BJGN08-30-17 - XBox One X

Wednesday, August 30th

Rev talks with Mike Robles about the upcoming XBox One X; BJ & Chris talk board games with more information on Twilight Imperium & Star Trek: Ascendancy; BJ talks comics with Saga, Rat Queens, Star Wars & Star Trek: Boldly Go; and we get the Geek Sheet with Vicky B! 


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Your inner geek wants to come out and play like where to. Joined Vernon Wells safety Golden Globe where you when your fellow geeks can hang out play games just nerd out 24/7. Whether you love RPD's video games or are just a major fan of size flying culture Vernon Wells says something for everyone. Let your deep flags fly at Vernon whilst the sign up today and see for yourself BMW duck club that's BMW doc plus. Ladies and gentlemen geeks of all ages you are now entering the Jewish he's the nation. Welcome yes welcome to BJ Shays geek nation I and the reverend and played out across from me is Vicky Barcelona. Full and we've got a local Chris so willow BJ Shea joins us comfort through. Half. There is. And enjoy these weather well do I inherent those jeans I am really great it's good luck to your goal is on assignment in on today's show we will talk with Mike wrote this about the Xbox. One acts. Media we'll talk some comics and Vijay and Chris we'll talk a little bit about board game dad and of course he she would be keep me thinking how could be the get a hold less. I get a hold of us he had Vijay each nation dot com because whenever faced a Twitter all other contact information. In your prime cast an almost all the good stuff to check up event. Excellent thank you so much like I said we will talk with microbe has so well let's just all of them right now. Stir Mike robe and says how are you doing sir. Excellent as always going to be back here and so this is kind of interesting because. The Penny Arcade expo pax is coming up in just a couple of days. But there's been some big news especially out of my game's content such that is very pertinent to your interest especially in Xbox zone because you I don't wanna say your exclusive in Xbox fan because I know you're not your game that there's a lot of things right. You do a lot of gaming on the XYZ I've tried most of my gaming is primarily on Xbox and then Xbox man for Ireland how I do a PS for a do have a Wii U. I don't switch yet yet but like we talked melons before I might get one Amanda may be playing a couple games on a switch at at packs but. Yeah I basically play a lot of stuff on the Xbox more on my XR one so how so prefers via Xbox 1 X honestly I am I'm on the fence right now as well so here's the thing that's okay cool Xbox when it looks amazing right to me this awesome new who massively powerful console it's basically it paid like. Low to mid tier PC getting sponsor right wool you know 500 dollar build PCs psalm which you go to Belinda PC a tough for governor lacks yeah. And got you know six Tara flops of power and some may for a four K. But I don't before he TVs I don't know I don't have an HCR minor I don't have any of the stuff too so like if you gimmicks much more 190 before he TV. Yeah can you told full potential that's an interesting. Point in I mean as it is a lot of the problems with a lot of people are having with like the VR technology is such gas well because you would get to set up but you would have to in order to play some of these games that. Are essentially just I'll ports at this point for VR or some like small kind of almost like. You talk about the we'd like to we mini games so yeah death do you really wanna plunked down. A whole bunch of money on this per for a senate that may be just nothing more than a fact exactly I really wanna play virtual wreck reality in the Ricky Moore via tough games I really wanna play a game. I don't have an idealist yes I don't actually show up money for Michael it's for this one game right now and as with the Xbox one -- you kinda have that were in order to get this is the most that the PC problem as well he may have a super high powered PC but suddenly you now need like you said it is a new monitor the new right either for case stuffed in menus suddenly looking at. All lot more money is and that's a things like I have I have the seventies television. Right I don't believe fighting games on it right giants beat me. But it's not Forte right can I buy it a couple of years ago amok and going replace my but still amazingly good looking and working TV before an Xbox one next. Well I eventually probably for Katie either getting cheaper now so. Yeah eventually we'll move the seven inch into the bedroom and have the upper deck and then you know how animal and downstairs or maybe my baby will not over the TV when they're like well now we have got to replace and one can hope Bryant on their minds here and we could finish -- you know the air quotes maybe he will log manly TV whenever get a replacement and looks so what are some of the things out about the one X that you are excited about the I'm definitely type for the processing power I've seen four K games whenever I've dealt with them they look on the occasional beautiful in its post Iran for k.'s