BJGN07-28-17 - Game of Thrones

Friday, July 28th

The gang discusses the latest episode of Game of Thrones; Rev talks SDCC with Gareth von Kallenbach; and we get the Geek Sheet with Vicky B!


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Swell theater website EJ geek nation dot com it's going to have all our information that we're on all the social media sites he gave me jiggy nation for the most part you'll find us. Thank you so much and now we're gonna get right into this because episode two of gave of drones. Are. And have dinner and theater there. And I the. When he is CNET you know I hope so was this can throw you talk about well it's a game where. It's about throwing and oh yeah my season one that much chairs and a group that plays music I don't ask. How about that Robert veracity and a guy that's amazing. I you and I forever Aggies who became forever anybody embedded like they're set to have a really long rule. Adding about. This is an interesting episode because some people who work I don't know I had a lackluster about it on the Internet hard but I thought it was pretty bad ass and back. I I think the big wild moments for me was really at the end with you're on we could see a bad ass he really is the and that was kind of a surprise because at this point he was just all talk. Mom and big needs he decides well they're going to go ahead and just. Go through. And stop those plans for what was it says it Hornish. And at dead adorn and then now what what what are doing to a great degree to a fleet we're gonna go down to yeah you ask your donation the Tyrell fleet. Our news. You know since landing yeah yeah I just realized something I haven't completely finish this episode no not remember this is now so why aren't I knew that that means I I think I started watching the episode number and now you never saw the fallen for a of follows the on who. All I really all moral. Overboard really CR yeah I read the head well you're getting a little bit and BJ and I knew that that's your fault I can't believe they have a wants a little note and I I I started watching and Imus got some of the other stuff and I totally forgot I didn't finish it wow because there's a lot that happens well I I was looking at that it I was looking at the and then the synopsis and I MBB and I don't I don't remember when this you know I know I started watching it I'm so I am I'm I am really that sucks so it was only the you know I don't exactly I mean they've. Okay I'm as well and don't do. There's a lot of things I really did happen you know I'm not really those middle and I'm happy I. I didn't do I like you started a you saw you saw the entire. I blamed Islam and I'm not like I am so. You guys this is totally in my book that. I can't see I really thought I watched the whole episode Madonna Mike I don't think guide yeah. I don't what happens hi everybody did that won't bring. Go back in a minute so you so what happened it was really bad ass and you eat dirt. Bimbo lackluster I was I was bad ass out and actually both camps really didn't what particular people ought to be a lot of people are excited about this but I don't like the new pacing. Because you've built certainly you've given me a certain dialogue to agree with on this show right no apparent when when. This for the first time we saw somebody say sender raven to so and so and then the very next seeing that they were looking at everything and yeah was it anything in between isn't just any time yet. Yeah I think it's you know when we first left the books we are much. Asked travel. And look at how we've got that new car the overlord at times it's like no nothing path that's a really good point and I think that's just dirt like they don't want to spend a lot of time dealing with. Yet and character develop made it all or any of that there isn't the end game and it began it really is it's like when they do when I'm playing like sky armor fallout and Mike I want to finish these quest lines right now pop pop pop pop were at the beginning I might delta goalies early leisurely yeah I roll through earlier this village. The fact that they're authority met everyone so far we haven't really been introduced to too many new players is. So we were pretty familiar were kind going into the like current lumbering yet that is what we do well all of our we've parts in place and it's kind of interesting at the point that the. There they have no problem killing characters we got to realize that Milan the first episode of the season cop but this one I didn't really and then expect to have first off the whole attack on the fleet to have dad that was as they are makes sense in what I see Euro on silence you know code going through the waters and he's just are being a total bad ass and killing or what. I didn't expect him you. Completely laid waste to the did the navy. But the same point I didn't expect him to kill two of the sand snakes and they act to. Dig the other two I'm ditch. I was being told a total jerk while watching it because I want to admire reason I'm just like. Well you know she she lightly signaled what would even do the last couple. I am is is on the ferry Alan and other jobs and I'm not surprised at how I call that. Path I I love scene the fact that we had. I mean beyond all of that you get that story kind of move forty get to see just how bad ass that the that your odds may be really yet again it shows an off I was so excited and when he went that we after he adult the door mission that he went on today gray Joyce fleet. And I thought finally have been waiting years for this guys but the real Lee Deon is finally gonna die I presume witty fast. I'm not ever I need the job. Both as Fiat is still a lot of you see I don't. I don't. Existence of our great joy everyone's making the joke