BJShea's Board Game Alliance. Ep. 19

Tuesday, September 12th

Host: "Director" Chris Walker of Bj Geek Nation
Designer: Sean Epperson of Thing 12 Games
Chief Game Player: Josh Utley from The Omega Gamers

Con Report: 

GeekGirl con September 30-October 1 October 21-22 Century link field

Dice Fest October 28-29 Redmond Old Redmond SchoolHouse

Family gaming: Heroes of Kaskaria

Interview: Adam Johns/ Adam Davis Wheelhouse workshop moving into board games for therapy for kids with social and other issues.

Game to Grow
Generosity by Indegogo



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Your inner geek wants to come out and play like where to. Joined Vernon Wells safety Golden Globe where you when your fellow geeks can hang out play games just nerd out 24/7. Whether you love RPD's video games or are just a major fan of size flying culture Vernon Wells says something for everyone. Let your deep flags fly at Vernon whilst the sign up today and see for yourself BMW duck club that's BMW doc plus. Ladies and gentlemen geeks of all ages you are now entering the Jewish peacekeeping nation. I. Yes welcome to BJ's geek nation this is your board game alliance my name is Chris walker. Director walk like a plane would be dishes geek nation uncle Chris over a beginnings in the mornings. With me today is chief game player Josh the man Utley from the Omega gamers pay as you don't and unfortunately not with us today or fortunately. John Epperson he's you know he's going to be colony were the current report I think is what we have guys on thing in my show notes here but he is not in the room where this so. There will be very little note screaming out for once he's on the deal for will assignment. He is on the official assignment so he Sean. This one's for you. I would like say you'll be missed but I think we'll know that's a big fat lie. Josh have you Huckabee we'll get all those who want a well you can go to new BJ geek nation not come and find all the links to all the things Facebook's Inkster m.'s. Into Bagram. And that's what you got an Iraq. It's so funny that talks to Twitter everything yet. Yeah that so I go check it out but for now taking away Macs in the public domain players. I really can't get enough of that song they're really really love and I wish you were longer as the only thing. Oh Josh man yes certain current season is just about passed as we do have two or three more coming up so I don't know if that actually means it passed us we're kind of in the middle. We're in the eyes of the of of the other currencies and we are breaking and we get our break we get a nice little pause here and so. But that being said you didn't go to a big one that I thought it didn't get a chance to because I had other other realm radio related things that I had to take care of so. Well let which went to little ones pass west all right things I have heard of text west primetime at her for a how well how did it go man I've I mean I'm really bombs is as the first time in like five years and I didn't get to go to packs. Tax west wasn't. Of course listen the organization there it's really didn't and down I mean the way they've laid everything out. But I got to look in this my personal favorite Leslie. I get to demo a little game stormed a prototype so sorry no pictures of follow the board game from nasty fight yes I'm so jealous of you right now and should be because it. I'll dinged I'm gonna play the heck out of that game as soon as I can as soon as I can't and I might actually hire some it professionals pain at the meanings for me. Because I that's how much I care about fought as a brand. Indeed it sounds like you're doing the right thing yeah I support does he act and armed and I'll give you my meanings and you can have those been to deal. Hasn't yeah it was a billion cans it plays like video gaming if you die. He he got a lot but all the way back cross again. You don't lose so much stuff but you have to start back at him coming out to walk popular mountain. We have been really fallout. After a lot of want him. Thought so much walking around NN and an and it's not and until you can get your fast shell going into your bureau walking everywhere powder and you can upgrade your guy you can collect our kinds of stuff bottle caps on the money of course. It's a true follow ups. Board game let's actually yeah everything I've seen a line for this thing makes it look like they've really. Very faithfully recreated that that feel of the world the fallout in the end it in the post apocalypse is happening that I really really looking forward to this game I've I've not seen one bad things said about it anywhere so I'm very very excited about this thing. And also impacts we know pax is a video game mentioned tired like all other conventions or games are going to take over. So my main my main focus and there was a lot of board games this year cool there was the Indy may lose on the show floor but there was also down in the act Peter who. Who's in emea Booth for board games and he was packed game exceeding its emergence. Fantastic factories are friends over there coming up. Just. Two in the count and we have great I get to demo demo demo demo demo and it's so cool and is packed so it is about them going to aren't. That's right what I had to do in and for my daughter Kelly. I kittens real kids. Golf and non exploding game does not a sporting kind let's get there were exploding can do demo led to the right