Josh Wolf 08-17-17

Thursday, August 17th

Josh Wolf joins us live in studio promoting his stand up at The Tacoma Comedy Club.


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Yeah we always love having our next guest on this money when your kids star doing you thank you didn't hear bother. Really I mean just seeing time like I had this conversation on my son called women in my room Monday on a man. You know that pat. Vodka. Doesn't freeze. He said I don't know. Did you know that. Water. Does. He's an I do know that they don't really. Then why is my ball. Frozen all you dumb ass like why. That showed jobs wall. We all lose your place in the old model of the water Tracy joining in the latest yeah okay. My wife and I go at a town. Guy so we can my my parents come and stay with ticket. So. I get a the next month I get my DirecTV bill. 200 dollars worth apartment okay. Yeah now I'm BJ I'm mad I'm really mad consolation I'm mad. Attic and he needs needs a lesson because first of all porn industry. And if I'm worried Harry hearing how he's gonna get about the world not knowing that porn is for you make if you are still paying for porn. You're not gonna make it through today's world Pasadena every night. It's obviously not fiscally responsible and I just need need to be Thai couple lessons here punch a life lessons but I go down into his room when the bill in my head. Ends because that's usually how you bust kids thank my son will deny until I have the facts in front of his face yeah I showed tomb BJ and he's like death and don't let us. Yeah I you know there's this fear and I know invest. And I go it's point. Community I thought out studies to another doing me and I said well listen man. I'm just looking in the end dates when we were foreigners ordered and that was when your mom and I were out of town and grandma and grandpa are staying with. So we need you ordered the park. Or are opens grandma and grandpa yeah and this is exactly what he said to me you're as well they do like each other a lot. And doing the best conversation. Because he denied it you know why he denied it. And this is what I figured out so he's great at you know usually but the fact in front of his face he just come straight to a part of the ninety for the fact that premise. I had the facts in front of his face do you know why he continued to deny and I figured out he knew I wasn't gonna call my dad and be like hey did you watch. Handle Marty three miles and I'm glad I thought he knew I would never get a. Call my dad so I could never had the fact of Boston's and he kept saying what me. And I can say and usually prove it I think I am well I'm not oh my dad to see what his form preferences are you know that's not gonna. Because. Does that remote possibility. That they did that thinks I'm not I'm not funny Gerri you've got to parents. How. If I'm 99%. Sure it's my son. It's got 1% of what I call my dad Billy K. Them here we Jacob and announced early this sounds but. Do you guys music we're watching porn your immune handled part of your day your monster movie I don't know how I'm. Yeah. Conversation I have to turn my house down hard tonight. I couldn't live in my house ever again no good I didn't know hold and you know what in this. How good my son has that's good for him and Jacobs learned and in this and he did this I can tell he's my son because now when he walks by my term. He's like no enslave another good and I'm like come on there because my parents asleep and there are better read non she's committed all. He's in un. Our own men but I respected I respect his games got some good game again he actually moved out man removed amount. Yes and I know he now. It's funny removing my especially its feels like it was just yesterday he had him. I know now we've known as a for a long time due a base you know what I would tell you moving him out was heavy. Heavier than I thought it was Kennedy. Because. You eat when your done within that party your life is so weird that. It's that. And you're just done with that. Yeah you know your kids are your who am I for so long yeah and then I who am I is just a one days unceremoniously just done. And you look you life like I'm on now we got to see if we really like each other yes. This Jesse and me from here and I can't see your memory does her promises of BJ's every every second when they get her hair well. And Hillary don't end second number one you rehab. Caller we promise you it's no longer than we won't remember you know. 6 o'clock o'clock in this started yeah I yeah I say you're not to worry about that because your daughter's never moving anyhow yeah I the other problem economies Germany Fiat my daughter I'll never leaves she's twenty fives is right there as she is she'll never even even certain to work with them all as you know we'll ask don't tell you who left her. My wife even though she's still with me she said you know I'm gonna move out and so she Mugabe does this is great and on raising kids and a little life won an Olympic. I still wanna be married to your minor okay this is a bit different