Thee Podcast Episode 187

Thursday, July 27th

This week we discuss The Wire, girls, and food.


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Took this quiz to you must be a boy mr. always was to get right if you were a teenager. I got I got a certain percentage right it was like you are not out of the game yet. So Ottawa and the Swiss phone part. Is there and wondered that. Who happen. Also drink get an account. Dirty water a day. I think we podcast if this isn't just any I guess just any pod cast couldn't do this. This is. Starting deep stuff and these. Starting these senseless and I'll. Cooled underwear I don't let you know. These podcasts and so 187. But Georgia for the kids that will be posted here podcasters but after all the way all good and he'll have to leave my murder bloody that we hear what he's on two wheels somewhere in southeast Asia ego but it stopped now what's going on. Chairs the podcast skyrocketed in early trading outperforming analysts today for the fourth. We can erode turning in quarterly earnings well above the usual Q2 average the reason Ted's on fire meltdowns around the corner and I've got to freeze a whole lot of pops about. We'll ten comments a bit later this summer it's anyone's guess who will talk strategy all app pot. Oh all of that strategy that they're on the we have this did you get this deal it was set up today and you're gonna quit faith. Silent assassin that. Three back I'm the producer at CT. He was hey dad you the head and so point 87 right lending him a moment ago about how. He has a much net new series it's now become a boatload and me I was him of the and I've does that suit. My 87 Monica look I think that's the radio how it's probably aren't and Allen is rather write about it real I don't know it's mother ethnic battle that changed on my own over the years I'm happy with that of course substitute. I don't think I'm that that lyrically. Okay hear me out a list of the reason I feel confident with undercover cop is that that that saw him. Was meat free movie called deep cover starring Laurence Fishburne. We are looking up but look I'm gonna I wanna know out. Mean this is the movie was deep cover about undercover cops. That's less who you guys at confidence in him after. What we haven't seen. And I'm not mentally bet money on drugs on a bike I'm pretty confident clippers. Hum. There's no name of that. 187 I don't know about was just neat wow we are both those results are in Google C. I mean both of them are predicted searches. It's called in his call deep cover a large somber and Jeff Goldblum. You guys are seen moving now you know. Met the leaders say no I don't think you respect what it is that Jeff Goldblum has done for acting. I'm gonna mean to offend you personal. McEnroe we'll with a dot. OK fair enough. I realized stress park is very very good in that. Might. By the way. Day is very very irritating and eat eat and all very very Goldblum I I will say. With him in it they have he's doing his Jeff Goldblum things segment is skylight is like Nick Cage take. Whatever a man I just love watching wanting back I do stuff wherever it where quote unquote character he's. Playing it's a classic Goldblum. Selling drugs fish frenzy undercover cop thing he gets in trouble with the two starts drinking and there's a scene where he takes a drink out of this last Netflix. On the tougher like sips of liquor ever seen in my life. Program Russert criminalist not legislate what does that I don't think did he grimace or do you know agreements paying no grimace or you're at the tough grimace like this one do you like. It's down to burn. You gotta see this movie sold hats Buick 89991. Take my strap just in case one of his boys recognize my face because he's a shy steam of the Coca. But I gives of 'cause I'm going deep cover year and you don't stop because it's 187. On undercover cop yeah. Oh. The only recall also copies because of that movie. I hopes their mouth is seen this. New powerful method I always forget about Ted's gangster days you know. All they're back to raptors and and Namibia. While I watch the wire way to much. It would. You like it drops in my December data subject I'm I'm Washington which wire. Seriously man yeah venture heaps and stuff that's obviously. Her her an easy way imply easy pull Hanik. All right so wait. You guys are received racist animals from Hollywood ski on Chappelle show. Are so there's this whole skit about it's like a big. At the sort of front line. Tease me and how you would love it. Totally fake episode of Frontline it's all about how these animals nor Hollywood are secretly racist right. The first look like mr. and an athlete mr. Ed saints really are. Rights have been one album is flipper. In the one gadgets that you you know with the window was changed and patent dolphin. I think. So whenever somebody calls the men drew throws escalates you know who is viewed via she ain't. Right so it's a constant joke right advertising emailing your what hottest title in which students or whatever. And generally email people back like it just the link to the to the Internet and obviously not just a joke that. The miles of red you know on the air and he does have a steadily through an exchange column through. And I look over it there oh and I can't tell if he wants me to tell the truth and not go. Sometimes you know which you know. The big and the commercial break public's eye. Our man there I know it's funny I go up it was funny to put why we can't stop watching the wire. Williams picture I can miles what can you off might decide to what. But they did not showed here are. No lunch no don't you know. The target though it and it of our young season for public on the wire by an excellent. It is look I also notice that it is funny re watching that show. Now things that throughout the day ago. You know I love that show that I re watching it. I realize in the hand did you guys ever seen it you know but it's mine widely used on the best shows that meant so it's so the whole things starts at lake the Barksdale right Avon Barksdale thickening drug dealer. Mr. rebel is flaky easily. Cohort if you will. Stringer is much more about like business in China making widget business in this and that we don't have vehement street flake. She no blocks Avon's a good old school gangster the games that would with making me he's got a news and that. Thousands and it Africa when you watch this year at east lake. First you're kind of pick him like two I wanna be like Eva don't wanna be an extreme but you realize it ends up in jail ensured it's got he gets killed any now. So it's like night neither of them and feel like I did the cops. But then the cops are all kind of these humans. We don't spend time with their families that are pretty miserable people outside of their job but even my season four they get into the teacher's not but I ago. Is the show so powerful that kind of issue as a Ximian none of them. On the column game. Right it's crazy yeah. I kind of forget about that I isolated seen how much real life cops and real like drug called the team is at the end of the day that's all it is for them. Yeah it's like trying to hold back the tide Ameen thank you no matter ousting about this. It's a weird time in my union sent us think about some of related to this art and Terry Austin not on my roof and I mean. Think at the end of the day no one is an outright win there's no finish line I mean the war on drugs is perpetually never adds so. You know people go to prison and Nomo get people on drug tough streets but there's always gonna meet that demand for it it's always going to be supply foreigners always going to be somebody chasing. Them you know there's no like definitive point where it's like hey it's over I either side one you know. Perpetual. But I mean don't the private prisons and those people are they are villains really winning or no question that the lawyers went in the private prisons for sure. I mean like the people who are caught