BJGN08-14-17 - Preacher - Magic the Gathering: Commander 2017

Monday, August 14th

Vicky talks about the latest episode of Orphan Black; the gang discusses the latest episodes of Preacher; Rev & Joey Deez talk about the upcoming Magic: the Gathering Commander 2017 product; and we get the Geek Sheet with Vicky B!


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Your inner geek wants to come out and play like where to. Joined Vernon Wells safety Golden Globe where you when your fellow geeks can hang out play games just nerd out 24/7. Whether you love RPD's video games or are just a major fan of size flying culture Vernon Wells says something for everyone. Let your deep flags fly at Vernon whilst the sign up today and see for yourself BMW duck club that's BMW doc plus. Ladies and gentlemen geeks of all ages you are now entering Vijay chase the nation. Welcome yes welcome to Vijay season geek nation in I and the reverend didn't quite go across for me is Vicky Barcelona plus. Coastal Cruz joins us both drew and we do have Joey. He's my adhere to the goalie and Vijay see our both on assignment I'm sure Batman and boy wonder are out solving crimes or doing who is running around in tight. Thinking how can people get all the last. And we have a website these Diggnation dot com it's gonna have our FaceBook or phone number. All our other information for social media were pretty much almost everywhere he's meant snapped Jack I don't wanna see. Any more proof. I was slow to tell people you want to capture and I was being very oh yeah oh those those other yeah dad yeah. Doesn't have to tell us that we contacted now I know that Vijay isn't here Vicky but that doesn't mean you. Haven't been all caught up on orphaned black farming out and I need to know or at least I know that I geek nationals need to know what's going on with orphaned black because this is the final season and we actually only have one episode last oh wow how when he aired last night haven't seen it yet. Because their son written. I am the myth. Oh. It is literally is I watched two episodes narrow because we were gone for that week so I didn't I. Preacher and orphaned black I had a catch up four episodes total all right yeah. Basically just to kind of get back on track. So like everything is discounting in the fan the last thing you can be and I talked about where it is where. Rachel figures out that she her cyber net take eyes actually a waiver. For them to kind of watch over her she's fine yeah we we talked about that last Tania so now we're kind of dealing with what's happened she's they've stolen a lot of information from these guys so they can outcomes of the keys to sell this information freely billions of dollars and Alec are spikes stuck cellblock hey. Will keep your secret to scare us money Kennedys yacht extortion and blackmail or they can expose what they've done until the clones and stuff so Rachel between the two episodes and it comes at a mine and together. They figure out like you know they have Karabakh is Rachel gives the daughter back. That now they're kind of figuring out between Chevron and clip Lincoln honored him. Rachel and then let's just say Casilla casinos girlfriend nothing Delfino like they form an alliance way stuff Ferdinand. Who was one responsible for killing one of their sisters he's just kind of a piece of crap Rachel turned against him in so he comes back in full of engines an unfortunately. Acts if you've. Should mrs. that's the mother gets killed. Man oh it was totally could see it coming. Because you know they knew that there and a chain link they're gonna turn against him as she's writing out like she knows she's gonna dies each she's writing a letter like crap. She's she's and I like keep that there's no league there's no maybe she's gonna die like she's gonna die he'll show her crying over writing a letter. If she's not gonna die so the little like a day. I think they're thanks in protecting tick you don't look at you would do that we are there to learn your body language and it wasn't a surprise for an easy game of drones like those kind of shows that what what would. This person dying right now holy crap I'm trying hard swearing dance. I don't think that's a Monica okay. She's gone where we're gonna loser but yes we do the they did end up. Kidnap being Helena who is pregnant very pregnant with two babies. They kidnap her they're trying to induce labor can they need some of that and the local lake fluid dose and health but because it. It they're trying to keep the Westmoreland alive OK so you think we need to get those babies outcomes are going to be miracle babies like here is can she can heal pretty quickly. And she's connected to all the clones. They don't really know why they just know that she is certain. So what we end up Salinas just say we get her back story we always knew issues kind of nuts and bold we first meter. She's killing off follow all the to all the clones. Because she was raised to believe that they were all copies and that they were filthy creations and guide he I. Once he's a ball missions we ask my job agency app does her job Achilles she think she's the original and so was. Sarah it's at Sarah really convincing her that no we are twins we are