. He is. I mean he's been like that is entire life this is even before him becoming president he's never cared about what yeah you're right you know I mean he's gonna do what he wants to riches avenue gives an F if two broke dudes on the radio or talking about him. And here's a thing at the here's the one the pisses me off the most what is Billy bush not have a job then Billy bush in X I'll. MI can't get a job because he was on the bus when the president say grab women in the in the peace. My Alexa Billy bush is like this out everybody grow Billy bush that he's a bad person I got elected president. OK to Billy bush has African job. Man he'd ever since agree that Afro and took a knee. He's never gonna get another job in this business again yeah and the phrase does the bush you know hug or no hugs from bushy. That's how they've had this in lake has agreed to certain. No vote for bush you agree teacher. This craziness of this lake. I forgot all about Billy bush Billy bush knows you are. Heat pump more good bush tied to every second think that. I know you use this is your agenda to get good machine job yet Billy bush and Tony. The code you bushy. No hugs from Bush's. Let's keep Kathleen how to go from Mr. Bush years the bush it was just something that I don't everyone there wasn't that is a great slogan no hugs a bushy. Beckham be like bush Busch beer. Porsche no Mal thugs for bush yeah. Jorge sorry it's come here and how we ever get a bruise is conversational Booker the reason and and be you just I'm just saying they're out there. I don't know where it's over that story other than any I literally hot escort who's afraid of the station to. Don't ask don't wind downwind and I'm thinking is not only good. My guess we look guilty and just an incumbent not. Michael Ian Thomas saint lid hair when I see them rant. I think you will sell. I don't wanna be Tim Richardson that I'd like to just let my face at the ground yeah all right. But it does tee Steve. Yeah I will all right Jack you know I'll protect us chicklet tonight when I go to wrestling class next week will be getting used to shuttle next week I will be in Atlanta oh so no mega cast next week. All right unless we try to do it on -- Monday or some but I don't see I'm not here Monday 10 nevermind Ted yeah clearly is too busy. It is hookers. My mom's in town not son of a boy she says Steve I didn't really go. A man do you think to me. Through. Mountain. Listening to you feel better. All right all right I gotta get out all right it's not that I attended the. And the size. Those poor timing on my part. And I knew your mom was coming into. I've only uncle who's here to help me make this better. He would do you make it better. Grammy better and racism in America. Let's get some may have family find us on Twitter had to make head and as always thank you for.