BJ & MIGS Podcast 09-22-17-9A:– Listeners on the loose with Jim Norton.

Friday, September 22nd

Beat Migs. Listeners on the loose with Jim Norton. Cross talk with Jolene. 


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This is BJ thanks goes into our shows digest if you're sick of all things Kiki you should check out my other podcast. BJ Shays geek nation we have new episodes every day and you can check it out at BJ deep nation dot com. Your home is going into foreclosure and you feel like financial rack and you don't know where to turn for accurate information from bankruptcy attorney I was genuinely and there's talk about some legal options and we were quickly we can propose a plan to save your home modified alone or in many cases even eliminate your second mortgage yeah consultation is free and I felt hundreds of people just like you make informed decisions about whether to save their homes or accident on a reasonable organized timeline. After you choose just the tone for the next chapter of my mind these contact news day choose the right chapter. Choose the right chapter dot com. Good to nine point nine KI SW Rocca in Seattle this week's loud and local event of the week. His hand no Ray Small. Hello mobile van de Louisiana race car. You want more votes she's got Rory influencing them October 24 over at the central cylinder playing great show beds like always best directors and Vijay is your favorite band. Vomit they'd love this movie also they've got a new record renovations just came out back in junior debut album to take these guys I like get Manny got a little bit of a built to spill sonic game five today. That's a minute you dig local music we've got to show you every Sunday night's pets 10 o'clock. It's loud and local two hours of all local music great bands like Hannah race car. Clean. Wow. Name Doug. I'm not worrying about an old idea enthusiasm gap. Say hell yeah are excited to be living. Excited okay what you guys okay well we've got a Derrick can windmill to take on Stevie this this morning okay but I do agree that service. Morning to late morning in well what is. He's sort of playing for today's Steve our newspapers are using a Bill Maher read the Paramount theatre on Saturday April 14 courtesy of live nation and you can go to KI SW dot com from the details and if you want tickets to -- Omar to its doorstep today at 10 AM do live nation dot com and instead of Derrick playing mr. Jim Norton will be taking on Steve we've had a few techsters were talking about chips ever since some people wondering if I chip could play all my case. No because nobody wanted to hear Jim have to chip and if you don't know yeah I'll make this dollar really would destroy the legacy of your show huh. Yeah. Actually shot down I don't let your agent or mine away I tonight at dinner theater shows and 7:30 PM tickets and info ability STG presents dot org. Rumors are chip will be making appearance there he always does yeah sometimes accidentally my jaw just sucks I blame him how I. Yeah invigorate that even your anatomy air. I was playing for a moment and Ford Jim Jim you'll have sixty seconds to answer ten questions yeah. Can I all you want PSE Jan twenty you'll only get three guesses for question and we'll Derrick real plates and oh yes Derek can chime in as well it's a handicap match to make sure that hopefully Derek get the win there and caromed Jim I'm no pressure the pressure but you're playing for they're high so I would if you don't know junior as daring Derrick if you don't know just say pass it are you ready. Because. Sic line from the sixties film cool hand Luke is well what we've got here is a failure to why communicate you ask who played Samantha on who's the boss. Always Ellison mono as well as US state is he setting forth the Cleveland show. Come into Cleveland to know all got a little girl was last. I don't know. Don I can Ohio we know in which on which continents is Portugal. It's Europe yet as to how many toes Arnie foot of an ostrich to its 3-D no sex no. Forced to know I paid off she's. He borders I ran to the north it's what C he had the good see now. The Baltic Sea note certain you know yeah. Yeah ought to be odd to see you next Tuesday. Hey William F lamb was an architect who designed what famous New York building. The empire state buildings yet ask to play the role hot guy on the TV show man called us yes Canberra is the capital of which country that is also a continent. I agents. No one passing 34 note. Just write a sixth floor correct who don't know geography plow your veterans do you physically I hope we don't know five correct I miss counted I thought he got more than four yeah might as geography well let's find computer's Steve here he's actually flowers. So I I think this may cause when it shouldn't be I'm really hoping that some of these are hard for Steve how many pushes hard for Steve yeah I think they are actually Padilla has been hard for her confidence Steve. Are you ready. He classic wine from the sixties film cool hand Luke is what we've got here is a failure to watch. All I communicate yeah our Guns 'N Roses that's a great example and not civil war I'm Sharon announced. Who plays a man son who's the boss I was more on how you ask what the US state is the setting for that Cleveland show. I don't know. To New York. I. Arkansas know on which continent as Portugal's. For just noticed and I just know it's. Yeah you're out yeah as I. Com on any toes are on the foot of an ostrich straight no more