BJShea's Board Game Alliance. Epi. 18

Tuesday, August 29th

Host: Uncle Chris of Bj Geek Nation

Designer: Sean Epperson of Thing 12 Games

Chief Game Player: Josh Utley from The Omega Gamers


1. Kickstarter


Title: Alexandria

Company: Ludicreations (Among the Stars, Redacted, And then w held hands)


Asymmetrical 2-4p game about salvaging the great library of Alexandria before everything burns to the ground. Uses a random tile based setup that makes each game different.


Base pledge: $29 / $49 deluxe with wood tokens 

Funding Goal: $45k of 20k

Ends Sept 29



Title: Vikings Gone Wild - Masters of Elements expansion 

Company: Lucky Duck Games


Gods, elemental effects, powerful artifacts, and more unit cards. Built around combo creation.


Base pledge: $35 

Funding Goal: $75k of 10k

Ends Sept 11



Title: Dawn of the Archmage

Company: Solarflare Games (Nightmare Forrest)


Asymmetrical 2-4p minis-based game about Controlling monsters, and powerful spells to attack and defeat other players.


Base pledge: $69 

Funding Goal: $13k of 30k

Ends August 30




2. GenCan't

Cosmic Comics & Games in Centralia 


SOL by Elephant Labs, Rat Fink by Cohort Games, Levi Mote, Beth Sobel, Kitten Klash by Alice Davis, Fantastic Factories, Late Night Table Top


