BJGN08-25-17 - Cat Girl Deathmatch

Friday, August 25th

The gang discusses the latest episode of Game of Thrones; Rev & Gareth von Kallenbach talk QuakeCon; Rev interviews greg & Steve for the Kickstarter Cat Girl Deathmatch; and we get the Geek Sheet with Vicky B!

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Your inner geek wants to come out and play like where to. Joined Vernon Wells safety Golden Globe where you when your fellow geeks can hang out play games just nerd out 24/7. Whether you love RPD's video games or are just a major fan of size flying culture Vernon Wells says something for everyone. Let your deep flags fly at Vernon whilst the sign up today and see for yourself BMW duck club that's BMW doc plus. Ladies and gentlemen thanks a hole engines you are now entering Vijay chase the nation. Welcome yes welcome to BJ Shays geek nation I am the reverend en Fuego a cross for me is Vicky Barcelona. We're joined welcome Chris solo lead JC JRK. Then. And Joey. Vicki Huckabee to get hold of us welcome got a BJ eat Venetian dot com it's gonna have caller information all our podcast dollar bid stuff. Feel they're check it out as on face the collective us. I sounds really good stuff all the good stuff and we gotta talk immediately about game of throw a hello. I did there is a serious season finale about to happen and even though I'm Micah Williams in terms yeah but it's true but there's another one. Yeah Amanda matters. Card matters having yourself now like OK you win them. Our Friday today today and I hope and I it's our hope and I it's gathered around the world and only I'm only two and a half seasons behind so I go well maybe every catch up by the time the sense it so there's an area so you can you be spoilers and I'll forget by atomic get a I'm I did not really I probably RD house for openings Neiman realizes by now but I reality damning quickly Adobe it's pretty and are pretty good season I've liked it more than I have before what is odd I don't know if it's because not competing with the expanse but hey you know it I'm excited CV season finale nice and that again is tonight as he can check that out what well what channel. Odds outside I think if my heart awesome of the street I five at bats are hot hot hot hot backup. Well we can't now talk about game of drones on and show as it is exactly and I know well it'll be coming back next year Alger this Sunday's season finale although they've already come back then have her much talked about it the one thing that is really being about demon throws is their pen ultimate episodes because those are the ones were all the crazy ass goes down and root for sure this definitely happened now Chris do you wanna be in this room. Because you haven't seen the minutes of the cable to -- looked up and it's how I am I should have and I know I am I'm most of them are terrifying for our guys are neighbors excellent I've already spoiled something for him on accident okay in on your ball I don't blame back you're looking over my shoulder while her reading ready and there was a cute little gift of like an ED beating Dinara is like TV baby playing with her dragon joy and an eighty B nineteen U was playing with his nineteen toy in the making toys spirit goes. Car. He was looking over my shoulder is who would guys like ward today just he doesn't owe nothing. Now in theaters. In west throws snow pierce or there about I happen out there I don't know he was value is a little bit of approving dance on that and to be brutally honest if I would have remembered that he was behind me. I would. Not promised to look not a big article because we have talked about the fact didn't we wasn't there's some sort of idea that could be erased a dead dragon and that's the only place that's the cool thing you have first thought she has three dragons what better way to level the playing field and you get it un dead dragon yeah I kind of figured something like that was gonna happen because. Otherwise is just like. We went gap I really really. Just the wave and I ball opens up at the end of donors like. Yes yes. Our. That's gives Brad this is brand the chance to inhabit said dragons luck Kenny I have been all of them anyways. I don't I don't go welcoming you haven't acted as those one at a time he'd you can brand new more than one for one being at a time one know why would he need to do more than one. Well that's right I dragons you know I mean Blake he could inhabit the regular dragons I didn't need to die for him toward intuit is when I mean well my point being is is that if he can war game two it can be taken over or do we see through it and I don't know whether or not he can take it over because it is un dead and under the nineteen control at this point unless brand can know and so supersede that by go guess what I'm -- -- and lasts less brat I have brand is the night king there're a lot of fans theories that are suggesting that maybe he's been making and he's the one scurry up everything in making all this happened oh that's not good brand no -- a lot of fans theories going out there are so I mean if you look at the Internet you're gonna see a million different reasons why things work or don't work or how they should be your output people are speculating in the happenings. So we should really probably just talk about the things that I haven't happened on this episode I what are people finding that more enjoyable as opposed