BJGN0 9-11-17 - Preacher - Killjoys - People of Earth

Monday, September 11th

The gang talks TV with Preacher; BJ & Chris talk boardgames with Roll PLayer & Tiny Epic Quests; Chris & Rev talk Starfinder; and we get the Geek Sheet with Vicky B!


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Your inner geek wants to come out and play like where to. Joined Vernon Wells safety Golden Globe where you when your fellow geeks can hang out play games just nerd out 24/7. Whether you love RPD's video games or are just a major fan of size flying culture Vernon Wells says something for everyone. Let your deep flags fly at Vernon whilst the sign up today and see for yourself BMW duck club that's BMW doc plus. Ladies and gentlemen geeks of all ages you are now entering the Jewish he's the nation. Welcome yes welcome to BJJ's geek nation I am the reverend en Fuego across from me is Vicky Barcelona Hank we have a go quiet so yeah there Vijay share a year yeah. Nicole Lee hey hey amending the boards is Joey the yeah until they show we will talk some TV we will talk board games and of course the geek she would be can be Vicky how can people get a hold of us. Get a hold of us via our website it is beating each nation dot com it's gonna have all our web site web stuff it's gonna have cool pod cast it's gonna have fiction man. As an iron formations so if you go to any social media. PG geek nation you'll find us. Thank you so much now let's start by talking a little television in I'm going to say that sadly I am very far behind on preacher. So yeah I was on big case. And I haven't heard any. Like if any like grounds mother's abdomen people have said oh I love preacher have been loving it and all of these things on this I've been wondering is like. Should we talk about it like is it worth Y or ill. I think in eight AD is it but it is one of those shows and I kind of in that team though and then having the Labor Day weekend holy mass me Upton. Can I thought. Today was when he's too hair now Wednesday but I had I found Wednesday was Tuesday's I didn't want to invest in the day I know what date as today to Rihanna as. But I love watching the show but I don't feel the need like game thrown to make sure I'm watching it as it happens or the day after. It's not my top priority even though and I want to I enjoy and love and so I wish in my that I would be like that either I would have waited to see it all at once or if it was a Netflix type show right to binge it I'd love that. Except for me it's kind of like Fargo and that way if anyone's ever watched Fargo you're not clamoring to watch Fargo will want to start watching every season you go god this is such a good show. And preacher is such a good show but it doesn't have the pizzazz that grabs you like your game of Toronto like a Walking Dead and or for that matter even like at twin peace between peace fans because a pick I mean there's just something about the gradual makes you wanna re watch those shows sometimes. But I go to a latest episode of preachers since you guys aren't caught up by I won't I will do spoiler free I'm a ten great stuff happens I just. I'll leave it like that the last episode where you saw Hitler's hell and what Hitler's hell was you guys I think are caught after that and maybe not. But Hitler's hell we got to see the full hell and this is two episodes ago. If you haven't seen that. But. The there what did what did we looked at it we watched it happen and a lot of people or like you know it in hell itself like saying I don't get this why is this your hell home. And then the line delivered by Hitler you know. I have to tell you meant as a human being that doesn't believing good and evil look believes that people who have mental health issues and to really see how that played out. I thought wow this show is so damn good right you know it it's such a great message about one of the most heinous characters in human history. And boy preacher. Do they take a shot at some of the most hallowed characters like god like Jesus. And they turn that. And then to turn around and have me actually for a moment to be empathetic with Hitler and encourage I don't know if that's to me is a great show we from an artistic standpoint and a Tom and this last episode it was really good because we got to see some things tied up a little bit we also got to see some connections that were like OK. I didn't know they could do that and I didn't know he or she could do that there's stuff we go win. War oh and there's still some minutes and explained that I don't understand as to fit and why raise some things didn't go down the way what I thought it should go down and it was explain why. So. It again good episode to watch. And feel a little disappointed in is I I wish and I camera the Kabul but I just think they Cassidy is not as awesome as I remember him in the car book I think he's got its. I don't know that's just their desire but I do feel like he's really useless when it comes to fighting. And it's more of a comical thing and I wrote I've my memory is Cassidy was a little bit more bad ass like I could these new amber Mac Everett the comics is so long as I loved Joseph I look Joseph Gibbons you bring your portrayal Cassidy just would like to see a little bit more bad mastery once in awhile. I do wonder if in nice situation. Like with any kind of comic book superhero that has that much power behind them. Like how do the having not just win every single fight without it being boring some wondering if they're kind of saving about mastery. Otherwise it just be like okay when Kelly to be a Superman or even Jesse is just like little every single play 'cause I got this