Krystina and Eric from the Roula and Ryan! 08-28-17

Monday, August 28th

Krystina and Eric from the Roula and Ryan show talk to us about Hurricane Harvey. 


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Steve yes they're very special guests I know all the way from Houston all the way from Houston as an Larson radio buddy of ours from there is wishing KR BE in Houston and Eric Rao is on the line Eric. What are guys ten million gone here. Well this is just like. I don't know Peter I don't answer I don't know then I'm sure you're almost underwater you saw the source of energy. Eric is out Eric's one of the best producers are business has works for the ruler and Ryan show in Houston and ironically this is the most bizarre thing to have but it turns a one of the members of your show decided she wanted to visited Seattle and visit us we talked about and at that radio dimension. How about she's here while you guys have all that going on down there that's just insane. Plus he had a decent. Well Lisa Williams back attitude and that they. I don't know yeah party found a desk and I can sleep under here Eric so now why can't it's. Ridiculous how we all get a job you know it's my. There's a Bennett and his doesn't get a job that I keep mine. So privacy Erica and Christina we wanna talk to you because this is on this super devastating and it. Just right I just this city this size of Houston we just don't imagine this kind of event happening I mean New Orleans everybody's free well look I mean you know what they all that. Well all the levees and all the things you just go Heyman hurricanes exits and they seem to come on Simon hurricanes in Houston we just don't think that's. Clearly a lot of mud couple storms brought millions six and had a million people we have a lot of you know immense sort of building and there's not much of the rain and maneuvering comes. It sticks around floods so fast so easy in this in 24 hours we had over twenty or 25 inches of rain and it just now let. I don't know. And I heard as they do is obviously they're saying hey this is coming this is coming but was it something where I know sometimes I government army New York dear always. I don't as far as James Tommy's got to take what a grain of salt you feel like a lot of people on the community particular for granted like with a grain of salt then all of a sudden got surprised by how devastating ones. Slowly minority candidate mayor didn't evacuate mayors against colts just stayed there Saturday I went there and 230 I was when I got stationed here. Well stocked up on important stuff and and 830. Scott got a real managers started found enough to live in the men. Two what are my out of the helicopter came picked up people on the roof of how I wanted to go and on. The young. My my battle is actually scheduled for Saturday morning and I didn't change until Thursday because that's when it got changed from just there's going to be some rain 20 it's going to be hurting its 48 hours less than 48 hours of four hit him and he just we're learning this is actually gonna mile a more serious than we thought. I don't. Nobody could empower its secret immediate but I entertain other golfers Christy we can get movement of the dirty dad's got a rain and also the range this. Destroyed in Oakland leaves the Mike left us for seven hours of but it girl pretty had a play where it. Should be a crap body at least. It gigabytes overweight and you can look back I saw a door or beat you again says he can. Have been I don't know. How Arnold and relations intern or you might want everything your lies. It's I don't know I didn't hear anybody in the weather channel makes that comparison that's I guess I was the overnight crews then yeah. I don't know what to do you guys go and then than other. Segment below questions as sheltered in my house similar just some my kid Larry peck and a close even to lump. But can an idea of what you've done to where it's clean. But underwear it and don't need anymore. And I was trying to people on Twitter I can get the thunderbird live here. But will people think I'm gross couldn't get enough under president. Boards very interesting question because we did give away our close except underwear I know where you used underwear after I know I asked this to be on the east. It's not me no no no way I make an ending as they beyond these guys all I Wear these days if Jeremy and I. I heard beyond that is those things those things deserve to be given Dan there's so good I feel like underwear is the one thing you just don't read guests actors I don't. He does that do you Eric I used us down there you know I mean my god. All I really don't get mark stranding a dog did as quickly as we are because we'll take the hands of people on the problem we don't know the person that up. Well originally owned was free bawling I hadn't thought about that than anywhere else we know no better no worse to match so I say yeah donate a man considered new costs your knees and Erica. I could I donate them Christine has brought going to be like grabs. People could eat those of us. I think your club very well here we allowed to donate. I guess for folks who don't know Christine and I'm an argument they receive it definitely is the day is you know what she's a very well endowed woman and therefore. That's our that's why they would be like to ask if I guess I don't know Christina is right we all know now imagine my hatred and happy and yeah. I would take a picture just in general. Eric we're focusing on the aren't you saying that she forced their lives on the third floor and apartment complex so hopefully there won't be any issues with tab but knew in my house. Do you have any one damaged from it. I'm my garage unemployment nobody else credibility here and shoot off the ground as part of the code so my account is cool guy closest received a little bit the night. Carter in the community spirit out. So I'm. Me ask you really that's how high up as the water on your car while I'm literally get away. A little early man's name Thomas miyazato low rider so to speak that's bad. Support are not already in these fancy pants he nonchalantly. Okay you get a job done a lot of you don't that I worked for them I don't know my now. Yeah and I look I love my car but it's a Monday's no it's not a no name yet that's the problem Christina. Goddamn show why am I got. However desperate and how am I I'm trying to marry doubting about her car you know audio listen she's I know she's got draws that'll save the world she's got a car. I don't know what I'm I'm I'm leaving the company is this. Sure voters know they