Broad-Cast Ep. 81 - "Customer Service"

Friday, July 28th

Vicky B, Ooh Sara, and Kianna talk about their customer service horror stories as well as give advice after reading a listener's text!


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And not deployed to. Yeah. I. Welcome to another edition of league broadcasts. And Vicky Barcelona. I think the government that always. OK painting that's embarrassing. Put the power couple have. She got a methods. And though we also got a lovely Keon the it and then before we get into regulation antagonists and. Of them. Sell you should follow us on FaceBook at the broad dash cast we have a Twitter at the broadcast 999. Are answered and the broadcast 999 even college accepted to 537 an eight figure as tuna or email us at the broadcast 99 and Gmail not. I'm so. Sorry that method actually just quickly read it. It's a day of creepy weird messages and I want weird up I think what's your. This guy that I went on and he when he met him online plenty of fish and you know. Passed one he 120 years old something like it's a while we had to think a little bit and then. Broke me down Bentley and faded and he can't live far away and had weird schedule so if they did it was fun blasted it. And then many years later. I get a French request mr. Graham and on FaceBook for him. And he's now married. Just what are you doing dude let's go in on. And it turns out that you know he canceled his wife about me registered just kind of BSE and kind of weird man in the white hating me. You're married as weird. Things like well Zoellick and turns Alley his wife has a crush on me too and she would like me duties after her well you know he'd have to watch. The final wants. Like she wants explore these things that I am in these things since like me. And one of these they should all hang out to your message mean when they're full time together and Tony what things like taking pictures and sending him to me. But he just doesn't mean I heard you on the talking about how you go to the karaoke bar that me nor can I go to it as often as I can shop and bar. He's and just trying to be creepy yankees always excited I'm Bonnie and is being creepy in my practice that event when I met him. I met him in group settings and we pretended we met each other and it showed the previous week that they and I don't even know. And because it's like we don't you wanna admit that we met online. I hate people they ask like what Hasbro so our medalist friends one of literature but it feminist plays him from everyone that was pretty awesome I think nobody would ever put in like take them down via. Arie trying to get up and all the big tonight like yeah that's why not up on you to every one of them will not. I was the winner of that night is great. But chat with and and I met his buddy he's like oh my buddy we metal long time ago is the bouncer at the Barton sees all the time and Felix. Weird think this person recognizes me to keep tabs on you. And fairly but it just like crap I don't remember this perfect I don't pay attention act like the because there's always has one bouncer. That was apparent now he's not there about though poly tech the case. Because when you do anything what. Couple million. I am because it's far they live in my home towns whenever I go to my hometown and with my folks. I do so when my folks that don't seem often and it acumen and you and I like them tonight. Do you think there everyone for that the beautiful catches and yeah yeah the my roommates. Or coaches and I asked not entering an op apartment acts like I I had were I able call I have some friends I got earth victory found out on home. And it figured I hack. As though the month to figure out what I'm doing that but I just made its he just has me again. You know we're talking about not there he's like I just curious because his wife and my wife and I. We're talking about going to that place tomorrow night since he works and he's an aspirin that is. Yeah I know I'm leaving. And. Iron and closing Manning those in the restaurants and aren't able that the and you normally. Above. I have to worry about it and go that easy shaved head of everything and crowd went. But I did get the southern message on maccast telling guys before we came on. The podcasts. And that mention that on my fever porn stars is Tommy pistol in these goofy guy and I think it Catholic. One of the things just enough trial lock. And meet a lot from all the show. And adults 00 goodness well with a hunger gap hotly in gat RSC on his stomach and every time I see any form with them I'm. He's Clinton goofy guy I think he'd be not only a great laying you think you'd. Get yours but then afterwards again when I mentioned to somebody Mikey just sonic at TP them. Not worry about Syria about funerals and just laugh a number of staff you actually get turned on lots and have more. Yes because he's very like when he talks like he UB goofy weird. But then when he's like in his like domination mount Kenya feel like top GM and he'll be like he kind of thing you like course they tell you what to dealing just yelled at you in. And a sexy ways like. You're gonna do this click on this I gonna do it like. It does is on my campaign that he knows him or he's had mutual friends with them. And like you know what this feels like no way. You know when you'd that they lead they warn you make there's a stranger with a Wendell if they can offer you candy he offering me candy. Evan gets like your favorite flavor I don't know if you guys. But he says he's mutual friends back down yak noting that relied on the Internet. But you and I hate inside them man to man if you really and then gets snatched up and I get kept. They offered like yeah I am of an apartment