BJGN09-08-17 - The Tick, Killjoys & More TV

Friday, September 8th

BJ reviews The Tick & talks Killjoys; BJ & Joey Deez discuss the cancellation of Dark Matter; Vicky & Spicoli talk Rick & Morty; Rev talks PAX with Gareth von Kallenbach; and we get the Geek Sheet with Vicky B!


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Your inner geek wants to come out and play like where to. Joined Vernon Wells safety Golden Globe where you when your fellow geeks can hang out play games just nerd out 24/7. Whether you love RPD's video games or are just a major fan of size flying culture Vernon Wells says something for everyone. Let your deep flags fly at Vernon whilst the sign up today and see for yourself BMW duck club that's BMW doc plus. Ladies and gentlemen geeks of all ages you are now entering Vijay chase the nation. Welcome yes welcome Vijay Shays geek nation and I in the reverent and play go across from me he is Vicky Barcelona five we have a uncle Chris oh hello. BJ Shea yes strict holy day and of course Manning the board it is. Joey. I'll on today's show we will talk television and I will talk with Garrett Bud Collins bock and of course we will get picky she wins big TV. Vicky how can people get ahold of last CJ geek nation dot com it's gonna have all our information our podcasts are good stuff into exile Russell on alt plus media platforms you know he Diggnation. Thank you so much. Let's talk some television. Of course I was here for the game throws finale but sucks they yes I I did talk about it. Was I here for now the there was no I don't know Marlins Phillies today it was the dream team. Well I do know that you did watch a show Vijay because you're not foolish yes you do yes and then they stick. Yeah I know I think this one under a lot of our radars I know I miss Abbott wait for it it's Al it's out of your Mac to get all of I'm still excited about it is so great and really so good and I mean you know I have to tell yeah I think the best take ever is that penis or an aphorism I think is imminent close yeah was it a year extra syllable Serafin no witness his Serafin I would sue I I know him as the voice of Darth mall he was also one of the guys in that Shaun of the dead when it comes buddies. There Lleyton yet need to remain. Wasn't spaced as well this correct yeah our back there he was a big do she guys in that are in this hearing him use sound appears to read his Peter who Serafin with skimpy its software know it's tough when yet Peter Serafin always is. To meet and look we've had Patrick Ward Burton that's Elizabeth let's say you're comparing him to Mo he see he actors he is so good as the ticket has so go to the pilot and oh yeah it was I couldn't believe I would believe anybody. No he's done Patrick warmer Mike Patrick Warburg. At first credit he doesn't he does his own statement yeah take and it's great itself and and it's different than what warmer and stick was it's it's different than it pretty much any guy iteration you've seen cartoon not. And it is so good Jackie Earle Haley is really good Internet. Rorschach is in it and he's fantastic dad. I hope everybody know our third I Griffin Newman plays a great Arthur I and if you love that if you love the first episode as the goalie but the whole shoot it just gets better and better and better. It's it's really fantastic. It's such a fun thing it's it's what powerless was supposed to be eight yeah you know gosh there really is really was what powerless was supposed to be. And then take his fantastic he is so fantastically stupid. That it is just a I mean you can see why Hastert is you can really see why he needs Arthur because he is such adult but he's so lovable. And the key in this a character called over kill him I won't tell you who it's supposed to be but you'll know right out the bad whoo it's supposed to be. And man oh man be he is really really something. Yes. OK as I can barely hear myself I'm noticing it was halfway down that you carry them article. Yes oil I'll go out to sort of yet so and I'm not gonna spoil who overkill is but I think I would tell you this it. There's also there's a voice of an there's an automated voice that brings me back memories of a lovely TV shows star name yet fast. I think that Hasselhoff. And yell you know the voice you hear and you know the context. There's so much right about this show including. I have to say including character known as ms. lanes and the. I. And this Lance has a problem with her superpowers that I never even thought to be a problem with her type of superpowers. And that's why this show is so brilliant it's well written it's so fun and you know what they've got good special effects that they put into it. The intro reminds me a lot of marchers intro that's the only Eliot you're the type like him you get an intro margarine and maybe they kind of want that vibe. But thumbs up it's on Amazon prime I hope your prime member because all it's to me it's the reason to be a prime members because I definitely jumping and