Thee Podcast Episode 188

Wednesday, August 2nd

This week we discuss doughnuts, BBQ, and crab(s)


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Have you talked in them like it suits them like. And some might sound different what are you. Now we want to tell red is the packet switch yes switch it. Right yet Erica cope better yes. And we'll be. Polite makes if you need to which Mike is that on is that. All right that was writes I was using the other one or guest for the little ones. Such as the red. Symbolize hot. That the book. Earlier on my equipment. In the sphere more narrow and it is in their eyes and on mobile we'll have it kind of knocks. But bygone era when reds and there in the morning. He's just like you guys we'll up it got killed and small he there the that on. Oh team nappy. Easier said than done about that OK so I hope Paul Paul Paul Paul slight rise of the machines over here. Speaking of taming beasts. Where where your guys' heads out on male grooming. And general question. Yeah I try to charm up downstairs. Thank you as packed as my exact position Matt. We meaning the I'm a fan cancel we've talked about that on this cast. When my buddies it's like a developer and he just like he spends a lot of time in front of computers by himself and I don't know he just somehow made it to the age of 26. Without ever grooming wants him on some girl up to like confront him about it and he like so warts or that she was wrong that no guys do that that it was a fluke. And so he texted me about site Yemen. We're now how southerners chairman think about like. Eating you know like deal with the move Fossum Maine with your Tom I give you Brad Herron Tom the worst. I mean that was same way I found out that in Baltimore like with the BO facility. It was a locker room when got in the shower when Gabby a LaToya when I appreciate what the shower and here's some food. You ever heard of trimming and of late what you guys are Trevor stuff and they were like yeah. And I got real fired up and started picking and they are like duke. The jury to hair easy but it greatly is that you have still really -- dies and into the patch that leave a little on the guy and I. Because here in some tea that in. This time and that found it is and I Molokai. Yet. What does that another station. Oh OK okay that's I guess I'll just go crazy or another very innocent and I. Yes it's and it's and it is just ahead well it won't do it a practice I was towards leopard. Daily blog podcast that this isn't just any projects just any pod cast couldn't do this. It's due. Eat. Contact and storing these tests. Starting deep stuff. The starting these tips and talk. Fueled underwear I don't know. These podcasts. With their. Episode 188 I get that out there with them to avoid the fifth with a look at both the fear podcast various projects follow lamb only. The left of me my good buddy. My burner body that would fearlessly somewhere on two wheels and southeast Asia to rename a cop out what's going on. Bitcoin is up the theory and is down and chairs of the podcast are booming as the boys moved into the new studio this week. However futures traders are bearish as ten Cobb summer dry streak continues we'll boys find love and hopeless place we'll find out at 630. I have backed Syrians actually. Back on the back there other wheels of steel industry also up no more confident we lost our red cup although he just look back out of pride if there. And CTC without mattered hey guys I if I get those that. I I think you know over it bring it to the mysterious deaths are Amylin distracted by the breaking news. That as of this Friday. The Reese's. Doughnuts will be available Krispy. Greece's like he about a cuts reasons yeah. They weren't there what I ruler in Australia like last year I remember seeing him and get my hopes up on quickly headline. And then you've read through it they only available in Australia. So they're coming stateside and day. Include. Reese's peanut butter turned into a cream filling. Plus chocolate ice cream icing a peanut butter drizzle and many peanut butter chips the top. Started this back. When what's the donor base and it's like he's at the regular Krispy Kreme base it's like one of the late OK we've that chocolate ice. Yeah be yeah. The idea then fear it says about users that they Braga Australian Internet about it though you think gonna be too much peanut I don't know. Ratios to resolve our race yet it's turned into a cream fillings that that are quieter and it'll be the same cream to go to ratio that low. From Chris speak for generations a key. Realize that a lot of food is about. Yeah I mean that's what makes the Reese's cup duties that it's got the correct ratio. That makes more sensitive to cream or just think it was him it is sinking a little bit better because a lot of kind of fighters beat fight through it don't ya that's the biggest case against the radio Oreo. You know none of cream. Which that it doubles stuff. That's the thing remember our retirement like if there's ever going to be quads Jefferson Micah. They exist cutesy Capitol Hill yet they've already got which when you go to. That was at the one Mike on fifteenth I think. All right spit in their sixteenth of their like the kind of back on the hill yet man and a hip to one on Broadway IQ what's at pine Broadway brought this out. Yeah that's Ike are like yeah I usually go over to the 19 you village. I. Edges of the one and stand with two cells all over the place this week I had my mom and how this past weekend. Everyone I was all over the place as a rent a car. First and ideas. Cost. All of this mess. That Will Smith out there in the streets. I did by tonic Costco but I'll take this much or not gonna need toilet paper. Dryer sheets or detergent for awhile. You're locked supply and at least but the thing that I bought linking the pod if there's for the large bags upon. Public and war yes. What was that thing you had before is that one and a plastic thing yet. That model Ozal country rightly you've you know like. To allow entry but it via looks like even like tonight I gotta have closed elect. Get those socks and you know openers on numbers get a clean for the week yet I minimum due to a week what. Minimum now I don't think you think that's a lot I don't play every couple weeks they aren't my parents' house I'd say what I like your socks and underwear. I just have a bunch of them. I Wear underwear every day. So pride hopes cut down on staff are kind of it's there where 22. Point two pairs of underwear per day. We're doing man did work out. Okay porcelain you work out a horse and your underwear I guess that makes sense he just don't change and why. I guess it was the time I just I don't. A commando. Make it Aaron Thailand where room when I go to the gym but if I was constricted is that GM for like an hour. After that when I change their teen into young knoller underworld and the district of these on the war. They're not there's a boxer briefs split you know queried and you live in the free lifestyle that I live so much