BJGN 09-01-17 - Movies - Game of Thrones

Friday, September 1st

Its a special edition of geek nation hosted by Vicky B! We get a Chris Walker geek sheet talking movies coming out this weekend as well as the series finale of Game of Thrones! 


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Ladies and gentlemen geeks of all ages you are now entering Vijay chase the nation welcome. Welcome them not name. And big TV Vicky Barcelona. No revenue plague did a good deal on the assignment probably get eaten by bears third suppressor me I have mr. crystal walker by yeah hi yeah. And I have what might privileges. Me do we d.s shows Jerry gay that's right and you wonder why because no one of us here we have only got half half. Face a very strange and empty feeling in the in his studio listening and Joseph you know you reap in the world it's been every event and are therefore very Helen Collison these slot I call it the best glut dad. Have certain defeat today on the podcast though that I shall be running so be afraid be very afraid we will have the heat sheet with. Mr. Chris walker gay and it's all game of drones all episode because I said so yeah at all I'm making the decisions. Let Chris help people that hold us oh well you just go to our website VG geek nation dot com you find everything all the links all the fun all of the podcast everything you wanna find all right there. If you look at personal social media is just look for Vijay he nation you'll find is on just about every platform you can think of yup. Sept centrist and not get some interest men can be weird. Any you I think we might as well get the geek she out of the way so we can do all we met throughout demagoguing if unspectacular Q well he's saying no we must get to. She Swiss. Chris walker yup yeah a day it's Friday guys is our. Let's circle I don't know what's coming on the feet as this weekend show me yes let's open up for Friday and our -- very excited about this but this is something that is probably before you guys it's time that that close encounters of the third kinda celebrating its fortieth anniversary this year in their re releasing it in the theaters. Are amazing. Really like one of those six special. Ole lost album events I think something along those lines or maybe they're just saying hey you know what check this thing out again we will see I don't have the specifics about whether or not it's fathom or not but it is going to be out in theaters. This weekend September 1 wide release which means it's going to be just about everywhere this is one that I saw I was too young to see the theater. I got I was three. But as soon as it was available on things like HBO and and VHS and whatnot I I became just enamored of this movie this is one of my favorite all time. Science fiction movies so for me go out and address 'cause. All yeah we're one. In theory you would say like do it sting captures the movie you know like each he's got that alien on a bike what is what is close encounters with the scene itself this movie. Without spoiling it too much he'd be alien vessels themselves are worth the price of admission just beat them our work and the and the craft that went into creating those special effects. In the middle seventies. Think about that now that seems hours' time ish kind of yeah yeah right around their rhetoric and their effect yet Star Wars in close encounters both turn forty this year yeah how gang GAAP. Yes a check it out if he'd jets at camp rarely are they re mastered the director's cut for like about 4000 dieters in the US and Canada. That's a lot of theaters holy crap that's got to be some playing here us. On or near you for that I hitters standing Delray now a few you know putting hearing your zip code or media whatever they'll give you the information. Thank you standing out. Excellent what else is coming up this weekend this one I'm I'm actually curious about I haven't seen anything about it yet it it's got 90% want to see on rotten tomatoes it's called little evil. All. For writer director Eli Craig Tucker and dale vs evil Adam Scott to. It from a little big lies parks racked up as well as Evangeline Lilly from aunt man lost you know. They stern and offbeat comedy about love family and the antichrist what. Gary is just married the love of his wife Samantha and is now stepfather to her quirky. Five year old son Lucas but he seemed finds himself increasingly odd situations are on the child with stress and to believe his new steps that may actually be the spawn of Satan what they've referred him as quirky that automatically makes me. Think that this is obviously a spoof Ellis got a recall that there are more real horror movie it's gonna say something like with there. You know isolated no learn not only in his city and oddly quiet quiet yeah exact range events begin to unfold around the child. I'll do living in a nightmare order. Yes so I'm thereon tomatoes rarely does a movie that doesn't apply during peak theme that you can't wait to see oh tries to be really bad to really guide I'm ready goon the last of the enforce the heck out of you and I don't I noticed aid. It's not a geeky movie but if you look just dumb comedies connecting to on Netflix upcoming Jackson and second one coming out and I just love it it's flesh on Michael Scott yeah. And then had Dave Bush had a President Bush now bearish bearish outlook. Top bush are fresh out there shell. You're just a distraction yet he directed and he's very. The guy that beat people up on any test uh oh curry. I just want somebody to look at me like none looks you know his gal and I dug such an innocent sweet dummy did brilliantly funny yet. I don't shuttling Scott SH a one I you I've seen some things in there with him in and he always is entertaining I mean fantastic. You're in general models right correct oh man I'm always awesome the rundown