BJGN07-31-17 - Preacher - Orphan Black - Boardgames

Monday, July 31st

The gang talks TV with Preacher & Orphan Black; BJ & Chris review the boardgames XO Planet, Jungle Ascent, & Libertalia; and we get the Geek Sheet with Vicky B!


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Immerse yourself a geek culture movies books cons and especially game. Videos tabletop and it doesn't matter as long as you can black. My geeky friend you mean Vernon Wells Vernon Wells is a deep gamers paradise. It's like country club for deeds without going toy the atmosphere. You can never doubting gets here he'd gone with professionals just like you so gag DJ and and sign up today. Vernon Wells BMW dot club. BMW duck club. Yes. Ladies and gentlemen geeks of all ages you are now entering Vijay chase he makes a welcome yes welcome to BJ Shea is geek nation and I am the reverend in Fuego across from me is Vicky Barcelona. Our whip out uncle Chris how are there this. Shown any news any case today I had a spic all his hair out and Joey. Bear. Until they show we will talk TV with preacher and orphaned black. Talk more games Vijay and all who grant's days and of course the geek she would think he'd be thinking how can people get a hold of us well our web so it's gonna compete all that information Korea their phone number all that FaceBook Twitter is. Just Fiji nation dot com. Yeah I think he's so much and again. Well citizen emailed me digging. Nation at I love hearing from everyone out there especially when we talk TV with shows like preacher. Ask. After the last two episodes are wasn't too keen on this line was a lot more entertaining and we got to see the Sam killers just well being Messina killers. And getting a lot more of his back story. And I thought that was in relief fund away because there was doing research in their own sort of way Chad you've guide Jesse. Doing the normal reading and as you as you normally would to do research on older subjects. And we got a book on tape could go as I have entertain us and get a viewfinder with Cassidy yeah that is what is this like RA this all is put together any nice way that everyone can get that exposition and get the story of the saint of killers even though we had basically seen it all in the the first season this good catch up for anyone who hadn't seen it yet. I feel bad for the painkillers like some time if you kill unlike Abu maybe nine but then my good eye to see his face like you're hurt somebody. Kuerten I think I would have been if I hadn't just seen him. Doing dislike basically taking tulip with one hand and just gym owner against the wall. And just a wave that. And that he invaded her. Like just just. Crowding her face the shutter back there and I don't know he grabbed against the wall but he just do it earlier today outside the tiny get out yeah so everyone else is dying compared her and then at the scene after where she was just. Absolutely affected by that he was just I heat. Touched me the way she said that in the way that Ruth mega I just acts in just brings out that scene and brings up are hurt and I was like yeah. I don't really care what happens in this zero kill herself up. What Wayne will love and if you watch like a FaceBook does little video sometimes to where they are talk about the behind the scenes are what it was like to do this episode and she does talk about actually this is something that's gonna changer for. For good and La gaffe like death had her Heatley had his hands on her. It wasn't so much like touch in necessarily inappropriate way but it was death just touched me. GAAP yeah crappy from them cause of health related. And I re elite all of it was good because we got a not necessarily a finality to the storyline but we have put it this if killers in a box and I had the bottom of Islam could that. This whole soul thing which is not. A and not a comic book thing. I don't guy I don't I don't CN it's been so long I don't remember that and how well I don't remember the same toes resolution that way either. I really love to James Tyson which a lot of people might remember from I heroes yep he was hero's death. I need it yet heroes buddy on heroes that makes any sense you know what jazz in Utah and Arizona. And he was the I know thank you very much you're welcome he was the technician who was doing the soul stuff just trying to figure out. Like at the beginning well what is he doing what is going to happen only Mary Lou yeah how was it plasma. And then it was is that is it a part of a kidney and then they started doing the percentage 'cause like. Reality show you accept he's always a soul and it's a very sing idea that if somebody is you know suffering from dementia alzheimer's what they're thinking Gleason show is that they're losing parts of their soul and it's gone out of their body you missed. 