sixty FPS and native like that it's big wow. Four to seven from what I've seen looks beautiful like there's some really good looking games and there's a lot of exclusives. That are coming to Xbox has bucks is getting a lot of exclusive clearly and on battlegrounds it's coming Xbox when what really got as I. I'll tell exclusive to Xbox that's a really innocently because it was it was funny because I've found out that is there was a 21 yeah is is kind of an offshoot of that yeah and so was like OK do I really want this on the PC and brisk and intrigued me because this game has blown up I realize they had something like eight million users this is the only insane how many people are plain and it is a lot of fun it's yeah it's fun watching people play it on twitch yes which is it it'll there's not a whole lot of games taken just really get that for me. But it's a lot of literally watch that and seeing that on a console that's definitely worth it worth it right there mail for sure and so you guys know me extremists from an awful lot if money it's PC setup was easier from the stream of publishing that came Morgan the stream a couple times and I had a blast Clinton. Come into the Xbox. It's enemy either from an streaming game his command look a lot better rather than having get my really funky weird PCI don't have legacy at mile high end PC or anything. So I have to do like a crazy set up for all of us but. You know all you disclose it was an Xbox one X is definitely be. It's the right now is geared towards specific target those I have written you know UHB forty TVs those that want to have like the best looking game system. And a lot of games are gonna start getting updates to make themselves enhanced so you have enhanced versions of these games for the Xbox lax and. Happened back with one we jumped into easy easy easy now generation consoles yeah PS four in the Xbox want and I mean as some people kind of pooh poohed it but at the same point when I had Grand Theft Auto five when he came out for the Xbox and then when it came up for the Xbox one I bought it again yeah and I remember playing it and my buddy he just do you eat he walked into my apartment. And he just stopped. And he was like a is that is that correct is that GTA has yet he's like. While he just sat down a wash replay and this is a guy who has played all of those games since it's happened it's like that upgrade of technology viewing it's like every time that we get a new generation like this is amazing how can they talk that the Elian and hit that he's still managed to do that. And it's and it is I think as we wrap this were a point where we've got now three iterations of the Xbox one and Xbox one include the Xbox one asks you which is four K compatible and will upscale. And now we're gonna have the Xbox one X which is going to be. True for K native to sixty FPS is so is it worth while someone to get so say they have the Xbox wind is it worth it for them to get in asks if they don't assume what the ax or should they wait out and give to big big big leap at this point but what's the bridge like is it worth it on that sort of bridge like do you even really need the as a Pep Boys I think it depends on your on your pellet situation okay oh you're paying 500 dollars for an Xbox one acts didn't do gonna pay anywhere from twelve to 2000 dollars for a four KTV depend on the size right yeah get a good for -- B for 12100 bucks round which is actually surprisingly really cheap. So if you're willing to spend and drop maybe 25 points 600 dollars to get a whole new game system. Make that leap if you're not gonna get a forty TV anytime soon get your Xbox one less you're gonna fasting they smaller faster system. That is four K and you HD ready you're just not gonna get the full potential of some of these games you'll see later on enemies with the tegra. OJ as it is today and as always the prices will eventually dropped down. But on the same point if you're already looking in the market for a four KTV maybe you that you you have you would now home theater experience yeah or you watch a ton of sports at home and you want that sort of think or even gaming brazen baby just love watching TV when you're getting wind it would stand to reason that you should be getting the -- because it's already built for therefore yes period as a talk actually using a four -- solely for TV people have for therefore came markers if you do all your stuff on your PC game in their people don't TVs to these during the PC he's gonna be Asia working monitor reporter exports like straighten that passion is a good plan forget about that especially with windows ten now how how how would just an interchangeable it is for a lot of those things and even like I always does cause lasting about people getting -- all their new different controllers the Xbox 'cause like -- you really need all those different ones like well I can use them for my PC is well and like yeah allow OK yes. Totally like as of that point nearly a third play of the selling points of Xbox when Max and Manning SX box in general is from now on almost all future first party Xbox one titles are going to be playable on windows tent and Xbox