of who arguably my favorite. With the Moroccan movie. I mean he was in there and and when I walk in turn and in his first few days they're docked movie ought to choose from and I know it's a bold statement and Imus and stand by that the rundown is my absolute favorite to doing their. But this is getting a good old the first moving down by 82% are Huntsman as a Republican like fifty something 52% of the gas and all holes are gonna say it don't care. And that's that's pretty much it for nerdy nist there is little looks like a little bit of a sleep. Looks like dead director of never heard some stars I've never heard of it's about time travel although after a night out partying and being left behind by friends. Avis sneaks back home to find out that she's already safe in bed and dumb dumb move but that's not Leila if someone who looks just like her time traveling fugitive has stolen in his body. Which makes it a virtual ghost was silent and invisible to the world Huff. This sounds interesting to me I would I would probably enjoy this but man it's right now it's got 22%. As an audience Koran for people who actually already seen it and that is no critic ratings on it at all so. How many are learning the hard way what happens when you drink too much alcohol is not. Yeah and I ended did as far as movies go that's about it and then there's one there's there's one thing happening on the big screen it looks like marbles in humans is going to be available in I Max the first episode of the humans. The new that in TV show and that's what's cool is gone crazy for a cash cash. Well that's fun so I'm excited about this until I mean I don't I don't know that much about the the world in the Laura Dean humans apart from what I've seen and from our allegiance to shield but I I do wanna check this out I mean it does have does have your guy. It it has that rentable minute. I do love and to pull he plays one character replayed itself well. Australia she plays the boy different characters he was in miss hits and he played like the shy quiet and you know messed up nerd. Who had like weird he plays the creepy guy he played a creepy guy but then he was that he eventually got it throughout the scenery spoiler alert. He got some shrinks to a nominee was a leader but he is always like the weird kid they call weird kid. I adrenaline you have learned now it's like you would you would have sent to your sister herpes jeetz. Relate she's up Nixon and I like you always get picked on like that dollars net. So maybe that's it maybe it's creepy but he's just got so many different flavors of creepy that's Arab now Saturn Sima just a good acting creepy and and I'm gonna call that in for my AM movie rental industry and on into the old this. Our area. And a mad man and I'm Sheikh. Mean isn't. Don't go into I'll not know whose business. I'll hello how you could then all of that's there wasn't screaming at least done by me when I slowed the last episode of season set then them all like our into when he some minutes. Boy it was at this episode did you watch it and I W Crist didn't. No no because I kind of thought well I know I never watch it on the night of I can't they don't have that ability and fortunately enough that you have magic. Collier these magic princess eight HBO well actually I do have the ability but I have to go over to my folks house because they actually have HBO I just have HBO go. So I have to watch it like. The next day. Yes he has rafters who I HD stream never works for some reason on the day outside the wind problem and it can probably hunkered I always watched a few there's the HBO go app plays that it's been eighty app okay. And it peaks in Eddy at he can do some shows you can watch live. I'm on the exit the app freely so let's tell it but it's it never starts at like exactly nine Italy tell it like. 640 some they're I don't know semen folks have. Have. DirecTV and in so they will watch the East Coast feed so we can actually watch it. Yet like right at six a if we go over there and watch it very wizard that we just didn't have a chance because of all the move comes along and I'm. We're having user dragons to move could utterly does the best way to solve any problems pressure was dragon a bunch of boxes around I know. And. No a rule stuff. Went down what a joke yes your moment of the episode pool man. I captives affect my hero and now only because that's our great Mimi afterwards I thought I think is when little finger. This is asking to get escorted back to the to prevail. He's asking and I it's until it protects him BI and she's like it's going back to the veil and the next little clip from pictures just and it's going. We're servicer we cannot take you back there because there are still enemies around you cannot fast channels of our planet and three acts through me like a cool assistant in my eyes I silence a little that the senate set us. New numbers buddhists yeah. Yes that was a that was good on a long time coming and I'm glad it's finally some character a Los applaud armor because man it's been awhile since we've lost a real relevant character. Right and illegality only laws like little little guys here in the I mean granted we did lose a drag and not to long ago but even then that wasn't. The same. And I was I was happy that happened that's a lot of tell you need to happen but yet. Yeah that was my diplomats here monitor parts it's like his before this episode I was talking my mom equity things happen like separate episode of like the final episode. She's like I don't care is on that little finger guy to ice yes he hated him which you know I mean I think that the whole plot to turn the sisters against the cells of the little force because it just wasn't enough on screen time to make you believe it. Adding it's funny because like I was reading things that I was saying that there's a