Loud and Local - September 17th, 2017

Sunday, September 17th

This week on the show I featured music from Old Iron, Dangg, Hannah Racecar, Dust Moth, Hilltop Rats, Breag Naofa, Lust Punch, Witchburn + more ! 

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Now okay. Man is actually from the surrounding him media metropolitan area on the I was noticeably northwest good evening rockaholics. Thanks for joining. Featuring music bowl. Specific north away. 99.9. Welcome back so loud and vocal unfortunately. That means the weekend about to be over by. We can grab hold. Couple hours of making your way. What we have left over the weekend with few hours of Pacific northwest music my name is Kevin here is if flower in the local. Where we are represented to go save the breezy though the fight between the final nine. The fortune five all that good stuff this past weekend was easy back to the local fast company every. We had to pump is probably down in Tacoma we have read city we've gone over in white center. I'm going to be playing nothing and the please read to you recon that was seventeen billion in total and drove into the shoes and the southeast roller rink. Isn't it harder harder harder harder metal. Panel orders pages in this thin old iron. Certain soft allow mobile. Loud and local content. Yeah 99.9. KI ESW. Loud and local bass on the rock love getting new music submissions KI SW dot com go ahead and followed the loud and local links. You cannot go ahead in if I promise you Q. Insert your music we can still the old fashioned way we are 805 avenue in Seattle he could go ahead and cast send us a CDC order. Oh record or whatever you wanna do but you can also gives you online. Through his music submission tool. We get it in called handle race charges and at a new record there's going to be going on tour with beats playing. And do a little. US stores there shops you'll see November 11 here in Seattle when they're going to be playing with peace winds we're gonna play in new songs from Tacoma band. Cannot race car it's Harvard and the new. Come out multiple. Yeah. Okay. I. Mom. Just my one my. He remains from here in the northwest. And that's what you're listening to all music from the northwest until midnight every Sunday. He represented. The Pacific northwest with loud in local. So if your favorite song is in the northwest artists. And I'm here for a flowers and and I do not apologize for that because we are apologetic we northwest year. Every Sunday night before just months with slow code Hogg more still announce indeed did you imply when he isn't slow coach David thanks for listening you can always a request. Anything you wanna hear about six and 77999. These huge weekend. Four first Seattle's first Tacoma offer. Northwest music we had backed the locals festive and everybody had. Read see you recon over in white center in town into cold yesterday no effects brother punk and rap rude music festival. To Tacoma right next coma dome that deep. Antique car. Museum Le Mans car museum very cool I think is the first time ever had a real concert that's out there on the lawn. And there was no sex Bad Religion old finger Less Than Jake bad cop bad cop and being from Tacoma that is. Kalin you Hilltop rats. So proud Hilltop branch for opening up they gave yesterday. He's getting on that very very cool their next show is actually for another legendary socal punk being an Agent Orange. Flat at 56 did it dead as a deep end like I said Hilltop rats. Saturday September 30 at all core zone fifty catch them. This past Saturday at pumpkin drop like well didn't go check amounted to open war zone it's grown up by good top brass. Obama. You came down. Jurors. Agent. Just watch your regular. I thought. Two years. AI SW. Just one week that is seven days next Sunday's this once before. Get a chance to go see one of the most rushing relief that he shows you'll probably seen in quite some time at the fund our switches. That's dealt cortisone in case you're not aware of go to. The fun house to go check out black table on school work with us some awesome north lesbians had this pounds. And the band aid you're about to hear break and they could put out a new record this. This fast. Month I believe actually in August last month and I'm gonna play a song from baton. Can bring it probably into V 11 o'clock hour break neighbor. So have you go catch them Sunday September point for the next Sunday. And Texas. And black tables. Craig made a new music on my mobile. Okay. It's. I mean I. KI NWA. IS UE one C. And our car. Loud and love. Ninety point nine. AI DS. The almighty. How are other end compels us. Please some which burned here allow local league and an anesthetic and a brief