to knowing how the books went in and just basically seeing where they deviate as opposed to now nobody knows anything everyone's on allay a level playing field at this point there's no smoke persons saying well actually this is what happened in the burn out perfectly describe what the last couple seasons have been without a book and they said this is literally games are on stand theory and nothing and Gary Disney fan fiction Doleac. I don't Joey d.s has not been a fan and he didn't like the last episode because it was he's like this whole season have you set hasn't been game of throw to Steve I hated. I actually. Hired this episode design don't the series and there's multiple reasons but got like eight episode left in the whole thing I know and actually not done yet and no seven because next season's going to be six all I was reading or. Two hour episode Arenas and on and on Sunday hours twenty hours when he okay anchoring long gap but he had like the problem with it for me is in the big thing is you know they have junior minister in plate armor. Survive in a river patrol like I know a mile long river crawl whatever you wanna call radiate unrealistic in this episode they literally talked about me characters freezing to death. Then things happen make it even worse and then they have to travel and it's just you know it's like how does John surprise John doesn't survive there why he got to make unrealistic for me it's the lord of light a pandora might works in mysterious ways Brock. Another the fact that there's dragons doesn't bother you that's realistic the fact that there are I'm dead army that's gonna kill all west roast that's not. You know unrealistic let you know him maybe they're fighting the water boil alert right got a little boy visibly is also violent. Frozen king throws spear a dragon kills dragon right gap there is a dragon sitting on the ground even with the what you would assume is they know or something because it seems like a pretty prepared to racetrack and it's right. That he could just kill the dragon it's not moving. Which is clearly if you wait easier thing to do if he knows it could pierce a dragon right know why would you shoot the order this guy. I like he knew where to shoot him because they have really really tough scale so what if he knew we yet issued at at specific spot that look like it was kind of where. Bronze shot the other dragging in previously when they are fighting Jamie and stuff maybe it's like under the wing is where you have to but it isn't busting that we don't know that seat and I was you have to come up with a reason where it would be nice if we knew for a fact that there is a specific place of his hit him for his caddie mentioned like we've we've proven that they can be heard her well they did that. But it was this goal of a head dragon has been not the school's been around for a couple centuries so I mean c'mon we don't know necessarily how impenetrable it is an idea with the scale I have got the dragon bone I made the assumption it was the special sort of you know a Lance that he threw a supposedly him in the right place and down unless kind of figuring I mean is special making magic lands a sort of like dragon the reverse strangle us yeah exactly I'll I would definitely agree with that enemy using this is a private equity as until he's right we don't know why you'd want making up excuses to deal with that and it is fun. No it's like okay what is again because eventually you'll it will probably get explained I think like everything we've ever question he's been explained or we know is going to bench to get explain 'cause it has five or six seasons on real deterrent you have we have what six episodes there's no way they're gonna have enough time to explain I don't know I already have died don't put any time I'm sure they work through all of this don't sing the pacing is different yesterday that they've they've hit Turbo which I don't mind it but I am but I think joy you made a good point that you used tuition to show being a certain way. And they've changed the pacing of it but I think it feel weird if it was still pretty slow trying to get all the good parts because I mean they did all that so you have to character development we kind of got an idea what the world is like. We're already in there are so it's not me but I think as they have distant areas Johnson illustrious past be forced into the season and it doesn't make any cents because you get me B twenty minutes of screen time with him again. Since I have no sense. They have a common bond and obviously it's because there's a good there's the possibility I mean actually we know for sure there there's a blood bond there's so there is that sort of bond is the familiar aired either they've had through that that I can understand to a bit. It does feel a bit rushed in I think that they are kind of skipping. A lot of the sort of travel aspects of it and people of boo boo on that as well. But do you really want like three episode three more episodes this season of them just. Travel I want three more seasons of the show I don't want I wanted to and that's what's happening it would be a great ending to this show if you got to see these relationships play out and and things were explains it both dream rush that's a good point I feel like I do feel like the air rushing this. Where that is not the pace of the show it's like everything is happening