BJGN08-16-17 - Thanos' Black Order - Overwatch - Fable Fortunes

Wednesday, August 16th

Rev runs down who exactly is a part of Thanos' Black Order; the gang discusses Josh Brolin's roles as both Thanos and Cable; Mike Robles discusses the games Fable Fortunes and Overwatch; and we get the Geek Sheet with Vicky B!


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Now we do I wanna talk about some not a silly comic book nuisance typically is not here we will be getting user reviews for comics in the next couple of weeks or so. But I wanna talk about the MCU. Because we've got two movies that are left to come out. Debt are the most important to me at this point in time that would be for rag in Iraq which will directly lead into a friend who's on mean. And then meteor and a whole other name mean there are dangers and avengers fan ounces gold pure but I think that's should just be the title there with. And one of the big things they came out of 23 which is these big Disney conference and also San Diego comic con is that panels will not be alone. He's going to be joined by a group of people or aliens or whatever the hell they are bad guys bad guys Eric Harris called the black order them because you can't have as him going up against the avengers without his own anti avengers correct and so I've figured that maybe people don't know that much about these characters. And that we should talk about them a little bit. One of them is amen aid being an interesting thing called a core Vista glade I know I'm calling the man and what it's like there alien they're really not there there were there extra Celeste Steele being sort I think being as good beings or. Things yes. Curtis clay this certainly stand else's favorite member of the group thanks to his merciless attitude and staunch loyalty. He was recently seen the the latest. Panos comic book in the very beginning. And heat is interesting because. He has these same sort of mentality is panel says as he's very scheming underhanded and he is down for taking over he actually did take over after panels left and in when panelists return. To. If this does show the power of what panel says that house is like well. Either I you'll be doing with meat punishing you or you can just killing yourself. And he killed himself. And that's how intimidating Farrell says Greg I he has used his skills as a master strategist to command channels is armies to overthrow and destroy world his special weapon is and other awards least spears beckoned slice through anything like give light Saber. And more importantly hold onto his absence so he can read generate from it should he visit be destroyed in combat he eagle eagle looks and Beverly essentially acts like a Litsch. You looks like a really bad ass sort of dark elf kind of guy with just a huge row a tease big ol' ears. And is a very menacing looking yank his lifesaver spear at hand it looks great. The next character on this is named black dwarf. And very very strange neutralize these 'cause I don't think he actually looks like a dork. This muscular fellow is incredibly. Strong and has an impenetrable armor hide. When Daniels invaded that technologically advanced city of what conduct which you may know as her direct answers land to black dwarf was sent in first like a battering ram at the head in his armory. And he is the brother of Corus glazed and he is gigantic like at some of the pictures that I've Chris is pulling out he's got a huge cadillacs he does essentially you looks super bad ass and he is going to be one of those that is gonna be at the forefront of will open on people follow enemy we don't know about his race maybe he's short for his race I know you're right you're right you know can you imagine what the guys who are not called dwarf our displeasure right from the deputies. The next person on this list is. Evan mean law. While a lot of the other members are about brute force or pointy weapons ebony Martin is a master manipulator who looks and works in the shadows. He has super Purcell Asian powers that let him corrupt and control the minds of others even in mind as powerful as Doctor Strange dreams. With the personal told apportion it teleport he shouldn't device. He can come and go like the wind pulling strings all over the galaxy to exe cute he is and Panos is schemes. I he's not unlike low key and that these always spinning plans upon plans she never quite sure if you're serving his master panel or working to put himself in a position of power he he's Peter bearish. Oh yeah good call and I didn't think about it like that. And then we've got the last one that was listed as a statue was proxy my midnight. Brock seem. Well. The other names kind of sound pretty bad ass but I mean like come on what approximate midnight at pretty much takes the case I think is bad ass feel he is the wife of court is glade is she is the greatest warrior among the group and utilizes a super power glance that contains the power of well this side. Oh can turn the Lance into lethal beams of light in generate a net that even held down the hole with the weight other star. She's also so powerful that just corpus and her were able to take on the entire team out of the avengers that included Captain America. Captain marvel