you know it's just it's all relative man you get any drips like in the front here paints. Would you mean when I leave you go there goatee yeah when you put it away. I think that we do a few times does not that much nine that would just be one of my fears is going commander all time. Major fare yeah. Yet ideas. This seems most opposed it. Close it was special answered cancer dark Specter about Heidi drips. I'm you also don't want a lot of genes which probably helps the like governments to act does that feel like his underwear necessary paint a really allied commander in jeans are you on now I would you'd you'd go commander does not seem comfortable on them. I'm just used to it as that being able like let let everything mover around down there as it sees fit and your daughter Tyler boxers and elbit. Never heard of the Carroll got to scale. Of softness. Japanese scale of softness no. Are they act I only know of him I have is that I sat out. I like the it with a fishy so with that company that's the issue yes Ingraham nor yet it they have some really endorsements of the traveling. Well that's left actually if there's a degree for travel with an hour. Festivals are delegates and nineteen you can put into it for use in a city like he had good like synthetic underwear that points. Go backpacking through an accident that place up before and. And it really good actually in the Andes has like some nine extruded beech wood ones like. That's where it needs a big pack of one's fairly cheap and arsenic replied that they should sponsor. Issues. Whether Mike castle and ultimately it. Mr. audit sponsors. Are I don't know I don't work. The adding now that we go to Costco. The first thing northeast Thursday that Jack's barbecue down there on airport way. Yeah that is the truth. Easily the best barbecue and Seattle maybe the best particular. Is that they are a smoker the Microsoft guy yes do I was for. Okay yeah thank you okay hold jacked barbecue that literally electric I think that's his name jacked him the call it Jack barbecue. Yet not a hero like. Literally the guys in the aegis solve a lot of questions aren't there yet rebels thank you he's using an older or he was the Microsoft guy. He's originally from Texas actually I know this is he gave it torture of smokers and everything and nothing to do paean. The (%expletive) and the men like he just likes to show it off. And tightened fuel out barbecue and mentioning that story America or into the plays around queen man I was like now I don't Pinkston. I was like trust me on the biggest barbecue fans who was in this city I know about it. Must be the one queen now but thinks. Oh it's on airport used to eat Bogart's as a bunch of Reno bars it's like. A few blocks down from or Rainier for. Just south of their neighboring right it's not as far as Georgetown. But it's kind of an in between being on airport way now an advertising about the end of brisket was super good hush puppies he was super nice about but he used to work at Microsoft in the kind of got a corporate team. Moves back to Texas takes a course on barbecued Texas Maine and of course texting and of course. And then he got those smokers mead. Drug him up here he still hits in the ski would that they use from Texas and he sits it out for a year in this weather plea make it taste better. Yes I mean and he's like a scientist with what he means it's about the would. Like it gets here and it's got to sit for a year before he says it's it's great cook blow. Powder dry out there's something else that there was a lot going on a crash into the brisket the cook for two bogeys. At a drive brisk in the clear on South Lawn salt and pepper that's not the central Texas barbecue. Yeah and and I think there is to solve this I don't know that I ever use muscles he do you like brisket sandwich. That's when I was shortly you. You've been solid couldn't office was to be all the time do I you should go I put this up there and even now. IPod Touch had to go to. I don't know doesn't match and another friend of mine McMahon it is one awful place try to go to Sunday they're closed. Room I'm all right but yet Jackson's great on make sure to give them the law of there was a statement Friday we went up to to warm beach you know that each cabinet. Alcides. Crabs are delicious ranked so we have scraps or whatever. Parents mom of course he knew very hard time on crabs and crab. Very particular. But then we steams the trip Maryland style is never wavered in northwest kind of spoils everything. Steamed shrimp I mean you would thought we Ehrlich peas mashed action. Is that the sharper unbelievable. At any of my mom she doesn't yet but we're not the best liars and he'd do it with the right it's on the back in the old bay can. But given by I think of old bay it's shoot exactly at the patent negatively the simplest thing with that said. Be prepared. There's going to be a lot more steamed shrimp in your boy in your life. Aaliyah if I kind of forgot I thought it was hard and I watch them onto the course for easy this was like a stove top scenario we don't yet man like literally. You take a pain and you put in. Africa vote well you can use but I use half of the year applicable water couple tees longer. What's the bigger teaspoon to tables so couple tablespoons of the old pay you bring that up so quick boil the one pound insurance coverage. Like three minutes they'll be paying keen cooked. Follow in Rafa and it makes the kitchen smelled great but also in steamed shrimp detectors to. I really like it matters the esteemed is that like a small amount of water they like. Yet they say half cup of beer Africa polar opposites like yeah I'm very adamant they aren't a simmer almost yet we need that Boylan and thrown in there and then. Causes real soak up some of it in and the rest of blow off steam supposed to. Yet they're great we're gonna apps. And in the main they talk about with the torch like pre have you guys been. Happen are Matt did you ever go here and you know. Are you can't separate non urban. Our I'm not I'm not a big parade. Yeah general I'm not either. Regionally getting any good do we gotta get up news parade it's going to be off. I like it really operate and never lawyer would wanna go to use the Rose Bowl parade we've been to operate the other. Muscles this parade you know what alive right president for you also afraid to I did the evaporate and I've been deprived Fareed from five. Found thing like oh I have operated but the good point solstice. That's a different element that is anchored electorate that you got naked people right I guess what I think I don't like hurry that you think about like my mom visit on Thanksgiving it's like. The Friday after Thanksgiving let's get up and go watch the parade in the morning that's the thing I need an afternoon pro rate. Morning parades to. When you consider like did the Macy's Thanksgiving prayers at morning like oh yeah course in the autumn morning. We struck. That radio station that plays and headphones for me not yet. So we are the new Steve youth