up in the game itself. Yeah. Yeah apparent as presents a crazy money. And I think that's the saddest thing about you know as you look it but Portugal when you look at the statistics O'Malley legalizing drugs is turned out to to work. Yeah yeah yeah I don't know vented its saddest thing about it a lot of sad factors but at staff plan like one of the most. Infuriating things about it you know that there is pushing so hard with Ike mandatory minimums and staff sent us to think too late realistically like. Delicious which is called way it is certainly wouldn't three of us right now is that we live in a state now Weasley so it's not a big deal but even back in the day inflate. It matter I wanna go by a weekly why should we actually be in contact with some of these seller of likely G hard for a I'm you know he said I mean I think. Yet they should be legal and accessible. If nothing else so that we can tax and regulate them and also provide help for people who want and that's not say that every person is doing drugs wants enough from some people are happy. During and just as happy as you may be drinking alcohol or whatever year. You know chosen. Vices but. Just have that option for people rather than I marginalizing them I think it's important. I think there's a lot of good can be done out of wait you're owed doctored picture heroin and I easily give your script he explained to you health risk you're going to right now but he's gonna give you clean needles to give your script. Even going your way. You know I will be cut with with that it's. Fentanyl and all final sweep in Washington and Oregon both the out. Yet heroin and cocaine. Ability to float coat of snow Avaya a grad. Pool room. See that's what's weird about drugs to write a photo of that at all as like closer to it it felt closer to heroin. And out now as I've made sense that's how some couple weeks ago said that there is pretty Coke to now. I receive I think that's the weird thing with drugs is late fentanyl heroin is is a massive issue of human beings I ain't. But I don't think people care as much but it it's our skin in delay. Now rich white people's cocaine. And it fueled her hair a lot more than I announcers there and so many of those laws have to do it with class and now systemic oppression you know look at crack. Mandatory minimums vs cocaine mandatory minimums mean. It's mine that. Yet it's in saint I mean some of the stuff. Some of the stuff you know. One of us gets caught with in its powder cocaine. As opposed you know to minority in this city and Cote caught with crack. It's like why have a lot more drugs on mean Christ they're barely even have any cocaine and. Yeah yeah crackers like basically watered down cocaine but you know it's the nature of the people who tend to be using it and military men unserved kind of insane to be him to begin welcoming your essentially hamstring and judges' ability to. And give his best judgment you know it's like well I think I had cracked comments like. I mean even if someone might just bought a pair of pants of the goodwill has a terrible example and walks out and has cracked and I am like that mandatory minimum is still applies round in the judgment in my case this person's never done cracker coComment tax paying citizen news. Never made any troubles like no. He got tenure on the. 'cause I want to believe that most cops. Could cops. We're kind of rather be done dealing with this kinda in confidence on a daily basis and being the only legit. Commanding. A sector of a neighborhood like knowing the neighbors there like saying let's not you know late I want you to be great being at peace officers opposed so again militarized. Force yeah I mean at the end of the day sadly having been drug war is all it's not a moral. War as they are flex out and out to me it's all about money you know the private prisons with people make in the you know the body armor for raiding my house's and rhinos am wraps and you know it's. Mean that's just that the maximum for the game it's all about cash from both sides throwing. I also think it's funny too about re watching the wire is an effort got late great at that I mean it's it's a pretty real like show the lake. So there is street dealers and gangsters. Like they still have some weird code. After Rick insisting relate to you know there's a whole generation. Of people prime might your mid thirties and in forties and the grew up. On gangster rap ranked so it kind of makes everybody even that you grew up in a rich area or higher middle class area still makes you feel like you've struggled so. Do you like identify it right and then at an end and I think some corporations use that kind of stuff but but the corporations to me are much more cutthroat. And there's no lake boat just like. Can we make more money will cut anybody. The other despite its business which is armaments hated phrases. All of you know the wanna gets me is I'm still my job now. Yet tiered. Serious man look at a few quick story so I got that this week so when I was down in Texas entity has got food poisoning. Right maybe excels in Austin got food poisoning went to like well the pizza place yes yeah so has like a walk in clinic and down. And there was a big deal rams like 200 bucks or some numbing I Jamison is that from my ass and exception foreign there's 289 dollars so as a look at you know just. No my insurance and I'm my insurance correct me America okay we're gonna need some of information and no problem so when I get home went a month or so later. Call my insurance. Provider has this whole big back and forth they're trying to cast my insurance. For the sake that they admitted my billing whatever it doesn't matter and I spent three months or an out. So called med sprang to almost gone right cool just you know get this settled as soon as you can in a problem so. During that time during the interim they sent it to Micah collection agency and so what's funny is like timing wise I called them. Like a day after they had sent him which and realize that times called them 'cause it's like K Pimco is not a cover it are now listen. Premier blew across America blue cross market coverage solace pay over the phone not cool no problem. To the credit card and then I'd get. Like. A notice from bill collector NIK you you know we have this dead were trying to recover on behalf of like some unknown party whatever but he could see the amount in his Sam. And so so I had to sit in my room has a hard call like that so yesterday. As a sub library downtown column up and the guys you know I think I was reasonably nice that he was just again shows here in the of zero balance smells like Coca and he. How he could tell that I was annoyed that I even had call I guess he's like don't worry that might be hard a credit inquiry or anything but. You know. We're just 50% of my job is just trying to help people. Kind of just flat out laid to adhere to debt collector I tell you you know it's harass people who I had zero debt if you guys that you Stiller Colin Ritter asked it sort of just. There's a survey of as one of those things were like young people I think have a predisposition to believe that there are righteous and there on quests and they're doing something that. One is important to his his right. And you know I mean I don't I don't argue that they shouldn't be debt collectors and sang like he believed wholeheartedly in his mission of collecting those stats you know and has just. Or maybe Disney's that's values. Up front of you need defensive about it. How are you saying I got a core allow yeah good morning at this. Didn't just say well. I was just like relieved that I didn't know any money and it's that you know this is turning into a headache that just say now. Among your team I ought to be due the and think. And when I I wonder how on meter maids justified in that that that's lower my excuse. He is walking around in people's. Hard editor I mean it made three months ago as Italian canned. Tech that I deserved