and found I don't know I can't can't assault like never actually do porn and as long as my folks are alive. It's unclear pan whole awful awful awful. Just today. Flake off more now on any pending. Yeah. Now all I could. And a picnic dude ever find out and I think they like the Internet is darn scary place. But Diaz gonna talk about the aid it this has got to be a quick one so it's I have to go to Carnoustie is the last podcast broadcasting. And oh on the eleven under way all of ways. Very sad that he now has walking in here and everything is emptied out and everything's gone along. Sad like have you if you haven't seen any studios there for an off them. Have you seen him there now I've just seen the pictures that people imposing that I am excited to see and it looks like I'll bring new boards on there are free after the podcasts. They probably edit pics and stuff. It like this hour day that's really out there it's really really into like almost too into tightening things you've got military I don't want to like break early. Fingerprints are in a clean everything about on the show how you might stand up and you your death like. BS eleven of those the neatest things I'm not a texture topics like I like Alex and I even use that angle attack on a bill like now going down in the school yeah I have winning and him and I am asking you. So out brains belittled frau. It's Friday night it is every time we podcast. That recently. On the main show we we're like about a week or two ago we're talking about customer service. And BJ said something about is the customer always great and I had no. The customer is always stupid but I agree that yeah now I'm in an item and never mind people what you do for a living. Ivan event marketing manager so what I do is actually go out to different shows its home shown we'll do fairs festivals pretty much anywhere we can get into. And I generate leads for the company that I workforce on engaging customers holiday that's on my job is to do. And I can tell you I've has some very unique experiences that people throughout my years get the hang up popped to mind. I don't quite feel I have one older gentleman almost punched me in the days. She says yes so these senators those I know but look what he did was so we have our display and he comes up to it and part of our displays some running water. And it's a group. He has some sort of teriyaki two hours sort of sauce over his hands now the gentleman yesterday at least sixty Packers on his walk and became so he knows better. He comes up to my display and decides to. Why his saucy hand and all over my display and so I look at them like no sir I go this this is an N'sync and like these displays costs a lot of money. You know there's a bathroom right. He did not like me sane. And he does went off on me the guy across the way had to come and pull him away because he is about to like punch me in the days as being nice to cordial. Indian lake certainly. Too neatly my boot. Need to go away and the you know extreme experience at yeah I would be self. To call security out of like is threatening me that so route he had you you need some interesting people in the field that I work and just because you're you're talking to so many people all Kenya where I'm afraid that he and I know because I was taller than I am going to be an -- but Jordan must have been timing. He's nice to me I was like. It matter pulling complex going on comic yeah it was it was interesting. That's one of the more interesting ones but just people on a general. You know people can just be very rude sometimes. You know I I don't understand. Unity get more with honey than vinegar. The coming up and yelling at me about something might what does Zack and accomplish and a break in and so my philosophy my other job and waitress. Alpha and kind of manager now from ninth then you. And I know some waitresses or some managers previous feel like will do whatever the customer wants like my cousin was manager wants that's she's. She shot at twelve people SP second may be fit. Act most. Like ten if your pushing maybe nine. That may be at eight peoples okay but any more than that it gets uncomfortable the small space but they really wanted to be on the patio. She's a while this is what they want and implement this is about hiding your turn to 1213 people on this thing. So then the banks want what they want. Rates paid. Like it at the end of the day it's like it's going and I look Whelan on the server and she's like Eric you're not even taking the tables each count down there. I. Why the customer is always right if you think you want something he. Like sometimes you can't have a because I would like you're not have a great experience because you think you want something you're not going to you mean like the I'm not a hard time getting through coming have a hard time getting your drinks or food. I don't want to be putting plate over someone's head if I have to do. It's they don't think about as they just like that's enough customers are and I have I love. Love thing noted people happened but I'm not gonna life. Oh about it I like I am and a waitress here and it and I'm like. I pay. So about it at Abu heat this pleasing people via could I do you always think like you're coming in this year paying you're at a customer at the sun hat. It's it's the way out of my encumbered like. The the the way I see in this might help is. If I'm a bad mood or if this is going if what they want is going to. Hinder my ability to be the to give them the best services I can. Then why would I let them doing it yet so I'll have people try to set by people to maybe a three person people. In this 3% table is like if you're ordering light snacks. I like seeing three people