actually from the same womb. Is there an actual original have they established out while ago it turns out like who was the donor. Like OK we need to look who's in the mail isn't email and it turns out it was session on misses as his mother Deseret news BS talking about that yeah how many seasons ago can they ended up killing her. She. Ends up having both Khalid in her system she has both the nation and both male and female so they able to extract voting 38. This all the clones basically. So this this last episode does and where us. Yeah of them they've bred and our show Javon goes off gets killed. But she also he'll turn and a prostitute and I'm like I will hate you write the next and she'd it often usually leading out of his neck. I don't know yet so right now there in the facility is showdown happening. African Helena like I said the eight shorter stories a child and wiser hair blonde it's because she was living in a convent. And another and she catches and undoing and stuffed yourself. Now. By electors but commoner here or not yes you're the only 100 on and on our way to put that euphemism there's no there there there. And I hop artist Allen or do you know I don't. And to make an remixing alma turned tables while I and so those nine gets mad at her. For catching transition dunks or head and puts bleached color head pop off basically the same day. You're an abomination of the demon inside humans as she eventually gets adopted are taken back by a forever her dad is and that's what that what creek terrace. You are going to kill the other clones. And sole win doctor Cody year what are Virginia coyotes like Janet know what you're not going to be able to raise these kids you're not. He you you've done awful things you're not even deserve to be a mother here at that moment Helena thanks. She's right woman do this right babies as she tries to kill herself she manages to get she's strapped in but she manages to get us thing interest killers also. It all be done they savor with the help Sarah she was already there infiltrate in the Conner. And Sarah between the 20 save dominant like as Helena being crazy she is an all anyone or any water she's trying to push he's Davies out. Grabbed Virginia coyotes face just smack it up against the bar of films of the the bad why is all Blondie and Laura she'd like to. As Elena. She's just like who isn't like your act as mother and so yesterday was the final episode. Know our yen yesterday I haven't seen it yet okay and so well I know that we'll be talking about that we may have to say the finale for what we know for sure when BJ at the end because I know you guys have a lot of words about that well like the last thing we see is like they're trying to get Helene out of there and then some water breaks. She's like they've these are coming they're trying to induce her GAAP her berth in mood and and so we know that we know that our it's gonna have a showdown with his partner who is actually a bad guy. It like I don't know what's gonna happen with Rachel she's kinda weak as your dry out. So yeah I've got an apple and all the big expose everything instead of selling the information they exposes on the Internet so people are getting arrested left and right. At its all out effort the whole worst decision wow so it's what's what's gonna happen to them. Eight big steps now. They better wrap up yeah right now we did have do you like you said you're talking about having to catch up on or from black outside to catch up on preacher just like you because I had totally forgotten that I didn't watch the episode I so I had two hours of that with me and I loved the first episode because it was all about herr Starr Dan who is essentially the big bad in most of the comics. Oh in most of the comic art who we did at the scene of killers and right now senate killers has been for the most part dealt with right he's at the bottom of the idea of a swamp in for all intents and purposes he is not in the picture. Of course they can bring them back to sometime right and two it is dealing still with that. And I just loved bill whole ascension of herr Starr and just dealing with oh yeah I'm going to be this person who will be you know go right hand man except now I don't need to be under anybody I'm just going to become now the leader of this group this division of the Grail and who. There is set out to make sure and eradicate. Any sort of false gods so we had a floating pig get in Vietnam. These first I thought I was great I thought it was hilarious. It would it was interesting to see how they tried to explain in a way in his just like well I'm sure he poisoned the well kill all of kill all of them like ten like clothes just the water that did it. Am committed with just like. Okay played willing to accept that it was something like that as a host to an actual mirror coal more however they wanted to decided. I love the fact they made it and currents that. That Abraham Lincoln was a false idol could empathize that was the reason why they he had dad dealt with it's it's kind of funny to see it on that way. I was a big kind of hope being that they would give a little more. I guess the story would progress a little bit more but lately it's turning other they've just turned to