Facebook Drama 08-23-17 “Blocked”

Wednesday, August 23rd

Facebook Drama. “Blocked” – A woman goes on social media to complain about porn but ends up blocking a bunch of her friends.


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Laura. Men's race could drama brought to you by Harry's distilling companies brown sugar Berman. And beat you once again is our opportunity to point out the stupidity. That is happening on FaceBook is an actual FaceBook posts. That unfolds in yeah we are going to act out this around BJ you'll play the role of Maurice open and I think you will be actually. Read your damn story that I'll play the role of gray. And Sarah you'll be Adams a hanging directs a once again be you are the original poster so Lori please take you know I feel like I said. Our ministry tells him what about the how well people lined floor and so it's you're instead. Oh look man I'm alive and I don't mind aren't. Feel I'm getting my meaning you are married is limited because it's sexist. Even though and in addition they choose to do it. Wrong with you. This murder then it gives him compensation for an agreed upon service. We swimming can refuse any time you can say that's tired argument re eight and if you feel that way you should I instead yourself. For disagreeing with you okay yeah it's. Not a choice it's the outside and and they start pain. I'm not agree more sir is starting his son duo because and you know I actually you know I love Terrell pay before I get blocked can I just say that you're so brown eliminating horn would put all those more helpless women out of work how can that be good. Add UR block channels goodbye and thank god made nice polite here. Blue. Tree you look me till I think you are a moron. Hasek blocked you idiots. When that. Well wouldn't that be wonderful. Existence than similarly had to hear her residuals since anymore. And they X mornings. On the run and I mean I'm point nine KI SW.