BJGN08-28-17 - Dicefest

Monday, August 28th

The gang talks TV with People of Earth, Killjoys, Defenders, and Preacher; BJ & Chris talk to Flying Frog Productions about Dicefest; and we get the Geek Sheet with Vicky B!


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Your inner geek wants to come out and play like where to. Joined Vernon Wells safety Golden Globe where you when your fellow geeks can hang out play games just nerd out 24/7. Whether you love RPG's video games or are just a major fan of size flying culture Vernon Wells says something for everyone. Let your deep flags fly at her in whilst. Sign up today and see for yourself BMW duck club that's BMW doc plus she. AZ Joseph and then you don't know and didn't know withdrew from the princess don't know I might be Joba still chip and still do a couple of opponents we are still joke. We can't hear if you've restaurants. You Q button is on either yes I did I do that earlier attempt why ours yes her help you wow excellent. Though it was TV talk preacher kill joys people of earth and defenders. Yeah election and let me tell them first impressions because I think it's only UN Vijay who have seen it in all of that Los Angeles. So also thank. Yet just talk a little bit I mean mark has already gone whole hog into it might do early yes okay so he has talked about a bit but I mean we still can be your guys is impressions because people want that. Drew knew that he's yet how that's why we do a podcast everybody always thought hey village he dollars and are basically here but I'm getting your people bought the Eagles and Rory thank you Moorad. Our low round of the monster. Goal this year and grab the Mike Florio me about it. Tour and if you don't do it and then you know I've got a cool zero that's so rarely do you hear it could. Future plans you might content. Social content to them that it colluded and her. New Abidjan you can already went kansans to humans when you can do and open so when we get to use the unified front part on this gonna go hey BJ you've got a couple guest in studio with us why don't you could take it away and it would just get right into it at that point as we are happy saying oh you know how much like board games and I don't like so it'll be perfect. Damaged the quiet on this said. Ladies and gentlemen geeks of all ages you are now entering Vijay chase each nation. Yes welcome to Vijay Shays geek nation and I and the reverend Fuego across from me is Vicky Barcelona time we've got local class so willow the show's namesake BJJ. Oh how different and and Joey. On today's show we won't talk to television we will talk dice faster mu and of course and he cheaply Dickie VK Vicki how can people get a hold of us. I'd check our website Vijay geek nation dot com it's gonna have her phone number higher fees that can see and we're all lankans suffering there and all of our all our podcasts now. Thank you so much on match let's start by talking some TV. There's a couple of shows that and LBJ you wanna talk about people of earth floods back I just you know it's a great comedy from the problem of the guys who brought you the office and even some of the old office actors or any its. And it's CA we talked about it before yeah they had a quick turnaround from season one season to. It's basically about his alien abduction group that meeting that church and it's hi my itinerary did but I com and of course nobody believes them but in reality they were abducted because we get to see it from beside of the alien abductors and it turns out. Well they run their business the way a lot of us run our business like the office. She's inept and so I love that. Very inept you've got to leave gotta lizard people you've got the grays and then you've got these beautiful sort of nordic looking aliens. And those are three aliens are pretty much run around abducting humans for some reason. And this season. They get a new boss. Which is they which is a Cuba. Certainly Q was there boss and that is that's a that's really causing Jeff a lot of problems. Jeff was the gray William. And but as it turns out the new boss comes in and says Jeff you're the idiot photo. And I think it's it's it really is it's a very very fun show on TBS and they've already got off four episodes I believe so far they've thrown out there and it's fun because I mean we have a lot of scifi shows that aren't necessarily comedy so it's kind of fun to give that aspect of it. Yeah and you know they try to do a funny superhero comedy with powerless and that was didn't go so well. This one. Actually the writing is strong enough that Andy and make any acting is strong enough that you really get a chuckle out of the show and they hit you a different departments in different fields. Which is nice you know you kind all of a sudden go I kind of feel sorry for this person or I feel little this is actually kind of cool. I and they touch on some mores this you know some different is relationships that are happening the ago while they're there they're going there are they. Okay fine nice excellent is on our day had been a while relief when he jokes but wow well. Graduation on the island is a you check out you can take up people earth on TBS another show you're wanted to talk about was killed Joyce K hello jar is a yes there wrap it up my friend there we're getting close to the season finale. And it's been a good wind it's been a