back on the left where the non exploding gazans were essentially that that game probably a little bit more chaotic. No leads you to pick PDs you know right Kara I would play that game. Anything else exciting for a fact that does it jumped out a trip well there's a lot just check out who the facts west farms for any of your video game relates because I know people want to know how we ask. It was a packed floor and you should get to any packs that you can be handy yeah coming up in November 17 I believe. Packs a implode down. Yeah all the bush gaming all the time in this all over hers good idea man I I can be talked into going yeah. It is in like Indianapolis is coming and it's in Pennsylvania he had Pennsylvania math yeah that's going to be tougher arrested just a drive to the players you wanna know what baking sounds like gotten this is taking this is okay. Okay oh OK I got on the dangers are is so we've got to look display is back for BJ edged Josh is begging to go to this thing so. All right well we'll we'll check it out and even if we don't get to go to tax unplugged which should hopefully we will movement probably not we will definitely have some sort of a report from whatever we can glean from the Internet or are we do have some indeed nationals out there on the outside of the country that might be able to report back to us so did you give nationals out there if you happen to go to pack some plug. He need to get us a message sent missing email give us a call lad send us a pigeon I do whatever to get us information about. Acts unplugged because we want to we want firsthand accounts would usually sending a rate and I mean come out Yangon from. And we actually have Sean and they're enforcing not instill real in this today well or fortunately I guess through and I look at it but it's. He's gonna give us a report on rose city comic con because Sean how's Portland. Portland was amazing. This is my first you're going parent university comic con. Where he became a kind of attitude and quite astounding and give it to preach it will just the most accurate and it was there. And pitched it to growing car and apparently agree that had been there the guys truly ninety able Topper there they were like that this is getting bigger. But even bigger from last year. There's a lot of different guests there are going earned it armed struggle. He Kirk. Kirk's mister Jenner and you can get that's right and mr. Shatner says let's have people issues. Yeah I think a lot of people there a lot of different. People like has shot clock or was there Swiss. Hey carbon here is media. There is simple humble and he can change. They were going. Tension here and there are doing split shifts and couple others. And they're doing a horrible for all those so you can actually we're not in Sri. Let's see. Change current slump. Just games that was there as well. And Paul Peterson was there there's quite a few late or games cannot stop going aren't pretty awesome. Pretty. Already Dawson. With his game recollection now is they're doing a little it's another community were aren't. The political scrutiny magic seem Peabody and and terror where they're killing. There are New England kick starters are there little to do. I of course where they're going to it's a pirates. During demos updates of crowned as well. And actually ran into some people that work. Previous backers of don't occur than they were super excited to get a chance to prioritize our heritage and and and play that they had a blast which at some some came just. And I quickly boom it was just a lot of fun particularly politically or issues just this. It's the latest snag does that really sounds like you mirror and we're talking it up all weekend that's for sure us. Kinship. The power play and they're gonna recommend annual going. There's a lot to do night in trying to worrying so much you wanna destroy her like a movie people of color were four here being the being you know meeting. Classic arcade sent out they had every single console. Actually like early Atari all the way up to like you know later so like Atari jaguar. And peaceful working Q what kind of just alternate display for games like tennis cocktail game asks this it was amazing how they get a free you have video gamer he's like really old school eighties shut up you're playing like eighties music or that area. They had to see it. An area of him in the con. They had an account shut out what's an old school. Like seven diesel wood green he'd be quicker and shag carpeting and you either play Atari or my article or on the does that get their Nintendo's. So they had and this really cool like old school it just living rooms that are gotomeeting. I think Utrecht inside of the building so pure and who just went over to an area and there's a food truck that. Ice cream or Sutherland and at each. It was the first time and attention that you could get up here. And it cut. As walker on the show floor now here Yankee anywhere garlands and Portland is so amazing that doesn't have asked. If you're in the industry support certainly you know going that was great. It's definitely one that I've been meaning to check out for a really long time and being as close department as I am I still never bend down to Rossetti comic cartoon that always happens right in the middle of other things and I've got happening next year though I'm gonna try to commit to it seriously because that you make it sound amazing and I