MegaCast 08/16/17 "Summer-Mega-Meltdown!"

Wednesday, August 16th

This week Ted & Steve recap their time in Darrington for Summer Meltdown, and chat about the Metallica concert!

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Well. It's at doing great we're alive we survive summer meltdowns we did I think we drive. I mean look it's easy for me to stay out but I Steve I'm a veteran. But you gay men and rookie of the year honors the Arabs are clearly yours were there any other rookies their lives are really so I beat out other rookie Alia the other is where there. Well we know of the very small girl. Yes forget her name ray knows but she was also a rookie. All yeah I do not know that. Right and she had advantages that you didn't yes she was a check she was beautiful people like to hugger yes to look good in a bikini but I hate nobody liked my bikini hope. But you drive down there. That's and I thought let's go eat with a at at eight and let's talk with deregulate huge yeah. The translate I was sure people like you look are you giving me the we talked about a subject that everybody in the group why would go. Steve have fun and I'd start to shake my head Leo yeah look like he was haven't thought of itself. Funny idea would this'll probably be a short podcaster Ted and I needed download. Our experience adds arm out that we haven't seen each other since now and I walked away. Every single one of those things really you're around a large group of people and you don't know sometimes you over think things ML and also you know your idea because alcohol and doom. Doing crazy stuff. You start over thinking. How people view you so I felt like. I don't know man I don't know if I connected with everybody and I I don't know I left a good taste in their mouths. When I last summer melt down I you know cause everything such a blur it happens with. Two days have been really freaking fast when you're just partying the whole time right. When I got to come for four until we tell everybody I don't wanna guys ID was it was Josh you know what you'll learn this weekend and I starting getting it's like some really like heavy cut out like while you know on me when I am in introspection wise is it really noted no. You learn that you need to be here for four days of Michael that US that's a simple lesson I agree. But I feel sorry I haven't done the big people like you know I mean I wasn't too sure I like to myself by the end of the week and that's what I'm really proud of I have birds. And he's like no you need to come more. Yeah. Well don't number one fast life is just different yes it is never too is I know there's a lot of pencils and YouTube but that one meltdown just has so much joy and ought. Like Steve gets thicker Friday right. Walk up bring them in we set them up and then boom we go down the beer garden with the mayor and a couple of people. With Chris and Amanda or play gore hall yep the we could be anywhere else which got to find is there's a band going in depth where in the back plane corn hole sort sucking down Beers. And I still at a disadvantage re we never fear we gonna played a seven re the only catch you up a 32 score. Ten I down 32 so we have to figure out a time to finish it may be inaccurate maybe next year do we keep playing until we get to sack and you know David could could take five years early. Friday alone right we hit the beer garden we walk by the Michigan State's double time to announce also the campsite yup. They we came back there is a happy hour our campsite. Oh yeah for Joseph running for mayor some stiff drinks some stiff jur inks that we went back in the beer garden and then there is a late night tent that we found out there for a while. And there's even later one Caldwell camp though it's almost always with you go that's. Right yeah so what's going on I don't even know like this is my first true festival experience and him in college went to official and you know people were camping at that we just stated at the house that we leave that because it was back to quote is that close of is that like a five minute walk. And there's the stage in the woods to keep forget about that was different words in my opinion is the best thing going had summerall and oh yeah truly I mean I blog about it on Monday go to catch a B dot com and read my blog and really had a few takeaways and it was incredible company that if the new people that I met but you're one of those things where when I walked away from and I realize man I think I'm just kind of beaten myself up. And and the funny part was after all is said and done and left them like I hope that I left a good impression these are Ted's friends I don't wanna come off like as if I was maybe. I too quiet maybe guilty of an introvert yeah sometime my best to like have fun and when I'm not around people I don't went around people I don't know I tend to get even more introverted but I believe you know. Connect on FaceBook what a bunch of we will light what's in front but before I have a whole new set of friends on FaceBook from their ticket and a fuel bomb. Semi personal messages. That go really really big big changed. That truly give me and I okay open up my eyes to realize and I'm well I'm an over tanker that's probably how you the most because it's how how how happy they were to have me there. How much I brought it up to the vibe and these are things I was thinking that I was the complete opposite of that city hear that from those people I thought was really really cool and it