they normally if you're eating big meal yes and a big deals and exactly yeah I just like I am having some wanes in the maybe one played in the drinking age it's not a big space. Healthy people pulling chairs from the bar it's like no we see that the bartender has a certain amount a chair is he and that's their money you're taking away there. Ceremony and all put that the school we have designated for extra people on the side and they get all mad. This doesn't have a back to them like well in gusts at the table with big tables are right here available for a you'll have much more space and how academic. Gag order big meals I can put you right here it's gonna be a lot more space you're gonna be a lot more comfortable as can be easier for me to get to the people like. Okay but like now this is. Fine you. Just like after that I'm like well I can't convince Stevenson on the leave it alone and a hot on my. Yeah he can't force things finally you know move on month and carried on the bar area that's my favorite at him like to see where we want and then they take their babies. The car I'm sorry I'm like that's the bar they can't that there's a police etiquette he wherever I want ethnic. I didn't really I was dealing with Canadian I was sorry let me clarify why you got theory here not there. You know like someone needs name really really chats get a baby no like yeah like if it's idea if we all and yeah like we. We all look overtime but then also all it could be if it could you know at teens so mainly because it's my mind and it yeah like. Sorry I don't think excuse that should be a compliment of people at a younger than and then I'm like. QQ. Bright paint yeah okay go ahead and that's authentic veterans are doing anyway sit at the bar and then like if somebody doesn't look like a 21 inches and that's the service jobs check the idea and the table and if they happen to not be Tony one. They kicked out of bar. Easy that. Surprises me how people act that they think since their paying customers to do as a liberty to treat everybody else just like crap them you know it is. I don't know maybe I was raised with manners would never treat my serve her or anybody that way that's helping me out with the purchase or or by Neil or anything like that. Play exit is it's not like our. Fall like it's like them that we I just changed computer systems not in a lot of things Iraq like a lot of the prices are on him and you know and I'm saying and night. Pointing out pointed out you let me know if I can change then her but don't get like. Bitchy at Munich I'm sorry I didn't mean to charge you. In extra golfer that I just put in the computer and the computer system and I apologize and I make the menu like I didn't do the price things though like. We'll I. I get that all the time especially in the business that I work so you know. And home improvement industry pretty much am I get yelled out for a stylish years. Marketers. I I I don't install the product out there for I didn't put it on there and I was explained people attic or you know I've. Had to you know apologize and humor customer service number and talk them down that. I I can't even count how many times I've been screened act for something that I have no control over and I think that that's it that's what I think is. The stupidest thing to you in here a server in the something like wrong with the food tonight around with the food where they'd like we don't like it. Okay Al did a nice thing and remove it off they checked they don't eat it. You cannot let our but I'll remove the and then I'll like would you like something else let me get something else something like if he didn't really like the soup. I'll get used the salad you're looking at and set legal get that for economic she'd get out yet. I'll replace it and I'm so either gonna charge a forum oral like get a dream like I'm injuring for their troubles for having a wait and all that jazz. But. It's it's just super. Rush treating with the people who think they can just do whatever they won in that sense like ally I want I can I not gonna get more at a ethnic. I like where there and I'm like you know what it yet the hits but he says not prominent laughs been likened and either. You'd like it immediately it or are you. And there is this one incident batteries have that the guy I point to some harming harming is like all and am Italian and out like oh you want that this amendment any say yes. And so I got that in but he really. One and the one below it and it was at once or with an as a concert at the seed by. They were very different Italian courts almost back nobly moments to chip Alina frighten those very different but I could see if you don't totaling widgets and a music this on any in any event. As a that all hit like that she would you want but in my mind lake if I went out on the cabinet mean I would kind of hope and assume that that went beyond I'm now. United saying like the original line yeah Alley and they lately has been out yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah I would I even if I didn't like and I like or feel like I. And undercut or whatever you regulate different there's a difference between not liking some and having it come out either. Holes under close to learn just wrong completely with the bargaining something completely wrong. I feel like that's the difference if it's just your personal Pratt and tried something I don't like it. I got really weird I don't an average windows and is now op where I would just like eat a what I liken him his take it home yeah. People like I really likeness. In mind. Why do oil pointed out and then like. I totally remembered her like this is like a terrible I don't know why is that something you're an it