BJGN08-18-17 - Orphan Black - Game of Thrones

Friday, August 18th

BJ & Vicky discuss the series finale of Orphan Black; the gang talks about the latest episode of Game of Thrones; and we get the Geek Sheet with Vicky B!


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Your inner geek wants to come out and play like where to. Joined Vernon Wells safety Golden Globe where you when your fellow geeks can hang out play games just nerd out 24/7. Whether you love RPD's video games or are just a major fan of size flying culture Vernon Wells says something for everyone. Let your deep flags fly at Vernon whilst the sign up today and see for yourself BMW duck club that's BMW doc plus. She ladies and gentlemen geeks of all ages you are now entering Vijay chase the nation. Welcome yes welcome the Vijay shave geek nation in high in the reverend en Fuego the the cross for me is Vicky Barcelona fan and we've got uncle Chris yeah hi yeah. BJ she hey I'm back to put call me rove and mending the boards is Joey. Ease the path. Until I show we will talk orphaned black we will talk game of thrown in of course BP chief with the TV thinking how can people get a hold of us it. All across the board face plus Twitter and sit around just he gave the baby nation you'll find us securities and more a web site indignation. Dot com. Excellent thinking so much Vicky and since Vicky and BJ are both here. We do need to talk about the not only the season finale but these series finale. Orphaned black oh. Keep a key player emotions in check Ricky and I'm EJ yeah longer hit it's so true so so I did it ended the way you guys were whole being I mean if you wanted it's and I mean intended anyway by that you have much of a choice yet he had he had did it did go the way your hoping for it to go. Is there what do you think. You know I think he did I in it and it showed a happy ending for most of them. And it's a red which at that which I think after five years of being with these characters I really did actually wanna see them have a good life. Because they're clones and a lot of them we're gonna die because of a funny a faulty genes so you really saw that all men and for I honestly. I really thought more people would die I thought we would lose Kassim are our major Conan. I was having that we really lose anybody important I as far as like that we've grown to love of the clump clump. Yeah I I very much enjoyed the entire thing we did see hey Elaine I was a big struggle is within. They're trapped. Helena is about to give birth and there's people trying to kill them. Delighted to me in my Babe Ruth and Elena told an awesome thunder while she is you know having contractions scene ends up like shooting someone in the throat and loan was. Yeah I'll ask. And so yeah plus Assam heard two senior is a little girl yet Ellis two episodes ago Yahoo! was nice to learn about her and seeing also that the birth they did a cool scene where I was Helena was giving birth to she's the twin of another clone Serra of the main character. They're the only two there actually could have babies in. And it only took set a twin that all the clones that wherever you produce a lot hot like that we found out there's at least over a hundred to 200 yet to something that are still living. There's a lot of them that died as a sickness serve you know 'cause Pelé Helen Helena actually told us yes she got one point because she was like are you can they are going to all copies. They got to see a scene where we finally got to see whether why Sarah had the baby she Hadley because she's a single mother earth. And that show you and so she made that decision in the they show while polling was giving birth they flashback and showed Sarah giving birth many many years ago. An easy sort of show that kind of thing. And it was touching also because we lost ass a couple of (%expletive) on like her mother mommy am couple episodes ago and to Tennessee her take that place of her. Was just like I credit the and I was teared up because they're both grinding of the two babies there are was there arts based the guy played are out I was just sit there rag Kevin. Answered yes my hand I was tearing up because is just his faith and looks so real guys that look the happiness the pain the joy. How is such a great. I mean this dude was in from the beginning it's it's a beautiful because he knowing his partner his feeling he was a police officer his partner was one of the clones the first one we ever really got to see. She's on the stepped in front of the subway train that started the whole area. So art he's art's been witnessed the whole time as he was slowly but surely brought into the fall didn't know what was going on. Eight gates it was a really powerful series the end it was great because Alain you know skirts who cares he's isn't human name until the very end. And she needs to really great but there was orange and purple because they're orange socks and for. Precisely how to. Sorry to break when a criminal offense yeah is is to see crickets like a purple approved. I'm here as hoop when I eat but he's just it was hot and they ended with a baby shower. Although the remaining twins are twins clones or hang out Sarah was gonna go to school you know get her high school. Degree but she ended up stepping out of the test you can do this test again. I'm just drop out I'm just a low life I can't even be a mom she even says to the girls at the end like what's wrong something's wrong. Like I act and you know after all the fighting there's no one left a fine I'm still a crap mom through and all of them like now you know like I yelled at my daughter the other day my adopted