BJGN That '80s Podcast September 1986 pt 1

Tuesday, September 5th

Chris, Brandon, and Pete run down this mega-packed month of monumental moments!

Dallas brings Patrick Duffy back from the dead, Megadeth beefs with Mtv, the Silverhawks blazed across the small screen, and so much more!

Join us for the nostalgia overload that is, That ‘80s Podcast!


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Your inner geek wants to come out and play but where to. Joined Vernon Wells the ultimate globe where you when your fellow geeks can hang out play games and just nerd out 24 sevenths whether you love our PCs and video games or are just a major fan of size flying he culture Vernon Wells says something for everyone let your geek flags fly at Vernon whilst. Sign up today and see for yourself BMW duck club that's BMW dot. Why else. Ladies and gentlemen geeks have always is you are now entering the Jewish peacekeeping nation. Yes welcome to Regis she's key nation this is that eighties podcast we're gonna discuss September of 1986 today. On small screen silver hawks and the real ghost busters delighted our young young minds. Our parents got antsy about one of their favorite characters from Dallas being killed off so they went out let's bring him back and make it all a dream sequence. Just made you premiered on the family computer disk system and we all learn how to deal with vampires with chains it was pretty amazing. Over on the big screen we gotta we also did they make it to Paul Hogan and a little many may remember name Crocodile Dundee. Stephen king's it was released as well as several of our favorite favorite albums from the eighty's this is that eighties podcast got more. And guys for share Lam whoa right total away nor a I'm very excited to get to the counseling your portion because I've never played counseling yeah it's and I love whipping this compares with a guy I feel like I have really miss something. Hi agreed to let me just throw this out there yet suing we can move all of podcaster didn't you used to dance under the name whipping vampires can. That's. In this episode 20 I don't know 80 no no I mean beyond this oh you can go to BJ geek nation dot com. Excellent as well as on all the social just search for. BJ geek nation you can leave us a message on the Facebook's of the twitters again. And only isn't program but maybe there is there is clearly yeah I think the only we're not really on is that I stepped. Know your own. And senator telegraph. Find your your rotary phone with a free mind back of bush and it's not a aren't good moving on to the thing you actually condemn or the stub your Irvine. But apparently gets bigger podcast that of that let's stick to the 80s September of 1986 guys do so much went on September 1986 dude so we started doing research on this young says believe it or not we do this -- does happen and it was holy we genus like everything happened in September every not everything but like a whole lot and a great deal. It's its major it is its appraising leave much bigger than I would have thought of yet 86 they feel like for the eighties breaks open a whole lot of stuff that your September specifically and that it doesn't necessarily seem too surprising September being. The return of TV season in right. That is less fun than anything else we're talking about soldiers you know touch on it and move on on September 5 of 1986. The pan am flight 73 crisis which. But the hostage situation. In which a group of terrorists took control of of a plane Palestinian soldiers. From Mia Abu Nadal organization are correct I and they took they took control of a an aircraft with 360 passengers on board there were some fatalities and there were some injuries these situation was resolved in the end but we watched it unfold and that's. That's why we bring it up is that you know as a big. Big thing that everybody was watching not unlike Dallas. Or. You know even cartoons on TV we will this was the age of of media and the world really. Starting to see it all happened and from there it's anywhere in the very first time that did as kids we were exposed to this level of coverage of such day. Such a world shaking event yeah yeah and that that was that was on me this one very significant and it was all you watched and everything is on every channel always occur for weeks. But yeah a bit as you say a little bit of a downer when we call attention to because he was a very significant moment in media. Sincerely when you started the beginning of two big news event and I thought you're gonna mention that it was the introduction of Wendy's. Big classic on the big classic. I I appreciate where UN churn and know much respect you for that I apologize that I just instantly to that that was the best defense. So this culturally significant to her wrath of many of anyone of us the mayor I know that's that's just sorry. The big closet I think isn't isn't choosing thing and I don't wanna go too far down the murder hole