Facebook Drama. “Monday Struggle” 08-28-17

Monday, August 28th

Facebook Drama. “Monday Struggle” - A man goes on social to complain about Mondays.


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Mandate for John Reggie might begin plumbing heating and mechanical and Vijay once again here's our chance to appoint a dumb people that are on FaceBook. The national FaceBook post the drama unfolds and yes we are going to active out you James Mays protect yes it. Amnesty but at this time around media and play the role of the original poster you'll be Trevor I hate all played a role Vince. He'll be re nice and Sarah you'll play the role of Marciano hanging price once again the original poster is Trevor so Vijay please. Take it away. That chili grind tomorrow. Hash tag Monday's solid. Hello I'll grind you. Grind. Yeah do tell China look grimy talking about. Monday grind you know hash tag this should only use. I'm if they're bloody struggle yeah this certainly did your ass out of bed before 1 PM. Today you can then sit your fat ass on the couch and play Madden for the next five hours. Has shed no man's struggle Israel has sagged none men and grind. That you guys. On mine days and. You're unemployed and annoying we have kind of almost jet dreary getting egged very. Odd job period. Hot hot there are nicer I don't remember any old man. And truck carrying. Dude it's. Leo roommates the only thing you Jun do whose role of the joint. Yeah I didn't go to that and smoke a joint rules goes wrong toy joy look like Crandall looks on them. You guys who make in my Sunday night's soccer. Pass or bounce once came to throw. Owns. A nice feeling and in man as I paid to chat logs off. Very few and all seems houses are you under these. LL ask tag and where it was. And made some morning. Rock and 99.9 KI ESW.