BJGN09-13-17 - Comics & the Joker Origin Movie

Wednesday, September 13th

Rev talks to Mike Robles about the games played at PAX; Spicoli talks comics with Secret Empire; BJ talks comics with Descender & Star Trek: Boldly Go; the gang weighs in on the Joker origin movie rumors; and we get the Geek Sheet with Vicky B!


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Your inner geek wants to come out and play like where to. Joined Vernon Wells safety Golden Globe where you when your fellow geeks can hang out play games just nerd out 24/7. Whether you love RPD's video games or are just a major fan of size flying culture Vernon Wells says something for everyone. Let your deep flags fly at Vernon whilst the sign up today and see for yourself BMW duck club that's BMW doc plus. She ladies and gentlemen geeks of all ages you're poetry Vijay chase the nation. Welcome yes welcome to Vijay Shays geek nation and I and the reverend and play golf. Across from me is Vicky Barcelona. Live don't go Chris I am a lizard kings BJ shift paid. And I am his country. Wow it's been cold Lee hill have no towed and I don't Gore's a joy knew her in the lord where are allies. I don't know where your command on today's show we will talk where's Mike roadway is who led just got done dealing with a a lot of tax. We've got comic book topless for Cooley and BJ and forced the geek she wins big TV Vicky how can people get a hold of us. Can get a hold of this here website he jiggy nation dot com it's gonna have all social media pages linked. Cool blog a podcast I itself. And dad just BJ keep nation across the board for us social media pages thank you so much in I did talk about Mike and I think the best thing to do start with him a corolla is I don't search I'm good I'm back I'm tired actually that's why I'm tired you are very tired of this so there was packs. And then the best need to. Who OK so we first got to talk about destiny do because I haven't had chance to play. Others say it's. I did one run through when it was on beta or hand so I was able to gonna go through that had a little bit of fun there but I haven't gone any anything beyond that and it was I mean it's beta you're not gonna get the the the full speed full go beyond that. So how how much have you been playing. I've played. Probably about four hours or so. But because they play when they were almost sleep on the plane until like Charlotte knights come. At an extreme they'll last night from tenement night and then went upstairs and kept plane after right now I don't western Pacific. The bet that maybe I so it's a you get a thumbs up to this point I really am so living is is I got destiny want all my friends on vacation our eye on a vacation and came back on different or she were high level known on the power level me sign a replay of the yes. Jumbled mess need to read from a year ago have some from the wanna play with me insulin join Ellis healthcare stuff for now some growing enjoyment Graff was amazing. The soundtrack is phenomenal it's leads yet thumbs up right now from me excellent excellent so what are some of the things that you were able to check out lap at packs all I had so many things so many things I got to play on the switch for the first sounds have been talking about on half my appearances they play a switch for a couple titles. My fear one mean battleships brigade from adults slams OKC got a tummy a little bit about the case so Amanda no match three game OK that's also a cooking show but while this is happening anxious to go and hunt down your ingredients. This so so. Really complicated it it is what it's amazing and so it's one of those things where it's like all right you got five minutes and it's done it's done all set up like you know Iron Chef it's like you know seeger and even though do you admire. So you go. And you got five minutes to create your re also against Clinton match for him for five minutes you're shifting go out into the wild hunt these ingredients come back give a pantry set up slicker greens. Then do your match three. To make me to make them to make via the dish and you back and forth like oh anymore this right now hunting that we named comeback and then presented dish to the judge wow. Guys from adults some games it's a really cool coming actually just announced that it's out Holliday went seventeen to reality is here for switching PC and it loses Superfund. I played another really really an SR PG a mask area. And it's. This is all tore PGA as before we voice acted some really great combat and the having a switch blade being able to sit down completely seamless switch. It's great paid it's paid they definitely push me further over the edge so we like right now only a switch now when he's not only talk about traditional RB Jerry talking about like Final Fantasy league chair PG sort of stuff yeah are a yes finally it's definitely had that look look and feel again same thing I was very operatic music isn't saying everyone's gotten no masquerade masks and Mulally how okay may very cool looking story the editorial over the demos until the prologue. And I like my jaw dropped by him in the prologue and I was like this was so cool that but that is awesome now you also told me that you actually had a chance to get hands on with the Xbox one and bright and I was listening to our podcast from last unless you're us tiger electronics box on max's and has like you know amen and ensure that employ it and I know I'm totally sold on our size that sealed once you get your hands on AM to experiences. I spent an hour with -- sessions -- origin on Xbox one XR Ford paid TV wow and a hole EB gene is this it is IV aids which you when Memphis which is in Egypt and it's it's still pretty because fueling Egypt I think this impairment. There was lush forests