really good season and again. Just really good actually good special effects I really like the writing and the boy it's just again you know I've got to give I gotta give Hannah John common. Or Cayman depends how she says that got to give her credit man she's playing Dutch and a mile. And there are two different characters I mean it's Tutsi and I must Lonnie kind of acting oh where you you really do think it's two different people. And this day it's it's been a fun episode. Lots of swearing. There's a lot of swearing. You know the they would be the phrase ATM Laurie are the are you now is that was actually are urged to version of it yes the first anniversary of GM and I was on the on kill joys. They say everything but the F foreign. And I think it's intentional because they want you know this is a greedy. Size way this is like almost old west feels like it's like what firefly a yeah that feeling of firefly where they are they're really out there they're out there and firefly got away with it because you're on network television they got away with easing their Chinese swear words a lot of gas about poisonous canned nowadays circumvented that if I killed there was is on scifi toss I thought so they can definitely do a lot more being on the basic cable stuff so I mean that I am -- that using add to the fullest yet basic cable has definitely that they have decided they're gonna just you know they're gonna stretch it out a little bit they've realized how people are adults and when you -- adult and you like things like scifi you can deal with some of that language yeah and it's instead I knew it we we got we got a big revelation about Dutch Dutch sort of just decided she wanted to be in command anymore. She went and got to see some old memories from palm from a mile and she found out the connection between this woman who looks just like her. The connection is true peace and then with that news she's found out oh you know what now that I know his connection. I kind it is only one solution for this war and there's only one solution for me with this war. And now we know why she's kind of stepped down and time I'll I'll like it makes me think like whoa how are they and how they gonna make this happen. I haven't heard of the show was done after three seasons I haven't seen any say it's a season finale that's it though we become Evan a couple of weeks other series finale area Ontario securities and aren't haven't heard anything like that but it feels it's definitely a story our finale I feel like. Unless they somehow to another cliffhanger but boy. It feels like they dig our rapid nice now. Out of all the people here. I think only Vicky and BJ have seen any of the defenders at this point man I seen all lit path of course you have well I don't know eight episode easy that's easy for her dad it's nothing and over the weekend I didn't so BJ envy kiwis when he gets some first impressions on them because no spoilers at this point in some way somehow we'll figure out a way to do they may mean and this is spectacular but an after impressions after most of everywhere -- seen most of these episodes that's hard with these shows they just to rob. How is it that I wish that we would just have those weekly shows that we can just come to every week as opposed everyone being on separate different levels of how they've seen it yet. Is that doesn't have peeling easier consumer Mena I appreciate when Netflix doesn't uses everything all at once so that the duties of the world with a lot of free time on their hands can can just sit down for eight hours and watch the funny thing is I had no luxuries that I just haven't thought I'm. I thought those people who I had to have no problem not sleeping wherever I don't know what it when it comes out every week than we are sort of on the same schedule you know when when all of our. Connections are working properly and we much these things but yes so let that it's just different it's something I was thinking about about this is specifically it's changed the. Launcher of a bounce being able to really talk about the shows we love because. You know if what how Hamas came to throws did it that way how would be able Lehman have conversations and I would write and you would feel to go on social media yeah any point because eight hours after the whole thing would drop and everything would be shallow because everyone will be talking about all of it. Which is why it's in which is interesting. Could you do a show of that magnitude on Netflix movie because of that fact and yet again I don't know you know I I I don't think there's anything about this defenders that will be as epic as game with groans therefore you can bid to watch it. And we all thought I enjoy watching would be great when we had time to just watch one show yeah and then all of a sudden it doesn't talk shows that you got a good wife Julia then you're in that position. I say I. It works for shows and we've seen it with like something like sense to me it's you can't have it be a weekly show otherwise people are gonna stick around for exit is so slow but when you're able to banjo like I can't another episode exit of Monterey here. So I feel like there is a place for shows that are going to be a little slower. Let Fiat and I mean there's a can there's a show that us telling you guys about it's ninety you know called ozark and I was like well. I mean it's episode