09-18-17 - Drinking Quest - Preacher

Monday, September 18th

Rev talks with Jason Anarchy about the new Drinking Quest Kickstarter; BJ & Chris review boardgames with The Godfather & Bunny Kingdom; the gang discusses the Preacher season 2 finale; and we get the Geek Sheet with Vicky B!


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Your inner geek wants to come out and play blood where to. Joined Vernon Wells safety Golden Globe where you when your fellow geeks can hang out play games just nerd out 24/7. Whether you love RPD's video games or are just a major fan of size flying culture Vernon Wells says something for everyone. Let your deep flags fly at Vernon whilst the sign up today and see for yourself BMW duck club that's BMW dot club. She. Ladies and gentlemen geeks have always lose you are now entering Vijay chase each nation. Welcome yes welcome to BJC's key committee Sheen I and the reverend en Fuego. Across from me is Vicky Barcelona and we have a local Chris oh hello there Vijay sure hey good morning afternoon and evening and running the boards is Joey d.'s I. And Mike curb that is it is granted our grand dinner will be granted barely something like that I know language typically is on assignment on today's show we will talk. Four games because I've talked with a decent anarchy from drinking quest. Four days would Vijay and Chris give our views. We talk seat creature finale and and of course the geek she with the TV Vicky how can people get ahold of us even get a hold of us here our website EJ each nation dot com it's gonna have our pod cast information and social media pages and it's usually just you know. PG nation across the board faced a Twitter like it's. Absolutely thank you so much and without any further ado mr. Jason anarchy from drinking glass with. Today is a game maker whom I adore and not only because he has fantastic biceps. His season and our key from drinking glanced and now you have come out and also there right now you have a drinking quest I'm kick starter that is already funded so congratulations. Hey thanks so much you guys come to prince. Yes he's really did together call so fast you know wondering you're going to get funded so. That's really nice era so for people who don't know what drinking quest is what are you don't ever on. So pretty quests is layer really simple to understand dragons so it's a character she's in today's journey and adventure. There's also have a drinking games so when your eyes yes sure you drink can relate to continue. On the whole game is kind of based around a little in a real danger there. And I what is one of the best things ever is I have all the other games in this is one of those fun convention games because it's it's a quick and easy game to pick out your drinking at a convention normally at least diameter and so they really fits well with that but you guiding characters that have abilities like well. For some opponents in Dutch had their drink. Yeah. I had surgery because insecure child locks you going to be special really just make another clear shown. I was a sex game playing really you know also lists it's kind of influence is kind of let a person who wants to be Jergen. And there's there's always someone so it's as are celebrating this is a governmental. And that even you guys have you have four games previous to this dean new wind which is music which is called a liquor before honor. Hi is it sells standalone as well you can just play a Myers also known as to really worry about getting all the other ones and as he really wants it. Yeah yeah I don't even worry about it finally got to be seen anything so there always seems over all everything to play actress had a different Cecily stories in the same ridiculous oral. Does your gold does the series goes on girl different do they all. The production values are going out so let's start there it was just anyone other artists. Tattoo artist Sheryl knew in June the first three games. I don't know I got to look for normally okay you know because solar farm from the first are you. But when he does afford you an accident yeah may have changed and others and six less than a poor there's way more content. And a team of ten artist and every human. And a lot of fun just furiously for people so many different style. Giving really serious artists just absolutely ridiculous descriptions of the draw. It's in this the people would you give fear games and really amazing because I Mac one of your other games it is not in the drinking quest line which is haiku warrior which plays a lot like drinking glass without the drinking and it's got some relief fund IQ's when you pull some really great names. From the geek world it's actually. Do some light cues and as I was playing with and I was just like they recently finally opened it canoeing camping. And one of the best things about your games is that there's so portable it was one of a couple of games and I was able to bring they just made a super easy and I'm reading these I coups and Mike. While this is great there's some really cool people