it that is now my notified it that idea since you signed. But yeah and at once I Gaza. Who printed this out by. What is there wrote what is there daylight you know that they like I don't walk around and you know like you're getting yeah Megan is much money is. You're making everyone pay here right now fifty to 200 dollar tickets all day. And how much money you make him per hour for that like. I feel bad for just did it counts in the on one level I do a guy I get earlier saying that on another attack do you. And quit your job goodies and that figure some golf now if you if you really wanna lightning rod. I'm just you know. Meth and up fellow humans days for not great but it's. Personal choice the meter me and making. Like I agree with you I think it I think the meters beings just a way to get money and stuff by. They're just doing their job boy if they don't do it there's nowhere to park in all fairness to them. You know and at every spot is just full all day every now. Brad is they've got debt collectors are paired. There's a need for it I just. Thing about that human existence that McNabb could I could not elements of the earlier today delivering bad news everyday I'd rather be a pizza guy you were so pumped a pizza dude says yeah. Seriously. Yet. This Africa that I'd upload speeds on Sunday with AC Al so so to see that guy. Yeah you're doing wrong I get mad at me yeah me too that the main thing is just like a lot of artists are right it's like can't take out that is I can. I don't have a Cobb at some when I started to feel bad for. And I mean like the I don't think that the job you go home you know but it's a bike yeah yeah like Natalie to prop Eiffel. My frustration stemmed from hurt ticketing. Twelve scooters that were all parked out of the way in a place of park everyday and it's like a known scooter area within pioneer square. And the whole I mean the point like. He keeps so much traffic off the roads freeze of so much parking and it's not blocking anything and again. Known screw area so easily get all 120 she all twelve moment of 44 dollar taken a dislike. What I can you you're just like ultimately started saying that the Euro too early in yourself. Mike because now he's too long ride scooters but drive cars will take a more space on the freeways we'll take a more parking spaces might. No one is being hurt by this have anything like we're all being helped by these scooters parking here there's no sign age there's nothing on system you know so I'm building itself. I don't infuriated one time my tabs are expired. By a month. And I got a ticket a lot of this part yeah pilot of the money don't end well I didn't BI that out as as we get pulled over for you know. College Steve I wouldn't think to me to meet him to do so I was just livid for like weeks because. ISIS' like. If someone in a no parking zone or by a fire hydrant finally got a job be your run around look at it every single parked cars like tap it in hand. I just site that was that was outside of their. Their jurisdiction. Internet unregistered vehicle on my city's streets. At halftime Amsterdam got that same day guys grants. Do nothing will ever take that that I don't presented like three years ago. And it ought to be my car on fire. It's cover in the late literally it's covered in soot from a fire extinguishers. And want to work when I came back. The it scraped away some of the so what a parking ticket for parking too close to hiker. You know god yet religiously you've got to be kids that you would see the burn marks on the call partly. The car is on file here but this person is clearly are you having a battle left and you really need to like just job reduce on the chest trying to yeah. That was a good one to his eventually took it away and the cops call and he has a mr. Smith we took Jakarta tonight. Did you go here and hearing and and yet it's an calls this much yet again and now he. That's to keep it I don't want it doesn't work like he was on fire and you guys ticketed and ink in them impound. And then of course is that well you have to do this or that leak preannouncement watch. If it. 22 over just to keep and I'll give. You'll win right and it all right the car off the street. But I think you realize doesn't really matter all about safety and stuff is like the cars off the streets nothing's gonna happen they're like no you still gotta paid like have them jump. You please tell him I was the last are you don't know what's. I don't know. I'm so far to our friendship for me to not know about that yeah. Yeah that's yeah I mean I know that you have a nice to have Mike haven't driven a car owned a car. And Mike over ten years now like what do you 35363636. Yeah like walks to work I lost blocks everywhere people's minds are blown when I tell them you just are not car guys like. And you know not involved in cars and anyway at best and a bag of bats away like the exclamation analyzer that I don't cars I'm. Barton Hamburg to bits they'd towed it may take you admit where he McKee. Oh yeah that's a stupid little satellite. Hit Canada makes so much sense now. Obviously this is all awful human out of the card number an exclamation point yeah and he. I mean I'll write it just it was all just the culmination of things to. But by the time the qualifiers. I am over you know I don't I don't drive cars anymore. Which now live in a city with immigrant stuff doesn't seem that crazy but I mean for years to really you get places in the big cat. Yeah mentally that's hard that I'm my mind is blown. Yeah like acting and many like 55 dollar cab ride from like wouldn't go back to the city on Sunday afternoon. This lake and then you have listened to people question your attitude that I like so you don't own a car now. So you just don't drive at all now mad and on drugs like so like. How do you get like you don't you don't drive anywhere you don't incite now dear don't like how do you get places you know like Rebecca residual rates five times. The what I love is like. Educated girl that was immature I thought that it lake Stevens that. At 510 and in those and express bus from Seattle Everett. Scoop me up ever both stationed in and out there and which is really nice area I like that place drip through their my scooter you know half it's pretty yeah he has. He went down there as nice as their onwards pretty eat eat eat eat eat out. Very pretty Palestinian at a tea. Woody called a manufactured home. The Yucca. Yeah with the ones that show up on the highway that is to sexism in the together just like is this house you never seem like is that there's no peace means that the man. She's that you're seeing the lonesome highway that is that they looked like they sent down. Note I'm Erica. But honestly what you couldn't really tell the difference. DDoS that always got to be cool to live in a trailer park for every single wide. Is this trailer park and when those stokes called lazy wheels are uses the bottle technically this really cool silently to cowboy boots back to back to me area on the island that. And they like wagon wheel. Without equal spot left. Now it's sick on a threat on the river really yeah and the people who just seem like a kick and eminently easy wheels. Just doing their thing now once you see you get a car and I don't I've ever say man I don't live there RV park. School want Obama must have an RV park really you know like before I was born polio like this when might they were like late twenties. Can one accountant ex that you live and RV park I mean. Yet Al wasn't clear on it I think you'll have dynasty ZoneAlarm out he had that today. I'm open all forms of living are not totally opposed to it and let yeah I mean I'd I'd rather like. You know 'cause gonna do the camper lifestyle I feel I could be moral life. Quit my job Earl I have some sort of online training business reckon dislike taking camper around the country. Now I live in a trailer park you know I mean we you'd be living in multiples train parked right. Nova