BJGN 09-06-17 - Dark Matter - Twilight Imperium Edition 4

Wednesday, September 6th

It's another speical edition of Geek Nation hosted by Vicky B! We talk TV with Dark Matter and The Runaways. Chris gives us a rundown of the new Twilight Imperium and of course the geek sheet with Chris Walker?  


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Your inner geek wants to come out and play blood where to. Joined Vernon Wells safety Golden Globe where you when your fellow geeks can hang out play games just nerd out 24/7. Whether you love RPD's video games or are just a major fan of size flying culture Vernon Wells says something for everyone. Let your deep flags fly at Vernon whilst the sign up today and see for yourself BMW duck club that's BMW dot club. She. Ladies and gentlemen geeks have always is you are now entering Vijay chase TV show welcome. Welcome to another episode I Vijay blue nation. I'm Vicky Barcelona. For the PG shaky patient who hard to say you think he's not here we can't even ask him what I want to ask him because he allowing pilots. Think he's cute they should not like that mean I like that anyway. The frustrating talking with Maine and mr. Chris walker you know what's wrong with Chris walker he gave him a high fat blocking information from. How big do we change it to these days June. I'm very amazed. And if you can tell they left us monkeys to run the board grunt is a full show and I am sorry. The defendant who are resident aliens fickle you read in these air on assignment today. So mr. Loughner and I told us. Well it's actually really really simple these days you just go over to BJ geek nation dot com and you'll find everything you want there all of the links all of the podcast everything is there. And today on our show in fact we're going to be talking about dark matter. Twilight and Syrian gap of that's the new runaway show him a Superman debates. From the death note. Movie thank you man on Netflix and of course the heat cheap with mr. Crist blocker so why not get into it. I like this plan actually since you're talking missed her. D.'s this are nuts jelly beans and JD JD and late great beauty are digging that it's any data chunk of telling her that things are going operate the a you actually want start mattered it's fine not so yes I watched it I don't trust us three have so little behind I so what do you think. You know led. This I don't know why. This series has done so what's better for me because this is going off the rails like I they have opened up the book on every scifi apply you can imagine. I can hit it got. Aliens and inner dimensional travel and different time lines and crazy corporations. And all this great stuff and I've summaries and also mound now with a comic you know let's do it. Saw it was great they're thirteen episode aired lower seats barrel we can half we don't know. It was very entertaining wrapped up every storyline you can imagine. Pop main characters potentially died. But if you haven't seen it settles well to much for you. But the big war that we thought was going to happen has happened they finally put up onto CGI am content that big space battle. That was awesome. And I think every cut Allison almost every character that you've seen this season comes together. To fight the race so I it was good it was good. Real issued a guy's ass kicked. Do they go for a lot of people who we wanted to have happen because he was the big which rare of this the year season from where he went off Scot has memories decided to fight a giant war zone or winners with his own people what she knew what fair enough. I you lost. Didn't Dawes a while for him but. Yeah I'm generally wrap it up and IMAX except for season four. Nice you know two or three episodes of the season I was kind of off of it because of a slower and they've had so much to explain and so many different characters to go into. But you know I think toward the end of the kind of bully with arms and they were like you know all right let's fast travel around alone is maybe go which is how you do it. Yeah so I'm excited for hopefully another season I don't know if they've been renewed yet not mind. I that they will be I mean. With examine the expanse kind of switching off that scifi slot moving from six months out here I'm I'm thinking it's gonna come back. This makes sense they would do that it is pretty popular like it'll killing get kind of like in the throne is very even like the other big shows kind of mentioned around. But I do feel like as every other person says it's a great show. Yeah yeah it breaks its rule that doesn't break some rules aside 500 race is only a little bit what some people go well I need my should be perfect and he's the in depth news. But I think if you look infer like I'm episodic space show this is what you want because it's not that boring anymore. And they do a lot of different things so you're not really you know sit there on. Then I really wish they would just get to the next fight scene because every yards and as I see that your so. Now that's what major reduction pretty good actors are very good I think I think parent. You know it's its pilots is on Netflix I think and I yeah Nino watch in advance past the best part you know he