BJGN08-30-17 - Tobe Hooper - Mr. Mercedes

Thursday, August 31st

Mark & Chris pay their respects to horror mastermind Tobe Hooper and honor his legacy with an examination of his many contributions to their misspent youths.


We review the AT&T Original series "Mr. Mercedes", based on the Stephen King novel of the same name, starring Brendan Gleeson, available on the AUDIENCE Network.


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Ladies and all ages. To change PHT. Nation special ops. Pick the food out of your beard it's time for your special ops briefing I'm your host Mark Connor this week. We remember the great Tobe Hooper and we reviewed the new Stephen King series mr. Mercedes but first. Let me re introduced. Chris walker A it's going to be back. Welcome back who were off last week you were gone some sort of The English Patient. Expedition you know finally man yet craftsman by plane it was a mess thanks him back however the family. Is not altogether because the river in quake it was on this week in U Chris walker or at the controls via the. Yeah. Third. If with the if you got the details of how people can get in touch with absolutely that I think with the details as they have been massively streamlined just go to BJP nation dot com and you can check out all of our podcast all of Arlington there. Just search for BJ geek nation and all of your favorite social media website seems to grant FaceBook etc. You'll find it's okay I'm a marker on on the twits. But. I'm back feeling ambivalent about when enough people in touch with me. Yeah I gotta tell you Chris it's good to have you back with a little weird yet to talk about fun TV and movie stuff while hurricane Harvey isn't. Progress right now and devastating Texas again. I was gonna say two things these are things we love that give us enjoyment and even some comfort in the world seems to be tests swirling down the god damn toilet and we haven't. Idiot child criminal press that it. It's comforting. And at the second thing is. Actual scientists are and emphatic agreement that climate change made this hurricane much much worse than it was going to be then and it would have been. After Katrina and sandy were already intrigued so if you know listener. A climate science and iron or if you are represented by one. I'm you don't wanna hear their stupid thoughts and prayers or or anything else they have to say. He didn't have to be this bad people responsible for this do not let them forget. And unless you wanna add me thing. I guess I'll lay off it we can go back to talking about fun stuff. Clinic controlled real people. K. Let's dispense with a small talk can get straight to it. Well Chris first George Romero. And now Tobe Hooper another one of the greats is gone. And I know your experience has been with his movies but it's on the Texas chainsaw massacre. And inappropriately young age but that isn't surprising improvement well. You know I had such that buys old mom and yet I got to do a few things that notre kids got to do. So I'm on this and this student union building dubious you'd brief period. Been like the sixth graders something you got the recommended it better to see that movie quite. And so the if you have never seen the movie in the name of god negotiate it's it's one of the greats in all of or cinnamon and it changed or cinema where. I'm sitting there and it's sort of grouping young people in the band and they stopped at house on the middle of nowhere. And their terrorized by. Being chainsaw wielding simple pin oh lead her face as well as it is weird inbred. And Lee and they're getting ready and we for a chili cook. The league yet they the nationals are coming up for Bradford Campbell with potentially dweller and so. During one of the the pivotal chase scenes look the pace is chasing a one of the win with a chainsaw. And people in this theater along with me which is gripping our congress were you terrified it's extremely tense. And analytic face masks. Comes out in the front of the theater though in the front of the feeder starts up alive chainsaw notes swinging it or how old. Heard. It was not wearing a diaper at the time but in retrospect. The enemy hit may have middle of a better idea whatever I. Great idea and no thinking that you only there's only. So many wonderful movie moments in this movie. If you're disappointed with a lot of horror films now. The Texas chainsaw massacre. It's just a master class if you look at it. And see how things work once the initial shock wears off and never forget the first big shock in the movie. These people are looking inside the house they don't see anybody and as a young guy who goes in. Suddenly a door opens there's leather face poking about him well leather face whacks him with a big hammer. Hauls his body inside the room and holds the door shut with a slam that is the shocking and so fast really yeah yeah. Yeah really is traumatized in movies and yet. I think what most people don't remember or even now. There was really no