Thee Podcast Episode 189

Wednesday, August 9th

This week we get pumped for Meltdown!!


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It. Yahoo! content us. You know you know definitely give it whatever courtship penalty boxes. Account under utilize thing. I mean. Maybe basketball. And the cool and it's always weird to me and ask all of you for Alan McGee. That Islam really sought Greg issue came to write the two with two yellows or street red soccer penalty box can actually pretty good it's like non stopped play. That's the point. He. Click play doesn't stop you know the basketball like in hockey in the penalty box score your house. Yes that's in basketball it's inevitable so now. Yet to have just just time in the Chinese racked up point why would you need for soccer. Soccer's simply be cool like you get a yellow card does take the guy and gain. Read. It. Now seems like it could fit into the flow of soccer like infants and flow of hockey. It's all about timing trying to get your attack off for it out whenever. And I think basketball's only one setup fork is that they're in the game moves so much there's so many fouls. But but just maybe maybe cut it down to the diamond for 36. Yeah that it two minutes. Yet that you would make them like the tempo of the game a little bit more exciting team. Meant what it puts rule of hockey two minutes no Five for Fighting and then if you get to what leaving it to double. On their sir you don't get that and that keep you throne however no later performing. And I get to giveaways or if they scored the first two minutes. The next day they scored thirty seconds into it then you're in for another two minutes I let our cuts are so to me first third and Canada's team in my answer. It. And it is majors in a team's wish. Do you think. I mean eventually. Maybe but I think as a lot longer now like the app and. Yeah there's nothing recently that would give you any inclination they're serious. And some talks about that and new stadiums can come up again I feel like they've now ruled out here arena as a possibility. Which was a huge step. I don't you do your talking like what was it a month ago they released something like here's how we can do at a Key Arena legislate. Watney he. Whoever has money involved here in a separate. You can't tell me it's somebody that actually knows what's going on Aaliyah this could work here at the traffic in the you're hoping is traffic but here Rita. In that neighborhood accordion sucks get around purity it without a sports and I mean that's what killed sonics might take the small state of its its historical. Glamorous it's ugly man. The reality. Yet and trustee did the Sonics attendance was the issue it is Clay Bennett when the team to take to Oklahoma William plus it was re. It hard to get into and out of the games all people on the east side you know morally and that's why for awhile there talk about putting it over in Nam. Mystical made in power the area went right by downtown Bellevue company's senior moment there are. Now and then there's not a quill or rent and whatever that seem project wasn't it worked for the cheaper it's obviously moving Cantonese and very good. And the shore yet. The main guys. Do I really like that stadium for a small kind of blow holes and ethically stadium. Actually like both Alex show where I like six in the arena to open ever I was of their last weekend. Many of their for the fight and honestly that was the production I sank yet it seriously looking at the screen it looked like UFC fight they had like. And it's a lot of pageantry. Impressive only people that. There and all our people in attendance for the fighters got paid an ace he sent me so we were somebody asked us during the fights. One of the guys who's with us remembered corals like what these guys make and that's like I don't know public. I'm ten grand you know per fighter. Totally wrong. The headliner of that you were talking about former UFC guy he Jake Shields and meeting him at a hundred grand. Jake Shields yeah. The rest of those guys and I card we're lucky to make another higher than not that I expect to pour broker. And it. It was I was impressed. And I love it that's just TV rights how to make in the extra. Though or like there's not enough people that need support with TV was. I think Andy's here ABC McCain. In Italy issue I have some of those places like they should. Exxon if you don't have the people who do it make those Arenas are too big. You know and I mean like. It was nice about the casino ships in and you can fill them up in the there's people already feel that energy to you know post. 2000 people you know emerald queen casino looks a lot different than 2000 people at the top 100% did I would mark France wants to throw a party monster warehouse party. It's like OK or how many people you've got. Ominous music well it's time to speak where haven't looked like music mania and kind of equals particularly in buying music probably like fifty. Housing that's immune status where else are you and your life she fatigues and not him in people's heroic it's Gillick sat can be depressing. So attorney resident did that train cart soda fifty would be sent. Eight auditing twit podcast this isn't just any I guess just any pod cast couldn't do this. It. Starting big studs and treat starting these senseless and. These podcasts and so when a nine. I am off today and so funny in ninth with a acuity that this building goes that's your podcast. Great podcast and all land all the way the left of me is my burner buddy the guy that insists fighters get paid more than they should. You home by the name a cop out what's going on just the podcast continue to meteoric rise this week despite increased fear consumption decreased consumer spending and strong headwinds in what department. Bad boys of summer had a meltdown today a move that could push shares well beyond the 300 mark. Fulton calculated we'll find out at some 35 background we have to steal the cops are back. Then they're loaded with water. I gotta top cop whatever no big deal. Matt Palmer the producer and the ATP with of that it's they do you really slack cut distribution. Re sharing a cup now that we're going. No don't you have your serve it on a couple of sprout. Oh is only two cups cutlass. Oh. Company grow. Ecuadoran tanked up my usage of the word bro triples I have a teacup. Yeah site for over to about the letters of they have with the with the joke man that's a red giant plastic red cup that he. You know when you Wear a tank top. There yet brought up a little more but that goes sleeplessness that you like it tanked out. Yeah ethics yeah. I allies athlete that is fired teachers they purposely. Yeah the cameras and teacher I think it depends on it too late that color blue route blue league that's a bro we can. What I the tank top that just kind of black and gray like hopefully it makes you super broke. Yeah I got a cam out on on yeah that. Pro reluctant. Tying the it is what it is yeah dagger through stores like three bucks balanced and now we do we all do bros stuff all the time for a yes. Lately we Saturday night I showed up later somewhere that I thought there was a rebuild this week. Get caught up in a conversation. Drinking Beers and the him fireball like these things happen that is pro stuff just froze to you and understand. I you know it the first answer with this week do do we figure out just got him but he knocked off like I'm. We are going to melt down this weekend I will say it's hard work hand. But even today and the Manger on display is just checked out here I mean is great to tomorrow's Wednesday after work and go to Metallica. By the way. The street teams have up their game. There's a couple lookers and background. Yeah. He's on the new like. But that's a threat earlier today civility to their key cards that you. I can what you guys have no problem collagen and instead we're here yet. Also I do think it is the drought has continued for me is indeed very long and dry this summer. Obviously. Not so long we're very dry. I feel like upturn in the core element that's a whole random Steelers. Last couple days that I took a feeling good going in there. And feel strong yeah blessing and I'm ultimately yet mentally checked out Matt what you've done work. Tomorrow morning at 730. And then I've got to go to Fred Meyer gets some stuff for the wings for royal blood it's wrapping papers that tomorrow's. Kickoff that wrapping paper is the city's decision rolling papers. On its wrapping paper its laws and opens birthday are not a rapper gets. Yes so I have few errands to run and then. Will. The leak I'll wake up and startups are on the way and then go to view royal blood and then optional on the next day. Indeed awesome yeah but you know way into everything else yeah on the same boat. The apology towards Obama now rate turnaround in out of the doors. Yeah. It's nice to turn back around me free to do people out there can be looking