that's different views. Tonight and life. Come to a plan now and we talk about like traveling the country living in an RV like that that's completely different than living it are yeah that is there that yeah. Yes I'm not opposed RV is split. About say in the same park pro pro whole Lotta Lotta time and then there's trailer park RB I treasure different yet right for someone that's RV park. Fiat trailer park outs and has given itself. Women and any time soon but who knows merit pretty out of control in the city so. It's true ranges ridiculous yeah. Followed couple bam life in its programs that are like you'll nobody's gonna embodied Gerri it is got back in the count from Dallas. And yeah RV Irving then yeah they call it still can't really there's a lot of parking lot to the parking RV. You get in trouble. If your vein and just losing advantage of your bed and kitchen and sudden part and constantly bears got off set up your game and came back and town couple weeks ago. And so on tech got free suite is. On my own drum teacher Wednesday news feeds from wherever and misty video lessons and yeah. Totally free. Critical. I don't know if you do it. I come and hopes. When I'm home it's a lifestyle you're not a car owner now everybody thought I drive in the whole time and miss the worst part about red army for meltdowns have to drive it to and from. You ready jury to Arlington. Every parent now to manager and he's a dangerous and he really. Oh it's a quick trot just again so it never drives cars that now let me hop in the nineteen foot RV yeah. This is not easy drive yet balance for now when I mean Ellen small enough so it's all right agency. Two I'm blind yeah. Driving our security here at C isn't that line of thirty cars the heart its you that's batted that did help expedite that happening in this year sorry. Not speed but it is randomly pull over at their spot. Snub bill for speech though for comfort there's a DeRozan opens I. This fever a lot of it is to be behind it that's probably a good god does that is that far I can't argue that comment I did the first year in his truck. But he could tell you're right I can tell how many people were behind I mean think about it I am a notorious slow driver Ivica. Our aim on grass how much does then that's funny because like driving the meltdown. Where it thinks it's chill vibe and stuff. But on and so you're going to that place my excitement levels off the charts if I was stuck behind an RV doing exactly the speed limit. Image is just such a conflicting range of emotions. On the one hand you right in your right he'd be chilled out vibrant anti let's. And yet it is these guys out about it it's existential crisis from my attitude that too. Angel in the mail my shoulders go back report but I mean targeted to ignore an amount that. Guy. Yeah well it's tough to lick a couple years driving up and I use I've been done the last couple years think that for some reason probably is they had reason to school on Friday night. So we never lead to Friday afternoon we always have some accounts though which took longer. Ball. Speaking of which side note even though I don't drive my mom's in town this weekend we are picking up a rental car Thursday evening going to Moscow but I'm so pumped. If I've been living dangerously between the paper man. Argued that the daylight dog that I noted books the only issue race. She got an upgrade yet and root problem and you just feel like a domestic Sunday right. And I went to the store and stuff I got Obama you do in public due to the people of the the one mission right now. And then I went to a note I want to a little corner store like 830 came home. Ice cream coat Gatorade a couple of funny I don't honestly you don't. We're playing fast forward to is now Tuesday pets don't get the Michael paper but it up we just Sharon. It's quick span memorandum devolved to that life. It's a very popular cop out. And get the giant the toilet paper right away off track there some reason gulp of Friday's Tito Mike Dayton the anticipation you would get the and then I mean don't driving up there. An icicle weeks that the night before probably that Friday. So I feel like crap for sit there and then we stop that shell station in Arlington raise an off. A perfect to adopt a marine and combined single beer and John Parker can't raise the party that after. Yeah I get that. I get that but it's it was like for me liking counselor instantly number one I don't speed as it is. But I am so scared of those little country roots of the copped to sit around the corner. The most appealing go up there mean they know those roads they don't crap again it's like the girl had it on 65. Yet. And right you know it that's an excellent column I should use one of turnouts the turn out yeah let people buy it and I can't see behind year privacy consumption at some point. I usually funny is an apple over popular with the meal off that. But the thing. And who happens hippies and time and head bands and. Well that there are over for all of our responsibility. You keep it low and I before you and other stuff here. Another question I have for you guys. Which has happened. And it's a good thing. What does happen to the shape of white. But wouldn't white women all of a sudden get my hips and ass stuff. Like I know a lot of it is the squads. In but I mean like it seems like girls even our bird are Nina likes super fit iCAD more sheep. Yeah I would say that there's two. Transit work. I think for all. I mean if cancer Graham is any indicator I would say that. We've gotten less in the middle and more of a Barbell. Type craft where women are either skewing. Like really far over towards like supermodel skinny or petite. We call them on the Internet or. Or I. Massive. Asks and larger. Breast format hourglass figure. Correct. More feisty as we call them on the I. Yeah I don't placing that thinking you know the rise of Kim can get deathly fabulous there if you want part of it I think around. Squads and the rise of like women might doing more power weight training. Which actually is positive pretty cool I like that women don't feel like it sent to starve themselves don't fit a certain image I could there's like. More like a fit woman image that's kind of taken off hasn't women naturally storm or how to post issued a man and so. You know I think that it's a good look for a lot of ladies and not a put off they're still in shape but they're carrying a little bit more weight than. Colts are phenomenal rampant out argued I'm all for it I just like sometimes. When I was a brunch a couple weeks ago and obviously these two girls walked. Him solemnly to. Yet there arrives at the card actually and who's losing huge factor there. Think what else I guess it hides late women not having whenever I hear this from him but I. I'm fine with plate the high rise shorts or whatever that's when I was about to say is that the other piece of it is that highlights and you know yeah. I think that's a big part of it too and everybody's rocket tights. While the other pants yet how blustery than those who don't everywhere. Yeah I mean I think Pollyanna like lift and separate just like the original like now wonder Broward and those calls. Yeah men deals no winners here it's great I agree isolate the money loud and watch too much of wire and if so what does it. And as a us flag go there. I think our Jesse's. Go line wasn't pretty hot attempting. I had a working men nice I'm all for ladies the approach. Wouldn't get deference to. How Ohio east and I went to Princeton French toast dislike the most decadent breakfast they were ideal for Hillary really is get it really is yeah I mean emea Benedict probably is he docket. Think holiday Solso over a muffin with like meat nay split French two dosages like regal yeah it's like for children. Order for you ever played one of those days. And that makes me French toast elements does the idea product sure sir. No powder sugar syrup made it home. He makes certain. How you make