binge quickly. It is only how we wants it's like maybe under forty episodes to. Also don't pay that ninety adults I I was queen warrant commando royal watch supernatural in a small man I have not started just because it's an ordeal colleague Alex you know ten seasons of ten episode only cooking get the kind of like a month there whenever few. Buckle down now losing Tony some episodes per season when he six episodes per season. Ten season how how long I. Our ally. Some room you know hour and a half if who has a special yeah I heard a thing or things like this. He got it that's daunting and I think by shows like that that I know I would like and I think about breaking bad the same Lansing with the wire the same way I've never seen these shows or or supernatural I think what's the first season. Trying to look go back into a cable about and has picked this up and and and check it out there I think. This is going to be. Hundreds of hours of my life gone by that I do this so it's like you have to come up with a don't workout plan why your dad doing it I gas something I think you Chris as I went back and watched the virus problems last year movement and I never tried to receive them and they are a lot of episodes in the storyline is not fast and when it's a super dense show like The Sopranos was. It's that it feels like he's that much harder can you sit there and you thinking to yourself and and this is actually not a slam it's Promos and all I loved that show. You watch one episode and it feels like three because there's it's such that this story telling is so dense there's so much happening as far as. Meaning and lay years and all of this other stuff that it it just. It feels like work. And you know that's the problem and I think that's why you had to watch when they're really came out same similar braking that I mean breaking bad holes Opel will have more on the beginning seasons because it's so a little different it felt different and you didn't really know Bryan Cranston had such a deep acting role. Our depth I mean young people did but. That we really didn't win as a general populous yet exactly and so. But The Sopranos in the warm and I like them but I actually I I wish I'd watch whenever Waltz was because I've been every episode that you know how it came out you're like no way. Bill and I know so yeah they gave us drones you know I don't gaming holds weight. Yeah and sometimes a lot like here thrown there is like a year or more between seasons sometimes like when there is there's one part of this approach others like two and a half years between the seasons. And we're just losing their minds right right LA game thrown. Here underneath I'm nineteen. Or so it makes me wonder though you know I think about the shows that I have seen every single episode you know huge series and it animation wonder like if there's anybody out there who has a show that they're putting off watching because they don't want to get into how many seasons they're gonna have to go through to watch itself. If you're at the gate national team got to show that like that let us know let's talk about and may we give you the edge of the cliff notes version. I felt natural loss by the way pat how how can I started and got caught all the way back up the lost as president and hold its last season yeah oh well I'll tell you door bastard warts that I. But anyways since then I really think did actually come out we'd insist on the last episode because we didn't have an episode on Monday because we were Labor Day the eight day. We decided to take the day off but did release some way and we're expecting gave us drones to come out or was at all just bunch of photos I think there was a lot of Photoshop there's there's been speculation that is going to be next summer hire Marcel all nineteen but I might and I heard -- and I heard some time in in spring of 2019 and that thing and move them Pollyanna seeing a community like EA is next so about a year's time or early next hour I don't see how can return very much earlier than 2019 because they had to wait for the winner. This year aren't that produced filming right message that they do the next Cinemax and even I feel I got my dad about the actor who played Jamie Hanna hit like actually drop the information that they're gonna start filming October. Now says he got one of those like very wintry. Maybe. Areas in Islamic countries again so we didn't we didn't just an easy fit immunity yeah I need need to do any reach its full of bad guys it's also via a whole maybe that's either starting so early tale though possibly just make sure they have snow in case three shoots as these ads so drew little snow than it is to finally add a ton a zodiac the summer that you probably. Annie and moving on. So what is this a value and be dead bodies on assignment he's out playing games with you. Oh man so yes here's the thing about that about this out there there's this game and we've talked about it on the show many times before it's one of our favorite favorite games is is arguably. The most complicated. And yet at the same time most satisfying board game in history and I'm like it is for me there have. It's called twilight impure him and it has been around in one incarnation