anyone of them man I'm Sinai and she was funny if she couldn't get in the paint and I was thinking in my but he Aron comes comes up from the guy he and I and then and with the CO BBE. They are bad but at exit could open Internet activity though. Air and with the EE. And he looks the hop beat she looks at him again yet he had a generally. Either guy at least most of the EU wants to be answered yeah but it helped. You're giveaways like an income without having a picker is again we were officially allegedly he what is most within me as again at school instead it. Did you know. I think it could be go for immense got a little bit thickness like from the waist down you know but then night. It's like skinny pretty of yeah and I know it's always tough to some jealousy is a couple lookers out there having your turnarounds like. He's he's not looking at the same line. Yeah I'm now calling him a bit and I second term background of the nice things you can zip line heard your house from. Yeah. Yeah just hop on my back and I'm not really tell people exactly where. Albert supply animal not a iron and others doesn't want details. Here that's just the thing for me and it's like just kinda. Feel like you live over there right regularly and that they were good. Buildings entries humble yet obviously I don't know at Atlanta with lastly what does that goes wrong to him vehicle mainly. It take you around of them Budapest this via a but he got through my phone on silent. It you sound and all the almost that they could see happening there you know Toby Young man Saturday night. But he could barely see straight yeah exactly. That equipment how do you keep your phone on silent all the time. And just leave it on silent and then I mean I check it enough throughout the day that. It's not a huge amount of time goes by where I don't see the notifications. And outlay when I'm doing what I'm doing it doesn't erupt me by five vibrating or making noise. It is same thing. It really yeah. It's nice -- I give you got a phone call when you're with someone you're really on me I hold on let me take this yeah don't get me wrong I keep my techie mind almost exclusively on vibrate. They're gonna come out to dinner somebody would put it on silent when the cinema sit at home by myself I'll put it up with the sound on top of the battery for vibrant man you know my console is time. Vibrate tape now our got that done. Yeah I don't know I guess they just feel like you don't sit at home before I got replied attacks right away and that they don't even open. But you have you have the little one era. And you can open the screen and see like dislike. Though he didn't quite know it's been delivered. Her on a flight out as we did in purgatory for. We I don't you don't have an iPhone though. And a regular day intimate text that it's a delivered mind as an. My might say the Letterman doesn't say seen. The internal opry perceived that Palin knows the gears threat. Out no kids. The next this they're read receipts are going to be Casper went over it or five cents on. At a friend's on Campbell and when I send stuff it'll say like sent. I know it's sent yet and then if somebody's there is somebody reads it it's his delivered. Well so I was at work when you send it to me. We opted to earn its scariest thinks. When it's just view in such a fun I think on nicest sound. At the problem out who did your messengers that he believes you're exactly right mind is that they delivered to you. Justice sent maybe you didn't check it. Protected and no outstanding texts and then. And manic payout dot com. And I take this time load up. Yes so and it it would melt down there picking up RV Thursday or Metallica Wednesday. Which I like Metallica but I abort site from where where he's in town Ida it's actually. Tennis it's. Recent months before. I am I supposed to live one. Puts him at a bunch of times. Feel like when their line mostly and it's. Now on even can still. Oh yeah he never seen a line. I don't the know that. And that that oh. Even though of course not going to go to a lot of people see them yeah for sure but not through the organ Roxy. Back and we thank you stadiums once you those who wants to Jackie arena last and they're here that's the only time I've seen them there was fun. It is humane. Go it our. Hot or slightly over 3000 people at that fight. Jake Shields got a hundred grants. Danny Davis junior who verified fifty grand and fifty. Thousand dollar win bonus of their big be Jake Shields yet you Shia economy after the for the grant 25 ran plus my TARP for the win. And the gross gate revenue was 120000 dollars but it is that they don't without look at the top 34 fights. They Wu would look like the fourth fight down fifth fight down six point one that can. So really I mean just for showing up it's like one gram three grand a grand five grand six grand ten grand a grand. Through and the lower levels then already in a bonus for the win that's about the same amount so like. It was Taylor ran aground in about sixteen. And that I defeated for. The that's about that's about Eliot Novo energies and Jake Shields in the opener cheese African Allegiant as a total salaries was 376. And paid out. And the fights brought in 191000 dollars and somebody. Just sat 350000. Dollars. That's crazy. Credit and haven't been in in that many amateur but if those on NBC ABC and into camps out and I know there will you sure it was on a network like that. Janet and BC like CNN. As science error as it gets and yet that's NBC sports a guy that's don't think there's no way that was on air regularly inject 300 agree you know casino revenues radio there regular network TV the show that I did was. Budget for 203. On your show wasn't racing network TV an episode OK CNBC and Allen nor did he network TV you gotta eat CBS fox like one of the al-Qaeda your stance like any of their channels whenever I don't cable channel OK so that was like two to three programs. So I don't know what's arts network the budget would be is that a big sports hour at. Over an hour of air time at least so that I haven't found a two hour show on the aunts and we'd like to watch. More there were a lot. How do fights are alike to me out yards six. To the right at the two armament from. It at army and half the amount. Of CNBC. Which out of they are they can be making the same or they could be making more. Video they're making half and needed two hours I would make the program back then an argument. Production costs. To him and attach it eight cameras on the octagon. And in a boom camera add smoke bad dude for an. Randy Couture was there and boss roots and you were seen his like how to win a bar fight video. My favorite YouTube videos the brown home looking out. Never seen Nintendo of course oh okay yeah that's like you don't look like possibly alleged. Create distance grab it should there. Smash is it's bang bang bang bang get the bank to bank of society and that he is like the enemy guy. You're going to say that about my wife I'm sorry sir I'm going to have to break away. I mean that's what I see with a lot of those promotions like the big they don't put your money but it just. Lake Bell towards widget. Right and gaining legitimacy in which in what was the so called. It was something that sounded so hard to buy their trance or negligence professional. Fight league I think are like professional fighters league oh all right yeah I did just read an article on they have a ton of money. I don't know where it's common for. But I just saw somebody else that have fought UFC he was tweet about it it was just like. I think they're gonna pay outweigh. Pick a million dollars to each of their champions through the end of the year more like him you win you're like peek at the athletes that lead it was like seven weight classes. Seven million dollars professional fighters flee as it's called. And so they would make a run at the UFC. You have to get out your ballot tore first. I would think they had a 133000. Years and NBC sports rightly don't tort could go up there in decently. Probably sellout. The other thing is it was the night of Jones Kwame. Which means of all the nights in all the years throw line and make an average. Anyhow that's tough game those few I am and I don't I don't know why he just when Adam and smaller. But I get to and had a bigger Arenas but almost into him I was a boost in business. I mean that's not what I do. In Everett also there's not like what other and you'd use. If it wasn't that expensive that are in no but I mean it's like it's an Everett based promotion. Mr. obviously in how you could you could. There's other Arenas you'd find like when you watched delete a VE eight when you the event and next he stuff but they literally put a ring. On the stage depend. Well yeah and pretty cool it looked also. Can you imagine going to a cage for it apparently did you call 1% of these super that it will be super off and those televised. And it sees the air on. That