and backgrounds and swamps and aside organ with a mean they let me capture forty footing so I've got an hour's worth of assassin's creed or just four K footage. The game is being really really pretty numb and Xbox one X I got to see it's like you know. Power potential and cut teams look fantastic it's definitely going to be on my watch list when drops and now gears on call much talked about far cry five but I want to each your head is that it is well. All I got a far cry five so I got to be part of what likely is Ubisoft like press. Our basically selling out our to our site and our zest for an ordnance they have a far cry five and the crew to. Again and I play assessment or is seen throwing nice slow build you know up to the action you do all these great things you sit down a far cry fire and it's like. Good luck Psycho at least three of them are high. A new start out zip lining into a church is in the middle of a firefight to liberate this cherry zero Y and the coolest thing ever saying I was like. I was laughing and just had you junger and in my face my entire time when it. The characters in the writing from when they played the demo were still fantastic you know because you have to you know you married. It's this awesome colt's name your own against them and you've got like this town tiger winning and they know this crap from this COLT has given more isn't like it's so I like based like Montana or some date isn't basin Montana oh yeah he had and with the ten days sort of world if we can not be more appropriate and it and it's like I said he'd go from one thing and I just. Throw we when the fire. And I was so happy within the game play it was amazing like I'm running in fear for my life you get that she's one of three and guns for hire at the beginning and it's like. Some random dude some random person or dogma like the dog and taken out. Of course is sure why not dogs like ran down tagging people they have to do when he had to sit down once the darling jump but some snack and take him down on the grounds and basis all you pet the dog could. You know what the Immersion on that actually. Helps all lie yet if you really since you ended as sort of game has really amazing yeah I played OP is for pro I think and again I mean look amazing and it's just but it looks so pretty area and these. There's a mission where you have to fly if somebody's plane and take Ambon which are silos and could your Montana why not yet sure and it was just so cool as soon as fly through Montana and sealing these mountain ranges and forest might bomb in this countryside who is familiar and it really when deathly of the Tom analysts and based on your recommendations. I finally picked up player known battleground I heard I've seen between an entire oil play. Yeah yeah and I have to tell you that I really really do enjoy it it's a lot of fine I'm playing it for steam I do know it's coming out eventually for Xbox one correct right yes and actually did have the next box one built builds in quotation or its Xbox one bill would be quotation marks because there was were made were honest and say torn on the PC buses to control mappings even as a lot myself how aiming at a hundred players on Xbox one here our and I asked. I love to PC build this control mappings and sort of feel hopeless and controller Oca bringing GAAP and I. I am really letting it I mean I'm just playing it on steam right now by. It's one of those games where you're running around for your life collecting some and into the front end is someone but the way that they've done mate it's it's it I think it's way better than H one easy one is a way better than daisy yet wage both they they've basically taken from those to make you really really amazing game have you played even are you going solo if you squad and I'm only -- -- playing soul right now and I know there's solo duo in school why when you so do Rosen squad that just completely changed the game really it's still super fine there's been almost a little more stress when you do it that way but it's it's a ton of fun yet for me at this point I'm just walking around solo had a major migraine for my life dynamite. All right well the map skating a little bit more closed in because necessarily bringing everyone together all think I'd say then I watch television and I. Feel like can I stay the ends of the military goals so much as possible so I don't could shop irony in the middle. I love it if anybody has any questions or any games they want you test out the best way to get all the new. Of course and beyond the twitch Twitter and YouTube it's all the same at the micro bless thank you so much mention of course. Thank you so much indeed just like he said demy grove lists on all forms of social media and on twitch follow my eyes streaming does a lot of giveaways. He's got a lot of friends in the gaming industry that really do help amount and check some of those models fund angels are pretty fantastic house prettier and now we do need to talk some comic books as the goalie and there's just one big one that you wanna bring up for this I want to but I still have to cope. Absolutely because. We've been going across with his whole Captain America is a Nazi is not a Nazi and you told me that this has wrapped up but I haven't. We've seen. Any sort of outrage on lines I have to assume this is just a normal comic book story line part of why you might not this is only online as the most bill may have just given up talking about how this come and go wow I don't know maybe back in the day yeah yeah I went when he for -- now now so. It's finally I didn't if you take him out of the still secret empire only may go which is the epilogue issue that's all gonna come out of the end of this month nice so were were not technically done. But