or another four. You know I don't have the dates and for enemy right now and I know it's at least twenty years. Well they just came out with a fourth addition on this and and it's gone through several different upgrades and updates obviously for at this point. But that includes expansion sets and add different races that are added to it in in a nutshell is a gigantic. Space opera combat. Domination game it's what we call for X game in the end and then simply means that there are four primary elements to game play. Explore exploration expansion. Exploitation and extermination. So you take those four aspects and that is basically the way to victory in these games you accrue points. By satisfying. Victory conditions and dominating the rest of the players. This is set in a a fictional galaxy. Of planets and anomalies and 1 central major planet called Mac at all Rex which is the primary focus of most of the versions up until now well. With the fourth edition that was released earlier gen con and BJ having issues hands on a copy. We decided to things openness are playing it and just to see how much different it was from the other versions that we had played in the past and well I gotta tell yeah. They've really streamline things down. This is a game that if you have more than about 45 players that once you EU could go up to eight players in the third edition rules set. You better settle in for at least a ten or twelve hour day yeah that is how long it's gonna take you to play this game I guarantee freaking crazy big. I don't know how does happen it's I played games for that long but. I'm playing multiple games a day in an Afghan and with me drinking clean drinking games yes see exactly there's a nice day well when Vijay nicely down and we look at it we're like. This game and it takes twelve hours to play we're not thinking oh my god it's gonna take twelve hours but were like. This is a game it's contagious twelve hours to finish and we're in how many hours a day to set it up. My new. One into the old saying if if you know what you're doing eat can put put the game together fairly quickly there is one thing that happens and that the and it's an optional rule over Al all the players. Actually randomly select these tiles to put down in place and try to strategically map out what's going to be best for them. That adds another half an hour trying facts of the thing we just try to skip on past that if we can't as easily play with people that don't know how to play so yeah exactly they let us build the. Our foreign tell you Vicki meat so that's an Arab was all the Ifill also bad for you but not really a couple days ago now death to BJ invites me over to teach me. This lovely game that I can help players Chris. I got no idea what I'm again in studio this a missile launch game but you know what they I was the Al I'll give you 45 hours in my life let's do it lets us fear how coast. You know how long I lasted Vicky it's not Vijay almost an hour and a half to explain the rules are rarely up there that did it and it was my room was being slow I was like Yelp. Yup yup for literally an hour naps. Because there's that much depth of the game yeah. And did things he's getting most excited about is how is gonna screw me over in the game hit his like all I love this trading him is always awesome you you give people a card here in the meat can't do this and they can do that and make got to do it but then you can sell it to the next person and to sit here and Mike you know me up kind of color schemes and ago two and a half hours and we're not I would of forgotten rule orbiters to not have forgotten to tell me a rule death and then I'm going to lose that. Well and now and that is the one thing about this is is any time we play with new players it is so tricky and it also of course as a bunch of time to the game because you have to stop and make sure that everyone understands the ramifications of the decision is that they are about to make. Well would Vijay and I sat down earlier this week we started playing it we. We each had control of two factions and we were just kind of what we wanted to do was to see how the new. Edition differed from the old edition and I got to tell you they really streamline things. We started playing at and after about five hours we had for three whole turns. Three are out potential Tanjug record price on the gun and play the rest of the game and I know it's so weird because Ann and a lot of that was hampered by us talking to each other. About strategy. One of the things is we weren't we were not legitimately playing this game against each other to win reach controlling two different factions that we wanna see what a four player game looks like and we're seeing they're discussing like what what would this guy doing the situation and if if he offered him that did the other thing so we added to that time ourselves. We year talker as I know that's gonna come as the pricing yet yeah we like to tuck who does what now Dara. So bottom line. Everything is really streamlined they've clean up some mechanics that taking care of some of the huge question marks that were really did not I don't say ambiguous rules. But the types of rules that were. Different it could be