WB network. Okay it's that it just tell lies in the back of the theater today showed the crowd. But it is just from one tailored to they'd tell lies with the this is clearly in the legendary. Peter are they do the same thing leading up to two guys run around the ring. Like film and stuff it's only some of the shots will be out you can see that crack aka. With that then I was there in person I actually watch and decide whether film and it. People oppose it on those ring on those ropes a lot to kind of be Al there's people. You know now I'm talking about this is my second business had a positive where right so if you're good at fighting league right do you go to a smaller venue to say screw it. We keep looking means to be Mozilla. I will say on TV it looked huge. Because of how they let it. They'd like the first couple rows and read when I bodies chemist really enough to film and photography. Played the first couple Rosen rents are very like parent in the background. And then they do like a dark blue over one else can just looks like the crowd goes way back I mean it looked like we were at like the coliseum. All right. I've chose that I. Yeah I got those kind of camera tricks than they probably want to look big like that you know. Yeah I wrongly that a attendance isn't gonna make it you know would we can use camera tricks to make up for that then. It has made it bigger Arenas he it has big epic shots. Well look good on TV and HD net sometimes just you know when it's not gonna business buy high sell. Welcome it the other way around. I didn't. The who's gonna come is. I don't Google make this joke anyway. If you can't honestly think I thought it was by and I felt like I was no I wasn't sure how you said is late. Verbally. And I don't know anything that fact it's got. There's a stock you're on the podcast this stuff doesn't go smoke. You're crazy. Do it last night. So for people who are from the area and there's fired as wildfires massive wildfires burning in BC and in Montana and for whatever reason somebody is going on Ted can probably explain the weather phenomenon behind him when I getting our usual wind off the Puget Sound and ocean because of that smoke is just. But sitting in this haze over the cities Seattle. And when you look up if you've ever seen. That like. It's on the opening scene but like any of this the scenes in Star Wars four. New hope. They're on tattoo mean you look up and you see that led red sun. That's what it looks like and now. As it looked like last I mean it was attacked like this son just that I guess we have this weird. Blair almost feels like a cloud layer in town that's a tense talking about. Personally I think it's kind of cool. The mood sun though. Beautiful moon last and that's as miss Leo really cool tolerant. I mean is ideal now but it has made I go out for a walk every sunrise entry copying onto the cut. It looks schools now so understated way it is there's nothing new about it. Yeah and I I'd hate. The agency lake I mean last week without a body intact and right fouls late to your love it like it's not that you thought that hot this and that. So with how to sail for here and then right it was like ninety some degrees last week. And then also there was just this smoke and make. But you guys that like one or I woke up and it's not he can't buy. Yet it feels like smog mean it looks like Alex Smart for begins aren't here. It's you know it's pretty pretty armed presence. I don't mind it's much I think it's eerie its interest in. That clear yet how did it affect their NCC fair o.s I was camp and they Ringo. Picked with the visibility shock you know it was for the angels oh really they fly right over my house and yeah I could barely saw maybe four times okay. Yeah I mean I can tell you watch in the practices who appear at the studio. What you could see him but then they disappear pretty late much quicker than me like before you kind of watch and they still fly away from you but any you couldn't because the smoke usually. See visit and how we can is a slave one of the few that he can reliably say what I have clear blue skies and Seattle. And so that's when the blue angels come to towns here and see him always figured. Doubt it kind of dampen the excitement. Also find it kind of creepy eerie is its lake British Columbia just fire. If gang erect the winds are different the jet streams is really down low. That's what's messing up everything ain't like I have a bunch of family at the beach right now in Ocean City, Maryland and it's made public range in temperatures like in the seventies are usually it's like. Baby gifts thunderstorm. But it's like. Now ninety's and he admitted that you're kinda hot plate. It's in the opposite they've had rain at the beach in the cement and then within the rest late it's weird that were heating up for the rest of the countries from Colin often. So then Sunday night like we had our normal wind it actually cleared out blow smoke away and it was like so owls are back out for outside. Her I mean thankfully it looks like we might get some rain the end of this weekend coming up which took on a second meltdown. We also vote red yellow and junior army but the rest of lesser intense only this three point lap and up tasks that used insulin. Than an act itself. I could remember he stays on in a year you you were usually know I have sending off nights in Asia states and and LC. And you're going to see here into the hole Thursday through Sunday yet team pursuit in that. Last year was aghast you know here of where that wedding on Saturday. And the year before that I worked summer camp. The end sent commonly referred sheer fact that they are all doing here tonight is the meeting percent I. Yeah Agha now I'm pretty quick. This year attorneys vacation days and Rio early is that ever marry more. But it got to do it there and the data show a mammal park yeah. Now a I still haven't either a really secure about shows of never actually been one. Pretty cool I hear they're actually super strict on we've though which is weird because sublime always plays there. I like broaden their all the links those other dance revolution in the ass though and the I don't know bits and someone told me somewhere on line. In Redmond man it's an Amish. I mean I've been just to a movie at the Red Hook brewery in there it's like people spoken oh that's so here's the thing arts and you know like. You urban PG county right walking through the neighborhood and there are some lines that maybe painted on the ground they exist right I. While. When you go from Mary more tiger up really close matters and you go from Mary Moore in Redmond to Red Hook on the edge of wouldn't go. You cross one of those lines I wouldn't bill though rich is much more like. Jill and I are a man that's a winds down down like sixty wineries a bunch of like you know I'm distillery is and stuff. And it's just gets much more casual but I thought wind isn't Red Hook in wouldn't dozens. You crossed the line from being Mary Moore park which is in Mike Redmond and I am that's red yes that's like all Microsoft and people were just vary like. He's more conservative for the most part a little bit wealthier and in my Quenneville is more like. Much more chilled much for people are like you know touch with nature and I don't know it just there's a line out there amount. Salina. I even don't look to a deadline is but you crosses both regret about eight acres and once played soccer up there around about sixty consensus which is over. I'd say that's fair. Why wasn't sure about the rules and operate in we'd into places with you anymore. Then make the right service counters teams this spring my little. T fifteenth with the solicit the lady opened it was like. Off America with a higher and its use regular smoker and he aerials that person by the rules they're like all right so like I'll click. Can you just take Wii U with you that it possesses yeah. Mean just there's no I want it's what it is whether it's open or not you know canosa big thing with alcohol but it would weed it does not matter open. You know like but it's the truth like it is for later but also with alcohol though like I can't even if it's sealed like it is a numbering in the ball. We can't. That's to a sport isn't it sells booze now. Yes I guess maybe that's what it is is like commercial incentives yup they sell this or sell weed it century like. Then Manuel real pain and mama I felt wanted to be retained get rid of the name drilling. I hear that correctly some more they are but I think after this year. I mean just let's just push cholera now. It's gonna it's gonna be in his on field. Field one of the go a different direction Amazon. Stadium. And it goes right through him right ball. Is are they both from the really confuse and really cute opponents say he keep it as any and all that my two year. Act onsite let Iraq died. Over the right on the money to take both sides sound now they don't actually have