there who we desirable things that might happen. And we go to the torch parade. Iceland unity thanks to a outwardly appliance. And also. Mike from Albert leave it was there grow and so we run this contest ranked eats it with Mike hawk can mean the best seat in the house honest though. So I knew it was going to be cool I do not realize how cool it was going to be like you know when you watch the torch they parade the main part relate Tyrus avenues in in in real down interviewing people. Is right there at what it so with that intersection worth in pike. In and yeah there reports rates that it's got before fourth via so. They this the only place in the room where they have like Greenspan says so then stop answering of people we were they had her on stage setup. In his company in it was like the backyard barbecue. We get there. And there are growing New York strips like right spared yes this hot butter room a pineapple. And in the evening at a special permit. They have been here this year so we can have a the Manger bottles like the team in the background but with. I can't sleep you all stimulus I just imagine the really serving up delicious steaks you're just gonna pick and it statement. Mentions that stuff they were also drinking Beers and we are right there. Like if every I was on TV on Cairo all. Every time a float comes by an area people are like interacted with the Broadway we want Beers or whatever he come over and over and that's not only that. There was there was four winners right heat got to Payer ticket won only one couple showed up. So it's literally. Means. The mayor Chico. My mom. And then Mike hawk he won't even bring this friend so just like us for two winners just appear that may get so much for the public to the point of the I don't at lake. I would even keep his he was might just work really grow and grow up. I think he's human and show me we don't need to Grohl from my apocalypse. I don't know my like mentally I'm out of here you wish a happy that I'm working Albert Lee. You think the times they called me into duties like coaxed a defeat on the collars. Now. Oh yeah but it was it was probably one of the cooler things that are done as like an appearance and huge. That's I don't read the middle of the parade route has grown in New York strips during a beer and yet it was an idyllic and in the summer in Seattle to. There's nowhere else on the parade route where you can appear. Again I can't explain you lake I do feel kind of like we hear those people. But in my people respond in stance kept trying to come over to our Stan in a minute that this is separate that he. He needs to have to get the backyard barbecue I mean they. Yet it use all the backstage you you it looked like a float through the card you want to flu right now like with the state. Were hi Ivan people of the combined. So Brad yeah you know they have like the drill team trying. To use it's like a group so there's a lot of drill teams I. Shockey I think so anymore. The same inner city drill teams are little more exciting to how much can remain in their drum line. Suppose. The highway to the parade and as the sound weird at first here. The highlight has to be towards the end that one of the better drill team logically. And they Wear him like the colors of like Carter now you know I mean. But that break and a green like some pink stuff and it again like it looks awesome and it's got to be a girl in front again which school it's run in the drill team she's like Franklin and green maybe. Roosevelt. Members ordered an in my cabinet school Mike to spend whatever Carol so she's like ants that are ham and stuff and that in the airplane and like. Did the drum lines Killen writes I think too emotional about the average like comes over deadly accident with me permanently movie tickets and public. Validation from the captain of the drill team and you've still got to. About what's so pompous that. Through to your mom loves parades Rasheed. Q is there and yeah I mean that's what she came out as a Yeltsin in print experience that is the only downside I don't really know house for us to go back to recuperate life. Just what is that on the sidelines like where's the New York's rips your don't parades where's the years those peak parade. Yeah and then right lake all the boats go by I mean it was just a really huge thinks the mark. But when it possibly such as Seattle thing tie yeah I like. I take pride in especially you know like on marshall's stuff is trying to be the most local transplant done. It was a big deal from eight yet totally differently as once double again the key to the city that. Yeah a wealth in this mean Georgia elect whenever he will recommend anything. Nobody really did except the C fair parts. Give me the act angels and answer it turns them some tricks out here on tomorrow. Thursday. You had done as a woman upon one's now Thursday and Friday night clothes I ninety's I believe this for sugar in him in town on Monday they showed up yesterday. Yeah last should take him on Wednesday. And passed Thursday Friday I see I know they use like. They use the same might turn points. Every year it's like arms like the dome for you know holy names whenever and the ones like just on the need all the violence that. Yeah. Go watch from warmup it right nearly perfect in the studio I mean half the actions are at their Republican. Yellow that was funny yes Jack dropped out so I've rented the car from that enterprise de Soto. Yeah subtropical Georgetown so I'm dropping it off and then we're getting on I five Georgetown and it. But all for like five and a storm I was only talent there are already are and I told the guy has this been the most exciting new Mariah and the very. I love those things and yeah I think we talked about it last year what I get puke on the death machine the war machines that intimately. And now even for me. Sometimes like I just I know I just don't care man but they're cool I just wanna watch film burnt out on Sar in a childish way like it just. For being cool. They army plus Thursday or Friday island this throwing a friend of mine if you're gonna watch the practice get a verdict of Mercer Island early. Then and you walk on that bridge cubicles down here where he gets in the back of the Roanoke and I have not chosen to be here hardly ever says some people there. Mineta was great weekend and yet tortured for it was awesome have you guys. He has put your crabs if you cook if you catch crap that was opening Friday dude I really caught crabs in the sound. Opinion reel them up. I decades like yeah yeah Contra yeah I was I was doing work and you have no idea what the weekend before it was catching salmon and catching crabs out nearly northwest is held at the torch light parade. Yeah new deal like one more plan you at the bureau already like a flannel and Macs in your candidate for a especially without me transplants we've. We've had come it's like the perverts. Perfect storm because like the transplants we've had moving in the last couple. Years of watered down our I'd outdoors