09-15-17 - The Orville - Star Wars

Friday, September 15th

Rev talks with Gareth von Kallenbach about movie news; the gang reviews the new FOX show The Orville; the gang discusses the news about the new Star Wars Episode IX director; and we get the Geek Sheet with Vicky B!


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Your inner geek wants to come out and play blood where to. Joined Vernon Wells safety Golden Globe where you when your fellow geeks can hang out play games just nerd out 24/7. Whether you love RPD's video games or are just a major fan of size flying culture Vernon Wells says something for everyone. Let your deep flags fly at Vernon whilst the sign up today and see for yourself BMW duck club that's BMW dot club. Yes welcome to BJ saved each nation in high in the river and play go across from me is Vicky Barcelona. We've got to go Chris go below the show's namesake Vijay say it is so good to be me and Jolene d.s. With my crew. Earlier in jail create goalie is on a side man on today's show we will talk with your advice column back about the movie news. You'll discuss the horror bill and of course the PG twenty GB Vicky how can people get a hold of us like people get ahold of a CR web site BJP nation dot com it's gonna help all our podcast and all your social media information and it's usually just. PGA begins each nation to spread across the board didn't get to see what happens super simple thank you so much and I think. I will start way at well mr. Garrett vodka cold dark I. Garrett bon Colin box fronts do you and reviewed you could find him information about all sorts of things including text video games and movies at as Kate and RG dot net. Just search for skewed and reviewed and all social media scare ads let's talk a little bit about yet because it. The way that the box office when it looks like it too is definitely going to be happening. I don't player failed when the tour with a plan. Ahead to port barrel you know for those hardcore trend to remember. Baucus quite stick like maybe Steven came gobble you now there may be wearing you know for the longest time the big issue. That should never do proper adaptation of his books. And it was always. They're too long and yep to condemn them down to about an hour and thirty hour 45 minute. But I'm thrilled and then they'd be speeches from just you don't proper forum to show name. And the stand and the Tommy not hers and at the drop must then you have just entered around the country and to meet broadcast standards but well you have to. Time to restore Eric you can't do it properly. And this time they went animation that aren't the planet always going to be lot's going to just virtue stories. And you know they they went in with a plan that's true true almost going and and you know but leaving the rural or more or should they need to download world Arctic oil ruler well. And I mean seriously you just because the box office has shown how well it is. I can understand them being a little trepidation about doing both of them some people were saying all maybe they should have shot both films concurrently but you guy kind of proven make sure that the property is going to work so doesn't bite you in the ass but it looks like it definitely is going to be going forward. Right now they're near the trauma that you ever. Very developed or come as I say one of the problems coming in much financial because. This second so let's can deal well. Deal well the losers club as a goal GAAP and as anyone tell you at all it would spark up as. Shoulder a lot cheaper than half a year exactly I'm. Now you come into the tractor are. Well we got out star power in the song we had. You know a lot of unknowns generally am miss one now old we need that extra bark not a you know they don't have to create a list stars growth we need some kind of football title star. Push forward or Internet the other camps thing. First drill bit Hulu work on the last. You're gonna beat don't you probably can do a much higher output and celery used next time around without all have to factor into. Absolutely but it's good to know that dad there's really good chance that this will be happening. Talking about sequels and such it looks like they're going to be going for more purge movies is this correct. That is correct member amber lake surest eldest gonna play out is the first thing at the players achieve at least they're recent work right now. And touch. Pretty epic greater threat that's just not going to stop lamp on the sports don't and the way it'll last film ended I remember about getting overly political we used my porch are ruling shortly stripped away the last one ended she stood. You know get a little uncomfortable rigorous parked rhetoric and a little too close to the fact that's Erica a comedy more green elements that grim. You know owning. And what they've apparently just started to duke to a 41 try to go to Google freaked bullish armed. It is I just depressed where it figured it is. Victor kind of a mix of the church and state from New York. Terrence. Apparently what they wanna do is they wanna show our bolt started. And apparently what. They originally it went meet new drilling authors took proper blows. This was third grand experiment but they troops by aimed at 21. Area like Manhattan Iowa and then they still all right let's roll I'll try it nationwide. And are forced by the time we still dispersed stole. Bit demolished there published so there's a apparently Al came to be how the first purchased a word to test case that there were split it would cost to become the national. Institution that it became for the next three belt. I gotta be fun for a lot of people who are definitely into that world and I think thank you can do like a television show is still