BJGN08-02-17 - Secret Empire - DC Metal

Tuesday, August 1st

Spicoli talks comics with Secret Empire, DC Metal, & Thanos; Rev & Mike Robles talk video games with the SNES Classic & Kingsway; and we get the Geek Sheet with Vicky B!

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Your inner geek wants to come out and play like where to. Joined Vernon Wells safety Golden Globe where you when your fellow geeks can hang out play games just nerd out 24/7. Whether you love RPD's video games or are just a major fan of size flying culture Vernon Wells says something for everyone. Let your deep flags fly at Vernon whilst the sign up today and see for yourself BMW duck club that's BMW doc plus. She ladies and gentlemen. Geeks of all Asians you are now entering the Jewish AC Asia. Welcome yes welcome to Vijay Shays geek made sure and I am the reverend Fuego across from me is Vicky Barcelona foreign we've got a gold crest bone your arms the show's namesake Vijay Jay thank you speak holy joins us know in on the board day is Joey needs. On today's show we will top comics was the goalie. Micro US talks a little odd classic video games and of course CD she would he can beat. Thinking how can people get all the last well if you go to our web site PJ each nation dot com it's only to have all our podcast that information about how you can get a hold of us. Like FaceBook Twitter and mr. Graham just pretty much BJ geek nation across the board. Some reports say that thank you so much big key to the goalie we gotta talk some comics out what have you been reading it. Well I'm entering a lot of stuff. It's it's going to be more looney tunes DC's I shut. I know those are all over though married look back someday know they go mobile squeezed till squeeze that that money sponge casual sometimes in. But no keep all memory as up to date on the big thing is happening in the marvel and DC universe right now and I on the EU secret empire. Is still plugging along as Jewish is a come out and talked about and basically it is beginning to feel like with all the negative press around this a story that part way through the expense or just kind of twisted it it was just like we're gonna send it somewhere else and keep them guessing and make it super weird. So I don't even really know what it. They're trying to do and secret empire now community not to like (%expletive) off everyone because he's looking online it really does seem like it's just eight giant troll couple that point. I think is where there goes it's already just like its defeats and repeated its purpose. Propelling itself felt like. Nothing has book do I think is what Internet would be against it I want it is and it's it's working is going up and down there's they have that awesome Hank Kimball transfusion scene that was super weird but really amusing. And and then go like you know to stop and and had this the scene and in number five the came our recently gourmet meals number six I don't know where we are anymore. That the Hoch who died in civil war to. Has apparently been resurrected. But. OK so here's what I now in the heat index previously only beginning of the secret of vampires she would send the hold has been temporary resurrected which I don't. Not really ultimate haven't got it but I do know that in the pages of the ultimate it's the ultimate avengers have been resurrect which includes the ultimate Hulk who is usually gray but he was resurrected as dream. So in this secret vampire book we've got the Hulk but he's talking with the funds of the ultimate comics in Taloqan secret war is our man there on yeah or other read. That's what's going on what does Bruce except he remembers everything the normal Bruce went through your members dying in civil war Eddy Curry and maybe attack biographies screw up this thing is plagued the four letter word to just introduce an entirely new phone or pass book all you consistently for this one Carriker. Is just Blake. You know makes a mistake like that I can't believe there's a mistake like that you had a doubt would be well liked hugest. Match up this portion you're fired the there's also no way you could over think like a letter urged wouldn't decided all the sudden I had to act character well I think war is that they were dislikes screw putting together. I don't know I really don't like a resurrected smash together maybe if there's. Snakes and that happen in the whole books that people are reading that they can help us how when you might have yet if you guys know the answer for the times secret empire please let me know it might have some to do with secret war is and dull but you know birdies being smashed together whatever. I'm just a lot of questions he wars that have yet to be answered so until bill holt saw some avengers I guess and then they went to another stalemate as you do one event comics aren't over yet for the match. Meanwhile black widow and much of children are still trying to Joseph Captain America year I read about this yes so lying zone issue they came out last week. So this whole time miles has been agonizing over the idea of killing cats America which he saw himself do with civil war to. Now apparently everybody has forgotten that in the very beginning the civil war two we proved he was can be wrong we've proved to Ulysses the prophecy guys who also worked to get me wrong so many