510. And yeah teacher like man giving the giving then the older lady. It could be the episode 15% actually brought her backing her body apparently enough to be cognizant. All right here's the real question I know thinking about while watts Michelle Yeoh fifteenth 10%. You'll get a certain amount of money. But we sell to check that guy if you get to donate 15% in doubles it's right they got a 150000. Dollars yet for 15% of their sole right. She took it. Well I know I'm not practicing what they get I want a lot more money you see how much money they made actual laser should actually ask that. You didn't know how much they were getting Mariano. Still firms like 15% even members and average guy why I wouldn't sell it for them much because I I would. BB two bucks and tell your shirt immediately my clothes is not my Saul I'm. I don't Anaheim high dollar value for the future by Regis all right now a little bit. Passions. Are so much I really feel. On start I just hit us what you think your base this music let me try expert here -- media there aren't many or at beginning lagging allied if you give me more to me last summer payless to recommit myself and I just say Barack. Bob hey where is I I like the fact that they've set parameters on the word and we knew that there was a there was some reason why. The saint of killers could not be affected by end I hadn't really thought about the fact he had no soul. And after that had been explained up until this point when they did the montage of exposition. As so it was kind of cool to see that not only that we got the reason why he couldn't be affected by it but then all of a sudden now he can be affected by it in a literary genius way. And actually his acting changed. When he got a little bit of a sole idea and I I give the saint of killers actor accredited by you find out who the hell limits have been shop thank you very much yes he did a great job. Because he was soulless man and that what he noted the way even killed people it was just Solis impassioned must absolutely which is why do kind of feel sorry from that is somehow some way he ended up in that position of being sold was. Heartless zombie like creature really what you'll also learn about that is the reason why is because of all the terrible things he did in the civil war. The light wasn't like he was a confederate soldier in the civil wars that are yes Trinidad area right there what would that add near there wasn't gonna get better from there I mean this is a show that definitely pulls no punches. I mean even the fact with like Cassidy and dealing with the fact that we've got this old guy Dennis mutilated. Who what is the relation here ass like and I think that any out yeah anyways so sad to see that you think houses my boy you need to six starts grabbing Emery values tying issue is like stop teaching here it's like you're really. Dad you. Okay. I love though how he had he'd he'd he has a boy and knows nothing about it to you like to let mother speaks French for his so I don't think he knows it jab but no. He said he I would show what is spent more time learning and it's like. Feature Childs right why wouldn't this probably wasn't around OI yeah yeah mom spoke French Indochina wranglers imam and new live off he went and also memories of vampire he might had a runaway now and again another thing on that I mean they could have been from France and then moved to Louisiana wave back wind you know the French had it right under control so could have been one of those things and then you know stumbled upon his child again later on well sixty some odd years ago that yeah we know because the guy was like 657 -- coming years ago he beat bury the guy's mom that's. And there who knows where they were we know that he Yasser you know when people find out what he has he's got to get out of dodge at their how we are introducing him last season can do Cassidy is a Dillon that all the main character is none of them are American. I know I'm so weird I Dominic Cooper just talking when he was in its wake him as Jesse. Yeah and it was like yeah. How are the story looking is looking to progress to you. His parentage on he is I think it's on his wife's side. The it was Alonso yeah angels bill or whatever. And so will be able to see some of that and the brutality that comes from that the fact that they he eluded detectives did the deal with souls yeah he knew exactly what to do and -- talked to about that that led them to the Japanese company you took over everyone it's got a weird that you would think about that but. They've turned the this spirituality. And that sort of supernatural aspect to it very. Very capitalistic. In that lake just dealing with corporations. And I mean he men. Hell is a prison system that's dealing with budgetary issues yeah it's really kind of weird that they've play put everything into a corporate version of what we would think just normal America would be Taliban out like that re imagining if you will of the story. I love it moving on from that we gotta talk a little orphan black. Hey you got up barrel. Yes man oh man wow you know I didn't see that coming. Moved. I was whoever was there and I'm all think yeah there. I have a third. Yeah this was this is this was really held an episode I. Ha I knew something like the flu is going to be happening it'd really be happening so soon because the previous episode. When she does take your when I say it does she does I mean Rachel mom Smartphones and she thinks she's the best around. Should Bonner misses that thermostat says you know Sunday you're gonna need us. Yeah I can eluded to Rachel gonna change your mind. Yeah and it was a really powerful episode because of the clones are pieces of property of these of this organization. And as Westmoreland guy who we finally found out and I I knew something was up he try to alleged he was a 170 years old. Turns out that as just a big fairy tale to get the people he's experimenting on to think that he's discovered the fountain of youth and therefore he can just mess of them experiment with them in order to. Well basically come up with a fountain of youth but not in the same way that they think they thought he