Metal Shop Interviews OLD IRON

Saturday, August 19th

Badass local band OLD IRON joined us in studio to talk about their brand new album Lupus Metallorum ! 


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We are in studio with our band at 1098 is awesome to have. This thing is these two dudes. Not the whole band but just two dudes from the band old iron. It's been a long time coming to have you guys in studio your new record just came out yesterday without any further do you want to introduce yourself welcome you to the metal shop the limb of the metal. And what's your name and what do you do for old iron. And I Jesse and I think guitar and you the lion's share this thing okay to call that. Parking screaming and yelling sounds nice. I'm here at the base also ride on a little bit of that series just. Even though. Right on what's awesome have you guys up but tell me a little bit about this record that came out yesterday it's your first album on good to die records super bad ass local locally formed and have put out a lot of north west's label. Bands. The label is not based on here and yet. Oh is that right yeah. And in other vehicles and writers and yes yeah records on get a dime we just have agreed experience with nick did there's just awesome I think with the argument that seniors. A positive thing adds it's. Awesome deal the I'd love to support and even if I were labeled the fact that working to put a record apart an apple when it is really can feather cap. Absolutely. Labels got a lot of really good things the right now so we could be easy core course and your paper label mates are now. Well we split with an ankle maximum man at maximum atlas was definitely a surprise and very real there so you just recommend checking them. The Connecticut senator recently. Are as an anomaly and pressure that's out or not but anyway. Either way he. You guys have put I mean did you guys put out a lot of albums but I gotta say you're probably the heaviest. Album to be released on good to die would you say. So okay cool all right. Well below the album is called lupus mental Gorham and it came out yesterday you can get it on us Spotify you can stream it on being camp but you can also. Purchases in person yet that's actually a thing you can go and buy it at a brick and mortar store. Imagine that sonic boom easy street silver platters all had it a tell me about the record a little bit like how long. Dick did it take to go from inception to actually having that physical slab in your hands. Well we definitely don't move quickly in the stand I musically or in the you know the the third dimension. And that is it a little over a year and half probably isn't that path of those little. Well weird as you intimate things we accurately. A new drummer and we had a show on him down honestly so. While the plain old songs and and and these are great excess of those Cadillac. Also I was at when we first start of the span I was playing with it on the powers touring bunched. And using Sanders. And there's actually was there appeared resident previous at the same time that yet but yeah it's a brief period where it was just industries like. And your full time to bachelor and for all years as well that's kinda it's it's crazy. In that. Bunch artistic endeavors that we we pursue them that's awesome. So being tattoo artist do you guys get to and decide like your artwork freer Doug do you guys draw your artwork for your album because the new how woman's incredible artwork awfully cute I pain and Allen are chipping in both the first records her at hello calm cool but we also on Jarrett worked on the inside currents that too and you know I think we're we're real democratic matters things it's sort of a theme he's got a good idea. And world opens in and pretty easy on that staff cool and we seem to be at saint eighth it's kind of works out. No Hartley metal looking stuffed in walls seemed and normally stuff into our own. So we're gonna go into two songs off the new old iron record again the C north west bank and keeping in northwest the grave wax and Friday Glendale anything you wanna say about these two songs for throw right in their. And ten. It it weird. And I. The sandy you're listening to apparently old iron there in studio there and incredible northwest in bringing the heavy is that higher and that's truly. Truly iron feel like you're listening right now and the band is called. Or buyer like I said in the album I'm sorry is called me. You mean what does it can't medalists. Sorry I use in front of me. Lou this mature my dad is on goods that records. I'm just talking too much I got to let a copy of my system I'm trying to stay out you were captivated I am here. Highly caffeinated or bury cavity you might vibrate through law it's all good speed of goods dialogue give them a quick shout out they've got some good records in so many good bands on the label rabid ski he is immersed so like drugs. His key that split C accredited kinki forget savage media really as a kid it was for a lot of these guys and can you hear it in. Well they Jane's Addiction cover I always forget about that Brokaw records here. As a brutal that's what's really really good thing and so good work. Shout out to local cable the. So old iron in studio their record came out yesterday I'm always. Interest did in in in thinking back to like your formative years is like a musician in Norris just a fan of metal and heavy music. We got Jesse and Jared from the band in studio right now thinking back to what your formative years maybe being a teenager when he got into the music. What was the first heavy being in that really just like drew your attention and you knew. Like you weren't going to be the same. As a man. Price. Honestly for me is probably the first time record masters that's cool I had a body that night to hand the DNA extract it to be back 2000 played. Dislike. You prior to that like all later murdered with a certain heated and TV that your isn't anything like that and and I mean is pre and that's if you wanna discourage them in