warn that wins into a big leg dead end. Yet and even going so much pain and using the yields said the CSI and Hanson Hanson hands with the with that it didn't adored us. And I basically you know do it as the a Geek Squad rip off sort of thing doing with that and I love how the fact they're like I don't know menus save no one can tell anything and I want to visit serial numbers on this guy who don't worry it's not there we took care Victoria and I think the most heartbreaking part about the whole entire thing was that he was right there on the deep under the easier hired time. And he did he bother to look at that he just was so focused on what was. The lake beds a video that was on the dvd as opposed to the dvd itself which would have at least point them in the right direction so now other in this. It's weird because there at a dead end but the Grail is in these same apartment building two doors down essentially. And now will be coming though the one ladies now essentially sort of like two lips. Almost friend gap because tools trying to deal with anything and she really does need different because no one is there and a helper. Like. She'd like Jesse wasn't there somehow managed to not you know get everybody killed. At the last second. But even like with that a what's Cassidy saving very she's just not close to anyone now that might be an interesting way for her to actually. Not. I am just assuming that she just wants to die she's maybe hoping that. That that going to use the Hurt Locker and getting shot for money. With a bulletproof vest which is colors by the way yes that this is going to be the way that he maybe she dies or maybe she can get through her stuff. Because she's envisioning the scene of killers racking every time make shooting her every time. And that's gonna sock. Like just did not really get out of that and I gave us asleep yet not build a sleeve now building do we think some really really feeling for two of character. Cast I'm feeling for Cassie area now by the way that babies there. So I well. My well now we're on British. Are you gonna go hair hadn't turned Danny into an empire Dennis. And I'm only in this we didn't race. Do you need easy didn't he you remember his French went yet they never has the ball I never learn French club is here's the interesting thing because he definitely doesn't want to do it. Dennis Dan knee he absolutely wants a because he doesn't want to die. The fact that capacity has been around for so long and he's seen all his friends all his loved ones die or in the course of the years he understands bat. It's. It's just it is that curse that really isn't going to be a blessing at any point in time make sure you're gonna get to live forever but it's not like you're invulnerable. It's not like you're not is just a really bad idea and you've got some mail these rules that you have to abide by so you don't die things like I missed the beach Jack you don't get to goes you'll never get to see another sunrise or sunset makes you wonder how one or no play them obviously he was a young man when he. Even when he turned via. That's just like I wanna know why or how we got turned a one or no cast like how that'll happen with Cassidy can and we may get there with that may be at some point just because we saw him talking on the phone with somebody things like who do you need more money total like father sort of staying. And mideast talking about how now my son it's like okay our equals that is a quasi scientific. Mean really colleague of dozens let's be honest exactly and he's just like don't do it. But again at the same point I mean that the nostalgia is gonna get to one. But also. You're embraced seeing for you know to take a masquerade had turned their you're embraced seeing an old man is not like he's gonna suddenly become youthful. In I would hope that he would be healthy as well but he's gonna be an old crusty dude that's gonna be living forever as an old Christy do I mean if he really wants off himself there's ways of earth does the holy water affect. Eat eat it really depends on the lord that the data that that they want to embrace with the the show yet or you know obviously the line up here yet it because sometimes they're like no holy watered as a word bears don't work out if there watching like Dracula 2000 or something you get all the different things that I they were I. They could you know if you really like wanted to no longer be I wanna to have NetSuite release of death that he's you know eluded for so long I mean he just doesn't have to drink blood and heal himself and he beat. There yeah and that's a responsibility to we used to we don't know we don't know enough about how Cassie as a vampire works in this yet. And I think that's fine I think keeping it kind of mysteries is always fun to have a no case to look you can just see a machine guns her. Oh yeah that was that the funny part is like the other doing it for the big in the Hurt Locker this deal everybody. But as I I was like oh react Cass he's all in all mat gas Lovie and his dad coach Steele love Eugene. Upn hell no man how the hell happened hello. And I. And I look like what in the hell itself the kind of high up. Yeah like a ceiling and I really mean it literally high up