already was this some way consumption perform. Having some fun abuse like a good experience since he was a 170. But now he just assumed an identity pretended to be something he's not he's just an old guy who have a normal life artist sort of thing I haven't had that normal blood shoot out and about and Rachel. Tom racial out of all the clones or she was always involved in the management and she was raised it when you were within minutes the inner circle of this entire organization knee issue the clothes she knew there are other clones as he knew what was going on and she always hats and she always thought she could transcended being just a piece of property. As the other clones are. And she thought finally. She did it by basically you know killing off arrival if you will or at least to you know getting your killed off she dug then she'd run the company. And everyone told her you know I now than ever tell you a call on really did you're just a piece of properties I'm different I'm different. And this episode she found out. Rap could rise she had sinus thing I think when she was he very young adult served me. 120 is very in teens even that says you know you're kind of emancipated from this project you're no longer this number. Your your own persons are gonna show is Rachel's life a little bit. Kind of learning all the she's like I'm gonna die we wanna finding care I have no problem like killing people do what I gotta do to figure get the results says she is always been married you know tenacious. But. In this when she she started realizing Ashley and there's been multiple points in her life where she really she still property. And it really hit home when she realized apparent. I she's has flipped me Aleutian eyeball as she had once Sarah got the pencil stuck. Anaheim so I removed Karzai hardship and arm and I generally anti cyborg guide and realize that Westmoreland was actually be using that I to see through. Oh now you have a lit love you as you now on the tablet. PLO he always had a lot of information she's like while you really know more than you should never realize why. And it turns out because he could see everything she could see your own. And it was really trip me it was Cali. Gas and oh geez you narrow she saw tablet after tablet to have a realizing how live what I'm seeing as what I'm seeing in this little offices when he's he's the guy it was such and so NN. Finally she she was like OK I was supposed to turn over kerik has a basic and harvest all our eggs and user just as I you know lab rat. And that's a little good that's a little bad bad and little girl and finally she's like yeah I guess I have to help the cloned sisters after all I'm part of them more so than I thought I was. And at the end admits she takes one angle iron outlined martini glass. Has herself a shot to blood because Briggs the martini glass that show the guy. Now I grab a guy sit out eye patch patties back yup well. The little nuts they know what are your favorite clones is Allison she ash. Yeah with the shortened due purple she become very artsy been on the arts and crafts away more in the she's like afloat through an almost she almost hit the Alison she was just a Christian call on the violin and the mobile driving soccer mom Conan now you can't stream weekly defense is Susan. And now she and now she's hippie mom which is tackle. Yeah they Annika yeah I like I honestly Tatiana muzzle on he was great and the previous episode obviously crystal when she plays they give irritation who thinks it's big cosmetics that are after everybody played big pharma dad does medics. And CNM we had seen crystal in a while on the AA and she's so good at all these different characters it just is unbelievable. How good she is and ya Allah so changing. Allison to still be Allison Libby hippie version of Allison as opposed to soccer mom Alison but still make you believe a same character. I mean it rather they'll like a whole brand new clone gaffe I mean tough geologists ramps it up so good and this is the final season as it may mean wow I just down. It is one of those things that I think like a show like this is going to open up like the entire world for her because it shows play every time you guys are talking about it one of the big things is you're always just. Just gushing about her acting chops this has got to open up the world for her in terms of ho yeah I can play that role I can play that role you see a lot of this stuff with like the Big Bang theory it is my goal Shelden will only be Sheldon though I know Jim Parsons going to be stuck doing that I'll see this ever being a possibility for her like she's like the whole world to give me anything. And so I know there's only three episodes like I said oh man it's the end of roar from black and I can't talk down Lonny is either going to be sick this year it's RD Alley it's a movie called stronger. And she's gonna be in I think a lot of talk to Manning he Jeter not a bad. It'll be good to see her acting chops in that one as well if not from that we do need to talk some board games Vijay and curry is our gaming Winfrey Guyanese regard just got my act kick starter version about X so planets with adding a fifth player very excited about that and with upgraded pieces so will we. When we were a popular planet's satellites and then involve them until life farms and Nadia we'll have Neitzel pieces now rather than just a look like a circle in the square. We could we nasal alien looking pieces that we put on the sharp Clinton