MegaCast 08/23/17 "MegaFinger"

Wednesday, August 23rd

What is a MegaFinger?  Steve and Ted will explain.  Also we chat about being honest, the most messed up reality show ever, and our experience at the Belltown Block Party!

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It's meant. Well what do you. Not much good job. Broadcasting live. Work. Live this life to us. We're taping this live we are doing it in a live studio audience in our brand new mega studios yet kinda weird yet another studio. And that is it working is it not working you know it's seems bare bones but it does it's everything you need this couple microphones of some speaker of the board and recording apparatus and I early media. I know I like don't have silly reach around like we could touch each other now let's do it Steve how are we do what we don't know I barrier and either we're gonna handle that doesn't sound right. I guess or best interest and we just beloved figure touch killing your each other athletes. The second in a new Mac god we ET everybody dude that's not a bad call do you doubt be read your million people I give. We definitely got out Dario you. That's only things that the mega handshake the legacy of your the mega figure to ever live mega finger on the mega finger. I mean ideally. Somewhere onstage leads suggesting during people as you like a walk by. ETA and Al are we gonna finger another ET which I'm caught ET and implored we called the mega finger the mega figure I'll give you all the mega finger is good it's great I where were we the other day. Already about a block party oh yeah to duke it out because I need data have for the mega hug. It has like a high and realize that we can do it that way I never really figured that we can individually give hugs. But together becomes a mega hug I mean I think that guy is ranks Arizona made and I did and I I respect that but now. We have a whole new thing mega family you wanna get fingered by tens. Did in there we don't have receive species who we got the thing yes. Did you hear I just read something. Oddly enough I have information into a tidbit of info about ET and the guys PCs are right our peace. Is PCs are PCs. I think it's Reese's pieces yeah I would say PCs for some reason re CPC PCP. You the finger on the recent PC. That Reese's pieces was not the first choice for ET. There's Eminem's. But it couldn't get Eminem's Eminem said no oh really it's not funny well I mean look. In the grand scheme of things and again and am still win in that battle they're still doing fine but you would think how much more fine today be it be mega fine. Yeah. I don't know I mean maybe when that movie came out but you're good at the store and been like. And then answer greasy species well ET EC's Ali don't Ollie I rather Reese's pieces over Eminem's I need a two week really any data week that the fact that Eminem is now have that appeal broader. Bob option. Helps their cause but up until then. There are no 100% of the time I would well a recent pieces now. 99% of the time on the Eminem's every day of the week kind of Eminem's UW OG AUP nine I what I like regular plane and then for a while they have with a pretzel one pretzel went to dope the press the horns are great yeah. I mean the hardest ones to find the ones with almonds and I don't know if I ever had when was the home did say at the highest balloon Eminem Steve. You can only get doesn't like the Fairmont Hotel yeah yeah on your bed for a moment just right by the hello I would break that out around Christmas I can't you just can now common Eminem's all the time when my rip made a money now you're not the typical pay them appear to starts bringing the Allman Eminem's know what I cashew Eminem's they got that. Or macadamia nut Eminem's I don't think they do but I like we had deck of the chocolate covered cashew is a delicious so good. I think Iraq but if things got we are but yet you wanna make your finger. Let us know especially you ladies will make you think you all day all night long. Trying to after the new original says. At red festival that's right September 9 September 9 at the even caught X while we should just walk on from the stage to start handing out make your fingers yet just figuring everybody in the front row you won a finger to get a gun you get a figured you get a stranger to begin later years holly out. It. Could this email we we got a weekend where we hung out which is awesome we did we'll talk about that in a little bit law maybe talk a little bit about the clips I've also got off. I'm an update on my endeavor to bring club. The to bless this world with the child. All right it's not anything huge but I have an update all right so we'll talk about that a first we got to get our perception beat and beat helmsman BJ I know man what's up with that meant it. It's almost muscle memory and a digital records left and it's almost a Jewish show with a guy for four hours a day five days a week. I. It. I was about to give you a hard time and like wait a minute he you do this once a week for forty minutes I guess that's fair sometimes thirty. It depends on how good how spirited Ted and I get people return to microphones aren't keeping a our I think our boards of them to get the heart rates in the blood pumping in the brain functioning today a brand new song was just released. By the food fighters and I'll look kid and it's freaking awesome all right I don't know that necessarily the best temple. Brooklyn shops. But appealing little lethargic so maybe it is the right one for us how many kids know what the job brand new song it's called. Especially it's got a neighborhood skies and neighborhoods guy is a neighborhood. New album's going to be called on concrete in gold out next Monday night right right when I read I got also red festival I don't know yeah our. I'll