daughter and it's like the baby is. They found I don't know what sun comes from silent let me that you know I yeah. They were very supportive like sisters and that was any link you really got to see there was a sisterhood and Eva and they supported Sarah who for so long really you. Supported them she was the spearhead of this entire campaign and went through pretty much the most. And the sad thing I did fiance I felt sad further Rachel character who was the only clone that was against the mall during the entire series. And was pretty much does the biggest Biaggi never wanna meet. But it was little she thought had a sense of elitism she's like I am not a clown I'm better than me I have money and I Nolan McLellan no he's monitoring me even though they Wear. Our position is that the sense of elitism and then at the end of flake knows this and demand toy in the cards like now this is my uber Trevor Kidd Carlos. I mean I presenting it's like I have a glass and yet again and hiding. The sad thing for Rachel was is that she did the right thing in the end and they really didn't get credit for a new Wii which is interesting because. Redemption when you think about all the horrible things characters do over the course of a series. You tend to forgive them I'll all we're sorry Vader we didn't even though you kill all the comings and all the horrible things you did there now you're a sweet happy little glowing ghost. Well she did the last thing she did for them is because Kassim has the cure now and she's trying to find all the rest the cloud she gives them a copy of the list of all known clones. With all their address is in doctors and everything silly makes it a lot longer I'm OK so that was the last act of you know Hague but nobody knows except Felix and they kind of figured out there like Al racial. And racially naslund came how to babies that you can't go in there you know both we've all know you can't going to be part of the family and I'm hoping. In my head after you know of the sting that's dying and I after you know all that trauma that's gone on for years. Kind of fadeaway that she's able to kind of introduce yourself back into their lives. That's what I'm hoping I know we're never gonna see that has the show ended that but I I do hope that that kind of happens you did a prom with is. Think she's like oh and I didn't miss being single mom but so. The guy who played the baby daddy oh yeah I have seen how long can they read that he actually was the second's. Like did London Paris had to like little love too late in the game after all it's factors include him. That actor played him. And they left because like I have to know Brazilian IW endangered and then. They never revisited that Wiki they never met up with him hurt so not only am I won't let me tell you can bring him back into the bowl like you guys have a family have all the kids art's daughter. You have. Not crap Rachel Allison kids can't don't soccer mom yes she Charlotte which is the baby is the clone she's probably like fourteen but she's a clone she's the youngest one and they're all you know a family now they're cousins or sisters so. It's like OK bring in the adding a white Kenny come and Mike can you just make it here is for an episode. Did they ever address items like word of the kids will be kids consider clones. Like all the babies like fed the ones that says that they did the Colmes we're giving birth to do they can sell those are closer than they are miracle babies because they could heal you can cut them and they would instantly you'll like every maybe. 'cause a little lake Helena is winds to she got stabbed with a stake she fell on a stick and stabbed through and hit the baby. And it just he'll like that why I mean when they are very or actually mostly in that. Hero was always kind of it and licks she could think she can heal. Faster machine had a connection salts all the clones to she knew when one of them is dead she's like. They're not here anymore are I know what I'm what everyone is feeling right now someone sad someone that she had this. Weird connections all the clowns wow yes. And the big business that wanted to basically all these human beings that they made completely toppled completely embarrassed destroyed they did everything they wanted to do. And the usher bond was the one that died the mom of of view of the adoptive mama of love of the main character in her brother Felix. I've very well Don it was it was there it was a good closing episode. Had if you know and the big bad guy who we just really met this season the big bad guy. He get his just desserts because he wasn't able to get down and he was the one that you're talking about who says that maybe he was trying to infer that he was older than he really was all my years old now he was such a jerk. And he really really what it was interest in the three main people involved in this experimentation. Westmoreland and dubbed above that of the old lady who hello Virginia could you have Virginia while Virginia was the bad bad as Arthur and him and Susan yet those three. Those three it seemed like Susan was a nicer person but pretty much disconnected for you mean humanity and that's been she's the mother Rachel or gas and that's probably why Rachel is such a BS is beyond and so they really all go what they deserve because they did they had no regard for human life it was either the best was we were these. Ants and rats and amazed and the horses all were dismissive creatures below lawyer you know that's how they felt about the clones. And they all got what they deserved it. Yeah I have to I just love like I'm just looking at the castle strain on nine