here but. Yet a lot of of corporations you're you're Coke you're here Wendy's and and a lot of the big public entities trying a lot of new things. And so I think that the the classic moniker you're Coke classic your Wendy's classic that they were to reassure the customer that even though we are now living in an age of chicken nuggets and NutraSweet that it was okay to step out and try new things you can always come back to the comfort of the classic. The new classic is just a cheeseburger. It's gone back and she's not a solo -- make no judgment I just you know at the end of the day to cheeseburger and had to slap a name on his cheeseburger don't sell company it it was it's one of only a couple of items on the Wendy's menu that actually named the you know eight. Chosen and what to knots on there. I'll primarily inaudible from the deal TV that's another story for another on a hot I don't see why the cold both sides say it's cold what don't you understand brilliant. Speaking. Of things that far. And then our imitations and and extensions of things that dirty succeeding probable silver hawks you guys well yes yes the under a captain's face yeah I love silver hawks on or you as way I wasn't onto it honestly I was I was aware of it keg so you go you go ahead it was it was there have been I didn't I didn't want. Looks you know they were like hard to lose her robot part real I think is what they were sort of pitching and has. Which I think it's funny with a collar real cause him to rob. You hold. Yeah it was telling a space cowboy paying in the have a silver mask and they look bad ass that's what I like they look bad ass. One of the dude played guitar for some reason no more cowboy hat his name was blue grass like thank. In. Was his name not blue dress her I don't have that and economy here I can say I could put together copious notes on this thing that I did everything I'm reading them. Bluegrass I don't think that's true I don't that you did that commander stargazers. Fighting Mon star in yes man someone you don't zoom Jumbo bluegrass yeah I'm pretty sure that's that's a guy. Oh wait a minute we really way way way way now you remember this thing. Yeah thanks I don't know I think it galaxy Rangers government you're sorting out strangers drag out during there was anyway the social rocks they can share. A lot of people who tried to kind of tap into that says lightning in a jar that was the the the thunder cats yeah. Yeah like yeah it was a serious maybe deadly yes it was simply carry over and go back to Brennan's point sorry about that that's all right then tell me about blue grass his last name was bluegrass lieutenant colonel. Bluegrass. That you were using elect a first man from the New Hampshire bluegrass and yes sure I gotta have a very very good storage area. It's just it's like like I said it wants a lot of thunder cats meets. Is there the Justice League kind of think if you look at the twins in the and you got these are there it is it's that they have. Well and this came from Rankin bass productions and and Laura Mars and Warner Bros. television which is what Laura Mars now. And it was intended to capitalize on the success of thunder cats because they were making money off bat. So they just wanted to carry out that same basic structure and writes silver hawks who want people talk about bringing him back I they're in no real styled Italian or for me about it. You kids go crazy well speaking of cashing in on the success or something not alleged let's start we'll ghostbusters let's do that. Now I try to as a resident ghost buster lover yes I actually us. I think that we've decided. This is an announcement for you folks we're gonna do a cartoon episode at some point because this is gonna try to cover all the cartoons there were so many in the true peace. The trying to get them in here is is it is a big deal. And I think deserves its own coverage now. We talked about two on special ops we did the ghostbusters episode when they did the all female reboot no I came in. The name ghostbusters. Yes was paid. It was bought from film nation who had ATV series right and to. Can acrid narrower in this one of this and so they bought the name now low. Wait what is interesting about my fever movie long. It will be interesting I'm ready or are you. Yes there I am actually I'm wondering if it's ghostbusters one worker ghostbusters two words the original was to work its parent though that's a really important so. So despite grossing a 165 million dollars of the box office ghostbusters. I didn't actually turn much of a profit so Phil nation felt like they'd have the rug pulled out from under them and squandered away licensing the name for this thing. When they can capitalize on the success of this movie that didn't really make a lot of money so they cranked out an animated version of their previous live action series and got out there as quickly as possible meanwhile Columbia Pictures. Also having her to ghostbusters. Crank