was more than just a couple was like a handful detonated appointed to say hey I had a really good time hanging out with you and Mike. Awesome because I did too and I was hoping that. How I am as a person which I think if people really don't realize I'm not so outgoing my camera and microphones on. That I don't want them to think that that's me being top standoffish. Odd statistical you know on him we've had these talks before on the mega cast so that's that's in my head. An introvert and I always will be and I sometimes seem like a loner. And to know that people they perceive it that way it was awesome. Yeah rules like the first Solomon to Spokane yet again because it's so we sit there Friday right now and I think he's as I speak even. I think the next if they like nobody seemed to care there was no item limits in fact for weeks after a sixty re surely no limit like you would school graduate of Florida you hanging Alan let me ask though is so amount I'm sure gonna talk quite a bit about it but how loud throughout this podcast -- let's just jump right into the push ups let's get the heart race in the blood pumping in the brain fog city Ted I'm disappointed in both of us. We didn't know pushups at summer melt down. Sure. No we did so maybe I'm not I'm remembered. What do you got eight that would photo pretty sure we did that puts up and I thought reserved for once I was confident about fumbling and kids stay up alcohol sugar fat pay. There are dying both who you're in Japan Kansas room disclosure of throwing good sense. And cloud descended to back into the hip hop world for our push it because I felt like I was not. The hip hop influenced as summer melt enough to make your DJ it's skills Steve put on songs that we reduce the hanging out yet there are little more Roch I'm like I don't know if I put this on. If you Kabila I love this song good calls Steve that would put on are the black keys better. And an inanimate yeah. Unit that's on the lonely boy one and we had all the ladies dancing. All the latest craze these Mike well I should keep this going and I went to bomb. I can learn another like kind of indie rock band and I dot we'll sell this goes. Same reaction mode this Sox this one's stance him and like the Arcade Fire or something along those lines and then of course we had to do it for mumble Lance. Kept wanted to hear biggie smalls all weekend whole whole weekend and it took me about twenty minutes the second Mazar Bluetooth issues. All this stuff. I go into the camper and we're all just wasted. And I come back and it was a simulate what what are you doing I said it all up hit play into the ties. And man I've never seen happier person in my life yes that's a way to look for it is all I did fine it was funny because in other people want him bite. And a year and they go up magic finally got your biggie smalls our guys look get out of neglect. Are brutal hit pop influences on a beard that's I get ten to argued our man who's going to be putting on the record in the very near future AJ Francis AK RA frank. This is his latest single it's available on all the streaming services iTunes total Olympic gold and it's it's an awesome awesome solitaire fan I have Bob I think you're really dig. When AJ Francis is putting out. He ready Ted. Yeah there are you ready speed. He outfit that got up and I'm glad may have satellite. Parent number. At least although it's gotten. It's. Okay. Don't ask me anything. She does not one on Friday listen to some of it still exists. So bad blood last week I remember we had people walk by hall during the bush doesn't get these giant windows live news studio city saudis in Iraq. Most hated. I just hopefully he liked our back today. My serve makes a lot consigned to (%expletive) And a big kid with a nice you've crew yeah I don't know those guys you can I couldn't see in the corner mile high. You're quite lovely ice cube we'll also wanted to push us right now. As you think he's still for the all weekend. We met Clarence even out of its excimer Scott gave her coworker you don't get rid pardons or misconduct coworker couldn't get to meet demand. Martin sawgrass. I'm duty could. Beer garden when you're on Sunday that's right he did these are crushed if we gotta talk about com Bob Marley dwellers are the whalers. From us first get into our Ted talk. I told us yeah starring. Pete takes me. You know I just remind people this week to. Dig deep. Some topics into your own research to. You know sometimes you just read headlines or you just read once waited story any panic can begin influential cynics and as if we make up your mind on something that you really feel passionate about just to make sure you do a little deeper into the resurgent and know what your point. Here are you appoint the got to know what it's about. And especially these days yeah that was a don't one of the weirder things that we get disconnected from society yeah at some amount that truly disconnected like you almost have no cell service I had enough if I position myself right in your RV I can text my wife. All right but if I took my phone out walking about because somebody people. Either they were trying to use I don't know that made you were using their phones but did the cell service was just read rotten I just don't which is great it to your disconnected I spend zero time on social media. I spend zero time reading news sites and so refreshing it was nice to be ignorant. It is but it sucks and you're out of there and there's news that you saw