that you've managed to tap. Thanks so glad I didn't class Tyler Williams out of order is sound. Yeah the thought behind it was just you know people I think are awesome band there's no connection lately some of them are giving people some of the red color employ some of them are. The other celebrities and other ways than you know like. Like celebrities in the convention circuit for the most aren't totally other fillies here Ben masked intruder. Bro I threw him in the best Santa Barbara credit they did you bring up some oil and CIA ensure blue room right here. We this is slowly cool people Americans. This the idea behind that was so why are they well LLC this guessing kind of works. Fans enslaved other ones I don't like hey did you wonder how your game. I'm you know if that usually Jules Sony's. Until her personal Lowell shoe charity of choice so. Not true clintonian seventeen dollars due at maturity and using. And and so yeah I had this yeah I mean I guess I'll double yes noble venture and nations. Bloom we'll see is. A member Lewis there. That is awesome and my guess and right now you have drinking quest liquor before honor its upon kicks are right now like this and it's already funded and you've done so many kicks errors before this has to be somewhat like he had just kind of a second calling for you this why CI affiliate your pretty zen there's good and never had any issues with the need big games you've you've put out so congratulations on that and. Thanks so much is and yes you a lot of like James now with the and with other people doing a lot of moon too busy work. But the same time I was like why can not a good thing going Sauna self publish you know Olympic Games later they really actually almost ridiculous things and doing into. You know it's we will take questions the first changes amount. It was a satellite LL zero Somalia the so my own glass they want and you're zen guru publisher and reelect. Hey guys drinking or did you use a good idea after. It was good I younger people like me utterly untrue you indeed. OK first sounds the sounds pretty recently. And with this case senator I love it because you can get just the base game if you wanna do that in its it's really affordable and it's a great game. Hours and hours a replay ability not just at a convention circuit is the with a lot of your friends he got different tiers and the one that I gave back which is going really really fast he is the game. Then dice tower and alternate cover and assigned cart I love the dice Daryn if you go to the cakes or you can see the pictures of chug blocks is stays and who will. School help you full beard dice I just love that little things that you're throwing in with all of my just I think it's amazing. The. Yeah thanks so much yes I saw our super cool deals are currently my original crew ready original column is a super cool. And a funny story and the weather guys are easily chalk marks. That was those from the very first seeing. Dream question original drill here gee you're from Washington and absolutely Seattle itself. I saw Larry there's a I'm Dan from Bremerton Washington MX yes absolutely yeah. OK so Zoe designs Sean or ask the artist someone came in and makes them. Conan the barbarian and the MS GS a punk bass are these. Yeah so that's that's. Actually where that comes from Augusta ending his. This is Kurt he's part this is I don't need this level low on I just put that face there that's Bullock's intrigue in the wanna know more. Do you know that they've actually got their own beer and they've been doing allow a lot of the Bure doorstep now. Really yeah oh okay bash I might lately that is an area like bipolar and Lesotho increased. Yeah that's can be funny usually your club somehow to. Then be amazing in that I I definitely know that there are always down for anything sort of strange and out there and finding and that is exactly what drinking quest is I love the art I've loved all the games and even if you want people out there can get not only all five games on the case started also is seven of your games which includes haiku warrior and pretending to grown up. I don't know anything about pertaining to grown up because I've grown up in the words and and I kind of freaked out. Yeah I guess EZ US that is truly user interest in Thailand. You are growing tensions since so it's the idea behind that this is some kind of your pretzels kind of card game. And through us you feel like you're pretending you're just kind of during their way through life a little bit and usually make an issue is quite comical duel for true. And this is like talking like this is just that it is such an inherently funny so I'll. And that I got a polar and I'm like hey Els who are married you a hundred yards was hard game. And really really big like webcomics club there were thirty Jew. Guess from other web comics like a lot of the big ones like like I forget you sir Charles Howell are comics and install doubts. It was it was just a little classmate and do you know some. It's amazing Jason anarchy bringing people together. One