them as I arrived. On the stage of their president and meeting you know as I guess little government obviously I guess and that sack I don't sentiment. But Brad yeah like what they get a deal. No I've never seen it showed me but sir they need the check right now we'll see about that. Hit OK but what we need the advertising for the place in the there's not much going on now. They'd take that trust Biggio who met so weird that that's. That's the rubble merit that's where her idea. It's one of those things that there's too many days in my life where I don't remember where I heard it along the way I like I had that's the thing. It's funny to afflict you heard from the body that just like I know where we heard that. We we heard it from. Chris Brown you write about bounces out yeah oh yeah buddy. Colin kind of ours and our works security firm venues in Seattle and yet you were security he said he would approach a bunch people who had weed out there. And he had to warn them incentive by just straight taking. I was attached parties. No kids though is that big event they have irrelevant news new York and a but says they get they have different directives like it to the president got. If there's definitely life. Seems like that it did you know there's places. Where you can just pretty pretty openly smoke we've known him. Malia. Spoke with the house sentry went for concerts. In a concert in years. Did you and I go to you to either oh yeah we did it now kind. All right it's big. I say is are we eat well. A stalemate we've been we've got to conflicts at a at a sporting event at a stadium like that link I just they. You wouldn't just start smoking weed in the seat that you get caught pretty quick. But they get a music crowd a lot more people smoke weed TV much Wear out your strength in numbers there aren't they yeah. I'm gonna say a minute. Given uneducated legal opinions they still illegal it's like in view of the public you know not necessarily lead I used by now what I'm saying it's like. Don't I think it would take you out yes I do if your being blatant about it if you're next month of may and I think you're cool. One thing about to find out tomorrow I think about winning in his that's a joint sure I smoked weed in their two years ago The Rolling Stones and at that honestly had to be like. Almost eleven years ago. Is kind of crowd you find during Metallica when it's dark do they just kick you out or are an additional penalties. Question to. I don't but I obvious. Passengers are completely different apple that they like it wasn't even legal and a bit caught me up by the would've got arrested. And are you going to be on that floor. I don't know who tells exactly or on inaudible I don't know that some new homeowners don't read on the cougars. You know you can go down the field on the Florida and you can walk around implanted in the crowd are no problems but if you're just stuck in your seat make America smoke it. They're getting those open areas we're walking. But your seats pretty station so yeah I mean that's right so last time that was an Etsy and watch a conflict. We just smoked in the seat but it was dark was it joint. Now that I feel OK yes season that's the thing about pipes is there more convenient when you're trying to be discreet in a place like that you just need that one hit. Anything you can keep it low whereas it joint is is gonna linger. Her you know it's going to be it's going to be a lot more obviously smoking a joint or in this case the split. On the pipes are harder to get in the users need to split then in your sock in it had been wherever. Than it is to sneak glass pipe and so. Would it wasn't you with the kids. Not the kids with the like the under dudes in their twenties agree is mayor elect a guy like that are really populated you'll just played out at. Yeah. It probably their minds. The young kids next to me and like I was just in full full fassel modes giving senator after we've been zero at the time. In these kids are talking about smoke and we're in the middle of a crowd like standing room only. And there's. You know sixty rows of people in any direction and the like. You know couple feet from the stage actually smoking join us on in the B six kids for half an hour debating whether or not they smoked the science used to smoke announcement yet. Went on to when I was in askew is like. Here's I don't understand about the whole we estimate how. You live. Walking distance from the stadium. Is there like an appeal like look at what's. What's the difference in him like why not just smoky your house then go down there zero dangerous because there I can appeal to smoking physically during the. He's in me is an example Minneapolis and beer ESCO crank. And stadium out and out but I don't know I'm just thinking like I'm pretty sure to Metallica show white people or got to direct for meet these new maps appeal. I could so do thing get out right but for a lot of people you're driving hours it's a wanna sit out. You'll think having a beer at the stadium right he had Beers outside you have Beers afterwards that you still have a beard during the event totally you know aren't. Yeah I mean especially it is so late it's gonna Wear off by that time if you got there in time for negotiator. Or even just got to have prevent simple buy Tenet for spans over going to be pretty mellowed out by and ready for more. And it's a thing and I probably know reentry says there's no reentry like. Your options are limited. Regular people go in and out they wouldn't have an issue with that but but also linked militias part of going to lake. A rock show were rapture over the through that you know you like for years who have stories like. How's that for no way to there's just joints going around there you know I don't have hair and and people were handing out joints and I mean it. That they does that seem like greatly most sports facilities right I got. You don't allow smoking I wouldn't dare light up a split in the middle of the Seahawks are Saturday's game I think it serious. Admit this kind of more of a corporate venue for music. Show which is sort of why I think it's on me on the margin you just think we'll ever get like we'd zones you know they like beer gardens that like. If they if they acknowledge that people are gonna smoke at stadium in the leverage is how like smoking section basically now could they don't have smoking sections of cigarettes anymore. They don't. Now they don't alas my Souza we read Amaral downs playing the ponies. Right immediately but technically in most sports stadiums that you'll see people seriously token went down real quick but technically. Darian say here at debit steadily style there's no more smoking section. Ha yeah that's crazy. I just can't smoke on the grounds. Which is always seem to me. Yeah that's wild like you've sort of legislate they make it legal. You're immediately how many black now people are at this football game. It that I mean back I can't go sit out speak on the ramps or whatever we're nobody in excellent cigarette. And let him while devices just you know like me gets those sound effect and kids and Rouse to malaria or do section. I mean I mean health anti India I just. The speaks volumes about Seattle itself and public health conscious whenever we are in the Cincinnati airport one of my favorite airports because of this. You want the smoking section. You walk out and it's basically like. The terminal tees and on either side is asleep in glass does evo. No doors just a glass like thing that you stand underneath it's the smoking should. Oh it's probably pack. Yeah it's packed and it's just open to the regular as it does nothing new like ten people and smokers and and enclosed space but it's like. A little like standing on and on and basically it's rabbi. With that chili places and astound. Outlined skyline yet rabbit skyline and just blew coma minded sums of snack on Chilean news kubert missed two variants and. We Denver's airport used to have a bar like on the a member was a pain in the butt to get to you could smoke cigarettes and so when I was traveling with a body like that smokes cigarettes and industry game like. Somebody told him yelling at three hour lay ourselves and I'll just go up there and find. And it was off some. Like for slightly everybody I guess they because they'd been on a mission to find this exact Barr Reeve could smoke cigarettes Philly. People are so friendly and people like I am a string there when got the university as a bound man. Different buttons. A little tomb of the crowd out there doesn't have a drink which you know. Yeah it well that's the thing like there's so victimized that you know this when they finally gets all come together and have a cigarette. So I think as airports it's tough to go out and come back ends and make sense to have a place able to channel and it's scary stressful. Yeah I'm still pissed yeah can't like most airport on the little outdoor area Ringo like