Tom Arnold 08-30-27

Wednesday, August 30th

Tom Arnold calls in to talk about his stand up at The Tacoma Comedy Club.

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Vijay always love we have our next guest on I especially love the wanna show that I geek out on my new chief that I actually love watching and that's the hot ones. Okay that's and that's the real. It sounds like bare grills they don't think it's going to be real eye and tell me out Dan Barrow Israel's. Do. Welcome to the show Tom Arnold and talents on oh man I watched an episode dude I don't know how you you you really can't you do the mall but fewer susteren. Solid values debate I wasn't really aware of a show like I'd like young people are like you guys are like if people. But I do that I do some people doubted like circle people so I dug out all duet you know I get agro but I was that I need to look good to meet my order to meet a bug to three years and refusal guided challenges guys farmers are bringing these peppers and save fuel for -- boxer Gary Leo listen up if you're so bored were going to be thank you glad it's also very disgusted I because it's our job Heidi good stuff but how. I think eight I got a burn my mouth so much that I don't like hot stuff and all but I thought well I'll go here until. Only god stuff will be a challenge. And that they even Biden bite six do it's it is slugger can they get hotter and I do the interview that I got six it's not so bad is seventy I've Lloyd survived they all cited the bottom fell out and I can just tell. And you know you try to plow through keep your mind working you know looking at this shot and guy who's very nice and it was hurting so much better at the end of the interview I should do you get it he went we did tradition we should all you get to step away for a minute because I am so mad that you don't know. I can't explain it I mean trauma therapy booed just step just to be a second here because it's what did she is so it doesn't have a right it's it's gonna hurt really bad for ten minutes and then you're gonna feel euphoric. And that's what happened so it wasn't worth it but does not such I can see why people. You know play happy I don't it is not enjoyable. But I did make it through it my kid actually my four year old. We watched that interview that he's such a good job to try to get up simply had pictures up he actually he hates everything you do on TV and stuff but he actually bought that was funny so. Four year old blanket. I don't either allowing Johns at the Buffalo Wild Wings are not nearly as crazy as when you did but did you write like that a decision done your sweat and you eating dairy your second ice cream cones whatever it is Dana as they did and it doesn't work when they tell you it's going to an end. Yeah that there is that weird high after. As you finally going to get past that pain part man but I what I love about Europe episode is that. Guess is that you'll try and I think they're too cool for school and trying to act like it doesn't hurt even you know is bothering them. Do you do when full boring like dude this sucks but I'm gonna get through it and I'm looking at YouTube comments and there's immoral law a first wonders in positive continued you typically America imports showing you so much love for the fact that you powered through it. That places they usually get a lot of independent commentator a big lead but I'd say yes. That was the real deal idealize the I'm the guy that's that's the deepest every two outs they get restaurant and re edit beaten that giants. So yeah. Dad ruined by gay and ruined by actors you know what you do those challenges. DOC adult fun and games but did what happens afterwards. Like. Your god. Like if you're. Date or you're. Do you think all this body you're done buddy it's Gary can you drop per couple breaks go to that you've got to go shower. Can be sick on the toilet so you know it's always fun and it's exciting year did some challenges show off your buddies smoke. You know this. You know I do my best there was what time when there was a Hulk Hogan. And there's got to tycoon who isn't it's like 600 pound wrestler and we are eating contest for might. I did suffer this such videos that are for children which is abused children home act anyway positive. Two guys. Didn't really need God's best but I age seventy pieces of politics this low grade girls had back in the days ahead. I've played more than that idea I ate more than hopefully this giant fed wrestler. And because I'd never stop do you know what you start he just don't stop. You can't stop it you realize oh my gosh I soulful. She just had a clear head job and I've ever driving hope for bear and as we pull a little piece so that's how big of a glut not. I didn't god big advantage or it's. Oh anyway that some medication available structures on my. Kohler Company closes Friday Saturday night shows 7301030. I'll Molly hungry right now and I think I'll wait here and. OK the this is sold out of business. Why don't irritates me about that show hi how one's. Is that I saw you suffering and show and is doing the same thing your new easy seems so I don't really expecting him. Pay the pace of the if you save a life because the last lady I was nervous I displaced put a bunch of hot dogs on the last week he's like oh. They can switch it out with Biden yeah that was probably could I would have figured correctly I just