really I don't I. I can get an awesome a whole foods I get a discount with. You and a number on the urgent oh yeah I don't know aged dad and daddy ads. Swedish organic Jimmy street you can completely rely on Amazon to stay sets I like my dad and dad and that's exactly but with guys that didn't take it's such a great show so I'm glad to McCauley I I'm glad you're looking forward to a it is out it's already there and only six episodes of this season. And will Libyan okay cool will it be another season well episodes six. They tell you. If there Wheeler won't be immature I love about the show the night I doubt whether there'll be another at the season or not is pretty cool that and at this about the shows so much and so much fun just to watch as it's happening. Another show that you've been running is kill joys. Cardiac kill joys man out there wrapped up their third season and unlike some bad news were about to report they're gonna get a couple more seasons. And so we will get to see this end to end their and the writers of kill joys. Will be able to know how to do it which I think is really great because I'm Michelle libretto has made a very fun show. I don't know if this is under everybody's radar not but this show for the last three seasons is really had a great story arc. The characters are really fun they swear a lot it really gives you the idea that they are bounty hunters. In a world where it's run by a corporation while world and actually has four worlds and killing all the latest and wise. Mom really really fun characters and this last episode was basically about this woman Dutch finding out virtual origins as there's another woman who looks exactly like her this other woman is bat S crazy. This other known also as well most powerful creatures that that have been created did their called the Holland and they have green goo when their body may take humans stick is green do when you when you become super human you never got us. And her and she's a great and she has the ability to control anybody who has this green group so you think it's cool Haywood today and our framework yet I don't want to get it out. 11 dude two yes so as she and she's been wanting to kill dodge for the longest time turns out there's a reason why she wanted to. And this whole war was about to happen a war that pretty much the good guys can't win but they're gonna fight it anyway a lot of good buys a lot of sadness a lot of prejudice. A lot of things covered and at the end of this episode they really were like. Oh wait a minute there's a whole other character who they have been introducing. This that we sort of forgot about called the lady and a parent she lives in the green grew. And we don't know who lady is but now we've got to that's the real enemy here pin and so the two warring factions realized. Obviously headed up by crazy green blue dodge and regular dodge. If you ever have plans to watch the show I won't spoil the but I will say that it's really fun to see where Dutch comes from. And basically how she's and associated with the heard this her base near double gang are mile. And I know you to MP fans who love the double gainers. And I and and I still don't know until what year is there's I don't know going. If if she and her double game go out and date you know who we think pays. Zero point coming and they go to Asia. Sorry really sorry I mean I do iron on why I don't know nine how many calls just. So is really good I headquarter and court normal people come up to me and tell me that this is a great show that they should absolutely go a lot of action he had done a lot AB reminds me of fire escape in the amount of action O'Hanlon and and the fun characters in there. I don't think it says I don't know I maybe. It could be just because I love farce gave so much I don't know if it's as good as far escaped but mourn Morey feels like it's getting as good as far escaped night I have to say that. You know as they've developed in that they might be opened fire escape territory that's how good the show isn't our. The last episode got like an eight point nine from the fans so people dig in its call it's called kill joys. You can catch up on the episodes are all like I think ten episode seasons and I was season three and they're gonna get two more in the gonna get to wrap up their story arc. Unlike another show that I don't get to wrap up a story oh he had this. This is and a sad for you guys I did not watch the shows why don't look too bad about I'm calling it season one and now my do I wanna watch the rental we can talk to do we d.s about this because dark matter has been canceled just after its season three finale aired leaving many questions unanswered. It look there was a favorite on scifi but it will not come back. And added this really know why at this point just unfortunately it looks like the executive producer and show runner Joseph. Mozy. Announced on Twitter that it wasn't being canceled and he on his daily blog he just says that working against us was the