times. Including the very beginning it was like this what's good to go worse they stopped it so the very first page of that book there were like well he can be wrong because we disproved his future. So Spiderman has Richard out anyway about the idea until we got to America which understandably he sort of experienced it when the vision came and you gotta give some credit her that's experienced and yet I kept America he's a kid. So after failing to stop him and widows like Magellan she's got a sniper ready about to do this and walks miles and cars is like you're not gonna do this. You re ready for this your kid. I don't care about your proxies. And so as she's not to kill him high departure comes up I'd Contras Hydro now don't worry about it now as today and they fight while Spiderman miles Morales. Starts a fire inside of the truck thing you know she'll truck keys and and is like well they can automatically evacuated. And then that sort of happens of the automatic and accuracy begins and it's like the passcode is needed which what's the point of an automatic evacuation in somebody with credentials needs to do it from. It's a must think to myself well I saw the future or sonic till death to America which means I get out of his truck so whenever I guess will be right and then the next penalty just out of the truck. Which. And they yes you can you can you can't do without logical when Bennett and this book he doesn't kill Captain America. See exactly you know where does that information come from is that I just to hold its own paradox yeah yeah our actual war hey we'll get back to time travel later this essay yeah I. But does so he gets up there widow tries to fight Captain America a cap kills her. The punches her with a shield and just I saw her tales on business. They. New. Other big casualty in secret wars although not long before that we heard somebody say capsule Wear this tie the whole time was to get Cosby Cuba bring everybody is killed back to life. So you know I can guarantee that's gonna happen yep might want these people are gonna stay dead end and Chris I knew what was it happen anyway this story I comic books this contaminated apocalypse came out there are like this is it to 616 this is the meantime mind it has changed is not splinter universe. And then when the story ended there were like actually it is what universe now back to normal. I think dozens and have no secret virus they're saying it's what six but because we Cuba went back in time and change reality that's a split her time why the only guys I and we figured out that's really how JJ Abrams does it and error says he has done that everyone has been taking yeah that little. Nugget there and ran away at any time trouble we used to now yeah. So anyway miles gets all mad beats the crap Captain America almost kills him until the washes up it is like you're not a killer I was almost always bad bed so that he doesn't kill kept America. And so again we approve Ulysses as well meanwhile somewhere for somewhere but other real Captain America maybe I don't know some guy who looks like kept America has been trapped in this forest with a red skull who like beats the crap out of him with a stick on fire I've no idea what's going on there. Yeah due to. Any of the national out there can help me understand it's gonna have higher in the whole series. It's it's it's very difficult. And somebody asked all right this what I do know everything about because it's DC book. So I notice your references but it's from it's not that anyway dark days of the casting came out a few weeks ago this is the second of two prequel books for the upcoming DC medal event that is coming August mascot Snyder and critical low. We talked about dark is the forged. Not long ago and so the casting calls up on that it's got hot command of writing a journal leading us through his his history of the DCU walk Henry Carney so he's been around for well a lot of you and the hawks are a but it didn't in DC are tied to this thing called and mettle they have until harnesses that let them fly and it's the super powerful metal. And this story is gonna be all about and Madeleine. How it's super match Cohen crazy and so this book give us a little to the little insight into the attic elicited cited two. Hawk commands found in his journey is a group of people called the immortal and he met with the immortal man. Obama got a not a lot of makes teases barely describe like the right knee deep enough Camelot which is actually in the demon. They name drop down it was which is there a shining Knight and stranger came and evil Uncle Sam and the parliament of trees. A lot of things that are sort of part of the screen to the DC universe methods and for awhile. And we use our roads are recruited to Cain and Abel that's like from the the horror comics yet you ask your own car thresholds easy or how. I'll introduce hello welcome to the house of mystery deep cut PLO is you didn't use them a lot of sand and right now that's true and yet and house of mystery has become now fixture in the DC universe Constantin hangs out with a whole lot defense budget but the houses are around the Kennedy able haven't been so sixty Dan mentioned again yet so that's cool. Well meanwhile in the modern plot best man is tracking down sorts. And so did of course metal special session yeah as he he has