out what we know as the real ghostbusters and in order to legitimize it. Put the real on there yet so that there would be no confusion and of course. The thing there was funny communities there is a little bit yeah they were toys for boat yet something like that yeah there were no it's not a good con tent on the southern ghostbusters room at all. So. Of course the real ghostbusters became a very beloved you know franchise of of cartoon it within its own right. Real quick and then we'll move on to develop ghostbusters who was your draw voice of Winston in the real ghostbusters cartoon. I actually don't know I used to no president can show you know think the most eighties African American entertainer you can think of Michael Winslow. Bill Cosby Arsenio. Well it's. Right the threat the threats that's to goodnight and thank you can't and he was eventually replaced by buster Jones but. If he hung in there is your original Winston not to repeat the define turn. I can't disagree so. I didn't have a a family computer disk system Pete I did not either have a family computer disk system. The reason for that being mostly because it was Japan. Expletive yeah it was a Japanese thing. It's what you know is your proto Nintendo exactly Nintendo built handcuff him comp system one of their original games. Originals from a stretch but we'll go picture you have in fact checking me no. Castle Kenya yeah. Castle being came out and you know you grew up playing video games the way I grew up playing video games through arcade whatever home system we could get so Atari Kawika vision and India and on. Killer in the eighties great right. Pennsylvania comes along and it's sort of changes. The way video games work from home system yet it changes and then within like may trade changed things. It's sort of this open world thing you have obviously tasks you have to deal to go to this castle in the slot in this vampire after go to this castle slot and can. But there is no specific order in which you have to do it right which is kind of cool Whitney which was which was a new concept you know if you if you need one thing one type of weapon to defeat something over here you wanted to be powerful to go get that first and you can take everything else Brett that's roughly the idea so Pennsylvania which is now spawned Brazilians of sequels. And I'm not a 100% clear on the timeline of like this one is the first game. But I think there's a whole timeline to the games of this isn't the first. This with a as this was like the first generation silicon. Solar it. Yeah it is a little dog like in the game itself like it's telling a story and all that yes he will react to that he's had affected the hand yes sir did either you watch this council Nina animated thing on Netflix that released recently I've seen an episode of it yet one I'm. I like it I'm not there yet the need to see more a lot of a lot of people said it was really really something special so I need to spend and you put the timing on that but you don't talk about I'm I'm barely I barely have enough time to talk about shows from 1986 little stuff happening right now there walker who don't think your something real special I don't think our revenge action and he your RA to but he. Wait mean there are whom you know that's the second nicest thing you've ever said to me it's the last nicest thing I'll ever see the camp that's the first acts. So. That I feel like we who. Mean that we are there any other great video games going on eerie thing like that. The only other one was outright and oh yeah okay and that was more of an arcade based or another you had. One noted. That it. Stereo does have a car and it's. And you would probably remember this most from being the sit down car you'd see that make you Chucky cheese there you what area are exactly parlor UN TU I like that. Yes it would sort of quote unquote felt like you were driving a 380 dry heaving gain like it's. If you know you globe know. It looked like a big. Formula One sort of car like half the back yeah yeah is that it is us feel like a tester or so with that with the top down in red idea yeah you resuming. Is the game it's fine it was okay I'm I've never been money much of driving racing game coming not that not that I rearview. It's at third person views your racer I like I like the cockpit like the first person view on a reservist. And yet and yet we're at the arcade millions you won a player taken you'll happily pump quarters indoor racing game I'm irate true that you are extract it it's like. A pole position on right. So I have a question. Oh. There's a musical question what is the long standing beef between gays must gain of mega death. And MTV news we will give you the answer right after this on that it is podcast. Yeah quarterback ladies podcast. Hey Pete what do you think when you hear this music. Well I'm glad you asked Brandon hate speech I think MTV news here real idea. When now not looking at a local sheriff well