would really popular item that I really liked it. Right. Actually it really popular and best seller I ask you don't have to hate you yeah. Maybe we're keeping your. I think you should go back tears again yes honey because I don't. And in an island block accidents happen. Like. Kris and deleted. And any other people's food and a liar and can't wait a few times and I am then I'm more her. That's. And I reasonable meal yeah. I mean I'm. Not able. Utterly. People are at it like it that are not there and now I don't care. Now and you are Ryan dean. Sign in like eight. Now and every idea. Yeah I know people dale. That's your. Adobe if I I love. How we thought to tee off some heat is off on the comeback is an adult. No I went back couple years ago and I took my friend's kids was babysitting like here's coupons Turkey cheese and it just pictured it ego buyers and yes she she thought yeah I haven't gotten a lot of people that Dave and I can't Eunice. So migrant kids in their running around and for realized a disgusting. The floor is how does all children holiday long whenever I get a little. Would it take you one at a time of serving it out in the wash your hands at the audience advertisers something we hear kids and so before I can get one kids can't. He touched every single slice of pizza every playing on all the time. Why did you do this to me. Yes. She's not as it easily and dignity. And it quickly you really don't know what people are doing to the Fisher who. Is about like I knowing me in second guessing that congress isn't. But I common article about it is because as an example of what the customer think like I'm right eye to zero cents. Now we think that. The people that in the league title is not the millennial. It's alert he along our parenting older client looking on enough that I. Like well I'm so sorry for the pulled out you know we just have this party it's when he. That showed up and then like I couldn't like the order weight like before you guys got here so is pulling up the kitchen foods taken all of the longer it like especially like hey they all ordered fried stuff so our fires back to operate now so the fried chicken generally takes twenty minutes is up to like 3035 minutes. So I apologize for the way. Am mechanic here and we're trying to gather more like let's hook iron and another beer half holding people like. They just get all the leaning media I mean that's not the case always I had a table that. I never I don't have I ever told you this story. It was a crazy yes night I had one of the bigger sections. I had one table whose order on all messed up and like their order was already taking forever. And then my boss to get out to the wrong team but their own table that's stories and in itself but there are super like. Understand like I haven't seen my friends and ten years. Giving us more time and so ran a great time so we need to we got an appetizers for free we gotten around to drain so we hooked them up and they just super thankful. It gave extra food take called to the people I got the big debate not my question may help. Reason being. They were all. At faced. And the reason the oral space was because they were from a wedding in when to a wedding and the bride. The groom at the altar. So I have to grooms party side the grueling a little hole last year and all of his buddies and the like we speed it. We want a couple more drinks but I think he's done we need food and us pressure. So I'm taking care this party and in their telling my other like. But the tables because they're coming loud and sometimes what's very quick but don't look but like. Gentlemen they're in he just looked at the alternate days of their little electronic price for a gallon that's coming didn't eat three that would help achieve that early to say like I don't I think she did show a lot. I don't think she showed up. Did the rest of her fail I'm guessing because everyone doesn't Cox's own including the current an inkling like when he strung top like trying to call people. I don't know who you calling that as a housekeeper busy some try to take care of these guys credit to care only the tables. Didn't shell that is the low flight epic that I AM allowing apple. I am like. His best man can ultimately to an end up like he just electric alternately don't look to make and to make a face he tells about like I put my aunt my mouth gas. And that don't know enough and that. We need to more drinks and we definitely need food so some of the order like a big thing of food for everyone might think regulatory that the from the Latin people in share two cents. Yes it was a bad is an atom. She's a bitch you deserve better shot yeah. Already drunk insulin has telling at a table and that's where they're destructive. To speak cool. Popular yeah no I never message until now apparently. On the Alyssa who is on the podcast I'd note. While back 88. Outlets around it and I don't. She knew she had just recently quit her job as he's looking for when you weren't. I want passage last week. Impressed. That I done. Any news. Found that people are lined up like may typically when upon entering the legal entitlement. Don't know that people now and it is now what it will look like Edmonton and we could there be really rowdy. I apologize in America it's. Completely about Vicki. I'm ready and I'm not everyone and it Exterran Adams and drunk guys in tuxedos just be here like in their being loud and noisy and authority and it ingredient found that cardiac activity. Came when he rented tuxedo for a bachelor party. Maybe they wanted to hi Ashley Hardie. She do it. But also the kind of like give me the sympathy though plans to care of them a little more idiots and non I'm just like you are. Like that you think