BJGN08-11-17 - Game of Thrones - Atomic Blonde - DOTA2

Friday, August 11th

The gang discusses the latest episode of Game of Thrones; Vicky reviews the movie Atomic Blonde; Joey Deez talks about DOTA 2's The International 2017; Rev talks with Gareth von Kallenbach about Disney pulling out of Netflix; and we get the Geek Sheet with Vicky B!


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So check it out yes thank you so much and we got to get right into this because there's a lot to talk about in the first thing we gotta talk about his. Get a lot grow my hair yeah they're out of town last time my we have talked about two episodes oh yeah now. In this thing. Being going so fast and so many things have been going on I've just basically been focusing on the fact that. How amazing the delude train slash drag in the siege of of high tower. Ended up with the last episode where we finally get to see a drag it in action in there or go play a wrecking everything like the other battleground him. I didn't really expect that to happen I didn't think that would happens so quickly. But everything is really super high paced in and in these last episodes coming around at this point. So we're not worrying about. Anybody traveling anywhere Asia's boom suddenly they're there yet you have to imagine that there is some time that has passed. But that was amazing and then does know what exactly what happened the week before because I can't even remember it telling us everything is happening so fast it's a bit of a blur to me was that low light radio limits Phil move. All along my idea and we it was amazing that was interesting because yes. Essentially what happened is that adds an heiress is all of her like all of her. Like allies allies are just getting wrecked in its. Syrians fall essentially because he is not the master tactician he has spot. Because at every step of the way sitters say in your on and Jamie have just been racking up like who's coming up with all these plots as it answers because I think he is really Smart but I think he Dowd how Smart either whether it's Jamie making all these plans or sir he could easily get your prettier. You're just you're fight you're not you don't think of Jeanine as a brains kind of guy that's what you know Syrian is. So I think if it's him planning everything he's highly underestimating his brother yeah I really agree with that because we saw them take. The big guy Castro Lee rock and and that was because there was nobody there yet because Jamie took all of the last straw armies to hightower to. Hi Darden high garden. Q I'd decimate the tie rails and that was what happened when they did dad is a quick scene really they didn't show the battles or anything it was just dead the remnants of it and my yes they had all the great joy army heading up bad gray Werman and sullied act -- Iraq's in the adding -- ship then yeah he's got wrecked so bad. And then we didn't get to see old land is real out the absolute might drop Jose oh yeah. I know one though poison Jaafari so I saw I tell us there's the answers he's a monster yes thank you don't want to admit to it but yes she is. This is also the the one where. The stand snakes get what's quote uncle coming to them from Jersey horrible hole yeah house. Great scene and I mean this is an end as they episode three with the high garden killing of you know the admitting it's so great because when you do it in this and the next episode. You see that serious fighting Jamie that's the whole idea he's fighting that version of the wind dusters and users see as a different version of the lancer she's cut throat she breaks all the rules he doesn't care about honor she's done with all that after kids have died. And so that's why he's losing this battle this disease nor are now fighting could pulling US trust battle officers are honest and do what I want I'm gonna go kill everyone in our garden essentially. I don't care about the rules I need the money and I'm gonna fight this this item in the demon that is one termites here in these unfortunate hysteria didn't even do anything. No and Jamie now knows that which is kind of an interesting take on it I I love the fact that. Everyone is saying and telling and making sure that. Miss mother a drag ends the Marist does not. Go just straight to king's landing take a dragon blow it up because basically you would be. Who serve being the people using the same thing that everyone else's like you being the same. Person that is you know taking over the same. The same evil your hair out that this exactly playing in literally slaughtering civilians have been dragging and I can't really control as far as where all that fire burns down so we thought your turn it. Yet read it wouldn't rule these people not too little but they did figure out a way to get around that which was going in taking out Jamie. Getting rid of VD coffers of gold that which we're going to go to his those are the big space we just great because I mean they totally telegraphed did when they win them when then the bankers say they're talking as they. Yeah will be good once we get