Walter Jones 09-07-17

Thursday, September 7th

Walter Jones joins us live in studio to talk Hawks!

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DJ am beyond excited for our next guest please welcome to the show one of the greatest FiOS a long time he's a hall of Famer number 71 Walter Jones. There was a guy move your Mortimer and you know what we're not kidding by the way because they you know did people say things like our. McGrady says one of the greatest that but you are legitimately you've got to prove you've got the papers you got the gold jacket I mean you really don't and we ended up there's certain doom yeah. Dress right dress ever do if a strike if you are if you haven't checked out and we talked about your web. Walsh got some sweet merge at www. Lender beat the number two EDI dot com which of course is best to ever do it. You wanna Wear this stuff than last week and I windows and. And I don't go to America has been very Grasso. There's something on them as well and on and hopefully it. Sarah Manny you know you brought us a lot of joy I think you know I did you say go by one guy shirts for all the great times because before then. It wasn't really fun being a Seahawks fan until we know you came along and unless there's a breakthrough for guys or around you as well and Wentworth for Super Bowl because you your group of guys. As I can imagine nice that farmers is Manila cynicism and hop music is. Is somewhere still been going on your hands on my mom grateful to have to be a columnist and men and now bill I don't know the cells don't. I want to go back in time to that never run for you guys because I remember we just started I can still be out here you have all the sudden the team is red hot and we're giving away tickets are doing crazy things went. We're from people like. Do bodily harm themselves to win these tickets staple brings some parts of their bodies they just ridiculous stuff because it was just like oh my god dust Seahawks are going to the Super Bowl match that energy in danger of being in the playoffs and M then we got to go to all those games and the atmosphere but as a player I mean can you go back and remember what that feeling was like the atmosphere Seattle because it really brought this whole city to gather one common goal and that's loving. Where you guys are doing on the field. Was very often I make are occurring during among move. Almost nowhere close all the New York calls a machine it's always say he did in the troops will bulls. And the team goes like this Luciano we will call Bloomberg the losers couldn't figure out. How to put this team notre cultural moves into the safe did you do it does away. No we can you tell us who will also force value and everything just clicked term you know rules. And I was going disown there was a great moment to be able to do it in Seattle convince each engine they'll tell you. Tells all system or does he defense crime and her stuff like dad are solid wooden winner always. Well there's little you play against opponents that you. Hey I really. Walter and you're of course you were around when things were always great you know that I have for Seahawks and the fans weren't as crazy about it is it sweeter coming in I don't you'd rather you see now Lincoln some sports somebody LA is pressing baseball guy gets brought him to a championship team he wave wasn't where he was he didn't have to go through the grueling times is it more rewarding to have been on the ground floor and basically it was you all. That was there and we see you were one of the reasons why football team so great around here is NFL south. Israel you know two decision the growth of valueless as well as where we've always do you have a great group work. For a guys especially all friends and dolphins a lot of talent to try to put people. On the map or Paul Watson also allows you know really what do you do you watch again remember lost both his arms over Gosselin you know it's. Those guys came out and competed every day in and people saw watched Norfolk arousal for me to see that their growth and to get to the smoke fills those solar also. There right man because. Even an idiot like me all of a sudden realize always not always just the running back I guess he's not even though they pay that guy a lot of money and even though we think he's the guy. It's receive those guys opening up through the links for him and and nicely and how can people away. We didn't we we didn't need we didn't know that really salute your world in the world Shaun Alexander we realize wow you know what Sean depending on who's in front of him music that's the kind of player he's gonna beat. Is that they're you know they're viewed as you know if you do you put it also a lot of fun but he's gonna make plays on things for Sean you know I don't think you clear from the professionals normal. And over dolphins' honor we Lou was to close the good news though we're desperate. Yet my eyes I hope I'm at bat stadium. Pedestrian I literally if there. You are considered does it remove a broken heart her sisters so hot now you know wherever your knowledge. There's also more muscle far from need to do to see that consider all concede the fans. Karl Moline and and they changed team and we just put those. We're talking a Walter Jones and by the way I want to do some cool stuff going on which we're gonna get into you're you can tweet and act big wall 71. He's got some great merchandise I mean he's got a sweet honey on right now and I I really wanna see if like some I'm assuming get them off his body it's called you know. And go to these two EDI dot com that's a letter be the number two EDI. Dot com best to ever do it. You know wanna get one of these for somebody I mean look the holidays are far away cost goes audience Christmas stuff out. Why not think about this to put under somebody's tree had a bad or Chanukah bush or wherever the hell you put a stop to make people happy doing. And I analysts about 96 checked because. I didn't realize you know it's it's 88 I just had no idea that you weren't you were such great friends of Cortez Kennedy because everybody is real cordial everybody you know or go to college when that guy plays it's always a standard answer. I don't know how close anybody is anybody but you really work close to Tess who of course another amazing sea hawk