that he's gonna end up with injury the one round yeah. As I. Grab a venom out there in the waters. I himself he was really interesting to see that it really makes sort of sense watching Kennedy after scenes and they're talking about that PS PD SD that he has helped all of the horrors they he's seeing right in front of the triggers that and he's going to be along the same lines says. Any sort of coward in any television show. That he's just he he's not going to be able to rise above that in I don't think that he's going to. How does it mean a little bit and go straight back down as he did help some that are going to regress a lot in those in those things and not build and become the person that everyone wants him to be he's not he's unlike other cowardly characters in that aspect because usually at this point to show the character forget that moment yeah no and shell yeah the only bit like this is my time I have killed to reach. And this is still so what were believable that like you don't just decide it's better desert towards that end your story absolutely. Another thing that I thought that was really cool about this episode and I absolutely disgusting in some parts was. I don't know I think it's like if he editing it could pass really well died. Do you guys we got this neat we got to see Sam. Dealing with the and a horrors of that the citadel NN the most disgusting way possible. As being the only person that wants to help cure jurors grey scale yes it is really just because they he's the last of the name and they he has a bond with that. And it was kinda we as an audio have to learn how we deal with great skill yeah exactly and it's for us as much anything else yet and the first thing you do is your rip off the grey scale from this is what she's just giving me tingles right now the only other guys seen those temple popping videos in this past. Yeah act. At Mellon and the way to cut to look pop fly yeah. I'll ask. I'll have awesome cool though was good looking good good good and that's that good legally married and I love the pimple popping videos but I can't do there is one to one made a cupcake. They'll look like a pimple popping when I see Louisiana and back grossed me out really doesn't like you don't know. And little. You know I didn't really disturbed individual with a video that somebody else I season and we cupcakes who could that I. I think all day. This sort of and Ari is greatest hits episode though too and I am I we got we got how hot buyback we have nine myriad caught up there but I think you're assuming I'm gonna say to Natalie about outright yes the actor actually you know baker now. Well Karl let's. I had the DO eat I sleep really well this is actually makes good Dyer will spread there. Yes I actually know rental get kids are delusional. You know. Is is selling tally your son do we I probably mainland now around I don't know right here I'm damage damage. Joey. Almost recoil Bronislaw and so release that is my argument I really don't like this episode. And I sell like it it's the least believable episode with in the in the realm of the show itself in a sense that. There was source passage of time. But this time we spent in the episode was on seemed to didn't really matter like there was like an need men along sex scene Ari meet some bulls for no reason plate DuPont Amy Popeye and yet but in this episode they go from. Feel sailing from one side of of an area. All across the other side area and every huge ballot there's like almost I would say that's like months of time ago by any I sort of a. Greed in this theory do what you're saying on that but I think also knew Marianne is going to have a bigger role. Then just being a person that helps helps aria figure out herself a little bit more because that's kind of way she was going out with all of that. But they (%expletive) like there I think are consistent with the passage of time does he go with the raven and you suddenly go with that their votes going across. All of those things even know they had just declared what the plan was at that the beginning or the end of the last episode there's. There's enough of it that they're consistent on those and they. There's just not enough story for them to say oh yeah we're gonna have an entire episode dedicated to all of these things. We're gonna cut out the chaff and we're gonna get right to the point don't. For us get right to the chorus and it does a so one he goes insight ominous go BA trophy for sir Seawright. Episode beginning of next owed. They send a no the vipers and we're not out to see the end of the same episode he already kills them that's like a ridiculously. Quick passage of time to skip over I think I. The pacing is consistent with in the episode as non existent for the show math and so that's what's weird is that light squeeze it should be it should take months and in the past it has to begin. Months of it is show time for somebody to get that far and even now like Arianna just has lunch while the entire needy who sell all the way down west Europe as everything. And I don't have a problem with it changing at all my problem is that like we're now in the last couple episodes I don't care about this I don't need another sex scene I don't need her to you know I just yeah yeah dollar to act like ours are you they have so much screen time in the earlier seasons and now is legs are gone and you'll ten minutes or lack there they're tying a bow on a lot of characters that we don't necessarily need to worry about us. We are certainly did your recap of an excellent here's the big piece through boom boom years what happened yeah usually the actual content is more than that and now since that's dismal working on his notes like that I think drugs are exactly that's all we get to half an eye on Palin like