eight before Arnold jelled together and you guys are like I don't have enough time for that helps like yeah absolutely I get stabbed but because we would watch two or three episodes at a tie game. It's suddenly oh the chunk isn't so bad and I feel like the like that the new twin peaks. Would have been better on Netflix for that reason. You know repeated his movie dad yeah OO that I would definitely watch the next episode twin peaks does feel more like it Netflix show that should be right there as opposed to just a weekly show. Because of that very same reason. It moves slowly. And and I've been drawn again and I've actually started re watching the ought to be the episodes of the neutral peace corps over again for that reason because I wanna binge because I forget. I'm forgetting like when I'm watching those first episodes twin peaks again of the father of the new one I'm like. All. Yeah that happened in that happened if it goes so slow and you'll see those people again for a while Eli though whereas gala throw owns. It just feels like some the epic always happens there and you need time to process if it had power and I hope that we have a combo of the two yeah because I liked we'll talk with people who are on the same. Show pages I am if you will as opposed to where defenders like think he's seen at all and I've only seen two episodes. I will say this about defenders. This is Sarah did not see any of iron fist size neither have I saw married her same boat that I have no desire to see if there was the first seem an iron fist and then and the woman that he trained with they leave the female martial artist. And the first thing Sarah looked at me and say god I hate them both. Leave the resounding sentiment on on line is specially via Twitter the dialogue when they when they for we first see them and defenders was really bad and she's just like my god are you kidding me here. And I am you know and I and I just think that says at all. I don't know how they screwed this character up so much with Danny ran I don't know how they messed it up because they're the comic book people love and yet. They've they've done a good job with -- case it got a good job with Jessica Johnson and obviously with daredevil I don't know if it's the actor I don't know if that's the writing I think drew Goddard at least wrote the first episode of defenders and that was -- least I'll make all right hire this'll be written by a guy maybe that'll make it better. And I still hate guarantee fairness. Man is so Vicki I know I know you've seen the entire thing so do you. Not so much like I hate you racists like. Now does it get any better you know I know spoilers but how does it does Disney character at least. And per grass grow or at least get less annoying at. Yet like normal traffic at a city because he's asked you know all these things like if I feel like if I describe it. Then well there's just something like here's that they deal deal like him more or less after the after the eighth episode I think he's better as the with a group. My guess I think the group was better with a group I also think Luke is better with the yes I agree and then say you kinda feel a little bit in the trailer they do really get to live in iron fist on occasion I have moments together. But I feel like. By himself he's not good he needs to have the group and I feel like the way the have put trade him we found very annoying but that seeing any Rand is going to be eat. In the defenders and it works I think because of the other group hi good tennis say some of the things I look. Georgia and all of us are guesses are watching because it it was a very. The very much age. AA tradition as a fair for me because I was not sure if I wanted to get into this and I'm asking people. Should I watch this and most people are OK with it but a lot of times it's just a wanna punched in your hands yeah I will say this so Sigourney Weaver is an event. And madam chow is that the yeah Jose so who Matthew Al Matta yeah Alan Cowell on Mancow yes a map out how big hill in the past and Jon Andre. Very I seriously you know I think I could use some jour right now bring me are your main madam gal has been bad ass. In every one of these shows that she's been in here. And boy oh boy she's difference in this one for a reason and it's in cool. And Sigourney Weaver. I give her a lot of credit she says she's really coming off. Pretty cool night Lisa's two episodes I've seen Hossa. Some stuff happens ask goes down I love ales goes down. And shorthaired foggiest interest thing is noise longer hippie foggy are all well he's wearing your religion coming out Serbia that is you know that is where I didn't realize he worked for Hoke. That that's the good that's the law firms were authoritarian bosses are some. I'm liking it and the story lines here's what I know even though they're all doing their own thing I know the story lines are all connected you can add a gaffe and and mad mad Murdoch's. Girlfriends prevents. Him I would say though they do. In the first episode there's a lot of imagery where Aaron thank. Before everyone meet each other. Like it's all all the scenes you'll notice. Kind of matched the color who they are out hey wolf well that's kind of a fun little mess actually get a I'd like going to wrap that up because they. They do that the intro they give everybody color I mean we didn't dare doubles colors