look at the planes you don't go walk amongst them get Abbott is like a deck something's. Now with the allow defendants broker's old son Billy yeah and Ahmed dec Bewkes and sucked out cigarettes have a joint out there. Arms to that's good that the best airports are always those little ones in like you know little islands like in the Poconos or in Jamaica where you come in and then you can dislike use hop off the plane walk across the tarmac into the terminal. It's best feeling and I that you scrap your bags and duffel bag bone you have Palm Springs. Yeah yeah depending on which airport. This. Now there's John Wayne he had shot which only half I was like the one outside of LA like McCarron something. Isn't all there in Vegas is to McCarron you say yeah John Wayne that I took John Wayne to go down when I went to Orange County yet aside for those in Anaheim. Summing summer around there I have found that in addition to down there. There's the one that's in Palm Springs itself there's another one about an hour away don't want to fine tune my mom pleasant. Campaign and enough time and. Do you or your some crazy. Metallica literally fly out tomorrow during the day. Like go play ratio. And then I mean if they spend the night that its flight back. I think they also in the Bay Area. Equal. Just seems wildly. I'm sure you obviously we can't do that on all lakes the toilet and disease that you get down the night before army. Analysts like Alec sports but at this point the pros and died in that I'd be fine. In the bow. At the PGA it's news now image. On. That. He's PJ brown. PJ brown. The right they've got a decline in the did at one time I flew to Portland. Out of Boeing field is used to be like little tiny airline that flew out of there. Yet. And like literally the pilot just came into the room with the guys red rock like yeah. Concurrently. We got everything you know we hear announced late. There was there was nothing but I'd literally nothing that I remove the pilot athlete Belgrade ago like four of us popped on the slate. Now I mean it was like if it was a private jet of his and play the point. Yeah but it was just the promptly should take four of us from the party but it probably had. Only eight seats in the two pilots up front. It literally just got to do the bags now with Iceland in the in the mountains that this security you're not up on enthusiasm your pilot Jim need him that we tend to have. It. That's right however bachelor party at a Portland. It took some very. Very stinky we'd give me that I was in the bar aren't a whole time and like I can train yet the that the plane. Trained to Portland and when I came back to grab my back I mean you could see like everybody in the car at his Jersey but it. It shows a few little smoke weed eater he lives over it's not legally it. There's just the very fine difference between the smell of weed burn. And just pungent. Fresh week. Sticky. Sticky icky main McCullough cat passed instincts and those crystal. And now we're excited for Mel. The efforts started before becoming the kids look at Mary Moore are you Thomas looked Metallica where you're smoking if America we smoke weed. And that I look. I will say that I was this morning after my panic about my ticket from out there that is my favorite. In that time. Is that. There's I don't have to be anywhere and anytime. Right there's no light on this issue autopsies show like people might encourage you to go somewhere like you don't really have to. And then number two is I love the fact you can just read several split now. Read his role splits in Indo smoke wherever via the white smoke. Through this with a beer out of Europe itself enemy aggressive but doable. For sure yeah you know I step on the liquor control board yet that's a man I think we and that's the only thing I'm Connelly tells how with the beer garden on the matter houses notes at a time time and drink on but sometimes to glory in the army alleys. Just out of respect for the at the festival in amino and give them headaches it is yeah etc. et kitco. Jackson's Covert in a theater -- of the main crowd backed camper into the woods there. Down of the terrorists and they. Wherever the hell are just not the beer garden is the one place from a yet we read. We ran a couple times last week. Patently the only have a couple rules which is filed yet it's like to know glass bottle thing and Mike just. They ask so little glass it's opera glass bottles Ontario is another problem. Accidentally brought class bottles last year that right any Beers and that pretty much always and bottles Levi and I know anything about it is a duels and scanners that like a gross I don't like oh tools that they have Semitic hand what did you see and ears are there. O'Toole is my favorite one decks Nancy Paulie my favorite and calling it simply Colombia and I'll dollars or off calendars and Guinness makes one called caliber punished. How Saddam him ever had one besides whenever I mentioned first the dual moguls can. The the backs in this same qualities that Disco I kind of can make. I've got an iconic and enough people come up Lugo could try to gotten pew the during where I thought that actually. That I'm like oh Avery you're still going to try. It's all right that's yeah. Just sometimes sometimes is why I have beard they're one and as a way to do it. In share. I'm still waiting for an open up via craft Beers now rockaholic market. The happen if you don't drink you know to me like you say it's like that appear later they haven't anywhere be here right just it seems that eventually somebody might make I can make it I PA or something that. Doesn't have the booze it the problem is it's harder more expensive he got to make an extra step to take bruised back. That's I was it was like how who tools to more expensive than regularly Miller Lite because of duels the Miller product shocking I like the oodles. If notre isn't. I thought Miller how but I hear the name and it desert strip. Sharks. Sharks yes you're right that was the at they had those tools must be Anheuser-Busch Coca. Plus an alien has a bush pushes the cost. Now. We're on the computer and computer it is now working to Putin now. I want to read the emails off their fellow. And. A it. A lot to seek running we'll get to all of them so cherry a lot not sure what day you do recording hoping it's Thursday to the I'm a career GAAP we record on Tuesday come down Thursday. My career procrastinators but any news I was hoping now for some weight loss. I'm female and 21 in the last year so I've lost about 45 pounds. Can work for a couple of years my auntie was far exceeding my output. I got a 215 now bouncing around to tan Murkowski being in the hospital on its major work. They're trying to plateau and lots of advice on non straining things to do. Food intake is pride in can half since a year ago and it's not always the best food but I am not willing to only every sound chicken. Have started eating crap ton of fish and knock admin of the deftly cut down on soda is about the light as some are bad when I was house. Since I was project 15% on stopped growing. Thoughts on. Than it was 220 in the and a house wanna say it's it was in the podcast he has two great shot archived housekeeper. There. I would say let let's he's doing all right sounds he had and then. The you can just keep trying to find little things like that that are working for you like she is listed examples of things that changes its she's made continue to improve on those. And find new things that are healthier choices that you enjoy it and then if you want a fast track things. The main thing is is tracking your calories. If it is united track all your macros in the very least calories and protein. On most the capsule showed you you know all your different macros anyway so it's it's uber cool with that's. Once people start tracking rats grass seed them breakthrough all the plateaus of consistency me I remember BR readjust. Your. On daily targets based on your new way like. People. People lose a classless like 35 pounds and last eight months Sloan who you know what his. Daily calorie needs were back then have changed now days 35 pounds lighter so it's a very costly read just we have. Significant weight loss like that. I would say if you could either. Avoid. Sugar six days a week which is in everything so you gotta actually look at the packages. Or. If you cut out white carbohydrates so things like bonds or bagels or white bread. Or you know like anything like that you get down per pretty fast I'm I would I don't personally worry about total. And putt in total out but I just a has much it is I want my charity healthy. Six days a week that one dad scope crazy now works for me honestly I the other day the best I've when he sick to so by some that works for you and house so I recommend a solid time Merrick went book the slight edge it's just about how little changes inhabit overtime yield big results. And you don't need to lose at