one wow. Like I just love the immigration if I had its act in the these shows Microsoft has enough foresight to show that you don't need to have deep PC vs console mentality. Essentially the simply don't they really need the Xbox vs PS four vs Nintendo mentality at this point which they're showing off of my craft everywhere my gas price micro united I think is what's called. You know to seem guilty plea might have from your PC tablets I think and switch. All so much for Xbox all those programs and then you know they're they're starting talk with Sony Sony if I heard about the rumors about that in turn to talk so. I just think that it makes more sense to have that sort of thing have unified gaming community's going out and that way you can. You know how our press friends on and on on consoles but not be limited to bank of how many times have you played a game was so or you want to play game with someone and you know they bought one version and you are the other is you're like well I guess we'll never be friends yeah I mean destiny tech in an would give us the middleman in the but I mean all of like games like that want to play at my friends and but I cannot play because went from systems so I definitely at this point if you if you had the four KTV are you planning getting -- -- -- is a very is -- -- -- on that beyond that -- -- so we'll still give you their dad be worthwhile man as well if you don't have the -- TV yeah. Excellent Mike thank you so much for spent some time with this man our people find young a social media you have more questions always find me a social media on Twitter twitch and U2 it's all the same at the bell micro bless I think he's a much rent again thank you so much like Mike said the microbe was is the easiest way to find him on all sorts of social media. Well speaking of gaming but we're gonna go with the the board it type of. Dina and more years mass. Yeah. I say last week you guys are very excited because there's growing pains that come out. Our release were announced and you were or patiently waiting for some of the other board game alliance members to come back from gen con. You know with pay with your booties so to speak. You yeah and it it came in saw some one I think Josh show of course from the board game alliance who went to Jim Donnan. I'm sure we'll be playing conversation. And that program known in yeah but Josh was able to go to the Tennessee flight Booth get ADM to reserve a ticket. And his wife was in this it was awesome she said I Mario reserving tickets you know so they were really a two copies of twilight him very important bangs. And you you'll find out some information about it but I finally had a chance to really mount an end the game I had a chance to really go into it and see the big differences. Yeah yeah yeah. And you actually today we Chris and I are gonna be up playing with that Joey these very soon he had yeah Joseph you're gonna play toilet imperial I don't know what's going on mass. I had you ever played before IE have not. So this is cool because since you guys have played the older versions of he's going to be trying out with a fresh versions of because he was a fresh set of eyes yeah totally kind of an interesting way to see how he feels about it afterwards they'll be nice to see how he grasses and as a new player because we know how difficult it was with third edition for new players yeah frustrated there was a lot to really digest. They've done a great job and streamline in the game there and then they did that the rule booklet and the reference booklet. Clay and you heard Josh talk about this before we can't we just have everybody make our core reference book look even turned couldn't go to exactly what you need to know and it tells you know and they have addressed that with fourth addition Tom almost everything you wanna know you just go and may have a great indexing system it's it's really really good and if you put it on like your iPhone. And put it in iBooks you can just to a search for the word and it'll go find every single mention of that word and then you get to scroll all you have Bowman couldn't take your right to the page so it's even better when you put it on iBooks I call PS that's great and save a logic to do. The I'd so I'm looking forward as you showing Joseph because you know Chris you've seen at the components the ships are so much better yeah I see them in person and don't. All the Warsaw is just really really something to be yes and not just not just rules updates and streamlining they've actually taken it components and sort of written them a little modernize them they look. A lot newer log meter there is added the shapes and they sizes and everything like that but this this looks like it's going to be fantastic and I I am very excited to see whatever any player does with her was this new rule saturates. Added now there well you feel the power homeboy that I hear good mad dog here audiences here game here they don't remember that word is twentieth anniversary and of course they were inspired him in the war sun is directly inspired from the death star that's why they call them the Warsaw on OK yeah interestingly the and it looks