rep knighted like expert there is something inside while he did this to himself like tallied up having a rough idea of an I didn't care of Michael Bloomberg what I drink feeling like he's not drinking anymore would mean a Sprint Cup and off. So I appreciate it I know anyway. Hall. So much money down the mother paso as well as. I'll typically the Friday it's. And I really share on and that is and that's tradition and I thought outlets like how it is. Don't do that nowadays nowadays that. And we're like the current loop hole every link even millennial we were doing things differently were waiting to get married in general. Because we can't afford it or image average parents whenever doing things on the people that have played but even like we're killing the millennial to killing the died in that you are not be saved back to our outlet. But like an article saying that millennial killing the diamond industry go we don't really care what we can't afford it inordinately we're gonna department we don't care via. We have all these incidents and I think I golf that's you know I do you know. Like I went through winning over the weekend and if I was surprised at how like nice and put together was immediately seemed so. Lake they have they had a country clubs I had an outside of a ceremony whatever they knew they ever went just went inside. It was already decked out there isn't dance either the DJ like it was beautiful ladies that saying it was gorgeous there it's. Appetizers there are people coming around through them all eight got a plate of food Kagan make the waiters and metres of cut the cake in and out like. This cell lake. Every thing is being done for Al Blake in it I was like this probably costs. So. I kept fighting but like you need to trigger and take you gave credit to us on the saying there are naked. Well and they're like DJ you would like everything into play. Now here's McDermott the monologue about you know it's just seemed so like. While well put together yet well put together yeah and nothing wrong and it was like ceremony there ever discuss that there's a very well oiled machine yeah I'd known as a drive any you know I think yeah I it's a insane. At time that that being said though the table got all their food messed up because this party they took all of food directly to. My wedding gang as good as deserve the food more than the right moment they are super nice and think we are she apologetic that you are very understanding might you know like current got messed up I'm sorry your food sigma and of course they ordered that the takes a long time. But they're super cool about it so just like those of the customers to get all my attention like. If you're going to be cool. I will load you up with a much free sup as I can't. Yet I always figured too and I going to rest I wanna be nice to my servers I want. Because I want them to treat me nice to break and you know like I said needed to get through with honey than vinegar about exactly and you know BD you reflect back that are more like snapping thank you yes screaming your name across stress are like hold. I yeah I do that outlined last year and you make whenever I'm only like twenty minutes at Miley is isn't around for refills and too embarrassed to Billick. I. Figured if you lastly to those of passing severed body very well please and uniter server. I don't I don't know the Brooke I've never been my teacher so I see that it's really well now. I yeah I honestly I think the copper glass up in the air or the shaking of the glass. With the ice. I feel like Kynan. You're treating public servants we have seven out of servants but it is really. Nine out a lot of notes and I went if I'm in like a different section and non bank and somebody asked mean because that's fine like it but if it's night. But I have to tell us are like you know your table when he yeah needs to mark cocktail and three more Beers. You act like it I can't help you get it but yield to ring at eight you know it means that it doesn't get life. Well they haven't figured too and I know liberties kind of you know dedicated her a little spaces and I don't NASA play turbulence and article you can even like technical and another thing that I wouldn't mind to Ireland when people like total went orders to put an McCain what let me feel your server it's like or if they ask. I don't our server is to let you know we'd like more drinks. Yeah he is a competitor in a difference sometimes you're stuck with I'd wonder you're helping somebody else from their section but that you have your section on the other side of pressure on you try to take care as your running back and forth. Yeah ours and I am I am I giving it. Menus in waters to Diebler and named the and a host of my. And I wake up and down Mike in and out the section and then they give me they're they're super. Demanding and want everything actually we know we want we're kind of at a rash and emit their whole. Damn order and Mike. I'm not even going to cool. About you know what I will send your waitress for egg I really don't care it academic health and your waitress right or over if it's a pretty chilled a I'll quickly take the order down and not let everyone remembers or there's like with the ordering from the office number we're just transfer it I don't I don't care my carry out. You can have them it just depends on how nice apple plasma. But this a running favorites. Customer service just failed on the thinking person. With a man like keys light tweeting at customer trying to return what he thought which chi. So he this guy is name is James day here. He's like a confused man is attempting to return his open type butternut squash because deep all the giant box of cubed cheese and who I don't