3. GenCon


5. Bunny Kingdom: from Iello and Richard Garfield.

4. The Expanse: From WizKids and Geoff Engilstien Remeber the Cant.

3. Too Many Bones: From Chip Theroy Games, Dice building RPG!

2. Mountains of Madness From Iello, We all go insane!

1. Wasteland Express Delivery Service from Pandasauras so much awesome!


Wander: The Cult of Barnacle Bay by Panda Cult Games


Batman the Board Game by Monolith using the Conan engine. Minis look amazing 


Fantasy Flight games

Star Wars Rebellion Rise of the Empire, release date 8/31/2017


Leder Games

Deep: Enemy Frontier kickstarter coming in early 2018


Board Game Geek list of GenCon top 50 -




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Your inner geek wants to come out and play but where to. Joined Vernon Wells the ultimate globe where you when your fellow geeks can hang out play games and just nerd out 24 sevenths whether you love our dvds and video games or are just a major fan of size flying culture Vernon Wells says something for everyone let your geek flags fly at Vernon whilst. Sign up today and see for yourself BMW duck club that's BMW doctoral else. Ladies and gentlemen geeks of all ages you are now entering the Jewish please be patient. Yes welcome to be issues geek nation this is your board game alliance my name is Chris walker uncle Chris on beginnings in the mornings and I am still director walk like a plan on this show. For now we'll do it happens. With me today Josh Kelley with the Omega gamers are lead game play your guy. Eight. And RI game designer in the house Sean Iverson within twelve games Sean I don't know hang AI you don't have I'm doing fantastically thanks for asking. On today's episode episode eighteen of the bargain alliance we are going to be talking a little bit about well Pixar stuff as we always do a couple of conventional wanna go over Jen can't. Jan kind. Mean intriguing. And we will hopefully get to talk to BJ today he has been running around here like particularly his head cut off but we will see. If we can get in the slowdown from an incoming cock was livid about some stuff that he was excited about I know that some urgent cause tough he loved for now though taken away Macs in the public domain players. I spent too long since I heard that Josh yes sir. I know the week trying to speed things up a little bit here so how Camille get a hold of us give a quick but they can go to BG nation dot com and you can find. Everything Facebook's twitters in two grams gangsta grants. And then just give link through there yeah nice. Are well let's teach those kids can read into it he shown you deal but so what's going on over in the kick start world kick start our. I will kick start QBB is slow in weeks since we've heard I know it's not crazy Italian con season has just be kick in the pants off of us pat is that I think between authority and events in Wisconsin is in Afghanistan area Africa. Oh its first ever I'd like to talk about Alexandria. By eluding creations. They did among the starters rejected that. And then we held hands so this is a known publisher yeah it was a your games this and he symmetrical two to four player game. About salvaging the great library of Alexandria. In that burned down and we lost lots of culture from that sort of central relevant. And so of this game is and a symmetrical and where you're playing at these tiles so you've got different set up each time. It's kind of a year we style game and I there's wouldn't bits in there the the idea like trying to salvage as much as you can for what you want in. This leverage that is going to renown and everything's gonna get demolished so it's kind of a racist he got a timer to one. It's actually pretty good price to there's a 29 dollar base plate sure if you want he would goodies. That's going to be 49 dollar pledge. There funding at 45 other Tony Kaye goal so this is killing her yeah all right. Ever baseman that kind of up and that's one. I descendants of 229. Next up is vikings got on why all our other writings became more rankings all the time vikings please I love this game so Mike is gone wild I killed it on kick starter while back and this is an expansion called masters of elements. In this expansion that you get some gods and you get to elemental effects. You get some really cool artifacts that you playing as well. It's more a little more on being able to affect other players not just defending yourself for attacking their building so there really adding some interest in things and then asking him who have been returned and older get into. The basement for this is 35 dollars month and their funding yet it's. 75 K of their ten K go blue wolf. And lots and lots of juicy Strahan sir Roger often are now on how this ends on September let. And last up Dolan of the arch from age implies solar flare games. This is by a deep killings earth who did. Dean nightmare forest games which we've played well Matta OK half he kind of expanding branching out a month they're doing in the subprime nightmare as far as branching out I didn't we and I. This is a minis this game so to North Korea Eisner and Austin based. I mean he's your range up to looks like about 44 millimeters home you know there's some really big and so the idea that you're playing as a group of majors. In your current trolling only through the funky weird creatures. And battling against each other trying to defeat the other players. Well the bass player to 69 dollars which is more or do you kind of expect him any space came to be yeah. Funding goal there at thirteen K of their thirty K but they've got awhile ago is still on August 30. So that's when the check out edit. Back pretty nationals at give him some though of Mormon me all the time always minis at well. Well thank you for all that John appreciated as always and guys this is also that you can just go straight kick starter and look up. We highlight the ones that we're excited about of the ones that we think deserve a little extra laps that you guys can hear about that stuff but just go in and punch in board games and you're gonna find. Hundreds and thousands of a great extent of projects and navy guys are out there and you have a really cool kick starter that either your been working on or. When naturally excited about what to reach at the show must now yeah idea I would love to hear about it the more the merrier man that's that's why we're doing this so that we can get love out there to the people who who we think really deserve it. And gains that we hazing