no I know he's. Which is something which you sniff you out we can't see borders I ran to the north. The sea of tranquility and no I don't know I see shore no C east. It seems to know and William F slam was an architect who designed to what famous New York buildings all of them personally you ask who plays the role of Hawkeye in the TV show mash. Alan all the Diaz Canberra is the capital of which country that is also a continent. Africa no 12345. I do know. Laura gets three yes I want nine on not to nitpick but was still on any guest four times on the yet I was spending count it didn't count I saw my house thrown thing he doesn't matter he doesn't your kid doesn't count for him so yes it was a time as of that Sarah so congratulations Derek didn't beat Steve but you still got a track that's how worsen ties is gonna win so Derek you cinema line but you won. Are they yet made the yard much higher hopes for beat Steve let you decide Alice had noticed you want to. This will be a problem we should explain its own hot wheels are about their new releases. And not are actually snow did parties yet started to absolutely bunch of men realizing things. No matter what why how the US state that is the setting for the Cleveland show you might think Ohio but no it was Virginia he and you know you've got to go deep into the into the Seth MacFarlane universal now on TV time because that's the third show yet American Dad! and Daniel Cleveland area and that's deep in his world. What seaboard is I ran to the north I didn't think anyone would give this one the Red Sea no not it's the Caspian Sea. The Caspian Sea the eastern okay I don't remember that Canberra as the capital which country that is also a continental is at a strip Australia act and it's known that I know is a continent yet it's the only one thought gates spoke congratulations to Derek on well tying in Ireland Jim on timing has stalled six Jimmie did a good enough job buddy thanks you're the go to guy prize it's on management filing anonymous new empire state filling would you suggest the most famous there. Who is a war's toll looted very guesses who wouldn't got a bright guy I. I did everything about this cajun music usually that's the good thing about it is he's not gonna ask gorilla that Roush curable question like you have a shot going iron while it's got to be something I would know is that some logical way to get to it as a team after a version of my Trivial Pursuit on the adult version yeah a lot of questions are you say OK I should note that specific Cleveland show he just knows that when it comes to cartoons your week in Stephen is he's been doing really well Melissa's eye when prizes or at least the guys playing. So we're trying to find a way to stump Steve at the same time as Wellesley to gain easier and less than monetary guy that SI don't watch any of them now yeah. I know they're good and I know people like him but this is not model that is as hi I have no interest in them right now I'm sure they're great to get Southport brilliant I just I don't watch. There's almost one I was I should watch it. I know it's it is they do great job of like no current affairs current events and and they still Marion around isn't just TV shows in general pleasure busy or that the animation arts choreographer Jessica Watson got a hi I stayed at doesn't take a lot of meantime dozens are my guys sure doesn't really is all consuming and yelling challenge for all day really huh. Watch it don't ask us no no watch your I Amazon accidentally killing you huh you know what companies are also. Jim Norton is tonight at the Neptune theatre show at 730. Maybe you've got to see the show brand new material by the way does have you seen as Neftali special. This is all brand immaterial Jim's one of the guys may and I act. I'm Tanya I don't know how we comes up with a great material that's new all the time but he does STG presents dot org does reaching out also trichet imagine Norton as simple as that Jim Norton dot com you can go there. And Santa pushy on the radio show you in the podcast. You do in the USC's stuff yeah idea idea podcast there. I mean Matt Serra who really really have a great guy we do our blog every today enters its out again not an hour in ninety minutes of just USC and pop culture nonsense. It's fun to him and I mean again. The dizziness is I I I don't know I don't know how you guys do it is. Anything to avoid having to improve myself so if you keep busy with fortune there's no time getting data realize exactly how Doug lonely you really are. You know Sealy and I about had a busy day and I really Malone again sorry I got kind of fun and relationships. Well good for you buddy good unhappy so let me ask you take it you be busy she's happy she's deceive me less Altec how would you feel he had this section may help them always gone the better. Yeah. Well you know and and LSU wide open about what you like it like now world your how is how can you. It's like you're like how do you find a cool person that's also cool with well you know you what you like and app world on the sexual because it's not you it's not mainstream would you like I'm not. Craziest people think I am but I don't tend to date traditional. People either sell it to Palin stating we typically has a different mindset so they kind of that's the beauty edit most people who trusted with me they kind of know going in. My stuff just out there are no different than anybody else and I'm like getting crazy alligator Alley people get