BJGN08-23-17 - DC Metal - Sonic Mania - Agents of Mayhem

Wednesday, August 23rd

Spicoli talks comics with the new DC Metal story arc; BJ & Spicoli discuss Krypton; Spicoli reviews Telltale's Batman: the Enemy Within; Mike Robles reviews Sonic Mania & Agents of Mayhem; and we get the Geek Sheet with Vicky B!


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Ladies and gentlemen geeks have always lose you are now entering Vijay chase the nation. Yeah has told him BJ saves geek nation and I am the reverend en Fuego across from me is thinking Barcelona out I think the whole Cris OBJ. Shi a and. Yeah it's. Holy day and ending the boards is Jolie diss. On today's podcast we will talk comics was Nicole Lee you'll also guessing game review we'll talk with Michael rope was and of course he geek chic with the big key beat Vicki. How can people get a hold last get a hold of the CIR web sites EJB nation dot com staff on our podcasts in all information. Nice thinking so much let's get right into comic book doc it's a goalie. How's the band I at Bristol for big surprise to them talk about a lot of Batman the show us what. You know the and tells us that you actually Ozzie more than just ran into I had big. Depending big question when you're done because I saw a TV show that I don't know any about I want askew but you have used so just remembered OK yes all right you can't always from Hollywood know get there. So the DC's big event comic that has become a for longtime DC medal at top finally came out last week by Scott Schneider Greg below who did the legendary band Enron over the last five or six years yeah. As the double this for a long time. They're hyping it up and tightened up. And it is it is awesome yes it's really great and and it's it's fun it's so much fun like in the beginning if there's that just they are fighting these robots. And it flash makes like a joke about how often we're gonna need is OK and again. And you're comics if they like reference Aaliyah passable editor's note see so so number 75 or whatever it just says Stephen nineties. The total like this is like it's it's it's a big deal to big storyline and it's not you know do a joke. But we're still gonna have fun when it's gonna be it's gonna be heavy metals could be bright colors. So so the fruit you let's get into it. It opens up like any good event comic 50000 years in the past with a cryptic first page four straight to the press I don't think so did the setup is that there were there used to be three tribes on earth there was the wolf tried to bear trap and the bird tribe until the rise of the yen that was the dark ages and in the age of metal began when the evil that tried took over. Who so that's that's setting up a sort of this this idea of the backs being kind of bad guys in this. Endless war between the backs and the birds which has been referenced in the lead in comic to this what's called dark days that we talked about fort and cast him. So. We jumped you what's basically a cold open for this comic. The Justice League are on war world with mongol and he's captured damage he's given them all these like suits of armor that take away their ability is and he's captured this kid's toy man who's like. Is that a good guy who makes robots that all Soria turned against the Justice League so he's kind of a bill and on accidents can happen so mogul captured join man made him make a bunch of robots for the Justice League to fight on war world and took away their powers. And so is just this fun little thing where the justly fight is robust bat man decipher is that. The torment being the good guy that he is. Put a little button inside each of the robots of the go into the mouths of these evil robots that each one by the way has the color scheme matching and here they fight of my friend was Superman ones or GL for our commands from them so they go in the press the buttons on these robots and the negate eaten by the robots. And the like graduate that bat man's like trust me do this as a than they that you went up and then it's you can choose your reference you go full trying to go with Power Rangers but they make a Magnus or how. How I don't know but I could kick my uncle that's how. Say and that's it and they head back to earth and and the real story begins with what we like to start cold open Mike. Who are bad and the burden AppleTV Sears is Blogosphere Batman show. It does are have a cold open you'll have just that men and team up in a villain for like five minutes due to tell credits that a whole different story and mean episode. I never seen that in advance comic before but it happened to be so into the real story begins when Justice League come back to earth. And die as they re as the sort of and dirt Earth's air space they got a message from Alfred saying things are very wrong in Gotham city. Because in the middle of Gotham city and mountain has a peer. Actual full on straight up mountain in the middle of Gotham city lots of people are dead it's bad wow you know. Lots going on so they investigate did this this mountain and there's this weird energy kind of buzzing around it that green lantern inside or can both feel. Could lantern ring of course made of metal and sibor also is made of metal saw. I am they're sort of detecting this weird metal five and we learned we learned in the prequel to this comic. That there is that this and metal this this weird boosters metal that's