MegaCast 08/09/17 "Metallica & Meltdown"

Wednesday, August 9th

This week is our maiden voyage in the new KISW studios...and Ted & Steve are full of energy because of seeing Metallica tonight, and going to Summer Meltdown this weekend!  Steve shares another example of why he hates the internet (thanks to Sarahah), and the fellas learn about "coconuttin'".  Follow us on Twitter:  @TheMegaCast


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All right we use and it makes you feel confident. Are both that it. Those great timing. I thought it crack I area. You are not my drift up. Turnout up a downturn my headphones not a joke beneath the fly in the minor both you're both girls this. Full well I was taking yourself. Give you an ivy is our maiden voyage into the world of the new mega studios here at 805 avenue in the new building it is this is only a temporary guest studio though correct yeah we took over off our our production boss. Jason we took over his studio to be able to do the mega cast because well nothing is really only built here at a radio station where response to do radio things now. Do they not I'll start to realize it doesn't matter where we are there is going to be bull ass no matter what well and. And make you might disagree but I Philly to a certain excited disagree it's OK I got it is right off and go well let's just means he's gonna make it that's the way yes later in the Manger would could you doesn't think think we're gonna get phone call. No no like you had about an interview at Mars over for Metallica and know like we don't know how to patch in. The hotline good it is a special live for like we have interviews I definitely like big guest will know that way. God forbid it and mom hates awesome now we have a lot of listeners are sometimes the phone lines are are are stacked in the huge get a busy signal. And we talked to everybody and of course engineers have a different way of working in a different way of thinking and I will just give them those requests lions have large calling on the request line. You are bars that I wanted to. But you impeach like you guys on your morning Joseph right yeah talk for four hours today yes seem that we do on the mantra yes but I can't explain to people play. We zero phone calls he just feels exhausted talking that much yes Brooke I need a couple miles due to the same music right before were we had a great topic set up we had Morrison and all of a sudden. All the phone stopped working and make a high. Looks like in the first down my god maybe this question of the day's not that good. But it seemed pretty simple right and and that's what's two plus two no one's calling you out the candidates are complicated and bring him in heaven finally. But great for 3 o'clock Michael but yet the phones are just yet. Wow yeah. Do rod does it quick aside in people who go to test and not commented on your interview with Lars I was bummed I listen to it and people at a clip this morning we're trying to get people pumped up for Metallica tonight which is correct I think. I sort played clips from harm UKS interview Kirk all nice I played a clip from my interview with Robert Trujillo from the bassist alright and never put a clip of bars are like hey we got three fourths of Metallica on this morning and I played some clips. Played the clip of large sharing you story but during the ceremonial first pitch at Metallica night in San Francisco yes which is a great piece I that are really interesting because we've all had the opportunity to draw first pitch. And it's terrifying. I'm bomb that he didn't hear your questions now about the mound about the mound because I think that's a solid question. All right thank you 'cause I feel like such an ass election and we edited out should. Yup I mean I try to ask a couple times and I just think there was like a delay you know just like the that was bad radio yeah. But yet because I've done I'm really miles that there'll never done it ever dawn on a first pick now I'm really when it's done it. So I have you have Vijay has BJ did op with socks I didn't call marine Mears who did you do. That we both Steve bloom yeah that's right. Fine. Let's look at what do we tell yet if I'm a lie it made me feel battered they that you did like no the Portland Nichols. Hawk eye well it makes you feel better. Then the pitch I threw out at the opera sucks game talk us through what members whose tip they Miller lightly yet excellent adventure absolutely but you were having a fun or to. A better time that day you that was when not sound gardens plane on the porch. All I think you and I show them I'll all right. Sound Garnett didn't know I never made it to sound card should the courts are able they don't know it's you had a fun but I did have a better time and I've done it at both places. Which what did you do better. I think the rain years get yeah. So and did on the mound yeah senior did you are you went up that's I. Right that's like Sydney catch justly connect to the router he got a solid. Toe the rubber the tale of the cell this goes on and I have that it. Yeah I did the mound. And at Madison excuse in my in my my serve my my first pitch was not very good I didn't I didn't bounce. My whole thing was our economy should I get it over and yeah bounce it but I to a really high I basically lob one into him in even the catchers like wow he really testing out my high on that one hop guys are laughing like. Right before I throughout the pitch like a moron I wasn't thinking. And some and it was sunny out the three years economic I should concerts on screen. Since put on some sun screen in my head and all that my hands are still come all really and he got in my head I know that you didn't they with a throw but I'm like oh geez. It's gonna slip out of my hand on the look like fifty cent. Dad didn't happen but it was still like it was and it was