like. Amazing about our band you're done you're not you're done moving on now I'm going to be too boring a minority have an all. All powerful guy well this season finale is going to be actually little season finale was tonight yeah I guess also tonight is the season finale and you Geisel. Her time to catch up via an attacker I think it's it's a great show but I agree with Vicky I think and you as well rent. It's it's this just a lot going on in our lives that gets drawn and are facing here's the next amazing thing happening already they're giving us you know season previews of the Walking Dead end here you know and it's like well later edit I've noticed that these shows are still way I'm not ready for the Walking Dead yes I have time for this in my idea I got new trek show that they're Tellme is gay and I'm supposed to watch and then horrible I don't know yes so does a lot going on. But preachers still a good show Amanda I mean it's it I will watch it I may not be super ready to watch it all the time but Alice CNN my DVR and I will get to be one of the things that you do a lot of his sport games in a lot of time to do Borg it was Chris. And you wanna talk about right now yeah we are you know Chris and I have him playing board games so we have been just completely. Completely adjusted. Obsessed with why let him period I don't know it's like the last few weeks and how would you guys been talking about I was even here and you guys are still talking about it here Chris I played a Trout game which we enjoyed it and we could we've got a big game coming up a couple of days and where we're going to be playing with a bunch of our friends six six of us and be playing TI and TI her and member also fight it was going to be playing and structure with all the new expansions they put out. Star Trek ascendancy but there are other games out there. And one that actually I read I think you'd really like because you are you R&R PG kind of guy totally and this is a great great concept. The game is called role player and is so published by thunder were games banana games and Georgia I is ovary not orgy over Greek debt NASA. I IMAP and this is they wonder four player game. Basically what you are doing in this game is you're trying to design the best character so you aren't you are playing a game to be able to design that sweetie your role playing characters so you never actually go on a year ago wanna campaigned with him. You just as Joseph if they can thank game is about building him. And eight. And basically you're trying to come up of all you're skilled trades. And making pretty much I didn't that you would to make a perfect hero and there are certain things you have to do to find out is he would be lawful new chosen to be chaotic. You know how good is he going to be with dexterity he can only go so far with certain things. And if you get particular achievements of the way you need to in this game. You will win and it's all about the viewpoints of IQ points just depend on how close you've made to you come to making a great character. Tanks and any really hit it as as a as a avid tabletop role playing gamer myself this really feels almost like. But he really drawn out version of just making a character for tabletop game and that's exactly being drawn out it is in its own I don't I don't mare you've ever been doing thing without refiners are finally overrunning are now is the truth that lets you -- that you have these Dyson every time you place the diced senior board you have an option to manipulate them and someone based on where you place them and what you've been try to do is satisfy the conditions overhears like oh I have a fighter have to make sure his strength is really high and I don't really care that much about his intelligence. But careful what you do because certain cards that you can taking use an action actions that you can take. Are gonna mess with your alignment and it's gonna move it around this little grid. And if you don't wind up with your line in the right place you're gonna get any points toward the end of the game so not so good this game. Is fantastic and I'm absolutely medium and got a copy of that. Yeah and it's under fifty bucks on Amazon and the cool thing about this game before or heard is that the next expansion will be a campaign so I. How much play is you design your character. Then the next game you play in the expansion that takes error writing campaign. Yes Elise yeah it's shut up and take my money he guided us and it's really quite an interest in take on an but it's a game you know whereas sometimes RPG's are Prejean says this is literally game you do things draft cards roll your dice do things you can make a great character. And it has a game like we can basically feel to it as you're trying to make the best character. The very clever and it's it's yeah it's spelled RO LL because you are rolling to make your role player for your RPG. So that's a game out there that we liked. I another game we played which. I'll have to admit. There's a lot of tiny epic games I've only played tiny epic galaxies because it's just a great game. I played the expansion. Dark something or other. I forgive an imminent but they had eighty expansion Kamal that I kick tonight I. And I played it once he kind of went over OK I think maybe because the fact I didn't know the rules very well I'd like to play the expansion again. But he did tiny ever galaxies is a great game. Go ISO but people said I don't know about the western hour about the castles lovely and I and so I never really got into getting any of the tiny games. Our buddy Eric who made against our ball so hey I got tiny epic quest. And it's a it's a