hiatus I I hope it's. Adobe back and insist force that was out there and there are awesome record baptized in blood under Hixon Panama. My name is given years while locals the show and every. Week. We've seen the top SE a ball to tag team tag team champs. KI SW we team up with BJ and makes mornings to present these KI SW loud in local the end of the week. You get crime coverage on KI SW dot com just like perfectly realistic there on the PGA and made some sub page. Also he played on Friday morning. And Vijay inmates mornings in you also get played on this your show. While local and die if you wanna send your music get a CI a.'s W dot com you can click on the loud and local link to. Send me your music. And you could be considered for the day of the week this week lust punch is out there and they have a killer record you can check it out plus punch. Drinking for children. Unchained is the name of the song we're about to play first I must punch after that bing bang check it out plus punch while local the end of the week. Sears. AI SW homer. OK okay. And now. Okay and. Okay. Loud and local content. Snagging nine point nine KI SW. An awesome way to support local music and support the troops as well. And end by the name of Jericho hill you may have heard of compact. They they were being loud and local the end of the week couple weeks ago they have. Couple veterans above. The military and they're being end and that is why they are in the finals before Michigan music. It is the five finalists from all five branches in US military compete for a chance to perform at peace best. Powered by USC days I'm happy says he is these days cool music festival they they. Well they bring the music. Two military base so obviously on military bases a lot of people that are deployed or people that our military bases they may not kids. Cool concerts. And the oldest seed. A lot of bad ass into and SO DE US city aids in damnation music. Brings together. It's awesome based fast go to we are the mighty dot com she was click and vote for Jericho hill you can vote every day. And we are MIT and T dot com. And that is going for about another week. So definitely check that out and vote every day to support local music from Jericho hill and support your troops to get a couple songs by Jericho hill right now. Carnival and fuels the fire. I'm out multiple. And yeah yeah. This. I'm I'm I'm. Didn't. Yeah. Loud in solo goal here on nine and employ ninety KI SW about a half an hour left for the showed 677999. On the notre what are year. From the northwest. All right. Democracy here and democracy in action trying to get those requests how. Before the end of the night into messy overnight sensation comes over to Israel. Bring you into the wee hours of the morning. Doubles hunted down off their newest EP it's called in media ray is one. And however it was a great song by the name of a star when your pick up that EP support doubles. Speaking of devils. There's another game the name of devils examples of Lou to be exact from Tacoma. Just mentioned in just. As and so I just announced this week there's going to be going on tour yet again. Spread India north western metal sound all throughout the they're going to all the way you saw the go to Missouri Las Vegas in Diego. I'm doing about three weeks out on the road. Starting in Salem or gimmick and they're gonna be back Wednesday October 4 at the fun house. They're tore homecoming shows we're gonna place in doubles including supporting local metal. Don't know. And do a damn thing on the road. It's been so the night ends here a while mobile. Moving. In the years. SW. Calling opium. Saturday October 14 as studios seven celebrate the burners so why nick Steve migs. We'll Steve makes of course. From the PG eight inmates mornings and in this mix that's true. Second year thorough with the huge she'd dig again Saturday October 14 at studio seventy. Tickets are available now you didn't KI SW dot com for the info. Bruiser Brody can he make in their lives debut you may have heard of the bands. It is into an incredible we named to being named after one of the best wrestlers ever but. Aside from that CC megs on drums featuring a ton of other. Did you recognize from. A lot of other being the work load the music speaks for itself and check out bruiser Brody. At that show why it only in the wreckage the last international. And that's to be and zero bound to hear again and makes sense to check it out plum open presents. Saturday October 14 and studio seven we got some ground. Window pane and then a brand new one by van and author managed to record. It's wind of change inventive and as hot loud and local. Thanks Elizabeth. Yeah yeah. August. Want Joseph. Yeah.