fact that we weren't a scifi original. We were an acquisition and for those not know when originals series that is the built by the network and more importantly owned by the network allowing them to monetize the show through its things like international sale streaming it stutter. As for the decision to cancel it he just says one would assume it was financial. I heard that scifi had invested a lot in original programming for point 720 team when he seventeenth when he eighteen. And Eddie recent announcement is their supernatural slate would seem to confirm as much. So it looks like he was it financial decisions for them to get and I. Think I'm pesticides five because you can't continue to do that to the fans and she enjoyed these you'll back me up you see more of the episode I have this is show that had a huge mystery out of the gates. And I don't know if they actually solve this mystery by the way where you where you are in season three but I got to be thinking that they haven't solved the mystery don't really have a poke. As you also watcher and you know I watched the first two episodes but I was I was I had made time for a in my schedule to trying to caught up to guys. But I mean I mean episode eight season when I'll be out up as soon playing here can't they kind of don't rap I mean everything kinda comes a conclusion in the sense that you know. What's happening. But believe you would just like kind of cliff hanger of wall everything's kind of screwed and that six yeah are there really fix anything yet oh you know premier everything's in Arizona with Hannity and that I really did not really clever or but I'd things need to get. Results still so there there's a slight ray of hope your vote mosey says that he had he had originally pitched a much shorter final season decide fighter wrap up the story. They weren't interest did so he's shopping it around to other networks to see if someone will pick it up in and animals to get us that last season. You know and I think net Netflix right now is running the old season I gotta be thinking that if they think it's good enough to throw on their platform that they would actually get with him the lead to wrap it up and the tiger I think and had. Michael. How we did get me a list email for missing casinos said BJ at abbey DD nation at calls from Heather. Who was really sad about the fact a dark matter did get canceled and had a very long email but the crux of the email was that it's really up to is the viewers because the ratings really weren't therefore she looked up the ratings information in there were pretty low. And her main complaint is about the fact that when sacrificed first started. It was doing weird stuff like wrestling and a bunch other things but now they're putting out Cawley programming it's up to a. The other problem I think with dark matter is is that you've got a mystery and a note to stretch that out over multiple seasons is really challenging yeah it's really really challenging and the mystery that the mystery is is they don't know who they are they wake up ownership and they don't know who they are slowly but surely I'm finding that there that they're different they're flushing out the characters. A little bit at least I know season one it is hard to maintain that and even you Joey. And I think that's why the ratings weren't so good affinity for like Jolie now I PCs into. What would it take to get me go back to season three Joey struggle to get back to seize country yeah they go to. In March accident happening to kind of versions of the story lines some characters didn't make it. Not a whole lot made sense and ensor is season three actual motive better because they kind of hone in on or really mattered but unfortunately Ryan as you see not good enough and until Joyce's action is it's an action packed show even the solar shows are the shows where you go allows is really necessary. It's still filled with action. And I think that they've got the formula and dark matters a little slower pace than kill joys. And well kill joys is getting two more seasons now kill joys might be a scifi original and that might be another reason. But I definitely think got to both shows once a little slower. And the other one is you know I mean if you like action I mean you know that's what's gonna keep you adjusted death and kill joys also has a pretty harsh language. I mean it's amazing what I hear a macro being a little more a door up for a lot of the adult crowd really tight I mean they say everything but the F for a kill Joyce who and they say some really like I'm like to just use those two words together yes hey. How old. Com but it fits because they're bounty hunters and their living in a real gritty universe so it does fit staying in space let's talk a little luck Rick and Jorge Julio better wet why let's talk about another space the final frontier. Which is the final frontier was a make fun of it. The normal don't forget premieres this week only it's Sunday night frontier Seth MacFarlane