last thing about this again drinking quest liquor before on our on kick starter. I love the fact did you manage to make it a worldwide shipping. Eight is sometimes it kinda gets harder with that and people don't understand late may be other people can go away and ship it to like and the EU EU. But you can make that happen. Yeah. Yeah it's yeah problem or by the the other problems that that was your last Simon brings it a lot of learning that the prices increased and some players. So yeah I just got a company called should make issue out. Usually after shooting instead he's just sent out such an assembly line in my basement would also be doing for some viewers like so mentally customs and how did you end. Should we only can you are comedians. But only as it is nice and this is you keep getting better critics are saying we don't. You know it's is always doing their game in yours it's. Kind of ridiculous say so and they just as is always nice when people are concerned does sound like America more. As if drinking son and RBG's are using deadly got to take our drinking quest again you can find it Jason on Twitter you breathe easy just a surge for at drinking quest he's always more than happy to answer any sort of silly questions and I know that your always hard at work dead that's a con scenes I know you'll prize be. Talent and bust and all your stuff out there as well. Yeah. I'll be and it's emerald city Cardtronics your. So yeah out Gonzaga. Actually only by the entrance and Lisa. This that really doesn't have a tremendous Seattle area they're getting another two years yeah and is always loves coming out there are so I can't win super clubs will be sent out. Say some of the bars man accepts expects. To give so much for being on with me today. Are you. Thank you so much Jason and again eighty confinement winner at drinking quest it's really simple to find him. Look for drinking quest on kick starter I did back this almost immediately because Saleh and it's always already fully funded if he is one of those guys he ought to worry about what. If you're gonna get it you're kick starter organize. He has put up many games in a lot of them are a lot of fun. Speaking of games Chris. PS Jake you guys play I mean a ton of games I have a little list of all the things that people I want people to talk about and BJ has a list of board games that cause is about a mile and a half long. And then I have Chris is which is just see BJ's games yet. It could hit it anyway I don't know most of those nasseria exact so what are some of the games as you guys are out playing the MLS grows because thanks to our good buddies from BJ jays four game alliance and that would be a from the remaining game is Josh as well as from thing twelve games Sean. Those two guys continue to bring new games Chris and I all the time. I. I will say this we did have our our our first epic twilight imperial fourth edition game it finally happens. Finally have a recently at new rules yeah we do I really nice I like the new minis that come with it and they've they've done a lot with the races and it looks just beautiful it's a beautiful game. And we played for about twelve hours. So it hasn't actually shrunk in the time to play now we played the full but we've always played only till eight victory points this time we play till ten for both here to play a full game that we played a full game and and we still had to teach some people zone because again it was different coming flip with the new rules and there were some changes. But it was a you know 12104 edition my fantasy flight games it's just beautiful just awesome and only placed six rather than eight when you have the expenses from the previous. Though I think you probably could figure out how to emerged I'm sure someone on board game DD RE fear a ways to put more players into it and yeah you can do you do you know there's a couple things you have to do when you add new plan is to the board because the that the new game has some different tags that they've given each planet. Four different ways for you to get Richard points that -- that that the old system didn't have but I think you could easily figure that out if you really want you to Jerry and or wait until Tennessee fight probably releases didn't have the you know the seventh player eighth player along with more planets he I don't see no reason why they wouldn't do that because of course we we needed up like us and a 100% it was great go to got to give me amber our buddy as she and Josh his sister Kucera basically played the whole table. Yeah really laid the whole table. To go at him I mean I FL I've only played with it here on one game and I don't even remember what game it was but it just ended with her pouting a lot. And I'll tell you that's her strategy yet is Syria first strategy is to make you feel really badly for her twelve appearing and now comes with promissory notes so. You basically can make binding deals would say you can't attack me because I hold this card and if you do something babble happened to you. It's a cool new