see my dad. I had give ten million families. Nothing anybody warm body know. I think anybody off by the Brad had a valid one he had Brad Evans walked by the founders gladly give up I assumed that he planned to make a lot lot of people need to put the what do you think when they see two guys both of them. Radio stations. I mean I think it depends if the mics are on maybe it seems otter they're off mariners would look at these guys is get Zemin. Torres it's. Made. They had talked. Is not a weakness this what is in the most uplifting one there are over but it's just a truthful coin. I found myself in a conversation like a week ago. Just talking about base to start at about health and fitness or whatever yeah it's funny a buddy city music casual work outs in the last month but he says SE. Do you think what you mean as we well. I could sit here and light yet. But I haven't been very good about in the last month you know it's been terrible you know so I just. What makes him terribly not galway and yeah I just haven't I was a good telling July may not going makes it work all right Raphael and Henry I gotta tell you I ever happened to us throughout take a month off. Everything in exhibition it's got to be responsible. And now I know it's up to me to kick starting getting gone back again but sometimes to make. Just you know it was a buddy it would have been so easy to see given BS excuse in the cement yeah but then the day. Responsibilities on me. But he appreciated the fact that you gave an honest answer Cassini can actually have a conversation not just have. Completely. Bomb small talk that's just on the surface and that mean anything. So I think sometimes think that as an example where I had to do that you know for everybody else which is sometimes like. Jesse might not be that the funny answer whatever which he's got to take responsibility union you know be honest with yourself. But you beat you. Well I do about it does me and it's a little bit of a side track of all of your same madame I've I've recent sir listening to I listen to somebody wrestling podcast it's ridiculous. And sometimes I'll give up on one for a little bit because he got. They discussed and stale for me now yeah onto another one so right now I'm really do get out about not edgy Christian. Are you a podcast together and it's awesome to take. Podcasts of arsonists are some like that which is why it's awesome to see within him and as I used to wrestle together yeah I think Chris Stewart tag team they came together they're both Canadian dudes. We came up the chain together NN com. You know they both ended up endurance and single stock both had very good careers obviously edge had an incredible career hall fame career. But they've been friends forever they did a show on the WWB network as well together. And other current up podcast is called. Edging Christians pot of awesome that's not right and I'm listening to this week's episode where they're talking to Daniel Bryant I debris rubber really good point thank you know. Press lawyers but we all travel so much together ever and that I find a lot of them very interesting and they're good people but when you travel Leo so much you kind of take you to the for granted. You start just having a really important conversations with each other doesn't wow I never thought about that like yeah. That sometimes familiarity. Breeds laziness and a sense yeah. And so you just keep having the same bike they would do today I don't know you know I just worked on to pretend. Her rock cool that's it you know particular he's one of the guys he loves and it's funny. Speaking of the Ted Smith wanted to go to Lowe's hanging out with the travel with his B Brian Kendrick I am ranked Kendrick is like a conspiracy theorist he's always reading things. He he's genuinely genuinely believes that Brian Kendrick it is. Throwing things out they're just to get a reaction out of people but he says he loves it because you're always on your toes or Brian Kendrick you're always gonna have a weird. He Al there conversation. Whereas other guys you and you love them and you know they're interesting guys we've gotten into or run with each other side right you have the same BS conversation every day so as I dig your buddy when you say hey how's it going and you're like it's not going to ad hoc let's legislate. It would have been easy allied to a movie like for what is it be that women like myself there are wide buzz I was working other station. And we the way our offices were all set up I have offices that I think that's. A desk and desks and you know doors. Guy would always walk by use a morning guy I compete not compete your sister station will competing to I guess rob competition. And every time you walked by pick hey man how's it going. And before you can even say how's it going he's already downed. Price six offices dousing the seeming to the next person I think he's trying to be the guide as saying hi to everyone problem because he Watson Ted talk or different about say hello yeah our read some. Book about leadership even think you'll meet you need to say hi to everybody you need to make time for people and he in his head he's thinking ought to say housing Colin. Fully anticipating is is going to be the stock answer of good. Yeah so after awhile I started picking up by comic element this guy is constantly. Not even giving me the opportunity say how's it gone. So then I would just start throwing up random thinks. He's a guy we like about the dog I may not go to grandma died. Nowhere he never reactor it's never never once see use I wouldn't do it every time but like once every week. We can have. David how's it going. How mammoth dog I. Our car. Because any Liechtenstein caught up in himself maybe he didn't even. Before I instead I'd started the first word here's