hurt I just helmets little dirty now like to fantasize. No different than most people do right because we know people that actually do like that like don't like to get her stuff and I just it's but it's a high maintenance like us only gonna FaceBook friends you posted a picture and news like the after effects of one of those kind last night. Yeah now SM types of films like I don't even know how that seems fond I'm not crazy about the BS and what you wanna choke me a little to show me who's boss go right ahead. Yeah. I mean hey good toes look dry my face isn't doing anything. And yeah hey yeah I thought I. One woman's face some so crazy sexy the issue we talk a shade nice long fingers. As we don't usually pretty hands into his yemenis stick my fingers in your mouth. And it made me crazy among its peoples hands. But I mean I literally at hobby grossed me out irritation holding the subway or else to put their fingers came out but it was a fact that she said it now I think it's kind of hot thing to set. I like I like weird things it's upon you don't see coming. All the sudden somebody says in a lot of sounds kind of pot there's an authority is not my cup I'm going radio onto it that's what I liked was the attitude about it here in my town yeah. The tone right now is here and you gonna sticky fingers then masters dinner conversation. I get up I'm telling Greta about the name that tune for more Bianca unpopular as a quick. Closest nine on Saturday night I was in the seventies around didn't he if you if you get an you can get an eighties related or there we're gonna would get you right back up this decade yeah I just one or more fat fingers and apparent on our shoulder to secure hands in my mouth that's all you need to have more Beretta yeah. That's why she's had to Seattle like Robert Blake to the little island are you know why they'd likely have to go faster or better yet that's acting more talent. Cheeks just. Jim Norton. Are so gem yes sir. All right. So you got a new girl what's sure what's the what's the longest human relation because I I don't I don't think she was a guy is a relationship guy. Three years I think but it's been all the years since I've been in policy he says I feel like it's it's a loss we see because I thought the last time we talk to your relationship and it was actually I might have been seeing somebody you're I play there yeah you're a -- and we had a long term for awhile so unified year yeah I had a fire no three years my theory anyway I just I didn't address for almost six years you're now. I did when I trainers at one point for a few a few months and maybe that's less than I say guys it might have been in that. Yeah we're kind casually dating. But this said his gun on line and it actually worked out well we've taken vacations together and I saw how does that or Dion C again nine soul I mean I just we didn't have on line when I met my wife. I mean I don't know if I would trust that how did you leave dainty weren't you know getting catfish or something like yeah I didn't know his first that we talked and we strive to only am I didn't catch fish. And then now she lives overseas like books gauge just Demeter. She got me he Europe no one could have gotten media Arab and I wanted to meet her. So I like July 9 Florida Amsterdam with me wish geologists alike on the flight to Amsterdam and I did not plan on having a girl against young enough a part double cashes in Amsterdam is like you go without a girl yeah jobless squeegee sort of window shop and yes I'm. Josh wound upcoming birthday and I do not put any Brussels and Amsterdam are just learn I was happy to give her like I do love I don't know but I really dealer well I don't even doubt and you know that word in your face nut I had a and how to say neither do they feel when Powell I'm glad I don't know I can imagine you have to be I did I ditched my whole world to be done he should sit near my face and told her behind me okay. NASA. You have and the I didn't get you you you actually like camera on somebody's gonna watch and why not me I'm so well why don't I get to be the first viewer. Our man I got her lover it's time for just for the lead us through what I've ever is that I think I love I think. Doesn't it it's a monkeys and we are going on Lebanese Lucifer about a month please are in that world and it's just okay now I said there was a impart wisdom assigned to go love you I think I love you absolutely must practice you know don't backwards against the side you know what's usually guided doing this knows that yes this is blessed my memory banks and walked away there's nobody gives a crap happens and comes in he just brings all I needed David Cassidy song I'm your man that's the guy. And Jim Norton and love I don't. I would commit my mind cannot entertain that particular concept of all I can get him a lot about you. Jim Norton and lomb. Doesn't it feels like the universe is got maybe one day left after that if she gets weird things she she she's not used to the old Jim Norton so like every after sexually like why you receive your wallet from the gun the second I do you know I don't know how to diehards yeah. It's time for listeners all those you get to pick a topic. You get to guide to show Jamison anglos for the rest of the show too so you wanna talk did you buy any questions written questions for us. Or maybe just one rant about something you pick a topic you guys to show to post 6421 rock Texas 77999. Because you text from Jim Norton the ninth seventeen