obvious but the and the other colors really low live Kato is where the yellow shirt in the comics has is yellow yes and I and else. Why do I wanna see it crash that happened in the law here I. What color my though yeah it's deadly we will spoiler for anything's we will definitely talk more about it as I know a more of most watched this show they were upstairs in May be maybe do a diesel loses mind so much we do let's talk about the latest episode three of preacher far out Guy Pearce star is. Has found my favorite character in television right now easily he's fantastic just just easy easy calm cool demeanor of dealing with the most ridiculous things that are going out there. And I forgot just how blasphemous Garth Ennis is yeah. Ed how much is set Rogaine and Evan Goldberg are relishing in doing all of these things say hello to a and inbred Jesus and PT I forgot about that from the comics I am I totally forgot about that was like oh that's ride a hum Purdue for all you do is play the same guy who actually played Jesus episode which absolutely makes sense and is amazing that they did it to I was a gilligan's all yeah. That's great. I I love the fact that herr Starr has realized I had my gut. That that humans and impede Jesus red there's the fact that he's been inbred so much he is not going to be be good messiah and that is trying to recruit Jesse did do it does so I totally wreck. Nice to play Jesus and he was very like hand man it's it's been real man my dad is about is hilarious everyone with long hair they call OK you know be Jesus guy. I just really don't like and recognize this guy any kind of looks like your guy used to. Dates a loose term the only game boy yeah he's a singer believe vocalist and bases of all American rejects here that's why they're playing later so much. I'm I'm so Michael why is he looks so freaking them earlier how was more along the lines of why are they playing its own merit and we just hung over and over again when their plane rockets. How exactly are OK they're aliens now. I really love. Fact that indeed the lady from the Grail like she they they're not supposed to. Kill anybody but they're definitely working at making sure that to look and Jesse are not going to be together in my driveway L wedge yeah yeah I have been just an amazing how does she was great playing both the dual roles. Of that did the victim trying to push. Push to look away and then also is just does die hard nosed yeah I don't know something's up until it was now I think playing her L yeah yeah oh yeah yeah oh yeah is definitely and when you eat for your cards out there a little bit too much on now and I am really enjoying in this I would do it I I I just love them like every time and I think a Mike. I don't know about this year I'd bring Iran back yet and it's a lot of fun ended there remember oh yeah this is why I love about the comics is exactly what they're doing on the show Aaliyah in its fantastic care star like you say it is is is stealing is stealing the show no doubt about it pick torrents is the actor gonna give him credit because he's fantastic he is absolutely just as it just him talking about how he had the revelation of why he should work with Jesse and he just calmly tells the story about how violated and I still don't know if that's what he wanted to or did. And I think it was something he wanted to please I went with it is like and hats is to accept it coming meant to me I couldn't figure out because they've not till I wants early this morning I was Little League to have parties other ally make sure we could talk about this. Like why can't hum Purdue. How all the pictures of the dug in and I just really. The dog no ally everytime I'd say in that dog has nothing to do with their kayak and a dog has something to do you win I just got the dominatrix done here gaffe that dies god added Jesse is a USC got in his league justice is done Dodd no no there's more to it at that point Chris Dodd is God's fell backward in Gaza bird will offer news that the -- that you have to see how the last three episodes of this season not pan out. And now actually BJ well volume got a couple of guessed it rate coming in the studio with us so well I think there's a lot of have you taken away. All right you know I gotta like board game Chris you're a board game I love board gaming and he likes playing with amazing components. Yes I feel like games that are just real super quality and just try and insane adventure I do like that are willing get out because I got to the forward. But it's actually in October I do get something for you because dice stressed 20s17. Is happening. And it's all because the good folks of flying frog and luckily we know a couple guys and learn and other guys you know we know Scott Leo Jason Hill Scott hill Jason they'll fly frog welcome. Thank you so much and you how. How many I how many times we've seen these guys that you know packs and animosity comic con. And every once in while they just we have these come rescissions and Scott you said some day I just wanna put on my own car and I really wanted to do this and it look. Like the day is happened. That is happens if it hasn't happened yet that's going to happen. Yeah Halloween weekend at 2070. Which is really I mean that is a perfect time for you guys to have a con because he you know a lot of your games do just have that kind of we should be playing