scene cuts that would have made it make more sense because you're like well how did they look like they're feuding the entire time meaning like how would how did they know to get in cahoots with each other. And really the cut scene was on the going to brand saying I need your help and that's when he gets all the information. NASA don't make sense because. I mean yes you can get difference on this port or maybe she's a little suspicious that maybe Ari in Europe but I mean even little singer says in the ups are are is very loyal source family. And the only ways you would betray him as if she thought that sends it would betray drawn and you just don't get that feeling from that sees you. A little bit in the sense of like you're knots. You're not defending John you're letting them talk crap about and you're up defending your family. And she you know like he says she's very much Bob honors as she sees that she sees those qualities in her from when she was a little girls or one of the finer things in life she. Wanted to marry Joffrey even though he's a piece of crap you know she wanted to be Atlanta Easter she wanted to do all these things as she's like valued. You really are piece of crap you're not really part of the family are you telling. I think it's easy for me because if you look at it from Ari standpoint aria hasn't seen sons. And you know he had a long time so she's really just asking her she's like are you the same person not i.'s last saw essentially all you're not okay cool. And highlight of the and where she's like I kind of survived the same things as doing the same the things you went through was just kind of like acknowledging you know like you are strong person and her complementing her sister's like that from his fingers than to me. And I and I feel like that was something that he even though unspoken. That sounds felt right back at you know I mean it's connected to them both. Thinking about the other one's journey is like a there's no way they academic. Frank but each one of them just had this horrific harrowing journey that they went on and avert Kamen came out how billion percents turning on the side. And I can look at their little family night and a brand just kind of weird to remember and professor behavior highly serious stuff out of episode hi Dottie is now suing character in this whole series. I know he's easily he'll serve to some left. He's during not quite. All use or use used to look at gimmick could not get as close none of you you get right you just edit post tennesseans and is who's who but we're used to the Bible boosts food but don't pretty insular bees and a you actually had talked about that earlier and have the light yeah you're usurping his what you're doing right now. To this whole show you folks are rushing to answer to that is right there and and have. But. Yeah and the three and raving and he's like morally John you know the debris last name he's a sand and not John Snow lesions and it's like bitch you know like no you didn't know. So it makes me and he does resigning he doesn't look he doesn't know the future. Because he was he would be technically he really matter what could he was born I think was any born in that area. All right right right I don't remember which Cassel was. But a bit it's about your father as 'cause he was he does and as our what region you were in since he was but turned Geary in bastard he would be John rivers technically at an angle you leave I guess it depends between us and surely I am sure and I never I hasn't had ballooned. So yeah honestly don't care bill William Johnstone to me yeah and Johnson standard and have the same not even close. Yes they do do a great job I kind of missed it until it activists but the whole idea is that. We do know that John snow's not Netscape or whatever yes right and so eventually if the north was to find out about that there be a falling out. Big time but the whole thing I think it's happening now is at Sam's kind of Sam is met up now with rob brand to save the day. By giving him enough reason to believe in the target area and king because what he has withdrawn his assured us that again today yet he easily and legitimately done it's hard aryan he's a guns Kenya and on yes yes and apparently they were in some radar to Corey Brewer they are the king radar is the right right now I am Gregor aside it's the names of many. Too many hard to track every reforming. So we ask so I mean of course the war so they gave you like before Sam last the council idiots is I'm calling them now odd then season with his his wife's. Randomly region of books that it's are gearing guy had an annulment from wherever it is Mary sue Newman got married again. And so now John has the right flair I love that he took credit for our. For her. For her founding yeah police say he transcribed it kind of feel like well I gotta go to let me finish this little fish but again and I mean finished transcribing mr. cook fire doesn't go from the king of the north sticky and god damn everything you've got to do everything and I. World as well hey now I'm gonna have to go ahead and mark that none I'm not I. FA if. Yeah yeah as best they missed all that many Ellis related based reading faced. By him saying I am not really green even the most is annoying as scientists you know. That being said though I mean we think when and the original three edge raven died. Which the jury's still out if that ends up being him some people think that's ends up being him originally lake like that's what he turns into when he actually gets older he's got a different person at all he's literally the same. Either that or he is. The that what does McCain says though. The making and I can't keep calling them blinking at any TV jumping all over back and forth in her right I'm a space chant it we don't we have really not jury's out on man. So