on the rock. And they X mornings. On the rock I mean I point nine KI SW. 99.9 day high simply Sarkozy want a girl Melissa Gonzalo. Crusty like TV crew. Can get more avoid GE two guidelines that the letter G the letter he. The number two G to go I'd like to gaming drawn racing and virtual reality and everything is hands on dodge ball there's so much cool stuff happening fast. Jim Norton. Before tonight and have two dear shows a 730. And that's he's available at why show actually some thirty STG percent saar or get your ticket you wanna see the Shaw brand new material by the way if you size last Netflix thing as special nothing from that's on this it's all new possess some generals and -- it's amazing thank you these my pleasure and that is this is almost you pick a topic you guys to show you know we Nvidia to be cool calls to 06421 rock Texas 77999000. Contacts and I'm a free and you guys talk though there are there but Sosa knows the touchy subject I loved him since he was with Opie & Anthony what's up with those. Guys Tom Landry he's doing his own show and Artie Lange on compound media. There are very funny show in the afternoon and OP I am not smoking since last September. The so it's been a year. Since you know I've spoken wow that was through text wow we knew we had our final show coming up we are not getting along. Then Don he did he I guess he had some quote unquote family issue. Which he may mean that had I don't know he'd income and for our final show and that's fine he and I have no relationship. So that's that that's were at. And after the united CI talk to every every my cohost on the chip 2% pod cast by the way so all the people who like that I dragged poor stupid Anthony that whole world. So I see Anthony a lot. It was nice to secure locked everything up a little dysfunctional psychopath. On the end is a really funny show and are relying so I think you know what I did my initial fell apart the fans kind of went crazy and yet there was the funniest home life was not show. You know seeing sea ice into seething mad because there ever was that the gossip everyone's different drama you know for me I know I know both CL I know both you guys I mean I've only I've only had Anthony on the show us for one Star Trek trivia game I don't know any amenities a person. Blood man. I've always I always loved Anthony's ability on the radio is one that's the most talented guys ever heard and our business. He's a genius and he really is and we talked often about this he's crazy person he'll tell you that and he understands that. He is a bit of a crazy person but there's a price you pay for that kind of yeah brilliance and speed. Very few people who have been that's funny for that long or emotionally stable people on the Groucho Marx as a comic genius and only did was marry you when many was a crazy cheap skate like. Everyone has these yeah crazy you know. You mind just doesn't work like other people's mind. I'd hear more about those things now but the out all the Jesus we loved over the years the wooded east a sweep a lot of stuff on the Russ even here half the crap that they did other otherwise and we would realize oh Anthony or whoever is just like everybody else we love how. How did they go cutting off as you become charming. I Don thank god he loved us so much he mutilated is even worse than we want to romanticize that so he had a cut is only you often offended that you like I'll guide you really are worthless. But this guy had a guy didn't birdie that Russia relate that guy really knows how to Shelley generally love just kind of sit back up there it's true now Obama got emailed his genitals tour and won a romantic. So yeah we tend to allow look at that we romanticize it and some people. Five d'antoni goes on a Twitter tirade religion is a terrible person but he can pay cut to zero would go I usually sweet guy. Hey you know I tell him it's always there's always understood there's no way it's always tough. Miss Wasilla because I got a lot of people that went live when the show went down the way it went. Because everybody knows I know you got everybody knows I've known Obama since he was there he was an intern Aaron and and and men and you've got to be like one of the new workers to station back in Rochester and worked at. And I always which I've always try to be cool with everybody because I've got a horse with individuals like let me just -- he was envision how you would mean you're just because you're fighting with somebody I know doesn't mean you and I should -- absolutely Biden as my whole life I -- people -- get along with some like his people or get along with -- in my -- we have -- every body and -- -- well are -- going to be their -- you can't -- a moron why why -- -- your -- -- -- not fighting with you Hamas fighting within what do you guys do what you want I interact on. Rescue people according to how they treat me and the fans look over the last seventeen years and Opie & Anthony. On the L I die I only tell my version of the story of hope he'll have his and have hit. But I can only say that stands on I hope you realize my track record with the fans is going to be really honest. And I've exposed a tremendous amount of my life to fans and I tell you almost everything I've been pretty honest with the fans and sell believe they're reversing a like. I mean I've I've been very straight with you all along. It's fun listening to sort out your took allegedly ebitda. That the best way to phrase that I know that you're a