the heat stores and buy it and check out via the risk order. Friends turn on that those kind of and we don't have this like really fast progression. People dislike discovers. Exactly. You become an instant black metal lake aficionado and fifteen minutes and slippers on a specific area it's likely exhaustive knowledge that's one specific things like. I think I have favorably basement black metal one man project from 1985. In one in five minutes at a penalty 1980s okay yet us. It's sold out after that at all and I you know. Jerry you mentioned buzz of an what was it about in the Mike that's a pretty deep cut how did you worry here about them and who who turned you onto. Now by human Roger. Played as army ultimately it's like anything. Uttered before. But user pop punk like that your. Leaders staff and it was Andy and weird. And cool samples and nice and stunt. I'm on blood so then you know all downhill from there or or upward whatever way you wanna think about it. You'd be visible tattoo artist now it is that heavy music and like metal influenced you guys he gets you to listen to what you want while your tattoo and that's an excellent job actually and I think elderly in the trees that like that honestly and now it's. Right on and just generally tattoo. Shops we'll I am and arcades tattoo on Capitol Hill. Grab hands and Ballard. Some owners and artists it's very cool your own bosses you have to take crap from anyone happen. Troop so old iron in studio back on the big institute. They're going to be playing a few shows they're actually going to be doing. He towards on the West Coast what's the venue disciplined with our child our columns accounts. You have some but he is of ours. We I've known those guys for years they are in bands in Seattle on these days to play. A couple of guys in slipped while local priest played but shows than in. Gonna kept in contact over the years and tact and bass player and so we just. It is kept on Austin is that there's another pet here he is also attach your cool hat. Exit hidden and yet ground I just knew that the Seattle says it's a big community. This key is just for Tatis got on the red with kids we got some downtime and months of work on the other line. Now in a ligament in. And I'd really like tour certainly application stress pocono half. Have to think about that that's that's actually it's pretty nice not do you draw a little bit lawyer player on the road keep shops I have to and one of the people like I'm on the phone and please try some shapers something. Actually it's a break for generic looking into that summit for. Hours on a grinder in in red to. October 11 at low Fides there and of their West Coast tour with our cons and but their next show is rat city reconstitute number sixteen at white senator the south do you roller rink. Or from tee to issues of our cues can be fun one. It I hope that the roller. This is there crashing give people like crushing or smashing into each other while like moshing while and roller skating and literally and figuratively. Will we got a couple more songs we met feel defeat couple more in here all the iron you'll hear from them in just a few here's two more songs from their new record it's called lupus met solo around. The song called nightmare to tell me a little doubt it or just intro it. We named after clearance to actions that'll will problem with this team that just fallen down downhill from there. Crushing to lose by all the iron. It's metal shop here on 99.9 KI SW so awesome to have Jesse in here in studio from the band old iron we just played. A couple songs and that was not. Lucas met to lure them. The title track from the new record it is available now you can pick it up at local record store you can stream it online anyway he wants. We're how how do we follow you guys he gets up like the social media presence of Sherry. In Scranton and face the man instruments. Or iron then I think there's underscores separate ignored. It. What. Old iron and that com. In camp. It. Where. Were you wanna be there Tinder. Just match with them is like right there often as possible swipe right they'll show up in your hostages. Caller yeah. I'll take that whoever. Is allowed and I can't see friendly like hey we're we're here with the reps. Looks like we've brought the rest. It's like that he gets girls again be playing eight Planned Parenthood benefit show at Teddy rose so on Capitol Hill Dino the details comment when it is. I think it's September 18 with grateful. To him. Awesome both at great bands. That that's very cool and what's what's the rest of the year look like for you guys into the future of things I mean you guys just just came out with this new record. What is the the goal. Oh hold there. Aside from total world domination and then we start the West Coast cool worker again that's. And we're meeting their bodies are via. Group effort that easy to dominate the world. Group domination. Again October 11 at the bone Fides the the homecoming for that DO West Coast tour with our cons. So definitely check that out but the next one is the rent city reconstitute or sixteenth. At the self. It's a family affair. Penciled I told Jesse we workers and picking their brains about them a little bit and I just told him and we'll play it. But when people and is. Now. Rattle in good company. So any urge quick shout what you want to make two say to the north was audience before we play a song that you picked I definitely would. Think Matt Daley referred to in such an amazing job recording records oh hell yeah like it was just a really good experience working with them I've been a fan as the records for years that house yet he's. Went above me Don Imus was great experience. I don't. Brad and each. Cool all right well we're going to go into a song here old iron pick this one actually Jesse from old iron picked this wanted to be and he likes from Canada called dead brain cells. Britney yeah. Creek and yes a lot of dead brain cells in this room old iron check amounts in does support local metal to metal shop. On the rock.