the gold. And I hopeful hopefully that out melting gold is easy to pick up because that's about all there is a business. Only the so I know I totally love that at a Sherlock Holmes his brother by the the de BBC's I don't know I -- dynamite dropped that's a man like you smug bastards all you can play and them type jazz is smug bastard reverberate actors yeah yeah. Absolutely on the one thing in like two episodes ago we also we finally get brand back to winter fell to oh yeah he's he's all cuckoo my he stony. My favorite is like all the means about Fran right now right because there is one where it's like. Bootleg in the video game Reid can take the multiple plea he should teller that little finger should not just he should tell Larry that the white walkers are much closer than you anticipate. Teller you know that you know Johnson as a Zairian. You shed probably tell our and then he picks the when he picks is teller she looks pretty in the white dress than I she got raped by Ramsey killing at least a dollar right yeah that's probably her I will. And he should do we're gonna your renegade on this path it's really kind of entertaining though to see finally get all starts put together but they're not. Like a except for John who is still hanging out mining dragons don't at this point. But it's seeing everyone and it's been so long since they've been together it's the same person. But Blake just altered like. Are you showing off. Becoming essentially it looks like the best horseman in west rose at this point I'd rather drought a brand and no one's not a hack. And that was so cool responses just like wow. And then even like little finger talking width bribe brand name and suddenly realizing that brand really does know. Everything. Then the chaos is the latter at most some people might not realize that the that actually came from. When little finger and various were looking and talking to each other I think it like season three. At the iron brown and it was like you know normal people like us don't aren't going to be as sending to this and they're just talking about the ways that they like to go about things. And little finger use the term chaos is a latter because that's the way that he wants to client and that's why he's causing all these issues so when he says that. You see a little bit of me change in little finger is just why. But very noticeable and then now he's kind of realize why it's like oh brand knows about. All of might terrible things he does everything he knows some stuff go on non-GAAP. And I might want those really confused about and I hope that they kind of go about in this next episode. Is scientists face. When she's watching REF. You know spar with free and play because she had that same face as she looks at. With friend she's just like oh my god is it. These people are no longer my siblings face or. These people might. Like either she's becoming a sir see I'm what I'm worried that she's going to answer to your typist or seep in and she's going to kind of be she's giving a bad guy she's gonna know that these people are gonna get in the way of fact of what she wants. You don't think maybe it's even in just a touch of our family is actually stronger now for all of these hardships we've been through when we may actually be a force to be reckoned with I mean this the idea is still there that she's gonna be at the top of it all but. She's got now she's got like OK this is this is our family this is how strong we become. Yes and no it's just it's just look of fear. I don't knows not to trust anything in in my eyes it was wow I really see how war create soldiers. Because. They were also strong at that point in what are felt that they weren't family anymore like you could kind of tell that and I features like flowers in the ground fight this war hopefully the next generation will be better by you she never I think it's also up. I don't know she understands that she might not be a mother kind of missing as well. Because she's going to be fighting this war for what seems to be a very long time and many people are gonna die. Side note I posted this on the FaceBook page yesterday took a look at forehead. It's it it creeped me the hell out of what I was watching reading this article and I needed fact. Spotted something pretty intelligent scene from game thrown in the Nixon that he was she talking to bring an aria mean. And and she said something along the lines of like you know you. You shortage so serve both my mother's daughters. And somebody like a red airplane out of the second she says mother. Like in the background somebody walks spy wearing a big long address what looks like you know my hair similar to Catlin. And other thing with. What if that happened in the book so we haven't seen yet is lady still hard. Where it's like Osama fight evil version McAllen start to goes out killed everybody. Yeah and they have really not done anything with that on the show but it was a pretty major part on the in the books. And some people were kind of sad about that and just because of how much is going on you can't really show that off that much