he nest and you've been pumping up your outdoors in this I feel like. One of the more you know. When the more legit looking northwest guys in town at this point yet. You know maybe this winner off flannel up as a sex flannel PR small hatches some plan you're you're there at Mike small patch you know. All right. Is I don't wanna go too deep into trump world joined Democrats to Capote caddie cook. You're looking and it is never picked after his wife to have all right I topic what seems to be a huge deal whether or not equal the crab hole. In boil it just throw it right in the salt water or if you. Break smoke coming clean them bursts in and cook it I had assumed people through that hole. Yeah wells tell you this human. Well I haven't cooked a dungeon. But I I I know now that I would cook a poll. Right there is huge discussion the speech that people have some very strong. And we did crap cracker dance. Now imagine that seventeen. We cracked crap. Here. I did I did show off my biggest Crabtree. But with the calls and use the knife in his. Couple knocked into the pitcher that we pull out the perfect pull. The Crabtree and ultimately. Ever feasted on crab together really. At some point we should hit the crackpot. I know learn learn wow what's that big. Crazy breakfast buffet. Soltys. Alia have you done that before I have multiple agenda soltys wants this for prom night. In a cash. I never meant for the buffet style percent. PM. I. That's why would we do now home and you get skirts. Are. But that. Dominated talk about them. I am I just laugh at war now. No salty is that legit but you should save it for like a special occasion and come. Independents right yet you go with me it's going to be awhile. Because we have so much stuff on the airplane puts our Humana seafood they have on there it's like I need at least three plates of just public's. Oh yeah yeah humans via some people don't I ever told this one but that you have that Molly growing David. So we read casino. The name of the one over right in of course. I posed and that is talking about. Tests when no match my shirt ash and one some rule that out. All right I don't know that once called Sosa they may have a breakfast buffet. They have on Sundays at blow a hole GC I think is moving north the best. So we went there one time or sit there right in my you know like I don't fix cars or this or that are fit and energetic. I'm I'm from Malibu this crap and his man handle things you look them because that is the mainly thing I've seen seen you do yet. Or think the most mainly theaters can you do backhanded compliment right I know we're she's come from another. And arch madness or does he left sorry. Yeah like when it knocked out they duties cures and it here. Philip and I feel like she was trying to pay you compliments ocean was overall but she's right like. Keep up a touch and perhaps like that that god damn man who notes that hate taking only change throw it out now take legitimate. That's a viable auto mechanic now her speech. If itself and it that the manly thing Natalie wanna talk about trump is just. The marches are to go. Now ten days. Yeah not a good look ideally for the the sect called the administration. Yeah. Mean a lot of heads have rolled apparently some people think and things are in chaos at the White House were your thoughts. I am pretty much agree with that. And I I don't see how there's any other way not to think if things are chaotic there. Yeah I mean the only other prevailing theory I've heard is that. That a lot of. The stuff that's going to take circulated in the park for our news media is sort of like the sideshow while they're trying to turn it. Do whatever the hell there culture. Agendas which I've no idea. I do think some of that issue like I do agree with that. Some of it is kind of mean to take your attention off the stuff that mr. action. Yet but I don't think you intentionally going to hire that guy basically fires Spicer with the intention can be ten days yet or not you know I think that's an end just. Forget if you're the president or whatever and yeah I mean if you agree with this and those who would dearly. If your business in your turnovers that high you'd like our after awhile it's not people your higher X something's wrong with year. Your model gets a circus up there. Yes so after just. He just does it seem do you think it's possible. That trump is just in over his head. Yes I truly don't believe he wanted to pitch IA I really believe he wanted to yep it's in now and I think he thought. While on the president of the awesome I can do whatever I want this and that I mean it's like the golf and stuff right it's it's ridiculous because he always made fun of Obama for Obama picked up a golf club right and taken vacation days. So. The amount of money we have to spend for him to these trips on time and everything that lake. He doesn't drink doesn't smoke I think golf is like his outlet in Italy. And they think the guy is just freaking out announced Saturday he just like they just take a little golf course like I just wanna be lake golf and watching TV. And in no he doesn't drink or smoke and it's not trust him last. But never trust demanded and at least two vices that I I aging of the rules for Mercury three license via. What here as three. I mean easy theories as food beer her food alcohol and wheat. Yet the press yes there. Well I would I would just put splits in the category of their round. It's total water and sex of this so Laura and economy as a vice and had a vice Steve. What do you mean a vice assuming it's like yeah that's right get on or I get like agitated when I really won't have argued that does not advise pregnant vice. So the review over the vice squad. They handle like sex trafficking and drug trafficking and like all the like human vices is not a guy that. It's terrible harm it got to its oddities specifically harmful and I give your life as soon I'll be like all right dude like so you have any pac was the following. Somebody tell me they're vice would sit ups that they get out and slap and yet it's consciously do so little water it's not a life of a man. I just got their right things he added he had to have throughout the day now on I would have considered exercise into. Add two more like there are enormous cigarettes are gambling and apple are americorps does a bigger one when a single trafficking children whatever your answer. Com yep. And any weeds technically some via the pressure. Roy you. Like three doesn't come to me right away for sure drinking advice for sure like eating huge amounts of through this terrible form and did most owners the owners out there. Those are definitely liked it to pop out and I really gambler on a low on sat yeah chase the dragon on the daily via caffeine done. Three for three. That's another three to come to this a typical caffeine the drug that you like the least small amounts and with Jolie just tired that you and it's probably now be up all night to MS batch. He had not medium chief objective moment cup tread equip for