surprisingly Star Trek send out there which people who really looking forward to more than Star Trek discovery which is the real start fresh and that's coming yeah I'm a couple weeks. Yeah and you get John five row directing you've got eight impanel they actually team. Also saying I'm continental buyout as she was lucky thank you yet and penny was of course she was in deep space nine Jews she was Cisco's girlfriend right around Rome freighter. I'm looking so forward to ask. I hope it's good everybody's really stoked about it and people are liking this important structure discovery trailers and a I'm so it's the or bullets on fox and Seth MacFarlane man. I love a lot of simply does so I know he who he really takes great care. In doing these send ups of things he loves I know he loves this world and this is going to premiere on this Sunday but then after that it will be a new episodes will air on Thursdays on fox. God knows this Sunday and then Thursday's Saito is Enron's man training no no no room there arrest was given Man Ray and what I like is only fiber of the Spokane what 40%. That's 4% of the season and 92% this beast out of gas yes I like it like that's not. That we sell or we will have to see how diligent and we will definitely get a review of that once once we do wad what we do watch it just quickly as the holy NB DNA guys are both super into Rick and Marty I don't know I don't abuses are well I think it. I'm a little behind you you guys left in the season that so far. Absolutely were halfway through the season mostly in small break and asked the lieutenant of season. Our right now just brought the height I was actually very disappoint anybody imagines like hey so we don't work on Monday at low Labor Day let's go let's look originality and then. I'm new I'm. So glad to know we re watched it on to the old lines and is just. One thing I noticed them and one of my friends just got into way and she's like yeah. Can we compare being written think it's it's annoying. And I really do have so much anymore eggs it was very much every three words like it. Yeah yeah. Plus it's it's a little bit Elisabeth being there in the season and I was reading I think the scenes post a kind of reflects how he feels going through his divorce like bingo harm tens of course or something like that what I do you feel like. I have heard that is supposed to be a much darker yeah it's definitely dark Rihanna characters are changing all of the above forty is five point two groups kind of secretly the darkest one. Yes play. Like there was an episode where our word that Rick and Jerry had an adventure hadn't ended it did first there are like it's because the board he feels weird about his daddy Phillies that needs a win and mortars like I just shrink direct. To get them out of here for the sake of all those BX yeah. I got hot and bad. The dark stuff he completely mutilate summer's more different than yeah ex boyfriend ex bush for a well I don't like that at that you have my sister. We gotta talk a sit down kind of all enjoy he had known her my sister we should Rick respond that way with somebody was after his family yeah yeah I have this theory that only like maybe 80% competent is even possible. That Rick is an adult Maurice. And it's Honolulu and you know. Siesta torture and his young cells to become the Rick that he needs to be that would be great well does that sort of inclusive sort of it's I don't think that is amazing I love that that that that would be a real cool twisted it does it's a dirty gross kind of show but it isn't real like it's so weird how you can connect to it. Moving up from that I have to speak with mr. Gere is fun common bond. And skewed in review that is as key an. Here is Von Colin Bob gay and he is from cute and reviewed he can find him as K and and nag here this is this is below are definitely was a busy weekend for you with the with packs west going on. She absolutely. Just you know should she talked about dale whirlwind trip Curome per week and it's like tax and each and every other game practically doing so listen our friends. And on top to read the news just kept continuing even after passing stuff kept coming in and all their updates and big bombshell at the we're gonna talk about later so well. Yeah time's up you know let's start with the Ubisoft what did you see from them that really kind of have a stent has a stunning deal in the recent days. Well the nice thing about it we saw deserved saw a lot of stuff for these three and they have eskimo that you are one of the nearby hotels for some good drive an extended time they love mysteries in games like a record anxious and these terror builds there were separate from what we Saudi three shot and doubt one of the great things they started to -- push for Croatian five. And as the great thing about it is that they really don't adopt this time out they showed us how old like if you remember I mentioned the past. There was an airplane that was loaded the guild's looks like a standard attrition