do the movies because I mean. There's different areas like you said it's a national Spain so you can have different areas you can have the Seattle version of what's going on vs the California version or New York court DC you're in the midwest there's not a lot of different ways you can do stuff. And if you remember in the last filmmaker and it showed. People were actually coming in from our other countries. Were terribly this didn't happen. Because they wanted to take partner if they were. Another paper and the fact that it Bora Bora and praised of people want to come into America's current perch right so a lot of. That's amazing and then just quickly what's a new you have about what hell Indiana Jones five. Okay well we're not sure why they do you have PDF storyline in late but it still top secret. They are finishing up. Screenplay Steven Spielberg will direct and has spelled George looked stolen and all that. Basically they are gonna have an L 2019 to the planet together before the cameras next year. And were there right now is. Obviously Harrison Ford back. So sure they'll proof but they are playing where. What are Karen Allen or anyone else coming into play. Obviously it's not an earlier prequel in anyway shape or form. And it's basically all we know from this is they're pretty much saying this newspaper heiress and ordered. Other a lot of rumors the first draft army Bradley Cooper were being approached straight Coca character going forward and I think they're kind of been you know much like they were one don't wanna the other as does the best. Just well blocked off with them they're gonna stay all right me to assure recruit the franchise but of course the problem that is. Well someone else steps someone other than error supportive role. Or are they just just they looked and it chuckled and then reprinted it 1020 years Dumbledore they would help. I hear I hear that that would just imagine at this point I mean yeah Indiana Jones is an institution because of Harrison Ford there's plenty of other treasure hunting properties out there also including stuff like the uncharted series in. Maybe there's something there with that as opposed to just having you know Harrison Ford playing India or even Indiana all. Exactly you know we got another tumor. Ruby coming you know hair and the technical there were unchartered basically finally got you know a new task that blow it open right on paper their stories show almost. All dealing live. Treasure hunters total DOD's come to fruition. Excellent I know that will give more information from you as it comes live and if people wanna check out information they can find that at SK and and thank you so much cares again Garrett Von combat can be can be found at these reviewed interviewed. That is SKA and special ops discussed the or bill so marquis gave his cuckoo comments about it really did not like he did not Mikey did not like it but here's the thing he also didn't like the others DD new structure reboots I don't think he likes Star Trek the next generation I don't think even bother watching any of like DS nine this enterprise won't he like next gen no mono and then you know he's he's gonna talk about it he's a toss guy he's an original series. That's the just. What he knew I don't like the salads goal. Okay. Are like a void with no greens yens and screams does a baby I would like to officially say that mark runner is economy. Camps all harsher words we don't like special sweet piece together the a couple of quick store and I really don't serve a mark runner twin peaks there. So I don't say so it's good Lisa returned fantastic show he goes. We don't watch this together and so we watched like the first three episodes together we come over we had some chow was great and it's all and I said do I need to know anything about the old show to watch to see those now all you'll be fine and well we're watching it we don't know what the hell is going on he doesn't know what's going somebody claims he is and know what's going on it because well it's just all messed up that's how those guys are David Lynch is that and I Iowa I really really like this just throw it back I. Power watched all of the ninety's twin blast ourselves GS. Then go back and finally I watch the next episode of to a peace returns I'm gonna. And yeah that's about it now and then I went back and he wants all the old episodes of the of the new one that I watched already was Margaret let me watch. Again there was so much I missed not knowing anything about twin peaks and the trouble is is mark hasn't seen twin peaks in ages. So he really didn't remember a lot from twin peaks and and it's like I you know really I'm. They expect you to pretty much have like just finished the last season of the nineties series. And pick up on and so I let the Cinemark runner dude do not have somebody watch twin peaks returns to her. I'm I'm I'm I'm the Christmas show I got out there will be lost in free conspiracy I love that he has so he might have a drink and all its market via yeah just expect that and I look at Ford talking about the normal with you guys get guys. First of all I think if you've not watched Star Trek the next generation. You're gonna miss a lot of the send ups and homage to Angela Gleason absolutely from the from the uniforms. To V wade that it law these these ships you or bill itself launches into you know war. Whenever that help Rio owe it to bridge Bridgestone looks like the old he knows next -- living room this is an old lies this is Seth MacFarlane as far lends a love song the towards Star Trek the next generation CN never really want. Steny those may be an episode or two when I was a kid I don't know what the hell is going on except Spock was kissing relating it confused me. All your