interpreted differently differently in different situations and those interpretations were at odds with each other and huge conflicts would ensue. You end up arguing about the meaning of a sentence on our rule the rule in the rule book. For two hours and you would even get turned on at that point because. This needs to be answered right now because it's going to have a major effect on whatever happens next in the game. I feel like the new addition fourth addition. Has cleaned up a lot of that and we are up while we're thoroughly enjoying it I guess I feel like more from when I was boring it was actually straightforward a lot of it was straightforward there's a lot of it that's the thing yeah. There's not a lot of it's not it's not a complex in game it's just there is a lot to keep track yeah and and I died in general those two Siemens contradiction gender or not but. The rules are very straight forward exactly as you said Janet the rules of the rules and here's what works and here's what doesn't you can't do this you can do that but then. You have eighty choices to make every around almost it's just. Energy it's like any clearly they are you got three things you can kill bill movies or negotiating if you don't do any of those things then you know what that's it vendor turns over over well done turns out but you're negotiating a building in moving a pretty difficult space itself safe area and it's it's a fun game Elena miniatures are awesome and the planet's look great so it's almost like you're laying a win like the board looks like -- -- got a little -- have gone wrong things three complacent down. And it plans give your resources just like you to build in the farm you'll space station instead the F. But the cool thing is and I have that game with Iran's aspect as they also made gains from San creators who were you bid on. But essentially. Your power play of the round as I wanna say it reader in your order whatever react exactly and it's and that's awesome because then it is that more layers of negotiating with people and then. They give you money to trade with people that use the steel. Yes so that I see I have to tray when people otherwise you just got money goes to enough. And more into this cargo hold full of goods that you Witt who literally do nothing for you until you meet up with somebody else in space is a Hillis trade and then those goods become an. And then that money gets spent on other things but exactly so this is a toilet appear fourth edition it's from fantasy flight games. And I don't know if it's actually available for retail sale yet you can still pre order it at fair fantasy flight games dot com. Going for 14995. That's a US our first such a big gamers have a long game for a big box game that is a just a huge juggernaut have an amazing piece of work yet 149 is is a snip. Easy way to get good right you just you by the game he saw everyone else to bring the alcohol there that's it and yet everyone's got their entry fees you know and that's a good twelve hours further right and I think we're get an update from BJ I believe he's always ask me no we have solution on Friday exactly how many people he pissed off I gotta tell us on FaceBook just thought keep you posted on there. Wolf thank you must the lock out your welcome just a quick aside I know that the death no movie came out on Netflix fought. And I see this in reading mixed reviews on my roommates. Herb my current roomy and my two lecture me to love the anime series mark crappy night they had most of remain finished the show the movie that's writers and uninteresting not highly the only reason I wanna see it miss because his face and see how they're like drive and I had the neck at the next and that's the only reason I actually want to see it. They did posted to go to our FaceBook pages searcher BJ JC nation. There is a little posts about it that I tagged to the front that'll be the first thing you see. And other people are giving us their opinions on it. Just did you like it did you not what can they have done better I'll let several apartment and we all CNET tells you things. Question why can I mean why does movies any of those movies and goes missiles on his mountain why they never do that well. Why why did the translations to lose someone so therefore I wonder and I think I think part of it might be just because people have such. Such an affinity for the original. Immaterial T I tried to watch did the death note anime series that they've that they cartoons. And I he founded almost un watchable I was not enjoying myself at all. It's very slow them because I remember my remain it was obsessive than watching it all the time inside be eaten in the kitchen while he's watching in the liver and I listen love it's I got the being the main concept. And then a couple these layers he's like a million episodes ahead. Now that okay what happened between now and then and like I just really needed is recap yeah. I'm okay cool that was and now your own car and I'm like I'm seeing all the cared and I know what they look like cool at all I really needed is seen it just seemed kind of eerie and creepy that I like I don't let as a seventeen the Netflix on so we shall see. Yeah we it was ghost in the shell