competitive requesting games so you are playing against other players try to be better than they are what you really are going on your own try to do things. I you can mess with people in this game. A bit but it for the most part you're just trying to do things better than everybody else but there is player interaction. I have to tell you something this is a tiny epic game becomes in the little box is cycled to the tinier the boxes and yet. The amount of depth in this game I mean is pretty amazing I mean you EEE you've got to grin that you put out there and it's a pretty big land you explore. There are multiple things that you have to do this pressure a lot to this there's great movement. There's dice rolling so this chance but there's also a really good decision making. Multiple pass to victories a symmetrical and it's. I was like it was OK and if they did these cool peoples that have holes in the arm's gas so that you can stick these little like they have these little trinkets that come what the game Michael bone marrow little soared little little amulets totals this sort of shield on one of the people I was there without he's got a staff of the back that was really need it all again if for it being a tiny epic game. It was really quite fun and it took awhile to play. It's what most games we go wow I couldn't believe tiny epic galaxies was as deep as it was a great space game. And this is a great dungeon exploration game but it's competitive and console. You know I love games are competitive and I don't like games the cooperative I just don't. I turns into an alpha situation after the no one person dictating everything for every one and I just you know I mean it's one of the reasons why I'm kind of like I'm over pandemic and it's a beautiful game and over written. Or I'll play game doesn't have as much set up time you're here again I'm very quick to play and it's not pandemic. It's fast to set up at least for me the cubes and all the cards in the cubes can be a pain in there to put on a as I just to make fun of BJ pandemic still hard to set up but he will spend an hour to setting up pilot imperial definitely. Hello I had and it if you really good point you know I mean if you love to cooperative games that you will but to set epic game and go through all that we Emeril and then have one person go this is exactly we should do this the only we she do it and what we've played with people. Who are really Smart. And we know one guy who is unbelievably Smart and that's one guy don't wanna play a cooperative game with because I know he's gonna know the best dancers do committee like brilliant and then while my plane any resistance game which UN Sean from the board game alliance. I'll just sit there and I don't do anything I want to say a word how old do one action YouTube will suss out deep in tires is even that I had and I just have to hope that you don't believe yourself to death and that is part of the area and I do not play those games and BJ elder not fun for me exactly as stupid as the same thing that you have with with the co op games BJ site. I've realized the games that I've just not yet not having fun with it every lest they are fun for other people but I'm just not going to be upper just bitten I was sorely divided your friend's house to be an NPC yeah that's what happened totally absolutely yeah and that's that you know and and that's the thing you know with withdrew there was a game like this sort of with social deduction games are people who just don't like them because they just for whatever reason they just don't participate in the way they want to be or they feel other people are much better than they are. In and and that's why would he know cooperative RPG like games it's like I you know they are dungeon crawls to were on the same mission it's just like I'd rather like have some competition in there. That's what tiny epic quest I really really like it you can get tiny request it's like under I think is a 25 bucks an Amazon. And Scott Adams of course are Scott Helms excuse me did design this side game one games. I really. I want all this actually and I'm not a fantasy guy but to have a quick to have a quick game that you can set up and have a dungeon crawl experience. And haven't be rich. It and it's actually I give a lot of credits legal tiny request could get. Toll or my enemies are imminent instruct you guys your board game talk but I only recently did play games now let me show filly to here is what's that. It's more a party game but it kind of how often you know yes or a busy girl only go calm down but I. But it's called god he charade and fell and in its little keys every every like convention and suddenly go to Spokane and we never hit the plagues as you know it's your aides. But we actually played it up my birthday party grants knows a little intoxicated that's why do you remember until now I know I. Lot of fun it's. Charades mix of credit is humanity not out there aren't there to actor guards into scenario cards you pick which combo you want. You acted out have you played time's up before. No you probably love that game so we love you love and as it's got to charades aspect to win and you've got to get stuff and the other one we actually did play this we were in Spokane Chris walker myself ranger line and all of the misses and they know Pete was also there to help T Greenburg it's called drop what. Cavs are what's pretty good it's a board game and it has few either draw or do you charades depending on how little ice her home yeah oh yeah and your little your little dot you're a little pieces Google guys are. And marital aids first and I love it or not. And and you know