and especially in a infinity war which. What I'm assuming at this point we're gonna see. In four rag in Iraq hello becomes the essentially gas. In the comic books where it's the person that. Stand else is doing all of this for and what that is for is collecting the Infiniti jams in order to. Big basically kill off everything or at least half of everything if you're going by the comic news. Am really excited to see that because it looks like infinity ward is going to be. The collection of the jams by Panos and then. Obviously coming to earth to get you know like the power stone from visions head the times stone from. From doctor stranger and then maybe all of his other black ordered hopping around to grab from the other places we know the nova corps has the as the purple Jim Wright which I can't remember which one that is every minute that power I don't know. Opponents tamraz on right but it gets destroyed a movie looks like EEE it's as foreign seminars are sorry I don't think courts hammer has it don't go to one of the one that's missing now right now is the soul gem right where it should there are some things that saying may be it has something to do with me only here or it has something to do you would Idris Elba as caricature. On the dark hour no I don't know now how oh not from that dark tower. Not lose third no he plays the one of the charter in store the guard and has guard and I can't members Nate and all the nerds out there or help me what that's Groenenberg kind dollar. Most think Q you're welcome thank you very much it was surpass character oh yeah it mourn those kind of movies and I think this is where they're gonna bring him into and I think it's going to be one of those things I hope I'm really kind of hoping at this point there was one character that was in his black quarters tennis is black quarter that didn't get revealed as the statute so is probably cut from the lineup known as if kind of though the worst name out of all you like giant superhero yeah. Where it's purple is the power stone thank you and so what is. All of these away is it envisions the mine's down. I don't remember that in mind sound not a cancer act blue. Which is currently in the vault apparently still hanging around us that they what is that it just says tennis racquets at times donor and knows the times Sony's the green one okay is a which is the I have I have a lot of the moto they're out yet our error and reporters quite powerful yes and ends up. The redstone the reality stone is the also none of the eat there whatever you wanna we sums movement and normally normally LA they're is that they're spaced out in space done is live Specter I don't know is there we don't know protest wreck of course is based on. Here's just the very early yeah yellow my name reality is red. Power is purple. Time stone is green. Yeah so be really excited see that and then they have a storm it released that. Damn. Did this trailer or though whatever you wanna call the clips of the footage that they had from. Don't know if they're probably not going to we're not trying to build see that in that iteration. Because they wanna make sure and whatever they have out there is super polished a lot of the stuff that they're throwing out their doesn't necessarily have all the after effects that they want to wobble wobble along and I just wanna see it even I did I. I did see it because I'm Daryn there are all Kelly Nolan also slowly stay with drones footage I don't know I didn't watch that one of those dirty at all or no no I didn't do that there's other people out there that were kind enough to pass on these things are some geek national that it won't name because I don't wanna give them any possible trouble here they just were linked to meet at pains. But at that same point. I want Indiana unhappy deuce there are no big screen and once you're on the big screen almost Eden also glories they gotta do it got to get out there yes I did mention super giant. She is the one that has psych Aetna they call her psychotic because she is a mental parasite that feeds some people intelligence thoughts and memories like a vampire and she instantly shares information with panels through mental link they share. So maybe they don't necessarily need that in knees. And so maybe that's why they're just like well we don't need all of these characters is gonna be too bloated. And I mean Donna airlines do the alien parasite from Macon Martino and like. Going here minding creep false memories do you need memories he you know like hey it's until correct call. I LL I don't think our outlets. Haven't seen it yet you RS to meet. No it's twenty minutes long. You know hold her in Athens and Atlanta so busy she's been so fans they say checks and every haven't seen it yet why do you hunt do you think it. That's amazing state that's that's that's something that. In other news. In the comic book movie universe. Dead pull too is filming and I think it's just right up in Vancouver I think we should do a road trip oh my god my -- my body I was a message to ditch in Vancouver is is it near where you are easily get the the couple blocks more and work like a visiting York right center. That's not fair that happen. So Josh broke when and while he's playing fan knows