so basically what we learned was this whole thing had of course the whole you know ring Conn history a Hydro having been did big power that they work. Was god done by Coke he said didn't cosmic cube that red skull had basically yeah I used for like a better term. Isn't it email form that was that no one else quite agree everything it was basically convinced what what is essentially a child's version or cosmic cube. That he was right and this is not creepy. Now I'm a major soccer brilliant. And I think I'm not done the right word. Now he has. So it was it was basically just done like taking advantage of like a young monarch on May know better. Tests for advertisers to Henry six cannot bend our Arab channel page article so anyway so the red skulls like hey covic. Make this secret empire thing but she doesn't like. Briscoe also should just make him part of it makes a not to version of cap that is gonna rule the secret empire that's what's been all the time now. And oh the real dude well he was he was the real due because you could recreate reality if you're cosmic cube so I don't know. Plus a she'll reach greater reality to make this hide your cap. And Ed basically she realized that he was hit it he was horrible. This whole time good did good guys bad guys have been searching for all these fragments of the cosmic cube and every time the bad guys went. So the good guys only have one tiny fragment left to say I'm Wilson was back as Captain America and is like idea could use this fragment to not like stop them but like make one wish. And he freeze dark first New York which is the beginning of the dominoes that fall. That end up being the final climax so finally. Captain America's like your evil cat is like aren't I got to come out and kick some ass and make an example as people that's the big climax is going to in the broadcast. Hydro broadcast this everywhere in New York. And do the world look at this you know thinking cap is gonna win he's gonna take down the avengers and prove hydrants Currie. Thought to guess how violent is not it's not a way that they want body's guess so yeah things happen. Since kept America symbols that kept America fights evil cat. And then this whole time it's sort of stoic as the civil war three but they can't call it that because they just deceive or civil war two and who wouldn't read it that way there right. So evil cat has the suit thing that has a glowing cosmic cube in the center in the shape of a star so he's basically captain iron man's America. I used to play and kept America there's even the same panel from civil war with a shield the repulse a blast on the shields that they recreated in the movie like it was just hey look did you think this wasn't civil war dead because you were wrong. How we saw the worst they can have well you know you can ever have a civil war banner. Underneath your civil war. So it's the same time it into man using tiny fragments goes into the cosmic Cuban center captain America's test 'cause apparently they're small enough you can and Dirk cosmic you sir I don't know and I don't realize that I guess that's gone ahead and ask yourself who Wear and that and this is where apparently even holds story where. The real Captain America has lost his memories have been like in this wilderness and kind of lost it camping for a while open turns out this was all inside Kobe expels all inside the cosmic cube and that was covic memory of the real Captain America. So at the end briefed. Basically convince covic to bring the real cuts America back to put everything back the way it was certainly has been put back the whale was but they remember what happened. So like there's at least a little bit of like my house of them were only like six people remember Danica undone by der by this anyway. It's ever gonna remember cigarette buyer but the same time like captain America's back being Captain America. You look at might be around my not your honor I don't know what his fate was. But. You know let I I said awhile ago that it was gonna be like Israel talk us through it set to be 616 in the end everything's going to be put back together and it will now be relegated as a parallel universe. And that seems to have been what has happened so it is over we're moving on to legacy and next and don't know what that's going to be what's gonna have the vendors from one million BC. And I was sure to keep you briefed then there's sand on the last page is gonna break the Internet and after it not to happen Batman finding a watchman pin in the band and media driven manly SI don't. I don't know what they've gotten store yeah but I'm right where they can step up bad game I'm really hoping if the fantastic 40 yeah I don't know yet if they bring it to its. It's cold marble legacy what is lazy but the fantastic four Staley may all of this on the backs of the fantastic four I and I absolutely Lou nice to bring him back that's for sure will be the first book I ever read how well speaking of BJ over there I don't even read some comic books yeah I finally got around a comic book that was given we all got like this nice care package of comics from one of our great deep national of a listeners whose name is eluding me but you know who you are. And he's a much again for those guys and and and I thank you because you basically had to you on Amazon into basically a bid to purchase I'm not. This is a great book it's called to sender. And by Jeffrey Maier I think of Singh's name right and I'm Muslim Ireland Mir but yet you are and winds gusting wind the artist fantastic great watercolor paints an art and it's a great story about a young robot and Jose whole space empire where they are just ravaged. By these creatures these these robotic creatures called harvesters are gigantic can make galactic