so maybe it's a nod maybe it's a little bit more than that that's what they're saying perhaps it's even a cell Easter egg because George RR Martin was said he was disappointed that you know start heart wasn't in the HBO series so it'll be really interesting to see where that comes and if it comes into play our fifth maybe it was just like you said just a slight nod. We're getting really close already to the the end of this first season. Yeah so or this last seven season good god I just first of the truncated apparently. Some really say to see what while what's going to be going on from that. Condition we think that's a we're gonna see John Anne and an heiress do it at any point. There but I'm good brother and sister knelt there and doesn't tell it -- and nephew now lets you know oh okay that's creepy error I don't know daddy hey Arnold and make you're right eight let her family was like I mean. Now we know her brother did some weird stuff to her and their whole families like quote unquote pure blood line which is weird because they're wait till you are not enough screen time for that for. I don't care they're both beautiful people don't see them naked guy. Vicki shortly we did talk about this on special ops mark Ron reviewed a couple weeks ago atomic blonde could be you did manage to see and I would love to need your perspective as a female. And also let's say a a non com managing geek and that we know that mark to be would you think of it I had a really fun time an. A lot of people who cooing at but it said you shouldn't percent of Ron tomatoes into certified fresh I think regardless I really look that good. It's a spy movie it's thrilling this really it's not like avatar visually coming got you can do in this had not yet but just how greedy. What they dearly when I took who then seeing what I can movie scene glass whenever. Briefly in college they kind of took you along the psychology of the following the patterns following this and that and I like the patterns are so it senior face between the black and white between mice you know there in Russia and every time just a drink there's ice she needs her arrest only on ice it's just half. All the color sequences are the same until something changes then you know everything changes she's not wearing those signature colors anymore. And it's just fun it's bad ass like anybody music. As shown up to rally. How highly do you recommend recommend it you're gonna as I love like divide it it kind of has an insult your feeling accurate everyone's doing like the cool funky up between four rag in Iraq how the funky colors Gary rag out of an already out it's kind of the same way but dark and gritty and it works. Like on Carty inventory it's funny so that's why those funky colors and all the patterns work but for some reason they made this. Missed all jab but great at an ounce and go check it I have contact plus as a percent of our socio Marshall. Oh yeah tablet craze hasn't thought to be yourself Jones toll half I Tuesdays and Thursdays I was like six bucks tell yeah yet Tuesdays are amazing to go see movies a lot of times you can go see some some movies on the cheap and it's totally worth it yes I'm like well if if I don't like the movie I was I was expecting to hit. Like satellite guys I had thought I might not I would pay full price for us love it now Cho. You told me about an event that is happening this this week and that is we talked about it previously but it's a really big deal in the terms of B sports. Spam man died donuts whose international's happening right now actually dole are watching it right now I don't know are as I area upon it's their big dearly turnaround they've been running for seven years now posits seventh international. You know one of the surprises that god go to that are funded by the people who play the game so it's say yeah. 24 million dollars sure. You know that's what the biggest purse for any eastbourne at this point IR IRR yeah. I mean they were the ones that originally broke the first million dollar prize for teens you know couple years ago so it's only gotten bigger and bigger this is the biggest prize pool ten million dollars to first I mean. Gotta check out at some of the most intense gaming you're gonna see they have a point to shout casting day nine does a lot of casting as well he's a great a guy have a Dana. Jack go check it out you'll be watching right now probably somewhere around the quarterfinals then the next over the finals this area. They did release. A little teaser. For valves new game you have which is interesting because all I saw was a 152 video of a splash of a screen and then people cheering yeah ha ha that was that was hit it OK okay they released a little bit of information about it but it's a card game called artifacts based off of the dough to two game itself flow interesting and this is really don't it too was the original mobile right don't as the original mobile it was a war craft three mod team that everyone played putt like. You know just. Hours on end like before any other rover really even existed. And now they're getting into a card