learned the tail of the ninth medal which of course is the and metal but you know metal lodged cleaves the type these things together notably so he goes to mr. Estes who tries to steal -- confessed this was the weapon maker of the gods from Greek mythology who won a woman's like don't do that you can if you can't do math and this is like if you just asked I would have given it to you have it she gives them disorders like do we learn a lesson today through us. Oh yeah. I have ours boss Jimmy so then Burris goes to find another another blade made of and and smell nice medal which. He is the dagger of Russia's I am. Yahoo! which would surely immoral CNN mentioned earlier. Speeches and of course is now economist superhero the used to be captain marvel didn't so dagger Suzanne he ends up shot back minutes of trading in his special wonderment source for the special Cezanne dagger. Patriots telling all goal for I don't know why she's got it public as her dad's immortal fairness so there's source there's also a lot of moving pieces that are clearly going to be big McGuckin is. In in the storyline coming up. Bob but the big thing has happened with duke Thomas that means you protege and and what talk man learned in the metal which is that duke Thomas apparently. Is a meta human he is not just a little Gotham rat who's gonna learn with the matter ranks. She is a meta human he glows cede global some light and he is a signal some sort. Presumably to somewhere in the multi verse that's where the story is going. And the Joker told him before sort of exposing the his powers. That these the end smelled a crazy metal that are that is in everything has been around since the dawn number it's been here for literally ever and in Gotham. They in band and hospitals and presumably throughout the world they have a little tags first you're born with the middle somewhere in your system and the tag is met up. Which is telling us that the metal is the secret to all the many human to DC universe and the reason why. Births in this. Generation isn't normal and has superpowers. So are trying to order so so this metals becoming important story for the entire DCU with the release all the Earth's heroes why you can be born with powers or why when you get dropped to about a Bassett you come out as plastic man and not a skeleton. You can always. I don't know which is neat so I don't like that and then the last big thing is we find that there are. Evil forces in the universe start coming nerve looking forward or something fundamental has a connection deal forces and the very end is it she's of the dark nights that of course is an AK which is basically evil Justice League kinda made up of evil bad man. So those likely path of evil flashback that's like the bat who runs or some things. There's a giant like super bad they are different names that's like the back of something when was just collected devastated her. But basically I evil justice and not as the battles what will be coming in in that casting now I don't wanna spend a whole lot of time on this next one because you credit and I am ready to lead us cable or stand aside this is panels I don't want to read their most recent cable so we'll talk about that they would you're really it's also real quick. It's vital is it a point we're just like the first Jewish as were cable tram as we do time kicking ass which is just setting up who get a list. Now organ story an issue throughout Cain really and I'm number four I was really trying to chase is about actually getting a Nextel to figure dropping in this convince him to stay winner oh nice good good good job elsewhere also kind of the opposite death penalty shoot eight EC or easier. Like this seemed like a filler episode. And I didn't know what was going on first off I I live love the art so far throughout the entire yanked by the Arnold this die on this issue seemed a bit on TV and pat. Best season. And so reading it I was kind net iffy on that. And then there are just things that happened in this issue that I didn't understand the necessity of like. I didn't understand why we needed tri coat and Ned alleged to have a sex scene because literally they were Bordal mobile space is big and MD's so let's Hogan and an area that's so lay it. OK. And I know that's that's. That was where it is an ethics if it could be it really is is obviously think about how the issue opens and aunts which is it opens with them finding. The god quarry yes and ends with faith and was going into the water to guard corps yeah so basically we have to fill time most analysts takes a step. But do you really you really need that in that a comic book that a lot of times comics are beleaguered by. Delays in like like these artists are having to churn out all of these books all the time do you really need any issue that. Pass to deal with that bad or deal with the fact that. Dayne is running around killing everything with the Phoenix force and he's dead set on finding his father and all of these people and death is a now let's go kill earth can't come and a poet ever line it will go with you I think the place should have been to have this still did they clearly ends showing that there this disk got Macquarie famous goes into it is going to be some trial's gonna go to his mind he had just want to dig about basically. Which OK Witten does ocean