what happened last week get huge news like yeah that was the part that was really tough like it was like wow we were god having the time of our lives while. Really the nation must falling apart. Yeah and it. That's a second tying so like that it's happened remember driving Natalie before and read about the Mike Brown think Ferguson you have an act and the slate. I know you've. It's weird how much is it something with this week in the second week and obviously what goes on May be since you're gonna melt down and you are in the whole world to melt down. Well the only two Israeli mall. It's noisy it's from. It's not a thug off the all right before the all laughed at speeds heads many debts if you're to blame for all of us kick for a my shoulders they're wide audience you know. Dublin got to play and so on Ted but you're absolutely right man like I've been spending a lot of time really like this one more than any the other ones. Stepped Siam punch in the stomach and it just continues to be a punch in the stomach and it's like the more people talk about it the more angry I get like I've never really. A pretty good. Pretty good and let me just things kind of off my shoulders and be like half you now. I will always gonna have problems you know it's going to be the best version of myself but this time my mail we are not in a good spot as a continental. Really bad and it's really sad and and it's I'm watching people that are just not doing their research but I just arguing based off of headlines. Yeah and using headlines as sources and it's like. I saw one today and I might even like China's. And all. At all trust me arm out the side with an eating met trump said that press conference that was just pure chaos I mean I was at. But such a weird press conference at duke. Yeah I mean how you started off personal spending time a long period of time just addressing economic stuff in jobs and think manual don't care about that stuff right now minutes. Not real RA ED. That takes it shots at the feet immediately the next president's numbers to be linked eating trump hasn't affected anything act right and that's not as the timing against president trumpet just the way it. It looks as he still rocket Obama's number two on Obama did. I'm no different then someone was riding bushes are and is trying to win when Obama came in those numbers were so terrible and everybody said those are his shipped yet brightly this is still because as of with the economy had done under under W yeah those the same thing right he starts with that in just a mile path. And I mean Ari course like you know I mean look at him he's hasn't called when this is making me roll my eyes but I somebody really to point blank in the story saying trump supports. White supremacists. And then I read the article. And in he article about how is that headline David say trump made it a point to say he does not support white supremacists like. Have I had mine click bait of course but I you have a headline that says that. And then make it appointed to to have budged verified that he did not say yeah I think that tennis suffers is making my brain hurt it just shows where we're at right now or all by headlines and whatever whenever headline works to sell an article or make you click on and I guess that's what people do. There and but man oh man it's. I'm we can price talk forever down CN NN I I feel like you and are probably see I'd I'll a lot of this and and maybe some people who listen won't. They just socks I hope that. I hope that you crap in adversity it brings people together and opens people's eyes up that maybe weren't willing to open up their eyes I don't know. I based on FaceBook it doesn't seem like that's happening but they got a wealth. May be the long run it would bring people together because we needed this kind of thing I hope that's not I hope that we need this kind of a thing but I hope that if if it does bring people together at least something good comes out of a trying to I don't see anything good coming NAFTA we got a break. All seriousness it's just these are the first few people wanna keep argue and fight about who certain certain things people are gonna. That's not being extremists we've seen it already people will die did you see. Com we go back and talk a lot and I you know I don't mind working yeah yeah definitely got to give this a make or break 'cause I Yahoo! must have missed a quick break our art. Great its. Content. This way. 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We missed announcing royal bloodline now I'm with you obviously that's the only down and have a talk show was all all my gosh funny story about the Mittal is a soft food around the seat at the ceiling up on stage driver warm except from different. On the whole. I look I misty stated I heard from outside the the greatest thing ever I'm writing these as a major Steve Ellis stage announcement I missile yeah after years went. We're gonna be optimal pilots a bomber she had nine years ago I do balk in my biases so surreal man Terry. Steve could see a guy like nine years ago I missed that you name check straight guy even tied instead while he's in the crowd and a missile under Metallica played. I kept going to be really come volatile Gaza I gotta get it and then mean castle standard is listening to elect yet we missed it it was so how are allowed from outside the moment and I mean. I decades arguably the greatest stage knows Richard's not it was the greatest cities say it it's written in