think it. So my for the longest weeks. And like I OPEC and it began gently at the Orrin GQ. Okay he says I can't believe and there's only he can't because it's opened he says it wasn't clearly labeled. There's a giant label that says butternut squash. Like on the package heaping plate butternut squash is I think she yeah I think Annika sweet tea. It is made about a month most but it really labeled butternut squash now ordered a cheese. He says companies like we character you boarding opened its fifth day. And Ian Strachan element there but he he's like they've agreed to refund his money. Now. Demanding that the other the two pound cubed cheese. For the two dollars and 97 cents as it was priced like squash. So don't do it again is almost three dollars back. He's not demanding to pound cheese for three dollars. One. Wow. And a mini right oh god in employing try employee trying to be helpful. The conversation. And a treat hole butter not lunch and it's a lot worse now. So a half an employee kind of heard part of it and like to talk about I. Mean I think that all out and many sizzling OK I'm older than fire. It's. He's just said the package as well. And he's just so much is stupid but that's. That's the point with that I reality as some people yeah I think got a custom bike and Ireland in the closer has always dry right. I think no because the customer is an idiot and we'll try to take advantage of it like I believe again customer service and and I will try to give it as best I can when every Kenney and I'm having a crappy day. I try to that's smile on trying to make you have the best experience possible. However if you're a jerk. And are very demanding. And like I can't give you a good experience if you. Are being an a hole yeah because you're throwing out my game now I you're putting me out of my routine. And I can't do good things for you if you're gonna be here a deck. App find out his game back after that Qaeda like eight out of my own damn and I can't make it does it out if we'll show you up. But don't like it wasn't just like okay definable that he wanted that she you on top of it and rich that they ask you that 32 at what two pounds yeah it is that's going to be more than three dollars silly like a little cup. Of like a couple of cubed cheese wind like grapes and stuff and Rihanna well our our body and think you're not getting to the net you twenty dollars worth the cheese I like the big bag cost go leg even though Erica regular standard. Bag bats I don't even know how many how much at ways but you know eight dollars washed out locally to. An etiquette says butternut squash a totally different action and I think I would notice like a black president worried aliens on the thing to insulate usually you'd like labels have ingredients just has buttered up squash it's just. And ask why should we say but not better not. At center so much I can't go on and not achieve all of us gather at the him. Yeah and then. Does need to treat other people regardless this with a little better respect and some decency you finally get a lot further in life that way and has been total you know able. Yeah that immediately available far hasn't on the table a theory element of the dominant I can't even explain neo. How about that was but it. I get my menus confusing and it's a different languages but they repeatedly asked the same thing and then aspect of the house Pete says and then. He said no but then and then asked if I can do you. Essentially a half pizza it was I apathy it's like out like how happy I got it I was just. I Aikman can do it and then at some point I just think they're joking because they're so astute like. You are you star and he likely way to the heavier your requests. Like. Ready and printers and apparently there's a wait we have like a pesto pizza and then I was like. Home with pat down and explain it now and his girlfriend like they you've outlets have bored you think. How. Soon like. After they. Like arguing about and obviously. It's been like mainly Babel a good thing is probably I don't out down there as experienced on these RNC on. It again now. Is that a common name you guys think I held as other Taylor hurt and I he planets or other attack considerably. But then I realized why it needs to be on time because you'll get stuck there for like ten men got there like I at ten and it and it intentionally had. That they got you beat that had mine at other server follow me obviously carried you beat them when I was like. You without being so that I haven't excuse to leave and I would just like drop the Pete's image you drop and they start asking questions that I want. She stuck out like I'm sorry yeah yeah. I like I thought I'll ask you laugh that's definitely. Do you understand pain. And I. Brain bell. Yes the we do that's how we survive but we also compliment you like if you look at refiners on that hello and public view table when he worries the bag I had a mama I'm major Antilles. Economic table so they don't think I'm just trying to butter them up. Like when girls rock in a lipstick on my girl which he got on on this let's stick in your freaking rocking and loving in the. You getter one girl comes in and she. Always have like the funky is outfits in the good way. So where like Alec flower print doc Martins with like oh cool funky printer has sent. Think weird sunflower earrings just throw back to the ninety she does her thing and I'm just like I love your style like LA which Iraq and you got like your your rocking and she's like you like she's kind of shy but to get siege all flights up and I highlight CU. Just do that because I want you have a good excuse the Russia but I do believe in Carlson. Can be spread love passion. Began. And kind of wagers. One