Goran that almost nothing in the title is vary. Misleading because you don't see. People dismembered order. No for as much as it is the Texas chainsaw massacre you don't actually see that chainsaw massacre. Anybody who still don't panic fashion no penetration which I thought if he. So that's you know if you never did anything else at all simply having that movie on your resonate. Would be enough to secure your place in horror and cinema history. A little bit of bound Toby Cooper's in this room from Britain's central I believe that's reason to. He was born in Austin, Texas. So we Hooper spent the 1960s college professor and documentary cameramen. He'd shot over sixty documentaries commercials and short films before making the Texas chainsaw massacre he had a couple. For things. Like yours and eight field and I haven't seen what one of them now and he really came out of nowhere with the Texas massacre. Here's a little bit about that and Cory in 1974. He organized my cast composed of college teachers and students. And came in May and thirteenth. Hooper winning two of the idea while standing in the heart we're expecting a crowded store. Here's a little bit more this is from a BBC documentary. Posted by mark gate it's yeah whoo you might know as 01 of the key people. He's through our homes he might by approximately homes as brother. And that's involved with these new Yorker who were he reassert we're. Good but I know. Yeah and. Well whatever the case he's vary from leader among nerds of our caliber. This is gay is interviewing Tobe Hooper about the making of the Texas chainsaw massacre. Live my Wisconsin relatives. Would. Would totally. About this for us this man said asking that have been taken into custody. But it felt human skin left cities and human skin furniture. Maybe there were body parts of the refrigerator that seemed like it was the bogey. I had enough information to scare the hell. Before making chainsaw asserted. But really considering what makes our work based on my experience she felt. Felt to me. The films set in an irrelevant. Gave it an additional homes because he admitted deficits. Build a monster. Also wanted to show that. The process of death wasn't as simple as sticking someone with a knife and two frames later there. They expire. That a face himself going back to episode passing constitution is. It is quite column like. From an initially. Terrified of hope can groups he has plumes of pathos absolute farce it's it's all about. Very. It was a it's a bad day for everyone that's a terrible for loan it's. Let her race. He keeps wondering where the hell are all these kids coming. Do you have to the point egos says by the window and looks and they start heading his face. Because he knows possesses such terrible trouble. Pissed off strain if you McCain's something of a surprise when they eventually saw the film. Have you always been slightly scared off by the title. Surely one of the starkest. Most perfect in cinema history. As host surprised by the lack of goal this is a film where it's not what you see. To what you hear it's truly terrifying. The some designers case is so great so that there's a sort of you mentioned drill. Almost subliminally can kind of pounding away. And sunny screens become. So endless it starts to freak you out I think the whole thing becomes. I think the genuine nightmare. Lag. The screams that she was making. Or will it. So real that it. You felt themselves to the sound went into you and you knew it was the Soviet troops. It goes through. Fake Hollywood. Screams and Goodman doesn't. Mean it to be somewhat religious news issues. Missed issue of potential fuel. We don't see anyone being ripped apart two Texas chainsaw massacre. For all its reputation this is a film about psychological rather than physical torture. No the actual filming seems to have involved at this of them. No real sense of obscenity came from a 117. Degrees in the house. The hot lights asserted cooking the problems. Boot cast and crew would run through the window and he's. You know because this noxious. Odor. Dead. That would deter him under those conditions. Everybody go crazy. They'll hated me and into the blues. I mean they're to wrap parties don't know who. The groups for split my referee was sitting on the porch of the house Obama so. Now I had never heard Toby Hoover speak before I watched this interview yet on YouTube. And it's just such a sweet mild thing compared to death and tell Jean guy. And his coastal we always say about or people. They're just such nice folks who think they're all out as an error is long. It's amazing to me all the gets to have a cryptic. The screaming you heard was Maryland burns recently passed. And according to this present war we. Media reports of audiences throwing up and stormed out of the leadership in the film swept the nation imagine being. Well not seat at the time though a library. In a theater full of life you think that's. So right now and 2017 we've sequels. Remakes Uga I think