time of the original series were talking yes or no ice ice yes that's a U Revis on next gen not like I think it was Spock summing it when he hears I would see more things up and play. I seen the new stuff like the movies and yet I still angry anti spent a lot of time on the Internet and I still folic I understood and followed and got some of the references for the most part side that wasn't a nice surprise for you if you the characters. I mean you have a live Nadia whatever the heck that that would take a Boris. Boris is totally warped yes yes yes I did east Carolina and he seems almost like a mix between clean on and Vulcan yes because he's very logical. He's a huge gigantic dude so we could stay clean long vibe but at the same point. Not very joking logical. And kind of to the point. But I love it. I also think that and I can remember her name by. DN Detroit end doctor crusher all yeah yeah yeah you're talking about and and I love it because it's penny and I'm not looking her name over here where the hell is she could bring Johnson held our defense yeah yeah I think Johnson Harold of course so Gerald who played in deep space nine as Cisco's girlfriend -- you know that was that the freighter captain meg used to hang up from time to time them and I I think Chris that you mentioned on spots that Seth MacFarlane was a was a guest on enterprise he did die he did an episode or two on now on enterprise season. And the re yeah. I I don't remember is that there are fewer real small aren't yet online it's going to be much of the zodiac. Yeah he's a fan so yeah it's huge in this proves it like this absolutely present I think that. Keyes had Italy is Seth MacFarlane I can do no wrong in Fox's eyes if you look at all the shows that he's put out there. I think that their life. I think we'll give him free rein to at least get this season in on certain shows and some may do great in some may not but this is him saying. I wonder fox is gonna let me live action role place in Star Trek fan and I know this is a woman to be the captain of my own ship I think they'd get away with this. And I actually I think he can yeah. You know oh gosh was it enters pasty so I forget it was this is it was is cool Yahoo! series. Did start combo hinder. Oh from the guy from dead pool. And they the actor that played the taxi driver and dental I think was Mo hander was his name and that and an hour to open to write him I was a boy dad dope Anderson I think I'm that bad actor whose names escape me. I other space others say yes he'd play the captain where his him it was him and his sister basically Coke cap inning. And that was hysterical it was a great site find space I hope they do season to end. I'm and I and I forget I think it was some pretty big names so it was a Kevin feed or was Jose analysis say Karen car on so I mean if I don't pin there and he's also been helpful to just had a yeah yeah so he was at so I I assume you know that a body you can have this dynamic that they're having in or the Orval. Which of course is the captain and his ex wife. I've already been exposed to another space. I'm very clear I like him and I'm very entertained by the fact that there really. If they're keeping true to what made the next generation fun for me. But I also have the same points and images being a straight drama where everything is figured out via you know. Basically public relations or diplomacy. With how Star Trek the next generation did it they're throwing in some action so you actually geared. You get suite space fights not just due to floating ships and shooting at each other. I Levin just riding the hog as soon learn about the donkey or unless you're lucky fan I was even donkey they are dogs and how do you ever thought I guess that's all he's just he and I love new war like our data like. Like you said Paula good don't you know reporters have done until then you know way back underneath there that. You know that's not a next Jim and I give props to you is Adrian collect he carefully you know that. She eased you don't you CN a lot of bad ass roles like windshield I think she is also is on Indiana Indiana Jones movie out. She's plays bad ass characters everywhere should all Wonder Woman for a hot minute but her comedic. Cuts hi I mean with Seth MacFarlane I got that whole thing where it's like yes so is it's a banana RA and I'm. The fruits how salads here that I. I scratch and just like hip played also well and I'm I'm really excited to see here kind of bust some act like some comedic acting chops yes. And I like next gen and sky decent effects yet and if the story was you I'd be honest I could easily then our next gen episodes are stupid is that went out and go down amended I and that's why it is a starter and doesn't like this is it because it's really cutting too close to the bone of some of those where all episodes that we didn't need and a 24 episodes he's not a seven years Star Trek narrates our got a question because of my favorite next in episodes all had Q in them OK now I know you have to become a really funny episode with Q when my seven McFarland and it's just like a giant troll I it's not a test of I don't know toad least I mean and that's that eating a great way to Baghdad. May they can take so many I like there were a ton a seasons of next Jan you can kind of cherry pick some of them in your favorite bits and goes through. I imagine they might even throw in some of the old school stuff maybe throw in some troubles maybe throw in some of those ridiculous things or at least eight trouble like character that you can you have so much fun and in this space so to speak. Yeah and the subtle joke of course of the new security officer because that's what that I always thought that was pretty funny. That the security