Facebook Drama 08-25-17 "Loser Laura"

Friday, August 25th

Facebook Drama. “Loser Laura”. A woman goes on social media to complain about people direct messaging her.


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Laura. Ten days for John Andretti by inheritance is telling companies brown sugar Bergen and here's our opportunity Vijay a plan to dumb people and our FaceBook. There's actual FaceBook poster John on falls because of the original posting yeah we're going to acted out this time around BJ you'll be playing the role of Joanna already I will be Laura. Read he'll play the role of David sweet indeed you will be Walt Walt Walt. Some final wanted to sell additional tank like get the ball to right. Damn old guy I like it might never play while the worst I'm hearing is an old guy yeah Walt is definitely an old school name yeah. Currency results poster once again is Joanna so Vijay please. Taking away. I don't. It may about how do you why do yeah and I went and had married and I'm well thank you. And. They remind you keep posting messages on FaceBook for everybody is seen including your husband Ashton I'm sorry it's okay don't do it again. I decided I mean you've been around. I don't need my mind and say he seemed at any horny guy and friend. And they start sending you dirty messages and then you share my new games for all of us to see if we get. Guys think you're hot and you're just asked thirsty attention more that you might Weis is she should not an attention whore. There are no matter Sean Connery. I think he had turned out by these messages yeah I do is comment on how hot your wife is and how these guys better step off. The two of you are both attention whores. Could I do agree. Those things are open all the time. Oh does not that I don't know I got to get it they got around and besides. Yeah I don't. Soon he'll like suing you guys talk dirty to the do you on the you know it's. Watch your show some Waltz. I'm fan myself I will tell you the truth that smashed down. Only thing Meche mesh dogs on this year is study mother of tools flash toward the portion that's the age of 28 he's handing out marriage advice. Hash tag luge or Laura. As a yards as an intentional or hash tag attention whore as abhorrent and lights and ten cents. As tag your husband might do another news ones and bang you and that's weird. I'm hash tag has a long hash tag though I do think there is some wisdom in that there are just couples into light says you know. Engage in any kind of behavior where one or no we wanted to they're saying go is sudden desire or even get slammed its Tamer version in my hiding in the closet watching your you cannot get rails. And the next morning and I'm going nine KI guess doubles here.