feature that really makes negotiating so much better in this game and I you have the opportunity to negotiate with a every player now where you didn't have that before. And so basically. That series just say here's such an evil player BJ I need proof that you won't attack because we were neighbors and I said sure I'll give you discard sale ever attacked you. Then she basically can always sort of blow my crap up. And I I would hop class I normally yeah yeah yeah cart full. Masters after all it did end so I was like OK that's a pretty cool feature. The betrayal factor it was great. They you know it some point I don't know when we might have to FaceBook like some of our rounds of this at some point yes because it is it is such a fun game I know that the no dice tower is they had done lively no bread to broadcast and live a streamlined their play. Their play throughs of TI three. But TI for is so great if you've been wondering should I say yes the I think the game is much better than TI three and I thought yet she was a great game so. Yeah I it and the improvements are obvious to anyone who has played a lot of TI three and and and really streamline things and make it flow a lot better and it's. It's just a better game and I'm dead that's what any any sort of next edition of anything should be should improve on what are we went before precisely. And that makes him wanna talk about as we did we've talked about a month TI three and very similar replaying android which is another frenzied fight game it's an older game but Josh is the money is put reliant on I can't wait to play that because they they just aren't against some good testified. This is not a fantasy flight games but Eric Lange who I has designed a lot of great games. He's heavier than the folks see my uncle when you're not and they have Kamal was a game based on a block are cool last sick products. An iconic franchise known as little thing called the godfather. And really wait DI and and I brought it to I brought it today because we're playing some games later so. If you wanna play this we I we can get this done today then resistance type game because I'm totally out for those and it really sounds like this is going to be something along the lines where it's. News and then here you what you gotta do this so important you can't play a game when us rev Palmer damn my daughter's wedding you're not gonna plan of god father Cooley on some biology major resistance gave no well you'll be happy I don't know all that this is. Basically be. Lords of mob deep you know mare and his yet. I mean it's why we're rarely lack of four but this is this is working replacement this is area control. You have to launder money in this game I don't minis look really good but how would they not look good when sea monster ball absolutely this is a really really good game in the mechanics are are are you know there's auctioning his bidding his hand management. There's very able player powers there's worker placement this this game has got everything rolled into one. And it is it's it's it's basically. A real fun game with the theme of the godfather. You've got a few acts where you know there's Sonny's betrayal and then there's the day of this. It's the first player token is a horse's head impact until I caught it from my first movie I. I'm Chris you're a that you played Chris what do you think of the godfather Cooley was empire. I you know are wrong about the ever I likening it to learn to water people do already being one of my absolute favorite games in the last decade or so this. Has a lot of that same feel to it it's the it's the worker placement from that and the style of well well the nice thing about it is you've got two different types of characters you've either got to mob boss your your mob family characters or you've got your your thugs and each one of them when you put him in space will activate a different area of the board and give you a different. Different reward for placing in that space so it's. Really a lot of extra strategy going into and trying to control this area over here but I need to use that power right now and oh I need to block him from over on this side. There's a lot of that and it's not it's just so fun and any feels like. If there's there's a lot of the feeling of trying to take over New York City with this thing and it's and it's just great. Got a rare resources is illegal there's illegal weapons there's a legal booze and there's drug money. And those are your resources in order to be able to do to execute certain cars that will give you power is then you can then you can recruit allies like crooked cops are crooked politicians to help you loud. Then you've got to make it should be to the dawn which means you can only have so many cards in hand by the end of around. It's very very clever Eric Lange is done a great job and I think if you're a fan of the godfather. Which you know my good people my generation RN it's like I'm I'm glad to see this beautiful franchise. Because they've done god by the gains before but this is back in the old