we wanna play so we're having it's fund investor and I don't. And cool many if you want it. Out by air it starters we know Danielle and whenever I can pull a limit on minutes until remind Maine I don't know out of it and Indian who and so how what is this Jane can I gotta say this is some this is something I've not quite heard of yet so I couldn't make it. I wish I had a rim cut Torre I don't know. Julie idea there and it's gonna go to clean up. So gently yes obviously you take off on ten con when I'm assuming. But in what's the elevator pitch. Well Susan children from nice town for conventions and she started edging can't a few years ago because. Two converging on aren't that makes sense and join us play games and doing Cantu is although playing games. And Sean and Spencer from linen table mountain they had their Jenkins and he did. Luke had an ago it was awesome it was just us either led there was a ton of people there. Offering games or offering him labs did the guys who could did Saul death of a son area. They were down there to mowing their game. A Coke or games work and they were down there were threats being cute and I knew him that he's working on this musical based game. Levi emote from giving matching games goes down there in best Sobel and her husband were there mass Kate clash from Alice Davis she was down there as well I. Fantastic factories to of those guys they were there. So there is lots and lots of and you Dennis and I dimming and it was free for anybody to show up in just coming into this big huge haul here we were done in their Centralia thanks to the fine folks at cosmic comics in games Simon and I don't. Giant place for an end to their shop this was at the L Lincoln ballroom. And behind the entire thing. I have I was off that's it just makes good and just all day long as hanging out playing games demo laying. Shown you'll stuff you know some games that we are working on some games that are dispute published by the people it was a lot of fun. That was really cool no this is this is something that that. I'm excited about night I had only ever really just heard about it a couple of years ago when we went to south sound. Con grows ever called south sound so sound gaming and can board games and sporting event. This RFM butchering that but it was it was a great event but all it was was they had rented a space. And they said come play games we're gonna be rattling thing or GameStop things like that but just come sit down play games help us pay for the space. This kind of a convention I think is is. There's a lot of fun for people who don't really wanna go and spend a lot of money at an error can't go to agenda Connor packs or something like that to experience all of the new stuff that they really. Don't have as much opportunity to sit down for you know six straight hours at a time and and play games and this is a great great opportunity for that. You know yet we're actually doing game. Handouts as well so we were doing raffles and every two hours and this is your work we're earning and winning free games as well so. There's lots of really cool stuff so a did it and like just for seeing the idea behind and Kent was DC a lot of stuff on social media you're like I'm enjoying condor is doing this error. I wanted to some cool so paint now there's like there's opportunities to do that. What I'm telling you next year BJ Guillen. Ten can't has Genghis Kahn really is a working convention if you're clearly if you're going yes a lot of people go on experience and by. It is more a VA than just a salad by at all and but anybody in podcasting or video you two being themselves or their work. And so it hit was a chore. At that Jane Thompson Jiang can't you get to go when you get to play you'd say and playing with different yeah I and that's fantastic and it would. Got a really good game group and you know a few people rotating in and out and so people have different types of schedules and things like that so we're. We're fairly lucky in that and that's mostly due to all of us being against ignorance and being on the Internet on this podcasting people like hey we need them we talked to them. And then say is a few free afternoons every week when we just don't play games so our group has kind of grown in that way but these comments did Jen cancer in the south sound. They might give you an opportunity to actually develop your own game group and make a bunch of new friends because. Not everybody is they're trying to sell you something they're they're saying hey we got an extra space on TI you wanna sit down and we get twelve hours to spare let's play again. Saying here borrowings friendships and I have met so many people at these things in and it's it's fantastic and if you don't have a solid game group that you play with regularly or you're looking to expand to gain group that you have with some different individuals. This is a great opportunity for that well not just don't play much against it and make some connections I think it's fantastic. Engine can events are popping up everywhere just like tabletop and yet they're just sort of popping a barrier and that's great with Spencer and Sean and everybody that put this together they're really doing really good job and we should find a way to like aggregate all that stuff and I put it on to like it as an official Zhang can't website or something as a few and too late WWW judging can't come records as the saying. Yes yeah that's a thing. It's. I know I'm not very Smart I I I feel like I wanna be living at home and he came up with that's Maurice. Spoil in my mind that's you know I'm not trying to make sure you don't get credit for other people were but he is huge amount. Give you credit for something self. So how big was there were there any other ones the you know love off the top your head that we're going on me and I know you Josh you were at gen console we're gonna get you're putting Tweety. You know mom would encumbered murder murder. But did you hear of any other events going on now that we're yes I'm very interactive and because I was I was working here basically right in and doesn't you don't nom here at the at the K I W studious and I was working. Pretty much the whole weekend and moving to Tacoma but that's a whole other story that don't go into right now but it. This obviously is a thing and I would love to hear from the heat nationals if you did something special for I've for gen con if you weren't able to go. Did you do something like agent can't did you go somewhere play