probably already three doors down. Out of during recruit to non. How I get to that's pretty funny. I get it except as I walk by people and to see what's up with the I gotta say what's up and that's a quick went. But I deathly walked by and said it's up to somebody and they start talking and I gotta like stop and like all our crack the person really is going to tell me did yeah. But he's seems a bit normal human reaction that you think you're saying it's deputy just gets through that awful man. God gonorrhea. And had to give a joke in our office. You know with the rest of the morning crew I would say something and we were just wait. The answer is good at never and we would just die. So fun. I think America wanted to Bruins are out and like upgrading their. That seems about right yeah now. Humanity voices Qaeda hit the if it. What do I do you talk about my trip to the collection rumored to wanna talk a little about our our our advantage adventures at the belt town block party stuck about the collection priority all right so what I know about you putting. You are. She perceived to cops. Or did it first of all maybe I should job. Get involved with fox television all right you heard about that and this is perfect for TV time Mattel had our bedroom to developing a show where women look for sperm donor. What I did not read it yet jazz a reality show. I mean it makes sense we've done everything else why not have who wants to be the sperm donor who wants to be the daddy yeah. It's odd new show called him. I mean they're way more clever than us labor of love. All right that's a really well done title. Yeah it's gonna follow professional women in their thirties and forties who decides it's time to have a baby boom but I don't have a daddy or don't care. So they have to joint venture between. Oh this is interesting dale have a choice between giving loving commitment one last shot. War. Find themselves a sperm donor and going at it alone. Man I don't know about this one now. You and I think I've watched this. I don't know I don't know if I watched the whole season but I start watching the most people know politically he kind of where I lean right stand yes Europe plus super conservative that wears a make America great hat all the time all the time to view of the Ted bog us. A home run I hate. Enough okay what's called mango magaw magaw. I I don't know I guess I just. Maybe it's old school but I still think of children. Child birth involving a couple people and law of yeah I mean again if you're gay couple in physically you can't have. A babies and have the necessary get like I get that out of it just seems weird to me that if what you just completely single. And just think our item and have a baby and it's weird. To make a decision with a host of a television show involved with it. There I mean like Chris Harrison or whoever it's got Jeff probes I don't know who they're going to approach to be a good one based on those pictures that were once leaked she ski I could be the donor for the entire cast some juicy like the dude on the backs of our hosts like the -- all this data now. Why does against the bachelorette finale or whatever he was like I love you I just don't know Tom Brady getting gauge yet which is. My normal. Eight but he's also using logic when you heard it on the bachelorette. But at that point I don't know like if you really look. Anyhow he did he use logic logic and I like no vaccines at that point bytes then the other than the girls that I guess politics to do that wasn't very mean it's part of the show. So they generally bad guy would become the next bachelor right but the people that run the bachelor while you as a what do you merry we don't know we could have been the bachelor. If they like this that. Duke when you sign the paper you said you married or whether you love her like her you got about last throes you're marrying that bitch I mean in the end he probably said the most obvious thing ever on the bachelorette which is like I really do love you bracket we should wait to get victory that's what most people feel and think when they start dating somebody like me I am hearing tour relationship we do love that person does not serve that's the person forever. Why it's so crazy why the producers mad but then again it's. But it right that's a civilian in how I hate to think it has been in the air defense sees logic at the end to get on the bachelorette. So anyway the producer says quote it's a show about empowering women who can pursue a decision to have a child to help complete. A lifelong dream. I'm shocked that fox would go this while I mean let's not forget mean these guys. You know that shows like. Joe Millionaire and who wants to marry a multimillionaire. And My Big Fat Obnoxious Fiance. That was good. Temptation island remember temptation island a little bit I love temptation island. Funny story about temptation now I wanted to deal with wanted to girls who didn't and I should still friends with one could ever. Dietz I mean it wasn't. It was. Long story short. This is a funny story on our backward conditions on I we were talk about on the morning show when I was kinda savage shout and I would constantly brave about there was this one girl pink hair. I was assessments are excited so hot. And I she plays bass and abandon a unity guzzle bios and yet recently from Washington I'm like oh my gosh this girl's affection. He finds a war he tracks her down. Bright calling the PR people whatever may be the next morning who's on the phone that girl Nokia and I was like whoa hold okay. An eternity living in LA she's an actress which I thought was really weird that an actress was on a reality show to find love but I mean yeah that's that's straight as thieves that's rare that is rare Grammy upright as anathema I that you never find another