on May you know build a solo album Braly prior rose a just basically go hey let's play clue but instead it's the God's followers and a monopoly variant and you ask you know anywhere where they did a lot of these games to just basically you know. Take advantage of the name but not put together a quality game right this is this is a really good good game against spicy mind games. And yeah and let's see an end you know it's it's getting a seven point eight rating on four game geek that's a good thing -- trying to find your price of icann's seventy bucks maybe a little less depending on where you go for their pretty pieces to local meat or not there's a lot of really fun stuff with their menus and you'll like it red because -- there that the player interaction is just more like in any sort of work replace him but again you can get into character because. When you kill people because he can basically remove people from your distaste thereon which I loved. Where lords of Watergate that doesn't happen yet know what join us based around a space but because there's area control as well as needing to be you know activate the area like a work plays a game. Area control you get to then get people off the area. And when you kill somebody to get him off the area they know they go down the Hudson River and as a Hudson river's bottom or. I guess all day care is gonna add I I love that aspect of it I think that that's fantastic yeah that is awesome what's another game you got man well I'm glad you asked this is a fun game that I know that he would like. Richard Garfield has done it again ladies you know as the man. Made magic the man made a magic at the Garfield I can't tell him no what's that got the making of Tokyo though the and then I'm happy guy had a masters back in and I he and yellow of course had a great relationship with king a Tokyo on king of new York and are of course he's done robo rally some people's favorite game even normal over magic and yes of course. Richard Garfield created one of the bridge basically one of the best games ever come out. In the modern day here Arab gaming which would be magic. Tom but this game here Vicky you're gonna love the game because number one that the pieces are great and number two the name. Bunny kingdom if you factor is as pure as you can be eighty you can imagine. And I love the description a board game pieces pieces come at last. To the grey bunny kingdom bleacher clan have rabbits to glory by gathering resources in building new cities across the land. And this is I have to tell you something this is a fun game. That you think would be okay this is a kid's game and Josh brought it out. As dragon like or don't. Sans the other day and I'm like I'm looking Josh his big guy who does construction. And and you know he's always in a black T shirt lookalike you know like a like a rock guy like I love him and he goes wanna play. Kingdome to pass any help as box and a leg in this is a Sesame Street this just doesn't belong here. Obviously we played it and man did I love this game. It is you've got he got area control you've got area influence you've got car drafting in this game. And you basically have to place your bunnies and areas. Where eventually end and it's a grid so it's like you have letters like aids through. And then you have to have these castles depending on how many spires on the castles how many multiply as you get to the point to score only out and so there's a lot of that sort of thinking Asian trying to play the game and you're drafting cards need to do what you do I wanna hate draft journal I wanna dress for myself. And then they had cards and they give you bonuses where all right maybe I'm not gonna get a lot of the way I score before but if I have X amount of this or X amount of that. And so I screwed up at the beginning that I started drafting all these cards they well all right maybe I can get some of these bonuses the end of the game I ended up winning even though I had the worst board presents the so. And then I'll go. Oh yeah pieces are. Yeah I'm a little bunnies are cute and it's a look I wanna play it again it's a fun game it's I it's up by yellow games IE LLO bunny kingdom and at a cost you're on 4546 bucks an I has yet it's a good game now we do have to talk about the preacher season to. Finale. Oh man yeah I have friends and and stuff sell a lot of stuff that wind down on this and you know what it was satisfying. Like this entire thing the way they went through this storyline and we're not satisfied with IYR. I know how you and you hit on it here are some people who already on the Internet resign I went to see Hayes are going to be a season three and all I kept seeing was articles here's what went wrong with season two. I was OK I'll do what got us in the NF that they Donald a little bit I think maybe just because they went for a longer season is gone yeah previous. But when we got to the end and SI where the story was progressing I was OK with it the last the last episode this season was able to tie everything together you and made it