games let us know because then we can hike your thing for next year and we can start having. I don't like pacs can't or ECC can't. Mr. Well I know I could have got sick. You know that delay could go he was written gift receipt to answer that see exactly see. Bullet into the weekend so anyway let us know guys give us call give us and gives the call. Activists also listen emailing the voice mail that I hit us up on the social media is and let us know what you were doing forever getting kind of pureed gen con we'd love to hear your impressions of that as well that would be fantastic. Get in touch with a light has no what was going on. Don't even at twelve minutes. We've had a lot of time to prep yeah that's true but when I know that's another did we just go the stuff now. We've some kind of quick shot that we can and then it's phosphorus and what does he play at Jenkins oh yeah again a game we played. And over again and play article apparently let let's say that that's good you've got you'll have about just about four minutes to talk about what you played and don't even as they wrap up that that it would ever so your. I'm. So showing you did actually go to Virginia can't event I did doesn't know what we're selling your favorite highlights one of the best games you played. I did so I was playing a lot of the game to we're working on and so I should people know entice or crowns in the coming to us apparent. And AD I Hossa get to play. Dirty cops. And so this is a special Leno attacks it is so this is special though because I actually was able to get in and some testing on a change and I was making kind of a big change. But how come back goes and I got to see what you were thinking about it and it was really inching and played really well also. That was I really like being able to show the two people and get their feedback on how they elected him. And that gets to help make the future where I'm taking that for next year. Among a lot more positive thing and that's excellent. That's what we haven't revisited if you are really long time that was the very first thing that we ever talked human element that was read. Thanks so young money or both of and then we destroyed by introducing you and your nemesis and yes. A any other big ones let's see as I get place and you just leave I'm it's you've via coming horizons that's a really really cool. A nine year old marine style a space based glue that was Brittany. Is Simon. Yes space that's all that we and and we should just gaming and talk about. Oh and one other one get to place more of the these lava doesn't and remember the name in his game oh boy the floors lava is an okay yes get to play this news that's Burton variation of that game. And he was looking to test its so I did it the thing that I do and trying to break his game and the FD in the games that your trying to avoid stepping a lot of if you get knocked in the lobby turned into a lot of monstrous sum it moved first the first. Certainly I have I'm definitely. I would appeal the monster is a sure I guess you could do that is now you're a yearlong much duress this thing and get over the rest of my game was just to try and take everybody else under the law mustering get you to join my team you love being that. I'm yelling at. It's I mean that's just did the deed the short definition of the way Sean played the game. It's one thing as a game play tester to try to break the game and that's fine yes. But if you guard your way and you're just essentially trolling everybody elect from turn one of the good news deadly for a rate from trying to protect I don't know new island at Celera is actually I like you knew about that but it is so it was so interesting to watch. And uninteresting to play against interesting to watch like I'll sit back NSA I've gone way every like that shows him do things like that but. And you do it is just it just blows up and it's amazing but playing against that. So gen con probably one of the biggest tabletop gaming conventions if not the biggest gate gaming table type gaming convention. Ever but every year. Dent on happens every year. I don't get to go because it's in Minneapolis or wherever they act and I just never I've never been able to get on the plane and go because of worker because of something else going on. This year however we were lucky enough to have a representative of this very show and gentle and Josh yes there. How old was general cone Jayne Conroy is crowded what enemies are it was crummy using and his amazing mountain but that sounds permanent. No I don't miss low give us the elevator pitch what is Jintao for people who don't know if you listen to the showing don't know gen con is. But we're here to help we're really here to inform welcome Jane Connors a therapeutic resource for if you need a hug if you get really close to a lot of people. It's a hug convention and I dang time is it's the new games of the year this is the brood street date for a lot of things loud previous. Like star finder for instance yeah. That was one of the longest lines at the car I'm not surprised luckily I had cash and they were coming along I think if you're paying cash and impair hearing and all kinds that was amazing that is amazing holy cow and I sat I think like you should think about that yes oh yeah big companies to get together introduced into their new stuff so fancy fight obviously was there I mean yeah part of some of the other big companies that you saw. Now the renegade passport. Redgrave and obviously has Leo yellow. And everything everything ever is there ever that ball went on is there huh. And this is just just for them to show Cahill whatever new thing they've got coming out and also a lot of times if you sort of an early eat in on some of that stuff again it is the stuff that they're selling it gen con is typically. So we knew that they were available in stores yet and I think that's a fantastic way for anybody who's really into the hobby to get you know so. It kind of exclusive deals like I've got this and there are only a few people here rabbit or or sometimes literally exclusive versions of games that you can get at the convention and only at the demon ass like. And I forgot to mention this on to beat it he's an accumulative oh century spies rode. There are gen con exclusive column edition ones. So beautiful column like the guy from my Lord of the Rings none like the stone columns. I don't rule low things you shouldn't be totally. I. As some other friends of mine news covers and I got I got them