person that does that. Never knew no never doubt. So anyways sponsors it I knew I was going to LA to go see Weezer and I hey would you like to go with me saying yes. So we met up you went to Weezer and hung out had a great time and nothing ever came of it like as if like a romance or anything like that should write a rosier. Tempt me in anyone's life on a day when it and so we have a good time rocked out to Weezer I looked like at a stud. One of the greatest things to worry might. I forget how we got the tickets I think do do work I had VIP bracelets. So we go until VIP area at the Hollywood ball bold I always yeah. So were hanging out all of us in this guy jumps on the back to me like bear hugs me and who the hell is this the lead singer of the band what. Other hidden writes given that the time Williams playing a lot we were playing when he had we interviewed him a whole bunch ties him and I agonize yet and I became like drinking buddies never they would come to town we would file on the bus to just drink bad yea your machine of this folder in a nice machine. And we would just get hammered on the bus while the rest of fans hang out or wherever and do whatever. And we were just swap stories and you know he's too good dude out of he'd remember me now maybe I don't know. But to read it I look like a rock star now because yeah we don't arguably one of the bigger bands at the time he's our you mean she's like whoa you go him. Then they went often made out lose Mary's now getting. I did in my locker but what how can you introduce meat sheriff but now they're together. Hole moved through earlier firmer. That's story you know why don't we take a quick break I know we're up against the wall Moroni and do one break we get back we will talk about my experience at the collection root our experience and the downtown block party responsibly rather interesting which Seattle's finest oh yeah it's pretty hello oh yeah I forgot about that when the mega cast returns. And that rule area we're. Rural. I'd like to be in the backs each week these kinds. And it cost is that. If you're heading off to college in sinking about starting eat crappy band and the following are already taken a crappy band names. I'm beer pong and the dirty bomb plotters and the Clusty sox'. Top Roman. We linger Janet. Dazed and confused. A lot of shame her free birth control our dorm hub. Jimmy eat tacos. And freshman fifteen there. This has been a list of already taken crappy band names. These guys like to get behind and lost inheritance. And then it comes to smack. Eight. No way and really screwed things up there and I did see was horrible. Sorry for those the barber coming back as soon as we went to a break. I X. Must've played the wrong thing at night you know it's doesn't live there who was a recorded saying I can go back and edit it and make it sound right for people here. Unfortunately do not have that ability at a radio station I still just loved it likely change smokers catch so much grief thank als like I. I know I'm not supposed to wrestle like that's hard and I make a guy I feel like I like the more more as like when they. All the nickel back stuff I have been with them when they covered a nickel back could you Panasonic nickel back did a good nickel back of EDM. And I guess just recently they wrap one of the guys who grooms men at a wedding. I and the wedding bands that are playing their songs. The clothes I'd be closer death and he jumped up and started singing not peace but the other member of the band and sat there. Which I was like is he getting all got hurt but you now wanna have fun maybe just do the singing and that's exactly. He's just that maybe wasn't happy was awarded the Grossman is that you know what I'm not wearing a talks are not going up there and saying now you can all right now if you can't respect me enough to make me a grooms men. I'm not showing you that respect in a kid write this off and it's off. Pissed off we got to that that that burning man's got me thinking we are pretty tough blew out back to moment about the don't tell block party. Ice at the Bernie and Ivan it Mumbai adventurer. And creating a child's continues all right so it's been a roller coaster I mean add it to deal honestly there's an article it took it. It's him I and that's into my wife could choosing you know what I got to get what she's talking about he'll Casey from Q thirteen fox. He's 1 of the morning anchors our peace choose who got Barbara Evers show actually I first met her. Was when I was working at dot CBS radio okay rock you is don't overnight gal for. Just one or six other kids and it's super nice too but when the first leg. What do people when you first what you like all of that school I would not come yet we're competition but. You're actually a human being union nice to me yeah that and I always have a lot of respect for her and she's done obviously great things she's now doing great things in Q thirteen fox. And and she's recently wrote a blog in shared. The news that she's pregnant I ain't and in the articles you wrote about the roller coaster it has been for her and her husband and it was a lot of parallels. Not a 100% parallels it to be dealt with a miscarriage of what we haven't. We haven't gotten to a meeting where we even could share that we're pregnant you know be right but they've gone to the beauty of science to try to make a baby and there's been a lot of moments of highs in moments of loaves and it was a really well written article and where the I was an arrest usually gives us the attitude that she had about you know. You know it's hard part especially a woman this beauty you you blame yourself you wonder what's wrong is that nothing's wrong focused. Happens to people it's there's nothing you can do to control that it's a for some people do sneezing