and I suspect yeah I have an empty nest syndrome but I lost a wife and a daughter you it's gonna say over she's in California. Can say. I. How do you do that like that's how I play out I. You ask me I had joys I I thought it was just like hey yeah Allred LA and and I don't like to say I don't pay alimony so my. Yeah that seems in this and I don't mean because you know to each his own I just sit I would bet you that 50% of the men in the sky injured leg and how did BJ figure that out yeah thank god seems to me. Semi crazy daughter who for some reason doesn't have this image to get the hell out like everybody else who knows me well I think one of the and it's probably has to do is champagne ran right to marry go you'll hear yes it's right there and say let's jump. Well and so do you. How is that it's just she bring friends back the house we have is that. Or treat her boyfriend comes over and spends a night that's there but that's a recent development as I have a rules like you've got to be dating this person for awhile before I'm Daryn you guys in the house because Brackins and random one -- fans saw and let me ask you guys incident comes out just dangle there that is our he's Desi Desi dangling kids and has no. There because I'm sorry I'm sorry did you ask him if there is it on American in every guy. I'm. My favorite conference yeah. I mean you obviously your economy you know again I'm getting the job he's there and now again luckily big dude Elise understands the importance of respecting a man's castle yeah very respectful about how are you ready he rolls. And I appreciate that because I used to be the same way whenever I would be out over my wife who's my girlfriend time Jill. You know you understand what's happening if you're Smart and if you go. I am following this guy's daughter that's got to be careful yes you know I really I remembered that when my wife and it was they my we were dating. And her father and her mother and I was like I really have to be careful because the fact they know what's going on even though we deny its oil you're on your son. Pretty easily pass that's exactly. But but all of let me just say this Josh wolf Tacoma comedy club tonight tomorrow on Saturday at 8 PM Friday and Saturday eight and 10:30 PM so I you gotta check it out to come comical dot com you know what's your blog comics and so we have somebody on do you know they're legit Josh is the man I thank you very much and now but let's get back to the situation you never really I have so many questions are okay. So. So he doesn't angle which is respectful deserves special he also probably is very respectful because he knows that you have this microphone that you speak into every morning that's very good point and he probably doesn't want me and the bad and that yeah as bad. That is dangerous. Tom what that is his daughter also has a microphone and speak in France is a shelter and I just last week she shared that not only have they been romantic in the family restroom of Safeco Field now that the Metallica show they also got romantic in the film. Turn of the century link field. Ask you questions I'm probably every three your daughter and I'm innocent and if that's going question. And they're well wait till she gets here I'm just so I can see her face Ariel you've got to let me take this no shock in this girl's she and so let me say this I'm. These MS is all respect Thompson. I don't we have a big talk about it about his break her hair yeah great routine about Fiat power you know you're material the Brothers and making people uncomfortable is way more important made in my career. First of all nobody gets romantic in a public bathroom that's not the right terabyte. OK okay resolute aero romance happen a hamburger restaurant formats yen to slow miles drove man thing I honestly John yeah alzheimer's right now I don't remember any of their list and if I. I'm a betting man who's maybe had sex in bathroom before neither pair of pants or even beneath the knees so that's that's so romantic. Yeah. I am trying to show. I don't thank me. Yeah I hope you guys crispy you know yeah I mean I'm okay and may god in my lobbying tennis yeah. I really didn't say hey is not a guy. I'm glad you guys okay yeah yeah what does that doesn't know New York Jerry guy you're. And Joshua delivery uncommon but thanks to a new job losses. And they should rent Pennington on cable. Oh yeah I'll tell you I wish there was also did. Joy he lives Opentable does stupid friends it was oh yeah I'm like yeah it's not right my guys any life. Now I have to ask you what many huge change your dad wanted to know that information questions thank you I'm just trying to blame both sides the little here. Do you think like that needs to know the next time he goes is Safeco he needs to think who's going that bathroom I did that. That door handle probably not I can't have hot dogs again and it's OK so you can traumatize and by the way you think it's a family bathroom because that's where people make families and none other stuff. It's gonna come it's. So while what did