too it's only been doing he had a murder me yeah I mean really yeah it's been nice knowing you meant centuries by screwed had nice wooden Houston column has beautiful molded crystals. Who the art is amazing in the news right now. Hopefully he doesn't he's not listening right now initial seen wandering around out there but me. He may. You'll still Julia now and again I'm lord I do know some things so what we're we're some of the things going into doing honey you were the most excited to see. Well about three or four days of forging Pontiac four was rumored. Ten guys like well. I won't have added and count on at four days that they had an agent. Yeah. So and I walked around a bit and stop people open and it looked pretty amazing whose top pitchers in. Vijay who was texting me we even while recording the show guests can't confirm as exactly how that whenever I sent some pitchers this isn't worth and I city any kind is you need separate so that began my two hour journey. In the fancy fly to what. But they give him tickets over the game you want our purchase OK and I mistaking me did not get a ticket for health and our. A legend of the five brings credit probably should have gotten meaning has no that was sold out of course but I did get a copy of well two copies it yet or one for myself form for mr. Shea came out and and I just got a nose and had ship it back because it's a huge coffin box yeah. It just arrived zone and I say is living. You are Smart about that and this is something you said to me while you're at the con and I and it in in. Didn't even occur to me all right this is is how not in the race had space I would have been at this kind of an event. You said to me everybody wants me to buy this stuff while I'm here and pick up this copy TI for pick up all of these books from here pick up copies of this other thing in and will come onto your with those are a moment it. You said to me great and have to ship them home. And I thought that is brilliant. Because I mean I don't know what it costs to get an extra piece of luggage onto a plane these days it's probably fifty or sixty dollars. Your first bags 25 seconds fifteen year third as a higher fifty and it keeps escalade co. Come it's better edition yes I'm clear rotation clearly and as you do something Smart like Q openly game you plan to ripping out. You accurate of all the great hide something yeah right that's sort of relate a lot of like the leads people early he had this is like the next level thing that you got to do you have to like punt on your game so what do you drive box the box as shipped it was a 54 pound box I have a lot more games in just a copy of the year I had an idea why exactly is fair and oh and coupons and alana I could and I mean. Unless you take one big piece of luggage and you just Wear the same outfit all weekend so dollars in the space is just for games even pointing them out yet now except for them to your luggage has a fifty pound weight limit its well. See that's indicated that that's having it just so I thought brilliant so if you're ever at a convention and other senior having trouble figuring I gonna get it all back in your luggage. I realize all I'm doing right now is being in anywhere for people who want to spend way too much money on gaming that. Ship it back you gonna save some cash. It's done you don't have to worry about Rangel Lenox extra bags the airport I think it's brilliant now and do is. We are finally got to meet other podcasters can you people loudest are people every one I meant Nanjing com staff. Podcaster media. People just playing games everybody was great yeah ever lose really accommodating in. Helpful and dice our crew was really eager Tonkin was really nice. And then walking around I had top five lose two games I had begins. Right and I got I mean those except for the expanse. I that was mom yeah I got these things I want the expenses my number four pick at my top timeless. Hello willow will have a link to the top fifty gen con game and I'll put that in this podcast. In in yet and description but. What we're live over the towel for your top five over the five that you were most looking forward to. Well reversed her so five Dover for her horror I've heard of it burglar had from number five was bunny kingdom's. Which and I like please let my Richard Garfield he had done. I'm Marty played it it's great and it multiplies like Ravitz guarantee next. The expanse from his kids and it's stepping this thing he did this game. I didn't have a chance there are sixty copies for the entire column oh my goodness not. They wanted to lease it to you or lose you know now is this eight in in me is just might he bring going go to places that they might not need to. This is how. So excited I've seen it played looks amazing we have Kyle on that yes please that seal and then had two rebounds from chip thirty games then it's a dice building table top. RPG. That's a lot of my favorite words in one place with poker chips. Oh my gosh well operatives there seemed yeah impose your style if it came the same which he would be literally everything I don't ever want and all custom dice then I may have. But the all in with oh yeah I don't. And I waiting for them no surprise and have no surprise there. I element. Way you would say that again look at that and I said that I didn't spend enough the head and broke a cup. And he. What does surprise. Nexus One intrigued me because I've been hearing about it mountains of man is for okay. All this looks so good and I got a chance to Dem line at the yellow table you know. You give the cards mean every it's an insanity card you can and you can get three levels of sand cards. Whenever the timer is flipped the certain points during the games turned me to hit the ground whenever that timers flipped you must all do year insanity okay. You can't tell anybody what aaron's Indians whom if you guessed my insanity I can't confirm it. Well then I denied. Uses go insane tax effects. I can tell you what one alliance and he's who has yet. Every time I had to say and number because you're providing resources to pull teacher I had to convert that number into the month. So if we needed. Three red I could have I have I've got margarine and in my trip which now if that's not that hard it's only twelve numbers. Do that would in a 32 timer going on yeah but he's young. Feel like going down the list information I. Or September. August and January but what it is what everybody else looks Selig what is wrong with you. You have anything about July and telling me about July. But an excellent. My number one on the list was waste plan express deliveries over the Birmingham this or Lou you know it's better than. No it is it's so much better in the because I'm thinking it's going to be pretty get. Yeah I got a surprise when I opened it up yet. About it now because analyze it in a heard about it it's just about delivering resources combining resources for this kind delivering it for that cost. And completing contracts prepared there's specific contracts and everything the plea or you can go and get your own contracts yet that's the and the basic gist of again. But the tracts in the game I didn't know about this. Two of the trucks are two different versions of Optimus Prime. 