big fan of music is on here you tell as the eight coupons deals in the way I like how would be to being kissed her Guns 'N Roses where are you guys are also alive. And and I your fans are sold passionate bad they're probably like why can't get back together why can't he buried hatchet YK or I mean that I never thought about it that way but here you've probably experienced what it's like to being cast. It's an EST yes exactly heels and makeup given I have to do. Yeah. Its really funny he and I use that analogy before to about being a bad. The difference is what the band you can tell you have to rehearse. But you can do the same thing every night not look each other EU guys now and our radio you that I contact yeah cook allowed creatively collaborate alive they knew every day. What people don't like each other it's really hard at this point we don't like each other I mean on the opium myself and Don you'll be very hard to do that's. To be honest can I don't think he'd be O delight the fans like that either he would not be able to look at me and pretend everything is okay. There's so many shows that do that and our business amazing. There's a very very popular show American Sioux City because I just think now I'm not Alice it's remains out but they go our most successful shows in their city they hate each other and I it's a guy girl team. And my brain can't figure that out cause I'm Mikey Mikey was like you know what I'm not going to want here and do this for ten show. You know we know work this out we're not gonna work. But they each stage somehow they do end offended people body it. And it's just what goes. It's one of those adult contemporary shows where the other happy happy joy joy sharp and usually they're hosted by the biggest credence in the universe those kind of shows. And a guy like you when a guy like me Geist he were where we know we're considered the bad boys. We're usually call people we know like yea yea yea yea you know we're not when there's are made because we get it out on our jobs we don't have to be mean to people but those phony fake newscaster retire people. God there's some most hateful people have ever seen me do those fake shows her. They're awful I and I and I think Anthony has the ability and make sure nobody liked to have prolonged time. And they were able to do it on the air and I was in the room with them and I didn't know that I still but I was I was in the room and I didn't know they feel like he generally this is way way way back. But OP cannot do that well with me I cannot do that well with him but Anthony. Has the ability to do that to go but I really don't so it is what is different personalities some can get back together and make your work. Com and you'll be official party never get back together. And it's unfortunate but like look folks you're lucky got a decade in a yeah yeah eyes follow that we almost blew it. November of 2004 we came back on the. We almost blew it by November. Having had half naked girl cannon at 57 street crying like you know we really lucky get ten years hoping Anthony on satellite radio it shouldn't happen. Yeah VA NN and all the years they were on terrestrial radio to mean it would create yet anyway there's so some great radio happened but those guys and listen to Nancy it was Sid and Nancy CI NN I don't you know as a friend of all by love that dude so all I would want this to see him have a successful life. And of course the same way you do when I mean we've had nothing but great interaction with you when you're among them New York I everybody we've had end. In the radio business in the comedy business you're the most professionally as I like there's nobody who de who does their job cases as seriously as you know. Which I appreciate because. You know there are guys that come in a radio shows and just don't have a lot of respect for our business. And you look at damage dude seriously we're all entertainers can you figure that out and senate you know just being whatever your being and you've been one of the best you've ever had in. I'll thank him and it doesn't usually do it since I notice like I guess to won't talk. Or won't give you information or who keeps a sunglasses on how were washed either one word answers or pleased or worse for you. You know I hate to say did you actually it's too easy but should the worst we've done with Paris Hilton. Because she was not at all. We watched your show all you think I want to watch your dumb reality show weigh less visibly less is agreeing glowing light on you I don't wanna watch any if you were tough talk about how do you see this article only she's 36 birth almighty god I don't know why actually I woke up crying I realize that was one of 100 I don't know where Nicole is getting older and I can't handle it. On the machine was the worst finish is not forthcoming issues of baby about stopping its own Jeffrey camber we had an argument with which breaks my heart yeah he's and I love Jeffrey camber as an actor Hannah hate them when those guys you guys you love commend your what do they expect he's got sensitive you're the first time is on he was a real you know usually don't break it chops he's really funny aggressively funny guy. And the second time on he got a little sensitive 'cause he's doing transparent. And I he's solid he's the only one that cares about that issue I admit it's a really kind of pressure modular. And he's actor admitted that and it's funny because sometimes yeah are you Louis and any trots out a good