all today and it was an all this year you know just like keep working down even if you slip keep. You know no matter how you do it's gonna take time the message is be prepared for some patients. Seniority for me great progress so any time you're thinking about you know. And don't think about what you have to do you think about like the end result you know he Barney made. A much bigger move than most people and you're right it a really good age to do it to make some lifestyle change that cost equity. Outdoor mass and it affects the last two weeks hits since it today. Seriously I'm not happy with right we had the people in town that I'm wrong person. It. But aren't they got I was particularly joked as its candidate in singularly having and a missile plan would destroy and lose the small amount each month. The week before got him melt down rooms in the most Hampshire let's. That's our development area. Hey guys I'm sure you got a bunch of emails about it but 187 on a mother and cop is set on the death for a re Max out that I believe even. As KM the unedited version oddly enough answers finesse you haven't heard it's where more dark ha Haas play. I'm not saying that by July. Vanity it's just one at a lyric to it from what I've gathered from the little. The remixes talked about the version and they wanted but since it's related to movie they're promoting your details violent. Some different good single collection. Sadly some random dudes mix tape track to dry check out thanks guys Jessie. Well I don't know it and he defused but what was he arguing yeah. That there is an original version that they wanted to put out but they changed it undercover cop for the movie. The bath towel we were talking about a time difference. Our. Email yesterday about weight loss of you as a court on Thursday about that was wrong somatic bat I want to mention I have PC OS which. So my hair mine. Hormones and kills my metabolism also Ted I agree like girls are gonna pick which I love. Not sure it's changing and it's great and need to move to have backed out last and now in the middle of nowhere Illinois again female their chipped housekeeper. Statistics are Rihanna this week. Oh. She put on a couple pounds. In all right places that are mean I think. She is wolf I mean she's right still read on actual small person which does not time. Dick is in on that went to a a nightclub on Saturday night usually night scene while the good people don't really now and one of the girls who was that doesn't like. 24. And she was talking about trying to get your rapidly about her ass as juicy as possible before festivals. But like staying skinny up top and then just. And I'd choose tennis. Yet for metabolism I walk in the morning and have a little banana our coffee or something and that seems to helped instrument at apple moment. Opium. Something about it shift. Well yeah. That's a problem the last two weeks I mean evidence my normal walking. Yeah that's the thing I just moving even if it's just walking and you know pump the blood and gets here and it's him towels and. X I mean when if you're gonna boost metabolism strength training is going to be geared where again we're gonna legs squats lunges getting all those big muscles muscle groups building muscle mass. Well. That's what one of the main benefits of it from home from a weight loss standpoint visited crucial metabolism cruiser. Resting metabolic rate is higher when you have more muscle mass so yeah bomb hits Jim squats lunges. That list of who if you figure out. Start that'll both little trick he I would start would just air squat stuff. And I mean working out on last few months and lastly we do very much mileage would kill it. Just been doing a hundred got him and squat yet hundred went on a course that day yes well yes. We have an. Do you like 30 in the morning when I'm gone my walk and that tells me that's right there but it didn't have that you know miles works is ass off all the time I felt. In the castle. I am vigilant of experience or is it just started to an air squat again. I voice. This bring up the greatest podcast all Lance all the land back in episode 186 he falls were discussing whether or not. A lyric was when he synonymous with good cop or one cent and an undercover cop that episode 187 that's talking about the turns out your all correct the first and it's sublime song. It puts money ninth 1992. That was written about the LA riots in this tournament the watts riots and the second one was Dr. Dre and snoop that was called 187 was reasonably deep cover. So do you decide which one's more famous for me it was sublime song that maybe it depends on whenever Europe thanks again and mark on. Those also on suit dogs song what's my name. I'm not going back down the stark fact they didn't he we were talking about Snoop Dogg the whole time which is on both versions. Are there ETS uses the line twice right when I when I first said it you know I was thinking about snoop dog but from a different new dark song came out later. I'd just under credit quick shot to gratitude basically numbness and as a from a little behind on the fast south quote this may be resolved tears the rest tiger alone land all the way it's our grand. I'll Wear that just too with those shoot. Bowl in the fault. I'm home. Oca got pay host of the Chris podcasts on Lance all the way he spoke of ethical fading recently and it really touched home are you see. I you see I have to. I mean I'm not a fan of the world war machine and the US military for all the reasons you can think of I'm no need to go in them and and one day it happened lost my job. Haven't sort of ran hurry it's Parma damaged on the job in Bremerton with navy. This is denial. Now deterrent in my head not an aggressor however federal ways is real ramp up. We don't clean. The guys in the military I I do agree hands on a lot of jobs and missed it I don't see where we need to be. War constantly. Ethically your frontiers like. You've stated goal of the military industrial complex on the US military's. To be technologically superior enough to act as a deterrent so. To not have to actually use that force attack. How that force readily available in order to. Forced diplomatic. In quotes obviously solutions notes off power at some point that. So I think that you know and that's part of their their philosophies stated philosophy. I think this was reference thing. Right yeah I would from the south possibly kind of same army's basically saying Mike the military industrial complex in are in the military is not all bats it's all about killing people. The stated goal is about saving fuel by having this knowledge military superiority and not using any saying that saves a lot more lives must sensibly. Then. Rule then not having it or having a military that's on par with another daughters who saying basically. All that spending is saving a lot of lives just maybe not and the way we thoughts that come in new perspective which I appreciate. I get that and I do think that is that the ideal goal the military that is think it is the rate we spend some. But we obviously just give contracts to companies that buddies are in the White House or in congress this. They just today I read an article that are currently basically just using. Contractors completely in Afghanistan. It's still kind of fighting the war for the parity have atomic contractors but just like. I got news for him that's called a mercenary. In how the year in another country plan late in the lake it. At no point can you ever really think you're gonna stop terrorism when your hiring mercenaries to go to these people's country. And and and I get it to kill the correct people but I'm sorry civilians are dying to. So that to me is a massive issue I get his point and he's right but the rate at which we build our military to means it will reject. And the fact they were like worry that we've been like and screen. Yet he actually highlighted a really interesting hypocrisy has gone in the US right now just so quickly like. The US government and the people are mad at tech companies for using for abusing the H one B visa system because they are bringing people and and how mean. Actually I guess that's tied it obviously like. Freedom of the a's are B visa people tech companies using contractors to do a lot of their work. They're mad about it doesn't provide stable employment in Panama and docked pay tax in the same response of their own taxes whenever. Well it's funny because the pox it is the military's doing same thing when they hire all these mercenaries you know block water all the attention and I'm an island there now. They're able to one not deal with a lot of consequences of sunning on the political consequences of sending their military. In as occupying force but then also those that occupying force the mercenaries are not subject to the same. Rule of law that the US government is because warrior and agreements a country about what candidate cannot be done