certain budget get a for retreat. Now man you basically do you like well this is like. I mean it tastes really good enough you can officially be considered maple syrup by the cost sewers and as a whole grating system to maple syrup which would get into but. Basically what he does is he heats up a bunch of I boils water and sugar together in Mike sauce pan. How little their Mabel I extract little bit of a Vanilla extract takes about two to five minutes. No kidding yeah and then degrading they're trying to throw out because. And maple syrup has agreed to hear him and I believe it's AB and C via. Half the time my head but it's only but it's based on color not taste or quality and so. The people who have trees that produce C grade which tastes just as good sometimes better than name. Are upset because consumers. Think it C grant is in some way. I can diminished form of a grade so great day so. I guess what I have my serve come from a tree. You can do that but that's tradition. You know what I don't know that answer law. But could have always more apt to eat eggs for breakfast and stuff. It's rare I think the last however had served as the in the chicken and waffles at a brunch. We will see that's she damn always turning its Syria I don't know I haven't as great wings waffles I guess major freeze. I haven't owned a browser but. Mean you know. Yeah I can. Yeah absentee enters a little about it than actual maple syrup but it's one of those things like whatever you grew up on you're gonna like more you know. Are like my favorite spaghetti for instance uses regular sauce which I know objectively. His death and now one of the best sauce is out there that's just what I pallets used. I know sex or Costco meatballs right you. Who live whole the whole nine yards the rag do and Prado that's your likes and Coke and Pepsi to me now two totally different camps my friend totally different camps. I guess technically I was a regular guy grow and that's the retirement right. Do you hasn't been ailing Amarillo gold. Live right now yeah Iraq right viewed as the yellow yet so I guess we were oh yeah we were Indian. I want to bring a famine and yet but then a crock pot and meatballs at the Smith family tradition. Them. We still cool and we want you ladies why do you keep beaten. Looking good but noted that children on the China at a palace got to make it a joke it has been a long winter it's been a long summer so far. I. But at least in the summer there's eye candy. And we've taught us a look at this part of my I don't think essence last week delayed. Some sort of hung over regular little ring and he will be fired up and on. So they could have a lot of work on things she's she's. Due mostly. You were hung over like damn. Didn't you balance the sun. And each is funny because like some remote. Like you know might be relate blondes or whatever than some Burnett's or even like red heads relate well in the end I like not my type of the human giving them. Does it weigh you village of it on it. God damn it like she's a freshman here at thirty year old man. He bought a way. I go get your copy go home. Yeah. That's that is what you were deathly on your week to morning. Like rainy and bitter and it is an old school term Abdul Randy. I almost feel like it's twelve year old when I'm in the basement hiding my master beat like a really hard. That is what he's there Matt. Awesome and I horned up. Horn went up it out alive that go Borneo were Randy riled up front of us finally fired up here. Iron up to me is more like hyped or pumped for something you know. But it was that I woke up you know I'm yeah growth all fired up Shaq daddy and a Orszag context at what point do you use the term morning. Not real I don't really find myself talking about like mine. Sexual proclivities that often you know fully torque right now partially tore a piece or your act up. Like what do you mentioned map phrase. Cattle ranch he took a it opened it up shortly picture and discovers that it was the French toast corner and what it's a picture any of the treatments relate. You think your kernel believe we're at. It's also creepy I guess of what would you say it it would sound I guess is more I use it more. Passed tenth. I was horny so light filled and fill in the blank you know right you guys had sex the Molly you know we are really horny and happy yeah I think you put Wii in front of it. Fine we do we is we're just getting the cards. I'm born. Great now. Our morning. On the field get upset they. A morning. All right you're a pretty. Good. Cookies. And he had a morning yeah. I don't boy. It's weird at a. That's a battle Susan Sorgi started with a renewable and I. You know it's been that long until they're not having orgies without witness that. That's like women and Democrat are longer here has featured tonight ordeal and I we've got to go to that bigger Mexico for. Archie at all as its job and I look at that. Now. What is his eye on what's in the monitoring here in the stock prices are plummeting. Stop for a all through discretionary retirements have hooked up it's all right at the markets a coup look up. That of a back he'd prefer him in those markets closed well I. In January. Futures markets are not not smiling upon us. Opinion. I think I don't know I've never really thought about it that way but it just seems weird that that is them. Don't see where and how this picture you meet the Connecticut on me like a bond. Importantly he could. A group that never works I don't know they just blows there's much more like aggressive things you could say that they would work better. You know it's not because it's added it's not a great sign of power or a line just sounds desperate. Yes and only because that's true. I'll give you for it shows that. A great you know even both this week that it's bad things. But yeah. Yeah. Friday night with a bite of Seattle Dallas fun for whatever they don't fry. He acts the how worked out that weekend our scheduling wise and thus far and got some. Officials just to various. It's you know IA have an extra preachy agent for bomb. Slash obsession when I see them because they used to be this place that sold them for half the year cause Safeco Field. And so I was always. A thirteen dollar bleacher seats away from me it's just varies if I really knew in my life now that Safeco has the they inferior. Chocolate drizzle not chocolate dipped strawberries. That's off the table so of course that's just Barry was the pretender call via. I think it's called chocolates comer solders and then. There and gas going to be trying to berries are sent by Baghdad as. Run it up I should note he wasn't conscious and Barry's now a resident red flag but. That is that is new or something note. That's just buries there if the problem so got some of those they had this weird like new liquid nitrogen frozen. Corn pops stuff that for dessert which leg. They have like we have like six directions that I. You've got to applaud it before you eat it don't touch the cup only touch the coast that it was. It was pretty no Marley and like it would freeze your teeth when you beating had a news it was fun though. Woody taste like. Getting drug summit lawsuit Winamp that's when things got paid that dude. I mean they're really pushing it here. That's a big thing right now like used in nitrogen and all that stuff but he 88 again in a restaurant elegant event again. They're gonna want this man leg. I'm still owned and yet but I might still be outsmarted that a 1212. Year old probably go like eight year old and a lot place. Dude sorry I didn't understand your anger about. Accounting of Mary's sister Mary's and it relies that you couldn't just a delicious library shop. No they're just like and a rare via I think I'm a bit. When Vick on it's been an area that Bernard oh yeah and that's good food and grandson. Well also this familiarity breeds contempt so you know. Absent at the heart grow ponder hit some time now you have to truly enjoy you know. Yeah I'd still