something with the origin of leather face coming up and it's all this horse crap the thickest on massacre. Wins and regional shocking. Trends aggressive thing. And of course it's his most well known thing but he went on to. Lot of different things yet and the thing that really. Take note about Toby Rupert is that. He devoted his career to horrors cement and he did not regarded. As a ghetto that he wanted to get out of so that he could make real adults the electrical mainstream movies he low or and that's a very very special thing. And so. After Texas chainsaw he went on to make a movie about. An alligator cult eaten alive and didn't do as well at all. I've seen the movie and it's not scripting by its release strikingly photographed and worth a watch if you're even remotely interested in any panel or Marilyn burns. Is again in. The thing that you Chris walker Leo. Would be just as if in his meat. If you wanted to really Greek TV yet he missed the rankings in one's life he did starring David soul at a I don't know why that tickle me somewhat pivotal to you always seem like William Shatner asked actor and the fact. What's good people are here oval area. Sometimes fantasize about Starker show the console with capped. With beer yeah. I mean if you thought Shatner could chip the scenery you you watching he humid Saturday and if this'll mean I. I think of him from from when he was on twenty eaten in this kind of things like. If its goals on twenty pretty sure the thing Garrett when he that this is the stars in. Yes and I I got a soft tractor and it are we have limited time here. He did Salem slot which is available on video and well worth seeing it's got to vampires modeled after. After Bea we're now knows for ought to you know I'm thinking of the government took him right. And you follow up with fun house again where the horror film even if it didn't just blow anybody's here back. I didn't notice prior to Cooper's death. But Steven Spielberg offered him the opportunity to direct ET. Yes. Which I would have been more into probably this into the actually he has two movies a hate in this ruling ET is both of them. And it's one of the most over rated movies and effort kids' movie. Of all time home entry. Cheesy. Extremely fees. But he did go on to direct Poulter expert Stephen king of earth Stephen King Steven Spielberg and you know probably you can be boring for even. And this is 198200. Some controversy. Over whether or not Hooper actually did direct poltergeist or whether Spielberg yank it out of his hands. And probable quote here do you have extra information on the I do not actually I was looking this up online and I was I was shocked as anybody did that that this is even a debate that I can find it very strange that that Spielberg ghost directed this for Hooper well. That is the Mitt. It's straight from Coopers and all that is a quote from him on time he says Janice in remark when the only times. We're shooting the park located in house for two weeks of the words periods exterior split second unit shots that he picked up in front of the house. I was in the back of the house shooting. Reactors. And the trees looking down the burial. Tweety birds with Steven was picking those shots up for me anyway apparently reporter showed up when Spielberg was doing pick up shots. And then it just blew up. Now. It is. The humidity is majesty does feel we're shooting be role for innovative and effective and made it anyway and we're gonna we're gonna truncate this in fact. Why don't we take a break come back. And we'll continue talking about Tobe Hooper and then take up mr. Mercedes back after the break it's special ops. Welcome back mark runner here with Chris walker. Continuing to dark. Tobe Hooper now I was at a party this weekend and isn't completely. At random I was talking to somebody. About the movie. Life force for our team and my dad telling you gotta see this movie it's just bat crap crazy you'll never see another one quite like it no. It's also striking for having a beautiful female alien walker I'm completely naked for almost the internal effort moving nearly 75% of the film it's well made it's weird and I don't think you'll ever see another thing like it because of the way movies are so carefully constructed by committees Dayton. When I got home is when I saw the notice that it Tobe Hooper had passed I feel responsible. It can't blame yourself that you are you were celebrating in your talking about how how much you love to know he told them to be a perfect man it is a fantastic movie and yes in the defeat this is is for monopoly commonwealth. Of the space vampires than. And it had a pretty good sized budget. This was when Cooper's career hit and installed a little bit and he signed three picture deal with cannon films. And you're probably familiar with cannon films and they crank that whole bunch of cheap stuff and the primarily in the eighties and I think they can should Charles Bronson into an early critic if not you hit here you know