wanted to get it always I filed the budget and other houses get it hammer it. And you try to lets you adios a lot of people just have of the way eliminate a little dab on their Tom but you don't have to you don't want to go and you're like our nobody knew just what you don't the whole bottle on their day and the mad dog and easily I know we're switch him. He actually annoyed me was to bridle so I need all the meat and every what I love most horse won't ask you I'm gonna do for sure because. He felt that he believed all the media for your budget and we're able to see out. I got abandoned them clearly very obsessive fruit and another question about Collins episodes when we did I've done a Halloween challenge the hardest part I mean he was hot obviously and spices but off. Part is frozen temperature of the ways it they served super hot so hard to even hold was like that's for use as well. Big day work that hard because it taught us that skill which get to a lot of yeah good read it. I TC IC a microwave over there so I don't microwave stuff you know why would you need and it's bad. Then like at publix super hot it's. At some it was cold so you media particularly like this is Daschle also let you Baidu sub which have been which. The problem is when you're really died at double aboard cold but I can't like burning near the top of your mouth I. I'd I'd like temperature yeah but you just have to open. By the end I died already broke my mouth would then the other version of pot so you just eat this all your slowly that. I temperature hot it's not probably good for your troubled youths. ZLU cabinet no doubt that bad news outlets nobody could you milk news to me no good that I got beyond them. Limited military gig so. You know we all know what got I don't drive be hopeful there could be due and over admitted. Do like west. What solid it's eighty. I want you pull over there's something wrong would be happy if I can legally can drive every all that stuff wet gobs. You know it's. It was something else okay yeah I know this underscores they did yes I did Lessig hey if we do we need. A good job waste to not an idea disk. Why do sweat off your brow with your hand. And moon I had to go at the major person had to commit to the restroom and flush my eyes I do that the only game were. Worse. With a bit of body completed my task in the restroom they've touched. Oh yeah I'm doing that before because you know we are where your peers updated that you know because that's obvious like it is so hot. You you just can't you know so what I gotta buy ice which I do you know. Anyways it's. I saw I wonder about that if AZ like you they didn't cut away because it while I remember seeing that you had he so I think this is in my eyes on the house he surviving that. Yeah so they had to flush you out. I think what about after I saw I did not move the whole host New Zealand all right I didn't move all your and you. There was no type jobs no doubt I guess stadium there's a whole blood and afterwards. We don't need to get lady I was the restroom they were literally flushed out it's still look like quite legally fly together. They had an allergy pill and she's like oh no I can't what do blues like I got the analogy only guys. I was just a bear so let me get to those who. Alice. Here if you do a search for hotlines and top model you'll get to see that on the on the Internet on that show it's it's is Africa really really is I know a lot of people bogged obviously tiger knew when news about the reboot of our cameras and televisions on track on the blog but once or some brings up a good question would you there was and they would you ask Tom if you would ever do true lies still. Well. Of course you know I mean I taiba. If they do if they get a W I you know I appreciate C. Arnold a lives you know if you. Look on the Internet you received. Arnold Madonna and Sylvester Stallone and his seventieth birthday party did seem like old people at two he had eighty. My children true lies one on the horse right did is he gonna wanna do this he didn't. Wells that was dubbed him anyway. Yeah. He actually did that was hilarious. He did. TL schedule an escalator cubic anyway. No he would do it he would do it they get you know it's theologian cameras is arguably you know it's just you know it's now. Another big day today at 52 we would talk about later if he had always site you have to be so different and they don't be honest with you. There was a script we are about to do it speculated 2001. I and the did 9/11 happened and that to that script in it at the base of the twin towers of the submarine coming up on shore and the everybody says no adult this is side. That this is this a bad idea so you know now they can do it but you know it's he was just good fun talking about we all talk about it that is that is the target. That is a bummer Tom because I mean obviously that would have been nice movie for you get to do it's easy as you forget like how nine eleven's affected some people including you because I think a sequel all I assure you would allow that at that time. It would already figured Bill Paxton would have lose. You know it's so but usually I just happy we stayed friends did you ever stay friends you know I've been probably a 130 movies we do not like for good will slept. I view this goes deeper into people you know. Beat in my dissertation work for three months or in July 2 or seven months