when I think the whole brand stories is that brand can't act your brain cancer future in the past but the promise he can only see through one person's perspective at a time for Tennessee so young. He doesn't actually know hole one that's what he was saying like windy. The Y lockers and as the whites or whatever attack where they were hiding. He asks of three every women MI ready he's like no no you messed up and you're not ready so you got to figure this out and I think he still figuring out how to use the powers completely can be a lot of power. But he still a kid he's still learning never got the full on training. You don't think he's already falling into like a doctor Manhattan kind of a trap where he's becoming so far detached from what you know normal people do that he. Doesn't think about in the same terms of trying to give useful information to him eight if he's good looking too far into everything that he can't focus on what's important like. Hey by the way maybe you should give it help us convince this moment now he's like. I hope you looked very interesting on your wedding guide us. What really creepy old man this last episode he was a little bit more present to dial it in good then that's true which is interesting because you're right before it didn't he might even Nouri was standing and but. When. Uh oh gosh who was its Sam tells brand the whole story about. John's past. You see brand essentially go hold on in and kind of does a three grievance saying goes back to the moment of of marriage between attorney aryan guy. Which makes me think that he can pinpoint certain the historic old moments but he doesn't exactly know what Chauncey go visit 'cause he doesn't our priority so which makes cents. I have to go in the he's still learning hasn't he has packed it's basically like a kid with Google yeah yeah I all the information he just has the search for the specific information he wants so and then she'll know the information it's kind of like SI trinity that's fair what did you letting go. Yet exactly which makes him the three reasons so I have a question now. Are now. In this episode the big one of the big things happen is big might be under a dragon breezes frost flames and blows down a portion of the wall sure yes to leave the army of the dead. Into every of the evolve into the living yes. So Zach can't happen without the dragon. The dragon in a time in the we've been given to the show is very recent very close to the wall that's the nation it's so my thinking is Vick king of the un dead marijuana com. Then mosques. How some sort of future sites in a similar as Preston three agreement and does that mean that the 300 and it died and then was that may be possess and became McCain because I can't think of any other person we've known besides war eggs that have an even close to that ability. We have really seen a whole lot of exactly what the with a night king can do my brain legitimately do we raise armies of the day he you know touches people only dialer Moammar maybe Hughes just read my keys in doing it for a long time is raising this army of little babies. To become really you know of the weights and whenever Brenda. Zombie and cop on me through again and again you can be certain that that's fair. In hopes that he would create an army big enough. To just take like just kind of climbed the wall and take up late you know you'll eventually have hundreds of thousands of these plagued zombie type fighters Soria. And then you'll have like a lot a couple thousand. Just hanging out of the long I'd you can do it in the he'll turn those guys that think they award that was just a nice little man hey this is at a speed of our proud. Yes I don't believe that India can you possibly all is sold big right to be look I know there's no latter's there's there's no nothing else like these is just like an un dead army and going that you know what is going to be fortified wall there already people there. And they've shown they can defend the wall before because they did it against the wild and so. I don't think he can convince me that their plan was just to climate. Because you're gonna lose I mean look at any kind of fortress any kind of you know castle that doesn't work very well you lose such a large portion of your arm yeah. Doesn't know I'm thinking of I saw this comic ones anyway is two bunnies that were trapped. In a hole. And I quote in the Hud the husband bunnies like no we're doomed and the white bunnies like not a with love anything can be accomplished and they had so many babies at. They it just kind of rows into the top cops from Tampa I think find out how ways it was kind of my thinking is. He just pile on of its dead bodies dead bodies of dead bodies and their bodies he probably eventually come together. And and there are dozens and. There I mean I just I did get through there many gates and if you've got enough people on that case you're gonna crash if that's how zombies work and he's leaning to a new lean into it in the eventually break down. I don't know who it. Boot the liking us so with such a prosaic character we have no idea what his plan may have actually been. So yes it does seem a little basic Smart enough for him to now have a dragon can melt the Walt super convenient. He turns out to be brand then pay no yep and that's the thing exactly if this all comes back around then of course he knew. Right exactly yeah going back to brands like in the whole scene talking about wind hey you know John is the rightful Wear them. As John is having sex with a fancy new push away I don't care that's seen a hot I feel and cry and I was hot it was so romantic like a very big early part in really good guy means like yea Avago early part of quite. Looks so romantic. It thoughts on this thing online and it was it was a it was a comparison from season one to season does have