plan but the guy's got bombs on our rockets always find out the doubts and NPC character and their hours to them. You can shoes and so like for example one area that I got bogged down with a 93 for a while she should marry you can call in a bombing runs so essentially be finished we brought to tanker truck out. Yeah at our bombing and in that area and miniature restricted dynamite and they all right it's the same time push cleared out pretty much all Ludlum one. A slogan and of course should know. When I got the truck the semi truck or was it on areas that I hadn't been able to go on before she ran over some of the coldest nights of their truck and and and a nice twist. And have like it is really kind of creepy religious rock station in my guys and oh yeah they have their own radio station now clergy and their vehicles they get their own stuff so. I really impressed with what we saw one burst out some played one of the many games and it's. Danaher makes fishing has a very large part of the game in terms of I guess they wouldn't quite tell us what it was for. But dissidents fishing is an important orally told me it was no you're not going to be making a backpack and a holster on the session. And of course the level. Don't presume would slow slammer you want up there interest rates fell on her convoy MMD loosened things up I'm now slamming. That alone would have been enough and and they showed us accrued shoe which lets you do motorcycles trucks cars speed boats planes and it's an addition of the racing and everything there Formula One cars you know stock cars should you can get points for trying to build a reputation and they have us like in Manhattan literally buzzing the cars when a plane and then on a hit. Pusher robot you could switch to a plane or boat now I don't recommend doing what I did which was buzzing. Central Park in the plane and the Bosnian going to vote aspect and Atlantic Ocean and whether you know I'll give credit if enough gas 300 debacle will go down the street I. Some out today is so Brothers opened box. Insane people there you can do some mud. Island home raising on the street exactly and final thing they showed us was a new bill assassins Korean origins. And that was good as we got used some of the air re votes down the -- got to do the mix of results we got to do some horseback riding and basically I won in and just you know killed everything in sight and they were Jonas the mix of the you know the power relays using mission year old Dutch English so we'll have some video up for that really really soon if not such buzzed. You know by the end of the day we ship them all up excellent what's editing on all the fun stuff on that now what did you hear on the Bethesda front I'm always excited because usually at this point right now we get new inverted and ended the VR stuff do they show Los Anemia are things. They did they had June ma and PS. There's the Duma and death fallout I didn't get a chance to outplay that I bros playing their other setup and get get to us. People were waiting in line up upwards of three and a half hours sister's life just ten minutes demo they asked. I mean I if they about a minute automated taxes here I would've been a probably whatever I just hated good chunk out of the time that I should have been doing other things. So I'm kind of glad out just kind of go wait and see how that works but do you know any details on the DR Legg how how much work extra work they've put in to make this a better experience than just kind of like. Maybe they need you know in the nice analog to this would be those 3-D effects afterwards on a movie or something like that and noticed into the. Much fairer and skill level from the beginning top media do your experiences from what I had and you know its interest and because they have in addition that you VR games should they have the new contents Alps for the elder scrolls on mine she they have three new Tripoli titles coming out between now on October tang and I'd like you know they're they're not good rounds you're these things and they were fantastic. Wow that's a lot of fun to hear about that just because I'm I'm very excited trials Audrey Armon say that an alternate titles are going to be a lot of fun I don't mean. No writers just does it is honored to to the outset it was good how can you see within two was amazing was even better and then abortions in ML tell justly but it does when you start off on a submarine stream bordered by Nazis you're in a wheelchair and your finding permanent wheelchair wall holding a gun in the other hand and you actually have to sometimes. Take dead shared on a flood mr. Ayers bat that's actions. Were you right there while that's Katsav. Pretty interesting and that now let that sort of stuff so I'll definitely check it out now we've got to move on geez on Star Wars news because is it looks like episode nine is Star Wars has. Just lost its director. That is column tomorrow. Album saying his name random now one buddy he did direct