I can tell exactly what happened they lost the primary message of the story and that was to bet. Because they ate it and the thing that held together that original movie was was so. Powerful and meaningful and it was a it was a reflection on what humanity is and what it actually means. He pushed that aside for the glitz and the glamour and I'm not saying he made of it made a bad movie but it was not the original and that's why did not do as well because they lost. Visit the essence of the original ones I lovers are not my dad as half of the strive memory was Scarlett Johansson looks great. Has. Plastic screen anything rarely is there enough. Let's drag on and go quickly aside the for those who are big fans of the shape of the comic books runaways. We owe you got a little bit of information and and you're so I have my books and yet it's I have even medium it's I have good point. And so it really got mad at comic book dot com got the first look at the first few episodes and apparently it's going to premiere on and Hulu in November sweep this series. They didn't give us a whole lot of spoilers and now's in my computer decides trees Tehran and less broad but you can see the hole there the Riverdale show which is basically our GM. I never watch it I have a few friends that loved it which was weird to name. But they say it's similar to do is going to be that teen drama which makes sense they're a teenager Abby exactly. So they did give a taints without spoiling anything for season one. So it surprisingly faithful to comic book whether you saw the plot was too ridiculous and he expects to be too expensive for the show it's not it's in the show. The visual effects were not done that they have a clear radio how they wanted to trade them. So we go ahead read for eighteen comics furan curious on what's what they're referring jailed. Care aerodynamics are spot on with one major change to Molly anger its relationship. Did it change in their relationship yeah I mean do if she did. How one in the comics it was you know they weren't like you know we had a bond and like amber early in the first couple books she's there in the first book she says on the link or can I ask you a personal girl question she's in under no circumstance and they do you have NASA you're gonna silly posters I'm wondering if they're going to have. A divided on India in anger that Molly isn't gonna be ten years old. Too young a little older and I'm looking at this cast picture now India and AA Molly definitely thought older so I think it and and that's probably good for the storytelling again. Fans of Carolina dean will be satisfied. So. Also marlin Hulu aren't able to mention the concept even the word mutants yeah the runaways manages tees mauling a waiter I mean shoot the character because Molly isn't new millions have different situations going on in this is if you read the comic books. This is all in the comics a spoiler if you don't learn anything about the show yet. But in the comics Molly is immune. Caro Lina turned out to be an alien who who. Gripped parents cannot be time travelers. Nikos parents ended up being a sorcerer's the first death was we kind of solve one of them in. Doctor Strange we saw her mother guy area like a brief cutting stirring it was just pretty for Gordon. And then apparently just Alex's parents were just criminals who. Oh and then I chase is parents' word super science geniuses the exact thing and he he was a damn job he did a duck and I love that that was that was probably my favorite. Parent to child relationship and a comic so we had a right. So I am excited and I know that these steps moving along one of the thing before I get to your geek she their crystal real quick. And this could be real quick for us I post is also on FaceBook and double plays ago and I have to think Austin for sharing a picture with us and it's up pictures shiver ran as its content character. That can beat Superman. Putt and I love seeing what everyone. At her and they responded. Hulk Paul could you pull could be Superman now. Look like I feel like you would get a hold mode though at some point not halt brand YTVM angry enough that's the whole thing ranking of the Superman. But Superman I mean like Superman does got that thing where his strength is always direct and derivative in my opinion of his I'm the son of his other son slashed his motivation. Fares so I think gives motivation verses motivation I do get a whole angrier than some may be be happy. OK that's fair enough Amanda on our little thread here is I guess a fan of smirking. Now everybody chase right Betty all day they wake. Betty White Chuck Norris and unaccountable I believe justice there I must really mean comic but no character who will they went to a character in man I know but I love you I tip they're Justin post against Jack Bauer he's eggs that are going to be a new line this effort and he gets done and some in Carmen right Sonny gets done in 24 hours or its free. Well James Kirk literally defeated god dissident and a team as it does not I Jack says Doctor Who any of them. And they. Danny says literally 99% of the Marley universe DC's poster boy would barely classify as a low level mile an alien in the Marley universe whoa. Cricket