MS NFL greats. Yes for me was he chairs with the man near Seattle so firmly in the mergers are one team was. Not a good you know there's a definite dominant us player. So I just do as cargo. And houses since they go through the big man on campus there's still an endeavor you're spread from the convention and so. I had to go out there and Ben and improve myself and we occasionally was to go home owner rookies who doesn't. As always you have to remember there's kind of came around until Michael does does does your so for me. I was gonna. The way to handle dollars in the same gridiron known from the same barrier like barrel Solso feels pretty easy as well as for most of and confidence a little something that it was built a New Year's and they want I would say when he retarded he's a time. Man end and so that's. So then all of a sudden this thing 96 check comes in the play and this is a new campaign. Annualized unit of course Cortez which and in his memory was and these deals and what what what do what's this idea and what made you think of 96 check. Well oh really what happened was all right stormy MB I don't. You know once Broder had a story you know there are Bloomberg that the Americans every night at us way. Written for a solid solid and Julie New York no no radios don't remember I was like I had to do my own missile and that blows. I do another interview for a couple of Boeing. About a month ago and those are my first time under neutral monitors and stuff like doesn't. And his lady does saw an opinion on the whole thing and work. People trying to off that's when it was all about commission wanted me to write up I killed. And I don't normally do us a little ones I did and you and your account and I were scheduled don't they're trying to it is usually do I call youth and the moon night. It was necessary wanted to signal and so that's how many assists and just had a decision. First let's switch off to a good god vigilant about a window others who made friends with little no wait a good amount you where you. And that's Ahmanson's had a start as low score and that's how are you know initially reasonably. I'm sure everybody knows center calls home friends and some Samoan players zones that the sentence there was often an estimated there. Always on the chairperson catch up with a guy yesterday on the and it always talked about Chicago's chances talks normally you know your spirits and talk what I live open and you only talk to a hello we also kilometers stumble at the American mission logos like. I'm new look and say McKnight those who we earlier in the palm martyrs martyrs and no you don't. You wanna you can read what those god that you Callahan tunnels as you senator tables on her you know just. I don't wanna be noted Susan we know we're talking Wallace. And he had missed the bus to go between China Germany your animals I glad I believe him. So I got a chance to connect this is almost. They wouldn't talk to lose your intelligence came there was slow to learn you know those inside a day while individuals all the years don't look good as any money from us. Foreign press. As well isn't it roller wheels deals and great moment and I independent and pulled from the motto is there. They're also met with community clearly saw there and watching movies and gloom bloody. Brian altar call souls for you do you know what he's done an unsafe. I don't know consumes a critical moment. That's really cool so it's inspiring because I mean I'd suns obviously for you guys in the new guys you played always going to be identified anyone going to be enough not to be here for us like called family members call some old friends this. So that we all forget to do because we're all just kind of there Romo had their own little world but it's nice to take some legitimate and catch up with some old friends says. Earlier not terribly volatile and there was no houses and how do with the the president just it wasn't about you know I have plans call yourself blood. My mom was one million natural hormone before so I'm always the one they're gonna. You know better to do color won't New York is all good with the stuff so she wants to call me one there's you don't Marmara and I wanna talk to. Patel looking you're open to look this guy and all kind of our story. We're talking a Walter Jones and again and you wanna sweeping Walt it's pretty simple act they were all 71 plus check out as merge page he's got some sweet stuff that I think you gonna date. A www. beat the number two DDI dot com best to ever do and of course there's the stands for and we will whenever picture obviously a lot of their awareness and one of the fine pieces emerge you can get. Asking it's a dumb question me I had I got to ask you because I really isn't that I apologize Walt Williams is what do you guys is an honor and remember bill. Paying attention to you in your career and it was always judged great creative ways of not being amateur go to training camp. And then I heard these stories and I look at work as a guide to diamond talk I don't know I pride gone into I don't feel you are not and I did that because you're not pushing suvs that we've heard that we are at our door whenever I just talk you back in the day. True you pushing us use these as a way of big preparing for the upcoming football season. A man there was toll through our own our house and us human we owe a lot of weight equipment so Forrester. To your Chinese embassy or Marcos you know we. He moved to make this pushes for the Troxel. Also the wonderful young men were also. How old mrs. Clinton almost all aware what kind of character mulls over there so I went back to doorman and a cargo 2000 is familiar oracle and wanted to see me. Can Somalia and look and remember amounts less fantastic if there was only use for your room right now matter. Reynolds there's really not a lot of other a lot of kids commotion that was no idea what to do stuff like girls those colors on the marijuana. John Q was torn NORTHERN IRELAND you know some food for thought as well as London is all about. I'm not a moment triangulate its disposal. There was no better way to do it as an earlier agreement come you know. Caroline you know he fuel Tony who is you people I don't know opponent only if there's an opponent. It's well on the power of the holy wall. Remember Carlson free while Lou