too quickly compared to what we have seen it's almost like. I wish you would have actually not shown some of this other stuff there really doesn't matter the big battle that is what matters and and how we are and how these relations seven. I know I am more incident and Harrison John. Then I was interested in some of the other stuff we've seen in the middle season that may be. We you know they did spent way too much time on Amelio and ads I it it is kind of a bummer that we're not getting a couple more seasons of the pace could be equal. To see the same kind of I'd care they give did you know dinners and John as they've given some of these other relationships because the vipers and high guarding got all water of screen time in the season before this. And they were killed off in an instant. And saying yet a sand snake here I let her as the dad yet are sorry and then of course all I garden you've I was a player really big role gets eliminated in what what. Ten minutes of an episode essentially so it does feel. That you get robbed of these like story lines he notes are better yeah and that's because of not reading a book or watching your show exactly and it's one of the things is they don't have a huge amount. Literature to go through like these giant book state go through all these things that they can choose from. They just got the note basically the cliff notes from George RR Martin's that they're just kind of speed speeding through the and I wonder if money's an issue to I don't know I don't know how to radium in the ratings are fantastic I just don't know why they wouldn't keep the show going unless they feel like four million an episode maybe they're just hoping that eventually they get through lake residual terrorism won't Muslim and also that you have all these actors that are trying to do other projects like I found out that Emilia Clarke an heiress is going to be in the hunt elementary. Oh yes I got all these other projects in the working on they don't we settle down with you know being dinners for the rest of their and they in my away from Rhonda hit Social Security so yeah I don't know brighter than I thought if I well let's get this done well we do I have to move on from this but definitely check out this Sunday the season finale and then I guess only six more episodes for the next season which will be the final wine malaria articles saying that it is good that there is less episodes because it could spend more time on the TGI -- distract others on the wall that is true how well they're laying waste to stuff it was just instinct just just goosebumps the whole time that's an aggressive point Vicki to be the CGI's and awesome. Moving on from that we time I have to talk with mr. Garrett live on Colin Barr because. There is a very interesting. Thing going on this week involving one of the old school games quake Gary is on Colin bots from skewed and reviewed that is asked Kate and RG dot net and Garrett. There's really there's an interesting convention going on now involving. That I guess an old school video game at this point quake content. Absolutely and the funny thing about that is not only system gone on quite some time and originally started as just. Socialist tournament or quake but Adams but cents today ended up owning can be you know acquiring and actually a partnership into the taking touched it into the Dutch family action and it is spawned in recent years to include not just squeak but other big titles like your home and then also it's become a place were certain other discussion travel should showcase an inch really grown considerably. So this is actually a really good news source for all lot of upcoming Bethesda things and these are the guys who have made some of your favorite games. Exactly and she wanted to send your children right now just special mention make. A lot of tournaments mostly champions which is now going into bearish or early action should be even more features. They have some of the old school games and you know right now they're sends over a million dollars and pricing. Available for some of these troll and other changed but the other trying to remember is it's not just things like upcoming great champions you have Wolfenstein. Shoot the new colossal issue get people were ten to. Dishonored Gupta bill Schneider some people continue maybe they're gonna make an announcement here. Don't know play well but I think you can pretty much expect new game play new trailers new information. And they've also so there going to be attacks the following week so no models are coming from them. Hey it's a good guy a leader and for that because you'll ability here's some of that news cited some of those news items and then at that point hopefully maybe you'll see is something one pax comes around. Then now people can watch this on mine correct. Correct and mystery sanction your quick conduct organ yet that that she wanted to things that people are really interest student per sample we have to pay church which duchy diesels and how wanted to switch Archie he's flushed great champions you can pull on great. Changed torque and of course as you know quite Condo org curious. You know many pledged to (%expletive) but there's an interest in net twists to it as well because you know we talked about these upcoming games there's ultimately are outstretched. Who yeah. Start remember your bird doomed the actual. That is crazy eleven