your pregnant for other people. You do what word it was wrecked so get. In order firm I'm not gonna borrowing all the details but long story short we got the news that hey things are looking good you gotta get back to the collections. Threw up up up up up up up up up up up at. But an audio bid good tribute to their head every downloaded movies that we now how to save on the phone no. But I get to that I hate so now and this situation. It was on the weekend when he needed to suite four hour window where you got to drop off the goods I. Tacoma offices closed. But you can't just drop them off in any regular cup and bring it up then you got to drop off at at the place but do you ever my Gatorade bottle I just thought up and stay here. Squeeze out whatever he needs. No yeah you gotta go there I mean they they say that if you have performance issues anxiety issues they'll give you a cup. You go into it at home theater get backed by certain window of time I just seems to nerve wracking to begin driving with that sit next to me you know I beat him. I got like if I put a seat belt around it yeah officer pulls me over in the car polemic novel. I kid right here thousands of children with me that would be the most disturbing and depressing thing edit an officer about the deal with but do you give this guy ticket. If he seems delusional. OK look to stay under the speed limit state senator Stevens you are hov pop ROK. That we. So. We have to go to Seattle I in order to do this at the leader like 1150. Was our appointment on Saturday. Well we're driving on the OK we can we afford ourselves and our do we over and it's only take about forty minutes to get there for. I think that sure didn't put two and two together that it was time fest weekend. Oh yes I did put two and two together that typically when a large number of Stoner are driving to a certain place. Where they take the same exit that we have to take to get at a fertility doctor. It's going to suck. Oh yeah and that's a lot of people and a lot of still people who are. When driving. Think they're going thirty miles per hour on the freeway it's fast yeah so I'm freaking out are you talking literally thirty or 40000 people. Right and they're stoned yet and there are slow. And now they're getting off on the Mercer exit I don't know how to do that. So it was just a mess next he notes at 140 normally my wife's like I don't know DDD Reynolds still have a scum in. A my baby if they're not undertake the cop a minute go into the car. And I'm gonna crank it right there in public I don't care what time resource to be that 115. All right so but thirty minutes behind. So they're still gonna take the specimen but we feel that a reality show no grand doesn't feel like labor laws as a whole different modalities of but it feels like you know race against the clock yet minus the Al. It is an. Mariano Rivera created bitterly from the Lincoln I don't like okay thanks very you go into that room. Nicole. Some think you know while malware or screw up there's other guys probably waiting to give you a ditzy but there's fifteen minute windows users like when fifteen appear more 130 someone else has gotten there. I don't know how this works. Yeah I don't know Ted does make it a positive if you're at a liquor procedure but I got to make a lot to myself it might not that it might take fifteen minutes you are not make you love yourself so there you are masturbating with. All right you've been married like somebody's gonna singles long as I have it's assays have been sad like I made love to myself. But you're so proper. Does your unit did he could not oh. They saw masturbating ballroom into lookup. They need the money. So he had bears is an okay come back to newsroom CO ME come activists are. Open your big auction room not nearly as cool as a clutch German Tacoma I got to IRA with smaller. Not isn't going to be CNET French way I bet those comfortable it's just it's just a place semester break right but. There's a big sign. Wi-Fi code free Wi-Fi all my game on to that first Obama for economic and not have enough time and do anything in my crap. So on. And some recited my this is awesome yeah now I'm usually takes me awhile to find the right video went numb deal. Making love to myself and Paul Africa who. So this are like taken the first video I don't really care first video the first video to brother sister born all I know we can't do this. This is not working out now it's in my head like am I gonna be able to accomplish this I guess that close is like everything is looking good test results were better than they've ever been my gift. Fingers crossed and a couple weeks good news right but they stopped making that porn. Right but I know they're both actors but just hearing them physically see lake. Thank it's my brother owes me suspiciously groves. And these make your stepbrother stepsister I would I would empowered through that no problem yeah that would have been great yet there was no step in the title. A new order for injuries I I even let them talk for a second mom was in the kitchen they were in the family room Ollie that's terror false dog so I turn now on off. Next video that was fine it was a mating tiger's really in Cuba think it's gonna do the job I don't care I need to hurry this up a pressures on I was utterly blew her big do blondes a Smart thing. It's not a specific tag headed type that in Steve I did yeah yeah it does offer that now bigger issue that got I think I didn't think you'd never used to search bar no I usually just find one. I go to the first three pages I I think pages that's fair dad's people give for good thumbnail right you'll learn a lot about what's out there that way for whole yea you deal. It's a weird world out there in the wild wild west of pornography. It is but anyways. Do what I got to