in the in hope that it now. It's interesting just to see the fact that you give hell has this wondered prison colony that you know as those being nice to people they show. Really what that means you gonna go down into. In Q this whole does that hold yet in the hold down into literally a hole the extrapolate error that. Takes your it's your worst Mo made and then turns it and turned the night even Moret. And that's the one reason why he is trying not to show that he doesn't belong there because now I realize that he's going to be stuck in something horrifying like that. I wasn't Eugene get the heck out of Hal come on all right let him how alike got the U gonna bring gazette eat pricking me Hitler is helping him fifth paso is a is it isn't gonna Steve two arena Hitler on earth like I had a feeling that angle with school until seems like the nicest. I and a hell he wants he wants it to be out because he wants to. I guess throw out the institution. Like to let everyone know that hell is just a weird institutionalized. System that. Maybe maybe we got our own prison systems based office somebody escaping hell originally in deciding you know what such a bad ideal thing Dario do that. It's it'll be interesting to see where they go with that I'm still on I'm still on board. With the show MOK went up there I do you wanna see it kind of move forward a little bit more but the fact that we got hair star in the mix now. I'm really okay with that you'll really happy week and wants us to call on met analyst herr Starr sexy in my chemically anything sexy now. Because I he's like that's exactly well I would you know. Beer meant to with elements like I would give you your family give me information doesn't make or. There's your there your persuasion tell you if I love battle. His whole back story adding yeah honey do is really great I'm moving on from that we do have to talk a little magic the gathering because this is a lot of fun. Would instead of the normal sets out there were suddenly in the spoiler season for a commander. And now commander Tony seventeen the announced first off instead of the normal five decks and they've had in the past. Now they're going with. Four decks and people are kind of wondering about that than hey what's going on well they announced in the air talking about this they being wizards is the coast. And they said that because the optimum way to play commander for the most partisan group before going forward you're going to be doing this. Which is kind of interesting because that also means that they're probably not gonna do mono colored commanders anymore because of the five color so that might have gone to the wayside. This time though they've decided to go with tribes. As the way to to it to promote the product what does that mean. There is a deck that is dedicated to cats. There is a decade dedicated to vampires. There is a deck dedicated to wizards in of course the wonderful. All right fans. Want dragons dragons is bad ass so. First off the deck is green and white and it looks like to really focus around it will catch soldiers and also the equipment that they use a lot of those ones are doing Matt. The vampires are going whiff the with what is the red white and black. Amar do you marks the marred new colors from the cons. And so they're really kind of revolving around that and it's in the cards are just amazing how wizards are the the creek just colors the blue black and red you may remember that from such cards as knuckleball last. Back end in the dragons are my colors. So really sort everything out gather going all over the place and it's really kind aids is super fun because they've got a ton of really. Awesome legendary us. Some of the legendary is include a vampire soldiers that says it costs one lasts for each is. I just lost their eight costs one less to cast for each one life you've gained this turn. This is live C the same wind Tribune. First stricken wife link for a 44 and this has paid five wife put three plus one plus one counters on the CF activate this ability only during your terminal once for turned. Which is pretty cool because it suddenly taking life gain which a lot of times is incidental when these sort of sort of formats. And making it in turning into really big resource. One of the coolest wizards that I saw is Manhattan mayor still the pretender. And he's a wizard of the old Greeks is colors four of them 444 when he enters the battlefield you can exile an artifact or creature card from your hander graveyard of putting cage count on it who's taken the creatures or the artifacts. Putting them in a cage. And then he has all the activated ability is all of all the cards that you own an exile with cage counters on them and you can activate each of these abilities only once each turn. So they went away from the does that booze they can do everything in all the graveyards you can't infinite combo with them which is really kind of a nice sort of thing at this point because. Well you don't like him you're gonna have hi Annette. Of infinite combos when you're playing in. In magic especially when you're playing in commander. And so it's one of those things that you're like OK yes sure this gives them a little bit of arranged you're not gonna