Doug Benson Plays Beat Migs! 08-17-17

Thursday, August 17th

Doug Benson calls in to play Beat Migs and talk about his upcoming filiming of Doug Loves Movies!


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Mean okay. A and don't be OK and and it turned out. Thursday and I looked a little. That we'll get into the medals here. North contestant we've got Casey in Ken Casey argue there's there. Good morning Casey what is Casey playing four today Steve. Pro grammys I'm prepared TCI and QBs and Jimmy Eat World there at the white remembers Kennedy's Saturday courtesy of live nation good KI SW dot com for all the details and if you want tickets are mellow live nation dot com and actually Casey will not be playing because we have mr. Doug Benson and Dodd are you there's error. BA and has so they don't play anybody and scared I just got to nail removed from paired so well miles you drive yourself. Think they didn't go to CNN. I will be here on a Saturday at go comedy club doing Doug loves movies at 420 of course of course is the fifth. All right I'm looking forward to it I was listening to Josh wolf earlier and of course he's out of Tacoma this weekend so I can't say for sure but he might be one of my exercise. Okay. Hillary on. Here on the payments or you know popping in and out dogs podcast and he's a guy makes I don't know all well it's a secret. Our esteemed daddy years. Okay. Playing at home Doug will have a sixty seconds to answer ten questions don't you can pass all you want but you'll only get three guesses per question are you ready. Yeah who was president when prohibition was imposed across the United States. Asks what type of animal is Louie CK voice in the film the secret life of tasks to darken the ads in which you west state is Birmingham the largest cities. Yes what popular soda beverage was originally developed as a mixer for whiskey yeah. Oh no it's. Narrow. I don't know how many hamstring muscle car payment each laid it's yeah I do now. Or no one to know what is how Nancy Williams occupation on the Simpsons. A police chief yet as a kid Harrington plays which role Indy looks rounds I'll think I was dead beautiful laughter. More specific move you know it's still the four Beatles was the eldest it's. Gringos as well sort of animal is a fed interest. Third you know it's a terror. Sauerkraut is made from what finally cut vegetables. Cucumber now the orange juice 34 per actual wow this is at some point today gal was all about movies. Wasn't all guarantee. Me. Yeah at that and that last one die you're gonna hate yourself when you get some you know the last one is as I think you know and we just we always forget that's where. Well I don't think our neck yet Els any thing get Stephen back. You wanna make sure I know Aaron you get any bonuses or any help there Steve. Are you ready and who was president when prohibition was imposed across the US. No yeah. Cleveland no complaints and no clue what type of animals as Louie CK voice in the film the secret life of tasks all these dogs yeah as in which US state is Birmingham. What popular soda beverage was originally developed as he makes serves or whiskey. Does it appear. To its RC cola thoughtful mom. I'm ginger don't know how many hamstring muscles are in each leg. You know there is yes why isn't Clancy Williams occupation on the Simpsons. As he runs the lefty scissors store now. I don't know while he's out tenable helper helper now hold our. For our viewers in the plan with a homer now okay Harrington plays which role in game lets thrown these costs. William and that's gas related to a case I don't think it's generics to know narrow. I'm terra mine. Why it's so I know. I don't know they show obviously and Steve dug it beats you for excessive worry. I graduated in case you know summarize your ability into business Steve's a dumb down. Yeah. I'm on the mend. I gotta thank you I'm gonna do celebrate and they go to Disneyland as section restroom. Yeah yeah. Don't know it's like today's Piaf awesome jealous yeah as soon as we hang up I'm on my way. What's your first ride you go to plug you know I'm old out of the recession but new guardian of the galaxy erratic it's amazing stand that cognition. So I put them both on hold us I don't I've got him back here she's in terms of the system I'd done with the way you're gonna guards in the yazoo right what else is happening. What unfortunately I I just I actually put you on hold but now you're back in her you're not going to guardians of the young zero doesn't do. I loaded into reactor at a church grace. I had given the have you been and Harry Potter ride in Orlando. Yeah. And the war on another denial and so how does it how does the guardians right compared to Barry Bonds is like the Harry Potter and Orlando thought that was amazing how does guardians were and that's. Well you love this chain of lakes some loaded slider action and some of its film or not but it's are much more violent right. No it's the elevator that bounces up and down. Awesome oh and by oh that's right hurts like a tower of terror basically released in yeah. And rock it is like trying you know little old plan to actually he's trying to break free the guardians and rocketed you know kind of guy GQ the whole thing and then next thing you know we're looking at crazy elevated the line up and down. Songs is right don't lose worked pretty sweet it opened in May. So that's and like you know James Gunn is actually involved in an area now so it's you know sampling error same kind of storytelling is so pursue movies certainly there are a lot of hard these do in the Star Wars costume runs as an unannounced. The other building all Star Wars land that I and you haven't gotten over metro car to exceed if you can see over the fence and see anything yet. I mean Edmonton where they do like space mountain star worst hours I'd done. They get it for awhile it was Star Wars and had a John Williams music into a tie fighters flying around and it was really cool and then I went on the I well again it recently and they took all that out when to. Hold station on I don't know who write these I don't know what about what is such a downgrade its crazy. They bring him back when they actually have all the stuff the good the other does a Star Wars wings this idea I was really boost. Economy senator get back to go to Disneyland success Dallas based non that's my