relationship with them what's Chris Jericho I remember many many years ago you and him and I'll I'll. On Arum meltdown you and I yup and I think it's I know he speaks very kindly of you and I like crescent and he's a great dude dude literally good friend in my late Lee leaving we made up after that. And I really illegal a couple of projects yet nearly 2007 and after that would likely just friendly to come see my show is I'd really love Chris Jericho he's a great guy he was Greg Greg is that bad blood over our show right because we got into it I did you like do what you know and it was it was hysterical but and ended up we would be good but as mr. funniest part was after I don't happen are gonna call my office wonders Crist are going to say man. Does a lot of fun arguing with you guys are like what what world are my in right now this is great yeah he's released another approved so like what he's done of these old and he's feeling good like Jesse venture and I went at it. And we never actually made up I have no ill feelings towards a guy on my remember that Dario I remember like this happens Jessie said Leno Jesse did he's a guy that sometimes just takes it all too seriously. Why is that you caught out on him being an alpha male on the cents a year Munich went to touch you in Seattle had stuff at all. Me I just didn't like that angle on it like is anyone is arguing he's argue to people having the argument you don't need to bring. Well whatever I had no bad feelings towards the I think we get old really ask how important is it I mean. Now it's not it means nothing like there's been a lot of time being angry over and nothing has have been sewn that is coming that you expected this is going to be a blowout and we're not gonna get along and and it turned out all crap married they dispersants yet hey I'm tried chipping and anybody like didn't but there have been people who can mean. Quite thought this was not going to be a fun interview and they turned into be tremendous huge best in the ER. Old school Hollywood actors these are not afraid of anything and we all George Hamilton and all my hat on these spill the beans and everyone was all some could. He was phenomenal because he's an easy eight years old yeah every year there are in town that's awesome because you're right does that does he talk about people that we grub would blow my generation you wanna hear that's the good we've heard nothing that really obsession with his dad he was nothing behind how great is that eighty years old through your point actually the name of his book. Oh how. But I don't have such it was dead anywhere when I had sex with them. Oh yeah. Tim Hortons magnet. Do theater 730 show if you've never seen Jim before you've got to go I'm telling you it is it is it is amazing and if you've seen is special this is brand immaterial. Check it out Neptune theatre ST jeepers asset or that's we get those tickets once showed tonight 7:30 am and it's Willis is on the loose you picked a topic you guide to show 206421. Rock you wanna talk to Jimmy or talk about anything in Texas it's 77999. Because you're taxed at the gym at 933. And made some more news on the rock. Nine point nine KI SW. 99.9 KI SW the rock god Seattle. It's blisters on the loose you pick the top make you guys to show it to 06421 rock and also Texas 77999. Jim Norton put us. He's the nephew tonight 730 show STG presents dot org for tickets I don't know I'm. So in Texas. And Vijay you have to have Jim C migs is awful million customer I don't know equipment chose this. Well you know what I mean I had a day I didn't wanna get Giambi beat up about it I think people I think people know that you need to know exactly what I learned your lesson your order Colleen customs online be quiet normally don't necessarily sit very well you know he's looking doesn't look like I'm Mario special brother. Our special yeah definitely it wolf writes. Please get nice fish. I don't know millions of postal employee I don't think I'm that Wallace and that's really bad yeah it is still in development. That doesn't risen would you get monstrosity at the dollar store mart paid like. 25. Music I mean doesn't he doesn't cute little outfits in the Linda minions into it and it looks like a distant dumb adult guy that it is who's trying to be a farmer. Yes see that's that's just a data costs onto compared 125 dollars. Piracy argument Juniata costing you got a I got a dollar Lebanese war I know I wanted to euphoria you can you can be a crappy car. And if you don't go to different ideas we Armenian moose knuckle 'cause it doesn't fit properly and it's all one seeds won once one. Piece that's a sexy look don't know if I purposely buy clothes don't fit properly just for that. He gives the illusion that there's something for us just say they can answer the door when the kids are coming in our country yet really how I feel like it's all bad. And they can't she sucks how can. You you more than Kenny tonight kids. This January goes Mia and he's mandate make you I guess something I have me I also you log I don't alive refit them. I'm guessing until there was my pants down in my knee on these are also you know the allude to I should be sued for false advertising is so I berm beyond easy it's amazing women like oh my god you really are men like wal all of these are true I don't push abroad for your voice phenomena it is unbelievable my wife when she saw them for the first time she was like what is happening here just as well I'm backwards that is