Loud And Local - July 16th, 2017

Sunday, July 16th

This week on Loud and Local I featured music from Mos Generator, Mom's Rocket, Wounded Giant, Year Of The Cobra, Melvins, Forced Entry, a Flourishing Scourge, Heiress, Rest Repose and more ! 


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Yeah. Our man is actually from being surrounding him media metropolitan area got. I was noticing great northwest good evening rockaholics. Thanks for joining. This season. Featuring music bull. Great Pacific northwest. 99.9. It's Sunday July 16. The last couple hours of the week and an awesome weekend here in the northwest my name is Kevin gears and if you're a regular listener of KIW. You know it is loud and we'll which means few hours of everything that he tried to lead to a six. A 145360. If people. Even the five on nine it is northwest music for a few hours. We celebrate the end of the weekend. Thank you reveling in it and enjoyed all of it is not local music tonight I can hear you loud and vocal band of the week of course. As more and. You send me your music KI SW dot com but this week. We've been called bombs rockets starting us off tonight on the show though the heavy brigades by mosque generator and stand right here. Level one what I KIW. Rock Seattle. The. Loud and local continue. It's 99.9. KI ESW. Back here on loud in Walpole every week kind KI SW dot com and allowed local EC with Jay and made morning. Can't be loud and local band. Prime real with the right KI SW dot com be featured on DJ and made Friday afternoon Friday morning hi I'm sorry. After being for me Marty up. Really really here. Maybe but it is the morning on Friday they EP three and then also on Sundays we played bad. And a lot of floods a lot of awesome opportunity there for a local band when you need to get media that have audience that is you know allowed local people. This week we have a banned by the name of moms rocket they've waited till last night in Tacoma. At jazz those with the almighty window to me is now. Bombs rocket get a KIW dot com find out all the info on bombs rock the new record coming out there. And the featured some five that the end. Wrote game. Is full of love. And red again. Bombs rockets and Lotta local and that we. Okay. Okay me. Mean. Okay. Here. Break. Kevin Sears were. AI SW. We'll be giant here on loud and local what's 99.9 KIW. My name is Kevin years Rudy giants played a show I just last night here in Seattle for their record. Really show. Of the album of that that was the title track for. They fixed is really shy of one of the north was heaviest bands just their record really feel like it's added that crashed in it. In the U district to nightmare over those over the water over in Bremerton in they're going on a full score. And they are gonna be coming back here. You can check out live at the fun house which is connected to old scores notice you're wondering and that is going to be out wounded giant. Alongside the kid you're about to hear the year of the cobra that you could go I want an image is actually currently in the studio recording their. Follow up to this one. They're recording with Billy Anderson who has of course among many many other recordings hey. He was notable. In. To blame I guess. Four sleeps dope smoker classic album and this year that cobra so full of Apollo catch them again. With this being you've just heard won't be giant. And fun house Saturday August date to hear the cobra allowable. Loud and local continues on the road. There's 99.9. KI ESW. Every once in awhile hero animal collective throat back to a B and then maybe was influential here in the north was seen to be and then and a. Is out any longer. We have one day and started in Aberdeen of course he moved gently they are no longer northwest and damn it he can claim them as our own as they are one of the first. Originators of what you would call it the grunge. Movement of of that real rock rock and roll sound you from the northwest of course and talk about the melt things. We have one from there's still room which record the first. A metal band that should not be overlooked forced entry. So so good. A look through last go to some ice in even cost base shirtless and in man he had anything you wanna hit it can be called to a 6421 rock. We're takes me it's 772999. It's forced entry and then Melvin. Back to back some old school stuff. On my local. Yeah. Now. Gonna. Point nine. She. Yeah her. And here's what. AI SW. You lose. And it's. Yeah. I. It's. Yeah. I. Or. It's. And a and yeah. I. I. That was again by the name of points today from up north. That a couple of hours. North actually would she did very very possibly and the friend of the show they actually you can go back to the archives. On KI SW dot com and you can hear