game with my Blake's three battlefield science it's crazy it's gonna only be on vowels engines steam and there are not gonna do when a mobile. Right now they saved you know you never know if there's things I can make sense by it's looks like it's me great you know bloody heroes I think it's meal like hero clicks the backing of the board of the all right yeah yeah so be looking out probably on the look out for that it should be pretty awesome. Awesome thank you so much on that Joseph now I need to speak with mr. Garrett the bond Colin bock. Loan skewed in review that is SK and. Net scare his body Colin box from skewed and review that is SK NR dot net and Garrett and also about things that you've been experiencing another you've been playing lead new call of duty. DLC what's it about nude. Well old. Like most of the cold duties is the third one so did today is out now for the PC edge and for the Xbox one have solution is the name of the pack it's been out already for the bush PlayStation foreign like Chad the other ones contains four new maps and it also contains. A new episode of the outcome. Zombie mode for the game now in the four new maps turf course. You know. Really fun but there really different there's one called amber which is an old town castle and it's a remake of the old maps for march previous call of duty resistance so of course it's been given high tech car. Upgrade you have one map called Bermuda which obviously is so little tropical fishing village there's one called permafrost which is a lot of farm. Because it's a multi level thanks not only do you have ice and snow but you have like kept some chops you can put their future it's on top you can set that kill zones above and get people blow and then personally in my favor one is for which is set around a mini golf course and got a from RK it's just act first to sarcophagus. To all sorts a little Heidi areas to pop album nail people so. That's a lot of fun but you know the real calling card on that would be zombie mode so lump is it is hitting new zombie mode. Along the terms I mean the width when you're playing these games it's. Waves upon waves of zombies. Yeah you gotta try to survive for as long as possible are they sticking to that formula or DR they've started the new twists and turns. Little boat. Actually so what they've done is or cheapen the formula. That they started with the Internet warfare of force firing actors that victory auditioning for a or so only get pulled into the psychotic directors excel homes near had zombies in space land with Hasselhoff you can actually go on the rights and stuff the eighty soundtrack. The next one was -- in the redwoods which was ninety steam with Kevin Smith you know the typical summer camp slasher on the loose then they decided to go really crazy and make the next one shell and shuffle with Pam Grier and you had come through modes and it was kind of seven asked us where. Of new York and it was hysterical so this time out. We have to attack the radioactive staying with Elvira. And oh wow. It starts in black and white you can go to color there's a bit where you can actually had to switch and turned it to read from a key and it's one of those 1950s. Atomic monster things complete with yes atomic monsters nuclear waste in the giant creature Alps on a beach town coming into the shore so you have you know the characters this time out you have like a fifties early US soldier agree search and a crazy science has to monitor with more options -- and of course issue no wave after wave after wave of zombies and it's it's quite humorous from her coming out your. With the palm to Doral and every now that. You don't fire herself grabs gunning comes in the battle were actually have some video of the game slavish. That suck up on the site it is it's quite funny and it's frustrating you know after a while because oh yeah I have a long segment were it was completely dried no grenades no bullets no thanks I'm running around like crazy waiting for someone either to get Max memo to refuel mates or to find some way to get enough money to buy new ammunition. That is amazing a local twist because I mean you'd think that may be. It would be boring just doing the same thing over and over again but they really made a way to kind of make that that. A fun and entertaining experience each different time now we got to move on because this is some big news that just dropped. And they're really need your take on this because it looks like Disney is going to be pulling. All of their stuff from Netflix and it's looking like they're going to be doing streaming services just on the basis of certain products or certain franchises in such effort may be. That they just wanna go with maybe like a Star Wars only streaming service or they are looking to like. Conglomerate everything into one of their own under their own things. It's a tough. Call this point all we know is that it's doing 2019 and made recently I got a large data convey AM. Online service and does the data compression and everything like that they feel that based on how everything's been going what