that greater good not a toss but the best part about all of it so this was the film it. And they just took a picture dated hit the right button. Cool so I was like are my five my first time ever in the thought of first pitch and I am not you Michelle for. Yet the Rainier skin was cool too because it was. Which year was at 2010 mainly eaten. And yet anyhow. The USA was playing Japan in the final of the women's World Cup with a penalty kicks but it was raining that day. So we watched the penalty kicks on the Jumbotron and when it was over I went out throughout the first pitch to start the gate that's awesome yeah it's a great feeling man in the something really cool about. It's funny though because and we make our right. Thanks Steve now bring out the next person throwing out the ceremonial first potential link. Is it a first pitch if five people broke. Yet natural it's very weird how they do that now man. A huge gears thinks active. How would you just may have both games right well let's just get our op I don't know what they are before we do Steve also won imagine Yahoo! Sox gave New Jersey to China to the outside the hall hall talk. Let's hang out with web leak was a whole thing Steve are right I was friends with reverend Larry I have a rhubarb kicked me out and that's three. Now I hollow. Regards the bat mask I crack up like it's accepting it mean to you. Olivia reindeer. Or unhelpful pool. Ball up grandpa to drop a point. It's still our best episode on. I've favorite episode is my experience drop the ceremonial argument on drop in a blog era 2000. As you'll backing a prize fight no one of our pats may guess what that is the one where I should my experience of dropping to talk about he birds games. And cool birds. And there's hot mascot is like getting annoyed with the guy who's having an holing a drop in the plot of stop global. All right this will be difficult because. When you're the arteries in the book club in the brain function dogs sorry functioning in the brain function fair. Well now we can blame studios for our in that. Our our our mediocrity. Yet sure of it's it doesn't matter where we yell we still are mediocre soft carpet at the mediocre. I am not going to do pushups OK I could lie to make a family which would be wrong and just a young law and I am in bad shape Ted. You I cannot bend my neck down. I shape but you're physically her team yeah jury in that you know I'm in great mentally Yemen and hit it. Could be happier tonight's Metallica. And he's just staged announcement that's going to be insane I said I think field. How brag about first pitches that I could sucks if you don't just take a look at it try and guard Steve is such care and good. Oregon that big Joker of but you have men and I didn't do anything stupid and wrestling practice that causes other than stretching my neck yeah I think that triggered big time that I did land in my head I think he's just a from what I inhibits WebMD. And of course all Provo double ever need I explain what's going how what I Wear to guide school is when you went and did some yelled. Yes I put a man I'm Mike sharp pain or between the shoulder blades might try to move it. I think you might be a neck injury. It is a goes from a pinched nerve. Two you're having a heart attack call I was just say if you could do if you go look up your symptoms it's either simply simply having a heart attack at night or you have aids yeah and it really is inside grades one the other or the other but yet so. I'm positive I don't have I'm not having a heart attack because I would be dead by now they look pretty good forgot haven't Jammer right. I. I'm sure that if it's hockey tournament. So yeah I'm not having a heart attack there's a virus the slowest for can heart attack a multi save an attack at that point it's more of like off. We streamed live some buoyant capital you go to school you will do what it's like a look at the bigger the exclude any version of a heart attack it's going to be between either I give two and 7 PM I'm not positive. So. Aids is it says it hurts it's a lot better today than it was yesterday but from what I gathered some think it's a pinched nerve. Try and how to me it's gonna make me not. Do wrestling classes for a little bit I gotta make stresses fully healed a fright try and read trigger that's not aren't worth it now holds I could still get a for the group. I think Ted's gonna get ten. I figured the perfect song to do it you're the perfect end to do it too much and I give you a gas. We have got to say Metallica don't. That era tied to get ten mega band played Paul makes your head doesn't. Three ready blood. Floor and five. Today yeah seven and okay. Got to say Ted demo form. Yeah I think I'm better over the years that you could tell like you always count quicker I always look at try to catch up there which is we're playing shorter are. Delegate tyrannosaurus ressam slipped up. There and help got to fly out. Do you heard the joke but I get really memory you can look back in the days you get you guys get on me like I get messed up let's start T Rex in my arm I forgot about that. You would turn into a tyrannosaurus Rex who you were drunk yeah I've read some more this weekend you'll see T Rex arms out on a second we're gonna summer melt down this weekend yes we got our what's the talk about it and the mega cast you have no idea almighty god so okay it's a sorry you're saying red dot. Pushups. Although it's you discount faster and yeah I should in theory I should be going faster with short to your charts. Victoria hi it's tiring. He takes me. This week's dead talked pure and simple. When John to have something. Moon. Steven now. Don't went festive bone. Change and being secure being smoked and we've spoken I don't know what. Hulk is the man every green mix. Three Brett. Don't yeah I do whatever you guys are doing as you can ask this of