officer wasn't a big cling on to win my next gen first started gas and also it was a woman who look the much smaller than him I thought. Okay look you I get that would that women make him do everything and it's the eighties we wanna show the women can do anything. But really you stand next to cling on the news make you look ludicrous and so that's exactly what he pointed out was like. You know the silliness of the fact that the chief security officer is not the biggest toughest looking guy you can be or the android of course they got this ridiculous metal looking dude. I loved lacrosse team is it's like wow we did did so she's. I mean it's modern it's not like yeah Doctor Who cheesy but it's like Fred yeah it doesn't we tried out a dock through and yet. The you know there's this second time. Actually she K this should be the teachers security officer because she's just ridiculously bad ass Superman geez yeah yeah I loved it it was like a million toll Superman hope this get a pickles for me it's his busting down is impenetrable door it was it was great. So I I I told mark yesterday has so much fun watching this thing. But littlest and the people who are on board for this you've got John John thought road during an episode yeah that's Brannon Braga from DC is nine and that next generation of wager he's one of the lead producers on this. Upcoming directors Robert Duncan McNeill that's not normal Brannon Braga Jonathan frakes are the only man in love not hate I mean yes we've got a guest stars coming up I chattel Coleman Tyrell Syron said yeah he's gonna be our dog is Sony's and he's been great in I'm the expanse. Yeah exactly he's so you've got Ted Charlize Theron is phenomenon well they did did everything had to get north thousand waste Diana west yeah I think he found generally camera forgot about that west rewrite this is going to be great I'm so excited about this and having fun with that so far they've got you know whatever. Market yeah and mark just doesn't like anything that's not the original series now is true pretty much and like an hour gay job at the radio station and one of the guys on our show isn't really. A big scifi guy that's not his Gianni watch says Tim and his wife and they loved it like they do not think it is a few more jokes. But you know he didn't get all the references that we would get. God problems there were plenty of jokes in their but he doesn't know a lot of them because he didn't watch the show but I think he's every time he's going to be watching this so even if you are not a Star Trek fan you're gonna enjoy this I think. You know it's horrible it's on fox and another episode is coming up by this Sunday night after football again eventually will be on Thursday night yes no won't be following it but we're going to be kind of behind due to our recording the way we record things we normally record the most Thursday so we may still have been behind on like story lines and such so we'll probably won't get super deep into that. But I do definitely wanna get people's reactions on the show. I sent this email BG geek nation did you know dot com says a voice mail one nannies are 02243353. Spots different ways to get a hold of us I wanna hear what you have to say about it. And if this becomes a show where we wouldn't wanna spoil things because people care about the story lines that much. Oh Bravo to them because right now it's just seems like it's supposed to be a little light send up yet of of something we love. But you know I think that the seriousness that they did have. They knew who knows what Seth MacFarlane can do I mean the guy can surprise because you think it's mostly wanting it turns out to be another thing I wouldn't put it past him. Yes it's I'm I I'm excited he was gonna go with this. Some quick news. I don't know if you guys know about this but it looks like JJ Abrams is coming back to direct Star Wars episode yeah. I had a hasn't an episode aids director really messed him up I don't think so as. The last tonight is still coming out in theaters this December Ryan Johnson is still the director campaigning eluded this was Colin tomorrow who was the one who got booted from nine PI announces feels like it's gonna Josh trying to provide to me throughout this one did when they announced as the new director for the not ask for your even so he once saw your movie yes so I'm really I'm really hoping that this doesn't mean that there will be many issues to ending that is kind of interesting to me is that DJ Abrams who also serve as the co writer. Which is interesting. Just because. Why are they still writing the script. Is seems like they should be agreed to film pretty soon so you know we mean episode nine yeah. Well I see if you know it's still it's still a ways out because they're still looking to have it come out into when he nineteen hostile two years away it's fun when December act as was most in May Yad nowadays is what is embers while so it's just eighteen. Yeah whenever whenever you're somebody like this young is he kind of worried. I mean they get a lot of changes needed some re shoots and stuff for like rewind murder episode seven there's been a lot of ways that they've been tampering with this and people like oh why I do. Has somebody complained to me because they thought I don't force awakens was too much like episode four. And an arguably episode one was also like episode four its own weird way of knowing I did have differences to a guy I agree that it that that seven and four were similar. But I I wonder if it's gonna dive it diverged now with episode eight weeks are we going to see a different story or we going to sort of see this Luke. And the invader kind of thing is second happened between ray. And Kyle ran hours ago we are is it going to