01. G1 and one from the movies are calm and as for me answers like I am never getting loose game wow this is the most amazing welcome wink wink nudge nudge alchemist primed to Fiat I'm. SA Optimus Prime. Looking vehicle pop to miss Ron I am here and as opposed Sean you've got to take a look at this top fifty list yeah what what do so that was the real excited about a code names to add to really struck me owning and using hats. It's a two player but it's a cooperative version two player game of good names to it yeah. And it's got to be really really difficult like really challenging put it into their name should be. Yeah I nice I totally agree with your nose reading up on this one and watching a limited demo play and it it takes the basic idea of code names which is really just souped up password. And makes it into a it adds a layer of difficulty because you can be trying to get. You're your reckon patriarch to guess literally the same word that they're trying to do you do guests. But on the air board it might be. It might be that's an assassin right or it might be or it may might be one of these same color or might even be you guys don't know because you're bored don't match up. So there are going to be some overlaps but. Some of them might be bat like he's trying to get cheating guess the word. You know apple. And on your board that's an assassin so you're trying to stay away from as possible so it's nodding your brain. And all I can apple and ringling go post something that means apple for. And I did this looks really really great there were a bunch of those sort of expansions that were on the list that I was excited about and TG opened up an hour early heaviest upon and anybody who. Trial against. But can receive that's great gap and this is what people are trying to do concede they know that. They know that people like us who don't necessarily have huge shed disposable incomes. Are going to be very particular about what we actually do spend money on so they're trying to make themselves as a attractive as possible as far as that goes and excuse me. A few. Key starters coming soon that I think people should really look out for yet one this call is that he found out about it during her yet another bookmark round towns and loose. Wandered the cult of Markel made by pinnacle game sort of most higher priority in your area of parity games where do you get the booty. Now should from. You get the people that are kind of melding with like tentacles and a low sugar here and there you're gonna jones' when there didn't you write him well this is already into more prized. Animal creatures okay that are now being. Chemicals they heat up I have like fair shark. And I knocked. But the minis are amazing yes they do it's a quick dungeon crawl game Hogan look for that later this year. Big ones they're creators of Kona and the board game that yeah last year from monolith. Using the common engine they deeds he authorized. Batman and our goal. Yes. Please how so early next year. Find that line case artisans and drops I seen the the Olympics are icing the meanings I got the minis what was the name of the company again. Panama with monitoring it. The minis look amazing they did you get job. Release date for rise of the empire for most hours for Diana Kimberly wants out in 31. Will be dropped and and then 91 more guys. Kick starter coming later this year if there will be talking to him soon. Deep enemy frontier from the creators of mass patch later oh yeah so it's Hannah asked in seeks OK sign me up that sounds Fran test so that one little scooter did. And then one quick aside. If anybody listen to the next hours and there's an edited out part in the middle where Allan and the creator of take it or I didn't. Came on and told a dirty joke that's nice tower set out to cut. Show me a message I can say that joke yeah well I am fairly John Kerry had not very near Tyler area very very good thing but it was amazing to watch Allen and a road and so I wouldn't. Real quick I wanted it to say that the dough well I guess they'll have this link in the year in description for the podcast ever go check out this top fifty list. The news averaging comic is. There are some real real gens in their a lot of expansion he stuff going on a lot of things where. Yeah it just me it's making a great game even better I mean to share from Nottingham there's a ghostbusters two. The that we are to talk for the code names expansion things like that professor evil on the citadel of time it's a co ops a Shawn Camp play bright and it really means that the path awesome and and so I just check it out and let us know which ones you're looking forward to and will lay and hopefully if we get a chance we might be able to place them on the use and really all about how good they are later name Graham like. You convention season continues. May later today. You know that we're recording this three days millionaire return route over a very high over that's when we get to play so good point good point. Oh my goodness look at the sun we are just about out of time guys thank you so much this has been great I'm glad we're back in the saddle it was too long convention season. Really as I said earlier kick in the pants off the S and just we haven't had time to get together but we're back. Yeah we never known for loan. Always giving your. You beat nationals so this is your board game alliance signing off Josh what are we say nice CF facts. Your inner geek wants to come out and play but where to. Join Vernon Wells is the ultimate globe where you when your fellow geeks can hang out play games and just nerd out 24/7. Whether you love RPG some video games or are just a major fan of size flying. Sign up today and see for yourself BMW dark club that's BMW dot gloves.