now has life that's very and then like little microscopic like micro look of things when you're just building up your planet fall we're not gonna cool yes so I'll look at what a bus on Exel planet I might might get some of that into day. What I wanted to talk about it is because that we everybody Eric who made the game slaughter ball we have game night in his place and half here's a break so a lot of these games that I haven't heard of one and then this one was one of the most aggravating games ever. I'm midway or is this like going to be went illegally from slow your table flipping jury stating you like take that games are you like Sean I love this oh I don't know if he put all the cards and he wasn't supposed to do and maybe that's why. But it's a game called a jungle a sense. And the idea is is that you are you are in the mysterious oh we do movies deep in the jungle and a high atop the cliff for fraph your expeditions discovered an incredible treasure that will grant the owner amazing power. But you know what not ever in our group wants to share that of course that means one of us once again a while the other one doesn't. And we have to do a send this Clift but at the same time our other people are trying to send the clip so we try to sabotage them as they go up as well as try to improve our own. Ways to send that clip. And that's what it easier to build a pathway. You do that with Al ladders and bridges and conveyor belts and so it has a sort of robo rally feel to it in that respect he beat Tom but you also play cards from your hands. Which will either a helping you or be hit your opponents. And the game we've played it we never finish it because it just do balls into what we're doing every type were drug card it was every over my opponents those like a course of many music. How messages like get ahead of my opponent they play their cards and definitely over so I think. He had I kick starter version and maybe there were cards and it was supposed to replacements that is an added them back. And it's similar to see so many take that cards that we always joke he was getting he said I can't believe none of us who actually try to win this game I should do it if you would give me cards they weren't take that cards yes when I keep drying take that cards. This ultimate grief for game yet you're nemesis is gonna love this yes so I I I but I would love to hear from anybody is played jungle assent. Did you ever finish a game yeah well especially want to kill each other well according geeks says it though it's only a thirty minute playtime on the they took us we were playing we played for about an hour and we got nowhere and we were just dressing knocking each other off the mark off the cliff every time. I was close I was close to the top of the and well here. I got knocked up so of course by next thing Ozzie and who's not here reels off they have flow around it and isn't it so that's the kind of it's a very interesting game made it it looks fun its got good fun aren't the kids would love this game. If in fact you can finish it I've that's why I wonder do we play it right maybe we can play it right it's very possible at this thing we've spent plenty of games where we've suddenly realized halfway or afterwards I have all our not quite playing his one color I had so it's designed by our Brian Korman he also was the artist fifth street game CA and I think it's still available it'd dump. Yeah so it's called jungle a sense everybody by its history games so that's what that's one of the games I don't know Chris is Chris get a game he's governor. I yeah we have we puts more limber tell your recently as a matter of fact for effort Josh his birthday Josh over on the on the Morgan alliance he has birthday recently we went and we play games because that's what we do yeah. I'm bullet put the Italian if you haven't played number tell you say yeah it's basically a pirate game everyone gets a hand of cards and we all have identical cars in each card is a crewman. Or shipmate. On a pirate ship and each turn you play your cards see in secret flip mall over and whoever has the highest ranking. I character in play at that time. They get to draw from the booty pile first error but terrible long Newton the row each of this has a different ability that activate and you might be taking money from someone else or you might be. Four fitting your. Booty draw in order to not take a negative effect for whatever reason. Gas collegial and I felt that Obama has I don't listen to have to. But this this one this is. And it's one of those games where when everyone starts over the exact same set of cards you can start to try to. Matt Dowd and figure out what other people are going to do next because you are looking at their hands of. Cards between new moon and BJ in the way that sometimes you guys will just stop down a game and for like. Twenty minutes for logic out there like it's so hard to play any of the deduction gains with like you Sean and BJ because you guys we'll just suss out exactly. Because of the wind or Q actions that someone has done and feel suss out the entire board and it's like. I'm more auto why do when you already know exactly what's gonna happen I have to hope that you talk ourselves out of what is actually happening did you completely correct and this game does that because you always have this. Tom the trouble with those cards for refer somebody is is that they are video they have a number on there and then the others are sending descending