do. The difference between the Seattle. The differences. Between the Seattle collection and in the Tacoma courtroom his best. Not just with the way it's all set up. They have to collections. I that are basically. Imagine. In your house there's a corner and there's a door for one room the bedroom and maybe like right next to that. Pretty much sharing that same corner is another door for a bathroom. All right I open up that nor. The other door opens up to. We teach you see somebody else Baxter rating oh I hope I saw another man come out TO ME. As you were 'cause I was coming out. So now here's you do you're like right next to each other holding sperm. Thankfully. Vague creed they do it differently consumers focused scorer reported a brown paper bag. And you walk up to disperse like a lot like I'm Michael bagged lunch and say here's my stuff. Goodbye this place has a full speed opening the door he open up the door. It dazzled the old tool box and you're gonna go box store you put your thing in there and you do spin it. And I guess it goes to the other side of the room and then there's red they're nurses are whenever a high so you'll have to leave the room with it. But some just like looking at this guy. You say. I say nothing to. Do says. A man love the show. Alone all of yeah. EU. Do you shake his hand I don't know if I mean I'm sure don't have the fingering beings established at that point. I'm sure you both wash your hands but still it's like I didn't. Don't get it but it's like quite like you both stage and it both mind that you have to be thinking like I know he just masturbating with banks can't. Yes. I shake his hand music mind there's just a quick. He was excited gap won't more ways than one out and imagine yeah and then becomes excited to meet you rank and a lot of the recall flat out like they are a great audience. Awkward I now Mike gaffe. I hope everything goes that quickly his defense that interactions can be awkward regard either way right are you a decision over the dory he's right there you both look at jedi and it is very rare than at any point. You'll emerge in the back close to another man that he's just master things and you have to. You know they're being wrecked it's probably happened lots of times we just don't know it. Could even I would think if you're a dorm room recycling you don't. But it's like make you two were in a room made for master Beatty there's no doubt Nicole I just an Arab you both just exacerbated are today you don't beat. Up. Did you see him I wonder what in first. Moved I don't know what I mean she did they shift times. It's great to put like a clock on outside my home I'd tell our series you're done by fresh attack at a stop fresher yeah I got that went out two minutes. That's a PR right there. For you cross bettors. Because there is great we know the funny thing is meant this adventure has been very autumn learning a lot of listeners are going do the same adventure. Because I've had from doing no other one its tolerance of their jet to sit and wait in the waiting room which is the worst. Richard just around a bunch of dudes and people and you know you basically waiting to master eight. Yeah right if the weight debate. Or are you waiting hey are you waiting for your doctor what you know you're all there for the same reason. And it's sometimes even though it should be it's not embarrassing but there's a certain level of like you we should could be more private. Yeah so. There's been times though where people don't say anything to me and I'll get a FaceBook mastering he knows amen. I know is gonna sound weird but we you and your wife bad. Seattle reproductive clinic where it's called SR and more ever. But they yeah I think I mean what my wife and I were thinking was you but we both got to be weird to say hi Mike I get why you think it's weird the next ABC munition. Hi yeah I have to admit Delphi saw you and your wife just sitting there I don't know if that's the place I'd say hot. I know I know I have been like I don't know how to respond I just so I'm not why I'm dying jab and don't say hi but it is great but anytime you have. Pelosi difficulty they had way it is difficulty there is trying to rollercoaster and to get it too is conceive a child and stuff like. That's such an intense private paying for each couple mood then it's thank yet even I think that might be one please elect our analysts say hi yeah that's why you. Make it means. At dinner there's antibiotics that are bar with her health is what I mean and I credit the guy have you when you may not god I I wouldn't say it's freaked out elect. Oh man right I I didn't. I don't know what to say hey it's. But I also agree to the other tiger is there a mug staring at you in the wading through a guy loses in the time we talked to Steve. Yeah so anyway that pat Abbott if you Dodgers pretty fun and others like so my guys of all places. And just like do the pregnant cause there's like a Mexican standoff whatever they are. He just looking at each other and since. Both feel the absurd awkwardness of it on and love the show ma'am but should. So I should write what you got a window and you saw what I just did. Off off off the outer quick make it Steve I wasn't thinking quick now I was pretty tired at that moment yeah and you didn't NAFTA. Typically be when I'd make a lot to myself tad. Tire Bob before we get that he lets out a little bit about about a block party where you and I got to take over in hasn't fund check out some professional wrestling how. I went down there with you yeah did more of taking over now just got to sit there hanging out the beer guards got to take a Ted's new apartment yeah it really dig it. Thank you and that the block party was cool we Steve's hosted in there that the five wrestle and yet. But I mean they had beer garden set up