look like he's a little guy through and this book on and have you have you read or heard about. That I am actually going this book because I love you obviously read anything doesn't win draws and again here's a great writer and Dustin wins artists that this book is kind of my saga I think I've read three trades of Saudi couldn't quite get like compelled like I think it's good thing it's beautiful but I couldn't quite get compelled to read more every month. Dissenter fills that hole from because this is another it's a beautiful space opera with stunning art and emotional characters. Yeah I think Fiona staples are can sometimes put people off to make that makes saga feel good for your than it really is. And it's I think I I wonder if that's a reason because gusting winds are as much different and Fiona is art both really good. But Dustin Nguyen man of god it's just beautiful beautiful art and the stories are great story it they they got me end. And end the first traders are great cliff hanger where you go. Hole. K and this is what's happening already love that. I I look at this single while will this be a series will somebody try to match us up and all the other into a movie. They've got four trades out as it is and of course and I'm sure he knew but knew issues as well but you get four trades and I finish trade one very excited about is an image comics so. It's called December awesome. And Chris walker this is free year old cowboy I I didn't wanna touches McCauley about the the Star Trek universe and and the green and MB ER green lantern universe being matched up on or if you saw it seem that bad yes unlike. How I EW get DC to say OK a and make this happen but they did that I had these really generous with just mashups clearly occurs. The studios is making up power readers Justice League. But look at right now that is better than it has a 380 right to me that the if that wow. So I there's that that I haven't checked out but the wind but I mean checking out start triple legal which continues JJ Abrams universal right when I thought that the you know they've got to Montana she's not I thought we were done with that error as it turns out now they've they've decided to take in the whole different direction and it's been fun. And it. Well normally I get Matta companies cigar here's a bunch of extra material but because when I'm reading comics Ozzie I he's like gets the last page sewing and re the next issue yet but they usually put an hey what about this book you should read here's a sample of it alien added yeah earlier in the end I think you know of course how crazy in my how crazy in my I'm so mad they give me free stuff. What's wrong with fuel magazine's man well. I saw this and it was captain measure on the big guard with a beard and mad woman. And I'm like what is this issue one of Star Trek the next generation. Mirror broke him I had. That's a goat cheese yeah yeah at all you guys into as Spock basically had a goatee as well I mean so we're talking from the mirror mirror universe that we were introduced in the original series. And they had. Great storyline India's nine for a little while they write a couple of excellent episodes of enterprise I love the mere universities are universe like the top five most recognizable references here is near so good man. And we never really got this siege on Luc Picard and his gang in the mirror universe but let me let me just tell you this. This is awesome. They've all hit three issues I bought a mall I'm going crazy. As basically the story line starts off with. Today argued that they leave the car das is in cling ons because. Because current way back in the day convince spot to be peaceful yet and basically you know why. Let's see here you're Pryor's gonna crumble you shouldn't be a bunch of mean guys you should be more like a federation. They believe him they let it happen and likely not to combat scenes basic beat the crap out of that a patient care our. Terror and empire was crushed by the alliance between the better they cling ons in the and they yet Curtis. So the basically the Terrence and one good thing they had gone form is they have really good defense and around earth so they were chased back to their home system. They couldn't necessarily be defeated completely so the terrace of the cling onto the grass is they are well there. There they know I think they're not gonna hurt anybody we go we can't control the sole quadrant basically. Meanwhile the federation well actually the imperial whatever they call themselves the empire like. You know what this isn't any good so they have there's been rumors of designing. It basically a great warship that they think will take back. The empire greatness or as a salary for the for the sole folks. But the trouble is is that captain Joseph go you remember him now yadier he was the jerky garde play. I I. Cool dude that was an ox right Cox yeah I Cox is so good in that no good and and so and of course riker is his first opera served. Welcome cards like you know why it. Does he know how things work in this Mary university up you don't ever really gets assigned to a post that you basically kill somebody steal the posts here and the cars like. You know what he's a loser. The only person she command this brand new warship that way that they didn't know existed but band and actually data hacked in and find out you know what did the rumors are true there actually is a warship the developed it's actually pretty amazing and of course it's the enterprise of course it's a galaxy class destroyer. It's very similar to what we know from next gen. And Picard was the captain of the stargazers says you know why. I'm more shift mine now any goes and recruits all of the folks that we know and love but are not really associated with him in