DB and it's like they did create a family and they ended with that you have Blake. Mired in sky with the guys over the scientist guys you know between hard to end on even dealt seen. You know even a Dell which is Felix's half sisters just. Yes she was she was the greatest red Herring never was because we always thought that she was gonna turn on every episode like that for she's gonna turn on the streets randomly shows up appearances life. Right in the middle of the club prices call them assist strife argue. Oh did Jack how did you do yeah Mac. Denigrate dance scene at the end where they intermingled. The some of them dancing with lag and all you result dancing just well just let him go Phnom OK okay and now they're I think not examine their precious. Do you see a girl you didn't really recommend then yeah yes she is the body double. Oh there's going to be as you can tell which is done in my professional studio take a white studio in and they had like people in their house is filming that they submitted videos and their little sign cash and long club I'll find there's this one don't like I never saw her the entire series and as untrue we saw her all I ask you is just you know the body double for top ten on the Lonnie oh why Powell like whenever you know she's talking to clone she's standing and and then turn. The headaches. You know I didn't really NN has sought to the series visited the the special the special effects to make you believe that they're all on the screen at the same time. So much of a semi so amazing and are of course tots generally talked about we don't have to we are now an assailant I had a slight kind of told myself I'm like no this is the same person's house and talking and then and as you know I just think you know. So well now we did well done here I love and you guys would definitely recommend this for people start lanky and even go for binging if they allow one run again or I actually would wish I had had time to binge watched as when you wait season after season you kind of forget and to see it all row it would be cool to be able to see them all in a row in a short amount time. Which we never got Jimmy. But how soft everybody with norv and the great fan support a lot of caused play to that can really ought to concentrate some PI as as a lot of different climate I can't wait to see what's next for taught him as Lonnie I I wanna see and act like there's a movie this coming I have no currently not no real interest does not comment but Maria. But I wanna sit discuss you hit. That's that's one of the great actors right there at that point I wish it was a malaria and yeah. I mean I I'm serious I mean you know I could have taken a character being a little bit older yeah but able which shuts down is a little bit older looking than the carriage in the played it but she's a much better actor and I hate to be that guy but. Full or him would have been such a better movie if they just had better actors. Especially if they get their act around the bad writing which was also in the movie even though the movie was beautiful gad that's able insane and I'm moving deftly need to be seen in the theaters as opposed to waiting for a avatar was kind of tough because I agrees we see in the Euro but I'm not certain it's worth your money pool and it is these I was at my sides should be signed an IMAX all the Iowa Haley I agree bad acting bad writing good directing one S three isn't necessarily a passing grade for me and him that I thought was worth the amount of money as an NC a movie. Yep from me Dunkirk again would have been better yeah hi I really love to be taken away to a galaxy far far away which is why didn't mind that George Lucas went to a threes because I thought his special effects were good enough to make up for the rest of the crap that the movie's worth it. If but I see your point I just love I Joey Joey and I saw it in two. 3-D but there was it wasn't playing in Europe three need for us to say. But all man. Tatiana I think. You know it's like Harrison Ford and it's like what you know Carrie Fisher did for Star Wars. Those movies would have sucked if they were not the actors is charisma there'll that to me probably each other in the improbably absolutely because Lucas can't ride and whoever wrote a layer into that right and that you know and Lou played some of the sun is not a direct a good movie and there was some awesome listener but. It's so frustrating it's like all I think the score carries both those moves in a big way. We got the music Star Wars of Larry and it would not have been the beauty that they work yup yes. RO DD we do need to talk a little TV we know more TBA we actually as I don't want to hear there. Oh game of throw. Am about John Deere. Are a few episodes and let me on this for this season. And I know a lot of people are making the joke I gave a fast travel. I'm not scared yeah I call it game was thrown senior race. Let's laugh and I like dad Cedar Fair is good enough because as I have to recall the episodes and this these the interesting part about this is my argument on that is that we're only having it's at eight episodes this or seven episodes for this season. And Dana moving like do you really need three episodes of them traveling to these places do we necessarily need that and that's my argument to that. I don't necessarily think that we do so I'm OK with it kind of blending in having maybe things don't necessarily. Lineup chronologically. And I for the story teller sake I'm OK with it. I will he be as adds up there are only two episodes laughter but so east watch which is the last we saw was 59 minutes. The next one we're going