BJGN09-14-17 - Special Ops - The Orville - Mother! - American Assassin

Thursday, September 14th

It's Special Ops with Mark Rahner, Rev, & Chris! They discuss the pilot to the FOX show The Orville; Mark reviews Mother! and American Assassin!


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Your inner geek wants to come out and play but where to. Joined Vernon Wells the ultimate globe where you when your fellow geeks can hang out play games and just nerd out 24 sevenths whether you love our PCs and video games or are just a major fan of size flying he culture Vernon Wells says something for everyone let your geek flags fly at Vernon whilst. Sign up today and see for yourself BMW duck club that's BMW dot. Club house. Ladies and gentlemen geeks of all ages you are now entering Vijay hasty nation. And key nations special ops. You can call it affects leader right now it's time for your special ops briefing and I'm your host Mark Connor this week the new Darren or not he filmed mother. Is it only half a word and the new Seth MacFarlane comedy the horrible. The red markers are not amused and American assassin this he assassinate the right Americans will tell you but first to the reverend en Fuego. Hello and Chris walker it yeah hi yeah the family is. Altogether tell people how they can get in touch because we like it when they do rev time if they want to do so 19802243353. Will be a text message or a voicemail. Beat digging nation at for all your email needs and it's really simple just a class on social media just search for. BJ she's geek nation or you or go to BJ geek nation dot com yeah. It's kind of fancy web site I don't look at it very often because I'm on it Natalie wanna see myself. But. Hillary's and why not I don't know it another army week we come here and we do this thing and we go home and doctors and tools have there's an actual infrastructure behind. And actually yes and it's fairly well done I just thought people should know that off. We'll get to our stuff in a moment I just that we haven't seen each other since last week and since last week. Our mayor stepped down because of yet another child sex abuse allegation one and only took five right yeah I think that does make five and per perhaps he can find a home in the Catholic Church hello move I think he'll lose a capital to vital and yes there are. You know if you think Seattle is is dissented smug little liberal Disneyland to live in. Well we got this now he not great under. Ted Cruz who did it narrow. He is human and everybody the hated him rubber faced Texas senator informal. Former presidential candidate apparently he got cue late to porn clip on Twitter. And then blame it on. Quote a staffing issue netstat and whether he was at half staff for full remains unknown and I don't wanna know if Tony's response from this was from Craig Mazen then you guys have heard me talk about. The script notes podcast that only have Mazen the screenwriter and he doesn't have another screenwriter John August. Craig Mazen made some news during the election in the primaries because he was college roommates with Ted. Cruised. And talked about just what an absolute creepy was the and amazing tweeted. Now imagine Ted Cruz is doing that four feet below you in the bottom multi. Yes my misery very much appreciate your company. A PS if you don't follow maison and on Twitter you should because he's a sharp funny dude in you to listen to the scope of its podcast to your even remotely interested in and that line of work. The new web iPhone X was announced. This week now I've been due for an upgrade or even had to put paid sixty dollars to get the plug hole replaced in my iPhone six 'cause. There's no way to talk about this without making it sound trillion novatel cruise thing parent be the hole where the where the lightning plug goes in loose. The plug wasn't making contact anymore the hole is. It was carried to screamed out to two. You have to do much. Do you what I'm saying I do understand it's. Just as dirty no matter what it's discuss where you put it out of its sixty dollars to replace the plug. Because I wasn't ready to upgrade to the iPhone seven because I knew the new one was coming out. And instead of a home button the new one has facial recognition. And apparently so does Ted Cruz hello. Moving alone and one half. It's. That was disgusting images need to edit all that out and go straight to this right here the girl I. I will admit guys up front that I am not a Seth MacFarlane fan I think that. If you've seen about thirty seconds of the Family Guy you know how every rapid fire jokes gonna go handling. New music that you know whatever. Can I do in my poor bastard Jack yeah I had an ID instant. Notify her of an old person is the adding of the in front of anything Jesus Christ you're on my side okay. So who do you guys like that. No known I don't know like me you won't be or his the rest of his serial comedy empire no I didn't like Cleveland show I got over fanning act fairly quickly. EN American Dad! I'd never bothered Louis fans can't intimidate and now I read something one of those. God damn click bait articles about how much comedians are worth and he's just richer than consultant because of all this foxhole loves him oh yeah well they must because they let him do their show there are some also railroads Seth MacFarlane personally that just kind of makes my skin crawling can't quite pin it down. But I will admit he's he's talented guy and maybe it's just a matter taste I know. His new fox show is live action. Any put