iPod gets to go have fun but I tell you Steve and I are going to be employed have fun and know full well that Ted and I are wasted when you're having fun yet. I mean clearly if you can just picture Stephen hi on a river sit down a hog to its shades on taken in that you use live in the just experiencing nature of picking up the RV tomorrow and I'm excited I'm so excited I admiral politic breaks I thought the bowel. Our preparation for summer meltdown plus I've another reason why. I hate the Internet hook. Yeah. All right all men and women you cast return. Against equal pull your strings. Whatever that means. A lot of cubs will be back. This summer brought you thought. That guy who still wears Speedo all he's got enough that geared to knit a sweater he has a beer belly the size of coney game. Several gold chains Dane Miller around his sweaty neck he's holding his skin his leathery bronze in Greece. He's wearing neon Green Day globe Speedo and the banana hammock and under the bush. I summer and the guy who still wears Speedo. Making us all wish we were blind. It's because of the kings of club constant. Just get really tall. I know I've been nerdy out all bad and going on us and let Scott have found to see what songs they've been playing on this like the last few shows and all right all right and see that they consistently playing seek industry which was like my first introduction to Metallica when my brother showed up to the house to Metallica on vinyl kill mall. Put it on the record player. Seek and destroy Al they sold love this band. And as an as a young kids so this is all I'm out I'm pot men and I I hope they do a bunch of songs often the first record digitally mastered. Yes I yeah I doubt what has been consistent as well there's a few that are like always on the set less like off. Hard wired atlas from the new problem they seem to start but yeah two songs. You make every show they've been ending where it's enter sandman. Are bomb. Blew out holes. You'll forget about inner seeming just because each so in all of culture right down here to think like oh yeah. That's their biggest song ever. Act like I I think a masters cup master province Buick past acts. Pakistan now yeah I'm looking and I mean how much of a nerd I am I went up my apple music and I create a playlist based off of error. Last show over in San Diego aren't so I just to give you an idea so like to start we're hard wired atlas rise then they go to for whom the bell tolls are creeping death Denny on forgiven for the ladies Tony okay. Gonna go back into their new record now there were dead which is just a jam Martha the flame. Wherever I may roam off the black album that's always great some are another new one tail on fire then whiplash something that I'm. Dealing with right now whiplash Iraq almost all of their first read which will be pretty ethical I can't bang my head tonight it's going to be and we haven't got one each rotation policy yes it's more like a knot in my day. You end users to green with a police dogs run head banging right yes I do like this 12 while Steve look at him he's just a proofing of this entire set. It's six minutes song and he loves it easy to say how great it is. Hordes pertaining to be a Bobble head. Are sad but true. I want you know that's gonna athlete athlete and a master of puppets we talk about you go from whiplash to savage truth to want to master of puppets to fade to black then this he can destroy and that's how they end the set come back four noncore. Chicken into a fight fire with fire nothing else matters and her Samad who died. Food eighteen songs. Now and it now granted this might not be Seattle DL that but let's give or take a couple songs like popping him pop out so well normally play. But while it was at least an hour 52 minutes of music while they got two hours Jesse got a what a ten minute pause in which we mean yeah I get to our little chitchat and typical around like 830 so it's it's early show it's a late night for me because they get opera sorely beside a super late night now. Yeah I'm really excited I don't know if you can tell you if I could I don't view it see how excited I can't ask him I'm almost done pack and yup. And then yeah like tonight I'm gonna leave. Leave the show and then ride up north of grandparent. Okay and then in the morning and picking up the RV eleven. So that's and yes he works at about Metallica but more importantly we're one step ahead of Metallica because we're excited. For summer melt down yet do you tell people what some amount dynasty those at Dulles and on the podcast you guys have spent many years talk around it I think I could end and I think it's kind of like the classic for me. What would the donkeys where it's like. You've admitted it's over the countdown begins for the next one. Yeah suddenly two trips a year that every late midnight I go on every year. Number one is summer melt down that we might ate your goal in the biggest little festival in the northwest nice and down years in Darington and it's grown. I drastically in those years when you sank yeah. It tests I mean it's still not too massive which are light they'll be like 4000 people but spread out over festival you'll see like it's okay it's not like going to the gorge really cramped in with like fifteen some like almost a holes. You know I for the main shows a sure it is I was always miss the main Chicago tacked. I'll be the beer garden their yacht back you can't drink it to be here is the go to Salina. It is a match. A massive music festival. I'd more prefer just the overall feeling and hang how do I gotcha but I zoom right in the river fund fall he yeah I think I'll jam band just like String Cheese Incident its claim it's not a huge Friday and Saturday. So is a lot like the old school fulke got a jam bands within the beer garden stage like I've seen in the beer garden a team Ron Jones