can't wait to check it out. It was someone trying yeah I'm. And he has the can be re digging into it and I think John Burns they look at her back in elect you know yeah absolutely want a comedian I'm going to be literature. That's awesome wolf fantastic Sean thanks so much for ever pardon well I guess I'll see you when you back to town where everybody thought our I do you think. I and later. Eight there are other cons that we can go to dad coming up in Seattle on September 30 and October 1. Yeah discovering he Carol con dot com. And you can get all the registration information you need. It's always a good thing empowering. Female gamers and AG to. It was the first year GE to any resolve the attack and a lot of video games but also really really good or gaming section. DR drone races I'm all types of interactive technology technological funding gaming and dodge ball does nothing was so cool start small article on. Well it's happening again and he was. Probably the most popular thing the dodge ball was in my -- there's a line for the dog or even the lines to the VR we're not quite as amazing and the lines for the for the dodge ball but well Japanese yen G July and October 21 and 22 century link field if you're in and around Seattle or if you wanna make the trip out here it's a two day event this year too that's amazing. And if you're hurting for something to do this Halloween them you may know of such games like last night in honor her grit fortune learned yes. And I know you guys have talked to these guys that I so we can loosen mantra we tell you I'm more about it but dice fest on October 28 and to hang Kathy Redmond old. Redmond school house. Yeah Redmond Holdren and school the revenue over it was a lot of a lot of Redmond never really reveling in Redmond daddy old Redmond schoolhouse there it is and you can check that out there who won't bad dice fest dot com and that is by find card games I. I love those guys are flying frog games by and we are retarded our commences and things like that every time I go to a convention. They shoot me MS is a hairy or does he mention pay your your of that commission we're going to be there you can come IV don't have a pass yet we've got their short. We are really really really good guys and I'm so happy that they're doing their own convention this to celebrate the anniversary of their very first game and for my money one of their very best games out last night on earth. You could either part of this thing and play all of their games again we don't know everything is gimme prize giveaways is going to be guess there's gonna always amazing stuff there's going to be photo opportunities. We're gonna have people in the costumes this. If you've seen these games you know that the they don't have. Our work on their cards are on the boards or anything like that they have actual actors dressed up as the characters in the games and they take those pictures and they make that into the game to really nice touch and they're gonna have costing contests and they're gonna have people dressed up in the things and ability Google try out some of the outfits from the games. This thing looks amazing I'm really really sad these guys that we do have to take a little bit of a break right now we'll see you on the other side and a hey thank you for listening to BJ she's William alliance just. Yes sir no it's been a little while it's so let's talk about failing gaming show week. Well this hump and we naming a lot talked the other side I think these are kids developers I know they're doing a kick starter go on and this is not. What you may be imagining this is a fully fleshed out fully sterilized decks filled there. Whoa but it's and it's Cold War riffs I can't kick starter now it's looking for 151000. It's currently 2600. They are as they have try Wendy's to go. But but I got a chance means these guys and it's got a great little kick that. When you take your new cards you don't get them you actually somebody else may get them right and what's doesn't like cards so but you'll get him eventually. Murray brown. United mostly of the rift in the rift that's apt. Yeah and you can check out the video at their kick starter page it is actually looks like a really fun game and I'm very very excited to meet these guys hopefully we can get them in here pretty soon yes I think we will be kind the next time. Awesome awesome. Well and while we're on the subject of family games I was thinking around the Internet like I do and I found this really really cool thing oh my goodness I've never heard of this game and it looks so much fun and it's like a fun game even not just for kids I'm telling. It's called heroes of hysteria and it's from from a game company that I've not actually heard very much about it's as sex and called hot by USA gains or how about games. Anyway the the point of the story is this game looks absolutely amazing looks and a lot of fun. You basically it is AEI card drawing slash gold collecting slash point grabbing kind of thing if there's a lot going on that seems like for such a simplistic looking game. But it looks really in depth and looks like there's a lot of really great choices and things that you have to made and I know it I know you and check out the video that I sent the YouTube link in the end there how to play kind of a thing in at some. This looks like a lot of fun basic you have two different types of monsters and everybody who's playing controls one