there was two big Pierre guards for you can watch all the action it was crazy new appearance outside of all the bars yeah we're just having guys wrestle in the middle of the street a second Blanchard a dull town. Yeah we write we'll write on second avenue between luddite Blanchard Virginia yes it was just yet know just crazy like I I. I thought they have I don't play injured early on the side street that was kind of amazing was in the middle second avenue. And then Nash out to my buddy's son over curse Stokley and they had a beer garden do what a great car yes most of that in there and every renew nepalese existed. If you're in don't talk to protect that place out yet caddy corner from the crocodile yet. I think I think he's only had that place running for like a year that's a little apartment I get real good vibes ever want to nice security guard was an addict to us now. You never know yes the situation doesn't to me that's that's that's the gold standard right there. And security guard can actually be nice and they take your idea not be Dick Tia yet now Saturday it was cool and I didn't really realize that was going on sisal you're doing it's I'd been trying to. JoAnne Alter hesitating out there it was like all right let's go watch a wrestler the street doesn't at breakfast it's like it's a venue after and neo is going to clutch a radical backed dropped a busted. Joseph fermented get dressed get ready and all that stuff and I come back and going to the countered demagogue to reduce it reduce corrected editions that not a lot. You know makes me love my wife all this like you've been up the viewers of action packed day. And then improve the makes or would you do we just I kind of woke up. I don't watch I want a cup or earlier in the day to watch are selected them. Let me ask you a ticket after literally just gotten up showered like the government today. We removed completely different now wavelengths we don't we got together is a great time in school or to Sheikh bottom of that place yet. We gotta talk before you daddy I know we we dove at the ship after story about the cop that are all night but you also want to share the story because you play that song burning man. It during our commercial break. I'm a great burning man story civil war since that we're sitting there while you can put two together you know we're rational person did. And there's these people next to us and they're very attractive they're like the pretty people right. Very pretty yeah including the guy good guy right is very handsome rights chiseled well are like hot oh my gosh it is another sex is back. Bright side here talking about turning that big actually it's funny because whereas I clinical lecturer. Get a girl at the back I thought I knew her for a minute she was so tall and they're talking about burning the Hamptons I have a friend she used. Ridiculously tall at 511 as a model stuff she goes all the time talk act so initially I kept looking over mostly can't is that even in the house like no. So then finally stopped and I said hey you guys going to burning man and one holes like yeah are the do you think she is have you bit and I go yeah. Judd looks for from a great I have a question for you complex with buttons she's like will there be a place to get waters like you thought Mike kiddie pools like it's women and I mean I just kind of policy and asleep now. Heartache there's sharks could go round that put water on the dust keep it from. Pile you know didn't two dusty Leo it's not potable water you shouldn't be swimming in it. People that you see get it like every year burning and there are like this is just for the dust don't uses water right. This are those that don't know burning managed to a giant sand storm its image idea does her bright but there's no kidding you're held. This is what every other fats like you to act to fill up my kiddie pool. I was like yeah now are eight. And there isn't parity so right I don't senate. All of this is a watershed I got word about this girl that you're good Jim wiry but I don't think she really know who's she's getting into what she's going down. Mayor who kept saying no look. You know there's water. Keep your people could be filled but within seconds it's going to be a mud pit. It just really great girl and there's no way hoses to go lake. You can't just go lake fill up a bucket of water break you have does that bright beg the hot leg hijack a bunch through water bottles and slowly Philip popped. It's going to be dirty in the home it would within seconds horrible. Looks so people have a pocket that they cut in half for like feet scrubbing it just isn't as simple pleasure that feels really nice scroll when your feet yeah. But still the waters of the yeah yeah when a just peace in that Shia I. I don't want that I'm sure she'll have a good time quickly jet I'll think man she's not know which is kidney to music or taking an RV and I think. You tape of the windows right what kind of tape watching we tabled the windows and let rip probably. That dust gets into everything yeah it's like baby powder. But I don't wanna skip Chris did you put Jesus Christ focus and they're new and they want to introduce a student she's not gonna survive out there. Christ super hot out all my life I friends she's very pretty she's gonna have no problem finding people and are okay. Come over if that's so I think our Justina big giant FEMA can't maybe they can help you how bad but I dislike. I don't know man I don't know I guess for me to like when I went man I was so. Sets did not die in you overly prepare like I did so well I guess there which you can obviously the needs some people just don't do the research so we go to helmet. But again the pool with a kiddie pool. And borrowing support for. And I'm so she brings it up water to drink. And so after