to see is going to be. An hour and ten minute photo nice and then the last two under an hour and twenty minutes boom boom created Al they're going to do you have a bonus that the older gaffe. And it was interesting because one of the episodes this year was only like something like fifteen minute dash 52 were 53. So they're Tenet taking the lead traditional hour or they're just kind of doing what they want to do with it. Damp and are under point four like they sort of like we've seen enough trouble we don't need to and that's a conceal and like all held television shows you know it'll be like here's how they figured this thing elegant crystal police procedural that is a lot you see them in the beginning doing all the paperwork and a season three you don't need to seal that people anymore is it enough times can assume it was done between CS but the problem game drones is not that we're not seeing travel. Pong game with drones is that John has been up and down westar us. Or timetable a lot of walkers like him across party yeah yeah yeah. Is he stopping appealing god why Google client and having muscles to hold the butter right around the white walkers are traditionally slow their meandering sure you're winning you're they're essentially. There are very similar and there are a lot of big revelations in this once firstar yeah see we get to see deeds the aftermath. The the glued trained dead demolishing yet now first off we get to see that Brian did in fact save genial and a stern apparently both of them can hold their breath for miles and miles and miles and that's a good thing for both of them I wouldn't oppressed explanation for that okay thank you when she was charging towards Danny. He was on a horse in the water unlike. The orange water do you write on like bear and then he falls off the horse like three feet to his rights I think it was all up collusion he was just liar like it it's below the water. Asked are we to all of us our society it's a daughter and I and I didn't just an exceptionally swift river Ian Scott I. I I think at that point blank him going down and you see him sinking into it was a metaphorical sort of thing for him to realize that how deep underwater. The Lancaster is really are and how un winnable this war is especially when he mentions and goes to Sarah saying he says. They have three dragons we just saw one completely and utterly demolished our army and the dot Iraqis don't care they'll just wrecked us. So he at that point realize that he is they it's a lost cause CBO one dragon across vote isn't gonna cut it yeah in serious led him in the shoulder and now well nothing really happened. Some people are saying though because that is a wound that also happens to Colorado them that this is a symbolic thing that says that may be drove around will be the -- drag into possibly give it kind of white block heard at least that's what I'm kind of hoping there's a ton of stands there he's out for. I want us. That sure it does yeah it never occurred to me like. If does our dragon die is it could be calm in evil zombie drag race that's what you just said and then how would you destroy it with another dragoon. My driver tried to outlast the other look first where are you glad they're finally areas are you began this conflict and Harry Potter is going to be like shooting at each other it is kind of fun. I have big explosion. Some balance to it but we got something insane that we hadn't seen in a long time we saw runner Europeans master bad. Apparently he. Apparently he's just been hanging around the entire time being a blacksmith and an idea this wool BioWare and our own reserves yeah L and first off when I side he is his hammer like that dean dean nerd meet death just goose bumps is a much Beaulieu. Oh yes he's battle cleric this amazing and ever considered good Hamburg breeding in it like Gingrich or this isn't realizes he's got a few thoughts on blogs in this episode and it I don't know closing off in the pictures you can see he included the stat antlers whom. Mean oh hammer you could see Lilly settled veracity and not that's an awesome and so that leads to a bunch of them we've got the via the Magnificent Seven suicide squad going up to you. Tried to reach three Yves and KP white wash your way oh lead going toward can be awesome and work exactly what you expect Alia here's my fear with Kendry and that some people may not like it but I really feel that he is a character that they've brought back that you are familiar with. Only to get killed. Like he is a reason there's he's got nothing else going on. Really I mean it looks like we see him in John Snow coming out first up is to charisma and that was amazing gas but also on that point. You don't see tenacious and a little than the problem is is like OK they have this sort of like oh you're my you're no yeah you know like you're the bastard son and on the bastard son. But we also found out that drowned snarls are and the masters on her aren't so I don't know if yeah I think there's some some sort of bondage are bonding mayor are gone down. Okay declare our job to really work out tells them Marines a lot true yeah right. So when he's here is that there was an annulment. Of array gar like fifty years ago hold on to say just waive their way below our anti finale ago it was Princeton grad jury could have been somebody else completely different beat says Manila wait what. This feeling that would have been that if you heard like. You know there was there was a really famous Lincoln that got divorced in America you feel like wait that equipment was then maybe I think in question and that was the girl letting you know