some odd because I got to do it in front of like 60000 people 5060000 people. And in our whole staff was going and like great this is gonna be awesome outside kind of even that may be actually nervous I peers are going to be there. More than that there are going to be you know 69995. Other people there as well toy stores there right now and they'll have sixty David. So I go up on stage it's amazing I'm riding high I think what it's real tough moments before even go onstage to talk and a mix master Mike we Chloe and Jamie were having a great conversation about of all things the importance of Steve large of he had. More importantly how on some of a hero Jim storm was big throughout all that because I want to have a larger and nor does what Zoran. But in order for there to be a large and he needed to Zorn yeah. Does kind of fun like we're just chat about we look at artists like all there are names on the ring of honor so that they do that go onstage kill it which is. So cool and it's in a testament to the people are there and how much love they gave back to me it was a wild and sold loud it was. I actually made a point to tell myself stop at supper to do and in a bullet through. Stop what you're doing and pay attention to what's around you because you'll want a black this out you want to be able to absorb how amazing that was. You get off the stage. The label guy but he Aaron I hooked us up without a chat from the to a beverage is also part of the team for Metallica institute and he's like bro that was incredible that was so good you got me fired up his assisted she's like. That was once this is like talking young guys and I would say I am very introvert sick I did not think that was gonna come out of view like what the hell was that I make that's awesome. Get off of the stage there's our boss day eve with. The guy who's the president of the management that runs Metallica's business makes it more so he looks to me was my man. He's blown music. The last did you console awesome he's like. Of all the shows I've gone to see Metallica MB here for this that was the best days announcement ever seeing any say Meredith and her boss attach great awesome and Dave protect him like man. Looked like a champ this is cream I Boston's it's awesome actually to get to my seats. Unlike you gotta pretzel got a beer a boring to a season like now I get to see my coworkers and my friends. Ned and I'd ask Steve I get there and I'm by myself. Whatever it may ultimately getting a pretzel beer too. You guys are growing and have in the bag are fully in the bag for some of the night you went up app I tell you law does look like a dog it is moved in though. Indicated oh yeah yeah all I got I don't get me out Heyman nom. And I gotta gotta respect you guys at least that you've missed it may do I won't they really go slow very if you tell I don't know if I've missed it but I couldn't do anything but laugh I'm like you know what. That is exactly what should have happened in that situation that's that's hilarious that's perfect but the best part of all there was. So telling castle about a the first inning sitting right next to each other before Metallica take it if it is starting apply eyebrow you won't believe that he just. He's a that's awesome man did anyone think of catchings and getting some video that. And the academy in Birmingham children my yet before we all hit the wind into us entry link feel when you went at a bar you volunteered to be that. That person. To be just. My bad. Cop I thought I'd prefer you I don't yet. I view you are supposed to be that guy yet the president thought of doing it what you and you got drunk instead. OK okay good about riding high nothing. It was awesome Metallica whose great than I was so much fun are minus kind of getting molested in my seat. You molested and you see you don't really tell that story all by that you left you yeah tell a story all right so when I get in there I'm I'm kind of drunk right. So we have seats like one through nine yet the likes seat 89 Mikey there's kind of people milling around or whatever right. So I noticed lakes everywhere move it's either way could we didn't occupy all of our seats some of the people were either running late or no showed right so I thought we still had the whole crew coming in like right. So generally even like when I said its founder schemes we have one through eight. Ruby section 146 and right guest. So I sit in row eight. It got to the and it's I was gonna post up but this is our spot I'll post up bright our section yes I do it's long been a bouncer right I sat in seat nine outs. These guys I did in our seats Bob Huff popped. So I notice and then after a black dynamite back to the dynamic you know what that's not nice that they probably didn't know what Bob Bob Bob. Site is finally got to turn around. Just say hey guys say to order whatever. In the guy is so big smile on his face like now in lake he doesn't see much strength but many starts like Robin my arm. As many starts to late previously and later accusing I know what I like our what tomorrow might be years and I simply turn away it's where colonel and finally I just went. I castles and I guess you have to switch seats with me. Like I tried a couple thousand I don't know what impression I gave it like I can't get out of this right but I don't wanna turn around this week get the apple. Of bay and for those I don't know the terms in the lingo is buttons. Ted would have been did did the chicken hawk to this toy. Oh good