hearing stuff like that demanded that just sounds exciting to hear about all of BR I'm still playing fallout for so IE you know other than you know getting exploded by as super mean suicide or in BR other than that I think he'll be flooding speaker he ends. You know stoning they had said that the hardest thing about it that's what you movements. Yeah it's it's you know you're used to walk in this direction walking restriction makes such that was a trick you change albeit sushi how they would result of that because you know obviously the combat and such would make sense and we are projecting numbers a lot of Mac users a lot of crashing there's a lot of movement very large maps show interest in addition what they do without. Absolutely and before we let you go geared earned every now weighs some. This correctly and we have the duty we have some keys to be trying to. Action first call of duty World War II beta and that can live a new page and what connection richest go to decided asking NR a dot net you'll see it in the contest section as you'll see melt right we just would cherished W and subject line and we will be be one with the instructions on how to do election download it now I'd get a clear message to the purest for the do you have an X marks the one that option that you can get but apparently that Wal-Mart beat up for a bit its purest form of my life right now but if you basically share launched take my chances and wait for the explode actually commit try to accommodate -- -- his speech. I pinched or and of course you know important to remember so she won't likely be very largely just multiplayer Berkshire we played. One of the conduct and much more on the new objective mode should eat three. And really had a good time at somewhat contortions want to have touched. Are some again check that out if you want to play in the call of duty World War II in new you got a PS four definitely go check out the constant contest page act as K and thank you so much terrorists any chance. Thank you so much gear again that's gears Vonn caught a box pro modern era and today yeah they just I really did. And now it's amazing. I've now next up I also the chance to talk with a pair of people who are creating a game on kick starter right now it's a very fine dice rolling social battle game called cat girl death match will meet today we've got a pair of people who are creating and very interesting game I had a chance to actually played this. Pat. Emerald city comic con actually early this year it's wide through one of the many play test we have Stephen Greg here and their game is called cat girl death match now Greg you gotta tell me first stop in. Rule did tell us about the game and I because you call a social dice game but there's really a lot more to it did just that. Yeah a league we like to go and highly social combat dice game you can manage heart. I'm it is very have a classic combat stationery and you're rolling dice dice tell you what kind of a charge and assurances you have. And then you're going around the table and Derek and killing each other reports. But beyond that there's a layer of a stream your neighbor to it to leave we'll just see into game or making and breaking alliances and friendships. Because ultimately your ability to win depend heavily on convincing everyone at the table to attack everywhere else except you. And that's always our great unique and that's what really makes a lot of fun when these games is not so much the district of Florida I attacked aspect of a book which is really had it very interesting we'll get to that and that in madrassas to me in a minute but it's also the fact that you want to have games where you have interaction where there's a little bit of politics in play because beyond that away if you're not you know driving your friends insane and you know I mean creating and forging alliances and destroying them. Then what fun re. Lee is it. Absolutely. Out of chit typically I'll start joint guides. Typically games like are still volunteer who looked a Little Rock paper scissors mechanic which is a nice year old oh do you. You can attack and you can't attack and that's just not far. And so the goal here is to create an open game warden region do whatever it is you want and then convince everyone else to do that is well. And did add the basis of the game it is a dice rolling kombat game which he said a lot like he you know paper rock scissors and that there are different I've had girls because those are the different characters and they each have their own special abilities on these special custom dice correct. And characters. And so right now how many characters do you have as of the beginning of this play test. A recorder in the course. Is to reach out girls. And then leave RT I develops we've been playing the game Kirk. For over two years now so recorders to read but we judge or more work that we've been using internally for a really long time and then we've got two more on top of that. There were in the process test. And that's an interesting aspect because watching the video and taking and that you can check this site if you just search for cat girl death match on kick starter it's live right now they're right now there's still plenty time to get in on -- so definitely check it out but their eyes like with the different cat girls it's it's a lot of fun just to see the what you've gone and you party stated that