Jurassic world. But it rarely step down from the project. Yeah well there is basically was forced tell us more we're hearing him Steve this is kind of all along the scale so I'll give you here's the track the quick version of red and essentially what happened once he started off the scorer Brodeur won movies safety not guaranteed. You know minimal special effects. No real stars became my indie darling can literally get stressed its world what people don't remember his -- they universal amen shut down production for almost a year fired several of his handpicked staff. There's the word is he was trying to do his own thing and the studio basically had to come to god meeting and said this is the way things are dominant big budget major studio you will listen the producers she will listen to the guys that you we will tell you what now to do it now as the film went on he was given more and more range from that he was able to get Star Wars now. There's this film he did call the book of Henry when she pretty much did entirely on ozone which and it was absolutely savaged it was a box office bomb accrued extort two pieces and it. I remember the moment the reviews started coming in for that people were Cummins may say and you just watched as he's already looking for a way to get a Mao T and that I am fortunate. Yeah and zero when we've been hearing stories and basically. Even though. Someone else and I'm the screenplay the storyline she was basically doing the final draft chat and we kept hearing things like every birdie and he submitted was being used by Disney and they weren't happy with the tone and they weren't happy with the direction we've heard rumors that shot there are actually considering another. Some ice trilogy beyond this one to continue like possibly rage and to spin and so on and so forth and just see no ice. It's possibly a much darker own name just nothing was really wish stamina cohesive and satisfying and this trilogy. And I guess between that in a negative reviews around. Book of Andrea just became easier to say okay. There you go. And this is is fairly recent so have there are many any sights set on any possible. Replacements form at this point or is this is this is still just rumor bell. That's rumor no one rumor I heard something majors stick with Brian Johnson who let me Suriname you know who. The base usually not her had a heck Obama last genocide there have been some people saying it's time for FEMA director and patty Jenkins fresh Charles Wonder Woman. Has been mentioned could see the thing about them is they have a history of you know making sure they make a good head and we've heard nothing but good things from a crew and set about Ron Howard taking over the Hans solo film. Everybody's saying he's got this thing running in the right direction one I'm hearing is the big question as they've got to get the script and Shockley recently brought NAS rewrite search Jews try to finish it up and they were planning on going into production in January. So it's kind of that's where there rap right now they wanna see where there are they wanna get the script done if none of course you have a matter of getting the you know the director in place check and then the other question -- are they gonna make it may. You know 29 team like they're talking about or Systemax have to be pushed back again. And so we shall see. At least at this point they're not afraid to push it back when they have to use so it's okay it's been in good hands and if you like seven. I'm sure aid is going to be fine airs you know they're doing with it. They're not dropping people with batteries and and I think for the most part it's actually kind of varies and and everyone seemed everywhere that point. Exactly Garrett thank you so much again Garrett is on column box you can find him Escude and review that is SK and our died mansion check in other videos from packs some of the most recent things and of course some of C more that was army three and now beyond then in the past on that thing he much cares. And he's I'm charge simple digger. Thank you so much Garrett and again you could find that I'll ask you reviewed escape and are dot net now it is time Paul. She Swiss TV so picky now what's coming out this week well we got quite a few things one of the things they do wanna highlight was any humans. Doing O riots and hand. IMAX whole screening and I think last last week or so where I even posted on the FaceBook page. That they were going to make the screening less to go there and have an IMAX for a couple of weeks and they cut that down to less gas so that wasn't really looking glide. According rotten tomatoes they did that with Florio's. 0% to Alice. Nicole Lee. You managed to see that I zoo I did and you know like I I knew that the reviews are being really bad this on the set about like that the problem round tomatoes is if all the reviews say it was basically below average that 0% drop to Boehner know is it's all or nothing. And that's kind of how I felt about