be different you know what I mean and if we just we've already figured out let the title means a man is the last tonight. I'm Ryan Johnson the director actually said that in the opening crawl the force awakens it tells you exactly. Who blasted ideas uh oh it's Luke. All right I says it's fluke is the last day night and this is gonna be him figuring out where to go from here. There rallies he apparently is not a good teacher tenure has not set a school how well this may be doing that I know in the old EU the extended universe which is the legacy he did actually set up a school to train jet guy and so maybe this is him getting back on track finding ray as a person who me be able to wield the force. Have some fun being jet you know go around have space of the matter. I'm an analyst Duncan too much crap they are running a school you know he has lost lot of stuff in his hand. I really wanted to you know and why aren't as has words prisons real I'd. Stray hairs Daria yeah. Yeah I am proud that I mean I know me I'm happy I finally have to constantly be turning the TV go so far down and then and it becomes a groan worthy thing you -- actually superior hockey I just yahweh or credit Andrew unless the bun it's a good fun it's why we went in the road it's a great time yeah we don't put Chris on this program. Is revving up involves not just wish is on the long running well the works. For you aren't from that they get sits at a perfect time for her. She Swiss TV leak out forest big east. I got him movies coming out this week and I had a quick the theory YouTube movie with no the first one American assassination he has talked on special ops yesterday it. Only getting 36% on run to make her move but it's got in down cool people like Michael Keaton Dylan O'Brien Brenner Brian and get him do you like I was thinking am I still looks so much like tailored kids that he was gambit and I crappy Lorena. Her hair and then apparently both Panasonic Iannetta and maybe I want him Republican Matt if and I think am I going to greatly reviewed so and enough for a militants and unemployment is getting pretty well reviewed mother with Jennifer Lawrence and it and Alex's name now that's the horror movie that people that is really a horrible yeah I would Darren -- off ski the directing all right Aaron Johnson's amazing he had the wrestler anatomy and we're Hugh Jackman to travel. As a mountain he had no comment I'm gonna mess me up permanent yet parents got some cool stuff he doesn't deeply bizarre movies I love them Margaret review that is well and I. So funny surely if like the Fallon do like that's something like requiem for a dream we had a study then college in home I got to remind us yeah half gallons brutal don't watch that if you're. The literally ran intestines are there go to open. I didn't I I kind of interesting I'm glad there lots of the not ten times and around the stupid paper my finger at a deep now. The job and a member from college a year to but I even Jennifer Lawrence as ring article saying she's like he is Listerine is messed up man in this is a masterpiece like his work is masterpiece league so. It is getting 79% on rotten tomatoes are good for him and a quick movie review I saw yesterday just spontaneously my buddies like let's go see it really would associate low they're lucky only now. Oh right yeah that's the with the Ukrainian who yeah add ten Ukraine with the battle such an act crazy it's easy kid doesn't know the seven icing can you put up like Rick. I think he did a really gives others a few moments are like well there's the British I guess China can now. Who's better Daniel Craig Dominic Cooper or her Rick Grimes a. Yeah well I really listens or grandson is gonna say Dominic Cooper does beat amounts but I do think that he does a great job dizzy. All like this skin head look and Canada by these and he's in jail. I'd say he had they showed they had those big dire Rahm is up with that a movie theaters and sure it was most tattoos uses like your pets is that too. Table Craig and it looks like he looks like a guy at a Grand Theft Auto. Student and that does are racing movie it is but not really it is and oceans my body called it the hilt like they hit version of ocean's eleven like. We are eleven a M which is I was eleven teeth in my face it is not the same guy who did oceans the ocean's movies and magic Mike. Aren't sure why not but you have like Channing Tatum and you have when they Daniel Larry magic Mike I didn't I accidents can tenement opponent buddies on Seth MacFarlane also win this I cared I actually amazing highs of time he's managed as you began funny enough he's actually British. And he's such an able. He is has a tiny hole in his and it was her favorite American actors to play the British rules and envisioned at. Adam driver and I elementary at a driver today tomorrow and I'll rent took some time out of gas Katie Holmes. Right elite Q okay oh she was another redhead in mad Max oh okay is just such such great acting in it sell all my whole. Why I should go see it there you go ahead. Now I IC given a thumbs up there have made a girl I get the. In after nine as an allowance race 3% of raw tomatoes certified fresh tires and TV squeal of approval when this comes out on HP or some common on the outcome of this I think you'll think Diego. I welcome tonic Sundance. Singer Eddie. Your inner geek wants to come out and play like where to. Join Vernon Wells sixty Golden Globe where you when your fellow geeks can hang out play games and just nerd out 24/7. Whether you love RPG's video games or are just a major fan of sod flying he culture Vernon Wells says something for every one. Let your deep flags fly at Vernon whilst. Sign up today and see for yourself BMW duck club that's BMW dot plus.