go to Mariner's game than ever got tired she's yeah it's now that he is over I'm not just times I hallows is trying to help points. And I didn't I was positive reefer to. Let's all move the appellate a lot of thought about it and I thought I thought that it got. Good just not very often rearing anytime you have a chance you know 62 nights a year after you order a mean I don't wanna suggest he may come home but it's also possible. Which they did back and hope it's that the say it was a big Mac that's true demands precision Barry. Man yeah so I've got the war and if you get the war with whipped cream on it you're gonna look a lot more hi we're walking around there. That is awesome if it acts who have Graham on in between strawberries and it was just a disaster year. Boos lot of fun I got to ask Natalie it was clean stimulus stick. No magic. I don't know I think it put what they did is it for the strawberries on the floor and they leave a little bit of space between them and they whipped cream around it all right but it is like. A gig. Portion of whipped cream. In the middle aisle one time they let me do that with the Siberian tiger which is the white chocolate dipped with the chocolate drizzle. And then they stop letting me do it doesn't have fascinated does I have fest paid you to wants donors at an extra fifty cents. On the Baylor made you that I'll ask that I gobs hadn't even asked this time some some dinner and yeah. Yeah that's pretty next level so. The house file and then went home. And pass out pretty early. And then Saturday. Went up to lay insists on an ice Stevens. Made my day maiden voyage to Tom thumb audibly valley at the start react to that pressure forever and aware all time a lot of it has its super comfortable Lance gave it to me. And I got a new compound sure it's purple it's pretty sweet. And fantastic. Fantastic. He's just so funny it's that thing out but I did a girl Molly lady get the Mitch writes we used to joke about Tom thought all the time. What are. And test the convenience store and Zito when he turned left the garage and got the Chevron yet. On and so piano's does pretty monumental in my world with how much you have worn that shirt. All over are always compliments on it obviously in Seattle browsing debt I was at desert strip wearing it. And a guy. Stockton record it was like dude come on our own grip flaws that drive pardon me I love talk Doug yeah I was like man I'm at. Might Indio California as crazy so. Has cooled actually go there have been pit you know it's a chicken strips or anything Bob Barr who literally got that. And Pactiv airheads guns. Yeah I am yeah. It's pretty good at it really did loses its later predictably quick let you know a lot about labor job does dad got some candy bits and it's pretty good bomb. And no I got a big league Q apart tells a departure cartels to the hats big league Q week at its first. First time while. Not through this story is beautiful lake Stevens loop including Tom domino and out on the boat for a couple hours went swimming and got a little bit higher than I planned on on an audible and I was told be careful at this one I thought I was being careful. I was fine but I don't mind the they have hand but well I gave you a strong warning on now I know I had ordered room before. I saw that I remember this that I wanted to hear it. A what I would say it worked out yet but this is Saturday you're UMass there was this Saturday but it also sunny late Saturdays I could use tennis needs more energy in bridesmaids last of the brownie play. I figure is that last little may have liked it as it tasted good yeah admin net and I get on those fiery remembrance in times you know. Third. Hole bot only went home pretty early. It's so good on really is the reason we didn't go we didn't stay at Blair says. Was because check for is closed on Sunday and targets it well on the way home so we left Saturday nights ago at chick filet pits and chicken nuggets are delicious that a boy. And he had then Sunday went better early against Aaron says this and go up really early. And went to golden gardens and worked out down by the beach is candidates byways steps movement based out try to head stands. Those come along nicely but there real hard on sand bots and listing goes Hoover great Bob says it was a fun time and then. Went to. Dollar farmer's market after that. And yet it's hung out you know and got talk doesn't pass on to map so nice. The the prettier I still really really like find maximum well maximized been alternately pretty chill weekend. His nominal froze on call with words who couldn't. We had a big thirty minutes away from Wi-Fi at all times are okay cool it's what makes himself work within Latin student. Job school yet. Saturday Alan fish in elementary get some low I saw that ballot Dawson yet to my body might first light fishing guide. It is actually his vote is right down there shall shall by just changing both cool he just dammit cute cute do well to. But also he does river trips in the fall and stuff afloat votes or whatever Mike was rooted you know we had a blast ago Giricek around who was uncovered earlier. Sure false Joseph the mayor almost fell off the boat passes. The way for it ever gets through this. During his okay well it is it Jose most and oh yes I Goodspeed. Now we just throw out there so it's still the two funny things Joseph almost falls off the vote. And then the other for any kind of saw that picture post it would mean that little dog finished yet which technically it's a shark. Africa but I hate when my candidates who he was like I look I don't official lot. So I may have an out of looked foolish earlier in the day fighting a monster fish that was like four pounds. Anything to. Real are the rot out your crotch and like between my legs were all it never got they're already thinking back now. Roster around Mike was pretty funny greens are eager to I'm pretty sure your weight class. That we get that little shark and I'm like it's a sure. And he's like you got to the picture with an athlete our ideas grip that he year Billick if you touch like that middle part of it like this biochemist seniors on them partly legislate. Like grip upon you know don't be afraid some like are right. Type of thing pictured Michael Bieber like Jesus Christ at. But let the little things Britney her a couple of got to realize how Arnold white knuckle drama flicks that bodily he's not going anywhere from its product announcement it's my first shark it and explain it. Think that I. But either way again and first light fishing guide to do go check them out but it was awesome dude we we had a blast out there and but we left it like what Joseph an average OK and like that's our kind efficient. He picked me up like eleven and we showed up late twelfth maturity that's the middle of the day it was not a wasn't the best nations in the world. But we protection stuff just not a bunch of big ones but we still got a couple ways out of it everything. Every dinner to be up at the butt crack of Don we have to be up the butt crack of dawn like I said a hundred times like on the boat is just mean Joseph and I've Karl. I said look the three of us could be happy hour right now or any bar having fun. Thank you we we would stuff fun but it of the aegis but also about being on the water. You know fished put mine Stanley is just fun it's for a let's first I've done that one out but we need outlets are doing that stuff more. Yet fishing is awesome are just like being out on both in general is awesome. Yet Nokia right closest vote man sees this double life that vote was so fast her yeah 500 horses on the back while. Yet it. I'd Josh saw the you know the police boat that's on now lake union yet so I go and walk. Down in on the Molly cut every morning to Alex and myself and Gary for the day. They came school revisited the cut has like America three 57. Not. Speed limit the police both the inflatable one camps Karine and through their both engines just