awhile in Texas news analyst. Much I just remember when year old about those five or energies. Do backs had a conversation about that today. At government house yet so we've referenced wire remember how like on my neck. Those have like those big red economic hard spots are and modules are like. Rightward exist yet kinda like assist on an open system like hard yeah I'd bump. Yes China figure out what those are from for the longest access. Now an abscess is like an open wound ruined yeah are. And so. Is this guy I believe I'm not sure I mean it's on the top man had and look record and computer access anyway. Yes so I thought that it was just night because I've had acne in really bad oil mess in my life. And so my barber. Turned me on to using mechanics full Leon's a sentence or two bucks at the peach. Our paper cop like the crowd a little 98. Yeah of course yeah. It's got some grit to it and that's sort of the culmination. Equipment and apparently they're going to cut your height manager of grids career. I hear and will defiance. Defiance. If this note to treat every job about it is hoping a little bit and then. I didn't drink five or energy for a good two months and Harold won the had winds and bone. Broke another who I think are my neck within like 3040 minutes since I realized that's what this is what it is from now you know. No biological free lunch so it couldn't let development and I'm at this well before group. And yet the minutes. Right now that I loved didn't take you minutes through never dreamed a full five hour announcement that was always our joke me in my body Brian's. It's like that rejects a couple minutes here couple minutes there always just second down minutes throughout the day. It. I missed and that's Mallory talked about talent. He decide as early we were searching. Thrift shops for elective burning man. Any facts dude are you still sit but on the acne so little about the cubs get a few minutes here and there and he fifty minutes seven minutes twelve minutes of energy. No data your neighbor that turned me onto in the first place oh yes he got Alitalia a cabinet full of them and which I like to 300 in the bet you battle it out he threw a back and get those minutes that out minutes. What kind is that story here at the Kroger all right I'm. I'm never a good look at this program go to Lotto brand the cost those store brand made me feel very terrible. That read it's like you got it goes at one point and how to. Those are weird I'm in tragic program on the that's fine is and it is pretty. Pretty good and effective birth you have a cut off when you don't overnight. I should. The I would say well it depends on how they have to work the next morning at gin. Are so I try and make it like five dollars. All right so if I'd done a client Jim midday traveler and it's 61 about how Kurt tells that's one of battle until seven. A lot to. Nine and an adult you know give me some of these Albie and taper off a little bit towards the end of the last session and ready for bed but time Oreo. So if you don't have clients in the morning dew go home and go to battered Isa stamp that same amount time. Depends this morning as students and do this more studying it and Newser patience has up. On till like 8 but I am declines does Venus get stuff done. So yet depends not too weird schedule. Yeah it's always knew she was like you're working the overnight and actually I think that in the ship for a guy just went over and go to sleep but then you get off work quake. You know you're always and get that little burst of energy off filing for yeah. It's it's had gone back to the trump fan what do you think's gonna happen. What you know like when the next six months and quite honestly three years. I I think he's I think he's done by December. I think he resign now I Tiki specifically resigns. With the idea that pencil party. Pardon him let the knicks and it. We pardon him like I guess I'll give you heard our question Korea (%expletive) you off by like for what crap. Well I mean I would say something with the collusion with the Russians or this or that but who knows it. If you get to the point where you're resign as president you don't wanna go through impeachment process. Then and you need a plate it's a Nixon needed the part that think it's a pretty good thank Tim I don't know he's gonna do it that's just my personal theory and he pulls a Nixon. Resigns so that pence and pardon him but otherwise resigning wouldn't be enough because he'd still be brought up on the charge. If they were gonna impeach our users and resigns on you know with like OK now right and par and yet appealing enough their president's Kirk. I'm not. Yet and that has repayments of wetness cracked yet they're definitely you definitely occurred that's I mean that's how I pictured. Does that mean at this point Riley he's got Republicans turn out to vote yeah you know it seems like it I mean he even likes of my friends that are like. Republican people on the vote for trump they're even trying to get to the point now look I get being a Republican but come on man with this guy do. Did the frustrating part for me I think is well all this craziness going on Iran's like fighting and trying to win the rest the world's loner by a percent. So hopefully yeah hopefully we have some them sorted out and get everybody on the same page actually read a really good thing yesterday about how. As a culture we used to be much more. Homo genius so I made a lot easier to. I agree on things and our much more divide in the big thing was I come only political big factors don't try to. Like summarize it one thing was like World War II it's like it from being in the military service is a very like. Regimented. Things that were huge pay gaps he got paid by your rank and you know 85% of men were conscripted or whatever it is so you know most people were within the same organization Macon. Roughly the same amount of these huge. Swings second errors like that huge tax on business owners of like. 87% to whatever was there wasn't you know huge economic disparity there there was less choices that night. Ever has lost one of the same three TV channels and most about one TV so the whole gamut capitol watch one thinks of programming was very like. Family friendly and you know like you're saying your house watching the show he never sent mass are in the show. In all the way down the block and so people had a much more similar experience. Both my work life and home life and so it made us all feel more cohesive and now there's so many choices and so many different career paths and things like that it. It's becoming more and more fragmented. And then also. After World War II there are a lot of like large companies and organizations. And now in the workforce Kmart fragment with startups and people turnaround business has established now as much really good article pogrom counts extant. I think I think some of the problem is to having some that if there's a whole group of people that like fantasize and romanticize the fifteenth and stuff huge