one year. When you're on a Sunday night our our co worker Nelson makes a lot played. And it is just one number your fertile now as our co worker yeah. Well the thing that you like the best two is that lake. There's no real times. But they're set times and everything. But you wanna go to a show don't go to the show yet you are good out of the river Messinger river her you know if you just what a way to go to the late night tends to goes till 3:30 in the morning. Go to late night to entice you want to bring buyout column I might light up but he and glasses I assume you work yet Ernie packed yes we tip. I got a I got the wigs in there. I got everything. No doubt we're going on this bitch oh yes they'll be wigs and I'm so pumped to play. So Ari so I mean I don't know I don't opus Fanny pack for this weekend good. So loss any packs a huge hit looks like the WW championship belt yet okay well you gotta be kidding me. You're at camelback. Not a camel toe alcohol home shorts and tight. So yes a lake joint meeting camelback now may you suck off mine and well when you're on the river you wanna stay hydrated OK they use women and stuff did you forget like also you just we sit now on the rocks it. I never a water bottle with me yea yeah but Friday and Saturday it'll be warm up their attack and it Saturday night there's a chance it might be showers. I subsidy you're gonna tell a good thing where an RV. Yeah. Now what happens if by detachment being the single man finds himself a lovely lady did you want to bring back to your beat your married friend Steve is no problem not going inside that RV. Jim I'm not horizontal wall we can create I would some masking tape and a sheet Steve it's a compact Darby. Nineteen footer there ticker snowball you'll be funny we get electrical tape and you make off like Iran and and wanted to split up the room and we just taped up a line across the entire room I got on an LA it's a good Steve won't see this. There's this line that created the vibe to it do there's an imaginary wall. Yeah right I told my buddy. I'll just put on some sunglasses. And just tell them asleep and I'll just watching guys do what you did on getting a battery. To be honest with you saw a seven yard by the army so I sleep in the little compartment above the cab okay. But I mean it's only like three feet of room like you recently have one position if you're actually your half sack exploding kind of stuck. And and I mean it's a fast so more than likely buy it if I do you like you have related I would just get their Connell went. Okay yeah and good don't worry about my friend out there they awareness of late because all of the DJ all creates a modest sum mood music. Oh yeah are you a pretty sound dock the embryo that they want you know when they always bring townhouse when we get wasted yeah yeah I'm gonna bring that aren't cool. We haven't. Awaited dike charge they drank because it's. With the with the target car a car chartered bank. And I'm not positive. We have a way to charge sings his we have currently running in our camp a guy like we have a highly of batteries and stuff fair enough but I'm trying to remember if there was a cigarette charger and Adobe. Yeah but I remember we need to Darren are driving it up there we have it we have an issue charging her firm. OK let's get to know yeah I'll play tomorrow figured out and if not I'll bring portable ones I yeah yeah. But you'd attribute Blanchard a lot I'm really pumped yea you're gonna be popular on the river I think it's hippie fest or suffering the most people live just didn't live up north right. So which is legal but it's just funny when you go on the river. You're like you know we just so weird in this mad men has the did you truth is that statement still were given a mega hugs oh yeah. Yeah. Who's gonna be great if and for summer melt down dot com purified and information is yet it still tickets available tickets available it's going to be a great time if you see us be sure to say hi yeah and I'll give you to violate one day to day three day passes nice to with the with the community that we're going to be in our little village yet we rules any things that I need to know about. I mean the only thing and I'm happy you're getting into our group like our camp then because that. Mean you like to music at the others don't. Brent I'm excited to have a partner in crime or we can make actually listen to some rap for some more modern media okay good 'cause I had every intention of I've got some I've got some hip pop music don't know of bust out yet Jesse Friday night in a RB OB rocket. Okay good day again as I've got off our bar argued AJ Francis yeah AKA frank. Yeah world they have pop he sent me the entire record it's high out yet but it may be due for release on apple music and all the other places. My man there are some songs that we need to be listening to a 4 in the morning are one with stitches here's a song what state she's on it yeah yeah out. Yes and it had dealings animal caught up Olympic gold which is just a let's hear you explain you how much you're like the late night and all I got those times in your of the classic and it's like to look more like it was surely do something like oh yeah let's walk. May be hundred yards that way and we go walker and our speaker. Always be those people reveal the guys back in the day the eighties with the boom box on the shoulder yeah recent loyalists and eighty Ted Koppel we do that LL cool. Run DMC. Are Slick Rick. The rule is back to the sugar hill sugar hill yup RK RS one all right I'm until there's another make. Are. A boom box next what's are cut off like mid ninety's. Yeah yeah so the goal all nods and air for you and some it's in my to pocket biggie yeah yeah that's fine but early stuff yeah. Yelling Jay-Z if it's an if they don't reasonable doubt we ain't playing it right right OK yeah. Was when it does is girls girls girls was on Soledad that's much later locked in to be an exception for that one all right. 