to its it looks like planet killer and yes so they've they've kept they kept a lot of the stuff that works and they took got a lust of the didn't they sped up a lot of stuff. So that you can do things on your turn that you wish you could have before you said she's now I just fill the space stock. The space dock is there why should I be able to build ships if I have the money to do it generate and now you can. They made a lot of races better than seventeen different races which you had to get all two all tie the game into expansions before. This comes with seventeen different a symmetrical races. It is so awesome because there's also technology which was from the old game they streamline data made it much more simple for you to figure out what you need to do in order to be able to get. What you want it's all color coordinated so if you wanna get a particularly the Baltimore Sun. You know all I need three reg technologies and farming and a yellow technology if I have I can men do this. It's very very simple supposed to they had this gigantic flow sharpening NS 1997 when it came out yeah everybody was in a coach writes a Tierra I'm. Good reference sheets and and just a really good way if you see how you're ships get upgraded that was always a problem too is like. What role do I get plus one my staff and I are great and I got this technology I don't know if you're playing with someone like Sean from the Borg airlines just makes of his own rules well I can't really take a reverence as -- this point this is so cool when you upgrade your ship you just take and he did there's a picture of the ship you place it over your old shipping on your on your master board and you see exactly what you new stats are yes and also an and that is very very helpful. And and it's it it looks really pretty looks really good time I'm looking forward to see if the play time actually is shrunken because number one only six players who and you really can't incorporate. As player seven and eight from its thirty edition. You just can't tell them the minis are different. The rules are slightly different I just think it would be clunky to try to do that there plus you don't have the planet's in the planets are a little difference is first planet Tyler different size. So I think they were Smart going yeah really so six players on this one you know a lot of fun would that still get through it may or may go to a players anyway because they'll take my money I guess someone here I don't way to do that well I know box idiotic and she is someone called fancy flat. Now the other team that you talked about well we were very stoked because our fire LA man we've been waiting am I gonna have these guys on the show. Because they weren't excited that we wanted to talk about the game and not just yell at them for taking so long for these are. I'm gonna happen but anybody who had a brain and I had knew that once January came around if you weren't gonna see other card Asean's or the for an. Big do we guarantee they'll force nine. But. So awesome to see differing he's so awesome to see the car and gas scenes in their full glory. Chris of course it Jerry rig card esteem empire to the rest of his ability we did miss one particular fleets. That was I think really important given the current S it's a bit of an edge. Because we thought man that's tough for them to win yeah well we see this fleet Gump I honestly there made it a lot easier because. Literally lake you just had it laid UN Crist as we're looking up information about what you were pretty sure what was going to be out there via pictures and stuff and so they just all the information was an out there's you're playing a I have complete game because your guys you guys are so. You key into this and also because you guys are such huge trek he's that you will definitely. Just try any way to play more of the races. Gang included two well whoever had to have put all those pictures out online because not only you'll Forstmann website was able to get some some specific direct information and images. There were I pictures online of people playing now with the current asking expansion addict at a convention. And some of the pictures were good enough that I can print those out muse that's what I think we had about what 95% of the occured at young I used in that Jerry rig sank. I think you'll forced I made some changes because they had nowhere do we receive what was the overseer fleet right and in the game you have you know the card Asean's. Because of the card Asean's ability where that nobody likes them they always have to keep the ship and orbit in order to be able to get production each turn no idea every race has one drawback everywhere said to have ray has one ability that's where I love about the game plan and that's a card that's in drawback which is really flavor for that universe. Is that they have to keep their thumb on you like you know you ask your page beige or was always ready to revolt and they just needed an opportunity which is why the card ass is always have to keep the ship and orbit in order to make sure you will do their work for them this is like the most flavorful Star Trek game I've ever seen