then anybody Sanderson is there's there's an airline American with the death I did love how it was just kind of like guys somebody even posted a mean about geely and it was just like Gailey feeling how every woman in a meeting feel like I have. I don't worry we don't know where I would just say no im gonna move on you know on beer. I also another interesting thing because. You know doing delude trained at Harley's were there and engineers was like yeah that you read third bend the knee. Or we turn your to barbecue. And the tar les did not which means Sam is the only Harley left yet but it actively since he's still part of the night watch how's Charlie is gone. Yep so is kind of interesting how they're gonna deal with that whether or not Sam's gonna care I mean San picked up balls books realized that. Being an intern for the end administers is not gonna be getting him where you're used to go he pieced out right away. I'm hopefully heading back in teaming up with everyone and I'm thinking that in fact that that they had mr. dude exactly expected and do that we ask. You asked Jim Rodman knows what he's doing because CI exactly Jim brother because. They he knows he's not again in order to get to cure for dragon scale moved he has you know on that oh absolutely so I just sort of like you are you know there's just some of the answers he gives Lee Yang is a good guy is no place makes no way you're good you guys are old stupid and data and IIII think yet totally there they were all on me he was on board with yeah he's gonna seek out here and it's okay yeah it does yeah you're right these things are real and do we you know I didn't take care. It gets noses speech when he was like this is very much possible we're not gonna do anything but. You know so it probably should what he had had an accidental council there like I know this is a lost cause for the somebody in this room who can and exchange. Now we don't have any information on the new list episode even though he did leak and I know that there are a lot of people out there with all that information so we're not dealing with any of that sort of stuff that this. Point in time that he has minor spoilers. Well no I don't really not not concede not this specialist Boris books spoilers oh OK so for the bomb disposal is supposed to come out you know looking for a white walker right now yeah boy in the books talents aren't supposed to come back there's a white walker oh right yes acetone Stonehenge stone faced no ladies don't they just don't aren't guess who takes. Now my older this is different dom and and I'm not you know my Brothers tells me stuff you read the books is that she's not a white walker when her throat was slit in the red wedding. Her vocal cords were severed but she didn't actually die from losers in this recent violence slave to this family who is not actually like on dead this. And dads rallied Johnson or let other students and us forget Kelly Greek. Yeah kinda like Larry that we understand the man's genitals at certain for a friend yeah and like I last week we talked about the fact that there was may be a weird ghost in one of the scenes when. Well as you have Rihanna in. Aria fighting and you would see a little bit of those passes value protected my mother's daughters Anne and mother. Yeah I know it'll be interesting is you have a little bat every other show I feel like there's just an Easter egg Advest both legs didn't throw sorry I had no idea Angel S whom I have one of the things you gotta look at at all of these things that are happening they're fast tracking so much stuff that I don't think that they're wasting words and it's even something as so small as Syrian talking about how. His father eight he never saw him for what he would he when he was are you hated him for what he was in a lot of people symbol maybe because your red dwarf. And no no here we go around like I still think these three headed dragon is definitely it's going to be teary John in and do Nair as as the target area and yeah I think you're right I think that he knew that he was a bastard yet. And we knew he he knew that today here that somebody banged his wife yet and that I think that's the problem is he nasty he hates this thing that he has to keep and keep as his quote unquote son because if he ever said that. No he's not my son he's a tar Garrett certainly boom he's the top of the line for the throne and then suddenly you have what is you consider your greatest you know mistake or. Embarrassment at being the king would explain why Jamie kill them. Yes you know I mean edit and be at the request of his father I might be remembered like you know what suns go and cure bad day imagine how you're right you're right in its in its indeed we've are racing with us Irsay basically backing off and say hey will go back to the shadows and will team up with dinners at this point because this is where we work best. That fits a law along lines with what tie when would always do was well there's a lot of things that they've done that mix in well with all of this. Actually think she's pregnant because she did kind of do the hand heavily I don't know man unit I don't die he definitely made me think she was pregnant bu I thought if she she is if she isn't obviously to manipulate Jamie if she is she's not going I don't think she's going to go full term with Asian Addai before that happens. Because the prophecy central only have three children and on my way out like that prophecy says grief she's had her three let's seat on the senate to give and so yeah I think that if she gets pregnant then. The still you know and also isn't. Isn't part of the proxy that