you think your dad would be like you know who wants to know this. My dad yeah. Oh hey yeah well. You know all there was a topic. Of the craziest place we did it yeah I don't not I know the topic cabinet have been like a few days after he did it say though it's great so. He's sometimes demand little Suzanne we're. On that topic though when the Metallica incident happened Alfre reviewed the metallic top. And why it was great I had sex in the Stanley grass is there any easier this show is great blood cereal this challenge and they restrooms a little. Yeah. And I need and I you're. So cross sometimes. And I don't mean your sons and more great ideas enemies realize there was no punitive Syrian in this weekend's. Tournaments to complete the act and this and don't even know he's a quitter so you got hit bad enough holy journey. As in I want it all all CD and now I'll show you. And that's right. When I didn't well yeah yeah yeah. You stadium tours can be way different than mine mine I like. This really wanted to seize and. Melissa my iPod like I Annan noon in the. I'm calm on the map there around that. Now let me ask you about your boyfriend just didn't use it unless I know that's what I'm pretty sure I thank you Josh yeah I know our our people knocking on the door or is. So we had seen so I was very nervous so is my first you know after and ambassador around the globe the dash and at this every loose handling may block on being on the door nurse says yeah remedy nasal perform nine you know. Serious criminal matter I don't I'm not sure don't compare me an excuse me read prepared now I love this I'm content I'm an elite group. Anyway I check my Hummer franchise plus and tomorrow afternoon to comic con. I don't know. Hey you're family restaurant there and the restroom in the count how many car if you can't and Muslim and chest you know just Chris and that. My issue actually okay sounds good yeah. Did you Tutsis is in the bathroom now. And stuff. I was Arizona oh yeah. And I know you're doing a minimum minimum we're assuming you're you're having sex in the fender bass and you had your two drinks are all right so I don't know my yeah. That's not sober if you do and that's overt well congratulations I try. Carly did summer. And so I'm not what are many in your life for you wanna. Good semi. Yes sure so I I was actually I I started writing a paper about people who have sex in fairly bad calls me out here yeah there so it's really blended it and yeah. Yeah. Most lovely person thinks he's game yeah. CNN's transmission and gun show that I think we know the answer and that's important when you win and you Bjork yeah. Yeah obviously you and this. Now but it DJ you here's what's great about you go man this puts me is I'm an idiot. He always said this is what I love the most about your show is that it's what I have heard. Whatever else is whenever I have some people call and S show yes and yeah they're saying at the nicer way you know when it's the best thing about your show it's like people like you show because. It's not like I hear you're gonna do this can't bet all the time and you do your its conversation now we're talking about your dog. As I wonder you know you're all your parents it's that's true. That's a good to Aladdin yeah. For when he hears your slam and everything that moves and every season around the country it's. My hair. Honestly this is one you know our game and I look I. I all look good Pena red shirt. It's just a jasmine says yeah I know that some of the Disney princess thing I think now she's got a line actually it's just one guy now I think it's right out of Little Mermaid lose so I just yeah he really nice guys address it was like John graves. I know I'm well. Whose idea was it was a viewers or the boyfriend is oh it's totally my dad loved public Thanksgiving posts. Linemen. I. Yeah I don't know if you're familiar with the single you make copies of the holly got themselves or yeah. Brothers and and there are only. He's you know he's real car and drive until we can't get good news you can try and I have to say you know small. Oh my god. A second mom I let them if I was my daughter now you all you would have heard after she said that is sheet without a jumped out that went. Yeah. And on my way down and just stream huge. I. I'm. That's when that would have been bombed a lot of green console body do not like public sex really yeah. Oh boy you know because my mind always goes to the joke. So much fun situation in the public sex and I think people might see me how much added joking up. So I might it free like I might stick it like unicorn tale but you know I mean am I do something and I'm gonna meet in the public I'm gonna have to be it's gonna be funny and generally funny insects. Don't mix as well as I'd like them to I drive a couple times that's a performer in actuality if you Henry's watching ads also don't show circuit sets up yes I mean I wouldn't hide in the family bathroom Michael will seek. OK okay I'm nice today. Right now say she's just you she'd get a little world Alomar and I sure as