is also playing cable and I just. Loyal talking about the lottery part of my body that does jag I'm very happy but we'll just say that. And my two. Most favorite characters in all of comic books are being played why did he say Amanda. And this is a man who out Tommy Lee Jones Tommy Lee Jones in men in the back black freezer and after times ASEAN an anonymous. And he's a. Tommy Lee Jones let me morrow cinematic universe. Well yeah music lovers kept American movie. Yeah he was one of the the the surgeons or whatever. We're making it harder to scrape. Well he would he just sat down and talked with Good Morning America. About. Cable or if I think they said. A limit they ask them well this cable ever mentioned panels or his other you know all right and these like now. The email the future because I mean dead pool is definitely one of those that does break the fourth wall threat he does say that he does get to you say a lot of things can be very funny as cable. And I don't know if you guys saw the pictures online of you are in the full costume and I posted on the whole smaller dog first stop. Leaf field is probably feel like felled he's asked me extremely happy because they kept all of his pouches. Yes so funny how again like an entire race I gave burrow in underneath all those pouches and amazingly the makeup looks amazing I was like I really want someone like Stephen Lang or maybe someone else to be it wasn't too hot on the fact that Josh brawn was going to be it right away. And I just from you know just the look standpoint and then you realize Jimenez make up they've put on. The just the look of it it was just like yes yes this is what I want. And Josh Bruin is a legit actor and gas pains even Lange is not so I'm just like. This is this is great. I think conveys that that that attitude of cable that in just Justin is just in the stills we've seen even so far mean ending of course that's air brushed impression from an after effect for the area but. But just you know we can see just rolling in maiden doing his thing and yes exactly and did any ad Josh rolling while his knee injury did mention that to him. I dead pool two was even funnier than the first one he said I read it and I laughed harder than I've laughed in the very long time so it's been funny amusing to me. Was 80 gosh sure why yeah. You need do is one of those things it's not a matter disconnection because asset is such a difference in us and them yet did why brand. Team and your brother that is amazing I'm really. Honestly he dressed up as badly when he went to east party and he just because there are no clue about what they had a little old aren't helping Afghan and there that there's imagining that just band yeah yeah if that's passing by and then it felt honey that is amazing yeah if you can find their VT posted on the FaceBook page to get an eyelash is going crazy right now are mess this he has wounds so excited and I. All parts of Mir tingling feel the ability to one thing that I'm really I and I I've got a lot of all that's it that's hilarious that is great those pictures are fantastic. One of the things I was looking at I eased since he is my two favorite characters and that we've gotten pictures of him as both like the full facial shots. I wanted to tee shirt that just has one half of cable. One half of fan knows. Yeah as you know Josh brawn as both of those. If I can't find that on like you know like a T republic are one of those you know deed goes teacher companies. I'm gonna have to commission somebody to make me want because that is the one thing that I absolutely 100% wanna get. And are just so I never asked. All right moving on from that well we've got our own video game maven mr. Michael wrote this in the studio may refer to a female. I don't know I just usually crap count that as a person was an expert in their field I think mayor and his gender gender neutral I. Well hold the same script then well we'll find out what's going to happen. Mike will bliss video game it may amend it master page which year. Do another fun video games streams and I've been really our league for a lot of the route then the new video games out there. I EU before you're talking about a lot of fun stuff but now it's fable fortunes. As a personal we're gonna talk about yeah and it is this based on the fable series is OK okay cool. So Lionhead Studios. Ian got shut down and so a lot of those people who created what I think it's a flaming fell studio and so okay and so they create this new game that's that's a card game it's essentially a hearth stone ask both. The universe and the S cynical fable all right and so you got your specific heroes just like our stony Chara has zero power but the neat thing about this game is. At the beginning in the other match you can select the quest and the mean make something like you know use your hero power four times I'll play something that costs six or more whatever. After you've completed the quest in the game you can then choose the size greater real. Who and depending on what you select it will actually affect your heroes powered changer here a power. We can't that's interesting answer for me it's like there's a good news care they want heroes is a grave digger and a grave digger can create