this. On Halloween and any other kind of time where it's spooky time hits your horror vibe yeah. At that then that's perfect especially for a lot of the games that you have and this is I mean I'm not wrong is the tenth anniversary of flesh senator yes absolutely correct so was that sort of the the inspiration having around Halloween or what was the what was the thought process there that the US senator it was our first game this is our tenth anniversary as well Saddam demo. So we thought boom tenth anniversary we should we should do something which. Hi there will join us again I can't believe it's been I guess believed ten years ago that's when that game commodity it's amazing how much time is gone by seems like just yesterday I am watching table solvable we'd emeritus Hoya. Wow. Less than unearthed tenth the anniversary I hear also there's a special anniversary edition kind of staring as some pretty that's awesome looking components. Which by the way your game's always have awesome components of flying frog so this needle like you even got over the top over yourself with this one. Here we wanted to make a version last manners to really celebrated. Ten years of survival horror in and I really kind of limped out people's games so. Basically it's got some really really awesome plastic. Components that are replacing I'd like cardboard character in the original game GAAP you know got plastic wound markers and gas cans. And that we have a little plastic miniature for old Betsy the faithful dog you can sick on the samba is I don't know how good the truck. Yeah the old truck and sent back down to try to ski thin and tall. Clawed and scratched up like zombies have been terror away and it's highly literate it looks really great really amazing. How how how long have you guys been planning this convention. Much you know we've been that we've been thinking about it a lot for probably 45 years in east and and she's been coalescing into. Trying to boil it down to the coolest ideas and and they have the best way to celebrate ten years of being in the game industry and hasn't really trying to do something exciting for him. This is a great vacation destination weekend because what you know I go to the Pacific northwest. It is just known for having a great gamer experience we have a lot of the board game cafes and so if you wanna come and spend more than just that weekend. Dice stress happening October 28 29 Redmond Washington at the old Redmond school house you get an early bird price of thirty bucks and that that goes until August 31 otherwise it's forty bucks for that gets you and what does that what do we expect to see as we walked in. 'cause I mean you guys have so pretty amazing games are might be able to play pretty much whatever product you guys have if I go there we go get demos and everything and well I wanted to buy something is that. Possibilities ahead. So absolutely we're gonna have everything that we haven't a convention just blown out to where. It's huge so we'll have a Jerry restore your world we'll have all the products we are come out with a bunch of can new and exciting things maybe some exclusives yes and cool preview items that aren't available yet who. And then we're gonna have demos of all of our games so anybody who hasn't played one they can it's starting from square one they can actually play in and learn that you know so maybe their fan last senator that they never played a touch of evil so we're gonna have all that but. The other big thing is we we we wanted to do some refer for people already play in all of the games so you're gonna have. You know huge mega events enormous communal tables were just crazy stuff has happened that you that you never conceived so the types of thing. Or it's a games you would have a hard time doing at home so. Being able to play an eye on big tables that have kind of built a 3-D terrain or language that's nice 3-D version of of a board that's normally just you know folding board when you know instead you've got. You know constructed pieces to represent build homes and things like that. I heard there was really a cool panel about last night on earth is that is that true to my molecular. That's true the word on the street is correct in this case I think. So we're gonna actually true to get together all of the original cast and crew and creators of last senators from them onstage. For sort of a panel in a Q and may about the making how are actually happen of people got together and and it's great because a lot of these people have never actually met because we shot separately with different actors and models but. You know if they didn't happen to shoot in the same shoot they've never met each other even though they've been. They're characters have had adventures for the last ten years fighting zombies together for the last ten years and suddenly culminating in real life and others don't for the first time that's that's really cool now. What we know things that I love about most of your games as it always comes with a really really great soundtrack CD in so that I can have a mood music for when I'm playing and it always fits really really well with the game play. Is that I going to be featured at all. It's absolutely we're actually doing soundtrack concert like alive. Your time it's. And mayor Mary Beth this is she's actually be part of this show as she's wanna pretty much makes it's