I don't even know that I learned from the wanna buy easy to do my bare. I Annie and I mentions her my body bands go to we don't want to do you know who's a chicken hawk economic what does that community as well the chicken hawk is kind of like about them but the good man of the situation oh yes this and I didn't think this guy was into a bit. I think what I. I I am not take. Any Catholic athlete you have to switch seats. This final castle. But he's at one point you walk by mid that you had to go get a beer ya I gotta get away from the sky but yeah going on he was. Keep rubbing up on my ass unless you want. He was like rubbing my brother my butt rubbing my arm wrote I was late yet lake. I'd say 88 EE was close to me like how many snap honesty you'd GAAP and that would not be a good luck with the think everybody not everybody a lot of people there know it's a sit in that row right we have a lot of attention so he's getting into a physical altercation with a dispute through smaller guy. Yeah yeah I would not have looked good and the funny parlance this shows how we all are it's like. Did the dead leader he's put you relieved. I'm down next to back at one point and all I could think quite as a person my Hebrew that I had on the move tonight and I'm just trying to watch Metallica show and as a shows going on a few songs go by. Nothing in my. What is the onions in the human touch mambo. Those specifically you yell daddy dog he didn't do anything to Bryant didn't do any to meet the we're probably when you left. And hours then in a row come about myself what are the hot chick showed up oh yeah and she's I went head count and then she's got an easy service me it was amazing bit I think I just continue to. So you guys all leave now his buddy the bigger guy. And enjoy it he was the bigger dude so not I don't wanna Rebecca looked tough yeah union he had that look like he gave up an intimidating presence right. Well he now is wasted. And he's using the entire road to moss by himself and like. Heading into mis punching the air he spotted people in front of Mona Mike Hough right now there's going to be an incident and I'm by myself. She seems close to guy goes you got Maddux yes they did it could be nice guys they sucked at that moment admitted he's got two weeks the before they came it. Practice late Dana and I just. I'm all shook it's too late Metalico like what or I'll I hear you Dow is an incredible show about this so many moments I'm have you noticed it too like. It really like kind of like brought us all together minus we'll bring you right you and I got a little too close together. I don't like the guys in front of us I know them at first turns out their hockey guys are that they go to the classic I triggered the one guy is the one that showed the locker room of the Brian Anderson that's who what do you think yeah I had all day yeah but at first Cassel thought they were jerks that they were sitting in our seats and cast like hey man you're in our seats. They were in this the row I had about that rose more packed so high in our road because there was a lot of room at the time. Well I guess they're all sitting anyone against turns around the Cassel goes how those scenes trading yet. And Cassel to get as accuse get it like to hell man like these are seats why you give me a hard time to kick you out of our seats. If Cassel you tell me how we think not like in these guys these guys (%expletive) me off Mike. I'm asking those guys you know they're like five minutes later. While Metallica's finally there's haw I five in all laws start talking that's all I turns out the guy knows clinical giving castle a hard time. Was a radio guy in Alaska that Roger show outlook didn't yeah he works for the station Cameron's the men's rooms eyes when he realizes who we are. He's freaking eyes of god love you guys are look your station we love have in the men's room Bob hall box that's taken pictures of all of us and I look at castle I don't. How funny is this that the guys that you've got we're gonna be a big problem turned out to be our best friends by the end of the night I left. But what they did seek and destroy I sort of got I think we all had like. It was a guy we're at a festival Braga who grew pot. It really is amazing when Italy whiplash high fives handshakes. A group getting emotional but at first there was is a weird vibe between. Our crew and their crew. And it's funny how Metallica brought together and we realize where we get people get weird manage shows when you're taking over their space if it's yeah yeah I mean it's. I am now. And it ripped it just odd you just what you wanna have your seat. You're on talk before the things I do you. I've realized just personal life at summer meltdown was truly a beautiful experience I think that's the best way to describe it sounds it BJP but. The way it is yet everybody's. In that moment there's a lot of love going on and wants to its community. Is didn't you may do a lot of like you know. Anger I can't see anybody get into a fight I've never seen a fight there I and 5000 people milling about even just like the couple played with a sand we were in the attempt to cross the late night ten. Yes we're talking to them they're like oh we admit here years ago now we're engaged yeah. That's crazy manage that did it does something really special about that community that he's created at summer melt down and if you. Ever been on the offensive going I'm I'm telling you I was the guy that Ted kept asking for