of these monsters one of them flies from one side up to the accident the center plays and the other one walks up from the other side. And the first creature to get to that center space ends the game and claims that the super amulets that gets you all the extra points at the end of the game. But you're trying to match cards in your hand as you draw them in order to move those creatures and or collect gold on your way up in the person who has the most gold on the way up winds. It plays like a little bit more involved. Candy Land kind of because the cards that you draw are the moves that you make. But you have to get them in combinations in the better your combinations them farther you can move and the more gold you can collect. And all of these things and on the way up it looks deceptively simple I think I have a feeling that there's going to be a lot more strategy in your. Think in my hands on this thing well also looks like that the person who wins is the race essentially doesn't mean you're gonna win yeah it's about the card management and teaching. Kids 'cause it's a hobby again yeah I sat it teaches them hand management and there's some variant rules and yeah I think it actually go for the harder variant rules yeah I don't think this game is a lack complicated. And you want your kids and critical thinking you have precisely. And this is that this is the kind of game that they wish those advance rules and things like that will then grow with your child I've been like that idea too that. As you move along in the get better ID like well okay now we're gonna wrangled a harder so maybe your old strategies are working mean you think around again and then go at it from another angle. Heroes of hysteria retails for about 2999 you can go to how about usaid. Dot com and pick that up but it's it looks great damage to probably find it in your criminal meanings are 20 yeah oh yeah speaking of family games and playing into the kids Josh yeah. Are you brought in a couple of guests who were specifically interested in exactly that I want to also little bit about it. I did I had the opportunity attacks west prime. Two. Meet up and that's junior panel defer wheel house workshops for the founders of wheel house workshop. Adam Johnson and Davis. And you guys had some. I'm pretty early announcements there will Adam and Adam first of all welcome him think he can be the current status is great get those a little bit about what you do there. So we for the last six years have been using tabletop role playing games like dungeons and dragons in therapeutic social skills groups. So we've been running a weekly groups about ninety minutes serving more than thirty kids a week. And helping them become more confident creative and socially capable of using tabletop role playing games and we just announced the were actually expanding into a nonprofit. Colton came to grow and the announced that at our tax west panel on Friday. That's that's pretty exciting the nonprofit gives us a lot of opportunity to be able to expand not only who we serve and being able to get those. Osiris is out water audience. But so far our work has been focused on role playing games like dungeons and dragons and now we to expand into. Board games of all kinds into a video games all sorts of different avenues basically how games can be good. Well my experience only with my own children. I have seen how board games on my side can help kids focus. And decision making is. Just amazing how quickly they picked up on things like. I have to think this through be as a starter another level because you years helping them more socially awkward. I mean he is going to. So absolutely done this this kind of two parts two and a lot of senses. We think games generally are great for you there's a lot of benefits that that I'm playing board games with your kids really can bring in really can help your family. But news intentionally and thought about you know reflective manner. And especially run by were facilitated by a trained professional you need to get even beyond that and taken into. Being therapeutic being. Good for you for building all sorts of skills including tackling obviously social skill development but also anxiety depression PT SD. I'm and that's really where where we're working to expand into the. It would just but video of our panel on YouTube so if you go to the wheels were trapped YouTube channel. A you can actually watch them that penalty you came to seek. Yeah there are some real great stories there to about. How are you guys. Abuse protection from games. Into helping kids with there issues are horror. Other problem though yeah it definitely fit so pretend that I have SI hesitate cause problems because that's. Well we like to say challenges are lagging social skills stuff like that. Projection for anybody doesn't know is sort of act of like a rorschach test where on the surface holds up a car and is like any blot on a union. You and pretend you if you look at in any sale of this is what I spicy and a card like I had to get a picture of my dad making fun to me. Sound that that's that process and that's something that actually anytime you take on a role you played a role playing game like dungeons and dragons here particularly Carriker. And through that character you can then takes on your unconscious process and you get to put that into the character and whether whether you like it or not you're you're sort of making those