yeah plane around to beat the race that you choose it's so great differing your fantastic and so what that card ASEAN overseer fleet. You you you have a special fleet that allows you to do double production on you on when that planet produces yeah super helpful now we never saw any pictures of that I never heard anybody talk about that I think it was relatively new the reason I bring it up. Is that all the ships I've ever seen for the for Randy were orange you remember Christy were orange color jazz like there were yeah armed militia you haven't popped jurors yet I haven't Gary dark brown they've changed the colors are so I think that they made some changes. Okay we know after they released those pictures. The for a year fantastic I mean that and they don't have a man and I don't have technology developed you'd actually develop rules of acquisition. That's bring special ally cards a July you'd trade even more. And they have two cards they bring to the game that can really ruin somebody else's day. And it's the Brady had the ability to shut off your money so if you don't you deal with them because they ever did have a weird way where the only way you can make money off the regular trade agreement is if you let if you let the free have ships in your home in Europe planet systems do they just hang out. If you don't then trading Goosen for a year useless and you might go to bed be afraid you're gonna screw you over the Franken as well we have technology I can shut off all of your trade agreements -- no I had room so it's like are you sure you wanna mess with the frame because money is what they're all about and you always saw that especially in deep space nine it was it was the they're calling card essentially if you weigh one did you do it and analog to like World of Warcraft there's a goblins of the universe yeah there's the money scheme mean yes positive annoyance my Tooth Fairy pieces of technology that I saw was one card called. War is good for business news. And be in the cards says anytime anybody attacks anybody. It is you get you get production money whoa the next guard is. Peace is good for business itself can't pass any time anybody makes a trade agreement you get money that can you have those out of the same time or yeah a sorry I saw -- implement Eminem really what it is is like doing everything is good for business and and and they have to be a car that does is that do and they're not very strong they don't have Ed like they don't get to have assembled big fleets but the fleets and they have we're all about commerce it's our elected to the commerce interdiction plea I acumen is that name but it's all about Paisley just keeping finance together that's at their fleets are about to. The very well done can't wait to play this we've got to sessions scheduled to in the near future to play with. For a try five it's yeah I think winning a little bigger area yeah they say that you can play in this then on the game Matt think he'll force nine has put up the official start and they say you play five on America. What that's like three by three I even though they only have spots for four they say you can't put a five and you'll get crowded I think we might fudge it a little bit to give us a little bit more space here but there again though if you play the French you wanna meet people you you wanna interact with other races because you do you wanna get money. Because the Freddie cannot get that the victory conditions the way everybody else can they just can't produce it so they have to meet people to get what they need. That's Gil forced nine. Wanna give us shut us out to twilight of the gods because that came up about Chris Kluwe weekly Al player yes a victory point games it is the magic the gathering kind of feel game we haven't played it I just unloaded the boxes. And force they produce those cards in the same place that a lot of places producing cards where you have to air the mountains where this factory is the motorist like you gives me a headache over really order there are trained so I had a cards airing out. Fire right Illini came out there yet an electric cooperatives sixteen bit dungeon -- I'm makes I'm excited to see them also really entertain and he did say coop so make sure you know that yet has the first time BJU I didn't realize it was caught did you know I was my way out of plane again decision as a play through and I'm like the way it is a train why what I wanna trade ending what might politic cooperative game that I was -- can shuttle try until everybody that he's vision Nemeth says even if your goal obviously August gonna literally murdered around and are -- a daily magic games I just also got in the mail of bleary card kingdoms the expansion flames of frost and moved it looks really cool and add some new mechanics of the game and add some new kinds of cards to the game. And it adds more of the more options so now you basically have three different cards you can three different types of characters that can be played. For each die roll you can have that. More events more domains. I think it was a few more Duke's along the way and it looks good the magic entered the art of course from meego is