worthwhile experience forming. And then you. And soul and heart broken but it's one of those. So I mean we're talking filers by the way in case blew it not mentioned this that's our business it's been what a week right Mars space it out Hitler thought I had Hillary how to get little out of hell with Hitler and I love the way they Hitler was just like I'm gonna help you and I'm gonna be this great person and many get your trusted name. I'm two dads gonna no honeymoon and then and and screw. Ironically got up and one little in the afternoon. In present day. Honor if I was just like I was in the crowd irregular as Aaron it's fascinating because they were I really thought of the you'd like Blake if if Eugene had not offered him that last time I don't come on the vote anyway that Hitler just let him know I think you know I think Eddie you don't know I nabbed I think you're both right yeah yeah he knew that myself I would I fell hook line and sinker for delivery in a good guy and I totally was taken just like Eugene I. I think I just love his reaction do you like yes go ahead and yeah. Four Eugene Demi is just as. Hell now yeah thank. I'm pat because you realize that we do Michael stamp my plays of like wait it doesn't exist anymore. Knew no he doesn't know about that and I mean oh my gosh yeah that's going to be a hell of a red rule and as a work ahead. I have unintended and when I get it. But the allele again you know until it. Is one of the main ones that's no longer like they'd leaving she's not a wit that she's did it well she is with them yet we know and Hagman a gaffe and I because enemy you know sometimes you choke the chicken. Or those who are on a that was that was a nice interesting lead into that and now I love the fact that they're going to be if it's season three I don't know if they've actually confirmed a season I had not seen confirmation Adam but gosh I mean really AMC. How I feel like you know you have to know what you're getting into if you did a season to either one problem I had is wondering if reasonably worthwhile because. Like what I've been tweeting out there I'm asking undue people care about the show and get some reactions about people saying oh yeah I do love it but there's a lot more who are like man canning gave up on mail or I'm pretty indifference towards it. I'm just kind of worried that we won't give. A third season. And I think they're getting in getting in Judy more interest in part to this point especially Angel bill that reminds me of hell on wheels as far as the level of show it is hell on wheels is equality shelled an AMC had on there that western show that had to call meanie and it's no comment here. Com and it wasn't the best show and C had because stupid it also had breaking bad on the same time I was ally asked. And the same thing now coursing and she's got the Walking Dead not the greatest in the that's the best show they have as far as us these kind of shows. But preacher is like hell on wheels it's a good show and I always wanna watch him but it wasn't like that had a lot of buzz I'm hoping it's the same thing. Then according to the New Orleans times ANC is Ari filed paperwork to shoot preacher Steven Green Louisiana beginning in January January and then the next year veteran and even how to budget lined up but it is an official confirmation as of yet because filing the paperwork might speak a formality to make sure they have their permits an advanced gas. So it's still a good sign in if they do start shooting in January. Then the chance it's probably gonna come mid to late summer. I that's like the gas if. We do and that's the time it has to come out as they will be tough for that showed a compete with fall shows it's a good summer show and especially I mean you know summer is usually a waste land bad television. Or at least is not a lot of new television so it fits into a good slot there. I also think the fact that you can watch on demand in Nike if you forget about it because you're doing stuff you can catch up and it's a good being show I can watch two or three episodes at a time. And I'm perfectly okay with doing that. Right like I watched the last episode to think I missed last week I imagine being watched the last two together and it it flowed so much better mood so I mean if they ever decided Ike's which now works and they decide hey let's make this Netflix series. I would only then watch it in the course endeared him. Yeah yeah I could definitely binge this one of the things I do love about the show is the fact that the fight scenes oral choreographed with music a lot of times and I married a lot of fun here and it helped out those fight C a my sweet lord. Have a team and I love that song from George Harrison former Beagle obviously I'm no longer alive but that's a beautiful song. And he's gonna juxtaposed with the BS of this whole season of the great lord I just thought it was fantastic it was it was amazing I hope that they're gonna get this season three. And will let you know as soon as we find out news about that. Moving on we've got to get to