2001. Let's of Nellie America. What it. It yet if talked this article so I'm really excited comments I have like you know and any night. Any balls they need to worry about in the sense of they are a cool like what do I answer to. Me and Joseph OK I mean he's the mayor our deputy mayor yeah our law given full respect to the community I don't know walking guns of clarion. Well I mean you light that also beef jerky we got ya that's saying you just bring that up go to my camelback what we're on the beach or GOP brought up I'm a little hunger I don't eat much a technical Steve brought some of the best beef jerky ever. And every year it yet and everyone loves me that exactly just those little things man so now we by name object beef jerky beef jerky yet we did Turkey that would be dirt unit. That's Ted I wanted to show the article I get to do it just yell and I. I know why I'm making I don't amount to a murder. In the world of wrestling. And learning about the traditions. And the behind the scenes stuff like there's a lot of like unwritten rules when it comes to tradition it's like you know hey. In the locker room you don't do this together say hi to everybody an issue they give you the new guy. You best go into that locker room and introduce yourself to say hi to every single wrestler in that locker room if you don't it's a sign of disrespect. No different then you go in the locker room. And don't even think of moving somebody else's stuff. If you do expect we kicked out of locker music off a great story back in the day Obama. The Mitt is so long as I was black balled from the locker room yet again dressed in like the bathrooms but we're like fans would go and why because he ups. I think I can either move the bag. From what I heard and also I guess like he was eating fried chicken and a crime went on somebody else's stuff. And the rumor is that JBL's got a sick at the F Albert JB all on and on TV or like god created table at that show on the network keeps saying. He was being used for me is on the air when like me is shared history as a promo he's again use me as a sacrificial lamb and it wasn't me but I think it was. Yeah c'mon JB outright economic times and just a coincidence that it GO right now we're near where there's smoke there's fire might well you know they'll say and ranked. Anyone a holiday even and they hope you meet two Didier hall. So anyway that's why am I how to make sure they'll walk and disrespect anybody's you know knowing about our great thing about Tressel life you have to make in there's a lot of burners to listen to people are just excited that you're gonna be there. It's gonna see year like. I tell you be amazed and like I do get lake is Od did you see a lease photos it's awfully once you're there. Separated our I'm looking forward to it yeah I mean this is something that Ted and I Ted have been trying to get me to go to summer melt down. Since you started basically yeah especially since we started on the game who would we really would abide in the classic five years five or six now yeah. Yes even trying to get me to go to summer melt down but it's always the same weekend as my radio convention yup and this is the first time. Since united talking about this that there are different weekends unfortunately. It's such that there are bored reach it was a radio on to the next week it was summer meltdown that was a tough sell from ninth. I think it's us owes an easy sell my wife but for me a personal tough sell because like I don't wanna be away from my wife for two straight weekends but yeah. Sometimes you gotta make the sacrifice you do for the festival for the festival are we got back we will get into the story and not do new social media or social. That trend that is just infuriating me all right guys the decline of our civilization even when is that a problem when the right that's. Receded out the box and I had been hit for the spot has over here. Normally do it but I it is yell at you you could you possibly rent hit the button yeah you do that hole. All right British talk about that another still confident they get gastric. And nobody knows who else. Summertime in the workplace needs so slow after the staff is out on vacation including the loss of all having. Good time a and they left to do with the all the work. Well now you can relax kick back and take it easy with the new inflatable office made. Go to our website to find the one that looks kind of like you she inflated to your son. And dress it up in your clothes put it in your cubicle and off you go enjoy long lunches cocktails with friends who cares your cover. The use of anyone stops by your office your inflatable lookalike has a built in motion detector that chases him off with phrases. They wanna close. Bad Perino for lunch look at resulted in a state late today to help put that computer glitch. And yes ladies there are versions made for you that say things like. I thought Trent broke up with me you have to look at a story. Inflatable Loftus makes a good having to work well everyone else is on vacation. So I think that's my. This constant. About. A boon frantically during the call. He'll look problem I have with the Metallica concert is I feel like he's makes him more power chug Beers it's such a beer drinking. It's I did they inspired drink beer yeah yeah alcoholic a baby yeah alcoholic cop. Just them though I never listen I never drink beer and any other music loud though the music would dictate you want to drink beer now regularly and yeah maybe another band every charge or clear that you don't have even of beer this weekend probably not now no I think it's going to be so over weekend yeah hopes that. So have you heard of sir seraw ha. So late not so Russia but seraw hot. It's okay if you don't feel