Loud and Local - July 23rd, 2017

Sunday, July 23rd

This week on Loud and Local I feaured music from Devils Hunt Me down, Infinite Flux, Guns of Nevada, Wounded Giant, X Suns, Sunny Day Real Estate, Dust Moth, Grindline the Band, Dude York and more ! 


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Yeah. Amanda is actually from being surrounding immediate metropolitan area encompassing that was noticeably northwest's. Good evening rockaholics. Thanks for joining. This is allowed. No rock featuring music full. Great Pacific northwest. 99.9. No other weekend is almost over beautiful beautiful summer weekend here in the northwest Miami with seventy years. When 10 PM here here on an idea what I PI is so we went Sunday night. We celebrate the end of the weekend by trying to juice out the last two hours of trying to squeeze it out and just enjoy. Today I was over Capitol Hill block party in bed check out from off local kids that shaky from Upton scored. To field at mile classical stuff going on this weekend of course as it is. Of rich and amazing northwest music scene we're gonna start tonight off with devils put me down give operated he'd be coming out next month. And that included blocks one of the moments that yes the devils beat down but what effect the fact is while mobile. Straight man. This is loud and local. Vaudeville. 99.9. KI DS don't. Every week now allowed in local feature the clubs ours every week on KI SW dot com bear much better every week on the KI SW dot com feature that loud and local the end of the heat. Is also featured on the PG and needs morning shows on Friday morning and now we have prime real estate on KI SW dot com he gave era. Drones and bio and photo up there. Eighty at least to us from people who buy your record and checking out promote your next shows this week we have been by the name of guns of Nevada. Very very cool man kind of punk rock kind of and gives it a little country it button can remind me of I'm more like. Americana version of the replacements. Love this band and I'm gonna be played three songs from them he can get a KI SW dot com to check out info on espionage because of Nevada lonesome drove in blue. Tell us in pretty when you write three songs back to back. I go to Nevada the loud and local NBJ and makes. They ended the week. And content and. There's no. Then that's. Can't. Yeah. You know when they. Yeah. Yeah yeah yeah. I moon. It's. So yeah. Always balance grand. So afraid to bring yeah. The loud and local continue. It's 99.9. KI ESW. Five wounded. So often they are on tour. You can check them out when they come back from the northwest are going to be playing a show August 5 Saturday August 5 at the fun house. We'll be giant. Swamp heavy. Cutter and the banned him about the way year of the cobra now there's going to be a killer show. I seriously Wakefield maybe that is all wolf bill. And very you can check it out metal shop is presenting it which you I feel that I also. We'll most of Saturday night we'll be giving away more big. In the weeks to come still before we go any further I'd just like you so you know it's freaking old man. You like which you heard would be Jerry you'll. Love the field because they evaporate new record date it is it was a song. From that album under the cobra actually just finished recording their brand new album oh look at them when I'm about to play. With Billy Anderson of reported nobody could record but notably reported dope smoker in my sleep moment. The other awesome you'll live to you about the play us on what you are the Colbert is what's called necessity notre. He weird. Well local on the Iraq. This is loud and low. Smuggle. And 99.9. KI ES. The majority of left out in the local I was like who represent the fans that are currently in the scene currently playing in the dive bars currently touring. Apparently in the vans currently playing all the there's good news here in the northwest but. You know and time again I like to throw it back to the old days ago may be to relax right here on my mobile. Now that is exactly what did you right now one of my favorite local fans Sony DUST featuring people with Jeremy Unix. Such distinct voice it's an awesome awesome summer and is just an amazing advancement. I was watching. That you of them performing live or Jon Stewart show from Comedy Central back in the early nineties and after. He's got a feel of this record debt diary was the debut album I sunny Sunny Day Real Estate in 1994 as it released it. And it was on sub pop records and released that seemed. Three LP east. Or what's good for the sport he's glad that with the last one being the rising tide definitely worth a listen if you've never Sunny Day Real Estate. But I his so called in circles probably the best. Or at least. Most well known songs on this record setting day really seemed to throw back track of the night allow multiple. Yeah. Yeah. A. The a. This. A. This. I. In new. Okay. I. Okay. Okay. Okay. Okay. Okay. You. Okay. New. Sunday