above all else this is Sunday's new men I know if you by the way would you bring in Takenaka please yes. You gotta breathing because they got to play at a couple a couple days for my birthday now she every tomorrow. Yeah I need to tomorrow tomorrow we have we're gonna play tomorrow that is what I wanted to resign and the that's now into it today moving on from that there are. A lot of conventions happening and we got some local ones that are pretty amazing so well with us to talk about the written city comic cons mr. Ben Andrews. Q so much banned him before we get to the geeks she'd. We're going back to the role playing games stud because you're talking about role player but now we're going to do the RO LP of role playing Lou. Because Chris and I have had the chance to. Will start course and we'll look through the book of a very heavily crunchy bugs of star finder he had and I'll tell you this guy loves to base. And I will place phase games even though Milloy and even though they might be genre I don't like put her space Piaf like pat fighters are great game. Not a huge fancy guy but it's a great game. But star finder bug sprays and and wit with all the rules instead I think that maybe you might be best for Chris and I don't walk you through a character concept in creating character for no problem and it just gives you don't care dirt yeah and we're working on that right now then by if you don't if two people other don't know a star finder is it is these spiritual successor the scifi to the fantasy of pathfinder. So stunned by the high a local company is amazing kid and they basically took the I 3.5 edition DD rules and that was when they did the open licensing on those and anyone could kind of banded together will sort of speak. And so at this point this is what they've been doing and they did they have done so many books with pathfinder they have the in the pathfinder card games so you can play that as well which is a lot more intended after that first actually star Andre card game might might be alluded and I thought you might say so yeah I was star finder right now they just to have the core rule book. In you can just pick this up a normally it's about sixty bucks wherever you pick it up by your local gaming stores and they have some like maps and some a couple of adventures and some of the things are going on out right now. I'm really only need to core book to really look at it because it's a big stick book and gives you a lot of information. And I just started creating character of my town and know that Chris you've been working on one as well. I yeah yeah exactly I have I have a dozen dragons group that I'm playing with right now and we're coming to the end of our current campaign and I noticed the star finder is coming out says that hey fellas I'll go ahead and do name mastering if you are going on and they're like yeah we believe so and and I wrote revenue that and so we're gonna have this great campaign are very excited about it so I've been reading through the rule book as well I had we're trying creating a character and and prominent design went for Vijay now and that's fantastic for me I love roller characters but. The nice thing about the star finder game as far as cared creation is. There are a ton of options and backgrounds that you can taken things that you can do to really really tailor your character down to where it's exactly the way you want it to me. And you want a you'll have a theme that you start off with a they give you themes so I'm like OK my character right now is a scholar he's going to be out there looking for information and based on. The does the setting there is a there is a point in time where they are lost all information. So it's kind of looking up bomb an ancient historian sort of thing like that that's how my character ends up on the ship. Plus some great liaison. To the media other ships and maybe we don't get blown out of this guy. And it's a great way to get into that you have a bunch of different races they've got all these different. Worlds in. As it was with their in the with the space travel there and everyone gets their own ship can have. The first adventure they have the first in adventure called incident at capsule one station and and and Athlon station is kind of the hub it's the quote unquote earth because well. They did the earth that was there isn't there an awards are on their and a lot of fun scifi ace stuff and and the characters look amazing and you can really had a lot of fun customizing it the way you want to do just like anyone who's played pathfinder knows you can do yet. Yeah I sold this didn't listen up for more guys because it's it's totally an MB in my wheel house and I'm going to be playing the heck out of an autumn or in the months and years to come some Zagat. Now it's time to get to rule. She twists dish putting out forest Vicky. Clothing check out its BJ Shea deep nation on FaceBook and because I recently checked out alone a really cool store any got me thinking of other cool stores in your guys areas going Eliezer from all of the country how many were aware. Everyone knows what a fungal pop this yes oh gosh yes so again it is actually traded and a little town called Everett Washington and I just opened up and even Kevin Smith flew in for the opening move the last couple weeks ago yeah he came in and did a whole thing there at the fungal. H cube. It's a huge store and I in my but it was no I don't like OK it's just a little tiny store no it's like walking to Disneyland balloon in his freaking huge and you can check out all the pictures and stuff on the basement paid is it over to the public open it's store. Its doors and