so that opening little baseline there. Was in fact of the news or telecommute used for MTV news on MTV. And that is of course peace sells by mega death the title track of peace sells but who's behind the album that was another big big mega death thing I think I don't know they were really my my thing but. I gender color coding the album that I really became aware of them so they must gain of Megan out says that he has never been paid a cent. For MTV using of that I have very distinctive baseline and I'm sorry. I would note is the MTV music before and wooden door as the head MFS and so the answer is not MTV. That he sells but who's buying. Not MTV. Yeah yeah. So I. I always tried to not. It's so myself has to cool musically because I have I discovered certain things now at certain ages and I don't like to be you know pretty it up so. We we were looking at the album's that came out in September of 1986 and there's sort of some big pop album so we'll talk about later. And then we got some big alternative hits we've got Elvis Costello blood chocolate we've got this mortal coil we Afghanistan's. New order and love and rockets yet and mega death. So we got the more alternative rock sort of thing I wasn't on any of these albums yet I was so I was super close. Super duper close. And I was aware Millicent and new order I don't think this mortal coil so much love and rockets I knew. What about you I will be completely honest with you twelve year old Pete was aware of none. Walker you know same type I if there was an hour top forty station I didn't know Dingell leading to did you name do about it so I do love some of these albums. You know with my whole heart to dead yeah yes but. This mortal coil especially a little dark. And a little odd for twelve year old although maybe twelve hurled it to their way hipper cooler and I was that I'm sure that's the case they're very great albums and you should get them. But we didn't have a man. Well I mean we could've had a man well I mean surveyor. So yes. We got as much and balance because I was at the age of twelve or thirteen watch in Dallas let me say this about Dallas summer it. You had major Nelson from my dream of Jeannie group and the man from Atlantis yes and it was still boring as all F bomb. I never heard this was now from our radar this is not something that my moment go saying this is not summit. It was not that big of a deal until you know they became did huge media scramble and JR correction pressure. That was that was literally all I knew that and even then I wasn't watching. And RD asleep and I let's not draw too long and I think I started watching dolls because my parents watched Dallas and it was on after the dukes of hazard yeah and I think that extended TV time somehow greatly and that was generated so. I remember this happening. Bobby Ewing Patrick Duffy yes he it was gonna leave the show and then decided to not leave the show. Apocryphal Lee his wife told him the only way you can get yourself out of being killed off. Is for all to be injury. And well that's what happened and few matches they have the Internet then right. Did there would be problems and there were problems people freaked out oh yeah meanwhile. Meanwhile wall while Dallas is desperately trying to hold onto it's one of its biggest stars are you using a season wiping desperate move. Another shows started called LA law and LA law was a big deal for different reasons yes because it was good. The wall it was supposed to be good that was the that was the way it's supposed to be good sir is I'm not saying it was and I watched George oil won't know. I'd just I'd. I didn't have time for the the the balloon evening she hopes you know it wasn't something that that leg again twelve year old Chris just didn't care very active social life to gin and busy too many commitments clearly reading comic books there are so Olelo created by Steven Bochco yes there was. And it made its debut on September 15 of 86 went all the way to 1994. Niemi got a little and then had a follow up movie and and all that but. Bochco was a big presence in the eighties television and this was the ensemble cast legal drama with touches of of humor but it also was getting into things like. Aides in the racism and gay rights and and things are where we tackled London Dallas and dynasty and people with special needs so I absolutely absolutely wondering care. Now one thing on a threat about LA law. Here's some of these amazing people these up and coming actor I was hoping you would prove you are I was hoping you do at hotels a golf course that it. Don Cheadle. Yeah Jeffrey temblor Kathy Bates David Schwimmer in jail sanders' James Avery gates McFadden yes walker who listening Bryan Cranston CCH pounder Kevin Spacey. Yes. You up. He's pretty good Richard Schiff carrier must William H. Macy Stephen Root Christian Slater may have barker and us opens later. And of course in my eternal. Love Lucy Lu. Yes and Vanna White Buddy Hackett