order but also if there's ties. Each card that has another little number and that will basically tell you who gets to go first outcast and boy you can get screwed and that I had no you know that's I I've been messed up and I game because about all right I play the trump card I think I'm going to be the guy. Are everybody did. Acts I just guy hanging and that's something we all have the same cards at a certain point everyone realizes what the best play is. And I think the first round that we played. And we had we had I'd that we that we are full table we have six people playing this game and every one. Played the same guy and it's the guys that steals money from whoever the highest ranking player wise. I was the highest ranking players are I was Jack dead broke on the first round because I had to pay every single one of these guys doesn't well all coup and the money. The money is a victory points and that's really exactly old yeah I started out the second round was no cash and just in the hole and I was like man has like can you even get out of it at that point we get somebody if like everyone gangs up on one person and that are you just sunk. So no well. No it's actually it's if this is one of those games also Wear and again just we're gonna keep borrowing a nautical terms of the the tides change so rapidly in this game just based on what's going on and who's playing what and whether or not you guys get outsmarted as far as the numbers go on the rank. And which which show booty token you're taking things like that so. No it's actually not that bad in there there's a lot about tales can come back but you really got to tighten up your game if you get knocked down that far right out of the game. And there's good take that attitude sometimes the cars themselves you try to set things up because you have to areas what she use the cards you have to areas and if you keep your cards and a particular area they'll give you bonuses season but other players see that or sometimes other players will draft a particular thing from the booty where you got crap I thought you weren't gonna take that gas instead they took something and then they go destroy your engine within. Because they have their own plan there was one got his plane had decided to. He was gonna stop other players rather then further his own game bright was already Trevor from blue heron game sure he should've been actually going after I got a great piece of treasure which means I made. I moved and a series like no I'm not gonna take that I'm gonna take the sword because that I can assassinate BJ's guys like what are I have got a clue you would actually got off of here you know and. Then there's another thing that happens in this game can he do you do that you load up the ships six times and then and then you start another round in you that's extending due on one last time. If you're if you're paying attention to what the other players are taking their are stacking. Treasures stacking booty tokens where if you get do you want mabus now worth saving me two maps is not worth anything but if you get three is worth twelve points. And you're watching what the other players are taking thing you know what you have to do. And I couldn't get anybody on board for this. I didn't get it Josh is just his little sister. Little sister ran away with the game because nobody was trying to pay attention to her taken all the matches are you know I had taken. You can take a match I did whatever I could I took the match so ever but then I get out outsmarted her out the problem the whatever and then I couldn't get his position would be important division I said take that mad because she's gonna get it if you go went and gets what she about like fifty. You have so good though the point our game is that you want to take the most logical step and know what it is. But then not do you weigh it. Because at that point you'll throw everything into chaos and then you can probably sneak away it would only as good way to get well soon I I I wasn't gonna take map I know how far behind I was here and I thought I can't afford to take massive I'm gonna lose anyway so much let her way and so that really. Though some of the other guys some of the day it was their first time playing. But there's a lot of moving pieces in this game which is what I love it saves but it's very easy to learn and get going. So he does so liver tell you as it is it's a fun game. Yeah and I was those from as birdies and I designed rabbi at Palomar either really really great game highly recommend are and think you guys so much now it's time full hour. She Swiss TV and it may give he had a little bit extra time as he can have some fun with it every day and age as so. Yesterday. Yours okay we have had something amazing happened. A return of Rick hey yeah. Yeah I actually will wait to talk about it for next week and I guess I can I did find this article on rain Kerry says the deepest stricken Marty philosophy quotes who don't want people like you know its its beauty its wears this whenever he's. It's actually a very very Smart show is now one of the smartest shows out there. Plant with fart jokes and but I really love bullies quotes and some of the sound really and depressing but I feel like if you read more in some they're not really. Okay for Campbell know exist on purpose nobody belongs anywhere. So in this episode what happened like that finds the best part though. The sun screen with his huge hath god. All everybody's gonna die and