nine warfare and two civilians Sandra. But for mercenaries I mean they're literally that it's it's a guy with the gun. It's he's no affiliations knowing thing yes to worry about except his boss and you know that costs. May or may not be pain being paid directly by the US government the more likely in directly by the US government now and so. It's just it's a guy on your street with a gun our whole bunch of guys and maturity guys can shoot anybody they want to you and most of what kind of fight back. Noticed that I can do about it so yeah and more than likely even if you have second and you're not as highly trained. Yeah out in their. And yet mr. Obama did and a lot of them really are our ex military too so most of them yet that's what my ex military why some of the stuff on lake. Some of the gangs he'd like MS thirteen step of the worst crimes have been committed. Within the police took over the footage and stuff security cameras it's like. It's too it's too well done and it's a great because these are ex military guys that. Lived and again I'll join the military got the training McCain back in our help he. You can go to the gun range is what you were. If you want there's just a massive difference between you and if somebody who's been trained as a soldier or marine who knows how to maneuver and fire that. Oh yeah I think about trying to play whatever your favorite sport is against a professional or even college level player parent smokey every time. Yeah they do it all day every day talk about it think about it now. Yeah it's funny to his be honest and the like again like I was a wanna give of the Fisher house my father like I support the military through and through now we're loonie on my arm every day. But the complex itself as the please. Ranked yet said that's the thing I support the individual troops it's the it's the idea that our country pass to be this. This forces. Evil you know and putting out. Now I am I'm with you the idea of a military industrial complex I personally don't think it's necessary but it definitely understand the arguments contrary it. It tells my name's Jeff Ackerman along time Lester can study in the master. Seriously sort of listened to another podcast from the stations such as the main cast on the issue I get to keep the nation album favorite ball. Cast the greatest podcast all Lance all the land I've never called or emailed any of the shows in the past but has been listening to all the podcast catch up one episode. The myths such urged emailing an update on its. They'd be half scissors to email and get an update this episode 162. Ted how'd you recovered from the ground and Robert baker. Hall. Mobile phone apple. If. I'll call you though it's OK now it's up funny thing. How play. I hit my mom even jokes about it with me but he did things you got to understand the Smiths like this will never leave. But my mom sent you some popcorn. You know that my name Mike hasn't got involved with so course there was a signed picture from may own roads and happy birthday at Easter. They just evens. It's fine in its funny. It's much funnier to me now but this will never die this'll never have I ever. Yet taking heat for for years. I mean I can guarantee you if there's ever like a major life event for me with the mayor Richard or hurt or some iron out. Some crazy promotion and Ramon some fancy showing Hollywood like. It's it's male in a row will be the army cardboard stand up yeah. That's funny I like that you that he element by the way I don't really dislike beat me she received news of a top Baird's. Have a jokes and relentless as you suspected. And has the video leaked yes and yes yes and yes the video leak was not his prominent that I thought it would be which is nice. I guess tech yap and make my commute fast and easy based alas the laughs keep doing what you're doing mark on gentlemen Jeff back thanks Jeff. PS among us are going in the gym was a good. Starting workout plan restraint weight loss for you guys talk about died for quite often but not much going you do in the gym and missed topic thanks guys. I'm really did you hold jobs so there's not yet there's a lot of there's a lot of effective options ultimately the most effective one as when he do consistently. So. Yeah I would say. Look online there's there's a lot sample programs a. They can get you started if you like a course stick with that if you don't don't they gadgets take it easy be patient don't. They're trying to do too much too fast guys that long term consistency is gonna win the great call toll. Coleman nation. I'm. Are we get nobody else we're gonna name alzheimer's. Yeah. And I'd have possibly can a lot of fun. We need Soviet and started. Mind. Friday morning by afternoon. Krispy Kreme if the rhesus. Interest how was amazed really incredible yes and only one ha. Join you guided to. It's paid tidbits today for the first. That Tim Hortons in Canada. I know Tim Hortons we think you'll famously coffee and doughnut place effort in or out of it in this hour. Just the little don't battles they don't Tim bits which always makes a gaggle. Economy lake. I made made him a very mature so that somebody here I got to keep Laphen tidbits. His platoon with so funny and that you know look at the ball to us that there's it's man it's his bits. If it wishes of Tim. A bit that be a British. Paper on the big. Yanks aren't picky US may agriculture and you are not richer get out of here BC comedy he's gone on the bets that. So yeah I was really good and then we headed off to use the Olympic Peninsula. On the highway of the Cambridge fairy. Had had some food their man's original sausage is nice. It was awesome they have the assembly of through their net Elena is Greek yogurt. Done teacher and a parent sees the activities hip height plays and obviously it will take all of this yet. CIA really upped their food game there pretzels did. So they'll land and we went. Backpacking. At this place called royal pieces and and if they closed today eight mile hike to the very top. Luckily there's some campsite tap away at that. A good because your element here for the reserve. So we didn't occurs like hat flat three and a half miles. With our backpacks on the only set up camp slept Friday and it. Well at the top Saturday and it was super cool. And Diaz isn't still with all the smoke like. You the skies were blue and there are some limited visibility but like all that there are mountains directly around users that time looked really cool. On there's couple lakes got to jump into. Really Coldplay. Awesome worth it. Bunch of bugs on saw a picture posted but I got 22 bug bites on the back of mine a left shoulder. On actually horse flies and a good secretary. We did get with the Dietz with the deet which kept all the mosquitoes away. But it horse guys don't give it about T apparently is there anything to do for horse you know I look them up and all let solutions. The public. Home remedies the why essential hoses and Latin eat garlic before and it's like that collectors know light. Eight order this on Amazon and you'll be needed that aren't on club yes though. Bit all of the solutions like fur horses that are dog in not necessarily. Designed for humans so they bite Tyler too. Yeah but not his main idea I ran out of the tent with pressure off David down the morning. You know and it's like panic. Had he known nature called in nature and though. Yeah acting too is that that sure it was down and you know the big they'll just got me totally different era out. One its purse very opportunistic those bastards just me and drag oh Mattie C run hike once or Rainier in drag on I couldn't sit down for more than like. Cynic thirty seconds to a minute without one getting Mattie C just that they need is want to be fund via. The month that it is a lot of garlic before entered make a few days before you go out there and that'll help deter it. I'll try that next time that again. I know out out a lot and usually it's mosquitoes and them battling in the deep as fine against them. But he has these direct these bear looked. Like peas. Almost on these those big too sickly to horse flies. There order. They looked like to spend time. No. I'm that the larger Don Baylor played really big bees. But. Cut him mix between a B and a fly. Play visually. Though like big city you can like see that it looked like. A mix between a paean to fly when and there are bus and by years had beat those things has sent out no those are my yellow. It doesn't look like super sharp. Like I could make out the veto are so many of them and they're so they excel yes. In Charlie does a lot of fun. In the bugs and used great water was cold. On the weighed down got recognized by a leper and on the pollen yap. Though he is headed up there is who closed off Jarrett for a little while. And we came back down. Saturday nigh and then I just tour camp camp Saturday night. And then walked all the way down or hype Ollie out on a Sunday morning. And