an in season one you see like Jamie and Sergey kissing. And ever running out this is like so gross did your sister being cut that out and then season seven it's John and John and Danny. And it realizes like. Aggies don't match Q we're onto the business yeah. Yes so I for mean still weird. So I see perhaps the weird I'd find. Couple articles that like saying hey what are like the questions we all have now after all in the final episode. One being where isn't. Weird that's immune. In our face so going to be. Doing it now when they find out that it's incest are they gonna be a thing like in. The whole idea that's been leading up to it why is you know I can't have a baby because carrying tried talking to an area Senna previous episode like. Well you think of delineated as you. And she's like I can't have it be because the switch that you know basically curse my husband planning goma the like being made me have a stillborn. Like any think it was in that the baby came out like steal any he she said it was monstrous but we never saw it I think in the books I think somebody would I was reading it said it was described as scaly Sony was like drag in them. So maybe need to dragons to do and she comes from a long line of commitment incest anyways truth. Which by the way all the articles of incessant and coming up there defects of like been just. All over my feeling that's been fun doing it. So are they gonna continue that link what if she gets pregnant this this would. You know time around and she has a baby in like that's gonna be huge power thing to be a power couple and have that tar baby and. I can just pictures are seen like as she bigger cousin our her neck feel like honey. Stop. Even went back I kind of. Assume that their plan is to have them be the last targets. That they they're gonna rule has a target or rains that. Set the record. West rose in the rest of that plane straight you know they're like aren't we screwed up sorry we know books but you know here's the last two drag answers the last two of us will immediately you will die in the fight who knows by. That's the idea that they sacrificed themselves to greater and I have a theory but what I think. Just because this is gay because this is George RR Martin's work malvo. The last season that we are saying we haven't really how a whole lot of like. Oh my god no this person I. And there hasn't been any really heart wrenching moments. For us like that is what he is known for an I don't know if it's because we have directors that they need the book haven't been written at this point who. So I don't know if this is just a director writer thing that's going on or if organ experienced some like meet your heart break next season. So I'm a little worried can I have the gut feeling. That it's gonna be a similar situation. And I think. Weren't gaining not gonna make it because of the red woman should yield a role to play maybe it's because maybe she said that. It's John's who's talking about the she needs Jon Gruden like she needed to bring them together so John can find his place. I get the sense. That the event this season seven season seven or if you wanna say in the first half of the last season rate in men and either way you like it is fine but I feel like this has been. Set up it has been it's been rope a dope time it's been hey look everything's going all right innings trucking along or moving things fast because we gotta a lot of story to tell not a lot of time to tell and in. But I think the second half of the season we're gonna start seeing people dropping like flies I had my prediction. Yeah I mean I I didn't extra season next wanna go to to be on W because they've kind of set up that hole. I GNUS is gonna come around again and neo killed the king yep but as the queen's it's time because she of course goes crazy we all know that the good. Oh you're gonna send your nights to help us it's plea has never gonna work you know and she's gonna back stab on but I think. And you see it Jamie knows that he's her one weakness the only one that's less because that's the only family she has and I think that's going to. And up being while her downfall finally 'cause I'm really don't back character feel very one dimensional should really good back when she didn't have a lot of power yeah. And she is more conniving and wind when it was she was evil that you didn't see evil now it's like. I need a little bit stupid do you yum that was there which was a mother she was actually he very well portrait character as a mother in the second better Tomlin died that was it it was like one hour characters just held then Rajon you know being crazy now and nothing else matters -- and so that's my prediction ice for a veteran I do you think she acting is separated Dillon has to Keller. I think it just makes the most sense I think that I think that if anybody else or anything else for that matter kills or C will not be anywhere near as good as if they have Jamie you're the only other way I think she would die would be a child birth and birth and that would still be Jamie chartering at Dell -- -- needed to have there you know how little a Shakespearean ending for them now yeah Roman Julia kind of I'll always around where he's like I poison used sari and and you know but I'm going with internationally himself yeah. I would be I don't need selling you should reference. Children are good and how. I I'm looking at this article another big questions we all had nothing to Portman just diet the wall old man like he should go back to bring it Rihanna for Adrian brie and a and unique. Big monster ginger Beebe yes do you wanna watch mean rage quit college I Normandy is dead like dead dead. I am out I am I breaking up so you want him thrown cycle white walker yeah yeah they turn him Zamir why walker. Forget you know he needs to make babies although I didn't