Mamie Van Doren put themselves in cameo roles and you know I mean. This was and this was a legitimate phenomenon on the on a level of Dallas or dynasty or something like that shows that. That your parents stayed up after news of hasn't been over to watch and thinking about fifteen Emmy Awards fifteen. I think all you have to say it's Corbin Bernsen and do you see the legacy of LA law. Jimmy Smits concern that's also carry Hamlin also in his Susan returns Susan day good Susan all of the all the good seasons on the show and Harry Hamlin got good urinary. I like a lot all vitally Corbin Bernsen as much important. And good night and I'll leave you on these few words out who the Venus butterfly. And if I don't I'm not someone who have you guys did not watch. I do know with the Venus but it. You know who else probably knows who the Venus butterfly is or what it is who Crocodile Dundee I guarantee he does a 100% in that doesn't seem like a thing he would now. And it's only so I never loved Crocodile Dundee I sought like it was a huge and it should it was a huge huge and sorry why do you hate like to throw another shrimp on the Barbie and that's not a night in businesses and I afternoon it is fine. It's fine. Australian comes to new York and you know he's from though wild it was Z was there a fish out of water yeah new character it was most trillion which is not a thing that we had all been exposed to much of so it was it was it was novelty there was no Outback Steakhouse on every corner right at the time that had to have made it caused it I'm not utter I've I would actually if I could honestly after the contributing factor I guarantee sure false crocodile then these exploits based on a real person. True Ron cancel yeah. Did you know that I didn't know that us is missy true for the sake of the story well it's funny JoAnne main his Paramount was worried that we as Americans idiot Americans do not understand that's. And win they brought the film over from Austria because it was an Austrian film and yes ten minutes of Australian talk or cut out of it for us dumb Americans slow you know that Australian talk yeah. Don't think he had Dallas is playing and now they've they've got a lot of different terms and really took her I was worried. That we idiots would not understand that the movie was about a man named Crocodile Dundee and not in fact. I'll crocodile. Named Dan. Around him crow would be on our air for the actual quotes. To signify signifying their now and I know making air corps into your your real quote yeah. Not sure with the math is there bit guys these records they signify real quotes so weird thing is that they technically do you have air quotes and then real quote I just it's a visual treaty affected didn't quite work out so that the movie poster which is a just like I like and you with doom outback for future problem no you don't don't let your brand of the Australian Andre chewed gum to determine that big guy on the poster is the title character. And we think that it's gonna be about a crocodile named Dundee all know are your hands of a game point of arguing now hoping for that movie I am. I want sick I I just not the same movie but a crocodile in the lead role had a name Dundee oh I'm on Ainge now at a time I rock Harmon hub bub bye you're Omaha on our program talks with the I want to sort of like I think that will enjoy going about it and I don't talk you out of this whole thing is another crack to me is I wanted to say in all fairness whatever my feelings about. Crocodile quotes Dundee and it was the second highest grossing film of the United States and our our lord 19186. So. I guess something worked out you're gonna lead with that but not have the first highest grossing movie in the payment on that but in the whole world are looking for the top gun. Yes Pete it was top gunpowder. I camera you know it's okay. Ghost writer requesting a flyby. Negative ghost writers and editors bull dug up that this is not a good idea. Stock about a dollar. And make a run for another I'll. Wow yeah has so it it would that the video I've found it actually was inner cut with them and pressures back. Action so you heard a little bit there in the end it still no. Yet to get the idea well and if you were in the room you would have seen give injure with a from the double live just to middle fingers bad how do you love love is your flywheel I am. Yeah I looks red in the pattern will be full of the moments you may start your Monday. Now down to that new Brock I don't think that's how that works at all until there is something else I want to talk about. I'll your talk about it yet it's something that's very close to my heart left hook up or they think in every way I think we should talk about it was a book I read. Oh I read that book as well Stephen easily if there it is set trade and welcome to the pronoun game when Brandon Christian people. I know it I didn't reboots. No the I haven't seen a movie of the hits. And