around. Just laughter. Compact Cooper himself mentions that life force. Quote was more like career murdered however he's proud of it. He thought it was brave of him to do and apparently Quinton Tino is a massive fan of the film yes he has as well. He'd get a remake of a film that I love called Andy's from Mars and I just we watched it last night it has agreed Karen plaque and it mean. I was disappointed with the that the time and I can't say that it was my favorite thing re watching it either but it was a fine and worthy remake of that kind of calmed down I mean if you're sort of a purist. You'll get a little bit more worked up about these things then you need to. And I think if you look at the big picture there there's nothing wrong with it it just didn't happen to be great I saw no reason for it to be done did you see that I did actually this was I had I thought this before. I saw the original and eyewitness I was and when I saw that but it's pretty good. An analyst sunny original article okay that's what that's what's going on here and original as his iconic and beautiful looking and you know in 2017. It looked little cheesy but. But the cheesy and it's now is beautiful and it it has this repeal. Of the ailing the story is kid witnesses at night. When he should be in bed. Spaceship crashing down over the hill near his house. And it goes on to possess his parents and everybody else and nobody believes the kid it's your classic body snatchers story very very well hold. Hooper is version is worth seeking out never replace the original but when a career he. I would you know to be kind. His career just never did fire on all cylinders after that and he did a couple episodes of masters of horror that are worth seeking out but won't change your life. But the things that he did do as my favorites like force it and Texas chainsaw. Other people like poltergeist I wasn't as crazy about it but it was a hit that he desperately needed at the time that gave his career massive blue. When I was a kid pulled this close. Just about my favorite favorite thing and I am I must have seen it a dozen times. In between the feeder and when it was on HBO or not. I really still gravitate back to every once about you last name the scariest movie that I know or scariest movie from my childhood that definitely gave me. The creeps worse than anything else but because that's not right at that age a supple and written theater and and I was still pretty young back then I mean that would he says 82 months. Nine yeah so. That one and still has a special place in my in my in what I have left of the soul that that just still creeps me out to this day when I think about it. Well it catapulted right into the pop culture lexicon with little girls saying their back yeah and some creepy stuff and and I go to this day I will mention. Anything going wrong is because I'm. Residing over in Indian burial mound. But that's it Tobe Hooper. Rest in pieces next. Stephen king's mr. Mercedes. Premiered recently and if you haven't seen it. It's because it's. And eighteen he production. What the hell bound on something called. Audience. What the hell now what we're what is that they've if they Netflix or whoo man I just I just don't know I'm not kept in any that yet. I'm. Really have mixed feelings about this balkanization. Of all the media it's nice that it's opened up in more bad news for things that are. Audience you're just asking for a to be taunted by people who don't be bothered to seek it out elsewhere it's tilting making it harder to find these shows you know I mean. And sometimes and it's the days of the Big Three when new meal at three channels from the patent and new what are you looking for wasn't there. In one and three shot the final tomorrow. Yes so will mr. Mercedes help you watched the horrible taste of the TV adaptation of the missed out of your mountain. We're or the laugh out loud our tower that's that's a bad tasting. I things and they just and so disappointed he just there's no point analysts you'd you'd have a masochistic streak. Then we've got the it remake coming up it. There's no escape from Stephen King Chris sorry. Jesus Christ Michael called a speaking cast but there's probably already several people doing that not only must be outlets for the trailer for mr. Agassi yeah. Sixteen do it supports. Some of the world and he didn't. I don't bring you good to first class I don't know that I might write it's you can drink in the other little. Build retirement nest it's supposed to be mass and it's a need to find some sort yeah. Cory Lekkerkerker. Did not have practice. I'm really loving content sites receivers. She's just putting America. Who. And over about people's cases you can look 66 seats hey guys I'm just I'm still on the case Fuhrman to get it retire. Brady quickly become pros just plain weird. And you know and excited about what's going in the basement. Or Borg you know into. Take care services that pace. They didn't really do. Always work. When. The. Think