choices now. I'm in you can infer a lot of stuff out of that and then use that as a as a way to help. Build new skills to help build new new process and uncover as we say in the therapeutic field uncover your unconscious process to allow you to better identify. And I really really like the son of outside of me because just they're adamant and I really liked that idea of it I've I've been federal playing if mental and since I was a little little kid and I you used to be very introverted very much about. I was really in my shell and I didn't break out of that because I was laws I was a nerdy kid and and I got picked on on that role playing. Does give us that way to sort of express all of these other things and all these other feelings and it never would have occurred to me and literally until he said he just now. That that's really an expression of a lot of sub conscious you know feelings and emotions that I never get to express normally and that's fantastic to me I love that. Yeah we have a theory that you play that character you need to play. There's always a reason because your character is you when you are your character. And we were reflecting on our own experiences growing up because I started playing dungeons and dragons and has about ten years old and I was kind of an awkward kid. Long greasy hair kind of overweight got bullied at school. As a writer and the time Jurassic Park came out so you know people like Sam and their fists on the table and make the waters shaken and walk around says it was that you know this. Middle schools just a terrible timing every. Could feel like we had the same joke that you just about 1015 years and I'm innocent my you know I write that right there was an Ameritrade com and not I I relay is now looking back on and I I was playing dungeons and dragons that time only characters were rogues. Or months because in my life I felt like I got noticed a lot I felt like I got a lot of attention they don't want to my characters can always disappear well they can always flip in and out of the shadows they were very extras which I was absolutely not. So my characters can jump off walls and do back flips and then disappear. They can be seen when they wanted to be seen and then absolutely disappear and it was something that now looking back on it I realized I needed to be back character that for a reason. It wasn't just fund that was just mechanics it was like. Therapeutic for me to be that it was Chancery to be something that you work at the time yeah. And this has got to be a great resource for parents too because. There's a stigma behind therapy they do it's a bad thing it's means there's something wrong with you when there's nothing wrong with he just have to find a way to talk to that person. And parents can now see games. Only games or something that we can do for us I think that's going to be a huge relief not only for the kids but for the parents. You know one of the big things is that therapy can be I draining process and and I'm I'm not therapist myself so I am a big proponent for for therapy in general. But what are groups provide in that I can't quite get to as a therapist providing. Is that the days give you a chance for the experience refund. I think it's congress wanna come back week after week they want to be there they wanna keep playing dungeons and dragons and coming back even though. It's a therapeutic process even though they're growing in their their learning new skills and learning new. New things about themselves. But the process itself is engaging fun experience. Now I'm as a therapist is is a trend then that year senior like are there a lot of other of the militant I don't know if you've got like a therapist buddy group that you hang out with in your own thing like hey you know wash your windows and dragons with these kids and I ask because. I have a friend who is also a therapist and worked with children he. Has been playing magic the gathering these kids for ages and he says this is it's really helpful tool and he likes. Having that and being able to talk to them and use a language that they end. Is sort of their own inside that game and I feel it doesn't dragons is right up that Alley but is this something that you're seeing a lot of other therapists sort of latching onto war. A lot would be I think big exaggeration I'm and I mean that I'd geeks as a culture are definitely where we're expanding we're becoming part of we art of the mainstream that and that's that's. Awesome and I'm super excited about that. But it means that now there's service that are coming up that are going you know this is a culture and we should take a cultural was perspective perspective on it. I'm we should figure out you know how how I can utilize that language in those close cultural ideas including games including. I comic books and TV shows and all those things and tie them into an understanding of of your life and be able to relate that back to your therapy. I am part of a series of geeks network I'm for geeks therapists com which is a really fun network to really be a part of our thought and and we are seeing some people emerge who are saying kind of the same ideas we're seeing. Role playing games or games of different kinds and saying. This is great we can call we can use this border for therapeutic application or had a system and all the tools to turn here exactly come pick them up and it's are being gauging how does the other verdict the