opened right up into all right let's do this and then once he's gone through this ordeal look at how much your son has ruined things in your absence yet. And assist. I its stand outs I'm still gonna be reading and yeah I. I like there's no way that I'm not going to do it was just I. I felt kind of annoyed spending my four bucks on this issue and it went nowhere in Africa there was a sweet moment it and not even in the story but there was a little letter after this story ended by just the mere yeah describe where that god quarry came from I tell this is super adorable it was really just so there was a time when his son was really into Greek mythology. But the same time he was really to trucks and this is like at the age of 40 yeah a relic kids get into these things you know so he's really the trucks and is really in the Greek god do probably have like a book or game that had gods and it. So she knows what gods aren't cars and trucks it was a glorious it was playing in the sandbox Wednesday as head of course they've gotten superhero action figures like every son of the comic book writer has. And and he referred to something has legal god quarry and just mirrors like. God glory that's also how I just came true Saturday it was four years ago Ironkey is that Vince. Yeah us and and that was really suit that was we outsource the god quarry happened in this issue yet exactly what I really interested to see where that's going to go because I think it has the potential to be really awesome and it looks really cool when panels is like what's happening it's like. Here entering worry others think the DC universe called the source Walt that Jack Kirby created in this giant wall that surrounds the universe and speak and stone and has much of figures and and when it touches you when you touch it you turned to stone refusal to wall what's so. You would literally pigs the last page could have come out of any DC book they are the source Walt it was a weird that he's an aids fund to see how they're gonna military has kind of don't know just like to Wade Wilson Slade Wilson sort of a Democrat Jack curry never had an idea so good he would use it twice the. Okay. Yeah. Here's Aaron good thank you so much and again if you guys out there who give nationals are awhile oh reading any comic books that you would love to hear is either you checked out or you when he was a review yourself this seemed LBJ geek nation at Now moving on to some video game style of how well we've got Mike wrote last I grow Blair's talking some video game news with us how are you doing man. I'm Graham are you doing very well now the first thing that we're gonna talk about is a little bit of I disconcerting news about well. It's the it's super Nintendo classic and Wal-Mart what the hell happened man. Oh man guys so everyone got through emails of states and a quarter got notification now Wal-Mart had a super Nintendo classic where results were so you know so pre order this wanna rush. Yeah which was awesome and Limbaugh on the side this fight went down and land that they realized that Wal-Mart put up Bernard site. Maybe about a week week and a half to early only gonna cancel every single pre order. Oh really. Yeah that's that's the rumor I know people have gotten cancellation Immelt and are now might actually successfully got the rivers and he is mercy the cancellation yet. But Wal-Mart has said they're gonna cancel every super critical of the site about a feature so that still means that everybody has had chance it's. I it's when your opponent but there may be a chance at the outside also at some points slip into the record a week early. And when you have any gain now they're sorry my beef up later with more superintendent classic crew orders. Guys I know I say get do you wanna spend all that time frantically hitting F five to refresh because I mean this is not going to be something that is could be easily gotten aftermarket. That's very true American Nintendo has gone records and know that they've learned from Miami a classic immigrant rights Julien now. Meet demand but if the switch to any you know educational path and Connecticut don't candidate like you're gonna have yeah right well hope. This happens this also means a lot of people on a chance to hopefully pick up the super Nintendo yeah I mean there's so many games on merit and associate come from my childhood amounts some immigrant ever played. Buy our debt and try to get myself if you now talking about games that you have played this is an interesting one team's way I haven't heard much about it though I have seen some online presence about people playing it and really liking it. So usually you come adults when games and it's essentially. It was distributed and OS RPG. And you can order a west wing and threw at me and operating system. My Kindle is presented a play. The windows operating system which takes some getting used to but it incredibly well done you have to open a way that you open up your windows. When you won't get a notification or message it possibly can you know clients. Just open up folders. As you were inventory so if you you know kill something in and just look at you I get a great deal this loop if you do not physically moved the loot from the course. In two year character's older inventory slug you alluded to it's not because Larry is. Yet this sound