you have been played testing you for two years you have stuff already set to joke so once it gets funded it's not gonna be all that long overweight because you just got to get the production of booby gonna be done. That's absolutely right. He goes to the printer the minute we hit and it doesn't even have to wait till the end of your starter. Loud that is amazing and some of the fun parts about this I mean like how OK I love the idea of just a bunch of admirals running around and it's kind of bad that she be anime sort of five to wait which is a lot of fun and it really gets you into that if you're really into those it's a lot of fun but just having these basically did a really big oversized guys that it's so this is that there are a lot of fun just a look at that haven't pulled out there click where did the idea of this has come to fruition like I know that there are lot of games out there but there's not a whole lot of dice drafting gains at least that I've played that have played like this. She executes their starter packs a couple years ago my friends and I really Elantra panel. And I kind of looked up in southern Irish player roller silenced and you know. Perjury and social media analyst so literally we're not together all that often we need to be playing together as we're gonna eat together. I was so right then and there we kind of started suited to bounce ideas on what would make the most on are you won't be the most fun in that moment. And over the course of the next couple weeks and then couple months. I started working mechanics out that we would like world veteran gamers. We don't want my loose games I mean there's a lot of us. Ought to be sent to mindless games and that's just how not how we were all totally so I wanted to get in that list was dirty and compelling and a lot of strategy. And a lot of street your religious laps how we play Q. I mean and then it could be candidate honestly what do came to attack girls again nerds and an energy. We started trying to figure out. How to ski in this and what sure looked like passionately played. And it's funny and cute she's so why not do cute little GB a year old Paige heads small bodies. Adorable our work checker. I love it I love the fact that you really want people coming you know nerds to give more soul shall with this and even shows that on the different while ways that you can kick start this you can give the base game. But you also have higher pledges for like the upgrades he can get more players into it. Yeah you. Jagr that's matches great risk wished trees or five players which is do you usually get. I skip your you know what your birdies and and Andrews are slowing. Are getting attend player game where. We're years McIntyre across the table and NGOs. Just caring and everyone around here is the best way to play Bioshock. I would just love didn't know -- is so what are some of the interactions LA have you actually I don't wanna say they view if you lost friends over this but there's had to have been some heated and are actually growing the game. Greg can I take this one about bad he Canaveral emerald city Telecom Diaz are you so. Mirrored the table the most the most intense interaction our games running group of people come mayor gamers they know how to play game mechanics they obviously came as a group they come to sit down they start rolling it out they learn the game pretty quickly and immediately started dancing on the negotiations. The and there has never been at are slowly degenerating. Friendship more clearly showed. Then that group of you current mayor alert there was bitterness. Anger arguments. They gotten to blunt brutal altered the patient level fighting at that point. Clinton brought up stuff from the acts like blade it was it was. We don't want the game that actually grew in French. You know you have to learn how about how does that one conclude great like I couldn't. Circle let's start letting that that they get played the game is played in what recalled bottles and about odors is one timer on the table and everybody your first race. So I a medium sized game is like to retreat back. So again there's first timer on the table and everybody haven't sign that things are gone stirred. And then something changes and the second time around the table all of a sudden it's starting to get religion culture of people are making decisions first base on tactics and then aren't very clearly are kind of personal levels like. I should attack you know. The guy in my lap and Stoudemire attacked a guy across the table because he kissed me off last week you know. I still owes you talk about whatever it was. And as their plan. All of the sudden and then there's this guy and he takes a dire termed I'd be in got to be looks kinda dangerous as completely did get a jump. That swisher and let you. All you watched what. Your. Cable or. And and it's just downhill from there on the the there's really no player in the game which in other shelters laid bloop you really know what the cable lock elect could. And it turns out they were street you're a girl and it turns out that girl is still friends Wiki action ex cheated on am and they're one of the other guys would table had a crush on the X. As did he really and I know this is because as they're playing and they're just do balding and he knows all talk I'm cool huge huge which is terrible. An alleged stroke from coach from your perspective. Ladies