been tied hawk man's history throughout comics. Is apparently tied into the fabric of the DC UN it's why we have many humans. Aaron re talking about that before that's so saucy all this metal stuff is going to be a big deal so the good news this not a has this strange dorm at the flash fines because he's fast and that has purple symbol that looks kind of like at an hour glass. Which is the symbol of the challenges of the unknown. So this is clearly today in the used to be based out of a mountain so this is challenger mountain. So we asked the go inside tells about to insiders like the pod with like that's the thing cry pods of bodies in there and the dormant bodied red tornado which is a robot superhero that hasn't been seen for a long time in DC comics. So they go there and are investigating there's like us messaging blood on the wall that says it's chasing officer chased us or something is pursuing them. And they get interrupted by this team of spies that have been following Batman and recently called the Blackhawks they finally. Reveal themselves and lady black hawk their leader takes off for helmet and she is Kendra Saunders also known as hot girl you're womb you might recognize from the justly TV show or to watch alleges that tomorrow Europe might you might remember her complaining about how she used to be a greased all the time. Fast and not my favorite after an active felt so so hawker says you know she of course is married Huckabee and dirt. Several generations of the recurring and stuff. And they've been he caught me and study and study and study this medal and eventually vanished while trying to pursue its. As did the challenges in the unknown Chicago's their history that like the original Blackhawks in World War II were part of this. Apparently star and number three was part of it's we see a shot of the metal men. And the guys who made the middleman and then red tornado on the child of the unknown convoy last group to pursue this metal. And today and challenger Matt mountain just vanished. Didn't it the last transmission they heard from the challengers was just tons of screams from bu T still so hot man try to sort of pursue them through a portal he hasn't been seen from since and since then. Hot girl has sworn in against him away from this and the medal. And obviously not try to combat the Mattox thinks it's bad and it will herald something bad in an and that's something that she has learned. Is a beast known as Barbados. When she dropped the name Barbados bat man slaughter that's a great place to go visit sick. Yeah quite happy and he actually it's with the teeth so it's bar back spokes. Oh you think Grant Morrison for that however. Does so bad men recognize this name bar bat bat toast Barbados. And and talk girl mentions that apparently part of this proxy that is peace Barbados will calm. The Z the wagon as the blue language used is that will bring it wagon is another term for when you. And that the son of how low rain is apparently The Herald for this bar bat house oh boy so she's like all right dominant. Kill you Bruce because your bad gathered the courage turns on him and he's like united and you're not but afford. Luckily it's story time the red tornado robot just goes haywire any shots I ward view I warned you and attacks them all is like they're coming you opened the door at Bambi and uses that opportunity to steal the pure and metal that talk girl had they'd ever back and talk pearl islands aren't let a black hawk island. She had just pure peace event metal. So baton install that was apparently was this whole plan the whole time hasn't yet Grand Canyon dam took it back to the case to analyze concedes the didn't researching this for awhile but he never was able to researching Q were fragment is very few left. So. He goes back. And as he's analyzing it he and Alfred hear this honey and they go upstairs and like there's a bat signal glowing in the floorboards of Wayne manor. And underneath is hot commands journal which in the in the prequel comic talk mammoth writing in the journal all the stuff you learned about the metal. But talk men's journal hasn't been seen since he vanished into the dark multi verse in suddenly moved here is open if he's found the journal so Batman reads it learns everything learns that. This Barbados creature he sort of tracked it down to track down the source of the metal and they couldn't find it anywhere in any of the 52 or some the most diverse. And the flash is like trust me there's only 52 I know my multi verse. And so what Wheeler is that there is a dark multi verse on the back of the multi our own motorcade. And and it more diversity teased a mega verse basically the elected to George is fun but we don't wanna be limited to 52. Right so the very end of the comic abandoned finds his journal he's really it's all true and voice behind and says it is true and he turns around to see dream of the endless from the U and more. OK Lewis. This is the nightmare has only begun. And warming okay. And relax and. Brian Nash goes well for prayer and shows up after serving however again I asked so. As you can tell dream it's kind of a big character for those that don't know he was introduced in your game and sandman. In 1989 which is probably one of the most legendary and well received comics in the history of the media and Hilton. He's the big guy that comic today he is the main character and may do the