I don't like an island agriculture bullets relate to retire early to do this anymore. Again Walter I delay and the I don't know how much you wanna say about this but I thought you were genius. In the fact that if you would miss some training teams this is nothing more frustrating to us and seems somebody getting injured outside of the season dad on Father's Day heck economy an economy things you know especially isn't players getting on in their career do we need to have. Have a goal and Greg JJ PME did this and they can do to get ready for the season without actually getting involved and activity and. Can get him hurt I don't know I think you're losing you know you understand the reason I understand the reason I think there's more there for the younger out of how do you assume you know is not about oh. Clearly. Dormant for the team ritual and transgender women more for some those younger than you just don't like him. So you meet your conditions not as Lucy Jones pure business for a routine so I think is good for those those shortages. But they're like you're older guys not only Cheney can cause. And it probably in their own. I've been gone for ten years only Dutch German foreign nationals trying to challenge our old Charles blessed to be missing most of Virginia's own when I cannot it was pretty familiar about plus. And years are gonna change in Washington. I would imagine training camp here is all written less. Do you all fall you know Amanda won't winter Gmail pose a great situation goes your chance still to be around god and is known guy so we knew once she got about it. Here are gonna do a great job with this team members great cost. Only in the first your lives and candidate who was telling Woburn Osama guys I don't Freetown it was doing so little when you lose pensions imagine. Iran do the same thing you want to Singapore's do we hear so slow cool way to train him Google's got you when you're favourable. And we know Walter Jones and hearing and and Walter listen I I'm gonna I wanna talk to about this but not in the way that a lot of people around about it I mean but since you're here and you actually played the game which is great because I know nothing about what really happens in football. I mean what what one appointments recently happened to Michael Bennett met and the stuff that he's gone through. What I wanted to ask you want is can now he's got all the noise first of all anybody in their brain and it goes hey I wasn't there what do I know about anything and you know. I also can you double amputee I feel like some people just wanna take sides. And I'm surprised at how many people just wanna take sides. Whether they have a clue or not what really I wonder is that here you are. You're a football player your senses some days away from the season beginning. What are you guys do when all of a sudden there's just all this noise from idiots in my own business. Who just likes him you know it's like they just want to headlines they just want some sort of salacious as going out there and I'm looking man like. How do you guys. Meal ban together and all the analysts and something really bad happened to one you want your Brothers out there for really what do you think they're doing right now in order to basically I guess just. You know be cool and and be able to go for because it's a psyche situation and people in my business and sometimes some fans are not make it in any easier. All right good stuff to go well I think good drinking a monitors that those balls to do with a bit of a guess as football players Dustin stuffed at. You you don't lose lose well you in this profession because you can deal with a lot of stuff and be able to. Bring all these methadone I don't work and what makes a good coach they can put all these personalities of these guys are doing their own thing for the relief. Good job you remember all these guys together. And put one call third and one play isn't pure little bonus and Obama might have better stuff you know you. You feel for the guy so would you still started I'll support you and we read it to you know we've got to find a way. To try to get rid of fools who voted him as well as lesion and hopefully there's an over the organization and AMP general. And no birds no no no no reform this weekend. And you know and and Walter I tell you Manny is he trying to have a life in the world to bring up a public figure and now I mean this is that they may and a the average person can go out there and I guess you know they want Angola show go to a match go to something I mean when you're a big guy I'm here for just how do I really you Walter. You're gonna stand out I did and so. I mean I I just think that if there's trouble they're going to see. The guy and go oh my god there's a guy and I mean how do you live a life knowing that you are definitely differences and since you can you still go do what regular people get to go do because. When your public figure. When you also look very different I mean you know it's one thing to death this season thing in life but also Walter you're a big guy just took a picture next to do and I really felt like I was. There was no laws on mainland as fundamental. Principles are no doubt about our very best I can't imagine how high you know yeah. Sorry our economy is like thank god this guy's here right now because we know plenty he's gonna protect me but. You know I I think about that think like I mean how do you live a life knowing or do you at least have some dollars all right you know like. I look the way I do I am a public figure. I does that play ability in your life is just how you conduct yourself because it seems to me it's a real frustrating thing to be like I'm just me and yet you know what. I'm gonna get I'm gonna get profile for a lot of different reasons. I. You know. Stuff you know is very much for your comes with the territory thank her for four players for me because I can speak for anybody else. For me outrun always among youth he's just like she was saying you know your big guy can play. Amazing game and everybody no use I always think about the image that you he he he usually does show so for me I just run as little bit. I'm not going to be on my best friends to widen the school you never know their mommy you're not a message was we really don't know for me I don't know well for me. I've