the fans think Phillies the waiter for trade on screens around man I'm not surprised either. But that's the case and you also is a little interchangeable. Then yeah gas and now we're down to you well I mean wind in there are a lot of other as well also well Lou third nine or something there's a lot sand snakes we've only seen three rack and what a rough time you go from being on a boat radiates an action took its toll call that's OK again I do hey how. I had. And I asked this but there is I think in the books that actually my place this episode okay how well it it came into what people thought. You're on spa gift to assertion might have been apparently the books you're on has a horn that. Like when you blow it or something you can control or ground dragons. And that's kind of interesting in terms because for right now of the gift was marinades. And I you definitely would have to sweeten the pot on that sort of thing. And I think as of pigs he's gonna try to sell sell off as Bryant axle. I heard her and and then they'll win this thing on that as well isn't the only way that we've seen them being able to quote unquote deal with the dragons is to make a big ask blister. And kid and like. Shoot it through S goal of a drag and that's been underground in dragons gold for a while like hundreds how I yeah here I. Discount calcium and allows not impressed like it's not only target like it's not like the dragons is sit there like shoot me bro I dare you it's gonna happen and one thing we didn't discuss yet that it was very important it was able. John Snow going in deciding he's going to Josie to Harrison because they we don't know are you ask. People between the whole you know sunlight. And it can't be all and the winner and you're gonna dig your. Okay and he got beaten up later. Now at and T I have so many theories. Now bubbling in my mind especially with the whole arias think. Clearly she didn't tell her what's the dog's hair though Darryl Marion Berry and says it's not you. It's kind of complaints like you'd come back. To live with meanwhile Astros and how that life you have to be with your pact and live here Newton so I don't know if that means she's going to go back to Astros and try to be. Pino family all that stuff or she's just gonna go back to king's landing automatically. Although if she does go back to Lester roast. You can totally see this bitch Killen found out I think that's not a good that I think you're meaning to see winter color and that's Clements they are absolutely and you see any winner gal Karen winter felled by bad because our. Because Sandra is turning into sir see she really and all the signs are there. In doing that hairstyle and Nyad any tactics are entirely she's trying to sir see but the whole idea of like let's actually put new blood into west or some new blood and do good but doesn't every. Dylan think they're doing something Goodyear probably are without what's his face whispering in every year a little finger and being. Not imminent order portions on a mission of vengeance like salsa has to kill Horry has long Earl wanna like Golan is big crusade she's doesn't have an issue with the queen she is an issue with the woman who killed her family. Can't let I had no that's my thought something's son and he's the real stupid in but arias not that same person anymore yet when she is eating the top prize is a gap. Made a couple lies which by the way to make that connection that I. I don't wait around it. Oh ask you may humankind PGA and yeah I think the pacing is what they're set out to do with this so I mean you're just I'd. At this point in the last two seasons just gonna have to accept it and Emmys if you're going to be about it you can totally bitch about it don't do that here and I. Nod from that I spoke with gears on Colin bucket there is a ton of information about San Diego comic con out there. And so here's just a small tidbit with Garrett Jared bond Colin Bok you can find him that skewed and reviewed and that is SK and art dot net we're gonna focus on television for this one because there's a lot of stuff going on everyone's been talking about all the news but we got some geeky TV that is coming up by a fairly sick with a lot of these. First what I want to hit up there is Gotham and it was very intrigued by this we were covering the panel. And they have a lot of the stars are out there and Alexander should be who many of you know from my deep states I'm playing abduction are sure you Jordan CAPTCHA sure don't have a lot of details on this character. But they do tell us that if you remember character brought shoot keeps dying and come back Luzon and coming back yes he's coming back to Solomon grundy this year. And that was a lot of people speculated that just by what happened at the end of the season so it's good to see that they've confirmed that. Right Monty told assist the first person he encounters when the emergence from the swamp that is penguin. But he doesn't have any memory of ten mourners one that put him in that situation and that's trial we will emerge. The epithet at that that the we're told that change is going to change and trim her big streams are sure like Barbour it's a blog now. The written word that a merger is so after work capture Medea embassies and three is going to be different from the one we saw going in before. Bruce Wayne is cut not Batman yet but has border armor and grappling hook. You know Selena Kyle will start her whipped and then of course they casually said oh yeah. Crane and mr. Crowe is going to be making his appearances this season as well nice nice job moving on to some more other geeky stuff what can you tell me about crypt on Krypton is very interest saying that idea it is a show that's coming up bombs suffered channel 2018. And it is a