lake of the kids also died by her brother yet and or some guy and I don't oppose her brother's hand that they were gonna die she's gonna see them die for sure. And then choosing a die younger brother which at this point could be either problem smiling Jamie yeah the greens router which sent out an but do I also think another like clues speculation. Do you think aria is on the little fingers like alcoholics which are truly don't. And I kind of sneaking around watching little thing you do these things we know little finger knows she's on tour. And world. That's big moment to this episode admin was the letter that he center. Which if you bought eat the lettuce that was the letter that song so ascent from king's landing when Ned was about to die begging them to come back and bended knee hit the save your life rob biggie Rob Ryan and her mother yeah yeah. Give up their rebellion it'll be interesting to see how that goes because yeah I mean. There's been some theories out there the same maybe aria is not even aria at this point because he ducked into a car to move which would be a weird kind of switch on that to see that may need everybody to charity but guess what Sierra. We've got you more episodes this season and tell us where they're gonna go with that he had some very excited for that but now it is time to get tool. She twist kick dish. I quick quickly going through all these are some movies I saw some movies first one of the list. The hit man's bodyguard. And and this has Sam Jackson and Ryan Reynolds and it you think gallon sound great so we are coming up some I take care old man who moved. Only 30%. Are you runner I. Yesterday's. Specialist podcast he did enjoy it. Now the Mark Knoller broke also you can take that past few as I win this I think this might be a good running go to the senate are. Add on to zero Thursday for six bucks and a couple drinks and the organ and an eighties buddy cop movie yeah now yeah differ with assassins with guys and everybody assassin movie if I. Another movie that has a lot of people that we all love Channing Tatum Seth MacFarlane at a driver. Katie Holmes and popular. Visionary if it beat low real lucky. Oh yeah and also Daniel Craig as you gray getting a rule I got asset that I right that's right everyone's like CC Daniel Craig and they did and that's apparently a New Delhi putting the month but I feel as that is to say and see how young Daniel Craig still is that's what I feel like it doesn't have to look he's got no blond haired stuff you know young Yale he's coming back for bonds that comes this and the only reason I bring it up it because it's a bunch of quote unquote dirty actors and Channing Tatum is going to be you know that if we still believe it's gonna happen Julie maybe aren't any any it. This is easily gets you all day you'll be old gambit I know many things and I just didn't do you don't know what movie. But lo get lucky is two Brothers attempt to pull off a high Easter in NASCAR race in North Carolina. And was I getting it is getting 92% who Harlow looks really good gives you the trillion go check it out it looks you in the generic and that's part of the reason why recommended it and one today at one that's gonna have actually gave us through the actor. Chris hangar and blogs Nicholas Jamie Lynn's dad didn't like cholesterol down GAAP and John Brennan also at the Lake Bell. It is a movie called shock collar. And a home when the sounds like than bondage he kind of thing if I newly released prison gangsters forced by the leaders of this game to orchestrate a major crime with a brutal rival gang on the streets of Southern California. Only reason I bring this up because. You know Jamie minister and the uninsured are heading to communities piano and is part of the on my dinner punishing inner eye and a percent for this movie though too so it and good reviews I have and I did bring it up nice he does kind of look like Cole called in but. Dream year I guess in this. I don't know I don't know here and does alcohol program don't have but let's be real you're not gonna watch movies this weekend because defenders comes out hello. I want to defect and Chris I'm not Chris sorry Mark Bryant has already lost his mind. I have to consume the first four apple AOL and I'm. Is mind good or bad and good movement is closing at a press red daredevil I he wasn't necessarily he did like some of the the fights you he does think that daredevil was the best one out of all of them he's not one of those guys to be like oh my god the Netflix so they're great exactly he does take a critical approach to this he has said that in the ads the first two episodes you love the third fourth episodes he'd. Tackled out loud. Like this is like something I never expect from mark runner yet somehow he manages. Two be impressed by a these these shows it is right in the face of negativity from march I have a feeling it's going to be a lot of bickering between the for a minute anyway yeah and no way. Challenging having not seen iron fist and had a lot of trepidation about the defenders at this point. I'll be watching you know we can just gonna Wikipedia through the iron fist up and get the cliff notes before. There you can't plans on accent and seen anything. Your inner geek wants to come out and play like where to. Join Vernon Wells six feet Golden Globe where you when your fellow geeks can hang out play games and just nerd out 24/7. Whether you love RPG's video games or are just a major fan of size flying culture Vernon Wells says something for every one. Let your deep flags fly at Vernon whilst. Sign up today and see for yourself BMW duck club that's BMW dot bluffs.