build a go crazy united bill to go off but you still go to they'll have a lot of fun. These are all in the cool part about like even like the vampires what this. Each of them have different abilities and a lot of and so based off of the commander that you want to play with the type you wanna play with one the other vampires is I've math that's fifteen sinker seeker. And he is just a red white and black for 33 menace at the beginning of your and step put a bounty count on target creature an opponent controls for as long as a creature has a Downey count on it. It has when this creature dies each opponent draws a carton gains to life. A 33 for three is a definite agro strategy with that she can take some of those more agro vampires that you have there. Like Olivia boulder Rondo does some smaller casting cost wind. Or trend of the smaller casting cost one agro once you can go with that have a lot of phone what that even rent something like. Only shoes miles a death. Dick can work in what those like they're doing a lot of like. Really you know the commanders all the multiplayer anyways that they really get a good job with this set in particular about like giving your opponents a lot of stuff or you know giving him a choice but to cap that has to two for two. That's protects from rats and gives an opponent a rat and gets bigger to kill wrath is. Yeah brace freak is gonna help or your parents out there and also it's not a virtue but you know you can create enemies now. Each player other than its controller create a token that's a copy of that. Grady strong yeah pretty amazing. This is. This is one of those ones where a lot of people I know are gonna be wanting to tinker with the Dax. They seem to be poor the powerful. Each of them are pretty solid and the fun part about this is also. That you can look at this and there's a cart right now OK so I just saw this and I'm totally got distracted by it. Maggots of the mind now there's a lot of cards that well of them maggot cycle it's been a long lasting ones we got maggots of the coffers which is like cobalt coffers. There is maggots of the whale which is likely yacht must will maggots of the moon which is like blood meant all these cards that they're creatures but they replicate the effects of some longstanding cards. Now they got a new one called maggots of the mind which is a mine's design here. On a wizard how light hit yeah which says sacrificed him shuffle your library and an excel the top X cards were axes one plus the number of spells cast this turned. Until an attorney may play cards exile this way without paying their manic costs should only cost they blew two. To use her which is ass. Down own being. Of course you got to make him lasted generals you gotta be old have a way to haven't Hayes to activate right away surprise me commander agreeable more difficult and that's one of those things where if you see that. As a person playing on the tip you can't let it get back around that guy I was playing at. A game a commander the other day and has plane mind you get rod deck on his math problem got back. He is. He's on magic online and hum like OK guys if you let it go to my turn on gun away in the and nobody was necessarily trying to stop me you're trying to disrupt any plans I have and it's like when he gets my turn it's like. All right guys well I weighing here we go to go out with that. Sorry I had not really that's our because that one and it's great so I had a lot of the cards are up on mystics bowler right now they've been doing a time of the of the previews right now. It is coming out at the end of the month I didn't pre order all of mine its own eyes I got all the on and the reason why I'm just I'm gonna be keeping them just as they are these are gonna be the winds where since their tribes and people can pick their favorite tribe out of the four of them of who would so wanna get a four player game going right away it's kind of one of those where essentially at this point it's like a board game. I just want to keep these ones together I don't wanna tinker around them. The guys a Wizards of the Coast have been really knocking it out of the park with balance on these ones so I'm gonna go with that and see how they all work out together and hopefully have a lot of fun just built imagine just on the roll like that. Now it is time to get to rule. She twist TV. Vicki what he got for us. I lacked true of movie eat stuff no moons and show news. And the movie star news I'm just really excited so poorly. Net Vila will change in the avengers infinity war according to Karen Dillon and Julien Julien guilt by land filling enter into the field. Acting it's yeah. Is she did say in an in your -- recently I know who her new BS that's is and I can't tell you I can't I promise it's brilliant unexpected and just so good. I don't know any friend in me is she's on a clear mission as everyone else. Everyone else's are everybody is to deal lets someone with a glove and I think that is the most important issues I think people are grouping together to take care of this task. So she going to be there she's gonna have a T. That was somebody. And it's getting very UBS fast and I'm gonna assume it's a girl because usually say BS that's it's you know. So