basically a 11 with haste it's okay if you choose a site of good. You can get a 11 or haste and a 11 without haste to get to one from new features set of evil heated to one with haste that guy's been in the turned. Oh wow. Casey eighteen kind of pick and choose how you wanna go without a this rule reminiscent. A lot with like a Star Wars the Old Republic where yes like light or dark you can yes you're going along with that. And the cooling is as you can you can complete three quest for the course of a match you only do maximum three things I really do and each time he didn't sell it to new quests and you know there's more you have to do you know you 08 times you know. Create two things are cossacks are more. We can swap sides. So you can change your power based on how the game's going. That antenna outside is in now is that on the fly as you're playing. I haven't as soon as you complete quests are taking a centrist like ideal on my doing so well I need to hurry up and put this quest so they can change hero power for instance there's the critical shape shifter. And essentially for your magic player it's she is she's a red all right yeah I direct damage lot of obese with a taste like and that's that's their thing and her power is the only one dams to an enemy. If you select and good later on you too damaged to the hero or one end to an enemy. Or her evil power is doing damage to enemy and heal yourself who want who would that really helps with tempo too especially if you're playing and agro deck like yeah. And so you may be like annoying to start healing and you know and started doing damage healing. Com to listen there's really cultivates its currently in a closed mirror right now. He owned a place to buy the founders panic button you'll get like forty text open. There's progression you get corn you might boosters essentially and then eventually in the free to play. I'll case and that makes sense on those sort of terms now from having yeah I'm going to assume that you've played a little bit played so much I love my guess for Australians like the last archival like the last two weeks are just me Plainfield fortunes and the communicated deck for a me. I keep actually made it back super and a mile downstream yeah it's it's a ton of fun nice so people if they if they haven't been able to check it out they can you even go back year old broadcast sincerely and get a feel for a man NC but I think for the man yet. I don't investment streaming to try to explain it might explain the game to people may have never seen him before hadn't played because it's in your game to new card game and if you just kind of stared you're like what the heck is going on yeah and that's it sometimes it's a little a little overwhelming for a lot of people there's a lot in fact Mormon last claims I had a guy we like I have I'm new to I don't feel like I'm not new to cart names I understand them sick but there's so much happen aim as a guy will do my best to see that lets that's talk about what I'm doing what's happen -- and try to you know. Get into the mine to my opponent for or why they're doing the things they're doing. Crime now yeah and establish game is over watch in May love to do I mean it's blizzard they love to do Vance yeah I love to do all sorts of things I mean they're they're big Olympic event was was astounding Julia a lot of a lot of fun and I mean even going back to a world warcraft where they have basically for every holiday and even made up holiday you have things that happened and now that. It's no different burden for summer now they actually brought back this summer games it's now summer games when he seventeen or so miles you're a bad day at so Lucille Ball is back. And in addition to Lucille Ball flew he had enough Lucille ball's just to see three B three plays the hero Lucio and you can use his his volume boost ability to bounce a ball and it's soccer ironically to the Hollywood how. And that's it it's it's a ton of fun so they brought that back is in the big hit last year but the thing we have an extra this year is there's no competitive Lucille Ball. Really you can do your place in matches you can get a ranking and I have and build deepen and that because I'm terrible a rocket league and celebrate Lucille Ball now is did now is at its own competitive league or are you getting placed along with the same lines as your normal over watch competitive is its own competitively you'll hear authorized that's awesome man I guess if you're terrible over launch. You and your greater led Lucille Ball yard story could you be paired up with other Lucille Ball players a longer scale. Now if I won my favorite things I saw with this was the fact that they've really embraced Cecil or 76 is dad and oh yeah this one of his skin and I think SI one of my friends on their does lose their mind because it's like. Barbecue dad again he's very cargo shards as I got the whole way ensured the thing that kills him the most is he's got socks with sandals I know it's horrified still isn't as well add. The end like his his in my category names the thing that I he'll view it looks like it's like a diet a diet drinks can happen on its economy and reaper got a brand Nubian Mexican and if you see him no I have a dog has