one that we see so spoiler alert for comments over twenty years old. Dom towards the end of that same Enron the main character actually dies and is replaced somebody else becomes dreamed his name is Daniel hall. Debt that is the one that we see at the end of metal so this is it saying like we're reintroducing dream to this universe or whatever the hold say a man's saga has haven't yet. Right more fetus is not the king of dreams for its Daniel. So that's that's no word because often with DC when they do their reboot solidly red car undertone of we're starting to scare at retail outlets sure but you'll wanna do that for a masterpiece like San match. So so interest. So CNN this area how easy it was for us that that to the continuation during a story can get tired and I think that it hasn't gotten a lot of good looking cool a lot to think about. And you know it's it's it's it's because sand man in the sandman the DC universe appears. Right like band did you Alabama's sometimes the very beginning hangs out at trig and in hell for me out one of the first villains is doctor destiny was an old Justice League film went. Martian man hundred and as of yet he'd he'd meets the DCU but it does the work the other way around. You when your reading DC comics you don't CD endless dream doesn't show up. The last time he did was in 1998. In a tuition story arc like Grant Morrison and JLA. For like. Star always invading through a kid's dream so they went into this kid's dream of fox sorrow wedge dream was bear more fear it was more fears and that is Maria he was like data can help Joseph dreams stuff. If it and what you know so he's. Kind of been in the DCU but barely so this is unprecedented yeah this and this is in the middle of bringing a watchman at the DC because they die they just bring so I think they're calling out all the stops that's amazing an MB update OK sorry before Nevada metal opponents don't wanna name bar bad it was Barbados on a Batman isn't. At the end of the final crisis of the grant more cement for 2009. Batman was hit by a dark sides Omega beams which is bad. In and so and he was sent to like the dawn of man. And pursued through tiny sort of jumps through time and was pursued. By a creature. That dark side created because it's that he called the hyper adapt toys and that was Barbados and so Barbados is actually from an existing book. Wow OK so wasn't just a thing created yes and that album was the last point is if you want to read this in your church about the back story does not too much to read. Sandman of course that's 75 really dense issues and I guess you how much you should or shouldn't read about Sam makes I don't know what role the incident played this book my really good Daniel part right. Yeah all the pros that's like today and yet it always should honestly you should treat sand and it's it's masterpiece and he had it is take this summer read item and I would also recommend if you want just the prequel to meddle dark days before and dark days the casting of the prequel series that deliberately into the story if you want to know more about the metal bat man's research job it I think the best single trade Arenas called back man and the game. It's where the Joker had had been gone for awhile he came back in my he had his face back ever been ripped off to a joint credit explains that he found some of its metal underneath the Wayne manor and he knows about he knows the secret to the metal. So that we'll tell you about that if you're curious about Barbados tech outback man to return to Bruce Wayne to six issue series Batman and through time. And that's kind of all for like reading opted for this event that I can recommend I spent a lot of time reading all the got Snyder. Fast and I think is the book and also like I should really bad what was it. Are so they so much to going up BJ what was your what did you wanna bring up and you guys may have already discussed this but as I was watching kill joys the other day scifi noticed a new shows coming on called Krypton and I was like I don't know about. So did the gores actually been been developing crypt on since menace steel. As and when men are still came out kind of one of the would most like parts of excellent very well RC movie was that the beginning of the way the world of crypt on that they showdown. Needs. Which is where it is not Alice and actually as big a fan of that I'm more a fan of a super science crypt on them like the whole world did you know it's all really earthy and Mike. Yeah but whatever anyway this story is about Superman's grandfather. It's a sport grip on explodes and apparently. Adams strange and one other superhero I forget who. Have gone back in time to foil an assassination attempt of Superman's grandfather that would then present Superman's Burks. Yeah OK okay yeah that's really weird and like I thought I thought that the whole thing that fell apart when you're out for a long time but yes scifi still work darker don's going to be out of straight to the past of Krypton. Yeah and I thought I saw a commercial it's coming out nice all right cool ought to definitely keep tabs on that now is the goalie we did talk about bushel talking about Batman at this point now going back to back so I you did get to play the madness with the enemy with incorrect horse yet the first episode so this is the second season of that man's telltale series on the first one which is called