and wanna go back to that bit. Problem is now Leslie greatly well everybody was a white straight male. Frank sorry but I only gay people wanna go back to the fifties I only black people certainly don't you talk to pre civil rights you know like. So for a lot of people look like the idea that areas like terrible complete opposite of what they. Yellow another part of it so that's the social peace and also the economic truly switches you know the US GDP who has some obscene percentage of global GDP I mean. Where the only place that didn't get all of our factories bombed out destroyed depleted in fact we build more factories and we you know had. Manifest destiny and tons of natural resources and also. We sucked all the money out of Europe so all the money out of Britain which was at the time the financial world power. And a bunch the money out of Germany experts on supplies to both sides for a long time who want wanna forget that but. That's the reality himself anyway. Yeah like so there's a huge wealth transfer the biggest wealth transfer in human history and because of that. You know everyone within the nation since everyone. A lot of people in the US experienced huge amounts prosperity and so they romanticize it is is very idyllic period because. Frankly for a lot of you know suburban. To only Americans are wise and even think diabolical you know white people likable even like the manufacturing sector and what is now the Rust Belt and my 60s80s. You know there's one Brothers were in the lines over their two. They can really get wages at GM and you know four and everything so yeah that's like there's the two parts the economic and the social but. Yeah there's there's no going back one. And that economic social thing and that's what can happen to the inner cities. Is that union. Specifically the the black worker was sought after worker rights and everybody moved up from the south. In the cities and stuff for the same time the companies are doing really well we're going to be about the suburbs. Now also and you had a large group of people were just stuck in an area. It with no job. Yeah you know it's hard to get loads of places. You know and now it's flipping now people won eleven cities don't have lock mutes the gun violence. And suburbs have been cheaper. It's wild man. It's while pilots reach an email. Four as we got a bunch. We will be able to get to Saddam. Man I don't know if I want fall under the strap Clinton camp. All right Matt you a bleaker ready. Playboy's first off she CJ. Now we've got Cobb on record saying that we can move on and GDP on death went down with a fitness. And limited use the left side in my body sought to tweak exercise of that but I'm looking forward to. Dig in the music suggestions love hate breed defeatist and destroy everything. It is your favorite but the da man I keep doing you do boys it's almost football season cheers Clint again. I just say I went the fights in Everett this weekend and a small voice in the back of my hands by. Watch your back then I GCJ's come I don't know I'm cold cock yet for the record I I I again and against the like I like Julian yeah I like I like the idea of Julian I've never met him I don't like the idea of him punching out of nowhere. I'm sure he's a nice young man but it got to redeem them. Pretty it isolate that yeah. Thank you play. A voice never and his band called devils coming down but doesn't really like I don't I love this show. All that's all that blue rose to stay tuned for what's man and period couple long ones. A chance to make sure we cover the big issue I'm right about you to. Move. Vietnam. Okay. Felt that way. Not feeling away copying correct you about this no idea that I accomplished. Yeah I'm actually not seen which one that was gone. There were but they were. In the dude I don't think that's any of these seven that I printed out. Are we got to cover got tweet about it so last week was an episode 187. Writes that I brought up. The song with snoop dog has its money seven and undercover cop. You guys who have thought I was running seven on a mob of current us. Now we find out that my information was correct that song. Was made for deep cover it's one snoops first songs that documentary features him on the in the world kind of I guess my question is there's another band that does a song right who is it supply tomorrow so how does that make you guys sort right. I was thinking of this new dock at point 87 on among the cop from what's my name. Hot dogs are right. Zone he has that line in that song which I listened to a lot when I was younger supply and also. But I as it has snoops on a different song right. That's that's the song I was referencing when you said point 87 on and went mother cop. I think he's a year contention is that your sort of right can beat him I was referencing aligned. Yet as the cause vision and that's also line in a sublime song. Whichever book goes on I've heard a lot more than 187. Undercover. Right there when I explained to TU that would make me bright 'cause I was brought I think you're both right so herb and are both right I think I'm right. It's gonna really come down to. Weeks if we identified which song we were talking about I know we talked a lot about. One line and we are talking about which if we're just hi about the linemen I think we're both France and if we actually mentioned. One the artists into the song name to may have may not have a member a few guys to wrap. Children are from AM moved to lay eyes and gone on I've read I think I'd be a movie in total the soundtrack was solid pretty sure I was pretty exact about the thought. And I was reference and align. It was accurate. All I said was the line 187 a remote cop which is a line by snoop god who you that brought up. And then you start I was movie I'd never heard before I'd like oh maybe what what's my name was on that soundtrack but I didn't hear that. And so via I was out represented different song. That I was right about your reference in another song that you were also write about them is on a movie that I never heard but I think there was some contention whether or not. I never threatened with a lot of things out of the line in the lined out reference then was accurate. To get to me I'm wrong but you didn't know. You thought it was from this. I'm saying I explained the song I was talking about the. Movie came from. I mean at that point. I also had no clue a movie you're talking about yet but. I would say if somebody has to be more right I would say Ted was right but. I definitely see also how there was confusion and how mad I could easily believe that we are correct. I would have to line and I I completed line that's our time our movie at values are about the same. I that your time about the same song that I was talking about those in that movie that the movie's called deep cover and I was right. As do within the thing I think. It's the I was just but it makes it can now while listening in the movies called like yeah right I that you're right. Well and I'm not convinced I was wrong to