got to buy helmet on this amazing like flame came out like a hole. Call will be MX share. Widow maker has this amazing like vacation scans showed a bikini top and mr. wrong it's and sunglasses. So it's really fight do you see the animation though like her Meister coming down this is Allison sunglasses is kind of appear like they deal with it and I'm not I can -- dollars and solid group and that's amazing now I. I haven't played a whole lot of over watch recently. How is the new character I just went in this morning for a few rounds or my guide do increased is ridiculous is he really he can one shot immersed because he's got he's got released because he's got his charge attack again when he hits you if you hit a wall do you take damage. So if you can hitting character. Full charge and they hit a wall or picking double damage in there and a leg while I don't know she's launching a fools with black now I'm not gonna ever asked. We were playing a match more rankings wrote the beginning and I think artists too you know risks you know the big robot that she's getting buff by emerged as a reaper is a winner on the back lined up my shot knocked a mercy like first thing that's like we don't worry about commercially whereas with her Mary. Wow. Yeah ice he's. Pretty crazy and then he's got like his upper cut which and his Diaz upper cut and another move that like stunts people's the you can stunner Eminem fire off his or shots from his fist. His ultimate it's pretty brutal. You know he's joked simple in the sky and amend it just slams down like superhero pose lands guy Cecil out. And it's likely you'll see everyone on you know on a point. And you'll see him fly up in the air and launch scatters seed that would be amazing just with like. With like the ground ball yeah teasing me descends and in it it seems that they've really made a very conscious effort to. And I keep to game as balanced as possible especially when introducing new characters but also have the new characters in the old characters work together we have an halve the hole to miss late late not just be individual things together some amazing gift some Mayo over what some credit that is that like use the ground ball like an entire team and in doomed to just come down. What is analyzed dead. So amazing I love it now Mike. You do Q do you actually stream pretty frequently and twitch literally know what you're what you're social media as some people can watch you. Askew question ends or maybe give some suggestions on games that ministers and review you can always comment Twitter and just at the micro bless mom I'm always I'm always on the phone Amal is an I not only as I guy were respond. Not ice twitch stream guarantee Monday Wednesday night's 10 PM until late but that's Monday because of sleep such like and stream could go on twit dot TV slash the micro less. And wanna get back to ever have any reviews and went to content Obama you to pay him YouTube page. YouTube dot com slash. The microbes aren't really easy I really simple level it might think he's so much of course thank you so much Mike again Michael Rowe was you can find him on the micro was a Lotta Lotta ways to find him and follow up. Follow his gaming and definitely make shirt that your checking out what he has to throw out there. It's a lot of fun to watch him game because like he said he will help you explain things. Now if they get there anything you child your defense. And play. It is the Adelaide Lavin does mean expert consort yeah I thought I was a feminine. Sounds used correctly Wheldon ran errands but now it is time to get too up and she twist kick dish. Vicki what do you got for us we just have Mike back in years and go outside and play with no I know you cannot you have duties right now not. The duties and it's in the form of a hit another sorry I. Hell no I mean maybe you need. I find so that could lead analyst says some people off in my body heal I mean Chris because we're about to argue yes. Who came here you know I I found another total in the third article. You know Brinker. Gotten Hamas eighteen awesome scifi movies that got away without explaining major saying I'm not going to all of them a pickle. I will post them on based exe guys can check out later as well as the Josh Furlan picture alright bring it up. You got yes you're able to do I did guided to DC a breath no so Randall is that movie way is. To my country. I know how I am pop guy and inflows claims based IAA. And this Jeremy ran I can't say they have name I can't he say all he left Fisher I had sari that happen all the time we had no other country reloaded movie now. I thought I. I was so it rates are really beautifully as well as movies like I went to the store after that and after the fact in the cashier was trying to talk to me and I I'm sorry I'm just sought to operate out like I saw Ali hi like I was beautiful and messed up and well. The one of the things like. The thing though is kinda weird it's basically. It if you learn their language these simple pods or whatever they are the but the aliens and he basically Dell have to have but haven't got the putts at the pods yet. You can see the future basically when the plainly see that feature. So wealth is that they do what I do you learn a