Batman and telltale series. Com which probably adjusted connects to ban and the animated series then people refer to Kenya this is beginning of the new season. Young and really the demon when he recently as seems to me and the Mike's got a government has asked us shortly. But because as you know it's it's just one episode so it's two and a half hours long it's a telltale games. So we're relaxed off the first episode was introducing bat man mostly bad man the penguin two face a captain in the as the main characters and then the big bad was lady Marcum who turned out to be Dickey fail. Below which I was very spread that's probably my favorite Vicky have ever seen. Mr. Vicki vale Vick here. OK okay. I count on a minute it's public elegant and Vicki males usually just a report that tries to hook up a Bruce Wayne and that she was the big bad and I've really liked that because I cared about her for once. So. Anyway the important things that are left over from that story is that. Bruce Wayne spent a little bit of time in arkan asylum in that story you as Bruce were committed to the SI Somalia which wasn't quite the asylum we know was you know you were just like in a room with a bunch of patience playing poker and stuffed. And he meant they'd pale man named John doe who we of course know will become the Joker mean and so this first episode sort of follows up on that Joseph comes back into Bruce's life is like hey remember me from the asylum I got a job for you put a group of friends together. And I want you to be part of it and it seems like he's basically seen back at this is my interpretation isn't happening and story. The magazine that man he's seen all these are the nights are like we can be custom freaks because usually is the arkan inmates that become yeah super villains of GAAP man. So that's sort of the Butte plot story the AP photo story is the arrival of the riddler. You have that the riddler is and of it apparently he's come back he terrorized Gotham like twenty years ago when his usual riddler fashion and then left for a long time. And now he's been back. Which I think it's really weird that after a full unified episode or destroyed bat man we learned that there already was a costumed character and Gotham twenty years ago and as the riddler and take away late from all of the bat legacy at that point or is a little we're all mad and and also the series just doesn't give an estimate Thomas Wayne a bad guy and wanted to biggest criminals and dolphins history OY. Our I'm like yeah like the purist or being kind that daddy amass that logs I've got to get around that what the discipline if it's not likely to normal ran a story but that's different they do they do enough things that are similar but also enough things are different that it feels more like it else roles in an adaptation of Eden you know. So this story this first issue was all about the riddler and end at the end you basically deal altering its pretty clear he's not really gonna come back okay. And so on and then the next bigger story. Is that this spoiler for the third and but ultimately cliffhanger as a the second one is that he's had a rival darkened for a long time named doctor Harley in Queens out oh. I'm Laura and I read it and if so that's a really good pretty murdering riddler that I really liked and then also some really good Bruce and bat man's. We'll spoiler alert in but the First Act of the story. Lucius Fox dice Y ice kill off Lucius Fox. But not before introducing his daughter Tiffany fox who has just started working Bruce at weight industries and is possibly smarter than her that. Right. I care doubt area us so I really enjoyed it was aware or take other relevant really excited to see what's going on next. It's a telltale game though in you're gonna know what to expect with those games so well and I think like that. The bad they gave us more than our ports takes three telltale games always there applied that tells the border lands of course is always my favorite one area stay vulnerable among us and and he's Batman once and the art to give you a lot more choices. And because that man is a much more rigid character even more so than big B your Snow White. Did you know they don't give the players much choices because it's obvious it's gonna happen it's gonna happen it's gonna happen yet so you don't strap in for an interactive movie. OK for the end its. It's still great our site thank you so much the goalie now you did allude to the fact that we did have Mike and I am I mean it's it's so myself so let's talk a couple of games with the Mike robe less. Mike wrote a list you may know him on all of the social media as the my grow bless Mike how are you deal engaged. And had to do always carry you. I am doing very well and we've got to talk some video games now this is one of the ones and I was actually kind of surprised about not only because it's a new title for May very well known old favorites but people are giving this some pretty high marks and I wonder if you're thinking the same we're talking about sonic maniac. Oh man tiger mania is so ridiculously slotted politically it's it's a throwback game we didn't know we want it really. Yeah. So what is I mean is why is it like sonic one or anything like that are well like how drove back are you talking man. It it it is exactly like an old school sonic game to play use the exact chamber graphics look like no other