like it's amazing that this really nice eight bit retro Santa he's dialed soundtrack experiment is no oh or course Final Fantasy. And it probably the most you each games I played no very long time the fact that I said meg it takes clothing used to. Could have one when you're gonna have me about nine basic windows open can highlight you know it's just like any OS after a while you learn the sort of manager pat and if it. Like Arabic is preparing a throw like the future when we all are glued to windows and operating or just you know. Play on what the world coming to heal but it's it's extremely well done it's super fun. I highly recommend given a chance to tell right now on seem to come upon how they recommend especially if your final score PG. Nuys says awesome I love that think he's so much and again Mike if people wanna watch you either streaming or catch you on social media sites what's the best way to do that. You financial community at bell micro what I'm also the public which of course that can be slashed the micro let's. Extreme every Monday a one day and Amman where basically 24 sevenths. Awesome thank you so much Mike no problem Rick you think you so much Mike and now Oprah. She Swiss TV can force to keep time's person are you saying yeah. It's. Bad countering journalists. Oh on the last. Time teller movies now I have to whom remind you guys Granger is a web say that's the goal invoked yeah. So Liz as somebody just playlist in this is what people have been noting and it's always change you guys is that clearly anecdotal this is what people prefer not there's no legs. There's no legs and scale. Yeah colonies is going to be the best time travel movie is. Not the movies that have the best time travel exactly and Boynton GAAP these are gonna be some dumb time travel movies by enemies good movie final traveler I did not gonna guess number two right a lot of fresh and as a no yeah it's it's not like I'm happy how I. Number Jill Hobbs doesn't mean it won't oh yeah they like 635. Why there aren't usually this is interest and I had no our oil well I am announcing what has to be back to if you break. No it is not turning the call live I will say these are not. Grouped together OK so back to feature of the first one is number one but I don't like like all the other day on the list you know like six and a number three is like 94 and now yeah. You said Star Trek. Star treks closer for the voyage home the voice on the number fourteen started. Get this thing get there and allowed to see what's ahead of it yeah. I looper is that on the listener and I'd be nervous that's a good move and they succeed are nice OK oh boy Shelby looper twelve monkeys so much guy and doesn't top ten was number six. I had a really that really good movie and I realize that amount times I let those crazy people is about crazy people entitled frontal male from Colombia yes exactly and why has he done any check that worthwhile going now it's time traveler's wife pat. Time he's pressure. I would I would be. I'm tell us what just 46 heads on. It is our desire was to kind of joking and narratives I. I mean time travel is such a strange concept to think about because there's always time and I'm the classic it's an act actually should be in the top ten is a classic going to be out. I slept on there to butterfly effect I think a decision be right bottom fifty yeah popped tires I know I like an appointment where you better. Now they all thirteen time machine isn't that high is because none of people Internet CNET threat seated. It's still there with let's just say. Sorry and I went well everybody really I don't know you and yet you think Emanuel and I'm Robbie I like any other class unit smear annual follow accidental civilian area yesterday as the old women and an island emergency OK because that's a George pal time machine yeah and you know come up to their identities just are telling you yeah. Ascent number one is access feature I would never guessed. Number two my Groundhog Day. I. And got wrapped up to me you know every time pollutants Honolulu well as technically like there is time trying to happen even if you never understand and he goes in the next say that something happens he really tram Giles that's right exactly Fleming and look at it as him to air traveling back in time enjoy every day diet and I. I asked then that's that's why I was asked him because you can some like delay counts technically yeah we traveled anyway you know Selig inner stellar easily travel movie one. Ultimately I had just all about the apparently pass. Oh yeah I think Venus tell us why do OK so I guess it is a matter of I had. So why is it. It is driven by time joy and then Star Trek geez the guy with the Borg first congress contest contest time John and actually named Jimmy topped. Thirty. Numerous contacts those confusing me his star attract to their room the one is the first Star Trek of the new lose Richard Ellis to me and so that's beyond where where where where way to get to zero our time is near almost all of our policies are the first three of us she meant a fine actor and they'll. Dearest ones in the new one. Yeah I'll eliminated because first contest good first want to know exactly of the next generation films it's my goal. I still can't believe that. And I'm Shatner could know that time machine isn't in the top