the wrong message. This behavior is time for cool yeah. I think security guys grab me uneasy is no joke I loved them yeah you know I mean I got got a look at everyone's from and who cares nastiest and they got a pier four in different tasks and on the hour and now but I do and I have the peace and they are crazy little. Patterns and so what does the one I love the most. I think he's really almost like sponge Bob square pants characters. But I think I got my Honda looks great and that's all that matters so true white sheets look good. They do we take great idea why but they do look good promise you I have a good stomach for it like just my stomach is okay. Well he's an extra slow go there I was on the Mario looked honored us Jim yeah you got six pack compared to us how we still Rockies somehow make an adult this formal title the waste Ohio's Akron who really Obama can be old men the enemies of gas and William Foley what a package and America folks who really wanted to did you just say William I. Then why I am right there is still old guy from Lucille bluesy and Jay Leno go back all right Mario I'm your real name. William Rawle extract. Since I love having Jimmy because again he accesses parts like no like the computer files in my brain that have been visited three years nobody. Under forty is gonna enjoy that reference not at all I know you mini and look at forty you're still like push my who'd houses guy thestreet people who remember like we don't wanna think about him he had a heart attack on Sunset Boulevard and. You know you don't see a lot of actors like that guy anymore. We did what he was an old fat guy a really old he was any was totally what you are usually good grandfather Lucille Ball on that show you'll see that nobody's how many friends with people that we're definitely like they look like thirty years John. Remember other neighbors I think they were forced to hire him in henin Vivian Vance who played Ethel mertz didn't get along. I want to read a book on their relationship damaged me so happy that that dumb coupled and like each other. I love TV behind the scenes hatred yeah I do to Abdullah and radio trying to hear other people don't threaten her but that's right usually I usually am on these very garlic. Contact source no question for Jim was the best actor actress you got to work with on a series of power and who was the worst there's there was no worse I have to say investors Joseph core because most of my scene towards him I played Tommy. I only had one scene. With top Mari who plays out ghost and and I had. I am one scene with the blood bunch of different drug dealers but they were very very short actually little interactions are Timmy. The guy who I had my final scene with is also amazing. But Dahntay Jones sykora but just because I worked with him and he was an almost every scene I didn't two seasons. There. I didn't get a yeah that's a thing Jimmy and you've done I mean the radio the comedy acting. I think we need I think the toughest thing from because you know I mean day eighty million ACLU and the world a comedy you've been around a lot of great guys and so you're in your religion going in that. The acting I would just say I never belong here I just never blown any of these people because the fact Dave Dave but I would think they're all day. Mean what's so it's really I do think that sometimes to be there when you work you inequality accurate and easy that was really great manly and the joy you know some. You are relying on each other so it makes you comfortable if you feel like don't listen to your own dumb self esteem it's actually going really well. And it's very fine I want chemistry you know it happens a lot like you sealing getting your would you like you should treat you black guys look at you clicking like on knowledge that they must be power fans. That show. Has shown me that's again urban show so I a lot of black guy as serious sort of come of all you're the guy for him from power its I got to show his massive dam massive. Well good for you man especially December you get when you get some low light like pro so you get good Johnson in the third that you don't they say your third business like the third thing you did away I would you know as far as like. Yeah you did there at the comedy than the radio or did the acting up before the radio. I would say no no comedy was first. I would say writing. Radio second writing fair radio right this college radio and right you kind of interchange taller CIQ was the fourth. Love like I love stand up and radio the most I love writing and acting like I don't love it as much I love those. I just feel more comfortable doing those other very. You know here are some sort of comics and you you're like pat nozzle listen capacity as the acting you seek continued to do to stand up I guess the chances to make some extra cash and actor took I tell you guys are really edgy yeah he's brilliant I mean that's like I have it's almost like Becky it's hard to believe that he doesn't like what you say doesn't like to do that as much because he's so damn good everything everything easy and I love living a pads and. We don't you get kind of need your kind meeting drained need to be really honest when you're. Doing scantily as some socks off Salem radio iPod I'm sucking on stage all acknowledge that you can't do any scene. You gonna plow through with the dialogue and that's where it's a little bit. Less find him because I can't break character Angola and we thought we executed