himself in the lead course today and they're really. Doesn't have anything to do with the aging patron called popcorn don't tire patterns out I was did you there guys dug your hole is a really blatant Star Trek spoof. And it comes in a very timely fashion a mere eighteen years after that was done to perfection in Cali sequence shot now here's the thing is it really a spoof I've heard that it is more of an homage. Comedy elements to it can be all those things grasshopper MacFarlane always a U mediocre space service officer. Who's in charge of some mid level not too impressive spaceship because. The union I think they called the U the union yet many captains and he's he's a spare body and he stuck with the ex wife is the first officer. A year after he caught her cheating on him with a blue alien. She is played by Adrian Adrian and Adrian Adrian pulley quay who you know from not being Wonder Woman ready got a clip yeah. Q3 meters device you live or on we will destroy your ship. Charging you can move like two steps you're right. Why is it a little tired this is a lot of dead space there just. And yeah just right to be the perfect guests are you are just very weirdly friend who's going to focus on. And we what is it you want do you know what I want. Sorry right yes our little distracted lately and just got out of rough marriages at a difficult time my wife had an affair only time he hasn't been suffering. I'm trying to keep talking so combines high on up. He's you're an objective third party are you married but. Oh my god you're you're bringing him into our members by. Miss learning that an effort to balance your career with your homeland. I'm married she's work it takes work right compromise on both sides yes and I didn't make that effort would you be surprised if your wife. Sought comfort in the arms of another blow could be selfish. No that would be Saudi idea because both the your complete freedom saints you know what are the sitting here listening. Or is it power you have to clean piece. Yeah give me your device or you believe who've got great. She's good I like her cat. I do Wonder Woman aborted pilot that she was in was huge embarrassment. But this is a nice recovery. So there's the crew assorted aliens and humans. It includes that annoying red haired guy from the later years of ER three and our grants research thank you I. There are fast super strong female who looks sort of like a cross between a Vulcan in what I'm maturing in narration is almost a founder at that point what's that these days now you don't care but deep space nine aren't yet sure majora going to founder of the few fire. As you heard the clippers amateur golf and in the pilot episode and it's a device that can age things are rapidly and tremendously excited and an ugly race of enemy aliens once at WW KG Chris walker what would Kirk do I think that's what Kirkwood given both both barrels day he would do. The show seem to me. Even I won't ask for your reaction surely absolutely we can neither Fisher fell. I know it's gonna kind of marginally funny at best at best the couple spots that I almost sort of half chuckled a little bit. Didn't break any new ground as show. Build the closest they came to laughing. Consistent with trumped finger you and you worry I putted out I asked him why really you marry me I've been watching way too much news I will walk off this podcast please don't I'm so McFarland is Carriker. That there's a scientist who demonstrates the aging ray on a banana and MacFarlane is character does is dead pan riff about. Now we're safe from bananas. It's probably like the only good line in the show. There is one if you want to get a better idea of humors on long sight gag of a dog licking its balls. Followed by some conversation about it to drag the joke into the ground for remedial viewers who think it. Do you remember Chris the original Star Trek episode Spock spring of course that it's got a hot alien woman who has control. Of a little remote thingy that makes Kirk writhe on the floor in exquisite shut Marion agony picnic yes I guess I felt like this for the 45 minutes let's go watching Moscow. It's also it's with the sheep looking to week comes it's a long way since the original Star Trek with. In 1966 who its with its marbles it's really obvious models and it's really visible. Matt lions when things move the models move from one end to the framed the other yeah. Or now at this age and special effects can be done on your average laptop anybody can. And that's mostly what they look like him the horrible like some offered to some dudes laptop. I think most of it. It was acted against green screens or in any empty shopping mall. At that. Let's fed chief this can be funny I mean if you embrace that original seven east this is going relieved stern hours Lebanese. Space comedy called cork with Richard Benjamin yeah if you haven't seen it look it up I know it's available on dvd. But mural missile Lowe went to me and not very funny. All around also just reeks to me of a vanity project for McFarland and who doesn't love Shatner. And one to be captain Kirk I will admit this there's no point hiding it. Most of us have good taste not to try that at Atlanta and a the bottom line. I am going to boldly go all over the Orville if you were funny her I would sign on for what I predict will be it's one and only season mission. But in less mirrored social media reaches critical mass about how much better against. I have drinking to do I mean I won't be tuning in Chris walker yes let's let's talk about this