Facebook Drama “Labor Day Baby” 09-01-17

Friday, September 1st

Facebook Drama. “Labor Day Baby” – A woman hopes to go into labor on labor-day and a man is not happy about it.

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I mean they didn't diamond right here by begin plumbing heating and mechanical and this is our opportunity to play on the dumb people that are on baseball's the national FaceBook posts and then. The drama unfolds in this is a good one we have changed the names protect innocent. And this around serie a we've played a role the original poster. You will be Stacey I have a big deal be Amy. Biggio liberals brag how sweet and Albie mark so once again the original poster is Stacey so. Sarah please. Take it away. And so. You very day weekend. And I'm moving up losing lame man. And has tagged time then maybe he. Has seen. An album. Gross. Real childbirth. Well behaved the way you described it is gross hash tag no planters nuts from me today LO oil and deep. It's gross it's your bragging about this pregnancy. I. I think she's pregnant please don't replied that grand. Paula and I Stacy you don't even know that you still don't know who the father is. Hold on let me some popcorn and ask a top posts a picture of Michael Jackson eating popcorn just drag you sure. Yeah she doesn't know yet if I'm the dad or if crazy is the father and said now. We'll be hard to figure out once dead views pushed out LO I'll. The F does that mean well. If subpoenaed has red hair is probably nine. If it's darker. Ellen and parallel. Has sagged Darden nods or read not us including FaceBook. Happy Labor Day. Wow and then there's always someone you don't know who the pops is going to be until you see though. An error or color of the baby. And they eggs mornings. On the tour and 99.9 KI SW.