it. It's for the most part it's not terrible it's it's a TV show. It's a TV like he had seen things people say goes is the worst thing marbles ever done and they forget how the agent of shield began and yet again guys I I I bailed on agents is shield seasonal wind you always feel like three tie yeah I'm daddy can I came back for the whole Hydro reveal with all that was Bill Paxton and and had to bail again. In the first season stuff is sometimes very rob yeah you it's going to be if first season is going to be like guy episode one of Star Wars people gonna tell you different things to catch somebody who put together like they are real on YouTube of just anything you Nino and president as I don't think anybody know everyone it'll. I can watch the van and my thinking is but marvel kind of like hey we've been putting out a gaming out the existing out of iron after iron fist you know lever which is an exam to get there he is someone said yeah this is iron fist is still better than us whoa you're the ones as seen in my life and I. And legitimately the worst marvel adaptation of the years yes even beating out iron fist rule that's according to Lin is on round tomatoes that's or indie wire tighten. I think there I've marveling what you put on good stuff so little do the IMAX thing and we got a big actor who long game a throne than this is gonna be cool who is charming has helped by the way in any kind of where I whereas. Can this be seen you can see an IMAX now but and this is part of like it's apparently it made like. No money all theaters nobody would get which isn't spread because the noble to free on ABC insipid deficit added yeah just starts. But it's been eight episodes serious I think it's worth watching discuss black both cool. Black ice so little is -- comics I'm just hoping now you since you've seen he is actually yeah actually really liked it's OK okay okay you actor four black ball oh that's cool and so he does sort of like a sign language to communicate always the best actor really dozens the actor doesn't speak all that's pretty cool that is cool head it's not like a real sign language that the for sort of more subtle sign my would have sort of implies that get these cantor something's definitely sort of applies to reduce our noses you know does that she doesn't need complete Dotson to understand what ingredients. So like that this tradition of the characters are pretty fun to show is pretty just like it was. There was a TV show yeah waits for for the money that went into it should have been better but it wasn't that bad and you only care for the looks truly terrible Triton and we barely see Triton nice and. It's an Abbott there are play any of movies that have really high ratings for this weekend yeah one being its. Bold that year I cannot never quarrel now I'm not saying that I'm -- he absolutely valiant and I saw a trailer which I set a wasn't gonna new key after big mistake no outfit and I did not already nightmares and not playing trigger thing is that it can I do not care currently do not like to not care I'm sure immigrant fragile enough bad things that she's making me go to this with a parent academy is Volek I don't know if I'll prepare for that she's still getting in doha or so like an army in the deep end I mean discuss and a and do something drink a little drinking needs some things I'm learning and I just. Maybe actually maybe. Eight it is getting 89% on runs and maybe nice there is another one I was supposed to come out last year but apparently coming out this year is called antimatter. Andy has 92%. And apparently it's anti matter AK warm is a site fine wire taped. On the house a wonderland tale. And an Oxford Ph.D. students find yourself unable to build your memories following an experiment to generate intense travel through a worm hole to move Storey malls are increasingly desperate efforts to understand what happened to find out who or what was behind this war. See I thought it was just the sequel to uncle matter. And now she's really oppose the movie star family matters how they really aren't I neither is one why do wanna mention or rather worrying green memory re memory it has unfortunately the late Don we're trying to be late Anton yelled (%expletive) How well you know again he's an iron and I get your English is and that's I don't really think. So that's when gases though willow why Weiss professor stumbled upon one of his inventions are able to record and played a person's memory no mood ring okay slowdown really lots of movies check out best week his weekend yep until my son asked to stay in any. Your inner geek wants to come out and play like where to. Joined Vernon Wells safety Golden Globe where you when your fellow geeks can hang out play games and just nerd out 24/7. Whether you love our TV's video games or are just a major fan of size flying culture Vernon Wells says something for every one. Let your deep flags fly at verdict whilst. Sign up today and see for yourself BMW duck club that's BMW dot plus.