you know Eurostar when you're doing a demo which is gonna by the game whose era. And it went from everybody being injury. Cheer when the game slyly added and they finished against terrorist suspects shocking death William Perry and the one beauty who's girlfriend western. Just jumps up from the table and leaves. The other guys follows chairman and stands finally it's the girl and and one other starts and starts trying to talk Turk. About what a terrible person she's being and how she has a supporter trans. And she turns to me in the middle of all of it puts the biggest smile on her chase and just I just sign up to the mailing list I have. Perhaps I. And I played I don't play this game I knew a lot of fun but I can't see those agro then that you're played resistance and if you're played resisters and some like BJ do you know how intends to compete and this is one of those games that can really did you win those political big quantities at this point oh my goodness. And even like LA late talking going back to talking about some of the characters and such it's not just that these are like cute characters that are just. Pictures that I have their own abilities as well correct. Lavandera in Dallas and yet they each one has. There's some abilities that are unique to specific charge girls. And I'm a virtual iron to cowgirl is justified by what are you should change at duke so some of them blocked some of them house. You know really powerful Australian summer more balanced should you be consistent. Attraction return. They there's a lot of variety across them. Because you are you are drafting these guys so there's definitely a strategy going beyond mad do you art do you think that your gonna be the one everyone gangs up on maybe need to give those defensive dies or maybe you just wanna go you know whole hog and just try to destroy as many people as possible so you go with the more offensive ones. Or you just turn into a more offensive personnel as you play. It and our our our our new surely that was part of what we wanted a new week. There didn't so much of our group are like Microsoft testers and people who really care about having strong. During the game. So all of the dice are balanced against each other. And the start of each each round you trash from the available cowgirls in the center of the table so you bowls to get to make the army you watched. And you have to compensate for other people taking the Dicey you may have wanted. I mean to change your strategy solutions. Through layers to it which you really try and but again it always comes back to that social element as well. And it's a really fun game again check it out cat girl death match on kick starter right now you just go to our FaceBook page and find it there because I have posted the links there Greg Stephen thank you guys so much for spending some time with us Hillary really appreciate it thank you so much and again you can see Greg and Steve's game cat girl death match if he just search for on kick starter or go on our FaceBook page it is right there put it right up on there and now it is time or. She twists pitched big. They keep putting out forest. I'm not a lot of movies this week. The only one that I really really wanna see that's new. And it actually doesn't have a tomato reading our reader meter thingy yet you don't dream. Other draft of the dragon has sold more dragon talking which kind of this is based off like this is the movie about priestly life. Are all little money because I really wanted my gadget that he loves Bruce Lee my grandfather loves Bruce Lee my dad has. Can securities conspiracy theorists he believes that Bruce Lee was actually murdered in just die then I'll really covers dot. You know he taught all of the fighting to the Americans the white didn't tell me your dad was a crazy person could couldn't. Again I res main site manager of Blair treasured with apple in the tree. But it's based in yes it was windy day if you haven't sixty San Francisco first the dragon is a modern take on the classic movies that Bruce Lee was no four. It takes is inspiration from the epic and so controversial showdown between an up and coming Bruce Lee in concert master Wong Jack man. And the battle they gave birth to a legend so I don't know I mean any actor. And yet he actually you know we spent some time here in Seattle and he's actually Barry yours isn't actually daddy cool and has. Hit close to home here absolutely great for all sorts of a martial arts and burned out there and you know. And one other one it's not a new movie but up if he checking your local listings nearby. Terminator two judgment agent that he on Prejean in some polls are ready. You're through to June so you gotta keep. Do you really steer me in the young woman we got some at the ANC Pacific place nice aren't out there definitely check your local list season CBC than 3-D epic sea -- well for us and for people to check out I was really wrecked the windy city to be back. Follow the ranks first I would be there until nighttime trip to Spain eight. Your inner geek wants to come out and play blood where to. Join Vernon Wells six feet Golden Globe where you when your fellow geeks can hang out play games and just nerd out 24/7. Whether you love RPG's video games or are just a major fan of Saud fly. Let your deep flags fly at Vernon whilst. Sign up today and see for yourself BMW duck club that's BMW dot clubs.