woodshed. Playing acoustic live in studio. We have enough or other next hour of the show and I'll be featuring music from areas for eight on June. And for the new music from a flourish scourge peering into the more. The mental side of things abortion Obama. It into the national football matchup zone. I don't think you're too about the level music but coming up now. Dan hopeful Brothers which went from Indiana. And they moved to the northwest at about four or five years back. There they have a brand new record out into the deep and played a few of these songs EDT then. And at west Seattle street fair on Friday I was not able to make it as they played pretty early on in the day when I heard AK gas we have a brand new song by both Brothers. It's the ball over and I'll allow multiple. Loud and local continue. This 99.9. KI ESW. How did you avoid V Ted Smith today it's my doc what hang. Hang out with us at the torch like brave weren't talking VIP. Used to go to rock perks dot com and enter for your chance to hang out with us is outwardly appliance best seats and house and we're feeding it not us our personal chef from off Russ gold reserve and about Mike you know on the head Jeff in the major venues sausage dip is outstanding yes it is. Enter for your chance to view the torch light parade VIPs style and rock perks dot com. This is loud and love. Just all dropped from igniting a ploy not KI DS just. For. All right I told students to get ready if you're into more than nettles dusted progressive metal band. They should read it and each registries are. It's a flourishing skirt you may not have heard of them but they actually recorded with what are the genes. Roma who moves recorded collegial rides actually I'm sorry. Excuse me he's recorded closure. At the Hoosier is recording studio in. New York City so what he flew over there did that in it's very very cool for DR Weiss will be and you like it to work with Boudreau flourishing scourge offers self titled records and stench overriding courts after that we gotta get called heiress. One of my favorite local heavy hands. Anything you wanna hear exactly 77999. You listen to lot of local on the rock. And. It's time. It's. The okay. It's. Moon. It. Okay. Amazing what will be and by the name of the areas you're listening to loud and global therefore it is all mobile. Ayers author made wrong record. Calm before that a flourishing spared and now assault of the Breton West Street those record. It's lock and key Colombo. Here are. Such an incredible record suicide I don't sergeant house and check it out. Because you know what Helms who just played here in the northwest and they are on tour. With mutually man across the currency to right now. You can definitely picked that Helms will be available on and gives you can also record order it from sergeant county picking up from work until he fears of platters are. Anywhere where. They still sell records it's hard to find these days. A lot of Muslim but there's still are some independent record stores out there my name is Kevin years while locals the name of the show. A little over fifteen minutes left the show in I wanted to do that you know that before he'll easily we had been called doubles hunt me down in a second. Of three EPs coming out and 2017 coming out in August so we'll look forward to that I'm gonna have to clean up in the studio to keep themselves from that. In the weeks to Thomson did in John idols currently down I was up there immediately rise. A kimbo was a request I got by Jay from up and everything he wanted some Akimbo if he's not familiar with Akimbo. It's actually a band that they did break up but the members of this team and went on to form sans writers please previously in the shows us. Go to TJ. But Everett is Akimbo with dean of the ancient whales lab mobile on the rock. And gears rolls. AI SW room. Thank you so much for tuning in every weekend here in my humble will be specifically tonight I know I played a lot of heavy stuff. A lot of requests going out there like a heavy he just aggressive screening stuff. So you know what I wanna panel lighten it up it is summertime a wonderfully some positive some funds some things senior air drops legislate more. Melodic stuff so I'm gonna go out only a lighter note. But with some rats being young go hard guns of Nevada and the hollow points all. Three in a row. Right there young go hearts gods of Nevada and hollow points what you're about to hear. On the show think again allowed it locally you can tune into the show I go to KI SW dot com you can listen to the entire show from tonight's if you just in the year like. It is awesome what is this all local music. This KI SW dot com or listen to the entire damn thing it's young go hearts. What are you from here. Allowed local.