favorite so any chance that they can spice and not a mall outback. Yeah it's which is actually neutral so it's still a good ride but how naive and we have to do you have a neighboring doctor Star Wars. Muscles so quick side to advancing going to be and sound this Saturday at 420 of course for taping of Douglas movies it's on the comic con go to Tacoma comical dot com. And get your tickets for that because that's that's that's always a blast man seen you do nationalize. Yeah I was so that a good time we do we've done it once before it has its common comedy club and it's it's a nice spot it's it's you know it's pretty intimate show how. I'm not too many tickets slow slow to actually get done and if you want to come out on Saturday. Be a dumb question but I I'm always one essence of who you come to Seattle Tacoma do you go to one of the recreational pot shots or do you even need you because you know you're Shelby board's going to be handing you whatever it out of their pocket. Yeah I'll go to those options to its it's awesome that they exist that's yeah I don't I don't need to go. There's a great guys and I swear there's one product you like to have in your life and you always have an endless supply room you go. Yes I too bad actually we just need more you know legalization. Yamana you know more more you know in my in my in my home state of Massachusetts there recently and I feel like man that's going to be the start at least on the East Coast. Oh yeah yeah it's it's actually spreading that you know really got this guy Jeff Sessions and so he's gonna try to return to roll back. Colonel Johnson. And then again who knows how many more days she's committee in the job so yeah it's they knew volatile time. Don't they realize that they want people to come down the matter we signed him any argument you're on that pot is the best way to get tons. Yet nobody in Charlottesville what I did and actual problem Yahoo! definitely honestly I did feel earlier high you can have a conversation with anybody even if it's like you're completely against them when your hide deep as the SI had a conversation. Actually. I don't mean he's gone back and incursions in Dallas right I'm also in the America are rising fuel price target. Is it the old tower of terror that they turn into the guardians of the galaxy right. Oops yeah I know it's a pretty it's pretty sweet and it could say recently elevated damage that sounds like you must be in anticipation of holy smoke a sandstone Holyfield's Howard's error which is. I used to be this super ugly building you know it's supposed to be scary. I've taken up in the middle Anaheim but now they could guardianship tribunal the guardians exterior. Is really commercial and cool looking and alone let us. Yeah and then in the Q when you're going through the idea here in the collectors fortress. Oh. So the collector has been battling the guardianship he's captured. But I also know he just had blog sure tried different. You know things she'd expected collector had turned out throughout the they queue area like a little museum. You know intergalactic oddity. If you're not I don't remember the collector that's their Benicio del toros are our weird guy so we are now domains. CLU and he you know he showed up bond film in talks you know talks due and that in that would normally you know Hedo these Steve Crowley's got a bad. He has seen where I'm rod sterling a shake rod sterling would talk to you on the screen and you move onto the next part. Did say that's where you meet turn the collector. And and that county is too much away but then little rocket shows out there and and start the nationalist patriots it's great. Something I do I don't know I don't life's goal to go wanna go and we don't Branson's. Now you've got to go and you've got to pay you can take an extra bucks now. To get cash app. Nash on your phone she don't like run around the car. Archie gets their take extra certain right you can just trying to get a reservation on your phone no later in the day when no good and loved it's. That's really working on that because it's just like it's yes saline and some points and I was gonna take this seriously the TSA area and then they also on the fast fast in the slope asked. See how well I'll tell you that that's the funny thing about TSA though is Wendell when they give away too many cheer shade trees and there's a bunch of people standing there. I'd still in the headline happy to know that I don't have to kick off my damn shoes or take my computer I would you know like. Blake at least it's going to be OK you know more user friendly experience for him we don't go to true very you don't have to put your hand over your head didn't get X ray you know he just goes to the old fashioned. X ray machine. So it obviously you're right Sochi a shade tree is getting it's getting weird when you show welcome her and ally and longer than the regular cost. I would get blown up on text messages because you're going to be here in the northwest this weekend it's also have access weekend here many times trying to make it down to Seattle which I have test. According to the odd timing could do this certainly didn't do that I don't tell that this you know I would want to compete against turner imagined hot event like Jack you know I but I don't know if we'll get you get there because they're going to be in Tacoma but I they certainly should try right. Yeah absolutely gets better every year and stage you would be like the grand Marshal don't ask how I imagine. Well you know he had made Leo it could be actually dangerous for me to commemorate you know it's thousands and thousands of people would all be crashing down. That's very your point. Well again man Doug knows movies Tacoma comedy club. See if you've never been to a live taping of Douglas Lee's podcast it is really a lot of fun who knows you might be part of that show. This Saturday for twenty special guests we don't know could be just twelve maybe I don't know. And some other great yes of course the Doug reason for that that podcast. And it's live tickets and info Tacoma comedy club dot com and Doug as usual man we love talking to you love playing the game the as well nobody. He had executed I'll talk you guys soon. Take it easy Doug Benson Doug loves movies lied to the comma comma club Tacoma comedy club dot com. And they eggs mornings on the rock 99.9 KI SW.