just not allowed to be on now you know we had we recovered it and yes she's she's entirely too famous Nash's. Two million. She'll make her appearance via satellite so I'm literally a now she's going to be onstage and you know in recent years. She's been working with a lot of really talented. Musicians and so we're gonna actually draw from a bunch of those people are going to be playing with their different you know and people on violin and and mentally and then you know always amazing instruments in the in the early days Norton really the last on earth centric it was just her in a room with a with a keyboard death and his had played all the parts and she's saying all the parts and so. That's one of the things that we did actually on the new tenth anniversary edition we've we've made this amazing can doubt soundtrack we're. We remastered all the original songs already getting my money paid keys Shakira. But yes she is so we we actually recorded an extreme parts for your master of the stuff we did some new songs and so. A lot of those were replaying live at the concert that that was so cool. And their Ozal and this is what's so awesome ball flying frog is a game company you guys are really really just different because of the fact that. You put out such amazing quality and its immersive and it covers slightly in the soundtrack. And another thing of course is the mini is a median I had a meeting. The big game play is great and the themes are great but then you throw these great ladies great components I mean I've seen people tricked out many easily you know today it you know it's especially for shadows I mean you know that and it's just amazing I'm wondering. Is is that gonna have any component it all is because the fact I bet some people have done some really cool stuff with their own mini is that they got from your game so. Yeah we've been really impressed for the last few years since we put out shows a brimstone really it's encourage people to not only put their figures together repair amendments so. We started having a painting contest just deceive anybody would be. We'll be interest in showcasing the work and we try to get the idea that. You know you don't have to be some tremendous pair just like share what you've done and to really encourages people to get into the hobby aspect of the game and be able to you know pain of their figure exactly the way that their character would look and maybe even converted a little bit cut off an arm from a different arm on the left. I think because we come from. You know our games are traditionally like board games mean and now chosen from storms are first sort of hobby game where you pay your miniatures and stuff. And so. A lot of people it's the first time painting ever and some of these contests will have winners that are like. It's well my husband got into it but then I just I wanted to paint the figures and it's so much fun and then the wind you know second place ever and it's amazing talent but you're seeing from people who who really never stepped in and dip their toe into this thing to do well look they might have only been pining for spinning miniatures for the last you know year or something and suddenly. They're blooming. So they update and that that's one thing if they wanted deck out their components and decked out to many is what they wanna decked out themselves is certainly going on for that and it has a lot of positive play and that people of the doing contradiction leading witness. So we you know assistant head and I think that allow it. We had a united gen con a few years ago we had this entire group. Of about eight people show up in costume. And I thought I look at. These guys are wearing cowboy hats and stuff I wonder if they know that we have a game yeah let's adolescent game. And then they come up and I am as they get closer one government it was a big Indian Iranian attempt to call mustache from a quad that's. That is pretty oddly specific to the huddle is Vanessa and I realized that. They were dressed as characters from our game. Our we thought this is the most one and a million but once in lifetime kind of thing we better take some pictures with these guys and we're. Two hours later another group OO or eight people showed and other total here from people tire old west posse feel. How are you in a row and literally this is in see him. And so yes absolutely it does for us we're going to be doing costume contest for for costly for all of our games. And ends just in case we didn't make it totally clear before that we're doing a painting contest ran for painted figures as well this is fantastic. I said Jason Hill Scott hill dice best 2017 you want more info. This is this is just a flying fraud gala their games are amazing if you notice if you know other games well and you gotta get out here make the plans to get out here because it is you're going to the Mecca. If you don't know they're games this is this is such a wonderful company and disputed goal experience what makes flying frog different than any other game company out there 83 you've you've got to check it out and you way if you want to flying frog dot net that's where you go to find out all information about dice crest at 28 to 29 of October. At the old Redmond schoolhouse in Redmond Washington that's Washington State. Again flying fraud dot net that's where you go Jason Scott not I love disguising