great sorry and so that's from daily magic games and that's that's the that's the board game updates so far we M final play these games Jeff Dickerson does talk him out of our I'm on on the table top side because it was gen con I know Chris and I both picked. V Starr finder yes. From high so pathfinder in space yes and -- it is so much more than that I've just didn't really begin to crack the surface out hopefully we're gonna get teams Sutter in at some point to maybe run us through a name. And have some fun with the demo one mad but it is so much more than just pathfinder in space today space combat it's. All the different races different classes you have themes for your characters see you can go off and just make all sorts of crazy things. It's a lot of fun there's a lot of crunch to it. Because it is a pathfinder game or a lot of numbers lot of stats if you're super into that this is going to be the game for you. And after you start I guess Tennessee fans I do want to bring this up I am able to store everything in the original box but I had to get rid of the insert. Oh yeah there's a company on Amazon if you just do storage containers suffer collectible storage container shall seize a little lit I don't Michael's hasn't to Pia but I found needs to be really good for storing pretty much everything he keeps everything inside a nice idea plastic bags for some of the cards and in the planet's. But I was able to get it all in their all these sanctions. It won't fit the boards of the border have to be it but kind of I don't think it's a bad thing because the board humane album play with all the time anyway yet so the probably have their own box to keep demand. They go I I'll let you know I'm still on boxing TI for. I went on I should go to culinary union next month it's got a good inserts and if you're like me you don't keep your ships in Mosul bags you have them in these wonderful containers we bought back in the day ahead and Leon. And hardware store or hardware store and that way you can just open containers up and their leaderships are all yet short hitter containers yet I have yeah they're all sorted along with your technology cars therefore I'm thinking the original box should hold everything else I need. Because I'm not keep good teams in that box it was so level C with Jack Ford's boss has the answer let's chemical. Not quickly BJ. Some comic book talks since it is Wednesday we should talk a little bit comics what and well I'll tell you this is say SI guess getting good. As a hazel of course it's a from her perspective. And they they closed up the last comic book 44 with it I thought it was a gender change I thought hazel change genders sort of like an arrow where you know. You know Johns John speech to kids all of a sudden because of the flash flash point. John's baby boy oh boy or girl. Or grow little boy and I thought the same thing happened here turns out that's not the case that something completely different evolves crazy magic. And it's not gosh where you know they're doing a great job Fiona is art and Brian's well no words are great so saga number 45 is is really good. Wreck queens number five foot eight I believe it's a five. Well it's numbers of think. If it another five. They are dead and it's the it's the they're finishing up the story arc where they get trapped inside of a treasure chest they knew they went show horse to adjust and then they had no idea what they were entering into. And the person behind it or to take a creature behind it is is funny is. All hell. Also gets in the feels a little bit is they had to go back and neighbors be they face on the call the regret mirror school. Man in order to get through and I don't normally get through all these series of traps the regret her was one of them and our hurts and you kind of get the seal recurrence and a little bit and learn more about this that is fine band of women so that's the latest issue issue wreck Winstar horse is awesome. Lotto coliseum we get to see him cool and his days of being a rogue a little bit is he's working with the Hans solos wife Beth thought oh yeah. She's amazing. You I see all of these. Topics come to life they're so good. Jason Aaron and Salvador Roca look I know what a team of those guys are the artists find the writing is great. In this case again Star Wars takes can place between episode four and five season and the adventures you're like holy crap I mean they really we're all honest I'm already lost everything that and that's of course marble. And finally I lamented over the fact I DW canceled the JJ Abrams. Line of they were they just wrapped it up yeah Star Trek. Nobody told me they were doing another line that whole. Called star trig boldly goal which it goes into all these different directions and it starts off way right now you get the trade magazine via where Adam issues one through six I think they've got ten issues altogether. But if you get volume one of the trade. That's cool way to save some money and it's it's a great story line is all of a sudden they go their separate ways for awhile now and so the castle captain Kirk actually is the interim captain of a smaller research ship. It's box doing