then on came back to the see. It and send it now I was. They show that kind I kind of came up with the idea for England from window and put it together but guy. By the name of jewel tiger passed away back in December. On motorcycle. And he's big part of the local C and his daughter. Was turning 21 so we wanted to like throw her a kick ass saying we now welcome to be able come divorce shows party. And so who is ten miles wide. Then that's a window pane. All its limbs it's now is does a lot of fun. And solvents at. Where. Studio set Cody I went down there how was that fact island salsa perfect. And now why don't I'll make you death pool colossal which had yet to cool yeah always Zelaya last week is that fear and I helped him took his car afterward yeah. And yes those it was really cool weekend outside got to still got to make. Can catch a local show on Sunday night which is cool is he does. I was on the whole weekend and usually if if amount nature for a whole week and at sacrifice and shows that Oz Julio and it. That is via the Internet redundant needed to act and act literally. And appointments. Hi my guess is about that time. Do you do top. So one thing that I. So let's talk about going on those walks in the morning I caliber copy ago walked down by the Mali Khan. And them. If I usually try to like. I don't know what it's a good time for me sort of get my head space race for the day you know and so one thing I always say to myself news. That I live in a beautiful state and us about Washington time on site. You know choosing to like appreciate all the staff around us there is like a lot of it is ought to appreciate especially in Washington's beautiful but also you know just. All the modern conveniences we have been friendships you have and family of sporting news and you know everything like that mean theirs and most of thanks appreciate so. I guess like just choosing to live and beautiful state and think about that deeply puts me into that. His stance sort of like a self upon prophecy decide where their focus on. And so when I was wondering news. A lot of people have stuff that they save themselves little things that they see themselves whether they notice that are not. And so my question this week news. What Montrae do you repeat to yourself and if it's something that you don't have an answer doesn't come to you right away. Over the next couple days watching kind of pay attention like what thoughts you reinforced in there and what you said yourself over it can be summoned. Philosophical like I'm tired artery can be like somebody silly or it summit comes on top of whatever it is but just I'd like to hear so email us humility podcast dot com. It is up on the Twitter machine at the podcast to ease howdy does guy. Remind might sound a little negative with the positive thing to me is just. I consciously try to remind myself whether it's. A relationship that's ended with a girl really should the Tenet with the frame and work things having like I. I try to remind myself sometimes. Blake. They're not thinking about it. So not only did something happened where I got hurt but now I'm giving up my free time to them to and I try to remind myself we don't do. But because at that point whatever whatever that thing happened it hurt me like that's gone. Now that's only meet on dwelling on it he'd given up my free time for that ball. Atlantic continue to affect you if you keep up. So I try to that's I try to be pretty good about like. You know. If I'm not at work regatta in deli meat we hang out right like how good the three of us really talk shop time. You know it means flagrantly that's I just try to be like you know is there somebody like like OK but that but the work. You're demeanor sometimes you know whether it's about like an axis on the like I will. Would remain and it did I late she obviously didn't care it doesn't bother her home console sitting around. You know think about the stress and I am thinking about us have always talks on am totally Sam. But that's what's ailing I don't want to sound native as a it's for me it's a positive but I just. I got to remind myself sometimes I will all over think the crap and everything and they just get stuck in the circle and it's like. So whether or not your right or wrong or that person wronged or whatever it's like dating have to do with how often this it's my head put me into that dark circle. Then. Like he you're not harmed must you choose to. Hear whenever. Yet proper poetry. On. My organs to Israelis that I Babbitt generally I'd just and and stressful and frustrating situations I own eyes. Started. Saying with serenity prayer myself. A lot. However I defying god like you know I wouldn't consider myself in a Bible Bible thumper buying them via. I believe that something that they. You know god grant me the serenity to accept things can change the courage to change things Nick Cannon was no difference it's just like. But some powerful words you know and so. It says say it was some conviction mean and and think about it and giant I think you know there's this kinda. Blake. God whatever you may god and in some sense ray and like to Russell Wilson. If you can't convince him attack god be his virgin goddess in Rio and isn't responsible for all that the awesome things that have happened in his life and I think we all that power. However you want it. You know how everyone and identify your god and sell back kind of realized. On a certain point in certain state that like you know it's we're on a team meeting god play in and that's our approach in my life like. I'm in control of this he's on my side will world where create ness this life this story this movie it is my life. In real time constantly. And so on have a good relationship with that could be plugged into it as a real. Who the hell knows if it's real to me then that's all that matters cell. On when I think about the the serenity prayer just saying it through that that lands of conviction is life. You know can really really set my should send straightened shipment viewed pretty pretty powerfully so. I got another one that gets me when I hear it I don't repeated to myself oh and there and says paralysis by analysis. I think she. I felt like 181000 things I need to start on. Some yeah bitch. Yeah oddly it just hearing room with three words it's here. Stopping just picked up. Our first Saturday to stop it attracts call. Yeah well that's an avenue to me like I'm talking about his talk with them easily and you're right about that that is that is stuff. Into that every two weeks ago we used to given them all the power miles yeah I never thought about that also say a quick thing that you do whether. Again whether work life personal money for even made me. They have a little too much fun Davis or go to a tweet I think it's that you wanna say and just did that the breath. Ready to breath in and I had my personal favors the deep breath in an intense the intense you know. And deacons out of reach just you know. Consciously counting ten per. Attempt brand and it on my walks and he liked Tony Robbins breath that's like three brats and regrets like really fast art auction at the blind basically. Off a good morning. I'm annoyed now with some you know about when I know. And unhappy bit like you would only the first earth compliment you know right and then like he was fund his indictment was not like me to go out blow the people's minds number you'll like on. Like he's he it would put the music do you heard about them yet when. I'm just scared about this. Up but yeah go right with the corporate account for. All right this weekend we're gonna go have a tough time we will not be your next week because I think a couple days all factor of earth one of those days Tuesday. I'd say BC and Metallica say what's up but this doesn't come out laughter without. So but yet they go oh listen of those were part in the woods yet ambulances this man we're already there I hope. Whatever you're doing this weekend raids that reached this has reached yet whatever you do elsewhere in future. Wherever you harm and I would you have as much fun as we aren't meltdown. Whether it involves cold soda water cold beer body of water just. At some point this week in Manhasset funds and friends or loved ones and it is upon us smile on your face and enjoy yourself. Our minds around that these the upload this so thanks CC. Koppel thank Nancy Walker got in it at app app after app. McCoy put out a day early yeah. Though it through it man I pick up coming out it's coming out Wednesday right guy for tonight yet and will be Wednesday morning tomorrow this veil and have fun. I'm writes there's an L we're gonna have a blast this weekend and on debt fears they would every known as is always a great mental and in fun vacation for us though. I don't know if you're Mallon gets crabs steamed shrimp just do some fun for yourself. Here hi if they go halves of 189 frenzy ATP for cop beat hits it deep pockets jerks.