old I I don't don't feel it's the newest. I don't know if it's a social media happy I guess it kind is. It's the most passive aggressive. Piece of crap app I've ever heard of are ranked what it is I guess at one point it was originally meted saw the doors are rawhide is Arabic for candor. So it's not vote be honest yes but I I got apple when I heard a reason any intention for this was for a company. You created this this thing that people can anonymously. Say what they really think about the company and it goes to you and you have to worry about getting in trouble for sharing your opinion yeah well. The problem is is it's now eventually morphed into now being just a map that people use is like a social media appetite when the guys are from Danny he's got he's been. Sharing everywhere so what it does is you you create username. And any usual link in the new share the link and say hey tell me what you really think of me I won't know who says it. So then all the sun people have a chance of an like as if we needed a social media need something for people to be a troll about. Why would you do that. Well according to be apt description the point of it is to help people discover their strings and an end and the strengths and areas for improvement are receiving honesty back from employees. And friends in a private manner. So we're giving people an opportunity not the looks on in the face and say I have a problem with you or on the had to do with your work. Effort. I wish to receive a look on your face. I just I'm just blown away like number one and most people personally eat eat eat you know your shortcomings in which you're shrinks are yep. Right and the number two is like. If the even at the workplace late you don't need a nominee you know any like it shouldn't be Shockey. If you're running accompanying you know how you treat your employees you know you treat them right you might be trying to night. Have blinders on but at the end of the day you know your being a jerk or you know you're not being a jerk it's a US allied yourself or lie to yourself about your company you need this idea how bad an idea yeah I think it just seems your Dick. And I think he's using it's got a phone just see what people you know things can not and I know. While what are we doing we're weak big Mike's such a passive aggressive mentality. And it's. And Stalin didn't do what's Mexico even brought up a good point I guess at first take you ticket's going to be this this website of honesty no different and so about the Internet was gonna bring people together and it truly hasn't. It's bringing peace Terry people part. But. They they said that and the story is a fine line between honesty and bullying on social networks and even warm person says that this Abbey's breeding suicides. Yeah and also I'm sick and tired of people say it won't just being honest I hate that honestly quite. Honesty is when somebody asked you African question. Not knowing there's no reason just go all Euro ugly ten or you have that like I didn't ask you for an apparently you're. No I say hey tell anybody that guy how do you think I look today and you Atlanta I've simulate batter bright early right there in that church to being immature it's a little tight fitting and I thought Africa. Actually just certificate for little jealous I love this president shirt you were approved New Hampshire to Metallica should. I wouldn't they get about it. Maybe I should. He's sailing Hugo just me or not it's nobody last few years. Throwing out unsolicited mean thinks it to hold just saying mentality that we live in now an idea that this is only gonna make it worse lesson yet my latest stop. Contribution to you why I think the Internet sucks. Genre hot. It just seems like right years asking for mental problems. People who want who. I don't mean to be rude and if you have it while no one from just being honest. I think people who have this happen a serious issue. Anyone who's using this as a serious issue. I mean I I just don't I don't get which you would you get out of waking up in the morning and in reading something negative about yourself. And if you want honesty. Surround yourself with people who you have. Respect for and ask them for their honest opinion on things like I have you. Who. It's my closest friend Mike I got you my best friend and if I KB to 10 I am I'm. Give me your feedback on this whether or not I agree or disagree. I'm asking for your opinion and I I surround myself with sunlight values up at that I value your opinion I respect you there when you tell me it. Good or bad I mean I'm gonna take anything with a grain of salt because it's like okay this person's not insult but you don't know take it and internalize it because I ask you worthy opinion and I trust that you get a lot blow smoke I ask sales are trusting not going to be a deck. For the sake of being a debt. Right Mike I have a conversation with you a pattern with Blake guy Shawnee before yet but in an honest both even twice. Both do you have before it's advertised its flights. Now miniature too tightly doesn't look. Right it's like okay right right it's like I don't you're not to send your masters yeah yeah Ted I saw you on Friday. Not that I would hang in how we do on Friday but I saw you on Friday and that Germans really tight. Yeah stupid or it's like that apple you can my great friends or would I hate all these things that I hit anything that's opening up the floodgates for people to continue to be. Trolls on the Internet. Still lets it happen in person. No it never will focus it would be root. Reflect trap and it's a simple thing if people talk to each other the way they do on the Internet it would be rude. And also when you talk to each other from the Internet. You get told him OG in their but there's not 08 its tone of voice you can't hear it yet continue second guessing him OG until