congratulations an attempt at a rally last Saturday that jobs aspect. They are and how much and and we're really excited for it to be unleashed into stores in this October feel the tenth anniversary oh. Just in time for these tests. And I. There's a there's also really cool miniature we wanted to everybody who's coming today stressed to get something full longer so I already so elusive so this is just for dice says. Harlow with the generation. They get this grizzled. Gunslinger who looks so good. Very predictable the American I have to. Looks awesome for it's it quite changeable the guys thanks for coming and we do appreciate it yeah thanks guys think you. Asa. Love all the stuff from NASA from flying frog and dice fast and you guys are receivers took to go check all of that will will be probably do as a FaceBook lives you know those two days Saturday and Sunday 120 to Tony ninth they're great guys fight for our games are amazing in. There are companies that doesn't mean they obviously trying to make a living. But they don't put profit over product which has some people see criticize the force and guys stimulus money can make if you didn't actually have all these great components in there like now we really and we wouldn't have these amazing games when he's also a component say they they go this is what we want to provide it will make less money to provide a really better experience for our customers and I mean dice investors is just another example of that one now it's time to get to who. She Swiss TV when he got florists Vicki I have this conversation with Serra. BJ's daughter the other what are there's a lot of talk to her I'm not a factor of a good influence and I. I don't care. She never really watched a lot of animated films and I hit it to this day in loans. Animated movies yeah sure like in I sure a clip from Milan and I cried like in it was just the song bad. Now make a man and abuse song and I teared up at the lake when the music just. It there's no music it's just the singing in everyone's kind of doing their thing in succeeding like he gives me chills and I teared up. I'm not polite TF director Ralph liked her almost every single one of these movies. But I got a list and best animated films ever and I wanna Cebu yes what's happening this is greater so this is also a Latin. Allowed any is. Where the honeymoon home run and tell me you know wells bailout ours one album about love anyway I don't know what else is he sees. An 37 on the list who followed did in LA area pretty good Biden's own affairs there's no I don't know 77 mean there's a much better than that. Are there any enemy in the top five. No okay so these are just the animated films I mean spirited away is number twelve okay me and I agree yeah I turn out when should be then how about prince's money Nokia that's always a classic is a new and in Austin and I'm really on fire why don't even Lion King finally I don't know where I am happy Addai Dallas well I challenge him I don't know I know I am I don't know I didn't. There's no princess mom and OK on this this terror OO and one LCS they again. Okay well we're gonna go you got a Little Mermaid and around him beating the beast. Well you know I know Finding Nemo little room made this Moneyline and finding knew it was going to be a tough how little here really likes Finding Nemo. Mike and I feel my hands it's a sale now he has Jane. I would look a little bit ahead of Aladdin but I definitely like Finding Nemo we'll. Finding Nemo is one of the first of its kind in the sense of like all that CGI work all that water lose I was one feels like oh my god we've never seen some things like this with all this water none before. But yes beating the beast was thirteen Finding Nemo is number four yes and a tragedy. Sure and there is an umbrella eleven I'll need to hide and that all of them all you know just in a row surround of the top 51 on this one. Can affect on me despicable three meat is the number three who are. I am tired at night when he's away Harry that I inside the whole the minions that's. I'm not. I still think that's too much remains yes I'm friends who have not that I don't think it deserves me to top ten and I just think three's yeah it's match number four finding me now check my being credit polls who knew who I usually travels Halliburton Incredibles above despicable and I agree. Yeah is that they needed it it is number six up. OK number and Xena have either not losing its its API can see why it is not a little higher it's going guess his. Number eight or seven allowed an eight is ball me. And I really want you know hey go all. I can't do it if not why isn't there isn't a robot movie makes me curtains. Not now we know because it. I line number denying the monsters think you in the game and despicable me two to about come fu panda and America for sixteen I got OK number seventeen that's on a high on my island. That all makes a lot about Leo it's very treasured holiday power is boilers transformers. Lilja as 33. Train wreck your around us and nine you can shut up it's just asked us what football that's out as. The epithet. Analysts. Now fried steak caddies are beyond that we are the only enemy and I love no browsing get a 49 on this list bayou unity movement and in tonics and as. Stinging irony. Your inner geek wants to come out and play like where to. 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