learn as you are right. One other piece of it when I Google that resume here on this episode and did Google tense line how to Google your line probably would've sent my old maps so. And works out weigh on cowboys. Now. We don't third person we both Wright is only one of us or did I mean here's the thing I was in you know I was in math camp with a with a line I think. You referenced in the movie you're bringing being pretty explicit about what you were talking about. Man I chose to ignore that evidence because you know we didn't know what the movie was which you know were born eighty sevens now. And make sense to com or throw them out there I don't know that there has to be clear delivery Eric a clear Victor here. I mean target discovery well liked in Iran Tories now. That this is a podcast. I understand it matters to me. On the rap guy out for our you know what I say we leave it to answer really to the fans than just you know email if yes trying to opinion online now there. No one could tell me wrong and we're gonna see if they took me around. Now. Nobody else. I. About it or have more emails sent anymore they about the 47. Yet our man does go back to now because I just go ahead we're gonna run and I don't get out. Yeah so. Friday night as discussed. Went up to Terrence beach Gavin in one beach with Ted and his mom and Jesse and Jamie and had an awesome time there. Those super fund much more relaxed than last time. Jack I think you know the sad lives will be different Leo that's lights. But at the upper right. Some retirees yeah aka. Yes slightly different demographic. The a lot of fun. And then that the pot. We did the pot but it has to the pots did the did the adults DuPont. Yeah I know I'm excited and supermodel to rule five milligram. Are hooked up oh yeah. Yeah retirement trainer well. Well they all had one event to sleep for whatever reason like a fuel which is consciously thanks a lot of wheat. And I was like I went to the line and I haven't done this much pot while it's Tammy amount personal computers on the beach now well if you unspoken. The animal. You know it's honest it's a yes that was that was super cool and then. Set Saturday morning woke up it's an open house this is right road and AC it's sentiment the answer CAC. Chris was there and so nice at breakfast at. With everyone knowing when hiked mount tilt which who is really cool. Odds really really cool high with a ton of views on the way out when he gets the top it's going to be crowded as hell and that kind of you know. It's psychosomatic is you know got to hike to be surrounded by a bunch of people and yeah that's a pretty. Pretty small amount of space. Up there that says very concentrated. And as I prosecutor we could have gone on the witness that whenever cement back down just enjoy the views on the I itself and now school and then went home. It's my girlfriend's dad astronauts today and watched the USC fights. Vows cool. On. Yet those we every few weeks. Bits and recording issues and he's just. Bones and Cormier alive and don't look back and watched the other ones on the recording that's not bad yeah that's the one gonna watch live via which the main event data super super cool on mr. girlfriends being enemy fans I felt pitches you're watching that. I wanna see it out as a fun one and so the then Sunday's. Lee logo on back to Ted's to hang out with him his mom a little bit more Jesse Jamie and went through their 2000 are awesome as always and then. Sending night after that. A went. Over to see doubles and adapt. But this that a recording studio analyst helping them. Record a song. For there upcoming EP not to when it comes out on next Friday at the crock about this world come out and disseminated to read here. And did gain locals. On this track in the super fund itself. It was unreal man cornered Jack indeed Alan my the first time and international recording studio and his. Superfund so that's army out those and down. As I was laughing as mets' lead in Sunday of the witness doing if he can't expect them. Often. Going record or devils are coming and I all right. So predictable it's a Fatah and it's cooler mean Indian in her records do it that's pretty cool yeah I was trip and then who's really really early that. India records in place of them Ballard are right on some not too far from my house and yeah I was it was a real in the early others I hung out afterwards for for a lot of out the parking gotten its budget. There's a bunch of us is being locals and but few I just know from going to see doubles and down all time. And so yeah it's cool cooling down that warms up on. And that there's been. Currently we have the schools. Mori now under to crank out on one that was relevant for him I mean we can take ballot. I agents had to chime in based on your conversation about I'd debt collectors meter maids from last week he come and they wonder come how appeal believe they're always in the right. Gave the example the debt collectors Sonny strand just trying to help people out is enormous passion. There's a self delusional phenomenon exists in the human condition called ethical fading in which even morally cops and agents are led to disregard the ethical consequences of a particular choice. Moreover the agent can delude themselves to moral disengagement believe that little by little. Decisions or make no actually not wrong. There's a great paper out and talked about and I'm boasts on both small scale from the gang affiliations to debt collectors' possible commits themselves Olympic does not morally wrong. To large scale business ethics case studies such as the Three Mile Island incident where the recent Volkswagen case. Short and disguises are shifting responsibility on others. And I inherent desire to believe the right allows him to delude themselves. It would soften the moral justification for example on the books in case engineers who design sophomores that you emissions tests. Likely it commits themselves that they could drag on the cost of the product will still living in this particular regulation. Will lose its the big picture and realizing out at me wrong the solution. And then implement it would be. It's pretty crazy phenomenon exists and human condition. And it keeps can keep on asking them self is a separate coal. Or am I just convince myself as a call obvious mental gymnastics parents are going email thanks for you tell us. Bryant. All right fine were both right act. That's. Nebraska those cool and I like that that it instrument makes a lot of sense that a explains why both stuff too late yet. I just haven't conversations later dale may have I was in this position I would do that mentally well you'll know that though but you know that position. People can definitely delude themselves pretty pretty unbelievable fashions. No doubt all right well we don't have the velvet. Name given the yeah yeah. I'm not a top. It's changed us pretty good choice him. I consummate this week so we're we're in the news studio and down but it's more. It's closer to like the downtown core then. And