but if you. We leave camera in Arnold and KG BE and anybody kid you know we've stated. Friends say there and that it is so rare you know I assumed it was my first big oversight of all all movies are like this well they're not and so is some bitter real gifted and solicit bud just talking about it and I I'd. I wouldn't trade afraid she'll defer. Bird can true lies scares you know. Source something with you guys have not true lies is meg that's some kind of vehicle was on with you guys back in. Exactly the week is relay. Our our alleged chemistry is exactly like good people would you lies and basically they played ourselves and so you know BC is that it. We've got probably doesn't 150 charity events together where you see the match came back and forth good and bad guys so well I'm sure will be so big we you know. We enjoy each other. Yes you mentioned you're you're hanging out with Albert Arnold and Sylvester Stallone I'm just picture what an a surreal experience I was we'd be sitting alongside those two of the few who gives the other one the most amount of crap like going to trash talk. Well you know in this case by the way they got out of Bolivia that you wanted to see somebody who led from all these people and Arnold party and he pushed me out there. As it's about Ed Ed sly about these kids eligible to agree unless. It's on the Internet it looks like three Kyle old guys. Doing good delays sat back and I had. No I think early of their relationship where there enemies. Arnold gave it slides will be much stories about how rude Arnold OK okay but you know each is its goal of Dallas you know preserve. You know they did visualize the to guide W Howard to be paid it's flat and I do those guys were getting so good they're punch me in the the locker in the meat locker of if you are working or three years and it's like you know rocky would come out before I started working very and they should pretend I was given it. Terminator came out I prepare those Arnold had amended he had daydream you're working very that usually heads or whatever crappy job you have a dud of the killed Florida would be very glad you treat the injury to your buddies and those guys have been. They got all these years later Ed you are bodies of those guys it is. Wow weird message Saturday night but Loyola you know that is I had thought about that song that is pretty insane thinking about where you were in the end there you are in a movie would do just. Yes yes Ed so I. So I don't yeah yeah I try not to take that for granted but he did it also makes sense in a weird way like. I pictured it in the they have good speed you know so liquid by kids I think I tell my I have a four year old is what about bullet. Ed people like they get the actors I'm like no. Because it doesn't work you know very seldom do you get the success yes did we appreciate my big dream is to be the so crazy dream I would say don't know delighted to work their way you don't need your big dream DL but I have to go well except that the except for me. All my dreams came true you know. You know so. You know anyway. Yeah well Thomas and I know you've got to run by Yale you're always welcome on the show we leave you you always tell us some great stories is such a great fund got to talk to and guy. And that's a thing if you go see Tom and his comma comedy club man he's got great stories it's always a great time to see him Friday Saturday night 730 cent 32 coma comedy club dog comments we've got to get those tickets. Stay low on the pictures I tweeted I repeated Serbian guy with a Serbian guys today. I took pictures everywhere how well a win win those. I was may just about two years ago I think when you do you came to town. Advantage jacket on and I can't fight that you Wear white certain way because all. The outfit she says look your rapper I was trying to be younger so big an issue as my cause what's Lowe's it's good throws and you don't suffer Biden does Tony so like I very real yeah. This is simple indeed this track jackets on the bench that's gone. Concedes that our segment randomly threw it away and didn't tell you shoot your way nice people that move. Yes he's hit that low pad moves. That's Logan home or how they got sort of other guy's jacket I was like wait a billion as well. I appreciate you guys delighted I can't wait. Seem to get it to collapse still sucks. And some I know you got a movie saving floor you currently shooting at people going to be looking for bad and just say just follow him on Twitter at Tom Arnold it's always good stuff and always good argument. And the CW shows I will take pictures that everybody don't talk to everybody to street Joe's and if you have any questions about Donald Trump all handled between shows about an old immediately but I'll tell you everything's so high so I doubt it will have supplies. Great time thank you so much for being with his men don't you guys are finally gets a comma comedy club. A tough guy. And US about the resetting and he's been NASA million times what he hasn't been asked to be part of that the yeah yeah I and you know and I I why you know and it was like you learn an American I MIT I and he did or roast of her though and if you actually you know if there's stated that if you what's out hot ones along those questions get answered. Yeah hi while he's dying we know those colleagues always suffering yes. The next morning and yeah nine KI guess helps you.