could it be you know I don't think it's gonna become more of that that's a little too long it's not new. Could be black widow couldn't be scarlet witch mountain. Iron I liked the first one better you don't like how cool would this be right night adding it's fantastic and and just just so so happy to see what it's gonna be naked over you know perhaps I. Ran it. Young for her. Well I I feel bad I decided I just wonder if they're gonna keep go morrow like they and I Camara but I nebula as they have in in the comics. And if they do she is not going to be in a great place here and nearer we shall see absolutely. Moving on over to brie Larson you know talk about marble cash she's going to be captain Paul my dad. I cared as we have seen so far in the harvest marvel cinematic universe. Who'd she wants a battle to boasts. I would wonder I did it seemed like maybe sore because at like four would be about the same power level is heard and actually she prob be a little bit stronger. Just trying to think about that I would love to see a four and nine captain marvel. Team up or battle. Well in an interview with USA today she actually reveal who she said. I do I have to and is he's battling the whole it's just you have no end Orion Darren FY owl like India we if you worry casts a superhero movie Gillick I got Miami there anyway I like what I thought I guess I like kissed wanna do this idea that I remember I want to have a beer cart guy who can open the machine with the kids will go forward move on to act. I can tell who doesn't want you all when I know I need chartered territory and Chris Hemsworth came in your handful for gardens and the ski season. I just could pack which enjoy on the lips it's gonna be okay all of our boys and I have many good reasons right now he's a go for me I need to have this and he deceived this for a poster he Sapient did hit a Brad Evans I'll tell them again pine. I'm saying another rainy yesterday and now earlier this is surely. Remember sicker and movies like counts this is. Webb who Wonder Woman and. Two moving on the lake who marveled at a different side apparently two X-Men characters are helping the secret romance during the Bryan singer's new movies who had characters not the actors though it's okay it's not clear piano he's TMZ on this but apparently Hallie Halle Berry recently he was talking if EW her Entertainment Weekly insist. You're looking used to be lovers it's true. Storm and Logan had a thing I joke in the movies I'm like how come nobody's Lebanon storm. But what's wrong with storm notice checking for storm system so we decided at stormont Logan had a big and then Dean Kamen messed that up. And cook but then if you do you think it. It deleted scene an exit in these feature past where they have like some sort of I can send him a good tone. Not to bright in the comic books who doesn't he banged half cup I'm gonna like that you know anyone he's in every single comic movie because how popular he was in the ninety's and Natalie you know he's like you had to a late he's probably got like Wilt Chamberlain numbers in their kids to be don't know there wouldn't live look at that he had to allow ladies. Yeah I seen them at the road at one point I think storm we don't have Sony has yet known got and I he's only I have often talked I had yeah. I am quick one more yeah yeah one more so poorly because we all life's game of drones. Not the classmates beautiful okay I didn't. But apparently we saw spoilers by the way if you haven't seen it. We see a drag in going to battle ye 80 I'll kick in. Forget all the afternoon world but he does get injured by the big scorpion thing in does eventually destroy it men as. Well some people are thinking this is referencing something back like something that happened a former character which might soon be foreshadowing what's gonna happen to the drill on them. So we know drove line is basically means after cal Drago in any official on anything gab that's just yeah has always been when I was thinking yeah. Yes it's kind of mobile. The one editor said has drawn the attention the immigrants fans. As we know at the moment almost appears poetic since the dragon named after the the fallen call helps lead the goth rocky to victory perhaps also planet drove around for CNET injury to a shoulder area. While it isn't the same spot as cal Drago. It has worried all the same Tarlow died after that small wound fester into infection control Bonnie headed for the same things. Wow I will burn this place down your leg dragging around but yes and yes I will I belch fire on every one he just gonna have. If Jason Mo locking your tune kissing everybody is I don't know I want to. 0100 billion for that I started as Charlotte Johansson just throw it out of the guys yeah. I'm all right there and I just it did well until like Sunday as stagnating. Your inner geek wants to come out and play like where to. Join Vernon Wells safety Golden Globe where you when your fellow geeks can hang out play games just nerd out 24/7. Whether you love our TV's video games or are just a major fan of size YE culture Vernon Wells says something for every one. Let your deep flags fly at Vernon whilst. Sign up today and see for yourself BMW duck club next BMW dot plus.