words meant and it all away at Rick for American morning then yeah I can say yes. I'm Bonnie can defeat superpower that pulls got it literally and you go to the hunger Kryptonite a baseball that del potro. Travis. Gift of love doctor Manhattan. Yes I think well I'm real had a full range he cut at the doctor Manhattan and then a slew of new literally you can unmake realities on him. Aren't burial and don't turn the one that I was completely just thought of what I thought of this who can defeat and go crew from turned multi. And then hailing a new the new drag both he crossed the line now to go who can be gods because I just ain't that apparently. There there they don't how do like the hope you don't how many tucked her because I don't know you know he wants Dragonball Z and all our eyeballs. Now know that's the number one nothing there's link. There's a bunch of I still as a kid with my brother I don't see any new ones and I got nothing new super salmon tu do freedom for the five and 9000. And that is exactly what you're saying passing right government had any tires and it looks like they're conservator. Like great final episodes of that building up I. And get a power from everyone in the world for like with the city to the freeze or something that's I guess frees up. Dad comes back to you know face freeze and. Side note I hate you why college humor is really did like a set of blood comics of bouts. Dragonball Z and they made like freeze and all the bad guys like girl you dated. And on it was pretty awesome. While ruining Christmas Day well is fine and has and I used it also agrees with Hulk. Okay yes James still has led get the low low. The oboe Christina Chuck Norris in you Danny also says go to another Chuck Norris. And more Coca Mohammed Ali. Anyone named Martha says Alan ma yeah I thought that's fair. Mohammed Ali actually did beat Lieberman in the comic didn't mean I don't know if Superman through the match but. Didn't wanna kill Mohammed Ali. Aren't says the Hong Kong Finley. Magnetics PS feel free to comment on that immunity thinker send us a voicemail email any of that good stuff messages on FaceBook but I think it is now time for. She switched. Chris walker president of night. Hey you've heard of merit and content and we shouldn't through the other like weekly pass. So I want to preface everything that's about to happen by saying I love Star Wars yes I feel like of that is now. No knowledge and that's just did it deal would just take that for what it's worth because it's true I absolutely love start to do however. In an article I've for I read recently over on Rinker god bless Rinker god bless director. Who did you tire actually the biggest villains in Star Wars and I can improve it a crew put. I'm learning and guys and I you know more than me so you you can you explain this to me here's the thing yes they Jenna are good guys. They are. All at once. The embodiment of goodness and purity in the world and the law keepers and the arbiters of everything that's supposed to be good in the in the galaxy. Super right great. However. The jet I code itself which is incredibly restrictive including not getting married not fathering children are basically the night's watch. But then like super pure good guy and they Wear brown a simple exact got Jeff. But that genetic code as restrictive as it is actually leads many young Jenna I. Straight to the dark side I don't know. You know how much harder it is to be a good guy at a news via bad guys like solve our charter that's true. And there's a lot of the younger the younger Jenna who just can't take that and the dark side is super seductive so you know what if maybe if you loosen up on the rules a little bit jet IE wouldn't be losing so many guys to the dark Centre. Congress aren't. Plant they've restricted diet in the jet I had totally perhaps unfortunate you'll see any stats and I know you do not and you should you'll know why them because I've been pizza and that I vineyards and I have been able to see if he can -- he learned JC ensor. They over confidently believe themselves to be completely infallible when there's less time you Sy jet I do or say something that was like pro I messed that up my bad men and and you know they're always like. Well this is exactly as I predicted it would be an all of the force will lose it so it must be so when it they're just they're lighter there and I went to church. Yes and just let. And play whine about things happen. Moved distanced immunity in telling house stereo. They have the most insanely. Over developed sort of superiority complex ever ever portrayed anywhere. They are they think that they are above everyone else because of their ideals and their connection to the force and no we ought to I and maddening yet so. That they need god taking down a peg me or persecution to understand. They care so much about force sensitive recruits. That they don't care. About the family is that there essentially stealing these wounds literal babies for so it's like Harry Potter Horry get a little invitation with a cute little Howell or some big hairy guy comes and picks you up. Some big long haired weirdo in dirty road shows up at your door and says well we noticed your baby was forced