our thanks to the casino down there or hear her romantic. Kudlow Jim might that's asymptomatic. Eight everytime you come to town you spent the whole show us which I really really appreciate our Christiane this is our way John we we love having you and nothing but the best as you know I you have you're you're you're just I mean you know your. Take a bunch of Maine remains and thank you you can catch mean Sam Roberts every morning I'll have elicited BJ Shea alive. You can just get up on demand answers except you don't have to listen to us live you can listen to us on demand Jim Norton similar drugs and promised to -- fellow wrestling fan I was running him over to wrestle mania Maria Rosa retired the last one what is that experience been like for you because you're not a wrestling fan I like kid but sammon like he's like oh yeah Hulk a mania actually it's really fun to listen this damage Amelie telegram irrational ahead in the Holcomb maniac who. Let us just what he loves so I just kind of follow his lead I don't know much about who's been your eight Annika and obviously back and radio AJO and I did get the past and some fans are. Wrestling fans are also very I may have excessive. It's been tough to make you could you do a lot of wrestling interviews I'm you've been with the wrestling fans and get ready when called upon such religious friend a Miley go to those guys are all great I mean Mick Foley I love yeah I've never Jericho as a body mind I love rest is there some of the best in the UPD did they got to work Mike. They understand like you said being entertaining and talking yet that there's some of the best if you can do is force a restless. Jim Norton tonight Neptune theater to see the show 7:30 PM he had to guess at the door you can get an STG presents dot org. Again you get Jim Norton dot com check him out there action or not we're Jim thanks again that's always great CIA no you know it's eating commodity when every Campbell we love when you don't I love you guys thank you meant to select every shows to do for real appreciated rob I we've got a celebrity pitches headaches to model today in Baghdad. I'll tell you moved 915 on Iraq. And made some morning. Rock and 99.9 K I guess W all. 99.9. How fast. Is Joseph the check is in the mail bag and no problem that's. I had a sweet talking ladies first Sherry you do are you kidding me and I really good out of DJs Laura evolution was sweet talking the ladies and I my eyes I don't know I still see him making ladies cry over that took. I can you that's my superpower. So I'll Leonardo DiCaprio who is deaf. An early in allies make in the most of his fame. I guess he was in the early evening news what car shopping center in your city would be 23 year old German model my name of the arena ray. And then made parting ways and 8 PM Leo good on his phone within minutes whose walk around his ex girlfriend Tony Garnett. She's 25 year old German model is like the ultimate humble brag like all right guys that are real car attitude motto today can you believe it now. Isn't that just like another day at the half sister and I when he's not like doing crazy humanitarian things and making movies and stuff like that if you can get egged it yeah yeah I. Give my publicist the race Obama's underfunded out there attitude model day ranks study gives every ages it gives other man holes I suppose right something did reach for introducing them more dues in the business aren't live and Leo life. Because it does seem to be hurting and not having eight stay at the long term relationship and just going out whoever was slowest it's only to George Clooney effect at the more people are like oh settle down settle down like none announced. Yeah I'm excited like dude another Chris Pratt is a single man I guess again lineup. Is that you don't for a guy I gotta go to Chris Brown I'll be one of the models is to model that many winners have hobbies plus size model Melissa yeah. Well Jolene as you know I is it for Ryan castle was vacationing. And she's got two more in contact next. Here despite you clean out his people only look this is this team. We do this I loved respected part out and I should do abdominal in his nine years and I got a crush. She don't have to touch my ass and these guys got to okay yeah I'm like good memories about how. So tiny she's got Smart and I dropped my pants and I laid over flat and gotten out of my parents who takes. And makes money. Yeah. Point nine KI SW. Today's podcast was brought you by Travis Gagne bankruptcy attorney he's here right now and has agreed to answer more of your questions about bankruptcy here's another listener questions. I like rebuild my credit after filing bankruptcy and you rebuild it you know one creditors time by making your payments on time. John you're on your friends your mortgage I continue to make our payments and so much carnage you keep your your case. I'm you can also. They sooner or you can almost always get a credit cards almost. Bankruptcy sometimes this is secured cards you know almost always have a really high interest rates don't. Did you get a small balance credit card in the charges you can gas serve our dinner once a month I'm not miss a payment paid off every month. And that'll help you don't credit history 100 times. And how do you rebuild your credit. Thanks Travis if you have more questions about bankruptcy you can always just because any time as choose the right chapter dot com. That's choose the right chapter dot com thanks for listening.