updated six demographics really minister an option we can make it look like this CRQ lines across series we didn't look like to also monitor. It's it's fine it's. It's the best argument at their very long time he's backed securities backed du brut she's got tails knuckles or what to step. They're even levels in their virtual backs to be original levels begin boot up the new year saying. I mean you instantly talk to back in the stalled yet. You start up and green yields on the familiar music is there it is. It's so incredibly funny it's incredibly hard to us and incredibly artist a sweetheart. I was pretty shocked a lot I was dying in the first couple level. Really that's so it's kind of fun because I mean. I remember I was playing the had to make amend legacy games in math and realizing and yet you exactly like how hard the old school games are this is one of those it's kind of fun because you can be like hey kids check out when we used to game and there were you know maybe a minute tutorials at this point your just gonna dial hole by its. Yeah and that's exactly how this game goes there's been a lot of locally in this game like I mean this it is so nostalgic. It feels like you're just plain old colts running game on today's council's without in new now. Well you in an emulator it's it's like I say it's it's so pretty the music is great everything about the game is just such issued install a trip. And so is this available for all systems are how can you get it. I believe it is done PCR or not she I bought swan a PlayStation four and the Nintendo switch cool and interesting yet because I know I mean there are no more Sega machines out there and and what you're gonna emulator is not a real play a lot of those old school once. So release is the point where you can hear six on whatever platform you have. Yeah I can a lot of my friend actually a lot of my friends that have multiple console ports on the switch. Could easily take him ago. Yes that's really good point guides you yourself have you had a chance to play was a switcher do you have one. I don't have one yet I wasn't sure I want to want to be unmatched because like am I gonna buy new console this result. Of that anymore really good game with high quality graphics conference which. And it actually west actually have quite a few appointment trojans which titles we do that may eventually pushed me over you know not to let the purchasing side. Nice and I do know that I mean pax is coming up being true really really a short amount entirely so and so so soon I'm really excited to hear your thoughts are on that definitely see if this which will be a purges opportunity for a lot of people. Now this other game I know nothing about agents of mayhem what is going on what does what does the nit title itself some amazing. So it is so you played any of this seems road games a 00 okay. Solution made by the same team coalition and deep source studios can. And it is very much it's not a change so game but it is very much sort of via you'll see in Trojan in your face. You or group of some you know government agents. And they're all bad bash has all that is just there's you know the real big tank dude who's kind of a pirate there's. You know short missing girl. Who's got a whole bunch of quips there's the 1980s. Action hero who only cares about this machine it's open world. It's it's violent it's fine it's sort of like crackdown meet saints row you know you're you're an agent traversing the wool is abilities you upgrade your ability to can hijack cars. You're trying to stop. You know this huge blown out evil mastermind it very much sort of feels like it's a parity of yellow action games that actually eighty movies or like agents we've got to stop these evil guy and the like yeah let's get some good wolf I'd ask. And that's really funny because I mean saints throw it kind of started off as a semi clone of GTA however which way you wanna put it but then towards the end of this series as of this point. It got absolutely. Ridiculous. Big draw let out the window there again a little more wacky is to hell and we're gonna run with it and so that's sort of way into the may have a little bit scaled back it's not as wacky sitcom. It is definitely over the top like it is over the top action in recent rule like explosion. It like a giant Michael Bay and we're like how are not because Atlanta doesn't match of fiery explosion. Only mentioned you served plays well and he loved and it's so you know he's. It never got more than until I spent probably a good couple hours of last night. Woke up this morning which in my debut socially and chartered plane again. Yeah crap and I I would assume that something like this probably isn't good for the advocate those as opposed maybe something like sonic mania. Right yeah I don't language like there's not all the characters look great at doing what this game is a lot of the cut scenes the hard to be animated I'll. And they you know and again it looks like it almost a PGA Joker Chuck Norris like let's go agent and everything's all like crazy action packed and it makes you the sort of sort of style. Downwind it's you know three B world environment so it's really really cold. Language like that when not forget those. But can play you know he's run and shoot me and Cindy shooting bad guys and blown up club pretty awesome. Right on eleven may I love it now Mike I know that tax is coming