temptation it's a clay Eli antibodies thanks for goalies right and not enough people haven't seen it. Yeah it's it's slow. But it's still amazing story and you know Panasonic MEI wells is classic I think it's got on top you tell him you're talking iconic hero talk about bill and Ted's excellent giraffe. Yeah that is actually a franchise still take measures are bogus journey and I got Ellis yeah you're right you're absolutely correct. And then number seven and now I Serna yeah number threes back to feature cartoon mile higher than I thought it would be and I sweats I think it's too high I act I haven't I guys in the fact that time machines not in the top ten and that is easier dating to when Mickey voted down. Yeah Dallas. If that's terminator two judgment is number four then the terminator is number five hour Perez Thai monkey is number six bill and Ted seven Abaxis feature partisan re in the army okay this is originally anyway. People very light Jack lives are pretty stupid I. I want you to my dad's all these movies like I do not I'm better did you SOS it's stupid he has no idea isn't. I had come out of this good I looked every old movie we should go Aggies and time when your father would love that moment because he's my agent shoots great movies and back the future three does not deserve to be the top ten while time machine is not term and they knew and know that Allen like anyone. Are now allow ninth sacrilege I really think we whenever cellular one so shut up an enormous kind of remove them because you get them out leaflets for guy appears that's all I'm not really I don't know that well how is a teenager and I just thought it was just followed sure maybe you and had a highlight when I Pierce's I'm glad to Omaha police way. I'm trying to say something then you know there is acceptable on and I mean everybody's out. I can't I can't find out if you're sexy because he was a bad dying towns Monte Cristo. I'll let you out on the bag guys sexy Halloween they don't really on the track usually used in everything we aren't after you should check out his just rug and awesome man in his skin ravenous for. I'll take you are like my peers I'd even go out and tell dad I'm not I don't know I lens yep. Extra day's feature past OK no you cannot be in the top seed. Yeah I ask how I mean I'm in middle of all your I think that it should be Red Sox and Revver was a good movie yeah I don't know and an extended again and curly Lou please. Like as good lord of the work I generally looper above that won the parent of Bloomberg the Bloomberg. And I can I like bloopers well I can I mean I can't argue with I I I like the weird sort of close chew the future that we have like that where it's not just like you know silver suits in space suits but I mean like the cars have like some weird like hybrid gas like that change your play gets huge liberal was pretty loyal I don't realize yeah yeah yeah you're not gonna have those crazy things you like even twenty year few years in the future because as humanity we're not gonna give up all her old stuff humanitarian family Gibsonburg twenty just to kind of background to pass off number ten Donnie Darko gotten more and cars not a cop. Yeah Lonnie dark I'll love Donnie Darko. But the fact that a I had to go online to figure out what the hell was happening and then the director's cut just kind of pooped all over it. Issued BI is now hi that it poorly conceived me like I said Star Trek first contact twelve it's a wonderful life. Oh. I know it's then. Time travel the minimums and sort of you know and alternate history here. Thirteen the butterfly effect of god and the Christmas story around. Yeah Christmas Carol managed asked then maybe I'll take a site that's a very good point B here actually right Chris and Josh are beyond their idea was the case there's some you know end. Among big Christmas carols number of Carolina yeah it's the best way I am and what does that. I guess people are so stupid name. It's a lot of blood for butterfly effects Star Trek and voyage home fourteen time using time machine fifteen super sixteen. Plant V aids number seventeen at this time travel absolutely which which I'm of the child has him on yes OK could it. And I edge of tomorrow is like source code. Yeah yeah. And that's more that's missing this sounds like this I mean it's so surprising some of these movies are way higher emissions really yeah a lot of these mood like at least a badge of tomorrow and source code. I and number twenty army of darkness the. She has a lot to do. With time travel forward I met her again. I just a number what I should look at what's laboratory science discouraged. Us troops there you are not the time machine I did see is Tony seven. I thought OK just Jeremy I win Iran seemed a PC at this list is really straighten that out loud to hear what other people think about this time travel gamma and top three can happen. And until next Sunday as yeah. Mary. Your inner geek wants to come out and play like where to. Join Vernon Wells sixty Golden Globe where you when your fellow geeks can hang out play games and just nerd out 24/7. Whether you love our TV's video games or are just a major fan of size flying culture Vernon Wells has something for everyone. Let your deep flags fly at her in whilst. Sign up today and see for yourself DNW duck club that's BMW doc plus.