with. Nominating hat every back issue that Bob rock out. Thank you boo if he did it at a regular. No they're and yeah. Could he drank it and can get a good. Switch gears Democrat with a Mac message we did receive the text message and and it will wrap it up for a quick and I. I get to go to the UST you. I mean Hank says this is our our buddy moos. News he's like us are pretty broke his arm that they got a bit lit right now's excuse any government Vegas land he lit Addison left week like it means and like that of that but these vehemently you rocket. So first off I'm not wide a native Americans I just cannot burn and I found out my I broke my arm. And as I was messing with this girl at a party and tripped on some crack in the concrete below Ryan's. Six foot 32 and eighty pounds and landed on my arm. So sick glaze meets my current situation. That brought the party and I am hung out a few times and I stayed the night. Turk placed twice now. I looked up yet but it happened sexy just my type physically and personality wise but I promise she was dating a friend of mine's on conflicted. It's hard to find someone that I connect to it but it doesn't you know does make me enable. That after France yeah and console the renters Olivia just like hanging here for a little part it was this bad area and. Our regardless definitely can't run by Diana's common courtesy it's just began and just talent like. You really put a matter yes does it might be happy for you know okay granted if there was they gave a free year. Last year our six month ago maybe not it's probably not going to be your best DM client demand that I as she broke it partner ESO but it is really probably easier with David though. You're lucky in Athens beat speculate at the barrel and acted your ex boyfriend you know I needed them five years ago. You guys are cool now could I gave him. That would feel you're that they asked what I knew it yeah you started trying to go out my X I I think when I listen depending on the acts and I have a problem solving count weird now like. It's weird QB if I just and I access girl current girlfriend and I that's totally different and you know her she's helpful I'm an hour about like people move on yeah I am no yelling threats to ban all learning more about like. If my friend that I knew asserted that I went feels we here at Indiana because you're at least with like a ten. Conversation. With actually with my ex friend he's like Freeman how we got to is just one of those other Stew stupid fight where you start fighting off on the little in the Easter fighting nothing big. Nice that I have a promise what my best friend's wedding date might access the guy before him. You know why Fiat feelings for him like I think that's a really think while we enjoy your friend be happy they did that mean your feelings firmly know polish is. She of the parents all like all that pain and all the fights we had to she was therefore that. So I think he'd be wanna be done her part to start dating him in two if I just disrespectful he's a totally disrespectful if you insist suite on the stupid. Circular argument. Punished just like it's not. It would be cool immediately. I don't know again running on the ax they're psyched she's dated the next of mine. Actually she asked permission in I don't dumb Asian day here's a such good friends she's feeling she's made him different couple months went to prom together that was it broke up. Shortly before graduated is that. And they became close couple years later and she asked can I we kind of have feelings for each other. We'd like to try to how would that be okay with the united you know what I was never in love with the guy. You know for an I think it's different you know not the purse. Dan. Now yeah only decent thing depends on the acts as a complex some ago forum on I don't know sorry if I am. Jarrett you're stupid but I would say it talked here front earth. Fine at eight sap and then make a damn move a paying me a place where a girl on that front running it in economic highlight it then ninth. Or read times like out on especially inspiring night. You might not unfairly and sacked but. Definitely something via either pat Meehan like freedom acute. Where are your balls it's just my credit if you want to date me telling that if you wanna do any do me. Well while Atlanta. I have I want don't pressure turbine and thinking. I think that's the Placer app bouts. I'm getting better and we have. View it as situation popped up to the buddy yeah most of them equalled your servers yet Kelsey Hatcher can help we will link for you. But all of your cool. Able I will come out to my girls to be like oh my god. The people in the couple at table three are just the sweetest thing Pena out and they're super nicely we. We do then brag about that systemic not trigger girls feel better but it just ninth. To say oh my god somebody's in cool yeah yes. So and we did talk about if you're good or. Just really you know how am I judging and don't matter to ethnic. I can't leave some people like she'd heard this over for the server talk about music for one as her reason for be talking a lot tougher customer here here. I don't get mad get over the Korea Ike and I have I have their privacy I had that she just laughed a server that would like that. And herbs and make up these people at tabled a twenty year pissing me now. What did not who over there hasn't liked that but my god Matty Shawn O'Connor bigger on the bright red read it but she'd be really loud. She'd wonder why people are tipping her off like you're just talking crap about them I'm sure they heard you yet until I play and dipped. Yeah I'm. Let's Gardner are all went home and have a good weekend and LT Bernice I ain't IE.