out and now we will be getting a preview from the and then also a recap on that end as well we're people find your social media again. People that always slimy in my switched and and YouTube are all the same. Micro Flesch thank you soliciting an act the microbe was that we can find him for everything follow monthly subscriber if he canyon. French subscription it's always one of those ways that that you can help out some friends. And he's a great contributor to the show and now it is time to get to rule us she twists keep dish. Vicki what do you got for us quick aside other Hillary's and I Krypton you say it was a show. Yes according time BB TV movie. Room. The pew. Mean maybe it'll be a start to weigh in on our idea I was showing just a movie like maybe the pilot it says yes maybe they Inez now they have pilots was to separate Leo don't be surprised if you mean has the same thing cause they have the sort IMAX three and and and a series well I disagree commercial court but I don't remember for descend it was a series are really only. I would be surprised if they do that and then like all people liken it like this to us yeah Yasir suicide by who doesn't have the money to you know commit to as much it points. You living alone that we play if I gave Mel a dinar an actual games just look a little word play I posted this where I play. BJ shapes each nation based on page sometimes last week. And it says it tick how do you get your porch name. You take the first three landed her first name and the first three letters of your birth month and that is your good name. Still mine would be. They Cong. They come on big aug oh because it's big you know Victoria and August to be vice aren't okay. Nice and let's durst would be vice harder Vick dog. Communist okay he says she'll be my cousin aunt got it sounds chronicle or the sun it's odd like vice on my son now with those rules when one more time first three of my first name Maria Maria your birth month. If you're a good night's I'll go through the list some in the three dimensional comments and Bailey is is being non her baby will move beyond yeah that sounds cool Jerry's is Jersey and. Okay and I had an effect. Alley is Al anon. I'm liking music and best sound cool mind Sox land mine are not great just made the. Okay yeah I really do you. I this domain so well I'll answer go made it to you like you guys like your brother's death okay. Really comic relief do well at your local heads an outlet it's allowing the ABD as it always sunny that's. I think we've been able to think beyond the look BJ goes through yeah I've I've probably should go my first name which is Bob Bob set. Yeah I know I'm the CIA of three bowels of the front there are three consonants at the front of my first names are so I'm I'm perceptive. Percent I don't know why so. Like in the world I think I got it could set the only only half definitely outgoing loud and thought America did you hit a draw down our philosophy except I don't read I decency I rooted out and I gotta there a country in there somewhere condition Jolie diss what what is yours in this one and how were you I'd be I'd just non. Just not. Expo that's pretty connector at the John Adams fan since I was an imminent child announcement came out of it and it NG is and Lamar. No argument that's a good one and robbers and the Robert rob may know rob and I. Like they may like a million people in nations like sorry just got a crappy online social life it doesn't. Did you know like just elegant werder may is the full word ray yeah throughout may simply based for cleaner for the fifth. I'm gonna go to some maintenance and Brian is Brian I'm news guitar but you have to try to go to one. Trevor seen he's try MR. Those loans now loans or he's gonna learn. I should pray or name like he'd be feeling wake or something like that Jenna is Jen non ten on ten I'm not done and I now. I know my wife would be a prompt a locked you have only feeling I happened to you at the doctor about how good all minor diseases. Like a procedure called Billy Hunter finally across college room where we're having your Europe practice scheduled for you today. I thought I was going to well I know a dorm residents say it's renamed trucks for two years that's and I. I'm and it is and done. And had an advance but I almost I don't think Tennessee the problem is it sounds like it like an aunt Mae or something like that not a dwarf but more just like that relative that maybe don't really wanna hang out with that much to me enemies they go there and amphetamines of the street named yet. Defensemen doesn't it says and does not my Gibson is an anger in him. Because when he brought it up though because they have these are they had been in May he would be intimate yet. So true well like that. That's how it may yeah that is the one good made our buddy Logan. Radio Gallo and sees them lung dec. Hello I'm not that that's not news until early as today now right yeah how broad. No I don't I don't know what she always a good lie detector may you know those guys are in love Logan summer. She's like mind blown it's still my name some of them are. They've donated march. Oh wow. That's good that's awesome so American let's incorporate all of us let's. And that's still up on the FaceBook page up go I'd check and I don't family without actually not gonna to the top you'll see right at the top eyes also. And until next time guys. Fascinating.