I have another body they got all worked opposite I don't know my uncle's been really negative in this and Matt. So Lisa does on FaceBook who said Zarko message. And uncles like sorry man I'm just trying to make bad jokes or whatever. I think. I don't in this case he is he's just an old dude on the Internet to doesn't Attila the mantra over seventy get off social media. Really yeah I love old people on social media because they don't market right now hope and I find great humor dat that's there are eight I. For the reason jurors saying understandable. From my remote that you can understand at all I like watching the chaos that happens when an old person tries to navigate social media I didn't say that rule because my parents and the president are over seventy if there's ever from Florida or at least it's. Get a certificate I now here's a good night you look at what you imagine old left her on Twitter. I would love we have just call your pops again we haven't talked to old after a while I will check in with a we usually need a good like eight month buffer which didn't call sold off at her because it takes a while for you get that taste out of your mouth that is. The loose cannon that is your father who I love he got a taste of the repeats its inspector click on a delicate act. So they get if he was on Twitter you probably would have him banned already. You don't know Albright who. They're at it they both Britain and I remind you who are. Fact based on line. If you keep it up but that's only two he stalks on FaceBook constantly. But he's old and he doesn't really hard a's when he says the. I know this or that nice it would even on FaceBook now Obama up on unlike you I can see your activity dad. Like you don't understand how FaceBook works I can tell would you like things like I could see what you're doing. It stopped like in those big booty lover pages. Pop pop pop my dad in the crack up on FaceBook he is such. You met my dad my dad is yes no bond up and needs to master everything. To the point where it will drive you insane. So FaceBook. Is not the right place for him because FaceBook constantly changes its lay out. Whereas things all our algorithms so as soon as he figures out where those that the the option but it is or where the messages bunnies FaceBook decides to screw them and move things around. Now he's got a book called FaceBook for dummies that doesn't apply to anything. Could give it like when you're too old probably right to. He could sit bought FaceBook for dummies that's how serious my dad is about anything that he doesn't like and I respect an hour. I think it's amazing in most situations. That he has such. Learning that he wants to be great at whatever he does and he is more often than not. But when it comes to social media. It's always changing its favorably dummies did they they've brought their boy your body here and Donny yeah. Don't do that. Tried talk to laughter I didn't I don't get Emma what's going on is distasteful thing next time you come. Home and visit you gotta show me when I'm doing wrong I'm like dad by the time I get there. It's gonna be a whole different it's going to be a challenge to get right is it like goth FaceBook for dummies and now everything in their does that apply. My book. Amazingly he added actual physical book. I think things look for W I. It's incredible hope. Real quick before you off pop on Matty I know you got to got to do for work come and go home only time get a moment of a sweating before on the top cocked. I insists he is imperfect and other general slams walker on the city of sort of they might get a sweat and when I tell him this or is the reason why do of the Internet is that we learn about things that we would never learned about. If we do not have the Internet. Because there have been living a sheltered life have you heard about coconut in all right I had. It's like when you grapefruit and except I don't understand like why did the guy originally put these junk and Coca OK so operatives I don't know I guess is a big threat on credit. By a guy he called Coca not throw a 69. I can make sense. I try to get that username I'm coconut throw a seventy unfortunately. But he rode up on a story on a sub Redick call today it's on there today I asked up. Page. And apparently also eight years ago he was living in not in Mozambique. And he said. He said that he's a mom would buy a lot of coconuts. OK so him like any younger man that's turned on by every single thing known to man and tries to have sex without needing even if it's not up actual human being. Yelled I mean I've I'm I don't know about you but I mean I mean sweet love to account once when I was a kid dice on couches and in the worst one was I. Some reason I thought Silly Putty was short really nice and no had only eight I'll stack my pews are and what kind of out. My oh yeah. Am home which you can imagine the thought right Foreman is Silly Putty around yeah I had a guy in concept it seems that you make in the mold of what you would like for debate like twelve year old me thought I was genius I tried once. I would do on a couch. We're like you know like yet each cushion to dig out like we're yes that would be you know none of the bank but what I try to would the idea couches and have liked the job. The cover over it yeah and that's sticky. Not a good idea now not terrible idea so I did I get the idea that bad to people that data with like a tomato or a jar and out of mail I mean. The weirder. I know I. Thought about it opal archive which are made a terrible idea. I hope they put it back. Big oak. You said tomato the meta joke I'm like dad did or if something we do think that'll be dealt with it eat eat eat eat it if it. We didn't it's a way he didn't disgrace that they can't terms appeal of tea cup. Gives lettuce and tomato. And I had my girlfriend. In his religion adversary I get the