work. She Swiss TV sticky. You've only got forest today and actually funny we're talking about preacher we're going to be talking about its ascent through his next comic and TV show. I had broken the guys didn't know and is the director and I believe freighter is well for preacher guy Yad they did in him and Evan Goldberg have done some directing and writing per a bunch of the episodes. So apparently they're going to be doing another sure know. Also by Garth Ennis a book. He's. As of now the only thing we have is a script to that they have ordered. And it is Amazon has ordered a script for. The boy laying low. All yeah Amazon's. Got all the guys now MS. BJ's has got to. Really does well I'm a little bit I love lipstick is on Amazon prime right now undertake is fantastic so if they're gonna if Amazon's gonna start entering this fray and being as good as Netflix meant in the tick was fantastic. I am so excited to see what they do with the boys. And if for those who don't know what the boys is no basically said in a world where superheroes. Exist and there are celebrities people I realize these people that you like DC was celebrities now what is. They have all that power all that money LS fame they're going to abuse it ends and horrific things happen in this dollar but it's not like huge and it's we're doing drugs and killing people and you're doing this and doing that age it's dark horse I am brutally. Our if it's Seth wrote in and Evan Goldberg doing this it's cash it's gonna keep the same vain it was like they don't pull punches on preacher. They're not going to on the boys and the whole the boys aren't the super heroes these are kind of DC I kind of made this group both kind of in between Ayers that's. Have powers or the ability to have powers of some sort they're trying to regulate the yeah yeah I an airline that kind of keep them in check. The only idea basically who watches these guys writing back to that has all the power while the boys do right and it's it's funny because like the main character that kind of started all this Beatty Huey. He opened there waiting drew we'd like you we really leaving I don't really think our team cares you that's what I meant I don't care what you guys think you have to have. We Hugh we actually is inspired by plane packed. Yes so much say his likeness was used to end his Sammons like one million common public Derrick Robertson had no clue who Simon wasn't time. Brilliant 82 CD deceit its new owners some random dude I've seen how does make it look like this guy and I realized baster subject matter is there's gotta find out iconic word I'm trying to think if Simon was that ubiquitous at the time like when the boys first came out. Inca I think I was reading because he does a four to act in I think I had a bar of the ball yeah you're right I'm John Simon tell our staff did think it was going to be the super famous guy so they'll line I use my image and then he's like well the term gas they ethically and uncle Simon is because he goes back and he is he is famous and and knees like I still think it's cool you might look like huge married it would be astounding. If they were able to get Simon to play we hugely to be I mean I know how big in gigantic Simon peg is at this point due to a Mission Impossible he's doing all his other exactly Star Trek and like all of his stuff we have Edgar Wright I understand that but they're just like he Simon what if we just did you know an eight episode you know sort of miniseries. Just like Netflix does or what how Amazon maybe can go through it. A mine field I. Hello Tony I think that we keep Sam away besides the schedules he might not think he's young for the part and I. As we do we see young young guy. He'd come elect's Keon I mean it's still probably about I his agency is he as he DI have done it before I don't know if I'm sorry I don't have a problem that I think. It passed off as a thirty something year old guy I would love to seem in any way shape form some gas beneath city and that's absolutely and I think I'd they did they say whether or not it's gonna be like animated or live action I'm guessing it's a live action hole early that I can do an animated in I'd be kind of fun well as academic into the enemy yeah that's why I think it may be but I mean I understand live action be the way to go with dead I hope they do they can work some sort of thing around on it. This really gets me excited like if you haven't read the boys I definitely suggest there's an energy yeah yeah I didn't play each while after 72 issues that I brigades so narrow and I'm really not for kids mostly arsonists as well and not but I definitely worth a a reading. Well until next Sunday as. Nearly. Your inner geek wants to come out and play like where to. Joined Vernon wells' sixty Golden Globe where you when your fellow geeks can hang out play games just nerd out 24/7. Whether you love our TV's video games or are just a major fan of size fly. Let your geek flag fly and Vernon whilst. Sign up today and see for yourself BMW duck club that's BMW dot bluffs.