kids in the group Marty wanted to they wanna come in and do it. Somebody already said here's a way to engage people but now liquid image were and are active fitness that's excellent yes and then take a vacation. Ten years and also expand a little bit into more games like he says before so I believe code names she talked. Yeah us weekly code means some over the summer we bend and take them a little break from role playing games have been playing the other side of tabletop games board games and card games and we claimed that could names with a group of kids. And had our games this such a phenomenal game about teaching theory of mind. Because in the game to be successful you have to really your own thoughts and experiences and knowledge to other people's socks and knowledge and experience and so it's it's how. How you are good at the game is to use a scale that is a fundamental social scale about reflecting your own experience against someone else's experience. And so will will see some some players who struggle with this because they will. Knoll. Their own answer. And not connect to the fact that the other players have knowing you know what they're talking about we actually had a player say something like. When I make this spymaster no one will get my clubs if. Her I is it about an honor it was like this Chris and he knows what they know and nobody else has lived in a hit but. That is not affect if you don't pay early or not we know that game because his name shown interest Vieira said that she's. There are other co host has to break games purpose and that's this whole MO exactly so that's a whole different strategy for how to play play the game I don't know strategy I do a lot of kind of modeling how to not playing games while and that's an easy one to you yeah like how much out and give maybe one of the worst clues where he was trying to tie lassie. As a clue into well in field. Which is a great clues and because I I totally would've gotten equity in the last he was the for the last it was a clue. And that to not notice that he was trying to do well and feel not that I'm it's not bad except that he was playing with a group of thirteen. It's. You and capitalism never heard of what I was on the model. Oil would probably not been a lot better situated in what is now Russia definitive go to embassy result. But it was good it was an opportunity for him to show like here's a looks like if you act on your own knowledge without thinking about 300 players. Well you guys also have aids generosity campaign however and you'll go compete I want to know where we can go find that news. So you go to our website which is keen to grow dot org. I'm slash support you'll finally to our generosity. Page. Words and generosity is all now obviously we're just getting started as a nonprofit and there's a lot of challenges a lot of difficulty with that. I'm by the generosity is really about helping us get all the equipment that we need Terry get all of our earth early services started right off the bat. And we can make our goals were actually be able to expand directly into starting a video game group as well really excited about that moment. What all these links will also be in the show notes yes absolutely no loss you can just click on those. Kentucky I have. We didn't do function through it and hit it to not look good fit if this is just more stuff for me to pick on just around as it. Well the guys again thanks for coming in this is fantastic if you wanna check him out it's a game to grow dot org. But as as Josh said we will have all the links and now I mean I'm doing this YouTube videos so much and right now on it's it's trickled just checking on the panel I think that's great because I didn't get to go to facts. We have are. Presentations from pacs just on the does that tax west and the previous ones from taxis impacts south at all. Talk about how we use tabletop role playing games and social skills trips we love to talk about it so we're all we're always having to actually talk more about that about using worldly more stories CNN thanks very aren't talking to us today the absolute great cars. I suggest everybody. Let's go on and help out donate. Tom and if you need to reach out and use the resource into billions you and thank you so much revenue thanks for us and test. Well Josh I tell you what this is better really successful and relatively quiet episode I can't figure out why known screaming goats. I was dead definite lack of screaming goes this week. So guys. Did nationals as always we love hearing from you wanna take your request we want to know what you wanna talk about if you have any topic you want us to bring over any games that you think we should check out. Let us know go over to BJ geek nation dot com we've as a message at one of the phone lines send us a message on FaceBook email all of those things you can just fighters and all the social platforms just search for Vijay Diggnation. And just what we say. Even after four straight weekends of cons in a row. Plain text. Your inner geek wants to come out and play like where to. Join Vernon Wells six feet Golden Globe where you when your fellow geeks can hang out play games and just nerd out 24/7. Whether you love RPG some video games or are just a major fan of size flying culture Vernon Wells says something for every one. Let your deep flags fly at Vernon whilst the sign up today and see for yourself BMW duck club that's BMW dot plus.