and that is let's watch TV without their best part I thought well let's just enjoy the art that we can consume ran it did too because basically what happens is Rick and minority travel from another dimension to dimension where everything worked out fine but they die shortly after the six everything. So because their world got basically we messed up with a Cronin Berg's trying to merge. Which is just Brenda mediation people. Name came back to this warlike and it will weed I hear some words is gonna take its they're placed at current labor in a very am in the backyard or to take their place. And then on this occasion they kind of get a peek into. The future what would have been like if they had means you know got married the parents or if this and how many and that all we would have been much better had we not been together and had the kids. And snakes summer the older sisters like well because in me everyone hates their lives golf. Users you want to run away enroll. More he's like no pretty good number or does that go to my dead body to let this go. Watched TV. Enjoy airlines enjoy the simple things is basically what isn't sick that night so. He doesn't want trick in meridian and skirted Marty deals with the idea multiple rallies well by following when simple rule which is don't think about it. Yeah it's so doesn't that show what does what about the reality regular your kids are the answer is don't think about it and I quote from the senate actually not rely on my laughter. I gotta think about yeah looks a lot of this ship. I had another one existence is pains said by the need seeks. Now if you whose cash that is that is so bleak. If you just Utley and not in any context so let me see circuitry you get a box keep it to me seeks Boxee push the button and seeks appears you're asked to do simple task and you'll do it once it does the task say. You know duet laundry it'll disappear beyond that is his life. Can't he completed its task it stunned and but weighing your uncut when confronted with an unsolvable problem might trying to get Jerry keynotes and fifty gulf. To golfer that's the one episode and I know you want to shape the future of top of his game and yeah that they couldn't. They get depressed in the eastern calling on more or any six to trying to help they get frustrated and they start kind of going off homicidal trying to kill everybody kind of global fix a problem look at will. Remove slings or your golf came that it won't tell you look at his thumb but basically the lack of usefulness turned the lie is into an ongoing ordeal they can't handle it. So existed basically it's saying a life without purpose is pain nabbed in Cartagena. Makes a lot of sense on not. This one's pretty self explanatory school it's not a place for Smart people. You know I had a plays for double a little learned yet cleanup a lot of president of the present the Bradley got the browns are two of those two people in massive go to the bathroom and people's lives it's. Released not. A lavish just a chemical reaction. In which is hard for everyone to to figure out but it's like all of what makes you a humane is essentially a lake. Lake electric a lake ill electric impulses or chemical reactions and it's all this biology. And I love I love the full quote it says what people call love is that the chemical reaction that compelled animals to breed. It hit hard minority then it slowly fades Levy strand in a feeling marriage hide it your parents are gonna do it Brit to cycle morning rise above focus on science and. I don't know why but if I could working with BJ BJ because you and I talked about like that the chemical reactions people get from my hugging in such a -- so it was like one of those are you realize it. Allow. I'll allow never popular show and right talked about you Xia pre NASA for marriage all of this stuff because it's all chemical reaction there's it's all biology. There's no love story is the way they think it is and had no idea love really is a relatively new concept. In humanity I don't think it's very old maybe a thousand years old are McNamara was really very young the whole lot of idea. And that this finding BJ my degree US yes do one more are opposed Phyllis on face back. It's like not I the whole point of having a dog was to feel superior. Because they're trying to make their dogs smarter by knocking on the card though I remember I remember that episode being subservient and I played pretty good testicles yeah. Testicles. You're always good to me and Marty. That's not how have you lived but the rest of the world's gonna burn but let's nicely name might have snowball now because I ask the first off unlike. Ever love there's. But basically. Sick in the mirror the reason we have these that's just to feel superior would want to do that and I asked him. Going to be loved unconditionally because god forbid if somebody actually makes it uncomfortable for us because there hostels a llamas in the first place says Rick cuts to the heart of our mode or not more narcissistic reasons for keeping domesticated animals as are well fed prisoners who have. And if you're a fan of American morning you want more easily two seasons there's Turkey there's a show called community which is by the sinker yeah that guest is also brilliant hilarious. And holy hits hard times and you'll see the opposite with you median into actually played sixteen and Hendrickson. Now base wants on next time guys stay unity. 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