yet I still have what they feel is the majority of contents is in my head you know nothing you are culturally aware of it. Yet as many people yet I mean I read it I did not read it in in. 86 some I wasn't Ted didn't have Stephen King in a wheel house yet. I did read it actually bats. No I didn't probably didn't read it to the following year recently my mom read it when it first came out yeah and then hand it off to me which is how I got most of my Stephen King book it's a big book yet was that your first Steven king book no. Elm what was your Christian game I'm my mom handed me either night shift her skeleton crew short stories and I think it was night shift. No I was probably three or four deepened the Stephen King I think I read the shining by now. Chin in running its shoes. But if it took me all summer and it it's it's a long book it's a good book the 1980 miniseries. Well it's a good book yet. He so and in skeleton crew was the first tee thinking I ever picked up so and I'm in the right after that I just launched down everything humans on. Dead zone for me that's -- us here and yet but that's on was I think second or third because there I went straight to crude Joseph and then Salem blocked it and that's an and I found cycle where I could go one I've anyway there's like cartoons I actually think we should have a book episode getting back to it yes. Well getting back to what O'Hare to go out here we got to actually fit you. You mentioned the updated in the ninety's miniseries got the book you guys read there's a new move as an Emily coming out which looks terrifying like this yeah that maybe the best interpretations. Screen wise adaptation lines reviews or nerd and I still don't care oh you're wrong you're wrong. My you might. If it's just something where that subject matter doesn't interest you at all hadn't been demonic clown that manipulates and terrifies children who work on things then do you think it's actually about a club. Were written original idea and no I don't things about other. Or an original idea I feel like yeah I'd be. Much more curious now that it's the thirty years of working on this info afternoon when given her I'm very excited for the movie and I like the third. Ostensibly splitting it up into two parts yet the TV miniseries isn't. Bad until it's bad and then it's bad it's that clear in her irrevocably Baghdad Tim Currie John Ridder. Big paper machine spider yeah. Sleeping and you W Japan you know they were actually just showing and on the scifi channel recently because of who the new movie so you know maybe something you want to devote some time to. Ignore your children ignore your wife just popped on the front of this terrible TV miniseries based on an excellent Stephen King yes exactly would you make it shows what your favorite Stephen King books I would oh absolutely absolutely one of my favorite Stephen King books it's it's it's right up there I mean. Yeah it with a great golf shirt and you're by the way watchman also came out in 1986 the most. Important graphic novel all time though some might say some might say that it definitely a turning point an anchor for comics industry and showed like that and darkness returns brochure and opened comics. Now that being said across all the pod yes I feel good Cuban watchman let Pawlenty of covering you don't know allow watchman guarding buyer gets good again. It's a worthy thing to put on your bookshelf even if you don't like comics and who just you know what and I don't want to mess with the people the movies about 50% good. Give it a solid 75 actually yeah but even the best he could under the circumstances I guess that gave tiger. He's done farmer and his yeah exactly and AD in new era of president Snyder's. Work. Here there we if I feel like that's then a casting was greats the casting was great not bad not bad and so that's it for September 1986. XY. Two blood blood not water tea now. So we're we're gonna go a little. Extra over we're gonna double it up various so much in September of 1986 it's crazy. You get. Two for the price of why. Wait how much they pay for one nothing. She had to deal removes one at whatever cost them the listen I'm not good at math but this late this year favor. Agreed so tune in next time where we talk even more about September of 1986 because it was so much we couldn't get it when episode unless it's the future you Marty listen to that one and then you should listen to this one. And then that one again it's. That's fun that's pretty meta I don't know have got an innings. Actually a classic to me. Your inner geek wants to come out and play but where to. Join Vernon Wells the ultimate globe where you when your fellow geeks can hang out play games and just nerd out 24/7. Whether you love RPD's video games or are just a major fan of size flying culture Vernon Wells says something for every one let your deep flags fly at Vernon whilst. Sign up today and see for yourself BMW duck club that's BMW doc plus.