that cash they're ready to move forward. The belief is that it's ever free Disney product why all. And that is a good thing but at the same time it's potentially a bad thing we were actually discussing this with a group of Irish Star Wars and Disney fans online and my attitude on it is best. Your were kind of battle point I think there's saturation we always hear about one meals are cutting the cord that sort of thing. And I look at it and I say you know like take. My wife and I for example. We've already got Amazon prime we've got Netflix so down on top of that you got star Shia and HBO we've got DISH Network. Now supposedly if we wanna watch Star Trek we're gonna have CBS all access and and now you've got this other entry and let's not even forget like Karate Kid in YouTube bread and all of these other things that are coming down the road so now you've got this new entity coming out saying all hey guess what pay another monthly for your by another subscription watcher concept. It's one of those weird things because I like ala carte to see it seemed like a really good idea at the time and I think it's just along those lines of I'm really kinda anything if you think about it's like EA it's good to eat in usually mainly in a small sort of setting or maybe like. I yank get inept flakes or get get Yahoo! Luke but he's certainly realize that you need to get all of these different things in its. It's rough when you're like you wanna watch one or two shows may be offered these or maybe you just wanna have like that Disney Channel for your kids. And you have to subscribe to this and now all of a sudden oh if I wanna watch Star Trek I gotta pay. For this one and then is sometimes there's always something on Netflix or something old Leon who that you wanna get. How can people really I guess this deal with this fragmentation. In this all of carte sort of menu thing. And see him out. The thing and you almost wonder if there's going to be somewhere down the line or somebody gets wise and says what's -- treat it like you cable service where you pay us one money and we you don't wanna Malcolm Wii and earn their money off to these other companies similar to how cable works today after negotiate their rate touch and you literally pay for one service you have back and then you can like opt in and opt out if you wanna pay this you get Netflix and everything if you only want to retrieve cash you get this and and you kind of wonder but the problem has everything seems to be about control on this new this is kind of my whole thing with the Disney thing. I don't mind the service. Provided. They all put up the vaults let's get Song of the South let's get back all those sold live action films the Kurt Russell things and he was bush teenager -- young man almost live action films from the 50s60s. And seventy's what's put them all up their put them on one thing and say there you go have at it now the trick as we know but that was part of Disney's big marketing on the video Erica was being able to say. This is the movie reporting out now you have three monster Biden after that it's gone for at least ten year yet totally. And my thing is if there are only going to take what is currently on Netflix now and what we're peacefully did it. To go on Netflix like their new releases and stuff. Then I got a bit of an issue but it you're gonna start opening up the ball you know apple dumplings gang and how bloody cold feet and you know the originals shaggy dog in the shaggy DA in the you know just on and on and on Gus computer wartime issues world's greatest athlete. Everything. Then you got something and I think that's going to be the biggest she what exactly you're gonna offer how many of the classics. And again are they gonna come out and say well we better make contents that you can't get any worlds to specifically for the service. Good call on their enemy if you think about it Disney has a ton of properties like they are a kinda like the news Corbett mean they've got ESPN they've got ABC they've got all of these different properties that if he can get something like that you're right. You know and here. And here's one looks through this crazy you wild card out there. They do have five years were the Scripps for a live action Star Wars television show and they can lure. You know every now and then we keep pyramid rumors about there. Not entirely. You know hopes. Kim you know they have an entirely cam that plan and they do kick the tires summit every now and then if you've talked about a platform say hey we got a new live action Star Wars. Series. And you can only get an honor subscription service. It's a good call -- to keep an eye on it then you will as well gear thank you so much again that is gears on Colin Bogle from skewed in review that is SK and art dot net. Following am working they find you on Twitter Gareth. SJ and our Kara awesome easy defiant and lots of great information thanks so much man. Any time thank you so much gear is again gears on column backe could find him in more of his stuff but as Kate and our dot net. Now it is time all our yeah she twist