that we go we enjoy all the wrestling was great time lots of fun stuff and have the if every joke the free choice and saying yeah Ted found his new must woman yeah quite nick demonize you can't have they have a great boon for a white woman she did it was her. Is that there was a crazy set up there's a woman with a beard correct who could sing opera opera wild. Dancing on broken pieces of glass correct. There was another guy. That put. Cinder blocks. Next who's testicle dominate smashed a cinder blocks different kind of a collection or yes there was some I think there are some jewelry going from weight the nose out the mouth is very weird there's a different stuff I think they might be got a red festival now. Almighty Sierra to see him again and they did the those those things. I am bars. O rules call. Rebar we bars yes there like 53 bars. There's five mom and I think there's five I don't remember exactly but. There was multiple ones and they all put him on their necks and they were right one across from another some one across another witness got to and they need. And they all walked in and spent the rebar with their necks yes there's forgive weird man that was at saint yeah. I mean it was cool watch those great I don't know how they do it. And then not after that we leave. And we hit up bomb. Calling me too much to steal at. We leave and in the parking lot there were and there's a police officer correct. So there is that cup across the way Asia's sit there and many turns on his latest you know leave and I started laughing and I got it's kind of funny. He's got a headlight out are you we should pull him over. And then not only impact or realize how that he is pulling out of a handicap spot you know patience lake. Can't tell us is going on his belt town block parties going on besides that it's just Saturday night at like nine or something developed Alec. I am imagining somebody could use that handicap spot it was very weird man yeah I don't I don't like this couple is like c'mon c'mon we broke. I'm gonna yeah roles and they can you imagine we pulled out at the same time and I handicap spot and I tell I headlight out yeah the lights would have been on great week yet you need to really got pulled over we should have delivered a citizen's arrest. But I battery it's our ceremonies you this stuff. License and registration hang it license and registration keep your hands on the wheel if you've. Keep talking a much Dana for both. Know of a right now early look at that ahead like nobody tackle had back handicapped spot charge we can make this easy and pleasurable or very difficult. Yeah but that that's what we're both being bad cop somebody I'll be good cop part of listen son I wanna see go home tonight. I want to just admit to which did tell us what she did crawl you can be over there. We cannot act I notice there's two headlights out losers want this ash that's true I see through all of a sudden were on the plot of walking tall. Publics doesn't make it this citizen's arrest is god completely over sued the rest brutality. Like you can't plant evidence on anybody your citizens she got a profit kicked out of second lights he's got a very competitive spot get up I'm. And that marijuana son. Going to. Are gonna get that in Iran real quick before we get out here I sort of give a quick plug out further mix faster the second annual color depth access to its happening October 14 at studio seven. When no planes to be trying my new members are birdie which features gone from window pane Jeff from. From up McCain's loaded. I also GT from clover Jane we're going into the studio to record it's going to be a lot of fun. Then actually going to be there those guys are bad that Alia and also. Why it only in the wreckage BC nightly showdown. And the band and I know you love just as much as me the last international I'll they are playing they are playing makes fast also it's going to be a great night studio seven go to studio seven dot US to get tickets either the link the link wasn't working like it they've linked you to the show when you clicked on buy tickets to show whether merit abide. Hopefully about a time you hear this podcast it is but would look to see you out there it's going to be a great party and I'm looking very forward to it and it sound like I'm going to be coming up on stage for. All the band sets employing a song with them I don't know but the last international. Maybe we could twist their arm and have them do it too what who knows but anyways hopefully people who come out buy your tickets against studio seven die US and just. Keep tabs on all those bands FaceBook page is like why don't in the wreckage Dan apps and window pane because. It they will be selling tickets is well and you could avoid service charges by buying into the dance. Eight could see some of those bands down and reference Bible that's right September 9 September 9 yep I did get OJ tees giving duke doing double duty without signed it yet our flies Allison change in south American tribute band and then of course when new paint him declined. Red festival as well yeah I'll be there too because and you'll be there originates new original who claim that is also lots of ways to rock out and I thought well great local music. One per month Yemen not number another all of that yet get event our it's gonna push ups and. All right thanks again to listening has always brand new flu fighters. Song is called. This guy is a neighborhood and find food and true. These high quality attend again in our area. Yeah. Your followers on Twitter. I've been may have cast. Oh you do it may have been there. We take a picture of what's doing now. We get yourself you know. You can get music going on. That's in Minneapolis so. No mega. The core of guys and wouldn't make your finger on what is it to help.