circuit is alone brisk day registered here in the may cast had to make a family. Her older sister. Shared a story one time we're all playing on drinking hunter mystery of how would you younger like a team. Apparently all the ladies also are. Doing ridiculous things to use for a sexual object yeah so we had the findings to put things in their findings to use to put it things and right Bob she decided do with the cucumbers. And makes sense apparently. She heard like her family come and sees she panicked. As she's doing a signal cracked cracked a common interest words. COM ING that are better at epithet and threw it in the refrigerator all right. All guy and you know where their assist or you know so they would really like coming up they needed a paranoia. Memory is serving hookers again alcohol as about I'm pretty sure they'd appeal to those fines in the sense stuff. You're not eating anything. But it's just a pretty dot I'm almost I think 99% sure that that was the case. But it's still be. I'm good mamma don't want a salad kind of yeah I think she knows relax you calmer once I would try to bump put off like that cutting board. The only good idea for all things to protect well. So anyways it's got eight years ago drove a hole on a Coca and the suddenness Jamaican looked at his coconut tends Coke and I think. Sweet sweet tooth and as a he says they couldn't got to be a good idea in my chair Dodd I can't fathom why that it was a good idea but my train of thought cloud me obviously hormones I mean I get back. Drew drilled a hole with a coconut drill. And created a hole large and a friend as he says stick my port for entails okay all right. So you some butter from the U. The men had sex at the Coca not. All the way I guess I mean it's a Coke and I was able to would have had a kid I know what I mean. To put the Coca under his bed and continue about his day if you use it for a week. And I guess he'd just you know it was. Is collecting stuff right well we seek. Apparently though he never cleaned it and they've realized the coconuts. This whole maggots. All. We're close a giver mates that's how it all started this story. Yeah I mean I would think just having a coconut and reach your dad would attract bugs me right. Even without making love to the cold one away then that lets other people sharing stories about having sex or coconuts I guess this is the thing Coke and adding I don't know if people making this up. Hobbled person says. I realized I was allergic to coconut water MI you know what's he swelled up and blocked the hole. Woo the other person says. He was doing in his mom walked in the room and caught him. That's embarrassing not a person as he tried Coke and adding but he went straight to Jersey Nextel about a pineapple and a section that instead. I apple doesn't have the easiest texture too late. As far as true goes you you have to press through a little bit I just another guy to be had tried etc. the coconut he when I date when negro decided to go. Yes you know talking to a microphone amended and do some karaoke she freaked out because well he tasted like coconut. Apparently he did in Washington event dreamy love to that Coca I think they'll be a good thing for chick I mean that's up. -- gonna yeah happiness and love him like pee in this cup of vodka. And are you bring your odd George Ryan. Do you flip dude I thought about it severing it. The total package just in case yet have idea exceptional placed wherever I'm a deep with a guy he's off tale. But I guess we got tank top are macho man Randy savage on it I have a plain black went. Tank top they're black and gray find and I have my Randi gas sold to map the went. Ma'am palm summer melt down again if anyone sees this at some meltdown you say high end. Understand that we might not be in the best state of mind so we act weird that's why yeah. Yet do we expired I gotta get ten form you know all right this could tell one more time Metallica tonight if you're listening to is on Wednesday. I thank you guys as always for our listening to the mega cachaca finest on Twitter. At three mega case. Deaver you're going. Well what's that are you going to be releasing all the beforehand and now I am coming here and I am were all walking together how nice for Ali here around 6 o'clock for when your shows over. Don't and we're gonna just. Walk from year to to drilling field awesome to bring my boombox. What do you say ABC is that a lesion or a bit later tonight a Metallica say what's up to please do yes I should be fun Metallica again next century link field all right Ted I think. Nice warm one. Too. Great. Form. Well six. I said we survived into the new mega cat studios are the giant window right behind you yeah. Two engineers has won by. Look down cellular bush just looked up saw me watching you do push ups nothing weird about that at all if you're the great feel like I kind of like what does Ted training and seasons trainer. Get of that almighty god my dad has got to make verbal during push of weird because it wearied of fish bowl now yeah remember the rethink this. We'll be jumping jacks. Alcohol alcohol problem knocks it off for at least sector were jumping jacks I did get the word god I had on homo see you later on tonight Metallica I. Some amount down thank you as always let's think you have no idea how much we appreciated please spread the word to review its iTunes we never tell people to do that oh he would do all that stuff US five star rating if you wanna US and eating less than that then don't. Know. Oh and you give us a tip that's right but Hoover now that's true just the tip. And fired T shirt yeah the rock shop KI SW dot com if you go to our Twitter pages pin at the top the link to be able to buy our T shirts. Packed Ted steely tonight. I'd seated. Festooned I think it's you do all right so you'd see it suited. To fix the coolest dude sued C.