just got to say you know I am I trying to be as normal as possible. But I understand or comes we're there. Takeaways and all this garbage your guns on this and iTunes and he is out for pro with the Barnes and trying to figure out how to. Remove tutor. They're there are lots of. On the net and obviously America like Bannister is a big story but I think even a bigger story is the alternate Seahawks slow Mo yeah I was trying to talk. Fast yeah that's because that's a rock I mean the old school Jersey and the the New Jersey obviously they knew that many remembered that in the run when you get in this home all night at the new Arab. I what's your take on all the different styles and do you care about that kind of stuff and you know my new logo. All our own own own own rumors among a certain how large well you know trying to you know the muscles organs and muscles in the lower third with the mogul like trust electrical. Well that's a new rules or not I don't know there's just one of those analysts all of its way you know you trying to cheap oh and everybody sort of says. Because as supporters of Clinton that I think trying to sell a couple shirts and I don't know I you know I think uses one knows this is like you know you get a new CBS on news utensils like him. I think he's just go to the sort of complete the jets don't you know we've we've heard from no small. Totally you know we were at an event you write a bit cooler uniforms and you know like all the the blue uniform from the Washington. I think go a good my exert enormous Warner company where they're they're blue green funerals in the 2000 club. Well played in those schools here also math. Condone students are you should be uniforms oakcrest egregiously alternatives this. Did you graduate and lime green. I don't wheelchair you notice also how you played meg a million Hussein is solid and doesn't like to stay over there. Usually we're firing got to watch my game as a tough question but is obviously not a lot wasn't offers while I was normal homo settle welcome to George you know since gone he's gone bad Paulson on Tuesday at the moment week. Most of you guys are slim and Q what would you like a basketball player there was shrimp crystal ball. Initiate work home and look who look more like a football player is a premier. Wu. The little slab a different room I almost feel Washington office on Augusta. We're proud boomers are soon to dissolve this move forward zillion would. Cross ownership coming often lose them and you know coming off my clothes come off her unborn kid Summers as well in the shoot out and Winona deduct it didn't even as the sun shines and don't win this he would do as I don't. You know on the I don't know I know put it doesn't want to do want to see the team is young with his team forms are no good to see her. And we were ordered me to be there. He said he worked for the Britannia offseason as it does that mean there's any hopes restorations of possibly getting involved in the world of coaching. No matter you know there won't be rationale I don't know if I'm ready to rough him up right now in this formalized a mile relay team put them much. And probably does your first alone and I know how much work to take some players and I know. Or do coaches ought to do to solve. And now we learn this doesn't happen and it in the near future Verizon now. Not an Angel and if I do know a lot complimentary use they taunted Gosselin won't ultimately they come and don't. I'm willing to give information do you figure potentially. Could walk in you don't really enjoy the event and owls are a bit up and I'm literary. Can't they want to with the evolution of coaching does the idiosyncrasies and shoot your beauty and all your you still hang out with the Seahawks are you very much involved. And of course you that you know all the coaches you've had in your career. Pete Carroll definitely seems to be this new wave of how old new should coach in the NFL as opposed to hi you know maybe the Bill Parcells kind of saying. In it's. At what have you noticed was the biggest change you go wow and a coach today has to be able to do this and a coach today can't do this anymore what they would what do you seen. That used to happen you go back can't happen anymore if you wanna be an NFL head coach. I'm. So we're going you know why won't we impeach then you your first time a woman partner until March when he does come from the culture homeowner. He knows all about being quarry in Paris but it'll do you have if you listen to music and your phones. And you go to fractures like ma'am I'm on my clothes. So brilliant and also different then what do you honestly you know once you sought god where there was complete knows all about compete. And then when she saudis doesn't mean football field you know he made an Adams who just like you was a gang days off on this I understand that. I've spoken now you see in that dead tree of global coast they're all local saloon and now you look approaches on TV and then run is playing blend of music loud and just felt like missile how come on the stand therefore you prepare yourself for the game situation and everything you have and so. Best of new ways and now legal rights you know I think in did you go to a little momentum into a new product innovation. The way they do is say come on in New York time and you don't fulfill emotional wallop. Take us one only and so. The way did the new wave of cultures donor is all about how they think they are a maker of the uncomfortable for you so right now amassed a new way you work how you miracles dreams especially your computer is coming out and they're all about music they're all about the true and and independent he should do a great job of keeping with intranet and keeping you guys involved and what's going on that to me don't post. While I appreciate you coming MM 1996 checked we where did the whole idea just check in on somebody they haven't talked to when your life and see how they're doing throat and I they haven't seen in awhile. What a great idea and again I go to www. Beat the number two EDI dot com best ever do is of the essence for check out the merged. And you'll be able to Wear what they walls where is our guest Richard Herman PSAs she did not become and it's a great great talked he had. The next morning and then. Point nine KI DS up here.