his own thing is Scott he's doing resulting sewer they're all still raw broken up for some reason that's how it starts. But I like it it is the JJ Abrams crudely they -- the artwork is reflective of the KB the actors Chris pine and again I come. It is a question I have some goalies not here. But I VW says hey man would judge him more Star Trek titles including one called Star Trek slash green lantern the spectrum war. You wanna mash up is this and hot and I DW I I didn't know I DW was like even hang in the DC yes I don't know maybe they just kind of allowed us sometimes they're pretty cool that sort of thing are they are I don't know if there I I know vertigo is DC company but I DW I thought was separate so the school they've decided to merge the properties and I am intrigued me up instead take mellowed out a sense of goalie comes a time when trying to was up here. All right now it's time to get to move. She twists dish when a horse to keep. You know we're getting a Joker movie. A Joker origin story yeah are you O where's she took Colin. I now I know we're gonna give the news now but I know they the next only has been goalie injuries you will have words he wants to know origin of the Joker he's just 10 this guy fell on the bat went crazy that's who we yes. That's all we need an album yes and this movie it's actually Martin Scorsese's making less and and he without Jared and I know. I don't know what to make of all of this is crazy hoping much -- I did yes sir I did buy a Todd Phillips and produced by Martin's score see exactly and there's nobody Jennings in Toms Todd Phillips did a lot of comedy stuff you didn't hang over flicks through old school starts skiing hutch and gore rat so this is interesting content yeah exactly exactly but is going to be co written by him and Scott silver who did a mild fighter in the finest hour. Well that's like a weird my ash drama comedies and that's what the Joker is. Good morning happy there are yeah solid point you haven't completely made me wanna destroy myself hearing about is this could be this could be a nice mashup. Any idea who's going to be the Joker was not Jarrett had no idea at this planes. And. Some people think there what can spend speculating is that. It's going to be exit is course easy he did got Urbina crime film like the 1970s. Which. Kind of fits into the L swirled stories. So it's gonna kind of have them by a band and this there's. Thinking in this is apparently not going to be necessarily with in that can in right bad men be Superman in the Justice League okay first. And I mean I've even heard so much as saying that the new bat man movie. Won't have any direct correlation with the Justice League universe is well is that's like an Alan. Yeah we don't know no other guys really are an important story the sale there EA can't put Affleck in and if it's not going to be connected today universe is your brain won't wanna connect in anyway a lot of rumors are stating that may be baton or bat flag that habitat. Wants out of all of this. And so this may be why they're doing to get out of those sort of things so there's a real a lot of turmoil in the version of thinking that the Justice League is going to have like a shared universe like the all of and CU as. Whereas I think is maybe they're gonna be kind of going away from that sort of thing fallacy out that we're trying exactly it's like I. It is easy to coop who won now are on them right now because I mean everyone who who's on. You know DC. But yeah I can see how that worked out and I'm guys on the benefit of the doubt after having done Wonder Woman when it was a great movie true LB it's easy to see if they. You pull off an Joker movie you know if anyone can really play the Joker after Heath Ledger though I don't think you're ever going to release a Joker movie at this point that's ever gonna mourn oh I got one but it can't be yours a story has to be like old man Joker. Well in the south. Yes I'm sorry it's under is like has got an idea but give a whole movie about it is the question. He can do I agree James tiger Jolie diss a whole movie I don't know Stan I got a different take. Mean hey if there's geek nationals out there who think that as they can provide an argument as to why there should be Joker movie and whether you're mad men in it because badly without Jo bros also lights on this is not a thing right I mean I can't be major Ager there was no bad thing I did comics have been written that way but that's different than a whole darn good thing you're right and it doesn't do Harley Quinn sort of event but this is an origin story Harley cause I got me around right right. Yeah that's her side but it's comics Vijay and I'm really really genomics at the CNN spend money probably try to protect men. I'm guys. Think nearly. Your inner geek wants to come out and play like where to. Join Vernon well six feet Golden Globe where you when your fellow geeks can hang out play games just nerd out 24/7. Whether you love RPG some video games or are just a major fan of size flying culture Vernon Wells says something for every one. Let your deep flags fly at Vernon whilst. 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