language and time you realize that time doesn't actually exist that all things are happening at all times it is and it just allows you to perceive them. So it's a fear radically could actually pull the bill intent stunts reminding yourself to think he's somewhere in the passing grab the key in the present. Or it might even allow you to fix the stock market or something even worse on a global scale. Is that a thing in this movie or filmmakers just gonna ignore it so I everyone because people are actually learning the language she's written books about you can figure out. So. So what what it's like it's kind of thing so is somebody can use it for bad health bill and that's. X that's not a movie getting away that explain something that's just something that they didn't bother to bring up but yeah I mean. Once once B I assume that once people get ahold of this language and people are learning it well enough to be able to see into the future in the past and that all the same time assuming they don't just completely bliss out all right Amy Adams did housing any Adam Doleac she she T the future would she see bad. Bad stuff that would happen with her teaching people languages by means. Oh no problem with that is and is the time travel paradox L ice if you had it it if something like this what happened why hasn't it already has acclimated because I mean if if if time has no boundaries and everything is happening all the same time it would have already happened between and then you get confused in your brain explodes he just go to can. Yeah all right. Any elite offense I yes. IRA it's so how it and featured get only escape pod for the final scenes like like seriously how did the essence saying get past Tripoli. And a closed doors and the cap because that can't don't play. According to this article it was very human. Is already in there I that'll be enzymes rating with a sneaky alien man yeah exactly these things are hyper intelligent this says the answer probably lies somewhere between the million vanishing powers and there was no money issued the alien into the craft wearing a fake mustache. So I. I know he guy he got in there and and hid in their before she I was able to launch. I simple how to decide that they novel Jurassic park at the very end we see the T Rex still Lenin and take out there raptors season you know saving today yeah I don't know why but he did. Helping to get into the all the the building in the first place in your crash of him like going through it to them. He just did where the that is wears a direct store you know how to begin as you look on the outside when they believe it doesn't look like it's your ex broke through and have a good run for this either but yeah I have this is going to be another one of those ideas are there already yeah cop. Well I previously sneaky spanky dinosaur re the only T Rex or bad she can't be very proud Hannity one from one of my favorite movie actually the fifth elements dad oh so we routed not a lot of so we own that Corbin needs to talk to. I'm glad he got I'm not I don't go to Lebanon that. Is that. You know she's okay you'll talk after the show goes on there and she does is. Beautiful and all like I think you recently somebody did seminal day then you accomplish it really in a really real world but when he when he recorded as it it was guiding near impossible to do it's we had a record in chunks and mouth and mix it together. But how she channeled Iraq's insider body and if she had other options that are body image and hanging out her tiny little stomach Taliban not a factor voice because your voice vibrates. Suing your carrying these giant heavy rocks she's. Alien movie an alien anatomy is completely different from me human and that and that started the undiscovered country away I think you can kicked in the knees and sometimes aliens potentials are not in the know in every way the. Anything initially so she does like the female like Sarah. Likes to make how did you get for Iraq's in the air like led wanted to get him in there until. How how we begin again how had she not been shot and 300 have you not see them. And tiny little frame as you amino gal hero about her actual biology your fitter as the other physiological reason is that a lot of these rocks as you can't Sandra won freaking bullets. I don't panic like come on all its different its language well. Musically I mean knee yeah you're mixing alien anatomy and then storytelling it may not have a do you make don't have to deal in western new annoyed about that because you don't see I like gremlins than yours there. Guys are you any mid ninety out what is midnight well the land story reasons wouldn't know what time zone doesn't check in Italy can never rains except for like you know attend you know feet of rain gets everywhere I. Well depends on my son guys stay underneath. Your inner geek wants to come out and play like where to. Join Vernon well safety Golden Globe where you when your fellow geeks can hang out play games and just nerd out 24/7. Whether you love our TV's video games or are just a major fan of size flying culture Vernon Wells says something for every one. Let your deep flags fly at Vernon Wells. Sign up today and see for yourself BMW duck club next BMW dot plus.