pretty big. Vicki what you got. Flores right one of the movies I think you guys talked about on spots yesterday. It's getting really good reviews in the sense well it was getting really really good reviews for awhile when it first came out. On rotten tomatoes as a 100% you were losing their minds below. Are presenting more about not bad 67%. For Annabel creation. And yeah mark did talk about this on yesterday spots you get all that information but did they shortened suite of it is that. Even though mark I guess that is a curmudgeon and sometimes he does hate on a lot of things what he meant he was really it was really cool with this one he didn't go in expecting a whole lot. But he had a lot of fine and he definitely said that this is one of those ones that it is worth it going to see in the theater with a big crowd of people who are a lot of horror movies are like that you wanna go see them with the budget be we will have five. Now the heat actually there is one of our movie that I think the petition to that I one highlight the one I wanna go see who sat there I relay to get out. Yes technically wore gas war thriller like January saying yeah but the one I saw. Trailer recently was happy dashed today then. It's coming hell Friday the thirteenth of October began the enemies of houses is a friend you know and I. Oh I know and. How lowly gray. But basically it's just a good girl and she relives her day exactly it's her birthday of but every day the exact same as the day she gets murdered does the Al Ahmad daddy is a guy with a creepy gas mask and she basically religious as she wakes up in some guys bed in a dorm she's just like. Same phone call bird fly now and so she's memorized as just having fun with it. But you know at the end of the they should get killed some like every single time to get killed describe got a few got to wait to not get killed so she can stop this infinite loop down right and how crazy is like an outlet and car alarm bird this that that's happening like I'm telling the truth I don't destination is you know they're all gonna die Daryn over that's. I mean like if you had the I would Jew I mean you're dying. And at the end of the day but you're coming back it's sort of like immortality. It's like a kind of these needy monkey off finger closing its like I wanna live forever. Okay well here you go yet here I should you imagine trying to please do your favorite things like you're like I don't go to Vegas but you die and the airplane I'm Leo large pizza Pete Dye in the first like I. Quite like it in the trailer you seal like she's so you know doing the walk of shame back to her sorority. Things just kind of really would like what Whitney can only go to Disneyland enter at Disneyland in just relive that over and over again yeah that's not gonna work out is going to be the day that I get food poisoning mistook on the toilet the whole time huh. And then the question becomes do you just then just go somewhere else so that you've that killer wouldn't be there or not always catch up with you no matter hillbillies catches up like it like not just like I'm. Accidentally billion here and there are like in the moment like an act of moment seize momentary whenever he's been planning this her sheer Webber's a behind the creepy mask right. So she's trying to find a way to fight back so. That's happening in the couple months and I will see that I look as good as of the as a legacy that would meet RJ yeah how Smart I was do you give free doubt that's the best part I don't know an adult diaper I not be able to track down how you bring your bagel stage pledge sheets yes. I'll quickly go through the other ones that are here I give kids the nut jobs his coming out. That sits. If it is an escape status and Katherine hi come out OK okay it's it's the second one it's only 20% so there. If he would have been if you if you have kids he had to see it there ego and no one there's another look like an enemy I think this came out. Before of its limited release now it's called in this corner of the world can anything really it's 96% on rotten tomatoes and the thing that just like oh my got its hand drawn animated film I love. Yes so that's that's pretty impressive set in the corner of the world nice and have you faced center Iowa courts so it's. Sounds just a hand drawn stuff it's always fun to see when they still do that needs through it feels so weirdness don't you think you know back in the day when they actually had to but you're only as never remembered until I watched like the old enemy until like oh my god we're told ABC that any of those movies let us know BJP station in would love to hear your reviews and tonics and next. Stay nanny. Your inner geek wants to come out and play blood where to. Join Vernon Wells speed ultimate globe where you when your fellow geeks can hang out play games just nerd out 24/7. Whether you love RPG's video games or are just a major fan of size flying culture Vernon Wells says something for every one. Let your deep flags fly at Vernon whilst it. Sign up today and see for yourself BMW duck club that's BMW dot bluffs.