prequel obviously the Superman dealing with script on now peers were gets interest and we've been told start a hundred to 200 years before the events of Superman. And it's. Deals with one of his relatives may be grandfather great grandfather outsourced sank back story is that the help some at all has fallen into a bad state. And essentially Dutch relative. There is essentially a survivor on the street how. Now in a little bit of a Romeo and Juliette notion there is eighty ongoing choose between Nelson element also decide which. And apparently there will be an Angolan peace star crossed lovers of someone from which side being involved in many trigger OK I think I got that there's a lot of you know ruling that she GI being done to show off the world but no. Then they troll curveball at us from the producers said oh yeah are we can confirm that bring Eric's going to be at a lunch. As his doomsday and that's mothers and their essentially coming in from the future as well to try to stop Superman for her for being foreign. This is real time travel shows then bled I mean it's sort I've kinda adds yeah it was like curves like you're reluctant to destroying okay or I'm hearing. Terminator I'm hearing Romeo and Juliette I'm hearing until I can serious damage Superman back storage but yet apparently it's more lurks. PG thirteen and Mormon Church seem them we probably shouldn't and Superman story today well. All right keep. What the common good news in humans I suddenly first trailer no I haven't seen the second watch the first one made is saddened look seem kind of weird fish out of water he's sort of like you being with black balled. Know Mike this seems really strange what other news do you have about this. Well we've general actually covered a panel for this Smith it's very Tom Paramount Richard dislikes they Chia mama gave everyone looked sure our shop floor jobs also make up our knapsack packed this is going to be you know these guys kick ass they were introduced the character and all we heard this. This guy can accessed. And then they make this big announcement that it's gonna appear in IMAX theaters on September forced lower lend them on ABC on September 20 night. And so the first scene we shoot this character running and human picture and how. They get hunted down. And the next scene we see them all standing around the table debating kind of you know game thrown shops and I turned a generational only keeps saying things there's check yes but we always seem to do is Roland talks so far match and then the third clip change it over and essentially. One of the things they have been so that became doesn't speak you don't like the sign language and he's involved in the woman's name reduce that a bit as you know error. Grant street law that. Big Brother little Ramsey Bolten himself you know the dog lover. It is essentially didn't he get powers when it's coming every H come but he still less sinister to the brother on the whole twisters. He's got here the people leaked so they should go one more they shouldn't be in hiding in the moon they should be attracting. So on and so forth he got out its commanders say she does an average were Hampshire and a coup results. And the best word to describe it as one of the great change they showed us was that owners can balloon please do some. Unlike almost like a priest. And the crews searched they can't madam and he's quite small oil boom takes in energy church to suggest you think that if he's dead in the water and then it stops and Michael this huge yard stuff comes out Michael's spirit former film comes out -- Condit didn't go over well anybody unclear reenact the whole fight scene out. And then he goes back in his body. Back in time makes the adjustment to where things went wrong. Walks away trampled without a scratch. Boom now I'm playing who are right and then the next you know we issued a mall on earth. And there's luck charm I'm like aren't I think you may have something here nice nice it does actually sell a lot more interest to know what I first on the trailer so that'll be a lot of fun on that. And now we do have to talk about some of the big ones stargate origins I didn't realize is that we needed more stargate. What they've done is they've decided to basically say forget which you know we're not gonna reboot film series not gonna do that we're going back to when they first start to beat each. What is the story about how these certain it went from being an. Government lab in Colorado yeah that's what this story is about. OK that makes a lot more sense and I didn't really anything that they couldn't. Do a little bit more with that but all right OK okay you're my only question about that has yet but supposedly nobody can get it to work until Daniel showed up so. Arena at seven seats and two of them trying moment but I can't make a poor country a cultural trigger and then finally Star Trek discovery it's coming up soon let big news out of San Diego man. Well a lot of good settlement shorting rules and moderated the panel we honor her look at new Hampshire at a ten reminded which school and what I really like about him and this is a great thing about this get to show him first and foremost. And when he moderated a panel this cast and they try to give you notepad answers are really excited she keeps pressed him to go into more details more things like that should be you know there's a lot of debate about well they chipset tenure as before Kirk but the noble look at that change to advance human and so forth. Look at the cling ons mr. fertile well we understand that this is a different faction are playing on supposedly. And one of the things that we found out is there's been a lot of the talk about the lead character and her association with sparks father it's implied she's kind