it's anything overburden. He's been located. Well Chris. Filling in for a and I really need you brush up on your. Describing what you're watching I'm sorry it was all the blue flash this flash that is really hard to keep track in this trailer are low on you know. The show's ten episodes I've sampled first two. I'm happy to report that even though it's on some obscure venue and I'm not even sure what the hell is. After swearing mrs. Kennedy stories in 2009. And and 2011. You know remember how many we've seen president president in the day and it is not in Maine like every other the thinking what's written and filmed it takes place in Ohio I don't know why but I am grateful for the change like Toledo wonders never cease Cleveland news. That awful. I'm this is the first part die in a trilogy of novels about a retired cop named bill it is he's played here by Brendan Gleason. Who is a character actors given career would be role as sort of be overweight bearded. All holik depressed. Older men. He hasn't lost his Irish accent and that's explained. Pretty early on. And king says that Gleason was who he had in mind when he was writing books and I didn't know this until yesterday. The titular miniature mr. Mercedes and he's killer. Who plows through a bunch of people with whose mercies killing them injuring more. Wait for it. While wearing clown mask thing now. Apparently and tiny option we know from the new Star Trek movies was offered this role but he died in a horrible accident in need. And somebody else's playing very bad Brady Hartsfield with Kerry Treadway. He's newcomers pars I can tell. But he is appropriately. Creepy and unlikable has been very comfortable that he is acting fairly regularly but 2005. And it highlights. Not really know and if you count the Lone Ranger you know we Bettis Pittsburgh. That's how he was and knew I recognized and he was Victor Frankenstein on penny dreadful. Which is passable theory agreed yeah. This is a more conventional story you'd expect from Stephen King it's not super natural. There are no monsters. If we even mystery so much has that story about. This damaged good guy in Mexico bad guys on collision course it is a bit insisting. And even heard it from cracker read any books mystery no no my wife has written. The first one things related com. It was a little change of pace it was a bull more procedural. Than you would expect and even asking me. And again he who's trying something different about it being an outrage horror story. Speaking of the incest and who the bad guys mom is played I believe lynch yes he's only 58 years old and I'm not saying I condone it but. It was cut it Kelly it is because we've also if if Freud had ever met my mom he would have dropped that at a ball and we never have heard of it but this is Kelly today are. So anyway this sick of mr. receive. The Indian and he sends the retired detective ponting computer messages. And he's already tortured and obsessed by this crime that is never follow. His character added who's not in the book and older neighbor lady who wants to. With the same amount bill Hodges very aggressive. Is played by Colin Taylor. And I've in my own case are broadening. Nevermind if you have a deposit and a half. A very pivotal moment the only thing that really matters is if you were of the story I enter character pointed dialogue in jewelry. The banter. With the kind of pulls in this. Bills ex partner is played by guys who completely. Looks and sounds like Barack oh how old man. And words and and every talent with them that's all I could think and the guy's been a busy actor. He was also in and mr. Is it today in the darkness I saw that it must have been pretty tiny role though I think it must have been in USS vengeance officer oh he's he's on after the Walking Dead materialism and personal watching so I dropped. Best of it okay. Will will move forward. The directors Jack Bender user. A veteran among veterans TV stuff he's done game rounds lost the rankings under the dome which files that for a lots and lots of TV stretching wave back through the paper chase and Falcon Crest. Back when we were practically fetuses Chris it's true David. Is the developers show runners and the screenwriter. David. Yes yes and this and get real here the ill fated Wonder Woman who island. When I think they really believe this isn't anything I think by two episodes and yet eight ago. I'm in for the rest into this story into acting. And and conventional lead into the dialogue. Even though my favorite book and I know what's gonna happen where it's headed. I think it's well constructed. So. I recommend this and I were recommend you Chris walker returned home and watch it promptly I think I probably will. Well between that and are doing hidden in the wrong Longoria Gloria. I think we've started this week. We'll shorter episodes of these days we'll be back next week with more and hopefully. The reverend en Fuego as well. Phoenix we Luther. I'm mark provinces specialized. Burn it.