had taken full board Monday morning. It was Sunday morning when you and you look at that body so it was right when Mac guy drowned that was out there like. It's 6:57. O'clock in the so that guide. Went overboard at seven cents a morale around Manson make him screamed threw it out and find out that till later. And that man opposed his past as all hell do at. And I hate to ask this question the tech guy. Terry was 36. Italics he fell off like the front of bowel vote. Obviously is that just not being able know how to swim team to give your 36 shall pursue each meal and you know how to swim you you'll stay a little bit right. You had it depends how my guests. I feel I know as much about the story is what you just said and that's all so that's all right now my gas city one of two things either a proper strike. So if they know I ain't gonna go ahead of a propeller got him in the head door. You know or some or is gonna bleed allotment in the neck. Then maybe. The other option would be Monica intoxication. You know AdAware yeah you're if you weren't shoes and you weren't pants he ran you know code and you go and I mean it's tougher to swim but that's true it was early in the morning. Yet the big audience people ice skates popular pond playing pond hockey in some like that know the drop and I mean. I would have trouble song with my skates on you know suggest even people who can swim. Get Poland next wanna wash freezing cold and too you know and laser completely useless and heavy snow. I don't know what the scenario was to attack ad but there's a couple scenarios where people who. You know aren't decent swimmers could contract yet stories all. Yeah I don't know and secure online order fabric they were just enough to date on. Yeah and I wonder with the dealers and we get and secret coming up to San prevalence and unsafe and you know takes a lesson from a Padilla voting it's like. It's it's safe and easy and fun and and I feel like when things go bad they go bad so fast and owner of notices like peppers or promising for last year. He knows like. They were surrounded by hundreds of party years and no one's time's up on there. Like yell at walking across the back of the votes analogue yeah like I've only been out to the locker room. 1000 this is awesome but I swear to god it's like you're the more dangerous party's bid to. Yes and employment wants this chaos is really fun bedside since I was a lifeguard and I was young and you that never leaves user any time you're on water like you're constantly scanning. But it's I in now like you can easily met somebody in now moved to impair bonds checking out girls with now fat asses you know. Move move move and it's. Yeah yeah. Gotten. Hi Randy how we got here for an oh so once one of the progression and these guys so. Six fly. Employment or wants then Florida whose 2007. And I didn't have a good time to building one in my parents house over and Juanita. What should I be ordering that chicken nuggets to unite its there's some sort of sauce are. It's spirit away and targets are so damn good you'll be happy to try mall I would Polynesia are off on these and I enjoy upon these are prefer barbecue their branches really eager to. They have their honey mustard decent at. I like a big mega pack or what's well highlights eight or twelve meter twelve yeah you gotta you twelfth and I wish they did a combo pack of planning. I mean I was mad all the maps the Max loving you got a by more than one and I I had considerations that go back and getting an X straight piece that rental fees this weekend. But I will say east at twelve piece of their targets with a waffle Fries. Is different than might hammering down when he. Yeah our robust store. Right here I didn't play myself being in a mood grow locked in errors that you know what. I don't need lawful flyer Fries right now our pointing out it's connect twelve and Nate. Yeah do you think it however you like give me 24240. Air prize. Here's the thing I don't like McDonald's tonight it's Arnold they're similar and I don't know now not that I like McDonald's obvious telling him like I was Matt is made as I have been chick filet. Is leaning favorably but I think I've got a chicken sandwich maybe once. There are nuggets are bar none the best jig and outreach program about it's like ice back they just rip off on junkets. Chicken child in. Hunks of chicken and they just kind of deep product real quick but it's not a heavy now. Now white married on the lake that's right like when we Sonoma the tailgate trips like the one yearly I was so waste it sounds like I'm going to check flight there was not out here yet. But it and then right rigorously you drunk and we had to go yes Jack. I know you the it's much different way about my parents how thick. If between now and one that's ready aegis have a hankering weird dude let's go let's go up to Lynn letter out to belliard down it's going to OC. See what it's about life and just make it. Journey just to get chicken nuggets. You will be very very about the decision. I'm energy just like took a Sunday afternoon to go out to Linwood and see with divers about the deck hand. Is worth the drive. Did I mean I'm that the Fed that's why I'm curious have got to believe the high peaks at the most straight as the most popular fast food restaurant in something like 25 states now are nineteen states. An alliance can be very very quick to form. Yeah not. It's not always play. We went in there is no line here's the thing and then by the time we got our third Nadia that I finished it it was to the door not up the door. The Achilles heel very pop chick filet which you just mentioned without even realizing. Is that they're closed on Sunday. You said if you're on ticket Sunday and got their boat has a problem here today for your parents always on Sunday I did it right after I said the reason we left where as has didn't sleep there. Was because they because on Sunday yes and that's why it happened Saturday and now and I just. Generally I don't I think about it and had a time now Michelman a screw tragically incidents like. Targets on the ground single skip the Fries. You can bank Downey piece during the week. Made the fast food. I don't know I think you know with bad. How to sell it warrants go yeah yeah yeah within the waffle Fries for years not a Sunday beat good being only piece. There as a as a way to post permission. I voiced. When which are about a little bit before we came in today but. You know like all my life I've just I've resisted things that are popular mainstream I think that's sort of a Seattle ethic I mean it's always been an alternative town. And people like Ike you know dead more obscure weird bands or whatever else you get a lot of lot of those coming out of this area and so. You know I think Mike at the core of Ted my friendship and like how we kind of became friends another buddy of ours just since the same why. We just always like. I don't know some part of a psych hated things they were super popular and and rebelled against that for whatever reason and I don't know why that is but that's. As you know the way of the world you know chain restaurants or malls or. Bands that are just like you know overplayed like crazy whatever it is and so you know boys on maker on win the world went. Top topic this week. What do you resist. Solely. Because it's popular. Be it Crocs he has something else and let us say that's it LeCroy. Mario a corner so we are talking about we only can rent. Let quo. But feel free email us not be podcasts Icahn has opened Twitter machine. What do you resist. Solely. Because it's popular. I know are so many. You know what. Some of them though I resist even though I like them. You know and I mean yeah like Cheesecake Factory. Yeah and it's like it's almost like chain restaurants everybody kind of agrees you know like him anymore that I legit title like episode ago. The Seattle there's not a lot of exciting it's fun to go to. You have to do my favorite restaurants