made him DJ maybe you're taught him. It's really likes you better Ahmadinejad that's a fax. I'm seeing is unfazed by O'Donnell is sure that they're jacking up the gas prices in the Houston area like eight dollars a gallon. Time and see too much I mean new leader threatening gal do you do you bright guy do you go to jail I mean I'd friendly and attacked by fire and yesterday. So and I think there's seven tournament alligators and stuff in the water and maybe a few alligators toys but. But I don't know my friend my bread and try to get our house is flooded Netscape thirteen and a raft ultimately tricky thing of pirates' class who molest another sort of breath and asserted that. I'm all yellow and parents are nasty and and I also heard that the gas in the gas prices are gonna go up anyway because there's a lot of guessing it's producing Houston and we're not gonna have access there's so. And Korea also little screen anywhere they can yeah and that's so Eric you know I did that and it's it's it's just so weird because I mean I can't remember the last time and even then that there was anything that happened to Houston that we thought that a storm would be a problem. How far away you guys from the water I mean I know we're Corpus Christi is but just like you said a six million peoples the fourth largest city in the country. Population wise how far you guys away from the water. Our ultimate goal because I don't drive that's still close enough that that's a beating I guess that's an. We we we get we allow them. Trouble earlier entertainment 99 years ago and other dramas and it's evacuated then. A million and have people gotten a lot of your critics and evacuate they're scared after Katrina and then people started Diane. It took twenty hours to get off in which usually takes three hours. People were I robot so doing the radio show enough. Elderly people at plus one to fire killed or you know apple loan him look so that nothing happens another happening here I would like buying. We learn your blood may be as the mayor you want to evacuate as I was like what happened last time and it's it's just a a couple of raindrops where you know you understand context. Bringing you lose one quick back you know to nerd that's but. But tropical storm Allison deserves the number one disaster Curt Flood in America and happened to 2001 and Houston. Haven't for five days. 35 inches or rain twelve billion dollars damage flowing into the data of this we've already surpassed that the mile remark. I totally sure on about Nelson and you guys man that's right I totally forgot about that Germany and I'm thinking complication as I'm at one guess seasons as a gracious thing gas prices at eight dollars and seven cents a gallon. Also they're selling water for 24 pack of the sunny waters for 42 dollars. Called Souter and hell that is I intervention he had some people that have to bring out the best in people where you see people helping each other around and you got these people are like I'm gonna make money off of Skye Taylor that that's. And had them but the minority the majority they're a third vote they're helping each other but I'm going to the sheltered them and just go to the water on the civilian government to walk through. DOD and try and help these dole. Don't tell people all historians. We even saw somebody offering a six pack of beer to a news reporter because her pouring in Albany and a dad to me is when heroes really do show up but it hero cobra and of course that Canada and any news or whether the dog that was carrying its own dogs who got arrested for looting here. I really look I believe in bringing people just to send us. I gotta go out efficient living room Mel C I do any. Good will any below. Or my business owners and I'm like oh my god I don't know one guy I don't think that's what we are used to he would. A tradition is also loaded into an around I've been getting caught a fish is pretty good at the end yeah well there's. There's a sense 42 but somebody B what's the convenient source of Canada and everything and maybe he's not dumb after all well I Erik ran out. Our our our hearts go on season yeah the video man that is not what certainly when you say you people in Texas they want to hello I'm able do one how about obviously because everywhere you Governor Brown but there's some serious stuff that's going on over there and every every dollar helps. If people wanna donate to direct process specifically get it to the people that are being impacted by our Jim Harvey always do is to listen to a ten dollar study your phone if you texted text Harvey 290999. Tie and automatically ten dollars or commanded your accounts and go towards the people others are dealing with all the crap that's happening in Houston right now. Just called for helping guide you real quick word go and your local all the how much you can loves the Texans kicker to the cowboys every woman's fighting for coolers they wanted to cooler and one story at one little cooler left the Dallas Cowboys cooler in the third. We saw that I was gonna ask you as they got a US would would you buy this house cowboys cooler being a fan of the Houston Texans. I am more cowboys and so I wouldn't I had all I don't see god buddy Eddie but he said he got in order to debug my only do this two bit cooler. In the I suppose. I miss you I don't know an enemy and get back there Bennett you guys and it may not they warm it put any security or other the there were steepener. Tests are I'm sorry about that money. I have gratitude and put clarity for tonight we appreciate very proud New England right here in Houston TRB and man because they had to do radio sugar and all that's. And senior senate beds and everyone on their show we're not able to get to the studios because of the conditions all it was that bad Ryan air and she says it's a mean at a lesser than this morning it was the afternoon drive guy you know we can guy doing their ruling right so this happens here values I can get an immigrant. Do you don't comment if you goodbye as a fighter that's well I don't want don't expect your company's office Amare does that remember what they craved meat they created like disaster crews almost. For a whole cluster for radio station okay I'm gonna do this who's gonna do that. And good morning to even though I live. And freedom you want to label Steve you'll still coming in the mornings we know that even if there's any kind of try to get on a horse and make an infinite rather be Jerry Yahoo!'s. I live ten minutes away element in a domestic. And they X mornings on the rock I mean nine point nine KI guess tells you.