of like half sister may be even somewhat adopted. Horror you know mentored and that guys. And what we're seeing interest in the time in the federation more things are very. I'll volatile you have the whole situation of the unarmed you have you know the inner conflicts with what has sharply to ongoing goal. And it expansion as well outside threats to the federation and it looks like what they're trying to do is take searcher can bigger direction and say OK you know Kircus around. At this point he would be a young officer. And going off doing his staying you know the enterprise is already out there with the April and then hike and that sort of thing. Let's tell the story that you don't know about why things are so chance the deployment and why. You know the federation put such an emphasis on exploration discovery. Peaceful expansion of the federation. At the same time we're building up their military in the process. And apparently like receptive as they Henry Mudd were gonna siege is much. Door current work and nice thing then the happy go lucky rogue that we saw in your virtual TV series and I gotta say. Visually it looks fantastic Ameristar my questions about how the church and the timeline compared with everything but they showed her a couple of scenes of some of the star ships and combat in this wasn't slow things. You know standing off against one another dose was you know tight turns tiger works very intense. Close quarter combat would text blowing up all around them and lower immune I think they got a good capture visually it looks good so cautiously optimistic they're gonna pull the soft. Excellent thank you so much guaranteeing get people confide everything it as Kate and our dot net so many things out there on skewed and review we've posted some things on our FaceBook page said they've people go to the FaceBook page you can find all of that. And again thank you so much Gareth. Anytime torture should thank you so much and again Garrett fund Colin box from skewed and reviewed that is SK and. Our dot net now Vicki it is time all our lucky she Swiss TV. Vicki what he got for a series leading movie news and you wanna do a quick update all we're talking about earlier yes slightly to try some some bread. And year in the UK area I would you cannot meet Andre and John just you know nothing John doe he's. You have to do with the delivery room service with a gay service under the easily sell out we know we have any of our English but he's out there try some of the dire bread the dire wolf bread and dad tells what you think about skis to go travel there's a let's go now the movies. A big one coming up this week you guys did talk about yesterday on the podcasts atomic bull run game and I am dying to see is just music alone does the trailers. Yeah yeah firmly set in the eighties so it's gonna have that eighty soundtrack that I mean everyone is familiar with this point. It is currently getting 77% on rotten tomatoes are now and I'm bad and mark runner he did enjoy yeah. So I now it's one of those and very few and far between now and yeah. This is there a surprise I was surprised that he he was as on board for this as he turned out to be ready he said it was fantastic you have to. I know pretty awesome castle the Charlize Theron. Cynthia patella and a Star Trek not Star Trek little gala yup the I mean arson now we are limiting or Tonya most commercial. Another big one coming out a few of the kids the song has no rating that the managing movie does come out this week and serve Patrick Stewart as the goofy mood you know bottom I don't know what you're a man and I want it and a fairest James cord and TJ Miller Meyer Rudolph Jennifer Coolidge. It looks like it's it's it's kidnapping. In Allah I know losing the news next. Movie it was along those lines I think a lot of people are saying it's a really all a lot of the same as the movie about the emotions that I can't remember the name of right now rabbits yes and I now so it's kind of live those same lines except the emotions are you know geez. Yea. America at a. And I'll swan I am for the no freaking idea what this is an arm 86% Ron tomato called brig Z there. Briggs leave bare Murray DB he Briggs leave married just. It looks like a trip literally. So it's a big biewer adventures into the children's TV show produce enough for an audience of one James which is played by Kyle many. When the show abruptly end james' life changes forever any Seth got to finish the story himself. And must learn to cope with the realities of the new world that he knows nothing about. Who now and so I was very interest thank mark Hammel and it does Hillary and I cared. There is no it's gonna make fun of removed to. Took a okay you ask about you know bringing things into a modern era that they don't. That they were import front now rates yeah those do it who's your who's your director here writer and then I'm super curious does that mean if you saw Kyle Mooney Keith he's trying to were not terrorists -- that kind of stuff goes I wouldn't be surprised but I directed by Dave and Kerry and written by Kevin Costello and Kyle and Tony you know grandchild I had jelly beans in the still well. Thank Chris he put his finger right I'm mad men doing Andy Samberg. Yeah and then sell the lonely out again I have no idea the sounds like and you smoke something in the back. Well everyone out there let us know he thought about the latest episode of game of drugs was it too fast and the pacing for you I would love to hear your reasons why or why not let don't have an opinion. Yeah that well hopefully he'll have what next week in May be ideal watch he had this MM yeah Arianna what I don't know and I have to have a good idea at plum comic turn as. Stinger he. 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