what like six years now yeah. You've been telling me you need to come on like so great they I'm sure respond but. I get it and honestly next year ice. I really do hope that I'm not having married you can mention that same weekend. This is a very good chance I'm gonna ditch the radio convention right now if you had if you told me radio can mention or summer melt down. But you guys learns to me the notes and learn about myself as a meltdown in Darington. And then we could sneak we get to go along slowly right. The mean Christ if you got off work on Thursday came up you did the same time I got there on Thursday when we set up camp and if if if justice. Seem we can has our review convention I'll have Thursday off. So I might work out well well anyways. Like I said it was just a beautiful experience. Since that people are yelling outside. I think any entice you might be performance open I think he's doing a Q&A with a bunch of listeners from high. If you listen to us on Wednesday Thursday morning a PGA remains at 915 ice cube movie back oh nice dinner and if you don't you come by tomorrow morning to hang out that's which is I'm. Really excited about that as you also and we saw ice cube at a casino together like we love ice cube you more than me but I still love ice cube you know we have one amend your years ago yeah I remember he surprised you yet and then I went bad nights on with the show box so. Show exists in a box a box who rainstorm out there shoebox market you should Wear for chefs she had a anyways. Was it's all so everyone's loving. X one thing. Get a better or other aggressive with scoring with oh yeah I do not know that it's very subtle but it's constant. Non stop for a we. I show up. You know and it's like the fun part about being at a festival is still minimalist. I'm not wearing jeans I want to worry about putting a million things in my pocket type I think I spent the entire time mine is my one more milestone towards Eddie on Saturday night I really needed to Wear pants but I had him and I tell you got to open up RV I need to Wear pants yet but I don't happen that happened and you those pants on. But for the most part I walk around wearing board shorts or what swim trunks the entire tribes from Johnson flip flops and a tank top. And usually bring it appears what dance for my time right so we were going to move. This is on Friday. Media evenings I think we're just going to woods or root I don't remember where we were gullible are going somewhere. And like I brought my Fanny pack which now think you know it's a good idea to they have a lot of pockets by Fanny pack is the WWE championship belt. I got an awful like one isn't crate things Indonesia does membership things I I it's been a pretty penny. I needed to get it because I dot. This will be awesome for meltdown all rocked its championship belt. Now we're walking around wearing an I'm proudest thing everyone in the campsite was love and ended on it was hilarious and I am the champion of this campsite as the only Garrett and we walk by this group of people on this guy to total hippie do you enjoy this is after we are playing Cornell Jackson. And this is a great example how aggressive do these debt and it's nothing negative it's just funny how aggressive they gave us. We brought man but thanks to good Q did he likes he goes did you win it. High anxiety. If I was more wasted at that moment I would've said yes I won it and I'm retired. But some like that some stupid united you know would you gave him a very uplifting and so I thought I should human not a static. Not an antibiotic. And now he looks to me employer semi with anger and his size he is you're a fraud. We all laughed I don't that was funny. You as a money no no no no this went on for probably a couple hundred feet we're walk walk walk away you can hear in the background your. That's at the end zone for all of a bubbling up everybody they do win the championship bout did not win it you love Barack. And anybody drug on par aren't. Normally she is guys. Jordan and booked exists and Coca brand. Lying about he had I don't know if repeat it's it's I don't know for the Freddie Mac address of the weekend. That's now convinced him feel like I was used to think I kept loosening for some reason I didn't state tight so within like twenty feet it was falling off of my hips and you know I don't these kids do lie. Couple couple who are up I. They told me they can hold it and they didn't. I think the other great form I just wanted to tell us Saturdays and intense day. But whatever so it's in the evening time now how much Steve let's go to the pier guarding yelling and I PA yes right don't we are plenty of because of the campsite right. So when I hadn't anticipating kind of forgot is that it's Saturday evening since Saturday evening in the beer garden is. How. Not so not only. A lot of people hair. The just say adjusted Ottawa a few things not just from people. A lot of people or any or drinking alcohol on the beer gardens very I didn't understand that but Stephen I get in there. It is crowd it there is like AT Rex is zoom in by people's William pacers have a need be it's. It's like a circus like appease right it's eat snowboarder and help overweight mind it's you just kind of leans over here is. You don't OK it's kind of chaotic and economic I'm sweating bullets at happy I'll insure it's up to somebody like drenched. We get beat Hearst's. We go over to a picnic table I mean. Everybody Louis Mendoza allowed to drink Beers I