Rainforest Cafe. All right me. All right yes good girl there was one and buster's current stolen base high post somewhere around period him busters and we Scott buffalo while blanks. Pretty big pickup from the last. I still of the Robin out of the water. Robin I read rob man I don't know how like yeah I'm with you Red Robin catches lot of flack but those Fries do. Yeah I feel a lot of people are just like orange or Red Robin my guess is more likely we are like an hour early twenties late teens because everyone like at least for last week we grew up always gonna wanna Wendell for like special events birthdays some like that. Thousands. Man that that's when I asked I would say I don't love it that Pete. The red right out of thousands of is like now I say it counts sounds kind of sad that yeah red round with the spot man of the joint in that. That is what I was gonna say it's incredible because like in eight grade we'd go to the movies and go Red Robin and that the cool thing cool place to be. And I still love it like what it was so I went kind of lasting cooled power for the last at 22 how off when you're in the Red Robin that's my question. We're into I still love rob and I want to hear my say what I might. I went there on my 21 birthday. I'm not mistaken. Or like for my 21 birthday dinner with my parents shortly after my actual wafers per. But I remember getting carded barely won the first time back during that the mean girls. I think this and a love for the rob. What are your mom asking us what are you resist solely because it's popular man phrases like a lot of phrases that comment. I've never liked Allah I hate Heidi mother present here all California. Does the Washington pick an offer and so yeah that's why I said you wouldn't like you're from California all northern California writes. And I hate how people call Paul appeared data nor is living hell out of me. And it just some very bright the thing is is that a lot of phrases that come out nowadays eventually grow on me DC soda. Yeah I'm Lisa let. There's a lot of things that. I white on black Twitter that I don't like when they make it to the the main lexicon yes. Make a good good majority of them break I do it and steam I'm not gonna say that I'm not an collar on bra. Blake ever late BR UH yeah yeah but I mean I I does it all the time via text. Doesn't matter you're you're text about target is pretty funny your date your group. And tarring and I've known as a regulator and death at at that. Be out there Chris Allen and a lot of them over the years the one they got the worst was swagger. So Latvia is about such kind of a ghetto thing and then money. And everybody uses right intervention I have finally got some slack took the go. Have fun with fit like AF wasn't a thing as I've what do we do wiley doing this now. And then lit is another term that I resisted for awhile but I now used for fun way but it's. It comes across as semi facetious how I would use lit. But I'm genuinely enjoying using it so it's not as like. Sarcastic. Or ironic is that pretend that it is because I actually think it's fun now but it. When it first came out I wouldn't touch that with a ten foot pole. So lit Fam like it via the other when I hear right now squad. Day doubt as the main line and I'd can't stand still like it tonight is bad. That nice using it as is bad think it's hilarious like I would never called Tyler day. Moses Lake really. I really just wanted to get under her skin and I'm proving my skin crawl to justice. But yeah calling step up late that day went on I said Jesus day. And you don't beat the knowledge that the players with. Yet that's pretty funny yet the one in its leisure squad squad yeah plot goals on this blog that I is that it's clear that day. Did you ever. You did it back but in your defense you said squad goals in my doing this race that has Sachs bought yen in print these men doing this right right to that's kind of funny I can tell you got to be Jad yeah. Yeah which is cool. Yeah as I mean fifteen in my friends magnify bets of fitting and that's that's what I see years and say I think I got a chance to go for this time. Until moving to his legs are. But if you're hanging out with lakes of the Jews from wood shed its of the dudes from doubles. And like they all play a local bands you worked in local radio. I only it's that crazy did you guys and use a term squad of the you have some friends we have in my big DJ together and stuffs like. David jet are kind of a squat. Or like athletes legislate. Now make it cooler but the same people you pay out of all the time. But it's. Sorry I thought squads was to be like a squad like people are doings but the ace up dude you know like what's going on what is your squad doing it is heading out. I was a slot up I was assumed a lot of us like your clothes Gruber Franzen army your crew put breadth. This much of the Atlantic which you claim but I. In a squad should be do it stuff. Yeah I mean. Traditional uses traffic was a riot squads when it comes squads are ball was God's arms you guys to be a scooter squad. Change and that is club club but it's lately that's what it. That's what squad was to me when it started so it's lake of the group it you know. Big time DGAs or whatever like our squads the best he'd look at it you know guys in the sea hawks are right that makes it slate. I notice like I mean I could do it I don't have a squad is that a group of breath I don't column squat. But I took a picture of like us or like us in the Manger regularly radios. I am not I you know whatever I can use that Oksana that one the other thing that's really popular plethora of off a shot at school you got him freezes. Normally with us today. I think the other one we get some who use. Late. Let's get weird. Or like. I definitely and really get that weird. Well I better man I would say I love using that but I would say I use it properly would sure we are fast and that's earth say. I'm with yeah. Yeah I EI uses well I think. We all remember Ted a year yet weird a year we can say that your spectrum of what is weird and what's kind of shocked shocked you. Has dike. Has expanded greatly in her what's the right word like. Deed that part of the spectrum Mike you've moved way over one side of that spectrum known remain like you're running around and Santa suit in the middle of the desert. In and I am like sixty foot tall inflatable or. I get to be tough to weird you out you know Kirk I tell you what said a naked man polishing another naked man with that with a car polish her. Look up in the middle of it with a buffer in the middle of a bar you now know oil. Mean dust blown through the side of the ten I'd come on it's tough to make you feel weird for you. I think it's tense as I'm trying to say I have breath. To beat weird you gotta go do weird stuff you didn't the fringes. Right so you don't you don't mind it is and it's misused by view that are weird enough correct yeah. A that's there yeah man but it's strange eyebrow. Like we don't get we get out backcourt buffer for me I delegates alike my 40%. Threshold before you're weird about an app that you can't say let's get weird anymore. Yes and I feel like it's different right of other house party and its team and they're like let's bring out you know what we bought some fireball get a little crazy crew. You know focus for them understand it in crazy if you break a fireball go let's get weird it's like to light to bang your wife. It. There quick sorry that's a different. Are you know the doing weird little crazy and threatens to thinking it's legal hook up but what is weird about this. I don't always you. But they go back up point 87 an undercover cop expected her earned you're not picking. Figured we are nobody invited me over buyer offered up on. What an hour and was up up up up up up up I hate that I seriously doubt that you get so that was 187. That was good on good given way to end this perhaps the ATP for Cobb of the kids that is the five guests. Years.