one tire pressure you know I will keep you posted I will say this is that. There were a lot of bad jokes to sort of fell flat. But it wasn't as joking is I was expecting it to this is Todd. Seth MacFarlane Todd McFarland to put enemies honestly I'd be different lord while there's pockets everywhere no feet. The that Seth MacFarlane door I was expecting the family. Do with the set up joke set up jokes that a joke we do every thirty minutes and I think that's I think it's exhausting its feet and it and it's. But the I really liked. Seth and and today a huge impact happily keep acting together as a husband or wife or strange to they were. I found myself less interest did in the next joke and actually trying to follow the story like I was. Legitimately on the edge of my seat for parts of this this episode I I will not lie to you I was into it. That is astonishing to meet you in any kind of an altered state where you on and I know I medication but have you suffered any kind of head trauma this. I was really really getting into it I will say this since Seth MacFarlane has said many many times that he is a huge star trip and he appeared in. A couple of episodes of enterprise which I know you've probably never seen but that's not in my while you start with a Patch Adams theme song and until they should do a lot better. Yeah honestly so much better than that and I are collectively all of the study really go down this row I love Star Trek this is well documented point of the story. He has so I know that he's going to treated with that love and that affection he has for Star Trek and he has so far I believe done that and you've got people on board for the you've got Brenner brought on board for this you get John Farber on board for this you've got some really big names really big hitters and they're doing. I think great work. One question I have for you this is only the pilot and the pilots and notably known for being pretty vague on plot and throwing at a Tynan characters that are out there that may or may not make the cut Wii U even bother to give this a S second episode to see if maybe they can get their feet early honestly I got something better to do and I don't know what that is yet. That's and let's say here. Buzz that the show has improved and and and it's hilarious and well look like me you know you see or any of your seat get. I just thought well it's sort of a cookie cutter plot that you. Like an amalgam of show any number of different scifi Star Trek episodes did what's what's it adding what what are my getting here that I that I haven't gone elsewhere before and better. Don't get me wrong you're absolutely correct that it was it was very much a eat it very much from familiar territory there's nothing new groundbreaking going on but I just I've IE. Was less of less concern with the jokes and I was watching the story and I ate even though I knew exactly where everything was going to go. I still and I was I was enjoying characters and I think the scripting was good and I. I just I had a really good time with this kind of thing Harlan is just told crap they're there are times when he plays his own strengths and and there are and there are ways that he delivers a joke that are genuinely funny like the party that you just played rev with him. They thought they open communication and you'll have. Your classic start really Croatian. And him and he just stops everything the movie guide in the middle of the frame because distracting that was funny that was funny but the ratio of funny to either man. Or not at all funny or aggressively. Unfunny. Not good all right that's the normal when we come back from the break we'll talk during turn offs these mother are it's gotten exclamation point will be right back. Welcome back Mark Brown here with the reverend en Fuego in Chris walker Hans flops. It's been a busy week today Harry didn't today he had at the big divot editorial I get arrested Mario Rivera. I it was a busy day yesterday between you know how I know because they spent seventeen dollars parking test he improves he's just happy I'm stuck I. The first one was Darren or not skis mother. To be exclamation point it it makes it kind of like The Beatles help. Except not fun in any court declares a problem now or not he I respect the I think he's a true original. You got your requiem for a dream for me it's Black Swan and years the fountain from your tie. I really should just stuff that pie if you ask me are wrestler which are enjoyed the restaurant is really get to know I didn't know that I don't think my mistake and he did Noah's Ark movies that I didn't quite make it through to do either leasing. Was that the Russell Crowe Rosa Dorothea apparently was huge worldwide hit but I just couldn't Muster up enough interest to get past the first one minute there's a problem I don't I don't think I'd be able Lisa down for that either. Now watch the trailer for mother and still knew nothing about this one going in. And I felt much the same by the end of the film I thought I thought I knew it starred Jennifer Lawrence and Javier Bardem. And just because I was at a total loss here's IM DB's plot description quote. A couple's relationship is tested and uninvited guests arrive at their home disrupting their tranquil existence. Turns out that doesn't really quite cover it over I don't know what you mean that that eighteen word sentence doesn't really give me the entire story nominal pause here to tell your little story. That will relate to this when I first moved in my current apartment about