mean I don't even of those things were halfway not Arab listen mean. To the whalers like Bob Marley and the whalers if he is bang it. It couldn't or relax and I got so intense we got to get out of here right at them from the rehearsal and say. Experiencing. The whalers. Horsing about pot and Jay-Z don't. Hang in the eyes then and all this stuff and you know and given the tell lies Dante the good music is too intense we need to go. Back to camp probably the most Joseph Barton were way too much. Ted you're always beer right that's how then did never those weigh heavier I have no woman I'm about to cry why shouldn't. I did thank everybody who we met Alia that or listen to them we gave out several mega hugs we did the funny part was. As the night went on I don't remember giving some of these mega hugs. But people post our side I got back to you know Puyallup I went on my phone and I'm going to social media C. And there's pictures on FaceBook and Twitter and emails or whatever private messages. People sending me pictures of us you and I whipped them and I only remember meeting him. Alyssa finally I don't remember to you have any pictures usually I'm a little more like. I don't now you know but I was like cats all right Steve's here. I'll is great yeah there's my son wanted to people auto part of our crew. And I got a message from Eric tang it was awesome meeting you ball lob and you to say I wish it would take you more pictures. Make yeah honestly like I fully anticipated. With my phone to take pictures but when you really don't have service and you realize also you probably shouldn't be playing on your phone anyway in the state of mind that we were and I just threw it in your allergy takes a look it's funny that you took some of the best pictures or group to remember that yeah I got a penalty shot yeah. That was awesome but the river and then we had somebody take a picture of all of us before we went off to the river yet which is really really cool. Yeah for the most part those are the only and have another picture of you standing by though let's meltdown sign turning your weird I don't even know samurai had Beaulieu I think is awesome. Ted is Ted as a an incredible. Pat game at some amount down a one point you were wearing this weird samurai act and others have you Wear like these weird like. I don't even know what to describe it was also Asian inspired but yeah I have no idea what it was but it was it was ridiculous it up. That I am a Stater cowboy hat that he cowboy hat as well yet I should also mention to take a rush hours. That's a pretty sharp urge you get out go that's great shower ever back after the. I thought I took a power along sour. I'm like man I love long showers. And when I feel so much better. Yeah mostly dirt off of me it took weed oh about four days or three days to go until this morning nano is that it had dirt in my toenails yeah yeah I scrape demy scrub them I've loop through dumb it's just you walk around I mean also didn't help that warrant the beach I think I buried my feet into the sand yeah it would feel like dazzle the gulf festival feet all the total festival fit but job that shower thing up. I took forever probably pissing off all the boys as a way to and I get out of the shower come out and what we how are they need ditch me. Now you guys are taking an even longer shots I was in my own magical really court cola and flat at use concept of time man in my phone. Larry I know you three breaks what we got to run Maria odd million people looking as they need this room so we got to get out of here but I. I'm back to him when it's talking a bunch about all the stupid all right crappy system yeah I think I think we can all agree that this should not be. We should not it's not between seventeen and we should be discussing whether or not. Not teach Jeffrey speech yeah. We should you be discussed in the fact that there are Nazi pricey to a synagogue should be afraid to walk up front door right nobody of any race any. Ethnicity any religion should be worried that there are buried their neighbors want them dead yet. It in and that's all I mean that's that Douglas has some of the good note Tom thank you guys everyone who did say hi dorsett to melt down everybody who sent them through the cracked and did tonight it was at the Metallica show is now yup. What a great couple of days man. It's always. May cast listeners. Always make my dad always if you say about I think there are cooler than any other enlistment contract expect and you know I. Could be wrong but dot Ted as last. You did you you can reach us on you now or not you know. Man brings not working yet revenge opposite points of the amount of people what they are right back at the I. I'm getting at every minute work an accordion like I came back to work eSATA once again to Franken the NASA sent signed for the CAJ Francis. It's awesome track. Most of us. Now. Humble little place. We're gonna start and didn't. Just really nice you know it's. Unctad blood pressure on Saturday at the end of the 500 winner of that newsletter. Rather have what's up my dad's passed our. Had to mega cast. Sanctuary in the Iraq how we're getting to a full body cast. Especially got yogurt about a boy you can go I don't know about this until yeah. Absolutely I would like you guys who I think had had a great time because you don't look easy next year you tiger countdown has already begun about how much it has yeah yeah. Oh yeah. A Marlins and things. Come. And how much. It's. Tumbling.