the last one was and so look out the window we got see one of my favorite buildings which news penis building. Laudable don't know but in them in downtown Seattle loses giant phallic building that's looks to that made it. Look exactly can you guess my were that made it through intense yet so also the Baxter as far as ideas on mobile and time I don't think I deal. So right there. Background building an answer our next next door. I'm so the story as I heard I was trying to quickly find the back on the Internet while we're here. Gone through but that does the way that I was told with that it was some architect who how he was a pretty well known architect against major contracts. And he. I got some big contracts and he got that. Well you know I was just out laughing Tracy when you get this when I waited terror when you're trying to talk to me as incredibly distracting. And you're sitting ravenous that Halley today electoral camps there like he is naturally like he'll look great campaign. My eighty eve night and it's heated like stuff but there was a police car and we're in the middle of the statement in my head I'm a police car. And her as a just gossip you'll know behind me there's a huge and it looks into the main part of the office you see everybody. So anyway this giants. Giant phallic buildings downtown. As the story goes I'm not sure on a 100% of the facts that did this guy. So well on our attack to get this major project since for the Seattle municipal towel tower downtown. And this is in the seventies and he got out of his game and all of its pipeline of projects. Were taken why. Oil dropped off some people decide to back out and wanna work with them so. This is the last building project he had major skyscraper so he decided to make the thing look like giant circumcised penis. Aren't that well known as as Lou the building models are here for just the brick and I think that's incorrect and that's another. But yeah just Google penis building Seattle and you meals here real. Real up close and and personal lines peck on it sound anyway. I told a story to get today switches cop topic this week. What little thing in life. Brings you wait too much joy. Or win more joy than mission to free email us he now be podcast dot com has on Twitter Sheen at the podcast we'll little thing in life. Brings you weigh more joy than it shouldn't mind was just this guy spite against the city of Seattle now dealt to working a giant penis. Yeah I'm and I always what you showers. Yeah pretty simple thing but. He'd water on your house somebody reticent milk it's related of that. Think what simple thing in wheat which. Fresh white T also nice very pleasurable Matt. Way too much CI. And I appreciate things that. Some people may consider. Wait too much but to me at the right amount of appreciation for the fact that. You know I mean jeez drive to edit these jobs that I or you know drive wherever or I'm. You know just just random little things in fact they can move my body wherever I need ago you know I mean and and all of the the little things in life that I trying consciously appreciate more. But. Little crispy cream season else. Yeah yeah. Guys. Play better yeah that's what. That's only true and win more positive. At. I'm all about appreciation day and I I really ladies' semis joy out of like when I'm a pedestrian. Am on that ice he. Someone in that lake. He'd be wrong by an idiot driver. And watched that justifiably. Get angry. And seeing them and being like I feel we have and I'm not deal with that right now life. I was so it and hyper vigilant one Amylin paying attention unlike so pro has distracted dialogue has a chance. I don't know how it is going to be a force at the rate of its freaking out about but. It introduces the conversation tape pay attention to the road you idiots back into the public. Dialogue which I think is important and so when I see someone with mine and I driving personality. Of like. You know it is just kitten kitten messed over by someone missed an allied or whatever because someone didn't go in their supposed to at a site. I know that feeling it really sucks. That's from a prime. Amateur lied to amateur hot tubs and it is like everybody likes hot tub. I'm pretty particular. Group of hunters in this town close at 1030. A senator Sanders. I know criminals ultimately I think of this like. Hotels are best that night who's gonna hot today at noon if anything they should be like 1030 is when they open and shut down SX you know. Pasta Tuesday at every week we kicked out not to attend 38% of Kobe book hot tubs like on their roofs of their their apartment buildings and it's close you never use it. Well I think other. Silly people use him during the day to include those who live there so do you think the rules so that's for him a question. Now because when I first moved into downtown court it was open torn for hours today and me included people were reckless them. What's right with reckless. At pebble Assad. That's pretty secure the people were like I know when nobody in my group but I mean it literally people were like. He's doing stupid stuff right did that the understood there was no glass right. So then boom people get premium wine glasses of wine bottles something breaks it's in the hot tub I got up close. Her a year and a year a week. And that that's basically what happened with people we're so recklessly I get like finally put hours. Yeah people hear arguments can be effective adults well concerning its. But so too is like you know a better at least out of this that look it seems very easy to be angry about that at lake. You know. People in early twenties especially when you have an ability in mine mildly used to be that much here being late those people are on vacation. They're gonna treat that's of completely. About. Hot tub with somebody's house opposed to a hot vote now. Brussels is like a simple rule like to have a meltdown it's like look we have one rule don't bring last in the African well and I hear. People you can't do now people are idiots in game. In aggregate business restaurant as I loved about the earnings conference they're like oh I'm aware of how fond of Gary usually go to school yeah I wished. I really wish we didn't have to child proof and tires and the ice age yet it screws over a lot of rational people. And act Norman still climbing up the sex. And obviously. Like I don't know who generally I would view that the helping urgency that we here full of it in the city of some as yet Clinton that whenever giant. That really questionable rope ladder up like 55 feet in the air. If it. Oh man all right so that's episode 188 we will be here next week. And then the week after that will be off next week is and you're next week it's the last when we have four meltdown. Yeah they want they'll be out camping and stuff so the chance maybe I'm very much of the forward to that. Active foreigner hero would you are not the real mutant X you know can write her breath they go halves of 188. Brent TTP for company beat at Smith is the podcast cheers.