three and a half years ago I had gone from my usual into the evening nightcap. Mine nearby bar. Handful friends once he knew please come over for an after hours cocktail afterwards I like having people over my place it's not a phobia I just don't like it. I don't like them touching my stuff hey what's this kind of moralism. Or possibly letting out the cats. You and I don't like people over my place it's sometimes all have one or two people over watching movies and have some cocktails with. I need to be manageable I needed to be in control so this crude drunken degenerates comes over after hours and I knew it was a mistake. One of my friends ask where the bathroom is I tell him he's gone for a really long time him. I go to check on him. Hi rap on the door lately. Here's shower running. I opened the door my friend has decided to just abruptly to take a shower and I'm like what are you doing and he thinks this is hilarious would get out of there you fool. I go back out and the living room. My phone things. He sent me self be of himself in my shower he thinks this is the funniest thing you know we're an event there and back in their area at this point I'm feeling the more violated than if I were a new prison inmate might everybody thinks this is Larry's. The upshot of this is people have not been over to my place can I ask three and a half years. So what I'm saying to you is mother feels like that situation on steroids. No call by name in the movie so Jennifer Lawrence's husband. Named by two strangers into their big beautiful creepy house in the middle of nowhere that she's renovating the scene is played by Ed Harris. This makes her uncomfortable. And when she's uncomfortable. We are uncomfortable because the cameras constantly console leader right up close interface or right behind her head to the picture point of view. Soon. The strangers quite shows up and she's played by Michelle Pfeiffer and here's a little bit of conversation between her and Jennifer Lawrence's character. My name my kids. Excuse he. He reacted earlier. I know what it's like when you're just starting out anything you have all the time in the world and you know you're not going to be soon young forever. Kids. Yeah. This consultant. Inclusive and both of them. And the do you do you. What's going on. This revenues that's cinema of discomfort good times. My guess there was twin peaks I can't really spoil mother because it's incomprehensible. I can tell you there's something lied and mysterious about the big house. And the more strangers keep showing up and making Lawrence and meet more and more uncomfortable. And then things escalate to insanity and surrealism. And Jesus H Christ but I hum. So you're wondering. Pretty early on into this is everything in nightmare. We'll husband's famous poet with writer's block and the wife wants to have a baby and I read the rose Mary's baby the Roman Polanski film. With Symbian inspiration. But in mathematics since not in the watchable making sense sense. I was wondering is this some metaphor and allegory about hard how hard it is for. A woman to be with a male artist specifically with Darren Curtis Cup ski. Trivia Lawrence or not he became a couple during the production. Yet he is. Couple decades and change older than she is just like the poet and his wife in the movie a which other characters remark on. They're playing good movies that make you uncomfortable anxious Menem makes for a worthwhile ride. I just wanted everyone to get the hell out of the house and mother to be over. When nobody where his wrist watches anymore and I couldn't check my phone is the key here at a screening that they see the light. But all I wanted was to see how much a complete what's left after death. I think you're not he's an artist and he's kind of polarizing but I think he deserves the benefit of the doubt. A cool appointment. But this is it as I'm American before that. At these press screenings publicist wait outside with the clip boards and ask you what you think of a movie. I avoided them. I went the other way. I thought I dodged the bullet. But I showed up for the next screening and it was the same publicist Maryland would think of modern mark and I had to say just. Flat out I have no idea what stuff I just walked. Yeah the she needs to do not know the time I went to bed and had an inexplicable 79%. Positive on rotten tomatoes. Chris you tell me it's gone down in the ensuing hours it has indeed is that currently taking over at a mere 76%. And I ever refresh this page in a little while so let's just see you a the guys now holding its a must excite the minute. We do trust those people are either trust me here's your pull quote I only apple quote. If you're feeling an empty space where twin peaks the return was then mother. This movie that has plenty of weirdness and make you wonder what the hell you just saw. Except not in an entertainer gratifying way at all. Are to be challenging this challenging in the way they hang hooker walked on your junk with stiletto heels. I haven't reached that level of desensitization. Yet and if I do you should take away my Internet. Not that I can live with a ambiguity. I'm a freelance. There for God's sakes. End of pull quote. My game that you cannot get I like the new punctuation you'll that we know when your local news doesn't. It helps I think have been listening to save America tomorrow and next. My guys show. So the palate cleanser was American assassin now is the second screening yesterday. Briefly. This was the crowd pleaser that mother