I do all mile or so I might not realize they have I had a two year old little. Adam West I'll look at the Adam what's that man's drama we League City and into the picture yet you know I know you can't some bad man yet delivered a heartbeat to sit in the car. Only got out hit out and they've got lightly unaudited million and had a flight tomorrow lane and all these different things they are not enemy played any land they have like Harry Potter Landers the next and a little section which is all just like the marvel cinematic universally gave up a whole can floors flying through the hair is this gift to pay to get you know you mean there's a lion usually. I don't know Achilles is where you go to my view I just turned into a theme bar and basically I I without any right it has like all the toys they closed collectibles all kind of things and have a little news CN with Stanley LO he kind of creeps me out. On but it's so much intensity to our blood others of us on the face the page CO. There's so much attention to detail that where that peak pigeons are there's big pigeon coop. How can attest I was very impressed by that their little Star Wars land hiding in C dearth leader heading around. My goodness do we do we still have like. And in light an inside man rumors here really well yes. This summer because some of our friends over Sonko win hopefully they'll mobile will be doing each who were. For everyone who wants to marry other recent from the Pacific northwest gosh yes and it really went all the great board came cafes we have here. With on now with fund call are you kidding me and coming soon build your own pop. I everything it was there all finally get a cat woman want right. Out of the how to make my own to go it is what the catwoman. I want on the outside board they have like get a bunch of the big giant fund goes hanging outside the wall or even there's de LA one of those look you know where pedestrians go up and walk up no gas no zero walkway area they had a Spiderman a one time damage on the other side guarding. OK so it's a. But I saw I was curious look cool local dirty things other restaurant store is comic bookstore like. Have a little extra flair to London is in your area and I'm curious as to how you just let's just I wanna hear about it. It's one of those things where he connection to say hey maybe we can do a road trip or a if you have that desire or you're in a city you can go check out these super awesome he he means everyone knows about you know the query rounds are like you if you're in Atlanta they have like the Coca-Cola factory wanna check out. But how many places have something cool like a phone go plays just not right out just us all I don't think so I wanted to play I had there's plenty of other places that geek nationals can tell us edit also that week in check it out it's. Who's on her wrist of the world this is us thrown on the gun that you find someplace this is cools the fungal Kawhi wins. And then you tell us about it but the fact that we don't want to go hand by us to get way yeah well we all EMI and several taking a page follow. Any and I know the much rounds RD and we are very very sad that we're not getting any new epicenter itself forever it seems like. But I and you can't dairy. Isn't so. I'm always a dragon not artist OK I believe it Ari is really John Snow. I just don't really are just those gonna take offs face and be an aria and ours is on her face and be Jacque in a car perot's. Chemicals I think Brian being there the night king and besides our enemies being everybody what else we get for free anti so we all know little baby more month an Iranian Baird Carroll many oh again she's awesome so we don't really know who her father in this and that may or amount charged later he called them. Make more money is your mother and she's already explained that her mother died fighting for rock saarc her mother is a bad ass just like she isn't she's already set comedy city you're needing all the men are out fighting how many fighting dale. So. Scary kind of goes back to Tony thirteen. One of the message boards. We believe that hormone and giants being unveiled Harmon and bring in you know wherever there and pregnant Leann and more month mother may get some point during the never ending clashes between them wildly in the north men. So she die you know like she died fighting for rock star but he always talks about how he had sex with a she bear he called her she bear like he later wanna see us. I gained a bear. OK. Okay. Hi this is a more months she's a bear dad did bears there's visual exactly solo brands is actually her father. I love that does make sense that I like you can only get as much as him bang in a better. How we both dynamic doesn't just sugar mommy to exclude I mean I see your rooting for in Nassau you're really cold north of the wall. Yeah right I. Yeah so that's my new favorite band. Area that is true and some good though Larry is like you have a moment where they look at each other they both kind of give each other hello. Tonight you're unfamiliar familiar tale it's a grand theory is that somebody did not have sex with a relative valuation and no I. Doubt it would not give us Shirley Danielle apple who has some math and it isn't like send and. So unity. Your inner geek wants to come out and play blood where to. Join Vernon Wells the ultimate globe where you when your fellow geeks can hang out play games just nerd out 24/7. Whether you love RPG's video games or are just a major fan of size flying culture Vernon Wells has something for everyone. Let your deep flags fly at Vernon whilst. Sign up today and see for yourself BMW dark club that's BMW dot plus.