sensitive so he's ours now. I would order star says nice Sonia. I mean I guess they could use the force to say hey you know you son nothing he didn't have a to have my bid in now. Now that makes it way much more legitimate and ran not creepy at all these tiny guy forget that you have a child old very young nearly eighty okay thing about think of an episode one. And akin who in that movie was probably what nine maybe ten. He was too young or too old to start the trading the serve they start them way younger than that now these young rulings man yet they've they've already he's on the diss on these on the knife edge of puberty decades so they get they like Katrina young so they just. Rob rob these toddlers away from their parents and like torn. He's ours now on a spell and we're like five and they go okay. You wanna be a jet I had your iPod what's it's just I already liked. There are many of them in the whole universe. We have a you know the first thing they do is you don't get to touch your parents ever again. Did affect your whole family is the jet I order now sorry. And get a quote light Saber need to pick a color. It's pretty good the only actually I finished my last is that you don't get a pitcher Kyle challenges Danielle Jackson there it is a holding just us talking. Number I mean and it do you really want me to tell you I'm only got thirty well today okay and what's his face ran out of color schemes and removing I don't know what I thought. The council is run by close minded zealots. You know quite I'm isn't perfect but at least he has more compassion than many and his fellow Jenna doesn't dismiss and it can like the other jet they were quick to give you a sense you know. At fear and anger the sense all these things in there like Welch picked that guy. A he's chosen Lincoln has many Koreans counts are so high now well we're we're not gonna we're not gonna miss that because he he might turn into the dark side. I feel like. Half cup. You've got what could potentially be the most powerful jet I ever. In your grasp you don't let him go often wander by himself few carefully nurture that guy because he's gonna be your own making and guess what that's exactly what happened I guess a whiny little one is at that race was pretty wind. Designing of light jet item they don't go recruit just don't ever cars or power because it is a Smart enough at what we are meant to believe and there are several novels and and other things that are outside of quote unquote cannons that will tell you different but what we're meant to believe. Is that those people. Who the jet I do not go and recruit. Live normal mundane lives maybe a little weirdness every now and again. But they don't become Harry Potter they don't awaken to their powers because they have a they have don't training. The biggest we Ron Weasley because that's like not that great except that I think of it up a minute and it's pretty grain. No. Sorry I throw five. It Vicki tell senator earlier they regularly make people do things without their consent think about the jedi mind trick. You are cool literally. Making someone do something that they don't wanna do you buy it waving your fingers Adam and saying here's the thing I want you to do. I just terrible. Isn't evil act pastor burner right. That it's just that they aren't above execution and they are down with the fascination. And with assassination. Of the. I am not not 9 am not talking about when that went and can cut off and arthritis is head he was Arab guy Ken Duke who if you prefer. But I'm talking about when Nash Sam Jackson shows up act in May in the chambers to arrest. Help the team. And winds up winning when he can't take him peacefully is like pulp I guess I gotta Killian out. Yeah they don't mind don't sit and hope they don't mind it at all. They're quick to maimed and murdered their enemies literally one of the first things that Obi wan does in the entire series is chop leads arm off a problem is gone for his blaster. Now if if if Obi wan was as good as all that he would just deflected blasters then the bowl threat and and everybody wouldn't fight. I was getting good luck this guy's arm off nip this in the bud right now so. They're constantly lying to people were close to them they're easily ruled by lower rules of power they carelessly. Took command of a mysteriously produce army. Our local army showed up in the jet they were like okay will Wilmer Mitchell will be your general that's fine we'll take care of this at the get tired are the worst. I would say that nearly two primary grows on you don't know that that could be that maybe he did you think walrus face degree grow an arm come on I hate foresters is living his dream world. I was a pretty cool man advantage and there are the other day and then no armed not to watch college and I can argue if my story huh. So take from which you know guys that I guess I did. And like I say this is all tongue in cheek you guys have to understand that I actually love the -- I'm very very very much but is sometimes you look at it easy take it from a different point of view and you're like. Maybe they're not that great after who's oppressing who here for a it's. 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