this universe yet. And it is pretty damn awesome I love the hard likes the cover art that Chris has shown he ran out looks fantastic as writing is so good David Tipton who's written a lot of cool stuff and Scott Tipton I think they did some Doctor Who stuff which I really liked. JK Woodward is the artist and yeah we had him on now a long time ago Deanna and meets face a man I love this this is. There's a scene between Picard and riker that. You would've never ever seen in next gen but in order for them to work together. This is amazing and it is to it is so fun to see drinking contest I can't eliminate it comic book it's all about the next generation in the mirror universe. And I love it thank you IDW. I am going to a comic bookstores soon as we're done recording this show and I'm buying. All three of a philosophy and this looks so good is due in part border policy and he'll find out why data is the doing yet Dana is just a did his search for humanity is completely different line universe this looks. All India as a bad ass like you know I had stayed up all I'm telling you man and a skeleton I frightened tingle on oh yeah he's got some big gigantic gunman is on our guys these guys are definitely bad ascent to card. Is she is so awesome he's such should do should. And I'm really I was a good job list. Those guys I was unaware of these there are very well you know he I mean we're like I literally guns I never did he works out just because I don't know I'm from that now going from comic books to comic book movies because finally I am in the same room as Nicole Lee. Dead again. His response from this it looks like they're going to. He made skiing yeah what a joke origin movie. Hey and at this point in time they're hoping to possibly happen. Leonardo DiCaprio in the main role house so my dad having Martin Scorsese BD one of the producers on that in a hole. To make this happen in. Now first. Just there was always had a lesson on how to detect fake news. I don't know local businesses that first life. But let me let me list a bunch of things you tell me which won an seems less likely because they're all phenomenally unlikely. DC is working on in a photo of continuity movie using it eighty main character that they barely introduced an Ericsson universe is all right. March 1 he's gonna make its DC superhero we with Warner Bros. and they're gonna make a Joker origin standalone movie. Mean more clearer okay million are DiCaprio is gonna be one of those movies I don't know which one of those things that list less likely but I did. None of them are gonna have to use radioactive remnants of the side by side pictures of Leonardo DiCaprio and Jack Nicholson dale and I can attack that was the joke there and order must be true and I know right now that you just said that BJ those things are starting to click and it's like all wouldn't at least let me get him back have to know to do this. And cash lately I would be in isn't out of won the US jagr is ever to play a great role yes it would be really cool but like. I I think you can make our group we guard like this can't believe that I cannot even knew was honestly kind of following this. All the articles that quote that lyric opera is being looked at it. Are following there's a rumor that Scorsese will be producing this -- 'cause of that people think maybe he'll look at Leo like that's the amount of logic that we're following here they're just gonna help online saying wheels being looked and always. Leo is even being looked at being looked at yet they're following this deaths in terms of hey Scorsese has done so with Leo including the yeah hearted and they're just hoping. Maybe that this would be happen instead that random speculation in that you know in those fan shipping that you really really good old moon boom. Take all this out take the fact that it's going to be larger story take away that it's happening right now this whole mess is also as big simple mess of what ever their dealings. On the line if someone like there's going to be any Joker. And like you know let's pretend he still looks as great as he still does. What did you think of that Leo as a Joker do you think he has the acting chops to betrayed the Joker I I think wheels one on the best actors of our time. So cruel I think he's just phenomenal so absolutely I think he took on and it's what Joker would you like him to play the serve on the. Oh man that's a really good question yeah I could likely make his own. Yeah I mean yeah absolutely what everybody does everybody has to. Around because just like the gangsta and there's like the Psycho that cuts the space I think I think I guess is the one that legitimately Loeb to still lacks. I think his is the one that thinks all of this after a stop is actually funny and slap in the ninth with a whole time. I think that's Leo RI but you know and put all of this we are missing the most important point and that is that's been calling doesn't think the Joker should have an origin story except that he fell and a bunch of Bassett and if they do anything differently. Wilson a goalie basically protest likes media and most of the Batman fan you'll yes they have raised since I went out and act and I really do have to agree with that is based a lot of it is on the passion as Nicole Lee threw arm all of the podcast that movies are accused of measles. Yeah disasters I was glad I'm not by the way. That's okay. This is cool yeah yeah. This just isn't it doesn't seem necessary. Inmate could be like every other you know Hollywood rumor story it just starts off somebody decides to leak some thing and made it just tries to get blown up to see whether or not. The people really care that much about it. It even Jan leno's just confuse you he says I'm a little confused too so there a couple