have like that there was a weird mutual respect thing I love and everyone has come together it's like haven't you know I haven't seen a path I I left for Ed do you Furyk but it was funny like to hit by Cabot the hounded bring in. Talk about aria yeah and just like they're kind of both proud of her dad yeah look at two thumbs like you can straighten. Mount hound hometown yeah. I found in the mountain while. It clinically gain bowl game total current government are all men I cannot wait for this I this is this is a this is where I'm putting all my money this is I'm I'm going to I'm going to Vegas and put money down and all I can do I do love you like your uglier than me now yeah. Ha ha ha. Although I would I don't this is really wanna see a love triangle and Elena. See things happened her pre in. Yeah I'm getting she needed that she needs eleven Q it's it's it's a good a dream but I don't think we're out of time in the series I don't in my eyes they're the ones that survive in the last episode aired and thirteen editors are the right. A one of the things like feel love yeah. The tricky and feel on what coming we're seed of the hole. So which part the fight or that every part of playing. And you don't see one he never would win. Not a chance to guys scrawny bad duty follows the giants he's also like but he has no. All or soft shot with the worst part the F so and he gave two assists like he gets picked on route all the time you know how much that would still hurts. He's got a tip of the day he's already damaged in that area if you actually in the palace so it's still hurt it. It's horrible eat out a couple years so there's a lot of scar tissue there but I'll competent opponent at that point when I mean I'm gonna hurt as bad is. It would have that's true that's true there is outside. Canada Bailey kind of got caught our eyes the wound after the fact so maybe it's just all scar tissue. I don't know I decided at that I thought it was funny because the slight grin on his face all bloodied up and he's like on the beach or ask are you caught off guard that we're gonna go save my sister 'cause I am I'm a wimp but I suck. I need to make this up this isn't for me no one that would follow him. Not you know especially the iron men and nandan under the Aaron mourner our runner up you know as a musician and I don't like idea fiscal fourth time he's done it yeah not like this the first or the second hole that the for her death. So they can they be like you know what guy he graduation you killed a person well land worse still our hero. But I do think it was a cool. Fame because it's gonna wrap in this story well we're meant to believe that this is there is redemptive moment for every for all the iron Mormon like oh okay so maybe you know he goes on like that fine. It wasn't so much that they keep beat him up it's the fact that it stayed out on any didn't like camps like this proof like that he's such a win. He's done this so many times we keep this is literally going to murder him and he's not standing down for the first time in Polly's entire life. Yeah it's kind of like you know if if you have one week moments. We are strong person and it's just like OK that's a little weird going here is the week clean you actually have that moment when you do something right it's like. Mean damn we got to pay attention and this is something huge. Yes I like that scene. It is all right I don't think they but again it's held under the truncated season ending donating give me enough time in and there wasn't enough selling it to me on the -- young's got nothing left to lose angle which was like what what I felt they were going for maybe I am maybe I misconstrue that but. He just. Was ready to go forward because you like well this is it this is rock bottom I know that there are two other things I would like to point out a lot of people speculated over the hole when Danny and John ordeal and it in the boat June. Teary innocent their look and to look at all weird. And so there's. That when he found out she was spread many feel guilty about the deaths of all his other civil of his nephews and niece who. I DD plans something like easy cahoots with Perry and that's he felt guilty Canadian imagery the any man. Which by the way if he betrays Danny gets preyed on by fire I would love to see him be a referred to as well and be like. How about imagery aerial. Some people think it's because he might have been in love with Danny yeah. Which probably would've in the what I was thinking Michael he's never really hit on her or anything like that he's only shown up most respect to that there was that upset a couple you know couple episodes ago where she was talking about. Hey well. You need to think about your Linney is on all that's that the media that was his way is saying let's do it there and form an alliance to argue mainly an Esther yeah. By making a baby so that was the only other clue. And what's the one that actually have like another actor actually spoke out and this is the other theory that people came up with the director confirmed this one. It's just he knows that things are going to be complicated like had been having relationships legally with their emotions they don't think logically all the time. And it's like you know John did when they were at the meeting it's like no I stand with the dragon lady. So ANC and John John is Yoko as far as as far as sentence has set up securian couldn't think of his name for a second that's okay for you got it. Dot John and Yoko that's what he sent. Basically like she's breaking demand is forget the banner is like just making things worse there this. So give us your fan series what did you see in the next season anything like that we didn't catch any Easter eggs are new things to do a bunch that is hosting. On the Facebook's a check it out. And until they stand seniority.