absolutely. Was not. Now if you've seen the trailer for American assassin. It looks to be a pretty standard revenge flick about a young dude whose girlfriend is mowed down and terrorist attack by a swarthy middle easterners. He becomes. Single minded with training and revenge in death and comes under the wing of tough love CIA mentor. Michael Keaton mr. mom Michael Keaton who is a lover man and that man there and bad man and the culture from Spiderman right. And I he becomes a young CIA special ops training and Michael Keaton is. He he's not the warm type rev. Our season. Yet. Should north. We're shipping it. Supposed to. They released. Sure. So. Smith's death lots of your thoughts oh yeah. And keep on doing my kid to a video until the closing to his girlfriend were intentional. We think. We're monitoring it turn it off nice to feel sorry for you. Don't. No justice no amount of course wrapped around his neck. Can we afford that he needs to come around. Never ever. Had a personal. Then the league is doing O'Brien and he was in some things that I do not watch such as teen wolf. There you are a maze runner. C Hewlett young and a little late marking America for me bit cold watch any action movie let's just admit this upfront. A great. Between spice classic at the back I think James Bond in the novels was about 36 disguise in his mid twenties in and looks at. I am happy to tell you though of an American assassin. Is it's a tough fast pace Smart brutal. Globe trotting special ops action flick kind of in the tradition of Ronan in the first born movie it's bad ass it sounds like an eighty's Stephenson gall movie title click to stop the name alone I don't wanna watch this so it's kind of refreshing to see that you're okay with. The title on the premise Gillick American ninja it's it's not a Michael movie dad has a duty cough free zone so the young actor isn't the punk that I feared and Michael Keaton. It's sort of a glorious as this tough unsentimental trainer team leader I like old Michael Keaton yet bonus Scott adkins. We mentioned him before Scott adkins is a great great martial arts star is a good actor and used a phenomenal athlete he is small role in this. And some day. We're gonna do a whole show on Scott adkins you're doing is he its obscure enough we can get him on the phone rev Mamie would you just say that you're part of a big big radio. Corporation in right Fred doesn't sound accurate at all the man go from here. There's some plutonium than another really lethal previous student who keep in character has stolen. To sell for your lease for the bad foreigners to make in new kind of he is played by Taylor kit short think we can now forgive for John Carter which kind of broke my heart. I don't think most other critics are gonna be on board for this movie. Plot wise it's a little cliches and has some kind of silly elements of deposit think about him. Mitch Rapp is the character's name he's heard Jack Bauer type whose nearly unbeatable in resorts to an extreme measures. Against the orders of the CIA handlers he always disobeyed orders that somehow manages to save the day in and killer we want. But it comes together well and most film critics again say there action movie snobs every bit as much as their horror movie snobs and I were to Chris Hemsworth. For. Turned down this role and I'm OK with that I'm okay with a lesser known mortal in the role it's less of a distraction. Now this movie is from a series of novels novels about the Mitch Rapp character. By author named Vince Flynn. It's not a coincidence that Flynn was an advisor on the 24 TV show in the Jack Bauer reference similarity. That poor bastard Vince Flynn died at age 47 from prostate cancer music good. He knew his stuff was being made before he died don't if it's any consolation at all. Anyway I hope this becomes a franchise. I think it runs the risk of being sorted jingoistic Tom Clancy's stuff that Fox News viewers will watch while touching themselves proof. Maybe I should hate myself a little for liking it and the movie doesn't exactly scream go hug a Middle Eastern today well the good news is they're only sixteen books in the series the GA exists there's a lot of material to work with and I'm curious to see how it pans out because they got the impression that this was sort of a prequel. Do you know anything about these books or not. Whole lot actually but that the way you describe Mitch Rapp is exactly what to what what I've what I'm finding online as far as. Fictional biography for the character. An undercover CIA counterterrorism. A big his his said. Pension is four or resorting to more aggressive and more extreme measures than would become acceptable. Doesn't have a lot of patience for a red tape or procedure. All right we've never heard us all like that but I don't know if they're breaking new ground pretty standard stuff well anyway it's fine and it's well done. And hale listen unlike most conservatives who watched 24. I'm aware that this is a fantasy type. And a sister this week. I have no idea what we're doing next week but I'm pretty sure we're going to be back I'm mark crimes is specialized. Your inner geek wants to come out and play but where to. Join Vernon Wells the ultimate globe where you when your fellow geeks can hang out play games that just nerd out 24/7. Whether you love RPG some video games or are just a major fan of size flying key culture Vernon Wells says something for everyone let your geek flag flies at Vernon whilst. Sign up today and see for yourself BMW dark club that's BMW dot clubs.