shallow. Now the bad man idol TV don't listen to mr. sharp guru I don't think you're doing it wrong but you just need to if you Republican republic right now I use your mind it'll be doing that your par and that's going on shell. I live someone that Obama. I live there's a driver I guess studies say so yeah. Under 200000 followers and her hey guess samarra let me tell you I'm I'm. I'm gonna Taylor's gone and so. I love that idea as well yeah I'm greatest and if you remember Don. Segment of the year. Source gambler absolutely hilarious I was nonessential crossings course work I've ever heard yeah I. I don't know if he's gonna insurance business and he's honest and how does southern Texas maybe you should talk to Josh about Sarah's recent discovery of condoms. Did you just I know how to comment actually really like now little boyfriend. Always okay all right. OK lieutenant whose use condoms you have an idiot do you. A fully and I think suing yes as somebody who's a man ware the condom where the condom again no you know how blaming all your boyfriend. And six comes yeah. We are important and blow my colleague yeah I don't know if there is right there at six months where the condom you don't know you did Danny do the six months. You know how much you know home. As much as he wants you to know that did Wear the kind of Wear condoms. We went there and condom where yeah. I mean not an economy yeah. Change the. I think your motto. She went from didn't Josh went from twenty to turn and you went to parent most hours. How do you Ollie you try that 25 and at 25 you still think you know guys after six months are you. Don't yeah I. Don't hold on Josh now. We understand the ridiculous is that. How how long how long that he be gaining his duty not Wear a condom I was right there is no way more than six months has leeway so yeah like giants get married. Even married men appeared on our economy than their lattice well because there are why. I have a baby yeah yeah okay that's the exact yeah yeah and make somebody that's stupid I really was involved in this I. I I I. Thank you for you to trust the dude implicitly. After six months of meaning no condom meaning for sure he's not stepping out or any like that is. Well that's different yeah very yeah I show you. Dot com there's a thing yeah. I have some news you're adopted your. Last things really dumb okay I'm it's Doug here live they are. The players and alana and then you I have to tell where the economy and your eye so when it JC kids of the couldn't college kids as I'm sorry you didn't run. Yeah. I'm scenario very nice those nice he would be you're gonna get hurt and so so yeah. Yeah yeah. Okay now I'm and boy we're doing and a millionaire weren't identical content. Josh well. I recommend and I do yeah I'd recommend you find anything else you do this weekend I am rejoiced at the end of the. Her guy had the going to be fun yeah I brought my guitar area. Did you really I might even write its own budget daughter and I don't really know until my NIC your mom. I'm gonna write a song called me public bathrooms that can throw condoms and audience maybe and you don't do I I right here on stage this weekend I'll recorded a sack Gazprom. Absolutely no we do that Barbara Johns little. Money yeah. I. Today is already have rubber soul otherwise because I. He brings us 100 golf comedy club and you're learning how open. Yeah NBA if you data amazing guy guessing yellow submarine. Yeah his. Job. There's nothing like John commands I'm. Oh yeah and David and yeah when I went and I think we got him I think he's he got oh I know I. Ice cube says anything about my god. Are you aware of these and that's why you know public better. Yeah I still can't get it here arena if anyone has access to all the bad did you guys do this we know. Hair irons are young I'm in long we're not gonna have done enough to him okay. You know Josh is a whole different kind of being who obviously led doesn't understand what's term friendship parent is all about. It's. Good lines that are crossed that you know what if you wanna see him if that's yeah. They I think he's usually yet your Josh right now at Josh will be coming into something sweet. Me and don't forget Tacoma comedy club tonight tomorrow and Saturday night shows a then tomorrow on Saturday 81030 shows as much as I wish this guy would you know get hit by some sort of vehicle yeah. I am glad we need some character and I went on the have a light rail at this point yeah. OK okay. Leo all this might be my favorite radio in your its. I wish we had better. Yeah. So check Josh wolf Tacoma company a dot com hasty gas prices and yes. I hope it's over. It's time I'm ready to go find it here yeah the government drop myself. I call attention to him nominating season take the you can hear on the momentum here go to a public bathroom and do things. Parenting less than a year now spread broad dog moment a new. I don't think that's yeah only well they're not very good moment I don't hear guys Josh. You know. Josh forced everybody. And they eggs mornings. On the rock 99.9 KI SW.