night. KI DSW. IUE. One CE. Are. Loud and local continue. Two years 99.9. KI ESW. It's. And. Okay. One of my favorite bands from here in the northwest does month's big east legs. Only come out and called my name is Kevin Beers every Sunday from ten. And still denying that we keep it local from the 253. Of the 206 the fortune five. The 360509. Occasionally dabbled in their. Now you can sure we can have your meeting featured here on loud and vocal with the go ahead good KI SW dot com. But the drop down menus and go to lab mobile to get your address both physical and email address you can send web links or whatever. What works best for you I'm flexible you know into the next fight songs. You can hear you now and then three after the break all fight these kids their music on KIW dot com. And some good stuff navigator from Tacoma is what we're gonna start off with. After that we buy gold from here in Seattle. After the break due to place more jams but this one. That's pretty Jim Head he gives navigators from Tacoma. He pitted head to. Colombo. And. I wasn't. Does imply guy. This is loud and local. On the 99.9. KI DS to. And do it. And do it. The good news. Yeah. Yeah. Okay. And. I. It's a. I. And here is my. AI SW. Back come out local like I mentioned earlier. Get between five tracks in a row these are all. Did you feel a lot hopefully might not be new songs. But they are you too loud in wolf we view this thing every Sunday night into the midnight will feature all northwest artists it's been incredible summer. Four for college here in the northwest and I'm I'm so stoked when I get to hear music. Newbie and they send me your music. The KI SW dot com and if you look at this year and you know like you've got to get on the show good KIW dot com all the drop down menu. If you my ugly face he gets in your tracks whether physical or. People copies or MP threes whatever he wanted him. We got we bands that sound so. It's so cool to hear ideas diversity here in the local scene crooked crushed under the rash crossovers like hardcore and metal. Four edge of the search in my perfect cross after that can work is awesome summertime kind of poppy punk. And a grind line the band which is just straight up. Ski rock all their lyrics are about skateboarding. He's so horrific result zero again perfect for us new York and Bryant led the band. Check it out loud local. Rock. This is loud and local. Just bought the rock igniting ploy not KI ES. CNN. And when plus. One of the most jeans and records and Tony seventeen put out by Tacoma Dan's our next. It's easy they are. That's on the golf mr. reindeer now and having goes from everywhere for Tom Waits to face the mortgages layered to Dillinger escape plan. To Snoop Dogg. I mean the musical influences on that record alone aren't in scenes that definitely check it out czar is an even at the end from Tacoma grind lines to be and. All of us skateboarding speed freak before that in money was seven years loud local is what you're currently keen to thank you so much for supporting local music. And out shooting in every Sunday night. You've got to do more than that we get to see what this shows to go to KI SW dot com we have an updated concert calendar. All the time. There's a ton of off local shows coming up. In just a few in a few weeks and the weeks to come it is summertime so you know it's see. Klein time to BC. It shows in a lot of shows it can be outdoors and beautiful thing you get a burger you get a clear he gets what an awesome being outdoors. Nothing better than that. In the northwest on guns and there are sought out next. So much some. It should metal metal. By request here at 77999. If you have something from a local busy morning here. Let me tell what it is still targeted on forty elaborate site this. Allow mobile buy guns and there are soft. Yeah. Here is we're. AI SW. Just about fifteen minutes left of loud low gold. I'm Diana when ninety ideas W the rockets Seattle thanks so much for Elizabeth my name's Kevin gears and up. Hey let's do this next time six weeks since I'm okay. 10 PM thing I would meet with some local music. Drink your beer enjoy the sunshine he lets us down. And at 10 PM but almost. I don't even know what I'm talk about I'm delusional and you need to get snapped let's send him so utterly inept now as it it's going to sleep. Don't leave you with those of jams here. Hopefully for him to try to squeeze four in their Juba told Brothers awesome day and moved here from Indiana about five or six years back in the just released a brand new album called hunch bunch of bears down. It is a self released you can find it on. ITunes you can find it on Spotify you can pick it up on their website. And I get their news hope Brothers after that some blows there. And they try to fit in these young Eagles. I was Seattle so let's try to do the damn thing. No more from me it's Pope Brothers here allowed small school. This is loud and local. Just bought the and 99.9. KI DS. Okay. I.