of things happening in the BC world it's a big universe and you know. When you put junger there's no ownership they air you know that you just have to honor. Yet the honour of holding the baton for a little while and passing it off but there are other films in development mean in an excited to see what comes from land. It's just a little gun on what I think happened is we just found out like yesterday areas as of last week now armed they just announced a new writer director for suicide squad to data layers outs and the guy who made. The warrior and the accountants don't hope that's the guy who's writing and directing the new movie. Because they were read they were figure out who's going to be the new guy to make suicides 1000 moves who with Joker. I assume that a lot of names or in a meeting and then that's where this all spun out of and I wouldn't be surprised if they throw that's about there to see if people would like he's Joker origin movie like that lets see what they want to have the most impressive named behind it might be even still be doubted. I feel great now it's very much even that's with the promise Suzanne squad was it's like it's a Harley Quinn movie because then we're gonna dollar money and attention on Harley Quinn and someone will Smith goes well NASA's cost a lot of money to get a movie. In so I feel like Joker right now and Harley Quinn still hot keys to selling all the fun goes and selling all the like costumes for Halloween in this and that. That really will capitalize let's make as much money's again people like this let's get a more than what we're gonna vomit. And it is Gavin O'Connor is now tapped to write and direct to the upcoming suicide squads see call. So hopefully will mean better than the other one I try to watch it and I got about five minutes and I was like halfway through waiting for argument throws that I was on vacation and I might now. No I don't need this I don't need this I had the mistake of watching the second half suicides grimacing the first. Well then they are honestly the first ever to exploit the probably the plot holes are still wearing an excellent and I. I don't charge card is like abuse drugs is the beginning and you can get up to kidnappers and it's like him get up a because awesome well thank you so much to going on that left to get your opinion on those and now it is time for all our earth and she twists picky dish. The F fours Vicki. So only we got some news about the per well of course we do okay out as though right now when a British nationals were like no start have you ever being Hollywood people he was not happy that they're doing and makes different and I I've just been beaten so much. I think being down I'm so tired I'm just accepting it despite an area of high pressure on you watery you've always wanted to remake of the sunny because I. I felt that that eighties movie is not nice I guess it was 96 and I I do is ninety's movie coming and eighty's we I was often I don't know I'm not a winner I have like four years after he's a mood and wanting hasn't been a little skills to eighties from me. Yeah ninety's BJ no I'm just kidding it's it's true it's eight days really had a feel like wow this is not a modern production when you think that that terminator two was in the ninety's and that movement in the ninety's I would never believe that but it's at. Healy for me the way at the reason I like it so much it's in even to the stage like a millennial like states that has that old dirty and grungy vibe to between the music and soundtrack beaten and then the actors at all like the actual behind the scenes stuff and even. How genes a bar felt about the book and you know what happened with. Rendering mainly in new certainly a being just heart will and they are insulting a crappy one they did if you're gonna do it they better make it good. Yes so absolutely. As of now we don't have a crow we had so many people between Bradley Cooper Luke and friends everybody then we had a budget director is their idea Jason amoled summer that ask you what's right now of the rumor it's oh so it's still on that it is Stiller has not been confirmed. But right now what we do know and I don't know violate this. Sony has officially the lockdown as a distributor for this project. Ruin everything they've his room and just uncommon the find him and learn and well they ruined the Bruins captain and all I only know so I thought that fox was so fantastic yes. Yeah Kandahar today and that there man but mostly you know the distributing it and not producing it is significant so it's a live studio might make you would just Sony's money and then he knew what was the homecoming strategy exactly and that didn't work out for homecoming to fantastic results. I don't think fantastic it's still her. Oh nice Larry did I do I guess this put it all really backing for the belittled. Worried GAAP GAAP and now I I would like to see the sparkle horse if you threaded the whole sparkle and lawyers. Part of it or even just do an animated one here and now perfect and I mean like when would be great yeah I would be way okay with an enemy Karl. The radar animated pro am deal or can Sonoma and it's not feeling well except as Erica RJ Omar rated. Yeah and you go grand animated there why not. Just what Colin won bigs do we get a deal worked out my mind is blown that yeah. Well designed Sundance. Sany. Your inner geek wants to come out and play like where to. Join Vernon Wells he Golden Globe where you when your fellow geeks can hang out play games just nerd out 24/7. Whether you love our TV's video games or are just a major fan of size flying culture Vernon Wells says something for every one. Let your deep flags fly at Vernon whilst. Sign up today and see for yourself BMW duck club that's BMW dot bluffs.